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Community Redevelopment Agency

Thursday, September 19, 2013

9:00 a.m.


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09:06:28 [Sounding gavel]

09:06:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:06:31 Good morning.

09:06:33 We are going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency

09:06:36 meeting to order.

09:06:38 And it's an honor to have Jim Reese here with us this

09:06:45 morning, Jim has been a legislative aide for Tampa City

09:06:48 Council for ten years, served former Councilman John

09:06:51 Dingfelder for eight years, and Councilwoman Capin.

09:06:56 He's a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has

09:06:58 served in local government in both New York and Florida and

09:07:00 in very important positions.

09:07:02 Jim and his wife Peggy have been married for over 40 years

09:07:05 and very three children, one grandchild, and currently a

09:07:09 freshman at Minnesota.

09:07:10 Jim has been employed by IBM for several years, in addition

09:07:13 to teaching high school English and coaching football and

09:07:17 basketball. Jim will lead us in the invocation and pledge

09:07:20 of allegiance.

09:07:21 Good morning, sir.

09:07:22 >> From the power of all memory in history with high hopes

09:07:29 of the days that lie ahead, we gather to craft the destiny

09:07:33 we share with one another.

09:07:36 We gather with faith in the practice of democracy.

09:07:40 We gather with hearts and minds open to the wisdom of every

09:07:44 voice among us.

09:07:45 In our gathering, may we dream and design a bold future.

09:07:49 May we bring our best selves to this service and may we

09:07:52 dream these dreams and do this work with love.

09:07:55 Amen.

09:07:55 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:08:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Roll call.

09:08:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:25 Before we begin, let me ask you to take a moment before our

09:08:32 colleague who lost her husband this past Monday, Ms. Yolie

09:08:37 Capin, and in respect to her let's take a moment of silence.

09:08:41 (Moment of silence.)

09:08:44 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development administrator.

09:08:55 This morning we have the pleasure or custom to have the

09:09:01 president of one of the local CACs to come address the

09:09:04 board on activities in their CRA.

09:09:07 This morning we have the pleasure of Miss Abbey Dohring, and

09:09:17 I had the pleasure of working with her mom.

09:09:19 So it's a pleasure working with a family that believes in

09:09:22 putting their time and efforts in our community.

09:09:24 >> ABBEY DOHRING: I reside in Tampa Heights and I'm here on

09:09:38 behalf of the Channel District CRA advisory, and lots of

09:09:41 exciting things going on in Channel District these days.

09:09:43 As you have probably seen lately. The Pierhouse ribbon

09:09:51 cutting opened, and the port is seeking to purchase the

09:09:53 Channelside Bay plaza. There's new construction at the

09:09:56 Martin, and the Sky House.

09:09:59 There's streetscape improvements on Madison.

09:10:01 And Royal Caribbean is looking to cut a second ship out at

09:10:08 port in 2014.

09:10:09 So all very exciting things we continue to do our best to

09:10:12 represent you well and make improvements to the Channel

09:10:17 District.

09:10:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions by any members? All right.

09:10:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Perhaps you saw the announcement in this

09:10:28 morning's newspaper. On August 22nd you approved a QTI

09:10:34 application for Health Plan Services, and they made their

09:10:37 public announcement yesterday.

09:10:38 That was Project Crimson that you had supported.

09:10:40 And their initial 599 jobs and growing to approximately

09:10:47 1,000 jobs.

09:10:48 So it's a large win for our community.

09:10:52 I had the opportunity to go to Atlanta earlier this year

09:10:57 along with members of communities in Pinellas County, Las

09:11:01 Vegas, two different cities in Ohio, and one from

09:11:05 Los Angeles, that were all vying for this company.

09:11:09 And I'm happy to say that they chose to remain here and

09:11:14 expand here.

09:11:14 So it's a positive announcement for this community.

09:11:19 I met with the developer of the hotel yesterday and he

09:11:24 promises that the hotel will be up and ready for Bollywood

09:11:26 next summer.

09:11:27 So they are on track.

09:11:30 We had a very successful meeting for the neighborhood, for

09:11:34 the Perry Harvey park last week, it was well attended by

09:11:38 both skateboarders and members of the community, and we will

09:11:42 be handing out cards shortly similar to this that have some

09:11:48 pictures of the proposed new park.

09:11:51 There is a HUD 106 meeting on October 16th at the Bethel

09:11:58 church, the same place we had the other meeting, and more

09:12:00 details will follow.

09:12:01 But again it's an opportunities for the community to come

09:12:04 out and express their interest in how that park is

09:12:07 developed.

09:12:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Bob, is this the 10th or the 16th?

09:12:12 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I thought it was the 16th.

09:12:15 >> They said the 10th.

09:12:19 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I will confirm that.

09:12:21 Excuse me if I misspoke.

09:12:22 Abbey spoke about the where Pierhouse and the Port Authority

09:12:29 Board, going after Channelside, an important rehab

09:12:32 opportunity for our community.

09:12:34 We have, in East Tampa, the small business summit on 9-21-13

09:12:39 at the Ragan Center.

09:12:40 So I believe one of the community members will be speaking

09:12:43 about that, but that's an important happening in the

09:12:45 neighborhood.

09:12:47 And as is our custom, we have meetings in the different

09:12:52 neighborhoods, and we will be contacting your assistant

09:12:56 shortly to schedule a meeting in the Heights.

09:12:59 The neighbors and the advisory board have issues they would

09:13:03 like to address and have an open conversation with the

09:13:06 board, so we will get that on your calendars.

09:13:09 And then last but not least, by next week, we should have

09:13:14 responses for RFP that was issued in East Tampa for the

09:13:19 former property known as the honk I tank bar and for some

09:13:23 additional properties that have been assembled for a

09:13:25 community center.

09:13:26 The neighbors in Rainbow Heights expressed a strong

09:13:29 interests in this.

09:13:30 The East Tampa CRA assembled funds to assemble some of the

09:13:33 land.

09:13:34 And these are great opportunities for the neighborhood.

09:13:36 So stay tuned.

09:13:37 We'll have some responses next week.

09:13:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. McDonaugh, a question about the Harvey

09:13:57 park issue.

09:14:00 We know that it is in process on the bro side to make that a

09:14:11 historically significant site.

09:14:13 Last week, we had agreed to some funds to start the process

09:14:16 of making the park.

09:14:20 Is there a scenario in which the park might be delayed

09:14:24 because of the historical designation track that's currently

09:14:30 going on?

09:14:31 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The current assumption is that we should

09:14:33 have sometime by the end of the year an answer one way or

09:14:37 the other as to what is the mitigation that the city has

09:14:41 offered, which is building another skateboard park on the

09:14:44 north end of the property, is sufficient to meet the

09:14:46 thresholds for HUD.

09:14:49 The plan is actually to start on the south end of the

09:14:51 property.

09:14:53 So long answer, short answer, in a, it should not delay it.

09:14:57 No, sir.

09:14:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Another question that goes along the same

09:15:01 lines.

09:15:01 Has there been any discussion about preserving part of the

09:15:04 bowl itself?

09:15:04 I know there are pieces of concrete put together in order to

09:15:11 make the entire thing.

09:15:12 I don't think it's one poured-in piece of concrete.

09:15:15 That would be my guess.

09:15:16 Has there been any discussion with the folks from the

09:15:19 skateboard community?

09:15:21 Can we save part of this and move it to the location we were

09:15:24 planning for, this skateboard park?

09:15:26 Is that something that's feasible in terms of, you know,

09:15:32 physically is it feasible to do?

09:15:34 I don't know.

09:15:34 But I was just curious about that.

09:15:36 >> There have been conversations about harvesting parts of

09:15:39 the skateboard bowl and perhaps using it in the new one.

09:15:43 The new bowl actually has a design incorporated in it which

09:15:49 pays homage to the original design and the thought was to

09:15:52 have the commemorative plaque as well as some pieces of it

09:15:56 incorporated into the new project.

09:15:58 But this is part of what the 106 process is, that members of

09:16:02 the community both for and against will meet with the person

09:16:06 who has been hired to conduct the discussions, come up with

09:16:10 a solution and a mediated settlement for lack of a better

09:16:15 word, and decide, yes, this is a fair and accurate

09:16:20 representation of what's good for the neighborhood and make

09:16:23 a recommendation.

09:16:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:16:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Bob.

09:16:33 We have today some people visiting with us.

09:16:35 And give them an opportunities to be recognized.

09:16:39 And that's the Mayor's Youth Corps.

09:16:44 You all stand to be on TV.

09:16:48 [ Applause ]

09:16:49 Would you all like to come down and state your name?

09:17:00 >> (Introductions made.)

09:17:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: We thank you.

09:17:40 And when you get back home tell your parents you all are on

09:17:43 TV.

09:17:44 Mr. Suarez?

09:17:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Come on up.

09:17:49 How many of these fine young people are going to be at

09:17:52 either the League of Cities next year or the National League

09:17:57 Congressional Conference up in Washington, D.C.?

09:18:00 >> I'm Rebecca Heimstead, and I'm hoping to take four of

09:18:07 them to each of those national meetings.

09:18:09 This is an intense class which is kind of hard for meteor

09:18:11 believe and we are in the process of recruiting our 11th

09:18:15 class over 300 young people have gone through the mayor's

09:18:18 youth corp program.

09:18:21 We very much appreciate your support.

09:18:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Before you go, why don't you tell people

09:18:28 how to apply to be a part of the mayor's youth corp?

09:18:33 >> Thank you.

09:18:34 There's some information that was posted on the Tampa parks

09:18:36 and recreation Facebook page yesterday.

09:18:39 We are social media savvy.

09:18:42 Applications were in all public and private schools located

09:18:45 within the Tampa city limits on Monday.

09:18:48 If a student does not attend a school within the city limits

09:18:52 but is a city residents in grades 9, 10 and 11, they may

09:18:57 call or e-mail me and I will confirm their address as being

09:19:00 within city limits and send them an application.

09:19:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And give us your e-mail address.

09:19:05 >> That is

09:19:19 >> Thank you, Rebecca.

09:19:21 >> Thank you for being here this morning.

09:19:22 At this time we go to public comments.

09:19:24 Anyone wishing to speak you have three minutes.

09:19:27 Please state your name and address and we normally ask you

09:19:31 to speak to any matter on the agenda but normally it don't

09:19:36 work that way, so you got three minutes.

09:19:40 [ Laughter ]

09:19:41 >> Good morning.

09:19:42 Carol Gild Marshall, 2835 West Bay Drive, Tampa.

09:19:49 I'm here on behalf of East Tampa partnership and we are

09:19:53 bringing a small business symposium to East Tampa this

09:19:56 Saturday.

09:19:59 The focal point of this is to provide a platform to which

09:20:06 small businesses can create a connection with other

09:20:11 businesses, and also a variety of service, and professional

09:20:20 hub to help them get to the next level.

09:20:22 We also created a Web site which is


09:20:32 That will be a hub to help them be more successful

09:20:38 connecting to available resources that they usually don't

09:20:42 know about.

09:20:43 I would like to invite you all to stop by Saturday, and I

09:20:47 would also like to leave some flyers.

09:20:50 We have our chair of the CRA will be on the agenda, and also

09:20:59 miss Lisa Montelione who has been very instrumental in

09:21:04 working with us to create this.

09:21:05 And I want to thank you all.

09:21:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:21:18 I forgot to ask to speak.

09:21:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Oh, I thought you wanted to speak.

09:21:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I said thank you.

09:21:27 That was it.

09:21:28 I know, you are not used to people saying --

09:21:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Sorry.

09:21:35 Next, sir.

09:21:36 >> I'm Ed Tillou from Sulphur Springs.

09:21:40 Okay.

09:21:41 Item 2, economic and urban development.

09:21:44 Well, anyway, this was in the paper about a week ago, the

09:21:50 economics that we have.

09:21:51 But there was a little more specific thing a week or two ago

09:21:54 about how teenagers are not finding work.

09:21:57 Now, there's always construction around town, and I think

09:22:03 that's companies brought in from elsewhere.

09:22:04 That's oftentimes the way it is, and they have their

09:22:07 workforce.

09:22:08 So you have got to specifically tailor things to getting

09:22:11 these kids working that are local.

09:22:14 It was in the paper about a week ago.

09:22:16 Okay.

09:22:17 Item 4, Ybor City.

09:22:21 The noise around town, Ybor City doesn't have much but a few

09:22:25 motorcycles come in and cruise.

09:22:28 The biggest problem in Ybor City is cruising.

09:22:30 But Drew Park.

09:22:33 Drew Park is another CRA, and that has a very serious noise

09:22:37 problem.

09:22:38 I think that's where the mechanics are that are doing this

09:22:42 stuff like taking the mufflers off, tricking the mufflers

09:22:45 and stuff like that.

09:22:47 They don't drive around to a park much.

09:22:51 They go up to Hillsborough and back and forth along

09:22:53 Hillsborough, and of course Sulphur Springs has that

09:22:55 problem, too.

09:22:56 But anyway, item 6, you are acquiring property.

09:23:01 The property value is probably less than East Tampa.

09:23:04 But East Tampa doesn't seem to have a vehicle problem.

09:23:07 It has a music problem.

09:23:09 And I know people come from East Tampa and they complain

09:23:12 about the noise, the noisy stereos and such, which I think

09:23:18 is a less problem.

09:23:20 Maybe 10% of the noise problem in Tampa.

09:23:22 But the thing is, they come and they complain about that.

09:23:25 And I just hope that the noise ordinance wasn't written

09:23:29 around music because that will be out on first amendment

09:23:33 after five minutes.

09:23:34 Now, it doesn't say music, it does say noise, then there

09:23:38 will probably be, you know, a few weeks under consideration,

09:23:42 a couple of months, and then it will come back because,

09:23:45 well, why can cars make all this noise if people with

09:23:49 stereos can't make noise?

09:23:51 14th amendment.

09:23:52 So as I say, that's really got to be considered.

09:23:56 You know, I don't like to give a lot of credit to the

09:23:59 county, but the county does have a better ordinance, I

09:24:02 think.

09:24:02 And they started to get that noise equipment and they may

09:24:06 have to come in to deal with that problem here in Tampa.

09:24:09 Okay.

09:24:11 Item 5.

09:24:12 It's very similar to something we had when I worked on the

09:24:15 demolition division of the city of New York.

09:24:17 They had a sealing program, sealing up whole sections of the

09:24:22 city.

09:24:22 But they tore down the wrong building.

09:24:26 And it generally took about a month or two to get approval

09:24:30 permits and everything.

09:24:32 That was within about an hour they had that whole thing

09:24:34 done.

09:24:35 And this seems the same because something happened along

09:24:37 Nebraska by the freeway.

09:24:38 A perfectly good building next door with one that wasn't.

09:24:42 (Bell sounds).

09:24:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, thank you.

09:24:46 We'll get you a muffler.

09:24:48 Next.

09:24:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Make sure it's a Midas.

09:24:54 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, other members of the

09:25:00 Community Redevelopment Agency.

09:25:02 I'm Al Davis, 3717 East Wilder Avenue.

09:25:07 Mr. Chairman, first, I want to commend the involvement, if

09:25:17 you will, of the agency in this dedication of what they call

09:25:22 the roundabout.

09:25:24 I had the privilege of being there on a field trip.

09:25:32 Someone said -- Mr. Chairman, it's a compliment, you know,

09:25:39 to the East Tampa community development area, from what I

09:25:43 was able to detect.

09:25:44 I am going back a year so I can get more detail of it.

09:25:49 But kudos to you, Mr. Chairman, and other members of the CRA

09:25:53 who made it possible.

09:25:58 The other thing, Mr. Chairman -- and I waited for, I guess,

09:26:06 a response or concern of a critique that I submitted.

09:26:12 I know your attorney has been very busy, and the next thing

09:26:19 I'm looking forward to, indirectly, you are on the agenda of

09:26:23 the City Council on the budget, and hopefully your budget,

09:26:33 that is the CRA budget is incorporated into the total budget

09:26:37 for the city.

09:26:38 And I'm very pleased to be able to make my contribution from

09:26:43 the ad valorem tax base, but feel we didn't get enough

09:26:51 ad valorem tax so that East Tampa will be able to benefit

09:26:55 from because he went beyond the line, so therefore not

09:27:05 having any TIF dollars coming into us.

09:27:08 So everything is going to change, Mr. Chairman.

09:27:11 And I wish you well and best wishes to you, sir.

09:27:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:27:18 Anyone else wishing to speak at this time?

09:27:22 Seeing none, all right.

09:27:25 Item number 3.

09:27:27 Bob?

09:27:28 >>BOB McDONAUGH: You each have a copy of the proposed

09:27:33 budget for the CRA as well as the annual service agreement

09:27:37 between the City of Tampa and the Community Redevelopment

09:27:38 Agency.

09:27:40 We are asking for approval of that.

09:27:44 >> So moved.

09:27:47 >> All right.

09:27:49 Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mrs. Mulhern.

09:27:54 Any further discussion on the motion?

09:27:55 All in favor?

09:27:56 Opposed?

09:27:56 Okay.

09:27:57 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The next item of business is the approval

09:28:02 of a slate of nominations for the YCDC, or excuse me, the

09:28:07 Ybor CAC, and I believe that you have been given resum├ęs and

09:28:12 applications of each applicant.

09:28:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: November whole complete slate.

09:28:17 >> Second.

09:28:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mr.

09:28:21 Cohen.

09:28:22 Further discussion?

09:28:23 All in favor?

09:28:23 Opposed?

09:28:24 Okay.

09:28:25 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 5 is approval of the

09:28:28 resolution.

09:28:29 We approved a facade grant which was actually two buildings

09:28:33 that were connected and the owners used the incorrect

09:28:36 building a dress in the application, so we are asking for

09:28:39 correction.

09:28:40 >> So moved.

09:28:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Seconded by Montelione.

09:28:49 Further discussion on the motion?

09:28:50 All in favor?

09:28:51 Opposed?

09:28:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: And the last piece of business is asking

09:28:56 for the approval of the acquisition of a piece of property

09:28:58 in East Tampa.

09:28:59 And I mentioned it earlier.

09:29:01 This is part of that assemblage for a rainbow Heights

09:29:04 community center.

09:29:05 >> So moved, Mr. Chairman.

09:29:09 >> All right.

09:29:10 Motion by Mr. Miranda.

09:29:11 Second by Mr. Suarez.

09:29:12 Discussion on the motion?

09:29:13 All in favor say aye.

09:29:15 Opposed?

09:29:15 >> And that concludes my report.

09:29:21 Any questions?

09:29:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Once we reach that point of putting new

09:29:26 bricks in and stuff in that area, I'm pretty sure that's

09:29:29 going to be a major uplift for that community.

09:29:31 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Absolutely.

09:29:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: And this is something that they wanted so

09:29:35 bad.

09:29:36 And based on the history of what they had before, then what

09:29:40 would be there in the future, I think that would be the

09:29:43 greatest accomplishment that community will ever see.

09:29:48 >> We are going from bright to --

09:29:52 >> Correct. Any questions for Bob?

09:29:54 All right. Thank you, sir.

09:29:58 Information.

09:30:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No new business.

09:30:06 >>HARRY COHEN: No, sir.

09:30:10 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry I was a little late today so I

09:30:12 don't know that this was announced, but the celebration of

09:30:16 the life of Juan Capin, a Spanish wake, will be held on

09:30:23 Tuesday, next Tuesday, June 24th at the Centro Asturiano

09:30:28 from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.

09:30:31 >> Thank you for that information. Mr. Miranda.

09:30:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: None, sir.

09:30:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: None, sir.

09:30:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:30:41 We stand in recess for five minutes.

09:30:43 Thank you.

09:30:43 >>THE CLERK: Motion to receive and file.

09:30:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to receive and file.

09:30:49 >> Second.

09:30:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: All in favor? Opposed?

09:30:52 Thank you.

09:30:53 (CRA meeting adjourned)

09:30:59 >>


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captioning which should neither be relied upon for complete
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