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Tampa City Council

Thursday, November 7, 2013

6:00 p.m. Session


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05:58:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

06:03:40 Roll call.

06:03:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

06:03:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

06:03:48 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

06:03:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

06:03:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

06:03:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

06:03:54 We have a motion to open the public hearing.

06:03:56 Tampa ayes have it unanimously.

06:03:58 Also, anyone who is thinking about, going to speak, has any

06:04:02 idea that they may speak, please rise and be sworn in.

06:04:06 These are quasi-judicial proceedings.

06:04:09 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:04:23 Number 1.

06:04:25 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Planning and development.

06:04:27 Just to recap.

06:04:28 This is the continued public hearing.

06:04:30 And I will be starting with the vacating application, and

06:04:33 moving into the rezoning.

06:04:36 You can see the relationship between the two. I will be as

06:04:38 brief as I can.

06:04:39 You heard much of this much in the vacating early on in the

06:04:42 last hearing.

06:04:43 But just to recap for the record, as requested by council

06:04:50 the developer did go back and have the engineer overlay on

06:04:53 top of the aerial the boundaries of the rights-of-way to be

06:04:57 vacated as well as the new bridge layout, and there was a

06:05:01 large version of that, that Mr. Shelby does have, which you

06:05:04 have all seen in council chambers -- I'm sorry in, council

06:05:10 room.

06:05:10 But to reiterate, I colored in blue to show them to you, to

06:05:14 highlight a little better on the overhead.

06:05:16 But you do see everything marked in blue here that's shaded

06:05:20 in.

06:05:21 Other rights-of-way, under the request to be vacated.

06:05:24 The ones that hi have in red, here, here, and this long one,

06:05:30 are the rights-of-way that have some level of improvements,

06:05:33 either some type of gravel, or leftover asphalt or brick.

06:05:39 The remaining parts that are blue are actually unimproved,

06:05:42 platted right-of-way.

06:05:42 So you can see, it's just an extension of oak, and it's

06:05:47 Garcia where Councilman Miranda noted that he turns every

06:05:53 morning to get to Ross, and this little extension of Garcia

06:05:56 to the south.

06:06:01 There is the east side, the one alley that does have some

06:06:04 level of pavement.

06:06:08 And then these are the locations along Highland and oak that

06:06:14 are what we call the strip.

06:06:16 They are the 10 to 12-foot strips, where the rights-of-way

06:06:20 are somewhere between 62 and 64 feet platted, and they are

06:06:24 reducing it to 50 feet.

06:06:26 So there is a 50-foot public right-of-way left, and those

06:06:29 strips are being repurposed for the sidewalk, pedestrian,

06:06:34 utility and landscaping.

06:06:37 So there is still an open right-of-way in this particular

06:06:43 block.

06:06:43 There are no objections from any of the outside agencies,

06:06:46 utilities, or from staff, and the ordinance has been

06:06:50 presented as a substitute the last hearing but on the record

06:06:54 now with the conditions that are required by the utility

06:06:59 company and the department.

06:07:04 Just to recap, this is an aerial version.

06:07:08 This is Massachusetts Avenue looking north from palm, and

06:07:10 you can see that it is a platted right-of-way.

06:07:13 There's some remnants of the driveway.

06:07:18 This is one of the allies looking west from Massachusetts,

06:07:21 north of palm.

06:07:22 Again, a platted alley but grass.

06:07:25 An alley looking east from Massachusetts north of palm.

06:07:30 This is Garcia Avenue, the one that we discussed last time.

06:07:35 Palm single-family two way, east of Garcia. And when you

06:07:37 hit Garcia, you have to go north.

06:07:39 You cannot get to North Boulevard because it's a one-way

06:07:42 eastbound from North Boulevard to Garcia.

06:07:45 You are routed north into the single-family that's on this

06:07:48 end.

06:07:51 And then over to the stoplight.

06:08:00 This is the Metropolitan Ministries, telephone temporary

06:08:03 tent for their function.

06:08:05 This is oak Avenue to the north of the armature works

06:08:09 building.

06:08:10 This is another alley looking north from oak.

06:08:15 This is another alley looking north from oak.

06:08:19 This is Massachusetts looking north from oak.

06:08:24 Another alley looking east from Massachusetts south of palm.

06:08:29 And then to highlight again, OLA Avenue is one of the

06:08:35 streets where the strips are asked to be vacated because of

06:08:40 the width of it.

06:08:41 What's going to happen is between 10 and 15 feet on either

06:08:51 side will be repurposed for the expanded sidewalks and so

06:08:54 on, which you will see in the standards.

06:09:00 Again, there's in a opposition to this from any of the

06:09:02 agencies, and the conditions have been agreed to by all the

06:09:06 utilities, and the international utilities department.

06:09:10 And that is in the ordinance.

06:09:14 The vacating square footage equals 234,892 square feet which

06:09:20 is reduced again from the original vacating back in 2006.

06:09:24 Palm Avenue was vacated originally.

06:09:26 This particular developer does want to keep it open and

06:09:28 actually make it a connection to North Boulevard.

06:09:34 If there are any questions I can answer them now.

06:09:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

06:09:38 time?

06:09:38 Mr. Reddick?

06:09:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: You say there was no objection.

06:09:43 Those residents north of palm that make that curve, turn

06:09:50 into Garcia.

06:09:53 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Garcia going north.

06:09:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.

06:09:58 >> This particular leg right here?

06:10:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.

06:10:03 Those residents, did you get an opportunity, have they been

06:10:07 notified of this?

06:10:07 >> They are within the 250-foot boundary.

06:10:10 They had signs along the front and all received letters, and

06:10:15 I believe there are letters in support from the association.

06:10:18 The developer can speak more about it.

06:10:20 He's had several conversations with the area residents as

06:10:23 well.

06:10:23 Here is another shot.

06:10:24 This is the current shot.

06:10:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

06:10:31 Thank you.

06:10:31 >> Moving quickly into rezoning, and I will give a brief

06:10:38 introduction to it and then I will let Mr. Garcia speak to

06:10:40 the comp plan portion of it, as is normal in this process.

06:10:44 The rezoning boundary itself is just over 48 acres, and it

06:10:50 is predominantly the same boundary as the last land

06:10:53 development alternative which is currently adopted.

06:10:56 There are a couple of properties along Tampa Street that

06:10:58 were added.

06:11:01 They were able to be acquired by this particular developer.

06:11:04 So there is an added land use category of community

06:11:08 commercial 35, which is up to commercial intensive zoning

06:11:12 classification.

06:11:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That white house is on the corner?

06:11:18 >> Yes, exactly.

06:11:19 That property and --

06:11:20 >> It was the first City Council attorney.

06:11:21 >> I believe you mentioned that.

06:11:28 So, anyway, the park is included as well because it's

06:11:31 currently zoned PD-A, so make sure for the continue Newt in

06:11:35 the process that it actually gets moved forward in the

06:11:39 planned development alternative and gets under the new

06:11:41 requirements that's being carried through as well.

06:11:44 As you know, it's being redone by the city.

06:11:48 So I will move to let Mr. Garcia come up.

06:11:58 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

06:11:59 I have been sworn in.

06:12:03 I would like to take a moment to explain to you all and give

06:12:06 you a little bit of context, historic perspective on the

06:12:10 site as it relates to the proposed request as relates to the

06:12:14 comprehensive plan.

06:12:15 The site is located within the central planning district,

06:12:18 which is one. Three districts that has been targeted for

06:12:21 growth and has the best opportunities for redevelopment and

06:12:25 job opportunity.

06:12:28 The site will be located in this area right offer the River

06:12:31 Bend.

06:12:35 To give you some context as it relates, I wanted to show you

06:12:38 the aerial and show you the location of the site relative to

06:12:41 a couple of other areas.

06:12:45 That would leave the central business district, going into

06:12:47 the interstate, coming out to palm, or -- you could say that

06:12:55 it bifurcates the project itself.

06:12:56 The project is really part of what was defined as the

06:13:02 community redevelopment area for the old police station site

06:13:04 that started in 1997 and then created in 1999.

06:13:10 This is the southern part of Tampa Heights neighborhood, as

06:13:12 you can see the grid neighborhood area and the tree canopy

06:13:16 to the north as one reaches Columbus Drive and on the west

06:13:19 side of North Bouldevard, the Riverside Heights

06:13:23 neighborhood, and to the west would be the Hillsborough

06:13:25 River, which you can see here to the south as it goes

06:13:28 farther to the north.

06:13:29 That would be the western terminus of Riverside Heights.

06:13:32 Of course, we have Blake high school to the south, and then,

06:13:37 of course, another school to the south of the interstate,

06:13:42 and of course the Straz Center to the east, and of course

06:13:45 the park to the south of the Straz Center.

06:13:49 So there are quite a few amenities proximate to the site,

06:13:56 just to the outside of the central business district.

06:13:58 And we also know that this area over here during the Greco

06:14:01 administration was targeted for office redevelopment area.

06:14:03 So it segues nicely to a less intense moderate type of

06:14:09 intense use to what's going to be reflected over here, which

06:14:12 is high intensity, high density type of use, serving as a

06:14:17 brand new type of inner city neighborhood proximate to the

06:14:20 downtown core.

06:14:21 As it relates to the land use category, it reflects very

06:14:24 nicely what the future land use categories are.

06:14:27 This color over here is regional mixed use 100 which we have

06:14:33 for international mall and also the Westshore area.

06:14:39 That's the only other area that really has this type of pop

06:14:43 tension outside of the business district which has the

06:14:46 highest intensity pop tension.

06:14:48 It has a significant floor area ratio capacity and allows

06:14:53 100 dwelling units per acre.

06:14:55 You also have with this a unique opportunity since this is a

06:14:58 CRA area, you have a unique opportunity of being able to

06:15:01 allow uses and F.A.R.s to be blended on the site which will

06:15:06 really allow the project to evolve in a manner that's really

06:15:10 going to be conducive not just to the project's relativity

06:15:14 to the Riverside to the south, but also to the established

06:15:17 residential neighborhood to the north of Ross street.

06:15:20 Planning Commission staff, based on all the evidence, finds

06:15:24 that the request consistent to the Tampa comprehensive plan.

06:15:41 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The one area that Tony forgot to mention

06:15:46 that's RMU 100 is the Channel District as well.

06:15:49 This also does lie within the central business district area

06:15:53 which is an adopted boundary in the comprehensive plan that

06:15:56 does contemplate potentially additional development.

06:16:00 This particular developer is actually not seeking any bonus.

06:16:03 He's living by the maximum potential category.

06:16:09 I just wanted to clarify that for the record.

06:16:14 There are two components to this particular rezoning.

06:16:17 These are -- obviously the site plan itself which is the

06:16:24 packet that you have.

06:16:25 And the cover page is the larger aerial.

06:16:31 And his particular development is highlighted.

06:16:33 And in each case tells you -- worked to condense some of the

06:16:42 information and update it as I mentioned.

06:16:45 This particular area, PD-A, there is an -- a certain list of

06:16:54 conditions and requirements.

06:16:55 And what we did through this rezoning is looked at the

06:16:58 conditions and requirements of the last zoning that are

06:17:01 still in effect and actually update them because of what we

06:17:06 would have for rezoning and we updated based on the current

06:17:10 code, made sure they did fall in line with the newly adopted

06:17:13 regulations at City Council.

06:17:19 The third page is actually the crux.

06:17:29 You will notice the grid pattern is actually laid out.

06:17:35 You can see on the 11 by 17 aerial, just the amount a little

06:17:41 bit.

06:17:42 You will note that Palm Avenue is remaining open and

06:17:45 connecting to Boulevard as opposed to cutting through north

06:17:49 to Garcia where it is today.

06:17:52 He does break up what is AP mega block on the eastern side,

06:17:56 and he does bisect it.

06:17:58 So it is a more walkable, even space.

06:18:02 He did turn the grid on angles aligning with the downtown

06:18:06 view corridor, which was on the previous zoning, following

06:18:09 that same pattern, which maintains be a very nice view line

06:18:12 with downtown.

06:18:13 The Riverwalk is shown along the river, which is a

06:18:17 requirement under his development.

06:18:20 And the green datas just for reference are all the grand

06:18:24 trees that are to be preserved and/or relocated per the

06:18:30 design standards.

06:18:31 And that's the second component that I wanted to highlight

06:18:34 to you.

06:18:36 He also was very cognizant of the fact that the city is

06:18:40 redeveloping the park, so he did actually work with the

06:18:43 Parks Department to pull the latest schematic for the park

06:18:49 so it is reflected on the plan so it's not the outdated

06:18:52 version from 2006.

06:18:53 This is actually the version that is being built today, as

06:18:56 well as the boat slip.

06:19:01 The note on the first page of the staff report, a format

06:19:11 much like -- I changed the special use as well -- you can

06:19:18 see the current zoning, which is the PD-A, RM 24, CG, CI,

06:19:25 and these are the new pieces that were added on the east.

06:19:28 And you can see the zoning 2006, 6-17, was approved for

06:19:36 150,000 square feet of office, 1900 units, and 100 boat

06:19:40 slip.

06:19:41 The zoning area was 48.189 acres.

06:19:45 And the vacating that related to that was C-0607 for a

06:19:49 little more than 300,000 square feet of land through that

06:19:53 vacating.

06:19:54 The proposed zoning here, you can see the entitlements are

06:19:57 identical.

06:19:58 100,000 square feet of retail, 100,000 scare feet of office,

06:20:04 100 boat slips.

06:20:05 The acreage did go down slightly.

06:20:07 There were a couple parcels added that actually touched

06:20:12 Tampa Street.

06:20:12 But he did take out the vacating along palm, especially that

06:20:16 eastern portion, so that offset some of that, and it

06:20:19 actually did reduce slightly and you can see the

06:20:23 right-of-way was a big reduction.

06:20:26 There is an adopted trade-off in the past zoning, the

06:20:29 adopted one, and he carried that with his updated traffic

06:20:32 analysis.

06:20:33 And there are 380 residential units that could be exchanged

06:20:37 which is typical on large scale development.

06:20:41 For that type of trade-off.

06:20:43 The waivers that are listed have been updated based on the

06:20:46 new sections of code.

06:20:51 And the request and the findings that it was consistent,

06:20:55 purpose and criteria, 2 and 3, and I did include the site

06:21:00 photos in the rear of the staff report, just society that

06:21:03 you would have that all connected and then attached to my

06:21:05 staff report is also Mr. Garcia's staff report to the

06:21:09 Planning Commission there.

06:21:10 Were no objections from staff when we reviewed the plans,

06:21:13 and found it consistent.

06:21:14 There was a revision sheet that I provided to the last

06:21:20 hearing.

06:21:22 Going through the site plan on page 3 there were just a

06:21:24 couple of notes that needed to be tweaked with actual

06:21:27 verbiage just to get it stated correctly.

06:21:31 Nothing substantial.

06:21:32 Then correct references to the design standards.

06:21:35 Within the design standards themselves, and this is the

06:21:38 second component, the site plan itself lays out the basic

06:21:44 grid, it lays out the basic entitlements and has the basic

06:21:47 conditions and talks about how to do certain designs, but

06:21:50 really what it does is it refers to this particular manual.

06:21:54 And this manual has been developed to really cover obviously

06:21:57 the purpose of intent, what the community planned for, but

06:22:02 then it actually goes through and sets the minimum standards

06:22:05 for these rights-of-way, as they are rebuilt and rededicated

06:22:10 back to the city.

06:22:11 And these standards have been reviewed with our Stan design

06:22:13 staff with, transportation, and they do meet the minimum

06:22:16 standards from both federal and state requirements and our

06:22:19 technical manual locally.

06:22:22 He is incorporating, has incorporated the bike lanes and the

06:22:27 on-street parking and the additional sidewalk area,

06:22:31 specifically the bike lanes that we had already planned, in

06:22:35 our program, for Highland and for palms, incorporated that

06:22:40 into his design as well.

06:22:42 He's reclassified the roads in a certain hierarchy with

06:22:46 Boulevard Avenue and local.

06:22:47 There's two separate avenues.

06:22:49 The reason Highland is listed as a separate type of Avenue,

06:22:52 because that is the one that specifically has the bike lane.

06:22:55 So what this corresponds to directly are the actual cross

06:23:00 sections, which is developed, and there was a color copy

06:23:05 back in the back provided to each council person as well.

06:23:10 We have gone through and developed the schematics that

06:23:12 actually show you where the building setbacks minimum and

06:23:15 maximum are.

06:23:15 The areas for these improvements, the latest to the sidewalk

06:23:20 landscaping and utilities that are these public easements.

06:23:23 Travel lanes.

06:23:24 Bike lanes.

06:23:24 And on-street parking.

06:23:26 And he's done that for each particular type of street for

06:23:30 the hierarchy.

06:23:31 And this is pretty standard with any type of transportation

06:23:34 technical manual, even the ones we have locally, we

06:23:37 developed very clear minimum standards and in here you can

06:23:42 look at it.

06:23:45 You go through and there's actually alley cross sections

06:23:48 that were developed for one way and two-way allies.

06:23:52 These were reviewed as well by solid waste operations to

06:23:54 make sure that we have the right notes and conditions on

06:23:57 them so that the trucks could make it through.

06:23:59 And the developer was amenable for that.

06:24:06 So the pavement sections of the alley and the other

06:24:08 streetcar sections, with all the specifications that are

06:24:11 actually in our manual, but adopted in this as well.

06:24:16 For compaction and materials to actually pave the streets.

06:24:24 And there's also a plan view that is keyed for what types of

06:24:28 developments are going to occur in that building setback and

06:24:31 how it interfaces.

06:24:32 What you will note on the revision sheet, I have gone

06:24:35 through specifically with each page and marked what's

06:24:40 correct.

06:24:40 And there were some minor references of Main Street from the

06:24:44 old version, and just had some words to change.

06:24:47 But you will note that there's cross sections now, not just

06:24:50 of the street, but of that public area, and how certain

06:24:53 buildings with either canopy or arcade encroaches certain

06:24:59 areas, how they cover the pedestrians and how they interface

06:25:02 and facing with the light, the clearance for the cars and so

06:25:04 on.

06:25:05 So it's slightly more detail for that public realm portion

06:25:08 of it.

06:25:15 Mr. President very standard offstreet parking standard

06:25:18 requirements.

06:25:18 He also went much like he went and found much the schematics

06:25:23 for the layout of the park itself, parks and recreation.

06:25:27 He went directly to the arc that's doing the lighting and

06:25:31 the benches within the park, the right-of-way in the area,

06:25:34 and he's asking to adopt those specifications from our

06:25:38 architect so that his amenities actually match, that there's

06:25:42 no difference between the two, and it's a continuous design.

06:25:47 There are the Riverwalk standards are carried through from

06:25:50 the previous rezoning.

06:25:52 Those basic standards have been reviewed, and there are

06:25:56 cross sections for the different interfaces with the

06:25:58 Riverwalk street and the typical segment or the natural

06:26:10 slopes.

06:26:10 Then there's the dimensional standards.

06:26:13 And this is wherein we have them in the cross section, but

06:26:16 this is specific to the yard requirements as setbacks for

06:26:19 the building, the height requirements, which are similar to

06:26:22 the last rezoning with each tract, stepping up as it gets

06:26:26 closer to the water, for the -- it's actually the center is

06:26:29 the highest point, the lowest toward the water.

06:26:33 What I want to recap for City Council is in Mr. Garcia's

06:26:42 comment as well, this is predominant lip the RMU 100 wherein

06:26:46 the 100 units per acre and regional mixed use category is

06:26:49 south of palm.

06:26:50 This particular area north of palm is residential 35.

06:26:54 So it is a residential category, multifamily.

06:26:57 You will not have that intrusion of that super intense

06:27:00 development.

06:27:01 There is a lower height limit of 45 feet with certain

06:27:04 setbacks.

06:27:05 You will not get the 180 feet or the 120 feet or anything

06:27:09 higher in that particular area.

06:27:10 That's the natural buffer based on the land use plan north

06:27:13 of palm.

06:27:18 He does recognize historic preservation and carries that

06:27:21 through because the armature works building is a landmark

06:27:24 building so any improvements, renovations that he does, that

06:27:27 does need to comply with our standards to the Architectural

06:27:30 Review Commission as well as the state requirements.

06:27:34 And then he has basic standards for actual development which

06:27:36 deal with building placement, transparency on the buildings,

06:27:41 he's got very specific standards in here for certain uses

06:27:44 that are actually carry-through from the last rezoning as

06:27:47 well.

06:27:47 So it's like a mini overlay that controls the basic design

06:27:50 and layout of the buildings.

06:27:53 And that is 99 to almost 100% exactly what was adopted the

06:28:00 last time.

06:28:01 We do have our landscaping requirements through

06:28:03 preservation, relocation and replacement.

06:28:06 And this is where we did some updating because with our new

06:28:10 urban force management plan that's coming on line there was

06:28:13 recognition from our natural resources coordinator who is

06:28:17 here tonight, in fact, that we do actually want to recognize

06:28:21 the ANSI standards for best management practices.

06:28:26 And if you could see the past version, it was hyper

06:28:30 regulated.

06:28:31 There were many, many pages that described each thing to do,

06:28:34 because at that time there wasn't really a good standard for

06:28:37 it but now there is an industry standard.

06:28:39 So we are simply adopting the industry standard for

06:28:42 rehabilitation and preservation.

06:28:46 The trees that were going to be removed have already been

06:28:48 removed and accounted for.

06:28:49 On page 4 of the site plan you see that full accounting

06:28:52 which is the survey of the actual site.

06:28:58 And then finally our urban forestry standards which are also

06:29:01 carried through.

06:29:02 And on the very last page of the manual, I mention the

06:29:05 trade-off mechanism for the residential units, and this is

06:29:09 carried through and was updated based on the updates, the

06:29:13 latest traffic analysis.

06:29:16 And this actually shows you the trip counts for each use.

06:29:22 33 were updated in this particular rezoning.

06:29:25 So again the revision sheet that I provided the last time

06:29:29 still carries through and shows you each page that is simple

06:29:33 language correction, with the update.

06:29:37 There are no major revisions.

06:29:39 It is just simple modifications for the language.

06:29:42 Instead of writing it in paragraph form, where it is a

06:29:46 little difficult to read, I asked to put it in a tabular

06:29:50 form where it was much more straightforward and written much

06:29:52 more like a code that you could review and administrator for

06:29:55 the future.

06:29:56 Sometimes to make it as easy as possible in the future so

06:29:59 there's no misinterpretations and it's very straightforward.

06:30:03 I'm available for any questions.

06:30:04 And I will try --

06:30:06 >> Any questions by council members at this time?

06:30:09 Thank you very much.

06:30:11 This is a public hearing.

06:30:12 >> Adam Hart, Bayshore, Tampa, here on behalf of the

06:30:27 Riverside development, the owners and developers of the

06:30:30 Heights.

06:30:32 I feel like Kathy gave my whole presentation.

06:30:37 I'm going to hit the highlights and try to clarify some

06:30:41 things that she said.

06:30:48 Better lucky than good, my old supervisor used to say.

06:30:51 I think that we certainly managed to get the Heights and

06:30:57 assimilate at a great time and we feel very fortunate.

06:30:59 The neighborhood has been involved.

06:31:01 They have been to a couple of meetings that we held.

06:31:03 We have been hosting the Heights, civic association meetings

06:31:07 the last year, and we have had some really good input, not

06:31:10 only for the Heights but Ridgewood park adjacent to us to

06:31:18 the west.

06:31:19 We are here tonight with formal support of the Heights Civic

06:31:21 Association, and I believe that this was sent to you all,

06:31:29 but for the record I have a copy of it.

06:31:34 Where exactly the Heights neighborhood is in relation to the

06:31:36 development or the orange area, and our development, and

06:31:46 then ridge we'd, I believe, and there's some people from

06:31:55 Ridgewood to speak to the project as well.

06:31:57 This letter is from -- for all three petitions tonight for

06:32:06 the record.

06:32:11 Additionally, we held several public meetings, and we asked

06:32:15 everyone to sign in, and I'll get the sign-in sheet here for

06:32:20 the record as well.

06:32:44 as indicated, the Heights is a great piece of property.

06:32:57 Our portion of it is 47 acres.

06:33:03 A portion. 47-acre rezoning which includes some

06:33:06 rights-of-way which are in and out, and we make up the

06:33:16 developable portion which is a 50-acre CRA.

06:33:18 Currently, there is a community development district that is

06:33:21 in place, and district management services are in the

06:33:29 process of setting up a public election at which time we

06:33:33 will be legislative able to elect a new business board of

06:33:35 managers, and try to get that up and running again.

06:33:42 As we said, it's a great piece of property.

06:33:46 Really probably Tampa's last opportunity to create a

06:33:48 legitimate urban mixed use place.

06:33:52 You know, there's not a lot of these contiguous land left in

06:33:57 Channelside.

06:33:58 Usually no large parcels along Frankland street.

06:34:04 We believe the Heights needs to really focus on providing

06:34:07 the needed services for the surrounding neighborhoods.

06:34:11 I think that we have been very pleasantly surprised by the

06:34:16 strength of the demographics in the surrounding area, and I

06:34:19 think that we would be very excited about having a grocery

06:34:23 store, a drugstore, a branch bank, and the Heights is

06:34:31 previously conceived to be a bit more residential in terms

06:34:33 of stated previously, we are not seeking to increase the

06:34:39 entitlement.

06:34:42 We are in the process of speaking to or working with several

06:34:47 target industry users, believing that a job component will

06:34:52 help that, critical service element of the mixed use would

06:34:58 like to see there.

06:35:08 I believe that our plan really recognizes the distinct

06:35:11 nature of the area, cultural and historic characteristics.

06:35:15 It's important to us that it dovetails with the adjacent

06:35:19 neighborhood.

06:35:20 We have reestablished the streets in the middle of a very

06:35:26 long block which ties to Massachusetts which connects up to

06:35:30 the school on Columbus.

06:35:33 It's our goal to reestablish the intersection of Boulevard

06:35:37 and palm to be a four way intersection.

06:35:40 We have three or four folks who volunteered from Ridgewood

06:35:44 to participate and helping within the transportation

06:35:49 improvements.

06:35:50 We have committed to continue to assist them with

06:35:54 implementing their neighborhood and minimizing any traffic

06:36:01 effects it can have.

06:36:05 Adaptive reuse of the armature building

06:36:18 We have hired an experienced architect who has knowledge of

06:36:52 adaptive use knowledge.

06:36:58 One of their smaller projects here locally, the exchange,

06:37:02 well executed project, as an example of their work.

06:37:07 We instructed them that we wish to keep the industrial

06:37:12 character of the building as kind of defining of the

06:37:16 Heights.

06:37:18 What they have come up with currently, we have submitted the

06:37:22 more detailed black and white plans to the National Park

06:37:27 Service for historic review, and through phase one, we are

06:37:37 working on phase two of that review.

06:37:50 This is the elevation that would face the 7th Avenue

06:37:55 side of the project, and when it extends around the armature

06:37:58 building.

06:37:59 Essentially that's what we would recognize today as the

06:38:02 backside of the building.

06:38:03 It would have the most modifications but essentially would

06:38:06 become the flip side of Main Street.

06:38:16 We believe that the interior maintenance bay, one of the

06:38:26 bays that used to store trolleys on large two-story tar

06:38:32 space with clear story windows.

06:38:37 And to establish a large courtyard in the middle, the

06:38:41 landing in St. Petersburg.

06:38:42 And this is what this would look like looking long ways down

06:38:50 towards the river.

06:38:52 So I think some features which we touched on, not to be

06:39:11 repetitive, but 2001 project components, the projects,

06:39:21 260,000 square feet of commercial, that remains unchanged.

06:39:26 The project features a continuous Riverwalk through our

06:39:30 portion of the property which would connect Waterworks Park

06:39:32 to North Boulevard.

06:39:41 Highland Avenue will include bike lanes and on-street

06:39:46 parking.

06:39:47 We have designed them to conform to the height plan, and

06:39:56 excited about that.

06:39:59 Our goals include grocery store, drugstore, bank.

06:40:24 And I think I will allow the folks that wish to speak, and

06:40:29 reserve the rest of our time.

06:40:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you have a projection of what economic

06:40:35 impact this will have on the City of Tampa?

06:40:37 >> No, sir.

06:40:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. McDonaugh, do you want to get that for

06:40:48 us?

06:40:48 Didn't want to put you on the spot.

06:40:50 Just wanted to know what kind of economic impact.

06:40:52 And you can get that for us later.

06:40:54 That will be fine.

06:40:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?

06:40:56 This is a public hearing.

06:40:57 Anyone in the public care to come up and speak.

06:40:59 Item number 1, C-13-09, please come forward.

06:41:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I live at 157 Biscayne.

06:41:10 And I'm here tonight to encourage you to ask a few questions

06:41:15 that I failed to ask when I was on council awhile back and

06:41:18 this came up the first time.

06:41:19 I'm really pleased to seat the preservation -- preservation

06:41:23 of an historic building and the reintegration of a street

06:41:26 grid.

06:41:26 I'm also pleased to see that they use things that would be

06:41:34 helpful to people.

06:41:35 The questions we failed to ask him when I was on City

06:41:37 Council when this came up initially is allowed a number of

06:41:42 trees including grand trees to be removed because the

06:41:44 streets were going to be reinstalled in a different pattern,

06:41:48 and unfortunately that didn't happen.

06:41:49 We lost oh some grand trees in the interim.

06:41:51 So I hope that you all will be vigilant about making sure

06:41:54 that the number of trees that were removed last time will be

06:41:59 replaced appropriately.

06:42:00 Also, we allowed streets to be removed and the bricks

06:42:04 disappeared.

06:42:04 So if any streets are going to be removed, please have the

06:42:09 developer as part of the development agreement to commit to

06:42:14 reusing the bricks on-site.

06:42:16 Lastly, there were a couple of uses that petitioner

06:42:19 requested, perhaps the bank, branch bank, perhaps a grocery

06:42:24 store.

06:42:25 Those can be designed in an urban way or in a rural way.

06:42:29 This is a very urban parcel.

06:42:31 And I salute the in developer for keeping bicycle and

06:42:36 pedestrian access.

06:42:37 This would not be a good place for a drive-through bank.

06:42:40 This would not be a good place for a grocery store with an

06:42:43 enormous parking lot.

06:42:45 I encourage you as part of this review process to ensure

06:42:48 that whatever commercial uses are here are urban commercial

06:42:53 uses.

06:42:54 Thank you.

06:42:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:42:56 Next, please.

06:42:56 >> My name is Lena Young-Green, address 3406 north EVA

06:43:12 Avenue.

06:43:12 I feel as though I am here again.

06:43:15 It seems like only yesterday but several years ago.

06:43:19 This is really great.

06:43:20 I think I'm saying the same thing that I said in 2006 when

06:43:24 we were so hopeful that everything was going to be moving

06:43:28 forward, and then you know what happened.

06:43:31 But there are many activities that are going on in our area,

06:43:35 in our city.

06:43:37 We are so delighted that now we have this project moving

06:43:40 forward, when many of you were elected, and when our mayor

06:43:46 was elected, you know that one of the things that we in

06:43:48 Tampa Heights asked you for was to help make sure that

06:43:53 development happens at this site.

06:43:55 We are pleased, because many aspects that this developer had

06:43:59 picked up, we had worked for years with a former developer

06:44:03 to get those in place, and to have much the community come

06:44:09 to meeting after meeting after meeting and provide their

06:44:13 input into Wan they wanted.

06:44:14 This developer has picked up many of those aspects.

06:44:17 We are very, very pleased about that.

06:44:20 Our civic association has been discussing this.

06:44:23 We have had meetings with the board, or community advisory

06:44:28 committee, have been talking about it.

06:44:31 We attended meetings.

06:44:33 You don't have a letter directly from our CAC but there's

06:44:38 going to be a meeting between now and your next hearing, and

06:44:41 you will hear from us then.

06:44:42 We are pleased about the connection with the walk I, our

06:44:49 green project.

06:44:50 That is really fantastic.

06:44:52 We are happy about the connection of the Riverwalk.

06:44:54 We know that now it continues all the way to North

06:44:58 Boulevard, and maybe even further.

06:45:05 The walking and biking path along palm, and 7th Avenue,

06:45:10 is going to make a direct connection with Tampa Heights

06:45:14 freeway.

06:45:17 The employment for residents, as now in our neighborhood

06:45:20 plan, that's one of the issues that we have really stressed.

06:45:24 We have so many residents.

06:45:26 Thank you Councilman Reddick for asking about economic

06:45:30 impact, because we definitely want to get our older resident

06:45:33 employed, as much employment with this project as possible.

06:45:38 We are also working with Mr. Gonzmart, and the restaurant

06:45:43 that he's doing there, and he's actually going to be putting

06:45:47 in the commercial kitchen in our facility, where our young

06:45:51 people are going to be trained, hands-on training, to be

06:45:58 prepared to go to work when these opportunities come along.

06:46:01 So there are many parts of this.

06:46:03 I could go on and on and on.

06:46:05 But thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to let

06:46:08 you know how pleased we are, and please support this.

06:46:11 After you have gone through your due diligence.

06:46:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:46:16 Next, please.

06:46:17 If there's others that would like to speak, please line up

06:46:20 so we can move the process along.

06:46:22 I will give you an opportunity to speak after each one of

06:46:26 these hearings are held on each one of these three.

06:46:28 >> Susan Cox Smith.

06:46:30 I'm a long "time resident of Ridgewood park, which is the

06:46:34 community to the west of Boulevard and south of Columbus.

06:46:39 I'm here tonight as a resident.

06:46:42 I am not associated with the neighborhood association at

06:46:44 all, although I have been active recently.

06:46:51 My husband and I are both huge, huge supporters of this

06:46:56 development.

06:46:57 We have been since the first glimmers of it came online.

06:47:01 We are both architects by training and by profession.

06:47:05 And I do want to say that I do seconds Ms. Saul-Sena's point

06:47:13 about the grand trees.

06:47:15 I was very sad about the bricks as well.

06:47:18 We wondered for many, many years what happened to this, if

06:47:21 they were piled up.

06:47:22 I do want to -- we, as a pair, do have concerns about

06:47:30 historic design elements that are great amenities for

06:47:34 communities, and which many, many new planned developments

06:47:39 go into urban, new urbanism and ideas that came from

06:47:43 historic neighborhoods.

06:47:46 Be very cautious as we move forward in any new development

06:47:49 in these neighborhoods that we don't lose traces of them,

06:47:53 and by vacating allies and not replacing them.

06:47:56 I am hopeful now seeing some of the plans that those

06:48:00 elements aren't going to be complete lip erased.

06:48:02 But that we remember that they serve a purpose in these

06:48:06 communities.

06:48:07 At least they'll have functioning allies as does the

06:48:10 Heights, as does Seminole Heights.

06:48:12 And we treasure those.

06:48:14 And we will fight for those to the end.

06:48:16 And it's would hope that in those residential areas, those

06:48:22 have traces.

06:48:25 The second goes to the zoning.

06:48:27 And we have touched on a little bit tonight.

06:48:31 And it's about traffic issues.

06:48:33 And we have had issues with traffic in our neighborhood for

06:48:36 a long time, I have lived there for 17 years, so this is

06:48:40 prior to the Heights development, prior to the police

06:48:43 station being relocated.

06:48:45 And even in the economic lull that we have had in the time

06:48:50 that the height has been offline we have seen an increase in

06:48:54 traffic.

06:48:55 And we were more than sure that is because there's a huge

06:48:58 interest in bringing back the older --

06:49:01 (Bell sounds)

06:49:05 Oops.

06:49:05 But we understand the neighborhood wants to work with us in

06:49:08 terms of traffic calming, and issues like -- we ask that the

06:49:13 city help us get online prior to the 2017 fiscal year.

06:49:19 But we have been waiting a long, long time, and we have

06:49:22 families.

06:49:23 Thank you.

06:49:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You know, the bricks were brought up twice.

06:49:28 And from what I understand, we do have where we store them

06:49:33 now, and they didn't disappear.

06:49:36 If I understood correctly, we sold the bricks to Winter

06:49:39 Park, and they lined their beautiful streets with our

06:49:42 bricks.

06:49:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say what, we didn't sell them.

06:49:48 Saul-Sena and I didn't sell them.

06:49:49 Somebody else sold them.

06:49:50 >> That's right.

06:49:51 We think didn't sell them.

06:49:52 But that's where they disappeared to.

06:49:54 When you go to Winter Park, those are our bricks on their

06:49:57 streets.

06:49:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next.

06:49:59 >> Sam Corson, 2307 Ridgewood Avenue.

06:50:08 I have been sworn.

06:50:10 I serve as the traffic calm chair for Ridgewood park

06:50:14 neighborhood.

06:50:15 We are in full support of the Heights project.

06:50:18 We support the vacating and the zoning and everything about

06:50:21 it, with the caveat -- and the developer has been very good

06:50:26 working with us -- with the caveat that the help that he

06:50:30 promised us comes through, that the city over time works

06:50:33 with us and the developer to make the things happen that

06:50:37 need to happen in our neighborhood.

06:50:39 Just very briefly to the brick, the developer has made a

06:50:43 commitment to have retain the brick streets there.

06:50:46 I would ask council to consider in the future including not

06:50:50 only the brick streets that are not paved with asphalt.

06:50:53 I would ask them to extend protection to those brick streets

06:50:57 which are covered with asphalt, because the bricks are

06:51:00 there.

06:51:00 The bricks are fine under the asphalt.

06:51:02 And they need to be reclaimed as well.

06:51:04 And the developer talked about realigning some of the brick

06:51:08 streets around armature building.

06:51:10 I would ask the council and the city to support him in that

06:51:14 and to help him find additional bricks if he needs them.

06:51:17 But back to traffic calming.

06:51:19 Our neighborhood sits just to the west.

06:51:27 This map is bounded by North Boulevard, the river, and

06:51:30 Columbus.

06:51:31 We are not part of Riverside Heights.

06:51:34 Back in 2005, the previous developer helped the

06:51:38 commission -- to commission a study by leading traffic

06:51:43 engineer FLAVIN Jackson.

06:51:49 They identify problems in our neighborhood which will be

06:51:51 exacerbated by the intense development that's coming into

06:51:53 the Heights.

06:51:55 This is a purpose that we need the help.

06:51:59 You can see that they noted the drivers approach the

06:52:03 Columbus Avenue intersection, the cut through the Ridgewood

06:52:07 park neighborhood on these various streets, Amelia, Francis,

06:52:09 Park and ross, and the long stretch of Ridgewood allows for

06:52:14 drivers to speed and potentially drive unsafely.

06:52:16 This creates a negative pedestrian environment.

06:52:20 This intersection here, we are very pleased with the

06:52:23 developer's plan to reorient Boulevard and palm, get rid of

06:52:28 this whole Garcia thing, which is really a holdover from the

06:52:31 Ross Avenue trolley line.

06:52:33 That's why those streets are so wide right there.

06:52:36 And that needs to go away.

06:52:39 We have problems here at the intersection.

06:52:41 We need a turn arrow on this intersection here.

06:52:44 The solution -- and the developer is committed to this --

06:52:49 realigning the intersection of Ross and Ridgewood, adding

06:52:53 roundabouts along the street, realigning the intersection of

06:52:58 Riverview and Columbus, and moving the planned Green Artery

06:53:05 to Ridgewood instead of -- if you put thereto it will help

06:53:09 us.

06:53:09 (Bell sounds)

06:53:10 And we one ask that the city work with the transportation

06:53:13 department, council instruct the transportation department

06:53:15 to receive this study and to use it as a guide going

06:53:19 forward.

06:53:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

06:53:20 Next, please.

06:53:21 >> I'm Stacie warden, 2308 north Ridgewood drive, the

06:53:30 president of Ridgewood park crime prevention and civic

06:53:33 association incorporated.

06:53:34 On behalf of our neighborhood I would like to pledge our

06:53:36 support of this plan.

06:53:38 We believe it will improve the quality of life by offering

06:53:41 amenities that we can walk or bike to.

06:53:44 We are thrilled with the prospect of traffic calming on

06:53:47 Ridgewood Avenue.

06:53:48 Our last traffic study was done in February of 2013, and it

06:53:54 showed that 2200 and 2400 cars are driving down Ridgewood

06:53:58 Avenue every day, and this has been a neighborhood of 1262

06:54:01 household.

06:54:01 So it's not just us.

06:54:02 And we have been working on this for over a decade.

06:54:05 And so we are really so pleased that Adam is bending over

06:54:10 backwards to help accommodate us.

06:54:12 And we also believe that the realignment of Palm Avenue will

06:54:16 considerably reduce the traffic that's come into our

06:54:18 neighborhood via Ross Avenue, if they have to come down palm

06:54:21 and turn, and then turn again on Ross.

06:54:23 And 65% of traffic on Ridgewood is surprisingly to me

06:54:29 northbound.

06:54:30 So it would really help.

06:54:31 And we support this project.

06:54:33 Thank you for your time.

06:54:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:54:36 Next, please.

06:54:37 >> Jillian Jackson.

06:54:42 On behalf of my mother, Lisa Jackson, Julia Jackson, 25006

06:54:48 Highland Avenue.

06:54:48 I just want to -- I was born and raised Tampa Heights.

06:54:52 I just want to make two things.

06:54:54 First of all about the trees and about the bricks.

06:54:59 The bricks are -- some people would say sentimental.

06:55:04 Sentimental to me.

06:55:07 We used to run down the streets and play on them so it's

06:55:10 kind of sentimental.

06:55:14 If you consider, you know, placement and just putting them

06:55:17 somewhere along with be that, and the trees.

06:55:22 We have grandfather trees like you said.

06:55:24 My mother has one in her yard and one down the street.

06:55:27 So if you were to move them, it really would be, you know,

06:55:31 something that you would take from there.

06:55:34 And telephone bike lane on Highland Avenue, I don't know,

06:55:45 parking in the bike lanes.

06:55:47 Were you planning on shortening or widening?

06:55:53 I'm sorry.

06:55:54 I'm nervous. I don't know if you were planning on

06:55:57 shortening or widening Tampa Street.

06:56:00 My mother faces on that street.

06:56:01 So if you were to have bikes or traffic, then it would be

06:56:04 kind of complicated for her fish she wants to try to, you

06:56:08 know, park or have company.

06:56:10 So it would be kind of like if you went to a shortened

06:56:15 street.

06:56:16 Thank you for your consideration.

06:56:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

06:56:18 Next, please.

06:56:19 >> William Fisher, 716 West woodlawn Avenue.

06:56:31 I have been sworn.

06:56:32 I live in Riverside Heights which is just outside of the

06:56:35 Heights in Ridgewood, and privilege I to the meetings that

06:56:39 the developers had with all the other people but my problems

06:56:41 with this project, I would really like to be see the project

06:56:45 go ahead but my main problems are with the alignment of the

06:56:48 streets and what they are doing with the streets.

06:56:50 Right now, palm and North Boulevard are the only two

06:56:54 arteries from anywhere in that neighborhood.

06:56:56 And I'm expanding the scope from just what we are looking at

06:57:01 in the Heights.

06:57:02 Tall way down North Boulevard, probably down past Martin

06:57:04 Luther King, all the people that live down there, North

06:57:07 Boulevard is the only direct line that you have to get to

06:57:10 South Tampa.

06:57:10 The only direct line you have to get to the Crosstown.

06:57:13 Because folks in downtown, go all the way to West Tampa,

06:57:19 Armenia, MacDill, and all the way down Bay to Bay.

06:57:21 So anywhere you go in South Tampa, North Boulevard is your

06:57:24 only through street right now.

06:57:27 The same thing, the only through street that you have going

06:57:30 to Ybor City.

06:57:31 I use it every day.

06:57:32 You said up did.

06:57:33 I go to work.

06:57:35 I work out on 60 and 301 in that area out there.

06:57:38 And I cut through palm down to 22nd.

06:57:41 And trying to avoid some of the others.

06:57:45 And we have no way to realign the traffic.

06:57:48 You can't widen it.

06:57:50 And these are the only two, four oar lane streets that are

06:57:53 already there.

06:57:54 So if you took them out, in the future where are you going

06:57:58 to put all this?

06:58:00 And I was looking at the stuff and they were talking about

06:58:04 the thing, and the zoning that you have.

06:58:06 You are talking about 1900 units just in this bun little

06:58:09 area, talking about switching the streets and puttings 1900

06:58:12 units of people on traffic, that already has a lot of

06:58:17 traffic on them at different times of the day.

06:58:18 And the other problem that I have is I was looking at the

06:58:21 cross section, and they told me that the city was coming in

06:58:26 and realigning those lanes on palm in about a year and

06:58:31 putting in bike lanes.

06:58:33 I was talking about the cross section and it showings you

06:58:35 the two parking lanes to put in, shows you the two bike

06:58:38 lanes and the two traffic lanes.

06:58:40 So they told me than they were going to put a turn lane to

06:58:46 keep traffic flowing on palm.

06:58:47 Pi didn't see a turn lane on that cross section.

06:58:50 So that was another problem that I was having with what they

06:58:53 were doing on the streets.

06:58:54 Now, also, at some point I spoke to one of the developers

06:58:58 and they told me they were trying to slow traffic through

06:59:01 that area so they could have pedestrian traffic cross that

06:59:03 road.

06:59:03 I understand all of that.

06:59:06 Except if you were where they are talking about putting the

06:59:12 roundabout, you are still on the incline.

06:59:14 I don't know how you are going to put around about there.

06:59:16 I don't know how you are going to put anything there at the

06:59:18 bottom of that bilge.

06:59:20 Martin Luther King over the bridge, you can turn right at

06:59:23 the bottom, and I can't tell you the near accidents I have

06:59:27 had people trying to turn at the bottom of that bridge.

06:59:31 And so I would like to see that traffic going book with a

06:59:35 traffic light, and stay like that which slows the traffic.

06:59:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:59:42 Anyone else in the audience who has not spoken that would

06:59:44 like to speak on C-13-09?

06:59:50 Would you like tock speak for an additional five minutes?

06:59:54 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Just to cover some of the technical

06:59:56 aspects to some of the things that were raised.

07:00:00 This would actually be a reference.

07:00:05 Specifically with the trees that were mentioned, again, if

07:00:09 you go to page 4 of your site plan, that is a survey that

07:00:13 captures all of the grand trees on the property.

07:00:16 There's a very clear table on the top right of the plan that

07:00:18 actually ID's each tree, the point system that we use in our

07:00:24 own.

07:00:25 All of that's codified and tells you exactly what's going to

07:00:28 happen to the trees.

07:00:28 The bottom left is every single tree over time that's been

07:00:32 removed, and this has been fully updated as well as the ones

07:00:35 that will be retained.

07:00:36 And if you notice there are required replacements of 1,140

07:00:42 replacement inches will be required.

07:00:44 So we have gone back and recalculated everything to make

07:00:46 sure it's all captured per code.

07:00:48 And you will you note on page 2 of your site plan -- and I

07:00:53 wanted to make this reference as well -- actually showed you

07:00:59 the grid itself.

07:01:15 You will notice there are trees that are required for each

07:01:18 street.

07:01:19 And there's a calculation at the bottom of this page that

07:01:21 tells you exactly the number of trees being provided, with a

07:01:26 new street layout.

07:01:28 So it does have replacements captured as well as the new

07:01:31 development for the streets themselves.

07:01:33 All of that needs to go -- I want to get that on the record

07:01:38 because we were very thorough in that particular review

07:01:41 because obviously we watched the trees come down, too, and

07:01:44 he was amenable to going back and capturing that.

07:01:48 With regard to the bricks, I want to make clear to council,

07:01:50 and I believe it was subsequent to Mrs. Saul-Sena's tenure

07:01:54 on council, at the time, council did actually update the

07:01:59 ordinance for brick streets.

07:02:01 So it's a two-step process.

07:02:04 If you go to actually that brick street and need to remove

07:02:09 them or whatever else, you have to do it by ordinance to

07:02:11 remove those brings and it does require that they are

07:02:14 inventoried, palletized and returned to the city.

07:02:17 Ed and we do store them at our public works facility and

07:02:20 that's it.

07:02:21 So it is already required by code.

07:02:24 He can't just pull them up on a whim and throw them out or

07:02:28 reuse them are in some other fashion.

07:02:30 >>MARY MULHERN: What about, as the one gentleman was asking

07:02:35 about the bricks that are covered in asphalt?

07:02:37 Is that included?

07:02:45 >>CATHERINE COYLE: There are brick streets that are exposed

07:02:47 brick streets, and those are covered.

07:02:50 There are asphalt bricks which are actually made of asphalt.

07:02:53 And then there are brick streets covered by asphalt.

07:02:56 So the ones covered by asphalt are actually captured under

07:02:58 that rule as well.

07:02:59 >>MARY MULHERN: They are?

07:03:01 Okay.

07:03:02 Thank you.

07:03:02 >> In a problem.

07:03:04 Mitigation dollars related to the transportation, the

07:03:10 Ridgewood neighborhood association and the traffic calming

07:03:12 that was mentioned, they did have some negotiation was that,

07:03:16 and there was a commitment.

07:03:17 The developer is required to pay mitigation dollars.

07:03:19 It's identified on the site plan of $666,000 in mitigation

07:03:24 for traffic improvements, based on his development.

07:03:28 And we have agreed that we will actually make sure that the

07:03:32 first $200,000 is allocated to doing traffic palming within

07:03:37 that particular area for Ridgewood.

07:03:40 So that first $200,000 combs in to the city based on his

07:03:44 payment.

07:03:45 We are actually going to put forward studying that and what

07:03:50 our long oh term improvement would be.

07:03:52 So a minimum $200 that you.

07:03:56 And then -- $200,000.

07:03:59 And then urban standards, urban settings.

07:04:02 Again, the oops it really depends on which streetcar section

07:04:07 you are looking at but they are all basically the same.

07:04:10 There are separate set of design standards than do require

07:04:14 certain level of fee and the design of the actual walls and

07:04:18 the sides but the building place ultimate depending on which

07:04:22 street you are located on, the building setback minimum is

07:04:24 between 8.5 feet to 18.5 feet.

07:04:27 And then the large street, it is 10 feet and 20 feet.

07:04:31 So it's a minimum and a maximum.

07:04:33 The buildings won't be asphalt parking in front of it next

07:04:38 to the street.

07:04:39 And to get to something that Mrs. Mulhern is raising as well

07:04:44 is this public realm area is being repurposed as well and

07:04:47 being enlarged to make sure that we do have those locations

07:04:53 for plantings and street lights.

07:04:55 Season you won't have a building right up to the curb.

07:05:01 You will actually have a larger area for those pedestrian

07:05:04 improvements in the public realm which is captured in the

07:05:07 cross section.

07:05:08 >> Afternoon quick question.

07:05:14 The signal at the corner of Ross and Boulevard, is that

07:05:17 going to stay there, even with the roundabout in therein?

07:05:24 >> That was my last point.

07:05:28 As of right now, there's in a plans to take it out or change

07:05:30 it or anything else and that's what I wanted to make very

07:05:33 clear.

07:05:33 The grid in the current PDA and the grid in this current PDA

07:05:38 is conceptual, laid out on a grid and shows you the cross

07:05:42 section that actually are the minimum standards when these

07:05:45 roads are rebuilt.

07:05:46 But keep in mind, it's still a high-level conceptual plan.

07:05:50 Engineers actually have to go design it and make sure it

07:05:53 works.

07:05:54 And yes, we are concerned at some degrees with the incline

07:05:57 in the bridge.

07:05:59 There's visibility issues, backing, everything else.

07:06:02 Once that's engineered for safety and everything else, these

07:06:05 going to actual Polamalu whether the roundabout will be at

07:06:07 that location or farther north, whether or not around about

07:06:10 is going to work.

07:06:11 The purpose of putting the roundabout on the plan was to

07:06:13 show you the basic concept.

07:06:16 But ultimately, we have to be able to prove that it's

07:06:19 actually safe.

07:06:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Because one of the issues that was brought

07:06:23 up by the neighbors in Ridgewood park is if you go west on

07:06:30 Ross, after you cross over Boulevard, you have got an elbow

07:06:34 that takes it straight up towards Columbus drive, and that

07:06:38 tends to really lend itself to a lot of people seeing P.I

07:06:44 travel that every single morning -- every single day.

07:06:47 That's how I come to council every morning.

07:06:49 I come on Ridgewood and I come into Tampa Street from there.

07:06:54 And, again, this has nothing to do with the specific plan.

07:06:57 But if you are talking about a series of different

07:07:00 roundabouts, you know, I think you have answered the

07:07:03 question, which is engineers are going to find out wherein

07:07:06 we need to place things, or to make it flow, and

07:07:11 additionally make it traffic calmed to a certain degree.

07:07:16 So that's something that I hope we continue to work with the

07:07:20 neighborhood so that we make the right kind of decisions

07:07:22 that are going to be needed for not only the plans and

07:07:28 changes we are making here but also for the neighborhood

07:07:30 that's right next door.

07:07:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?

07:07:36 Ms. Capin?

07:07:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, that was exactly my question had to do

07:07:41 with the roundabout.

07:07:42 I wanted to know if these were conceptual, not actually

07:07:46 engineered.

07:07:47 So that answers that question.

07:07:52 And that was one of the questions that I had, was about I

07:07:55 wanted to know about the roundabout.

07:07:57 And I wanted to know what exactly if they knew, they would

07:08:03 exactly be there, and, no, we don't know that they would

07:08:06 exactly be where they are drawn in.

07:08:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner, Mrs. Mulhern, Mrs.

07:08:17 Montelione.

07:08:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Can I ask one question?

07:08:20 I don't know if you will know this.

07:08:22 You will probably know the answer.

07:08:24 The question about Palm Avenue, if there's going to be a

07:08:28 center turn lane.

07:08:29 >> On the layout it shows two lanes, two bike lanes and two

07:08:37 lanes of parking.

07:08:38 Again, you know, it's a conceptual plan.

07:08:42 Our concern is one of traffic calming and getting folks to

07:08:45 slow down.

07:08:46 Obviously, capacity will be an issue that will be looked at

07:08:51 at the time of review.

07:08:52 Again, the exact point the developer is taking and the

07:08:57 commercial, residential, and probably as trips span the day

07:09:00 will be, I think, part of what will be taken into account.

07:09:04 It would be our preference for it to be as depicted on the

07:09:10 plan now.

07:09:11 >>CATHERINE COYLE: As I said before, the table.

07:09:17 Timing is everything, okay, because we ultimately have been

07:09:19 approved by FDOT, and the city is approved, two plans.

07:09:26 They actually funded us for the design, cuing palm with bike

07:09:34 lanes.

07:09:34 The money is not a lot of money.

07:09:37 It's simply a history which is nominal cost.

07:09:40 However, it is a big improvement because it meets one of the

07:09:43 things we have with the plan with the MPO.

07:09:46 Timing is everything.

07:09:48 They are in preliminary phases right now with that design.

07:09:53 Directly with Melanie Calloway, and transportation, to make

07:09:58 sure you will note in this table there is a specific note

07:10:02 that says an alternative to have a left-hand turn lane.

07:10:10 Because by the time it comes on line and goes to rebuild

07:10:12 palm, and that the would come online, it may actually line

07:10:17 up.

07:10:20 So it's just really a time thing at this point.

07:10:23 So conceptually you are approving the cross section of the

07:10:27 two lanes.

07:10:27 However, just a note that the table does contemplate that

07:10:32 left-hand turn lane as an alternative.

07:10:35 >> Well, this issue --

07:10:41 >> Just a second.

07:10:42 I have Mrs. Montelione.

07:10:45 Go on, sir.

07:10:45 >> We would like to try to tie the neighborhood to the

07:10:50 river, and the pedestrian way and meet the required level of

07:10:56 service.

07:10:57 That's our goal.

07:11:05 I would like to address a few comments.

07:11:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Most of my questions are about the

07:11:14 development agreement.

07:11:15 So I don't think we are on the on that subject yet.

07:11:18 But all of my fellow council members already asked the stuff

07:11:24 I had about the portion, except for the one question I did

07:11:30 have was we saw the e-mail that came in support.

07:11:36 And then I have got the October 1st.

07:11:40 And it doesn't say which neighborhood this is.

07:11:43 >> And I was going to address that actually when I got to

07:11:51 the questions.

07:11:53 So, again, Cathy, I think she's answered most of the

07:12:00 questions.

07:12:00 I'll hit the highlights again.

07:12:04 We appreciate Mrs. Saul-Sena coming, and I think we agree

07:12:08 with all of her comments.

07:12:10 I would reiterate that the trees were removed when we took

07:12:15 the project over, and we have fully assumed the

07:12:19 responsibility for replacing all the trees that were

07:12:21 located.

07:12:22 Additionally, we ask rather than paying our way out of

07:12:30 planting these trees to additionally have permission to

07:12:33 plant some of the required replacement trees on the opposite

07:12:37 side of the street from our development, so that we can

07:12:39 landscape the side of Washington, the eastern side of Tampa

07:12:45 Street, and Ross, so rather than benefiting some other

07:12:50 neighborhood than the made neighborhood.

07:12:53 And that is written into the development agreement at this

07:12:56 point, and we appreciate Cathy Beck negotiating that with

07:13:01 us.

07:13:07 Well, you see that there are standards for reestablishing

07:13:09 alleys in the design manual.

07:13:14 The urban design standards that are established by the

07:13:16 design manual have not only a minimum but a maximum setback,

07:13:20 so that we do get that urban feel.

07:13:24 I don't think that it's economically feasible, in that all

07:13:31 parking would be in a parking structure or that type of

07:13:33 thing.

07:13:34 But clearly we are pursuing an urban feeling design, and,

07:13:39 you know, structured parking lot than would be a major

07:13:42 component of the Heights project, and critical mass, and

07:13:53 achieve the place that we are going for.

07:13:56 They pointed out that we have requested that a portion, the

07:13:59 first portion of our mitigation fee be directed towards what

07:14:04 additionally we have agreed to commensurate with our phase

07:14:07 one to install some of the solar powered radar speed limit

07:14:13 signs, and again, you know, our feeling was that the

07:14:17 expertise we bring helps to establish a budget, meet with

07:14:23 the neighbors, help to establish what their priorities are.

07:14:27 It's a great framework, as to alignments, one would be

07:14:33 Ridgewood, it's not really helped us decide what this should

07:14:36 be, and we can help to move their ideas forward.

07:14:47 We understand there's a repaving budget, and we believe that

07:14:52 along with our traffic mitigation payment would be a good

07:14:55 opportunity to work with transportation and get it

07:14:57 established, the CIT number and get them to the date.

07:15:04 That's how I know to get things done.

07:15:06 Let's get it written down.

07:15:07 Let's establish, you know, a phasing schedule.

07:15:25 Basically the idea was to be bring up the bike up Carlton

07:15:30 and Doyle Carlton parkway, and the street does get slightly

07:15:39 wide.

07:15:39 In that scheme, there is off-street parking.

07:15:51 I had an opportunity to speak with William, participating in

07:15:57 the traffic discussion.

07:15:59 He and I, I mean, we disagree on some things.

07:16:03 Some people just don't like roundabouts.

07:16:06 To begin, we are trying to get a planned development

07:16:08 alternative in zoning, and on corresponding approvals

07:16:16 extended, and not trying to design the road to today.

07:16:19 We did extend our neighborhood invitation to all the

07:16:23 neighborhood, including Riverside Heights in lighting.

07:16:26 We did have attendance at Riverside Heights, Ridgewood and

07:16:31 from the Heights.

07:16:32 And I apologize some of you weren't included in on that,.

07:16:40 Thanks.

07:16:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much.

07:16:43 Okay.

07:16:44 Any further council members discussion?

07:16:48 This is really the question of vacating portion.

07:16:51 What this first portion is.

07:16:52 We have heard everything but vacation so far.

07:16:55 Not the vacation that you take.

07:16:58 The vacating. Streets and alleys.

07:17:02 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mrs.

07:17:06 Montelione.

07:17:07 Further discussion by council members?

07:17:08 All in favor?

07:17:10 Opposed?

07:17:10 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:17:12 This is a substitute ordinance, the change from first

07:17:17 reading.

07:17:18 Mr. Reddick, would you kindly read the substitute ordinance?

07:17:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move a substitute ordinance for first

07:17:25 reading consideration, an ordinance vacating, closing,

07:17:27 discontinuing, a abandoning certain rights-of-way of all or

07:17:32 those certain rights-of-way contained within the proposed

07:17:38 Heights community development district generally located

07:17:42 south of Ross Avenue, west of Tampa Street, north of the

07:17:45 north bank of the Hillsborough River and east of the North

07:17:48 Boulevard in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County,

07:17:50 Florida, the same being more fully described in section 1

07:17:53 herein, subject to certain easements, covenants,

07:17:56 restrictions and conditions as set forth herein, providing

07:18:00 an effective date.

07:18:01 I think there's some conditions.

07:18:09 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Not for the vacating.

07:18:12 For the zoning.

07:18:13 Thank you for remembering that.

07:18:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is a first reading.

07:18:17 Further discussion by council members?

07:18:19 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

07:18:21 The portion for vacating C-13-09.

07:18:25 All in favor of the motion?

07:18:27 Opposed?

07:18:27 The ayes have it unanimous.

07:18:29 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

07:18:31 Second reading and adoption will be on November 21st at

07:18:35 9:30 a.m.

07:18:36 >> We are not laughing at anyone. We are laughing at

07:18:36 ourselves. We just got a flash.

07:18:53 There's a great possibility there will be a new baseball

07:18:56 stadium built downtown.

07:18:57 Wow.

07:19:01 All right.

07:19:04 We go to item number 2.

07:19:06 Z-13-6-1.

07:19:07 >> Mr. Chairman, I believe the presentation was made. I

07:19:14 don't know whether you want to open that.

07:19:15 >> Based on everything of that we actually went through

07:19:19 tonight, we asked if council actually approves that you

07:19:24 include revisions as shown on the revision sheet dated

07:19:26 October 24th, 2013.

07:19:28 >> Anyone in the public care to speak on this item?

07:19:32 This is the portion for rezoning the area.

07:19:36 I think we have heard -- if you want to speak again you are

07:19:39 entitled to it.

07:19:40 I am just asking if you would like to come up.

07:19:42 I knew I would get somebody up.

07:19:45 See that?

07:19:46 >> William Fisher. 716 west woodlawn Avenue.

07:19:54 I don't want to take up three minutes again.

07:19:57 Because I didn't get a lot of the traffic.

07:20:00 The zoning part, I have no problem with the zoning.

07:20:07 A couple little things on some of the zoning things, like

07:20:10 the RMU 100, a lot of people put in there but now they are

07:20:13 telling me those have been divided into smaller sections.

07:20:16 That's all fine.

07:20:18 I have no problem with that.

07:20:19 What I do have a problem like I told you is where are all

07:20:22 these people going to go once they get there, and how we are

07:20:25 going to get back and forth.

07:20:27 That is a major problem.

07:20:28 That's a lot of people that you are putting in there.

07:20:30 Not just talking about it the 1900 units.

07:20:32 We are talking about all the hundreds of thousands square

07:20:36 feet retail and commercial use is going to drag more traffic

07:20:38 in.

07:20:39 So got to have somewhere for all these people to go.

07:20:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We understand.

07:20:46 Thank you.

07:20:46 Anyone else that would care to speak?

07:20:48 Need a motion to close.

07:20:50 I have a motion by Mr. Suarez to close, second by Mr. Cohen

07:20:54 on a clothe vote with Mrs. Montelione.

07:20:56 All in favor?

07:20:57 Opposed?

07:20:58 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:21:04 Mr. Suarez, would you kindly read the ordinance item number

07:21:06 2?

07:21:07 >> I present an ordinance for first reading consideration,

07:21:12 an ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida relating to an

07:21:14 area rezoning general location of which is north of the

07:21:17 Hillsborough River and interstate 275, south of Ross Avenue,

07:21:21 east of North Boulevard, and west of Tampa Street, in the

07:21:24 city of Tampa, Florida, from zoning district classifications

07:21:27 planned development, alternative PD-A, for mixed use,

07:21:32 commercial, office, residential, residential multifamily,

07:21:35 RM-24, commercial general CG, and commercial intensive, CI,

07:21:41 to planned development alternative, PDA, for mixed use,

07:21:45 commercial office, residential, providing for notice,

07:21:48 providing an effective date, and including the revision

07:21:50 sheet as presented by staff on October 24th.

07:21:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

07:21:56 I have a second by Mr. Reddick.

07:21:58 Further discussion on first reading? All in favor of the

07:22:00 motion signify by saying aye.

07:22:01 Opposed nay.

07:22:03 Motion passed unanimously.

07:22:05 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione being absent at

07:22:07 vote.

07:22:07 Second reading and adoption will be on November 21st at

07:22:12 9:30 a.m.

07:22:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 3.

07:22:15 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Planning and development.

07:22:16 I would ask that you take 4 before 3, if possible.

07:22:18 >> The development agreement takes no vote.

07:22:30 >>CATHERINE COYLE: That's correct.

07:22:30 If you want to hear a presentation.

07:22:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

07:22:33 Let's hear it.

07:22:34 >>SAL TERRITO: This is the first of two public hearings.

07:22:50 You will not be taken taking any action on the development

07:22:52 agreement tonight.

07:22:53 You will be taking action if at all on the 21st at 10

07:22:56 a.m.

07:22:57 I would also like to make a request at some time tonight, is

07:23:01 that if this public hearing finishes that on the 21st at

07:23:08 10 a.m. you also called for a special CRA meeting.

07:23:11 Than the city and the city and the developer, the CRA will

07:23:15 have to take action as well.

07:23:16 If you have a 10:00 CRA meeting scheduled for that day, you

07:23:18 may not get to it at 10:00.

07:23:20 But at least if you finish the what approval at that

07:23:24 particular time you can take the action that you wish to

07:23:27 take at that particular time.

07:23:28 That way it won't get delayed but I will be doing that at

07:23:31 some point later.

07:23:32 But I want to mention this is a public hearing that we will

07:23:35 be having a second public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on the

07:23:37 21st of November as well.

07:23:39 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

07:23:46 >>BOB McDONAUGH: What you have in front of you is it Tampa

07:24:03 economic development agreement.

07:24:04 If I was going to draw a comparison, it would be very

07:24:08 similar to a new subdivision.

07:24:10 Whereas the developer is responsible for putting in the

07:24:14 structure, the roads.

07:24:15 When they are finished, he goes ahead and dedicates those

07:24:18 back to the city, with the city being responsible for the

07:24:22 maintenance, once it's been completed and accepted.

07:24:26 There is one specific difference.

07:24:29 In a lot of subdivisions, you would have a CBD where the

07:24:35 bond are repaid by the homeowners assessment.

07:24:37 In the case of this, if bonds are issued, and they would be

07:24:41 repaid by the TIF that exists on the CRA.

07:24:44 A couple of other items I would like to bring out just

07:24:47 quickly about the development agreement.

07:24:50 It does contain language which talks about Ridgewood and

07:24:56 Glenwood.

07:24:57 Again the city to dedication the first $200,000 for

07:25:02 improvements on those roadways to make sure that the

07:25:04 neighborhood does not experience a great amount of

07:25:06 cut-through traffic.

07:25:09 There is language in there about brick streets, which again

07:25:13 was raised in a concern, and normally, as Cathy pointed out,

07:25:19 if you are removing brick, they are palletized and then sent

07:25:24 to the city or public works N.this agreement asked for the

07:25:30 ability to reinstall those bricks in other places creating

07:25:34 more brick streets than are there right now.

07:25:36 So that has been contemplated and is reflected in this.

07:25:40 >> First I want to say you look much better here than last

07:25:58 time.

07:25:59 I am glowed you are recuperated nicely.

07:26:04 >> Looking better than the nice meeting is not a --

07:26:09 >> Yes.

07:26:10 So we received the revised agreement.

07:26:12 The memo dated November 5th.

07:26:15 I did not get it until actions county -- a couple of days

07:26:23 after that.

07:26:24 So I was eager to review the development agreement that was

07:26:26 provided previously, which was the draft agreement.

07:26:29 So forgive me if some of the things have changed.

07:26:33 I was quickly trying tock go through and see if, you know,

07:26:36 had what was changed and what was not.

07:26:39 Okay.

07:26:42 So a couple of things that stand out to me, Hillsborough

07:26:47 County, affordable housing, advisory board, and affordable

07:26:58 units.

07:26:59 We have units downtown because demand has been so high and

07:27:04 the provision for affordable housing in here is really not

07:27:08 specific enough for my taste.

07:27:12 Can you talk to me a little bit about what is or is not

07:27:15 required in the affordable ratio?

07:27:21 >> There's not a specific ratio set out in the agreement.

07:27:23 What there is is again asking for some flexibility.

07:27:26 Right now for affordable housing, it's done on a point

07:27:29 system which is where you get the money.

07:27:31 And they are not just -- there's actually two new affordable

07:27:38 projects downtown right now.

07:27:39 >> But a smaller percentage than the market rate.

07:27:41 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I'll give you that if you don't combine

07:27:45 with the Encore project with that.

07:27:47 >> Right.

07:27:50 >>BOB McDONAUGH: But what the developer has to determine is

07:27:52 whether or not they will qualify for the point system to be

07:27:56 able to get the subsidization for subsidized housing, so he

07:28:04 asked for some latitude if where if he's unable to get the

07:28:08 points, then --

07:28:09 >> Right.

07:28:10 But the latitude doesn't give us any guarantee.

07:28:12 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, it does in and out.

07:28:14 >> It mention it is word affordable housing and that's about

07:28:17 all it is as a mention.

07:28:19 >> And language in there than says and they have to make

07:28:24 sure it's in there for at least 40 years.

07:28:26 >> Correct.

07:28:27 >> Well, I'm just voicing my opinion.

07:28:30 >> No, I understand.

07:28:32 >> And there's always an opportunity to come back and, you

07:28:38 know, hopefully do the right thing as far as providing

07:28:42 affordable units that we need in this area, specifically in

07:28:46 this area, because it is an area that right now has a lot of

07:28:51 very lop to very low income individuals, and without having

07:28:56 opportunities for them spread out, which is what we have

07:29:00 talked about with Tampa Heights residents before, at least

07:29:03 spread out affordable units.

07:29:05 I don't want part of Tampa Heights to be different than the

07:29:09 other part of Tampa Heights, if you catch my drift.

07:29:13 The other is just one of the things that you mentioned just

07:29:16 now, or Mr. Territo mentioned -- who mentioned about the

07:29:21 CBD?

07:29:22 I want it to be clear to everyone that the CDD bonds would

07:29:31 be repaid by the TIF, which is a situation that we have

07:29:38 often moaned about, that we have TIF dollars committed to

07:29:44 other bonds that we are repaying.

07:29:47 >> We have no bond obligations for TIF dollars in the City

07:29:51 of Tampa.

07:29:56 There's not a specific place for those TIF funds, because at

07:29:59 the time when the convention center was done, there actually

07:30:03 was not a TIF system.

07:30:05 And so the bonds, the pledge, I believe, is utility tax

07:30:10 money.

07:30:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Territo is getting up.

07:30:14 We do have --

07:30:16 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

07:30:17 The primary pledge of utilities, at the time this was done,

07:30:21 TIF would have been like a dollar and a half.

07:30:22 So you couldn't have done any bond.

07:30:24 So we couldn't pledge TIF.

07:30:26 But as the TIF came in, it was sufficient at some years to

07:30:30 pay the debt service on that.

07:30:31 And it was many years until about five or six years ago

07:30:36 never reached that amount to paper for those bonds so we

07:30:38 don't have any TIF pledges per se, other utility taxes

07:30:43 pledged for the convention center with the TIF as the back

07:30:46 drop.

07:30:46 Fortunately as development came online, TIF back drop

07:30:50 through and was sufficient to have paper for most debt

07:30:53 service.

07:30:53 But it's not a commitment of TIF.

07:30:55 I think it the TIF isn't really pledged to that.

07:30:59 >> Right.

07:31:03 But we are using it for that.

07:31:05 I thought I was losing it for a minute.

07:31:08 But it is going to be repaid by the CRA.

07:31:13 And I just want to make that abundantly clear.

07:31:16 And we don't know what the dollar -- we won't know what the

07:31:21 dollar amount is until such time as it happens.

07:31:24 >> Correct.

07:31:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

07:31:27 So moving on.

07:31:30 The other is also having to do with money.

07:31:35 The Riverwalk is to be constructed.

07:31:38 Can you tell me who is paying for that, and how the city

07:31:42 comes in to play with payment for construction of the

07:31:45 Riverwalk?

07:31:45 >> Yes.

07:31:46 And the original agreements, there were certain parcels of

07:31:49 land that the city was going to trade to the developer for

07:31:52 the development. Riverwalk.

07:31:54 Since that time --

07:31:56 >> That's the latest swap that's referred to in the

07:31:58 document?

07:31:59 >> That's correct.

07:32:00 How this differs from the original land swap is in the

07:32:03 subsequent years, the water works building, which was

07:32:06 originally going to be given to the developer, was retained

07:32:10 by the city and is now being developed as a restaurant.

07:32:12 The land wherein the best building sits was going to be part

07:32:17 of the development parcel and was allowed to be developed.

07:32:23 So the city still owns some parcels of land that were

07:32:26 accumulated specifically for this project.

07:32:29 And so what the city is doing is swapping some of their

07:32:32 parcels of land with the developer R.

07:32:43 If you could see that green with the Riverwalk that runs

07:32:47 along the river, the intention is that the developer would

07:32:51 be responsible, developer/CED, for the improvements. Sea

07:32:56 wall, the construction of the Riverwalk, and the dedication

07:33:03 of prosecute park land adjacent to the Riverwalk for its

07:33:09 land swap.

07:33:10 Now, there is a mechanism in the development agreement that

07:33:16 if the city does not complete the Riverwalk by the time a

07:33:20 certain amount of development takes place, then he does not

07:33:22 get any more development rights.

07:33:25 The 320th unit, residential, and a certain number in

07:33:29 commercial space.

07:33:30 So that's the check and balance there, is to make sure that

07:33:34 it provides the Riverwalk, which is part of the transaction,

07:33:40 does not get to complete his development.

07:33:41 >> Okay.

07:33:45 Because in the drafts than I reviewed, it mentions something

07:33:50 about -- and I'm looking for it, here it is -- I don't know

07:33:55 what the graph number is now.

07:33:57 It was 5.12.1, letter B, that says developer and/or CBD

07:34:04 shall be reimbursed for the design construction and

07:34:07 development of the portion of the portion of the Tampa

07:34:10 Heights Riverwalk located within the area in accordance with

07:34:13 section 6.4 of this agreement, to the extent of available

07:34:18 TIF revenue as contemplated in the interlocal financing

07:34:21 agreement, as that term is defined elsewhere therein.

07:34:25 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes?

07:34:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So reimbursement?

07:34:37 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's for the construction and then the

07:34:39 dedication of the land comes back to the city.

07:34:41 So it's a land swap for a land swap and the improvements --

07:34:47 again, any TIF that's created is created through the efforts

07:34:51 of the development and the investments that they make in

07:34:55 buildings and development here.

07:34:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Gotcha.

07:34:58 I'm a numbers person, you know.

07:35:01 Watching the numbers person.

07:35:02 And in the previous hearing, someone from the public

07:35:05 mentioned the devil is in the details.

07:35:10 And I just want to highlight that when this council and

07:35:15 other council is in its place, and want to know who was it,

07:35:20 whose idea was it to pledge the TIF dollars, this is where

07:35:25 it's happening.

07:35:26 >> Exactly.

07:35:26 >> And the same thing with the sea wall improvement?

07:35:30 >> Correct.

07:35:31 Virtually, virtually --

07:35:34 >> We are the council responsible for that.

07:35:37 >> And Councilman Montelione, if sufficient revenue is

07:35:45 generated to do.

07:35:47 That also a disclaimer, later on in the development which

07:35:51 would be included in any bond issuance, that in cases of

07:35:54 default, the City of Tampa CRA has no responsibility.

07:35:57 And so if we are buying bonds, we need to understand this.

07:36:01 And it stated have had clearly in front of them.

07:36:04 >> so we aren't going to be held responsible and have to

07:36:08 come up with the money?

07:36:10 >> That's correct.

07:36:11 >> Well, thank you for that.

07:36:12 I appreciate that.

07:36:13 >> The devil is in the details.

07:36:15 >> That's going to come back to bite me.

07:36:22 The other, again, about utilities, we talked a little bit

07:36:27 about this earlier.

07:36:29 Can you just talk to me about utilities? I'm pretty

07:36:35 sensitive when it comes to especially interruption of

07:36:37 utilities, because it's happened in my district a couple

07:36:40 times.

07:36:40 >>BOB McDONAUGH: And in this thing, the developer

07:36:42 indemnifies the city.

07:36:45 This is language specific to best efforts that again, you

07:36:50 know, people with backhoes sometimes hit water pipes and

07:36:55 things like that.

07:36:56 Again, the city is indemnified against any action of the

07:37:01 developer or its agent.

07:37:03 >> So if we have to go in there and rescue, Brad Baird and

07:37:06 his team have to come there and do emergency repairs, we

07:37:09 won't be paying for that?

07:37:11 >> Correct.

07:37:11 >> Excellent.

07:37:14 Okay.

07:37:15 City liens.

07:37:18 There's a provision in here that says to the extent that

07:37:24 maybe legally to do so the city shall waive any and all city

07:37:29 liens on land contained in the Tampa Heights project site

07:37:32 that will be owned by the developer S.that current liens?

07:37:38 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Land swap.

07:37:39 Yes.

07:37:39 And I'm a unaware of any liens that exist right in and out.

07:37:42 >> So what happens if than the code enforcement goes out

07:37:47 during construction and they find some problems?

07:37:53 >>BOB McDONAUGH: If we have already gone through the land

07:37:55 swap, then it becomes the developer's issue.

07:37:58 We in a longer have title.

07:37:59 >> So the land swap will happen at various times during the

07:38:03 development?

07:38:04 >> That's correct, again to protect the taxpayer.

07:38:07 >> Okay.

07:38:09 And the WMBE language in here, back in the agreement here

07:38:18 talks about good faith effort.

07:38:20 And another phase that I am really not a fan of because good

07:38:23 faith effort, I have been on the receiving end of good faith

07:38:25 efforts, and put in all your time, develop all the bids,

07:38:29 send it to us, thank you very much, we have met our

07:38:32 requirements for the City of Tampa, because we made our good

07:38:37 favorite effort.

07:38:38 We are going to hire whoever we want to hire anyway, but we

07:38:41 reached out to you.

07:38:42 So I will be keeping an eye on this WMBE, LBE and things as

07:38:53 they come before us because this will be come to us in

07:38:55 increments at some point in time.

07:38:57 >> Some will and some won't.

07:38:59 Again, most of them will be under the control of the

07:39:03 developer.

07:39:03 Again, we are not paying for them.

07:39:05 We are not doing this.

07:39:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's all I have.

07:39:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

07:39:11 I have --

07:39:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can I just thank the staff for going

07:39:15 through and cleaning up and making all the changes?

07:39:20 I think you guys did an awesome job.

07:39:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mrs. Capin and Mr. Suarez.

07:39:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mrs. Montelione pointed out some things

07:39:37 that I have my little pink tabs on.

07:39:39 And one of them would definitely be the affordable housing.

07:39:44 And what I looked at here was -- I'll find it.

07:39:54 Affordable housing.

07:39:56 It says here developer may elect to build affordable units

07:39:59 within or in the vicinity of the Heights.

07:40:04 Within or in the vicinity of Heights, subject to

07:40:07 availability of public funding sources of subsidies to

07:40:12 support the construction.

07:40:14 It says subject to but it's not saying that they have to

07:40:17 actually apply for it.

07:40:22 They can elect to.

07:40:29 They may elect to.

07:40:30 So there's no obligation for the developer to seek public

07:40:42 funding or subsidies.

07:40:44 It says subject to.

07:40:45 >> I would like to address the question.

07:40:56 Philosophically -- first if we can zoom back up, we in the

07:41:04 process of acquiring other large property, and we are very

07:41:12 committed, and I guess from our perspective, we kind of see

07:41:21 a large opportunity.

07:41:22 The Heights in its status of the comprehensive plan, urban

07:41:26 village, we believe -- and this was part of the discussions

07:41:30 that we had with the neighborhood, and part of the

07:41:32 presentation that we gave them.

07:41:37 Some of the statute 163 ideas that are different than

07:41:44 affordable, you know, nice housing, we think that, for

07:41:52 example, we acquired a very nice bungalow at Ross and

07:41:56 Boulevard for $36,000 out of foreclosure.

07:42:00 And some improvements in the intersection seemed prudent for

07:42:06 us to do, but I think it's indicative of quality housing,

07:42:10 affordable housing in the neighborhood.

07:42:12 But what the neighborhood needs and what I believe we garner

07:42:17 from that is, they need the central services, they need the

07:42:21 effects of the dead-end streets, the improved utilities.

07:42:25 We talked a minute ago about the public portions, the

07:42:31 streets that are planned in the Riverwalk and the land swap.

07:42:34 But additionally, the public infrastructure included the

07:42:37 regional lift station, which is about the size of that

07:42:44 serves the neighborhood uphill.

07:42:46 There's large water main just in the last month or two, a

07:42:51 couple weeks, the water department was out at 60th but

07:42:56 that's about the 5th week so it's pretty indicative of

07:43:04 the older structure.

07:43:05 Additionally, the project was bankrupt Tampa Electric came

07:43:11 through with a new regional distribution line about 5 feet

07:43:16 in diameter, which bifurcates the community,a and goes down

07:43:23 palm and across the river, bifurcates the West Tampa

07:43:26 redevelopment area, turns down Main Street, and goes behind

07:43:32 the city services construction center so it's part of the

07:43:35 public realm improvements.

07:43:37 We planned to reroute those utilities.

07:43:40 >> Well, we are talking utilities now, not affordable

07:43:43 housing?

07:43:44 >> And Pi digress, but I guess I'm trying to say, our vision

07:43:50 for the community is that it is going to be -- there's many

07:43:57 purposes and intent for the community redevelopment area and

07:44:01 things that can be accomplished.

07:44:03 Previously, calls for affordable housing to be constructed

07:44:11 in the vicinity of the Heights.

07:44:12 So we have looked at the Heights, and we believe that the

07:44:14 Heights is going to serve the surrounding neighborhood as an

07:44:21 urban village and we had requested that the affordable

07:44:24 housing language be optional.

07:44:28 We believe that the Heights will include housing affordable

07:44:30 to workforce.

07:44:31 We are not sure that it's the best place for highly

07:44:34 subsidized housing.

07:44:35 Nor has there been significant funding available for that

07:44:38 for the last four years.

07:44:45 We have been co-developer of more than 1200 highly

07:44:49 subsidized units in the area.

07:44:50 But our belief is that what the surrounding neighborhood

07:45:01 needs is not more affordable housing, and I believe that the

07:45:07 neighborhood adjacent to it, again the intent of the CRA, I

07:45:15 believe, you know, getting river of the blight and the

07:45:21 effects of the old infrastructure, the dead-end streets,

07:45:26 getting the historic building renovated,

07:45:31 The essential services that are lacking.

07:45:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It was brought up and I wanted to follow

07:45:40 the philosophy of why in this agreement it stated that if

07:45:46 the developer elected to -- I understand that.

07:45:51 There is affordable housing in the Heights.

07:45:56 There is now.

07:45:57 But I did want to bring it up.

07:45:58 And for you or Mr. McDonaugh to explain why it was elected.

07:46:06 And it's understandable.

07:46:10 In that context.

07:46:12 But thank you.

07:46:14 And since you brought up the utilities, I have this question

07:46:17 here on the utilities.

07:46:21 I'm trying to -- I should be more organized.

07:46:33 Oh, here it is, the big one.

07:46:43 Significant infrastructure improvements including without

07:46:46 limitation new relocated street which will be realigned

07:46:52 given the plans referenced herein and new relocated potable

07:46:57 water lanes, new relocated water lines, new and relocated

07:47:01 wastewater pumping station, new and relocated stormwater

07:47:05 facilities, new and relocated electrical distribution lines,

07:47:10 new and relocated underground -- what I want to know is who

07:47:15 pays for what of this, of all that we are talking about

07:47:18 here?

07:47:19 How much is it going to cost the city to realign and -- are

07:47:25 we doing or are you doing this?

07:47:27 I want to know who is paying for it.

07:47:28 >> I understand.

07:47:29 So currently, the flow of the tax increments is --

07:47:39 essentially the flow was voted on in the taxable assessed

07:47:42 value of all the property is below what that floor was.

07:47:46 So assuming our phase 1 will get to even, then the project

07:47:53 would throb off a portion. Ad valorem tax, or the public

07:47:56 realm improvements, and those would be the things that we

07:48:00 talk about, everything within the public right-of-way, the

07:48:06 streets, the curbs, the public improvements, the utilities

07:48:10 and the roads.

07:48:15 So if you are hoping to close the deal with one of the

07:48:20 targeted reviews that we are working with, we believe the

07:48:22 first and more thing of the height is to attract, now,

07:48:30 employment and a the neighborhood, and we believe been

07:48:39 missing there for so long, and that's our strategy.

07:48:42 So with that said, there's a tax increment assuming that we

07:48:48 are able to have something that is concrete enough that we

07:48:53 can bring bond against it, then the public realm agreements

07:48:56 will be paid for by the tax increment.

07:48:58 At this point, anything we do will have to be with money

07:49:02 subject to being reimbursed at the time that there is a tax

07:49:05 increment.

07:49:07 We plan on breaking ground on the buildings by year end.

07:49:13 >> By year end?

07:49:15 >> Yes, ma'am.

07:49:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So whatever improvements are going to come

07:49:20 from the developer's pocket to be reimbursed at a later

07:49:25 time, when and if the increment, the tax increment, that's

07:49:30 what I'm understanding, correct?

07:49:32 I see Mr. McDonaugh nodding his head.

07:49:36 Right?

07:49:37 >> The development agreement previously -- you know, thanks

07:49:41 to Sal for working through the structural issues.

07:49:43 I think we have a simpler document that addresses a lot of

07:49:47 the contingencies.

07:49:50 And we have language added that states that we can be

07:49:52 reimbursed rather than only the improvements, the

07:49:57 improvement are only to be funded by bond, so that we can

07:50:01 move forward and, you know, build that tax base that will

07:50:04 then help to pay for the public improvements.

07:50:07 But essentially, if the developer pays, all the

07:50:14 improvements, the buildings, all the properties, all the

07:50:18 public realm improvements, the utility lines, curbs,

07:50:22 offstreet parking, all that stuff, the tax increment would

07:50:25 pay for it.

07:50:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

07:50:29 That is a lot of this, a lot that I have oat-

07:50:32 >> I understand.

07:50:33 And some of these public realm improvements are just run

07:50:40 through the Heights.

07:50:43 They service the Heights, but they service many other

07:50:46 neighborhood.

07:50:46 The TECO transmission line which is to be relocated, it will

07:50:52 that will tie back to the river, and palm down, is, you

07:50:56 know, services the park, the lift station services a very

07:51:04 long area, so these are significant utilities which have to

07:51:11 be repaired as part this CRA effort.

07:51:14 >> Okay, thank you.

07:51:21 I am looking at -- I kept going back to utilities and

07:51:24 services.

07:51:29 You answered -- that was mainly -- when I look at all these,

07:51:38 it keeps going back to the structure and the utilities, and

07:51:42 I kept asking -- that was my question, where is the money

07:51:44 coming from?

07:51:45 So thank you for the answer.

07:51:46 >> Mr. Suarez.

07:51:49 >> Thank you, chair.

07:51:50 I think this T question that I am going to have is for Mr.

07:51:53 Territo, and maybe for Mr. McDonaugh.

07:51:58 It depends on which direction we go.

07:52:00 Typically, when CDD is created, it is the assessments that

07:52:06 are put on each individual property owner that comes into

07:52:09 the CDD.

07:52:11 Eventually those dollars are -- they are on an individual

07:52:15 basis or individual property owner basis, and that those

07:52:18 dollars get sunk in and then used to do the improvement

07:52:21 itself within the phase or phases of that particular

07:52:25 development.

07:52:25 Is that correct?

07:52:26 >> That's correct.

07:52:27 >> Okay.

07:52:28 Now, because it's a little different, we don't do CBDs in

07:52:33 the city very often, we do have CBDs up in the New Tampa

07:52:36 area, which we annexed just a little bit different.

07:52:40 We weren't involved other than the contractual obligation

07:52:43 between us and the developer to take over the property.

07:52:47 How would it work in terms of these TIF dollars that come

07:52:52 out of it.

07:52:53 I know that, for example, the developer will give us a bill.

07:52:58 It comes out of the trust fund that's created by CRA,

07:53:02 specifically for the TIF dollars.

07:53:05 And so they get reimbursed for that.

07:53:08 But after, if a developed property, and there's still TIF

07:53:14 dollars in there, the CDB now becomes an elected board,

07:53:18 correct?

07:53:19 And they still control those dollars through the CRA?

07:53:22 Or how does that relationship work?

07:53:25 >> What's going to happen is that one of two entities are

07:53:28 going to do the infrastructure improvements.

07:53:30 It will be the developer or the CDB.

07:53:32 If the CDB does the developments then they are the ones that

07:53:36 get reimbursed for many of the structure improvements.

07:53:40 >> So as the CDB matures, the property matures, the CDB

07:53:44 takes over that role that the developer once had.

07:53:47 You know, the face of the project in and out is the develop

07:53:52 birth at some point down the line 10, 20, 30 years ago from

07:53:57 now it will not be the developer, it will be a CDB board

07:54:01 duly elected by people within that CDB.

07:54:03 So the question I have got, you know, is that CDB is going

07:54:06 to be responsible for that contractual obligation then?

07:54:10 Do we change the contract? Or does it automatically revert?

07:54:16 >>SAL TERRITO: Right now you have an attachment that's the

07:54:19 financial data, the CRA, the city and the CDB and the

07:54:23 developer.

07:54:23 >> Right now, they are calling it an indigent CDB.

07:54:27 I never heard the term before, but an operating CDB.

07:54:31 Once that gets up and running, we will bring back to you for

07:54:34 your approval or your consideration that contract will spell

07:54:37 out the actual financial arrangements.

07:54:39 Right now, just to give you background, the one that's out

07:54:42 there right now gave the developer CDB 74% of the TIF

07:54:48 collected.

07:54:48 We don't know, it's now a new development agreement and we.

07:54:53 Gotten to the point.

07:54:55 It may be more, may be less.

07:54:57 That hasn't been negotiated yet but that will come back as a

07:55:01 separate agreement and at least see what is developing.

07:55:06 >>Are at some point years from now, when this -- we have got

07:55:10 a mature CDB, there's going to be that entity that is now

07:55:14 controlling the maintenance of all these areas within that

07:55:20 district, telephone for some reason -- and I may be wrong

07:55:25 with this -- I assume that the tiff dollars will continue to

07:55:28 be put in for those improvements, because of course with TIF

07:55:34 dollars, after reaching a certain threshold, it's going to

07:55:36 be a certain amount on a per-year basis that keeps coming

07:55:41 in, not the large amounts that you will see at the

07:55:44 beginning, but a more trickle and a more straight-line, you

07:55:49 know, or baseline that's going to come through, a different

07:55:52 baseline.

07:55:52 So the reason I'm asking is because what if the county does

07:55:58 not agree to redo this CRA once the agreement is up for this

07:56:03 particular one?

07:56:03 I assume it's got a shelf like just like all the others.

07:56:07 >>SAL TERRITO: The way it works, the CRA body was created

07:56:13 in 1983.

07:56:14 When that was done, the statute basically said you have

07:56:17 60 years maximum to finance.

07:56:19 CRAs have no ending.

07:56:22 CRAs can go on in perpetuity but you can't fund more than

07:56:26 60 years.

07:56:27 So we are looking at this particular one, when this is

07:56:30 established how many years are left?

07:56:31 If there are not sufficient years left, if there's 16 years,

07:56:35 18 years, that's when the money runs out so right now they

07:56:38 are limited unless we extend the time on the CRA which we

07:56:41 have to go to the county to do.

07:56:43 That's contemplated in that financial agreement.

07:56:45 That's why we haven't done it yet because those are still

07:56:47 items that are up in the air and we haven't negotiated

07:56:50 those.

07:56:50 The county has to agree to let us extend this for the

07:56:53 longest period of time.

07:56:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me interrupt for a second.

07:56:57 This CRA district, area, excuse me, in addition to all the

07:57:02 other areas?

07:57:04 >>SAL TERRITO: Well, whatever one we have.

07:57:07 We have eight CRA areas.

07:57:08 Now the downtown people think as true.

07:57:11 There were two trust fund.

07:57:12 They were established at different times.

07:57:14 So weevil 8 CRAs functioning now.

07:57:17 Whip ones, that's going to be negotiated, which ones are

07:57:20 going to be extended, with whip ones are not going to be

07:57:23 extended? We haven't negotiated those yet.

07:57:26 Just letting now where we are right now.

07:57:28 >> And that's Wan brought up the question in my mind.

07:57:30 Because if we have a tri-party agreement that if the CRA is

07:57:35 not a party to this, for whatever reason -- and again, if

07:57:38 there's a big blowup, the county doesn't approve of our

07:57:43 continuing the CRA totally hypothetical, and probably not

07:57:46 realistic, but that we would be entering only in the

07:57:50 agreement with the developer and the CBD to provide those

07:57:54 dollars, correct?

07:57:56 >>SAL TERRITO: For that period, that's correct.

07:57:58 The worst case scenario for the developer is the county

07:58:01 doesn't agree to extend it.

07:58:03 Then we have a finite number of years.

07:58:06 Then once that goes away they are on their own.

07:58:08 CBD or whoever has to pick that up.

07:58:11 >> And one last thing, and a small thing, which is the way

07:58:15 of that unlike regular CDBs there's an assessment of each

07:58:22 individual property owner that goes directly to the CDB.

07:58:24 That is not what will happen in this case, correct?

07:58:26 >> I'm assuming it's going to be an a assessment but I'm not

07:58:30 sure if it will cover these items or not.

07:58:31 I don't know the answer to that.

07:58:34 >> when I was looking at the document, I didn't see anything

07:58:37 specific to that.

07:58:37 And I just thought because of the CRAs role in it, those

07:58:41 dollars come directly into it because west relationship of

07:58:46 we have got a bill, here is the bill, pay it is bill, as

07:58:51 long as it's a qualified type of improvement, that's

07:58:55 contemplated within the contract.

07:58:56 And I didn't see anything in terms of any individual

07:58:58 assessments, or assessment specifically for property owners.

07:59:02 So that was just my guess on that.

07:59:04 I wanted to make sure, because whole CDCs don't operate

07:59:09 quite like this.

07:59:10 Society I wanted to make sure.

07:59:12 So thank you, Mr. Territo.

07:59:13 >> Mr. Reddick and Mrs. Montelione.

07:59:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. McDonaugh, I am just going to speak to

07:59:21 you and be brief so I can go toss some baseball.

07:59:25 [ Laughter ] I just want to go back -- I was looking at the

07:59:38 WMBE program, and an agreement here, and I adopt agree with

07:59:44 my colleague Mrs. Montelione, I have a question about that,

07:59:54 and sending notices out to the newspaper that they meet the

08:00:01 requirement, respond or not, about doing that.

08:00:08 And you responded to it.

08:00:09 So I just want to say on the record that I have a problem

08:00:12 with that.

08:00:12 Let me ask you.

08:00:15 I notice that there is nothing in here about goods and

08:00:20 services.

08:00:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Correct.

08:00:24 >> There's in a mention in here about goods and services.

08:00:31 Once a project is completed are there still going to be

08:00:35 goods and services? It just seems as though just got it for

08:00:40 the structure part it.

08:00:41 You are talking about WMBEs?

08:00:44 >> Right.

08:00:44 >> I believe there was language in there.

08:00:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: I haven't seen anything with that in here.

08:00:49 >> I do recall specifically the language.

08:00:58 >> And the last question I have pertaining to this, and that

08:01:03 is, if through their reports, semiannual reports, that they

08:01:09 are supposed to provide to the city, if we discover that

08:01:15 they do not meet good faith efforts, a penalty clause within

08:01:26 the agreement.

08:01:26 >> It sound like we need to have more teeth.

08:01:28 Again, part of the difference in this than most of the

08:01:32 contract we enter into as a city is that generally we are

08:01:36 the owner and someone is building something for us.

08:01:39 We are paying somebody for service.

08:01:41 This is somebody else's land.

08:01:42 And they are developing it.

08:01:44 So it's slightly different, in the fact that -- materials,

08:02:05 supplies, services, equipment as necessary.

08:02:07 You are right, it should have broader language about goods

08:02:10 and services.

08:02:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.

08:02:15 Hopefully that the can be amended to be included.

08:02:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Okay.

08:02:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: And that penalty phase, saying if they

08:02:24 violate this.

08:02:25 And the last thing is, why is it standard to put a good

08:02:33 faith effort, instead of saying you must at least meet the

08:02:38 city percentage that WMBE provides, the city's ordinance?

08:02:48 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Let me go back to the conversation again.

08:02:49 The difference is we don't own this property.

08:02:51 We are not contracting for someone to do build something for

08:02:55 us.

08:02:55 So it's a little bit different which single-family why we

08:02:58 don't have standard WMBE language in here.

08:03:02 But let me have a conversation with him and come back to

08:03:04 you.

08:03:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mrs. Montelione.

08:03:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

08:03:08 And thanks for bringing that back, Mr. Reddick, because in

08:03:14 your response, Mr. McDonaugh, you said we are not directly

08:03:20 contracting.

08:03:21 We are not, but we have a lot of ifs, and guarantees, oh

08:03:25 or reimbursements, or TIF funds.

08:03:31 There's an implied if not direct relationship of city

08:03:34 backing funding.

08:03:37 And especially when you said they are not building something

08:03:40 for us.

08:03:41 Well, the Riverwalk -- I mean, it will be transferred at

08:03:49 some point in time.

08:03:50 It's indirect, that relationship.

08:03:52 And if you would maybe explain.

08:03:56 And I'm thankful than Mr. Suarez isn't sitting there, but

08:04:01 I'm thankful to Mr. Suarez for discussing the CDB, CRA, TIF

08:04:05 relationship, because it is very complicated, and I think we

08:04:08 are probably going to have to sit down with Mr. Territo and

08:04:11 really go through that again.

08:04:15 To get full understanding of it.

08:04:17 But I know with personal experience that a lot of people

08:04:23 don't understand CDBs and how they work, and hospital is

08:04:28 elected for that body.

08:04:29 And you had mentioned earlier about an election of

08:04:35 individuals who will be managers of the CBD.

08:04:39 So it may be for just the general public, you can explain

08:04:44 how that election process will work, who will be eligible

08:04:48 for an election, and yes, it is through the supervisor of

08:04:52 the election on a ballot at some point in time.

08:04:56 >> Yes, that's correct.

08:04:58 And it's publicly advertised, and folks who live within the

08:05:01 district will be eligible, to run and the voting is, I

08:05:07 believe --

08:05:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So is it only people who live within the

08:05:14 district, or is it property owners within the district?

08:05:18 >> Yes, I apologize, property owners.

08:05:20 Right.

08:05:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So 1900 units of residential, that's one

08:05:25 pool of people.

08:05:26 But also corporations who own property, in an office

08:05:32 building or whatever, they would also be eligible?

08:05:35 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal.

08:05:37 As you know, all CBDs that are established, the developer

08:05:42 has no vote.

08:05:43 Takes properties come online that changes.

08:05:45 So at the beginning it will be Mr. Harden basically who

08:05:49 controls that process.

08:05:50 At some point as the property gets sold off and more people

08:05:52 come in, then they will eventually get control.

08:05:55 The developer will remove himself from that project.

08:05:58 >> And there's state law that says at what point the

08:06:01 percentage --

08:06:02 >> And it's statutorily set out.

08:06:03 This is not any different than CDB.

08:06:07 The only thing that's slightly different is we are helping

08:06:09 them with the financing because at the beginning of this

08:06:11 there is no value in that land.

08:06:13 They couldn't possibly finance and issue bond.

08:06:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Sure.

08:06:17 No, I just wanted again to be clear to the public that there

08:06:22 will be an elected body who are members of the CDB, and they

08:06:28 would be then in control of expenditures, maintenance,

08:06:35 revenues, and it would not be whoever is sitting here at

08:06:41 City Council.

08:06:42 >> There no.

08:06:44 There will be a quasi-governmental body.

08:06:46 >> But it would be some residents.

08:06:48 It would be some corporations that are eligible.

08:06:52 >> Over a period of time, that will happen.

08:06:53 >> Thank you.

08:06:54 >> No problem.

08:06:58 For clarity on the minority business language, this was

08:07:03 boilerplate brought forward from the previous agreement.

08:07:05 I would point out, and I want to ask Sal to make sure I am

08:07:09 correct, I served on several CDBs in the past, and you are

08:07:13 correct, it is a quasi-gasparilla governmental agency and

08:07:18 you file the same disclosures that you all have to file, and

08:07:21 the election process is a public election process.

08:07:24 And the turnover process is, I read to take over one by one,

08:07:33 statutorily mandated.

08:07:35 I believe that all purchases done by the CDB are going to

08:07:42 have to meet the state requirement that's written into the

08:07:47 development agreement.

08:07:48 It is the government agency.

08:07:51 But I am also happy -- would like to substitute those for

08:07:56 second reading I can do that.

08:07:59 Additionally, at least the 30,000, in answer to Mr. Suarez'

08:08:08 question regarding the funding, so there is a community

08:08:12 development district, and its quasi-government entity as is

08:08:17 created in this instance to administrator to issue bond, so

08:08:23 than you had an agency that could issue bonds, and

08:08:26 administer how to do this, and those bond, the debt service

08:08:36 on those bond would be paid by the tax increment.

08:08:39 So, you know, my understanding of how this would work is

08:08:43 that the tax increment is paid to the city and is basically

08:08:48 understood the administration of the community

08:08:50 redevelopment, and you would approve a bond issue, to the

08:08:58 point that there was one, and then the debt service on that

08:09:01 issue would get paid out of -- I don't really think the

08:09:05 money -- I think the bond are getting paid by the tax

08:09:10 increment.

08:09:11 In this instance, the CDB would be the tool for the ongoing

08:09:17 operation and maintenance of the community to than the

08:09:22 public realm improvements, trash cans and streetlighting,

08:09:28 and lights the sidewalks, and these things are things that

08:09:33 in the development agreement, owned by the community

08:09:38 development district.

08:09:40 And are the operation and maintenance element is something

08:09:46 that would need to be assessed to the land owners.

08:09:50 Obviously, the ongoing, you know, operation and maintenance

08:09:55 of the facilities that are going to be constructed.

08:10:02 So my understanding.

08:10:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any further comments?

08:10:06 Item number 4.

08:10:11 This is a public hearing.

08:10:12 Anyone in the public want to be speak on this?

08:10:14 >> Sam Corson, 2307 Ridgewood Avenue. I have been sworn.

08:10:24 I would make three points.

08:10:26 To the brick streets, there seems to be a disconnect between

08:10:30 staff and than the council's understanding tonight.

08:10:34 In a meeting with staff, they told me that brick streets

08:10:36 that are covered by asphalt are not protected.

08:10:39 I want to point out that there is a disconnect out there.

08:10:42 Secondly, as a taxpayer and voter in the City of Tampa, I

08:10:48 fully support this development agreement and the concept of

08:10:51 reimbursing the developer for certain things that he upfront

08:10:55 takes the risks for to put in place, structures in place.

08:11:00 I think that's a whole appropriate use of the CBD there.

08:11:04 May be a CRA TIF funding, that's really what that's for is

08:11:08 putting an infrastructure project in the city in, that area

08:11:11 in, that boundary.

08:11:13 I have experience with another CRA that just doesn't have a

08:11:16 developer that owns most of the CRA, and they struggle and

08:11:20 struggle to get that TIF funding up.

08:11:24 If he takes on some of that risk, it's fully appropriate

08:11:27 that he get that back.

08:11:28 I thank council for your oversight and due diligence on this

08:11:32 and protecting the City of Tampa money.

08:11:35 But I think it's wholly appropriate that it's structured

08:11:38 this way.

08:11:39 And then again about traffic.

08:11:44 There is a provision to help Ridgewood park.

08:11:47 We are like at the end of a traffic life now.

08:11:51 All the streets are oriented east to west.

08:11:53 They all point right to Ridgewood park.

08:11:56 All that traffic funnels right out to Ridgewood, up to

08:11:59 Columbus.

08:12:01 We are on ground zero.

08:12:02 So we really need that help.

08:12:05 It's in the development agreement.

08:12:06 And I would again encourage you to continue to keep that in

08:12:11 mind, to encourage the city staff to continue working with

08:12:14 us over the years.

08:12:16 Thank you.

08:12:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:12:19 Next, please.

08:12:19 >> William Fisher. Again, I think the developer is going to

08:12:30 like me a little better.

08:12:31 I really am for this project. And I think this project is

08:12:38 left without low income housing within the scope of the

08:12:41 immediate area right there is better because I think once

08:12:44 they get all the commercial stuff in there, and jobs created

08:12:49 in that area, the area right next to the Heights, all the

08:12:52 way down to Riverside Heights to Ridgewood, will all come

08:12:55 back up.

08:12:56 Because all the house

08:12:57 Are going to get bought and people are going to want to live

08:13:01 close to where they work and make the area a whole lot

08:13:04 better. In that instance I am for the project.

08:13:06 I think he owns somewhere around this, low income housing.

08:13:13 There is low income housing that can be redeveloped or made

08:13:16 a little larger or something like that, more property

08:13:20 outside of that area.

08:13:24 Oh, I have a question, too, because I don't know.

08:13:26 On the land swap of the Riverwalk, web it comes back to the

08:13:32 city, who owns the docks?

08:13:33 >> The submerged land belongs to the City of Tampa.

08:13:44 The docks belong to the developer.

08:13:47 And the long-term lease for the submerged lands on the docks

08:13:51 of the property are the developer.

08:13:53 Than the lease is actually dictated by the State of Florida.

08:13:56 And what we would do is that in the state statute there is

08:14:01 some latitude as far as the square footage, based on the

08:14:04 amount of public purpose.

08:14:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just site this on this, not

08:14:11 directly to the -- we have lost an opportunity in this city.

08:14:14 We started Marjorie Park, and didn't complete anything.

08:14:18 We started on Bayshore Boulevard and around Curtis -- I mean

08:14:22 around the convention center.

08:14:24 We should have had docks there long ago with the amenities

08:14:28 of water and electric tries at this time.

08:14:29 We don't have that and I'm afraid to say that Bayshore was

08:14:32 never developed.

08:14:33 It should have been done.

08:14:34 There was about 33 slips or more that could have been added

08:14:37 and docks pay for themselves.

08:14:38 And 7.50, believe me, a foot, you can buy about anything you

08:14:43 want and come out all right.

08:14:45 That's just a statement.

08:14:48 Anything else?

08:14:51 On item number 4?

08:14:53 P.

08:14:53 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

08:14:54 I want to reiterate, there's a statute in Florida, we will

08:14:59 be coming back for a second public hearing on this item

08:15:01 March -- not March.

08:15:05 December 21st at 10 a.m. and I forgot that we have a CRA

08:15:09 meeting before the 21st, and I will be coming back for a

08:15:13 CRA meeting on the 14th asking that you have be a

08:15:15 special CRA meeting.

08:15:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: There's in a action necessary on item

08:15:18 number 4.

08:15:19 >>SAL TERRITO: That's right.

08:15:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:15:24 We go to item number 3.

08:15:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close.

08:15:31 >> Second by Mr. Reddick seconded by Mrs. Capin on a close

08:15:37 vote -- well, I want to make sure everybody gets a little TV

08:15:43 time.

08:15:44 Signify by saying aye.

08:15:45 Opposed nay.

08:15:46 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:15:51 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Planning and development.

08:15:54 V-13-114 is a request for alcohol beverage sales within the

08:16:04 PDA zoned property which you had on first reading.

08:16:09 You will note of this particular area is smaller than the

08:16:11 area alternative.

08:16:17 It is 37 acres approximately.

08:16:19 It does not include the northern part of the residential 35

08:16:24 category to the north, and it does not include the general

08:16:29 location of the park itself.

08:16:30 It does wrap around the water works building, which is

08:16:36 contemplated for a restaurant.

08:16:39 It does not include the representative 24 pieces that remain

08:16:42 within the property as well.

08:16:44 So it predominantly is sitting on top of planned alternative

08:16:48 zoning.

08:16:49 It's proposed, as well as the expanded CI and CG zoning to

08:16:55 the east along Tampa Street.

08:16:58 And I did see a staff report in a similar fashion to compare

08:17:04 the previous alcohol sale permits that were approved and

08:17:07 will note for the record it was approved by ordinance

08:17:10 2009-143, VO 9-358, and I will note for the record that it

08:17:16 is expired. They do have two years to make a legal sale.

08:17:24 For that particular permit, a legal sale was not actually

08:17:24 established in May so that permit did expire.

08:17:28 Just for the record, in comparison to what was approved

08:17:32 previously, the request was for 19,000 square feet.

08:17:40 Now in 2009, we were under the older definition where we

08:17:46 still retained the acronym 4(COP-R), 2(COP-R), 4 being beer,

08:17:52 wine, and 2 being beer and wine, but there were no 1s

08:17:58 approved.

08:17:59 APS is for accessory package sales, COP for consumption on

08:18:03 premises, under the old regulations if it had an S behind

08:18:06 it, it was restricted to on-site, and if it didn't have a

08:18:11 letter S then it could be on-site consumption or private

08:18:16 sails, and if it had an R it was required than the annual or

08:18:21 semiannual reporting at the time as a restaurant for 51%

08:18:27 sales of food.

08:18:28 So in comparison to the new request, they did request a

08:18:31 4(COP) large venue.

08:18:34 Under the new ones that definition does remain the same.

08:18:36 They are requesting large venue with conditions.

08:18:38 The conditions have been updated to match the current

08:18:42 requirements of code.

08:18:43 Current definitions, since the code was revised in 2011.

08:18:50 You will note that the request is for 119,000 square feet as

08:18:53 well.

08:18:54 So it does follow the same maximum square footage of alcohol

08:19:00 sales.

08:19:01 The restaurants, beer wine and liquor is actually being

08:19:03 reduced from 50,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet.

08:19:07 The restaurant beer and wine used do be 10,000, now less

08:19:12 than 8.

08:19:13 The bar and lounge of 30,000 square feet is being reduced to

08:19:17 20,000.

08:19:19 The hotel-motel was 20,000 square feet, reducing that to

08:19:24 6,000 square feet, so there are reductions across the board

08:19:26 for those categories.

08:19:28 The 9,000 square feet for the remaining uses -- and there's

08:19:31 a table on the second page of the site plan -- they

08:19:35 correspond to these particular uses in the square footages.

08:19:39 And you will see a longer list of related uses for the 9,000

08:19:43 square feet.

08:19:44 The list is long.

08:19:46 And the conditions associated.

08:19:48 But just know that those uses all have to share that 9,000

08:19:52 square feet.

08:19:53 So personal services of the spa, and if they want to sell

08:20:00 wine along with your nails being done and your hair being

08:20:03 done and in an 3,000 square feet spa, then eat up 378,000 of

08:20:09 the 9,000 so they draw down to only 6,000 left.

08:20:12 This drawdown procedure that was done in 2009 following the

08:20:15 same method with than the permit process, it is very much

08:20:20 the TDA process, and granted by council, and then five

08:20:27 permits allocated.

08:20:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask you a question.

08:20:30 Since you brought up a nail and salon, looking at me for

08:20:35 hair, and you said if you have 9 that you, use 3,000, you

08:20:39 only got 6,000 left.

08:20:41 What are you going to have left out of 56 that you for a

08:20:43 place of assembly?

08:20:47 What you are putting here is different than what I thought

08:20:50 place of assembly.

08:20:51 But you have out door, beer wine and liquor, the Riverwalk,

08:20:54 and --

08:20:57 >> I haven't gotten to that one yet in the table.

08:21:00 The comparison.

08:21:01 You will note that it was in the past one.

08:21:03 >> 56,000 square feet is about 30,000 --

08:21:08 >> 56,000 square feet is the armature works building.

08:21:14 Has actually designated it on the plan.

08:21:19 This is where there is a slight revision for the wine.

08:21:26 The outdoor space, I don't actually have a calculation for

08:21:29 it.

08:21:30 Because it's an entire area.

08:21:34 There's a footnote in the table that explains how it can be

08:21:37 used and how often.

08:21:39 There are only 12 such permits, for that outdoor space.

08:21:44 And the caveat for the outdoor space is that it is going

08:21:47 to -- this line that he's showing on the plan is actually

08:21:50 going to be shrunk.

08:21:52 It does need to fall outside of the boundary of this river

08:21:55 road.

08:21:56 And not need to move north of the Riverwalk because the

08:22:00 Riverwalk is a publicly dedicated walk.

08:22:03 So it's to remain open.

08:22:08 The line does need to shift to the south and shift back up

08:22:12 and stain to the south end of that particular lot.

08:22:17 The contemplation -- and you can decide in more detail -- is

08:22:21 that this portion of the right-of-way potentially would

08:22:24 remain as a private right-of-way, and you would have the

08:22:28 ability to close it from time to time for events.

08:22:31 However, as you notice on footnote 3 of the table it -- and

08:22:40 I think some events.

08:22:44 Mr. Chairman hardy can address in more detail what he's

08:22:47 planning to do.

08:22:48 So the adjustments we would be requesting is this line be

08:22:51 corrected to fall outside of that public realm, and only the

08:22:55 private zone that was contemplated, and have an exact square

08:23:02 footage on the second page, but the 56,000 square feet is

08:23:10 noted in the assembly space for the armature works building

08:23:15 because as mentioned in the rezoning.

08:23:24 He is requesting the hours be the same as the previous

08:23:27 permit which is 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. Monday through Saturday,

08:23:30 and Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. following the current code.

08:23:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

08:23:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

08:23:41 Yes.

08:23:41 Mrs. Coyle, the couple of things.

08:23:44 On the table, and maybe as well as in the narrative.

08:23:48 >> Enforcement requirements --

08:23:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Before we even get there.

08:23:58 The one thing that I am uncomfortable with is the limitation

08:24:02 of 12 events a calendar year.

08:24:07 And we are looking to be a vibrant city, and where things

08:24:12 are happening, I mean, I'm hoping that there's a need for

08:24:20 more than one event a month, or son months are better than

08:24:26 other itself in Florida for having an event.

08:24:34 And hopefully we'll draw big events like, you know, another

08:24:38 political convention, or we have got the Bollywood coming

08:24:43 up, and I really hate to limit on the site plan 12 events a

08:24:50 year.

08:24:51 I mean --

08:24:56 >>CATHERINE COYLE: There is not a requirement for limitation

08:24:57 on the site plan.

08:24:58 I recommended total applicant that we do some type of

08:25:01 limitation based on the process that's being identified.

08:25:06 We can withdraw -- his comment was 126 would be acceptable.

08:25:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But I really don't -- where this is

08:25:17 located, it's not next to any home.

08:25:22 It's not going to, you know, a lot of times what we are

08:25:25 worried about is how it's going to affect the neighborhood,

08:25:30 with people trying to sleep.

08:25:31 Where this is located on this site plan, I think there's

08:25:34 a -- next to zero chance than -- and Ms. Green is over there

08:25:41 shaking her head in agreement -- that any of those things

08:25:45 than we usually worry about, that we beat you up over, I

08:25:48 don't think it's applicable here in this instance.

08:25:51 Personally, I would like to see that completely off this

08:25:58 plan.

08:25:58 I don't think we need to put a limitation on the number of

08:26:01 events on this site plan at this stage of the game.

08:26:04 >>CATHERINE COYLE: It's a supplement process and what you

08:26:10 are recommending is to remove the limitation of the number?

08:26:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

08:26:16 >> And as I mentioned based on my experience with council

08:26:19 and the process set out for this particular request it was

08:26:22 my recommendation that there be some type of number on it,

08:26:25 and the applicant comes back with 12, but that really is up

08:26:32 to you --

08:26:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I get that.

08:26:34 You said that already.

08:26:35 Getting late.

08:26:38 You are clear.

08:26:38 You said it three times.

08:26:40 And no outdoor amplified music, which is also on the site

08:26:49 plan.

08:26:49 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I did ask for the conditions in the

08:26:54 current code related to uses.

08:26:56 That would be updates on the new regulations.

08:26:59 Council certainly has the ability to strike some of these

08:27:01 conditions.

08:27:02 You know, if the applicant is a medical, I simply carried

08:27:07 through based on new code current requirements.

08:27:09 I carried those through based on the uses that he was

08:27:12 requesting.

08:27:14 >> So if the hotel has a bar or lounge located within it,

08:27:18 could the hotel not have your amplified music?

08:27:21 Or the hotel could down the street from the hotel or even

08:27:26 next door to the hotel could not?

08:27:29 >> The hotel itself would be drawing 6,000 --

08:27:32 >> Well, I am looking at the notes on the site plan because

08:27:35 where you have the no outdoor amplified music permitted,

08:27:39 seems to only be on the table in line within bar or lounge.

08:27:50 There's hotel, and that does not apply to the hotel and it

08:27:53 does not apply to the place of assembly or outdoor event

08:27:56 space.

08:27:56 >> That's correct.

08:27:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So I'm thinking you have the hotel.

08:28:02 You have a bar, lounge, restaurant next door to the hotel.

08:28:06 The hotel can have outdoor amplified music, which you often

08:28:10 do like if you have a pool/lounge area next to they have

08:28:15 alcohol served next to the pool.

08:28:17 And then piped-in music playing because it creates a nice

08:28:22 ambience and atmosphere.

08:28:24 But there's restaurant located next door to the hotel would

08:28:26 not be able to have that.

08:28:28 I just think it's an unfair condition to in this development

08:28:33 where a lot of this is going to be way far away from any

08:28:36 residential.

08:28:38 I don't think that --

08:28:42 >> Let me say this.

08:28:44 And then Mrs. Capin?

08:28:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone).

08:28:52 1900 residents for this area.

08:28:56 So there's residents going to be all around it.

08:29:00 We have to be very careful with amplified music.

08:29:03 That doesn't include music that's very -- there could be

08:29:11 hours of limitation on that amplified music.

08:29:16 If the hotels -- and they usually are inside their lounges

08:29:22 and things like that.

08:29:23 But the outdoor amplified music, and be careful what you

08:29:30 wish for, because that is going to be totally surrounded by

08:29:34 residents.

08:29:35 I mean, we are talking 1900 units in there.

08:29:42 So that to me, I think, is an important part.

08:29:47 I would like to hear from the developer on this 56,000

08:29:52 square feet, how much of that is outdoor, and I think -- is

08:30:00 that the drawing up here?

08:30:03 >> I would be remiss if I didn't explain the rest of the

08:30:06 permit process and the enforcement provisions.

08:30:10 Just for the record.

08:30:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

08:30:12 >> Through the PDA process and the incremental, council

08:30:18 allows a certain square footage and they draw down as they

08:30:22 come through for those approvals.

08:30:24 The same basic system is set up here.

08:30:26 You are allocating a certain personal for alcohol, and they

08:30:29 come out and draw it down.

08:30:31 And that's allocated at the sign-off or instrumental

08:30:36 permitting of the site itself.

08:30:38 If they go to build something, they come in for their state

08:30:41 sign-off and it's allocated for that particular use.

08:30:45 Way want to remained council through the enforcement process

08:30:48 if council grants a single alcohol permit to a location, and

08:30:52 if they do something to violate the code, they are subject

08:30:56 to suspension and revocation N.this case you are granting

08:30:59 what is typically maybe an umbrella permit.

08:31:03 You have individual users.

08:31:05 What is embedded through this and agreed to by the previous

08:31:07 city attorney, and is actually replicated here as a solid

08:31:12 process and something that's enforceable, is than we can

08:31:14 actually bring forward a comment for enforcement so it

08:31:19 wouldn't jeopardize the entire permit.

08:31:21 But once council suspended or revoked an individual piece

08:31:25 that was allocated, it couldn't be reassigned.

08:31:28 It gone at that point. If they needed more, then they would

08:31:31 have to come back and ask for more.

08:31:33 I want to make that clear.

08:31:34 There is a requirement that annually they will report for

08:31:36 restaurant.

08:31:36 If they are a restaurant use.

08:31:38 There's also a requirement that they annually file back with

08:31:41 the city their spreadsheet, so it essentially this table

08:31:47 acknowledging the total allocation for five years.

08:31:54 I am brought the one from the last one.

08:31:56 We actually tracked that.

08:31:59 I just wanted to finish that process before you go to the

08:32:03 applicant.

08:32:04 And there are no waivers to the request.

08:32:05 So they meet all the requirements of code.

08:32:08 And there were no objections.

08:32:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

08:32:15 If you leave that up there, that would be good.

08:32:17 Thank you.

08:32:17 I'm finishing up.

08:32:18 The numbers.

08:32:21 The special report numbers.

08:32:24 Now, we have an ordinance coming in for first reading on

08:32:31 business license, and it may or may not go through -- it may

08:32:35 very well.

08:32:37 How would this apply, should that ordinance go through?

08:32:42 How are we going to --

08:32:46 >> What I understand is a business operating permit for

08:32:50 night hours.

08:32:52 Some classification -- it's not directly tied to an alcohol

08:32:55 permit.

08:32:56 So you are asking about the hours of operation.

08:33:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

08:33:04 So then these hours are to code, period.

08:33:09 These hours are to code.

08:33:10 >> Specifically on the site plan, and Mrs. Kert talked to

08:33:15 but that previously -- on the site plan it does say 3 a.m.

08:33:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

08:33:20 I am not voting for it.

08:33:22 I'll tell you that right now.

08:33:28 Because this is exactly of what we are trying to avoid.

08:33:33 We are trying to get a handle on our permits.

08:33:41 >> I met with the applicant today or yesterday based on the

08:33:48 motion that you made a couple weeks ago.

08:33:50 So I'll let him address that.

08:33:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione, before the applicant,

08:33:56 let's hear from council members.

08:33:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We are at opposite end of the scale on

08:34:07 this and if Mrs. Capin will not take for it, take the other

08:34:11 positions off because it's not going to matter, because, you

08:34:14 know, I am 1380 in the opposite opinion.

08:34:20 And we could talk and laugh about things and disagree, you

08:34:25 know, on the dais, but, you know, I am in favor of a 3 a.m.

08:34:34 closing, and I'm in favor of you putting it on the site plan

08:34:37 because I don't like making decisions for business owners.

08:34:40 >> I think the statement, the difference we have to point

08:34:47 out here is not only the buffering of surrounding

08:34:51 neighborhoods.

08:34:52 Hopefully there's commercial integrally use in the project

08:34:58 south of palm.

08:34:59 And folks know what they are buying into.

08:35:05 So I think we probably agree on that point.

08:35:07 But I do understand Mrs. Capin's concern.

08:35:10 The other thing is like other entertainment district there,

08:35:16 you know, talking about a lot of little parcels, in a

08:35:22 different uses, existing, homes just the next street over

08:35:33 But a little bit to answer your question -- (off

08:35:45 microphone).

08:35:49 >> Can you use the microphone?

08:35:53 >> Absolutely.

08:35:57 Does that work?

08:35:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

08:35:59 >> Very good.

08:36:00 So my partner and I, principals, we tend to operate, or to

08:36:07 redevelop the armature building.

08:36:11 Essentially, the 56,000 square feet is this area.

08:36:18 And the space, courtyard in the back.

08:36:21 So this is the retail.

08:36:22 These are the restaurants.

08:36:24 And this is the flexible.

08:36:26 And, you know, the things that we can have, weddings and

08:36:34 corporate events and things that perhaps, you know, better

08:36:39 location than trying to, you know, east lake, or, you know,

08:36:45 town and country.

08:36:48 So you have got some off street, and you can see this

08:36:55 section of the street.

08:36:58 We believe would be retained by the CDP and agreed to a

08:37:05 limitation on them being able to enlarge this outdoor space

08:37:09 to include this area here.

08:37:15 You know, at this point, I think that we can have events,

08:37:23 when we want to have larger events.

08:37:28 We feel it would meat our needs for now.

08:37:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: He was answering my question of the 56,000

08:37:35 square feet.

08:37:37 I do agree with Mrs. Montelione not to limit to 10 or 12

08:37:42 events.

08:37:43 I can see you booking weddings every weekend there, or

08:37:49 events there.

08:37:52 That part of it, I agree with.

08:38:00 But I didn't hear an answer to the hours to code as opposed

08:38:03 to site plan.

08:38:04 And when I hear that, you know, we don't like to tell

08:38:11 businesses what to do, we tell businesses what to do every

08:38:14 day in this city.

08:38:15 That's what we are supposed to do.

08:38:18 That's what we do.

08:38:19 That's called a business license.

08:38:21 And the license is renewed every year.

08:38:23 So no one is being asked to do -- I am not going to get into

08:38:28 that part of it.

08:38:29 I want to hear from you, if you understand what may be

08:38:36 coming forth, why.

08:38:43 On the site plan as opposed to code.

08:38:45 >> I guess at this point we made a large investment here,

08:38:49 and are committed to the surrounding area.

08:38:57 We have been working diligently to really get the approval

08:39:02 extended, and I think we made some significant compromises

08:39:05 here.

08:39:05 We have also made sure the way in the zoning and alcohol

08:39:13 permit so we can get up and running immediately.

08:39:16 So I do understand the issue.

08:39:19 And we would prefer that had you adopt it the way it is now.

08:39:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: But the issue that we are going before us

08:39:32 is, this may very welcome through.

08:39:45 And the way of doing exactly what we have been tied up in

08:39:51 pretzels here every time one comes before us.

08:39:54 There's no reason that it wouldn't be part of the business

08:39:58 license to 3 a.m.

08:40:00 That is exactly what we are looking at.

08:40:03 Is permitting through the business license to be 3 a.m.

08:40:06 There's in a reason why this parcel or this -- -- the event

08:40:15 space and hotel wouldn't -- would be permitted, because the

08:40:21 criteria you probably will fall into, I'm thinking, and all

08:40:27 you would have to do is when it's renewed every year just

08:40:31 like your business license.

08:40:37 >> Yes, ma'am, I understand.

08:40:40 And I think at this point, we have a marketing challenge.

08:40:44 We are sticking to one established operator here.

08:40:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Let me explain something to you.

08:40:54 It's to code.

08:40:55 That means it can be open till midnight, 1:00, 2:00, 3 a.m.

08:40:59 >> Right.

08:41:00 I understand it.

08:41:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: If nothing changes you are to code, and you

08:41:05 can still -- if what we are proposing or what it came forth

08:41:10 on December 5th does in and out go any further, to code

08:41:14 is to code, and not 3 a.m.

08:41:17 >> Understood.

08:41:17 And I think there's a unique set of circumstances here,

08:41:22 alcohol beverage approval represents and addresses that set

08:41:26 of circumstances.

08:41:29 And it seems like we disagree on the details.

08:41:32 But I would reiterate the point Kathy made and that we are

08:41:35 also willing to live with, you know, if 107,000 square feet

08:41:40 is in violation of the noise ordinance, or the requirement

08:41:46 to have a secure premises, you lose 10,000 square feet, now

08:41:52 there's 109,000 square feet instead of 119.

08:41:55 And if we needed another business to come back and stand

08:41:58 here and explain to you how that happened, and given that we

08:42:02 have a seven-figure investment here, and are looking at

08:42:07 creating large vital integrated mixed use, I think what we

08:42:15 have here will help us to market it.

08:42:17 And I believe, you know, we will be responsible with this

08:42:23 approval.

08:42:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?

08:42:34 All right.

08:42:34 Let me say this.

08:42:36 Already, if I see it right, the code, Monday through

08:42:39 Saturday you are open 20 hours a day for liquor.

08:42:43 Can't be.

08:42:48 Seven to be three.

08:42:49 That leaves four hours.

08:42:51 Sunday 16 hours.

08:42:54 I don't know, you know.

08:42:56 There's no one living there now to speak of.

08:42:58 There's no other business you can disturb right now.

08:43:00 >> Right.

08:43:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't know what's going to happen in

08:43:03 the future.

08:43:04 I don't know what's going to happen when you start

08:43:05 developing.

08:43:06 I don't know honor is going in, going out.

08:43:09 I don't know what's going to happen.

08:43:10 And if the people north of you and northeast of you, talking

08:43:14 about traffic, and that roundabout, you could be there for

08:43:21 two days going in circles.

08:43:23 I guess.

08:43:24 I just don't know.

08:43:28 Before I wasn't.

08:43:29 Now I am.

08:43:30 Maybe I have gotten wiser.

08:43:34 My concern is if the code is going to change, and I think

08:43:39 there's issues, it's not to say the code today as it's

08:43:46 locked in time today, I believe that's an agreement.

08:43:51 This much is what was adopted previously.

08:43:55 The previous is not here today.

08:43:57 Are if you say in the future here today.

08:44:00 Don't make a double negative.

08:44:02 You can't use the past, you are aren't going to use the

08:44:04 future.

08:44:05 Or either way around.

08:44:06 But, anyway, I am just telling you right now, they can pass

08:44:11 whatever they want but I am not going to vote for it.

08:44:15 Next.

08:44:16 Anyone else?

08:44:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Sorry, I changed my mind.

08:44:24 I actually did vote for this previously.

08:44:27 But I'm not comfortable.

08:44:28 It's such a huge area to be wet zoning, and to not have any

08:44:32 restrictions on than the hours.

08:44:37 You might want to think about that.

08:44:41 I mean, maybe we could get the hotels -- Councilwoman Capin,

08:44:49 are you saying to code, that means if the code changes that

08:44:54 it goes with the code?

08:44:55 Okay.

08:44:58 I would support that.

08:44:59 >>HARRY COHEN: I would just observe that the votes are

08:45:03 falling off.

08:45:05 And I think all that's being asked here is to simply go to

08:45:14 code rather than to have the hours delineated on the site

08:45:17 plan.

08:45:18 >> Well, I think we can concede and agree to that.

08:45:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just heard that you could concede and

08:45:36 agree to that?

08:45:38 >> Yes, ma'am.

08:45:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Between first and second reading?

08:45:43 >> Okay.

08:45:44 I'll be back when you want to change the code.

08:45:46 >> Any other comments by council at this time?

08:45:58 We haven't heard from the public yet on number 3.

08:46:01 Anyone care to speak?

08:46:04 Come on now.

08:46:14 Fourth time is a charm.

08:46:15 >> The area that --

08:46:21 >> Identify yourself.

08:46:22 >> Sorry.

08:46:22 Williiam Fisher, I have been sworn.

08:46:25 The area that you are talking about is the area -- I'm

08:46:29 trying to figure out if you are talking about the whole area

08:46:31 or just the area in front of the armature works.

08:46:34 Are you talking about the green area?

08:46:36 Are you talking about that crosses the road?

08:46:40 Is that what the zoning covers?

08:46:42 Because if you talk about outdoors, if you are talking about

08:46:47 the noise, you aren't worried about the noise writs at.

08:46:50 But at the same time I don't know if you noticed, I can hear

08:46:53 Hillsborough high school's band in the wintertime because

08:46:55 the sound carries.

08:46:56 I can hear the stadium from my house.

08:46:58 >> USF and Busch Gardens?

08:47:04 >> I would be worried about this on the time of when they

08:47:06 can open up or shot down, as far as the resident go.

08:47:10 The whole armature works, I have been waiting as people walk

08:47:14 outside in the area, I don't have a problem with that H.I

08:47:16 don't have a street issue, if they have an event on the

08:47:21 weekend.

08:47:22 But I don't know if you can do single events, you know, for

08:47:26 something like that on the weekend, or when it's permanently

08:47:29 built in where you walk out there any time.

08:47:32 Those are than the only questions I have on that.

08:47:35 I'm not against it because I can understand outdoor

08:47:41 activities being good for us but at the same time you do

08:47:44 want to control the noise out there especially on the

08:47:46 weeknights, but on the weekends.

08:47:51 Next, please.

08:47:52 >> Lena Young-Green.

08:47:57 I just want to say that this is a special area.

08:48:02 People are going to be coming that live in that area but

08:48:06 they will know what they are coming into.

08:48:08 This is going to an economic stimulus for our area.

08:48:12 Activities on this river area are going to create jobs for

08:48:17 our residents, many of whom do not have docks right now.

08:48:20 If you drive through a neighborhood you see so many hanging

08:48:22 around on the corner.

08:48:24 One of our goals is to try to get employment for people.

08:48:28 When you look at San Antonio, what they have done with their

08:48:31 river is fantastic.

08:48:33 You go to over on the west coast, and the way they have put

08:48:41 together restaurants and hotels and all the activities,

08:48:49 stimulated a whole lot of activity on the water.

08:48:55 Not everyone is going to want to live in this development.

08:48:58 It won't be a retirement area.

08:49:00 It will be for people who understand now what this

08:49:02 development is going to be, and they will choose to live

08:49:06 here or not choose to live here.

08:49:09 You have to give the development the freedom that it needs

08:49:11 to stimulate the river right at that special area.

08:49:14 So understand the consideration for others coming are in in

08:49:19 the future.

08:49:20 But if it were something right next to my house the develop

08:49:25 worry know that I am there already.

08:49:26 But if I am coming to this area, this is what I want, then I

08:49:29 think you should give the development the freedom to

08:49:33 actually stimulate a lot of activity on this river area, and

08:49:39 encourage events.

08:49:47 There are many festivals, all of that, to allow them to have

08:49:50 their freedom to be able to do that.

08:49:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin?

08:49:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to go ahead and move this.

08:50:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Close the hearing first.

08:50:10 I want to ask does anyone else in the audience care to

08:50:13 speak?

08:50:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: May I add something?

08:50:18 When the developer agrees to code for hours between first

08:50:24 and second reading, I would also want to add that they

08:50:30 remove the 12, that it not be restricted to 12 events,

08:50:38 because I agree with Ms. Green that this is an area that you

08:50:44 can see the activities and the events.

08:50:47 >> The applicant would agree to those conditions.

08:50:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's just for the future.

08:50:54 I just want to bring that up.

08:50:55 >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I could, planning and development,

08:50:59 the within that I had as well between first and second

08:51:02 reading to modify the boundary of the outdoor areas and not

08:51:05 include the Riverwalk description, and the publicly

08:51:10 dedicated rights-of-way, will only capture that one way

08:51:15 keeping it private.

08:51:16 And I have the drawings for the clerk for the record between

08:51:22 first and second reading.

08:51:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mrs. Coyle, I have of a question about

08:51:26 what you just said.

08:51:27 Why would we exclude the Riverwalk from the -- not too long

08:51:33 ago, alcoholic beverage over the entire Curtis Hixon park.

08:51:38 Why would we exclude this part from the alcohol beverage

08:51:43 permit?

08:51:45 Why would we exclude this part of the river -- we are going

08:51:49 to have vendors set up there on the Riverwalk, I mean, we

08:51:52 are talking about the events that Ms. Lena Young-Green just

08:51:57 spoke about.

08:51:58 And one of the things we learned when I was on the

08:52:00 benchmarking trip in Nashville where we visited

08:52:04 entrepreneurship center.

08:52:06 And there, they talked about how if you truly want to

08:52:11 embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, if you truly want these

08:52:16 professionals to come and work in your city, you have to --

08:52:21 and in no uncertain terms, you have to truly embrace the

08:52:25 lifestyle.

08:52:27 And they were absolutely ultimately clear about that.

08:52:32 You have to embrace a 24 hour culture.

08:52:34 You have to embrace all of the quirkiness and all of the

08:52:39 hipsters and things that come along with that

08:52:41 entrepreneurial spirit.

08:52:42 And if we are limiting in any way that engagement, I really

08:52:48 think we are missing an opportunity here.

08:52:51 And Ms. Young-Green is absolutely right.

08:52:53 This is a development where people will choose to live.

08:52:56 If you choose to live in an city, you are dealing with all

08:53:02 of the things that come along with living in that

08:53:04 neighborhood and in that city.

08:53:06 She was right.

08:53:08 If this is an established neighborhood, and this is backed

08:53:12 up next to somebody's house, I can see there's going to be

08:53:15 consternation and considerations made.

08:53:17 But this is a brand new development.

08:53:19 You know when you buy in what you are getting into.

08:53:24 And.

08:53:25 If you don't, then the realtor saying buyer beware, now what

08:53:29 you are getting into.

08:53:30 Out put down that deposit and you put down that money.

08:53:33 This is the lifestyle you choose to live.

08:53:35 This is what -- this is the culture of this.

08:53:41 And I think that's what you are going for.

08:53:43 I think you are looking for that live, work space that I can

08:53:49 walk down the street or walk on the Riverwalk, I can pick up

08:53:51 a glass of wine, or a craft beer from ulele because they are

08:53:56 going to be crafting beer on premises.

08:53:59 This is than type of vibrancy.

08:54:02 And anything that we do to stifle it, I'm not going to be on

08:54:05 board with.

08:54:06 And I appreciate the consideration between a compromise and

08:54:09 taking out the number of events per year.

08:54:12 That's great.

08:54:13 But I'm not going to support anything that puts a stifle on

08:54:18 this development.

08:54:19 Yes, Mr. McDonaugh, I see you want to say something.

08:54:23 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I just want to make it very clear is the

08:54:27 Riverwalk itself is going to be built and dedicated back to

08:54:29 the public.

08:54:30 And there are layers of issues, and certain things have to

08:54:34 be cordoned off and so on.

08:54:36 There are still also looking holistically as the Riverwalk

08:54:41 as one other issues, too.

08:54:43 So it's not just this one little piece that quo actually be

08:54:47 included.

08:54:47 There are a lot of other issues.

08:54:49 Our recommendation was to take it out.

08:54:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mr. Reddick and Mr. Cohen.

08:54:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

08:54:58 And I just want to be brief.

08:55:00 But it just want to say that we start putting all these

08:55:06 limitations on these developers and citizens that want to

08:55:12 come to this city, I want you to just take a trip to

08:55:15 Savannah, Georgia.

08:55:18 Now, you want to see something, go to Savannah, Georgia, and

08:55:21 see what's going on after 12:00.

08:55:25 And they have a big city like Tampa, a small little town

08:55:31 like -- we put a lot of limitations.

08:55:40 I just want to say that.

08:55:41 And anybody, go to Savannah, Georgia.

08:55:47 Or go to San Antonio.

08:55:48 You can go to Savannah, Georgia and take a look and see what

08:55:51 they have done and see how it changed, and how it's growing.

08:55:57 And, I mean, wonderful.

08:56:01 And I just encourage anyone to see it and compare it to the

08:56:05 size of Tampa and what they are doing in a small

08:56:09 municipality.

08:56:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Or myself, go to SoHo.

08:56:13 Mr. Cohen.

08:56:14 >>HARRY COHEN: I want to say that I actually agree with

08:56:18 Councilwoman Montelione and what Councilman Reddick said.

08:56:24 I just don't think that what we are doing here is

08:56:26 restrictive.

08:56:27 I think that simply moving the hours of operation from the

08:56:31 site plan to comply with code is not in any way a Draconian

08:56:37 restriction to place on this development.

08:56:38 And while I understand Councilwoman Montelione's point, you

08:56:44 know, I don't know that wet zoning the Riverwalk is the

08:56:50 difference between embracing a vibrant night life or not,

08:56:54 when we are allowing -- we are allowing a tremendous amount

08:56:59 of this development to have wet zoning and to have all kind

08:57:05 of different amenities that will be attractive to all

08:57:07 different age and types of individuals.

08:57:10 So I just don't think that any of the restrictions that we

08:57:13 are talking about here tonight are in any way Draconian or

08:57:17 in any way embedding the progress of this -- progress of

08:57:23 this project.

08:57:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Do you want to answer that?

08:57:28 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development.

08:57:31 Again, if there's anything that's somewhat Draconian, it is

08:57:34 the State of Florida's rules as to what you can and can't do

08:57:37 as far as beverages.

08:57:39 And premises.

08:57:40 And so to wet zone the Riverwalk would take a special act.

08:57:45 And we are actually right now in the state legislature.

08:57:51 So we understand.

08:57:52 But again the difficulty is with the existing rules, having

08:57:58 his property line onto a public property --

08:58:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I get that.

08:58:07 I'm with Mr. Reddick, talking about the whole thing.

08:58:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else care to speak from the

08:58:13 audience?

08:58:17 >> I appreciate the opportunity to come down and speak to

08:58:23 you.

08:58:24 If you have any more questions, I'm here.

08:58:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to move --

08:58:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A motion to close.

08:58:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We did.

08:58:35 Didn't we?

08:58:40 All right.

08:58:40 All in favor of closing the hearing please say aye.

08:58:44 Opposed?

08:58:46 All right.

08:58:46 Mrs. Capin.

08:58:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to move item number 3.

08:58:54 And I would like to say this first.

08:58:55 When we are looking at code, we are not stopping at 3 a.m.

08:59:00 at all.

08:59:01 So whatever you were thinking about, you are still 7 a.m.

08:59:07 till 3 a.m. for 119,000 square feet.

08:59:12 Nothing is being stopped.

08:59:18 So I just want to make that clear.

08:59:20 So I agree with Councilman Cowan.

08:59:26 There is nothing Draconian.

08:59:28 It is a matter of just being able to manage our permitting

08:59:36 that we have not been able to in the past.

08:59:38 So going forward, I would like to move an ordinance being

08:59:43 presented for first reading consideration, an ordinance

08:59:46 approving special use permit S-2 for alcoholic beverage

08:59:50 sales, large venue, on premises consumption, package sales

08:59:57 off premises of wine and liquor on that certain lot, plot or

09:00:02 tract of land located in 1910 North Ola Avenue, Tampa,

09:00:06 Florida as more particularly described in section 2 that all

09:00:09 ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict are repealed,

09:00:12 providing an effective date.

09:00:15 Including the provisions that Cathy Coyle mentioned about

09:00:22 the Riverwalk being excluded from this, between first and

09:00:29 second reading, and also that it would be hours of operation

09:00:34 will be to code, and that we will remove the restriction of

09:00:40 12 events per year.

09:00:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Capin.

09:00:46 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

09:00:47 Further discussion by council members?

09:00:48 All in favor of the motion?

09:00:51 Opposed?

09:00:52 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick and Montelione

09:00:57 voting no.

09:00:58 Second leading and adoption will be on November 21st at

09:01:01 9:30 a.m.

09:01:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:01:04 Okay.

09:01:04 Thank you all for attending.

09:01:06 Appreciate it very much.

09:01:07 We go now to information reports.

09:01:10 Not that I need any more information.

09:01:11 I think I received enough tonight.

09:01:14 From right to left Mr. Suarez, anything else?

09:01:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, chair.

09:01:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone) it kept going off and on.

09:01:31 Free shots for dogs and cats, November 16th, 9 a.m.

09:01:34 through 1 p.m. at Williams park, 4362 west Osborne, and

09:01:44 bring your family pets, November 16th for free shots.

09:01:51 And I just -- just this news flash came to us, and Mayor Bob

09:02:06 Buckhorn -- I said "buck corn," like corn on the cob -- and

09:02:15 it's really interesting, yesterday I was at a luncheon, and

09:02:21 people were speaking at the luncheon when they mentioned the

09:02:27 flower plants.

09:02:28 They had -- this will be very interesting.

09:02:34 Thank you.

09:02:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You're welcome.

09:02:36 Mr. Reddick.

09:02:38 Thank you very much.

09:02:40 Hard act to follow.

09:02:43 Mrs. Mulhern.

09:02:44 Mr. Cohen?

09:02:45 >>HARRY COHEN: No, thank you.

09:02:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

09:02:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No.

09:02:52 Thank you very much.

09:02:53 Motion to receive and file all the document.

09:02:55 Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mrs. Montelione.

09:02:58 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:03:00 Any one of you 500 or 5,000 people care to say parting

09:03:05 words?

09:03:06 Thank you.

09:03:06 I see none.

09:03:08 We stand adjourned.



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