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December 5, 2013
9:00 a.m.

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8:59:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.
9:04:42AM The Chair yields to Ms. Yvonne Yolie Capin.
9:04:45AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Good morning.
9:04:46AM This morning, we have Sister Maria Bobatunda to
9:04:53AM present our invocation.
9:04:54AM Sister Maria has earned a BA in psychology from
9:04:58AM Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio.
9:05:02AM I'm sorry.
9:05:04AM A master's in counselor education from the
9:05:07AM University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas, an MA in
9:05:12AM teaching and recently completed her MS in education
9:05:16AM administration from the National University in San
9:05:18AM Diego, California.

9:05:19AM A native of Nigeria, West Africa, sister Maria is a
9:05:24AM member of the congregation of the Sisters of Saint
9:05:26AM Michael the Archangel.
9:05:29AM When asked to express her sentiments regarding the
9:05:31AM St. Peter Claver school, she states, children are
9:05:34AM the same all over the world.
9:05:36AM They respond to love, consistency, compassion and
9:05:39AM respect for their unique gifts and talents.
9:05:44AM There is an abundance of these virtues at St. Peter
9:05:50AM Claver.
9:05:52AM Please rise as Sister Maria delivers the invocation
9:05:52AM and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance.
9:05:58AM >> Heavenly father, thank you for your constant
9:06:01AM blessing.
9:06:02AM We praise you and glorify you day and night.
9:06:05AM Thank you for this beautiful city and this honorable
9:06:09AM Council.
9:06:10AM And Lord, we thank you for each one of these men and
9:06:13AM women who are giving of their time and energy to
9:06:16AM govern our city.
9:06:18AM As they come together again today at this meeting,
9:06:21AM we ask that you will guide their deliberations and
9:06:27AM decisions.
9:06:27AM Father, let your right hand be a shadow over this
9:06:31AM castle every day of their lives.

9:06:33AM Guide them and grant them the wisdom that they may
9:06:37AM at all times think, speak and do before you what is
9:06:41AM good in your sight, and lead according to your
9:06:45AM goodwill.
9:06:46AM We thank you for their willingness to serve.
9:06:49AM We thank you for the dedication that they show to
9:06:52AM leading and governing the people of this city.
9:06:56AM We pray that you will give them compassion to see
9:06:58AM beyond their normal boundaries and grant them wisdom
9:07:01AM that they will take them far beyond their natural
9:07:05AM capabilities.
9:07:05AM We pray for their families also.
9:07:08AM That you reward their sacrifices that they make
9:07:11AM every day in supporting their loved ones.
9:07:14AM Father God, we ask that you will give them
9:07:16AM discernment, not just between what is right and
9:07:19AM wrong, but between what is better and what is best.
9:07:22AM We recognize, Father, that you are the source of
9:07:26AM wisdom and knowledge.
9:07:27AM And so we ask all this in the name of Jesus, and we
9:07:31AM ask by the grace, the love and the divine sustaining
9:07:37AM power of the father and of the son and of the holy
9:07:40AM spirit, be with us all.
9:07:42AM Amen.

9:08:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.
9:08:04AM [Roll Call]
9:08:06AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
9:08:07AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
9:08:11AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
9:08:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
9:08:17AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
9:08:17AM I need a motion for the adoption of the minutes of
9:08:20AM the meeting held November 21st, 2013.
9:08:23AM >> So moved.
9:08:23AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen,
9:08:23AM second by Mr. Suarez.
9:08:25AM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
9:08:28AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
9:08:28AM saying aye.
9:08:29AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:08:29AM I need approval of the agenda and the addendum to
9:08:33AM the agenda which we have today.
9:08:35AM Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez.
9:08:38AM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by
9:08:39AM saying aye.
9:08:39AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:08:42AM All right.
9:08:43AM Now, we, this is the -- yes, sir?
9:08:50AM Ms. Capin wants the floor.

9:08:53AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Before we start, I'd like to read a
9:08:55AM statement.
9:08:56AM This morning, about the alcoholic -- this pertains
9:09:02AM to alcoholic beverage permitting.
9:09:04AM Mr. Chairman and Council, thank you for the
9:09:07AM opportunity to discuss this very important item
9:09:09AM today.
9:09:09AM A lot of information has been disseminated that
9:09:13AM truly does not reflect our goals.
9:09:15AM But because so many have come to the table creating
9:09:17AM an environment that engagement is now possible and
9:09:23AM that's a good thing.
9:09:25AM As you recall, this idea sprang from the cultural
9:09:30AM assets committee as the food and entertainment
9:09:32AM business is an integral part of the cultural fabric
9:09:35AM of Tampa.
9:09:35AM When the idea was originally presented to Council,
9:09:38AM it dovetailed very nicely with the ongoing issue we
9:09:42AM have had with approving new alcoholic beverage
9:09:45AM permits.
9:09:45AM And the people most impacted by those decisions,
9:09:49AM neighbors and business owners, were ecstatic that we
9:09:55AM were finally addressing the problem, a win-win for
9:09:58AM everyone.
9:09:58AM Although other cities, like St. Petersburg and Fort

9:10:03AM Lauderdale, have adopted very similar ordinances,
9:10:07AM this is a new idea for Tampa.
9:10:08AM Like all new ideas, it takes time and effort to
9:10:12AM educate and explain what exactly is being proposed
9:10:16AM and to make all the stakeholders comfortable.
9:10:19AM This is a good idea, Council, and it is worth the
9:10:23AM effort to explain it.
9:10:24AM I want to briefly describe what is being proposed.
9:10:27AM Currently, Council struggles with approving new
9:10:30AM permits for the sale of alcoholic beverages.
9:10:32AM And if problems develop with the establishment, it
9:10:36AM is very difficult to revoke the approved alcoholic
9:10:41AM beverage permit.
9:10:41AM That makes neighbors upset, it makes it more
9:10:45AM difficult for applicants to get approved in the
9:10:47AM first place and it puts Council in a challenging
9:10:49AM position.
9:10:50AM The proposal is to allow establishments that have
9:10:55AM state licenses to sell alcohol for on-premise
9:10:59AM consumption until midnight.
9:11:00AM Applicants can seek, if they choose to seek,
9:11:04AM separate permits to allow the establishment to stay
9:11:08AM open till 3:00 a.m. or maybe later.
9:11:10AM This permit will not, will not be a land use permit
9:11:14AM that runs with the land.

9:11:15AM And it can be revoked if the establishment is not
9:11:18AM following the rules.
9:11:19AM This proposal does two main things.
9:11:22AM It gives certainty to business owners and neighbors.
9:11:27AM And rewards the good behavior and gives the city
9:11:29AM tools to quickly address bad behavior.
9:11:32AM Because this is so important and because this is a
9:11:35AM new idea that needs more discussion, I'm not sure if
9:11:40AM this is appropriate time, but I will bring it up.
9:11:42AM I would move that we continue this item to a
9:11:46AM workshop for February 27th, with public hearings to
9:11:50AM follow.
9:11:50AM Excuse me.
9:11:58AM Let me get to the next -- I'm sorry.
9:12:01AM In the meantime, I pledge to you that I will work
9:12:06AM with cultural assets committee, staff, legal and
9:12:10AM legal to help educate the stakeholders on this
9:12:13AM proposal.
9:12:13AM And I thank you for the time to hear me.
9:12:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Is that a motion you're making?
9:12:19AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I am making a motion.
9:12:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Capin,
9:12:22AM second by Miss Mulhern.
9:12:24AM Any further discussion by council?
9:12:26AM Ms. Montelione?

9:12:28AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was going to ask for March.
9:12:34AM But if we have a date in February?
9:12:38AM >> Date is the 27th.
9:12:44AM >>HARRY COHEN: We have the time.
9:12:48AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: February 27th.
9:12:51AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Hold on one second.
9:12:52AM Let me make this announcement.
9:12:54AM Due to the overflow situation we have in the
9:12:57AM chambers today, have been advised no one else be let
9:13:01AM in.
9:13:01AM The Mascotte room is open.
9:13:03AM Got television and you'll be able to see, you'll be
9:13:06AM able to speak if and when we get to that point.
9:13:08AM And I'm sure we will.
9:13:10AM So, the Mascotte room is open for anyone that's in
9:13:12AM the building.
9:13:13AM And they can watch the proceedings on television.
9:13:16AM We just have to follow the law we have as far as the
9:13:19AM capacity of this room.
9:13:21AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would also ask for you to
9:13:24AM instruct the crowd here that they all came this
9:13:28AM morning to speak to this item.
9:13:29AM And they'll all have an opportunity during our
9:13:32AM public comments to speak to the item.
9:13:34AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

9:13:35AM Mr. Cohen?
9:13:37AM >>HARRY COHEN: I am always going to be in favor of
9:13:40AM anything that allows us to have more discussion with
9:13:42AM the various stakeholders in Tampa community.
9:13:44AM And I'm sure that through that process, we'll hear a
9:13:49AM lot of different proposals and a lot of different
9:13:51AM ideas.
9:13:52AM They'll come from the business community, from the
9:13:55AM economic development community, from the
9:13:57AM neighborhoods.
9:13:58AM From all of the transportation infrastructure in the
9:14:02AM community, and I think that that's always a good
9:14:06AM thing.
9:14:06AM I would also say from my point of view, one of the
9:14:09AM most important issues for us to talk about is
9:14:11AM parking.
9:14:12AM And over the next couple of months, I would like to
9:14:15AM see us have some discussions about how in some areas
9:14:18AM of the city, where we're stressed, we might be able
9:14:21AM to come up with some creative solutions to some of
9:14:23AM our parking problems.
9:14:26AM Thank you.
9:14:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
9:14:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
9:14:31AM Mr. Reddick?

9:14:33AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chairman, I apologize for being
9:14:36AM a little late.
9:14:37AM I didn't hear the comments of Ms. Capin, so...
9:14:42AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: In essence, what she's asking for
9:14:44AM is a continuation of item number 4, to the date -- I
9:14:50AM forgot the date.
9:14:52AM >> Workshop on February 27th.
9:14:54AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Workshop to February 27th, 2014.
9:14:57AM Was seconded by Miss Mulhern.
9:15:00AM >> The time, 9:00 a.m.
9:15:03AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
9:15:04AM I will support that request for continuation and I
9:15:07AM hope during our workshop that we will take a close
9:15:10AM look at some of the suggestions that was included in
9:15:13AM the ordinance and that we will streamline it so it
9:15:17AM will not be a hardship on so many businesses in this
9:15:20AM community.
9:15:21AM Thank you.
9:15:21AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
9:15:22AM Ms. Capin?
9:15:24AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I made my statement, thank you.
9:15:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.
9:15:26AM I am not going to support the motion.
9:15:28AM Let me tell you why.
9:15:30AM I voted to bring it to an ordinance today so it

9:15:33AM could be voted up or down.
9:15:35AM All my years in my tender in public service, this
9:15:39AM has been one of the items that has had three or four
9:15:42AM workshops.
9:15:43AM I don't remember anyone in any other industries had
9:15:47AM three or four workshops on the same item.
9:15:49AM So, I think it's time to either bunt, take the third
9:15:53AM strike, or take a walk to first base.
9:15:55AM But it's got to be done, this is a lot of
9:16:00AM apprehension in the community, one way or the other.
9:16:02AM Is it a bad call?
9:16:04AM I don't believe so.
9:16:05AM But it has to be tweaked.
9:16:06AM For instance, this Council has been very pro
9:16:09AM business.
9:16:09AM I think you all are aware of that.
9:16:12AM This Council has always been very much pro
9:16:13AM neighborhood.
9:16:14AM I think you're aware of that.
9:16:15AM And this Council also has been pro helping clean out
9:16:19AM those bad apples that are in this industry.
9:16:21AM Sometimes without much luck.
9:16:24AM But saying that, you have to realize that we have
9:16:30AM problems.
9:16:30AM And the problems lie within the system.

9:16:33AM How many arrests have we had in this business?
9:16:36AM That's got to be brought unin the record.
9:16:38AM Maybe it will be brought up today.
9:16:40AM Maybe the police department is here to bring that up
9:16:42AM during the public comment.
9:16:43AM See, I can't take a vote till the public speaks and
9:16:46AM I won't take it to vote till the public speaks.
9:16:48AM Furthermore, would we had new face come into this
9:16:52AM industry.
9:16:52AM Now you have satellite lots.
9:16:54AM Not bad that you got satellite cameras everywhere.
9:16:56AM Now you got satellite lots.
9:16:58AM And in those lots you can have an alcohol license if
9:17:02AM you meet the parking requirement.
9:17:04AM Only problem with that, you get the license today
9:17:06AM and tomorrow you cancel the lot, guess what?
9:17:08AM I got the problem.
9:17:09AM Not the good people who came before me.
9:17:11AM I got the problem because I got to deal with the
9:17:13AM neighborhood.
9:17:14AM And that's not a very good problem to have.
9:17:18AM So, that's number one.
9:17:21AM Number two, you have another problem.
9:17:24AM Those bad apples that I talked about earlier, not
9:17:27AM many of them, but there are a few.

9:17:29AM Guess what they do when you try to tear them down
9:17:32AM and close them down?
9:17:32AM They go out and they know the law better than you
9:17:37AM and I.
9:17:37AM They go out and get a 501(c)(3) or make a contract
9:17:41AM with a 501(c)(3) corporation and they get a daily
9:17:44AM license to operate.
9:17:46AM And you and I and no one else can close it.
9:17:49AM That's got to be changed.
9:17:50AM So there are things that need to be done.
9:17:52AM There are things that have to be tied in that if you
9:17:54AM have a satellite lot, and that permit is cancelled,
9:17:59AM your license also cancels because you got under
9:18:02AM false pretense.
9:18:04AM That's my personal feeling.
9:18:05AM And it's hard to argue with that.
9:18:07AM No one else can do that in any other business.
9:18:09AM It's not done nowhere but in this one business.
9:18:13AM So, those things have to be cleaned up and ironed
9:18:18AM out.
9:18:18AM But I'll stop this saying of mine for a while and
9:18:22AM listen to the public when I get there, because I'm
9:18:24AM going to go right down this thing and the next thing
9:18:26AM that I have is public comment.
9:18:28AM So, we're going to stop here and we go to public

9:18:31AM comment on these items that are here.
9:18:33AM And anyone in the public who care to speak, if the
9:18:37AM cameras permit, give me a little room on both sides
9:18:39AM so the good people that came here today -- I thought
9:18:42AM it was a Christmas party.
9:18:43AM I was wrong.
9:18:44AM Everybody is dressed, all smiling and having a nice
9:18:47AM time.
9:18:47AM I said whoo, what a day I'm going to have.
9:18:50AM I was right on one part.
9:18:51AM So, when I speak now, I speak to let the public
9:18:55AM speak.
9:18:56AM You have 30 minutes.
9:18:56AM I'm sure we're going to extend it.
9:18:58AM Please be courteous.
9:18:59AM Please take three minutes and if someone's already
9:19:01AM said what you were going to say, just come up and
9:19:04AM say you agree with them.
9:19:05AM I appreciate very much.
9:19:07AM Anyone in the public care to speak on any item on
9:19:10AM the agenda, please come forward.
9:19:12AM >> Good morning --
9:19:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Line up on one side or other
9:19:15AM side, whichever is closest.
9:19:17AM I appreciate it very much.

9:19:18AM I apologize for the interruption, sir.
9:19:20AM >> Good morning, chairman and Council, Steve
9:19:22AM Michelini.
9:19:23AM I represent a number of businesses, restaurants and
9:19:26AM hotels who have a serious concern about this
9:19:29AM proposed ordinance.
9:19:31AM And appreciate Councilwoman Capin's offer to make a
9:19:35AM workshop hearing on the 27th of February.
9:19:37AM I think that will go a long way toward resolving
9:19:40AM some of the questions that are out there.
9:19:42AM The biggest concern is the alcoholic beverage rules
9:19:45AM continue to change.
9:19:45AM And businesses can't plan for the future.
9:19:48AM So what that means is, if they can't invest the
9:19:51AM millions of dollars that they want to put in our
9:19:53AM infrastructure, in our businesses and in our
9:19:56AM employees and in the tax base of this community,
9:19:59AM other communities pick up on these various changes.
9:20:02AM They use that against us in statewide campaigns for
9:20:06AM marketing and trying to attract businesses and
9:20:08AM trying to expand hotel and conventions that come to
9:20:12AM our city.
9:20:13AM Those are extremely difficult issues.
9:20:16AM And every time we have a hearing and every time we
9:20:18AM make headlines regarding changes in alcohol, changes

9:20:21AM in business operations, we send negative messages
9:20:24AM throughout the country.
9:20:25AM So I urge the Council and I'm certainly offering to
9:20:28AM assist the Council in working toward a solution on
9:20:32AM changing the ordinances to the point where we are
9:20:34AM comfortable and it accomplishes the long-term goal
9:20:37AM of making it a viable and workable document.
9:20:41AM Our biggest issue is when we come in and the rules
9:20:45AM change, they change all too frequently.
9:20:47AM Let's get to a point where a rule is what it is and
9:20:50AM it stays there for a while so we can see what
9:20:52AM happens.
9:20:53AM It makes no sense to exempt certain parts of the
9:20:55AM city and then make the rest of the city carry the
9:20:58AM burden.
9:20:58AM We're certainly respectfully request your approval
9:21:01AM on moving forward and participating in the workshop
9:21:04AM and I certainly offer my services in that regard.
9:21:07AM Thank you.
9:21:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:21:07AM Next please?
9:21:15AM >> Some of this, very happy to hear we are going
9:21:18AM to --
9:21:19AM >> I need your name.
9:21:21AM >> I'm getting to that.

9:21:21AM Saw the changes not knowing this new information,
9:21:28AM but since only had a few hours of sleep, I'd still
9:21:30AM like to get my point across.
9:21:32AM My name is Tom DeGeorge.
9:21:34AM I am the co-owner, founder and general manager of
9:21:36AM Crowbar.
9:21:37AM I am vice-president of Ybor merchants association
9:21:38AM and a board member of Ybor Chamber of Commerce.
9:21:42AM I like many here are a small business owner.
9:21:44AM Crowbar is a live music venue in historic Ybor City.
9:21:46AM Over the past seven years we have brought over
9:21:49AM thousand bands to the bay area from all over the
9:21:51AM country and the world.
9:21:52AM Anything from blue glass to RB to old country, we do
9:21:56AM it.
9:21:57AM Like most of the people here, I am concerned about
9:21:59AM being told there is another hoop to jump through to
9:22:02AM continue to operate my business.
9:22:04AM Responsible small business owners pay all their
9:22:06AM bills and if there's anything left, they pay
9:22:09AM themselves.
9:22:09AM I can tell you in the struggling economy that, I
9:22:13AM average close to 70 hours a week and probably work
9:22:18AM more hours for free than hours I pay myself for.
9:22:20AM Like most of us here, I continue to do what I do

9:22:22AM because I love it, I love my city, I love live music
9:22:25AM and I love the arts.
9:22:26AM It's frustrating me that we have to come down here
9:22:28AM early in the morning after working all night, in
9:22:32AM order to go through another road block being
9:22:34AM proposed.
9:22:36AM Would be nice during tough times for everybody to
9:22:38AM stand together and help us succeed in offering our
9:22:41AM businesses and contributing to the area's growth
9:22:45AM instead of making it that much more difficult.
9:22:48AM Lastly, original vote was to stop the operators to
9:22:51AM shut down nuisance establishments.
9:22:53AM Many of us spent time away from businesses and
9:22:56AM families to help the city to define a nightclub and
9:22:57AM solve the problem.
9:22:59AM I don't feel this ordinance would solve the problem,
9:23:02AM but it will punish the rest of us.
9:23:05AM Bad guys go out before midnight.
9:23:07AM Bad operators don't play by the rules and do not
9:23:10AM take the time to come here and explain our concerns.
9:23:13AM Urge City Council to rethink this ordinance and to
9:23:15AM help small business owners flourish.
9:23:17AM Thank you.
9:23:18AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
9:23:19AM Next please?

9:23:22AM >> Susan Long, 920 Broad Street.
9:23:26AM I have reviewed the proposed new wet zoning licenses
9:23:29AM and I have several concerns.
9:23:30AM First, why do you want to punish the 98% or whatever
9:23:34AM it is of good businesses so that you can take care
9:23:37AM of the bad businesses?
9:23:40AM The additional cost and hassle a good business will
9:23:43AM encounter would be frustrating and feel punitive.
9:23:46AM Most wet zone businesses worked long and hard to get
9:23:48AM wet zoned, get a liquor license and keep businesses
9:23:51AM functioning and reasonable.
9:23:53AM Why punish all them?
9:23:54AM Second, if the hours are not on the site plan but
9:23:57AM have been agreed upon between the business owner and
9:23:59AM the surrounding neighborhood, how can the
9:24:02AM surrounding neighborhoods keep the business from
9:24:05AM staying open for 3:00 a.m. if they apply for
9:24:07AM extended license?
9:24:08AM Is it automatically till 3:00 a.m.?
9:24:09AM And is this 3:00 a.m. for seven days a week?
9:24:14AM Third, why can't the extended hour license
9:24:16AM automatically renew for free with no paper work if
9:24:19AM there have been no problems with the business during
9:24:21AM the time the businesses have the extended hour
9:24:23AM license?

9:24:24AM For a business that does no wrong, having to pay an
9:24:26AM annual fee for additional license is burdensome.
9:24:29AM It's also a huge amount of paperwork, etcetera for
9:24:31AM the city.
9:24:32AM Proposed new ordinance punishes approximately 95% or
9:24:36AM more of the wet zone businesses because there are
9:24:38AM handful of scuff laws.
9:24:40AM Fourth, why midnight?
9:24:42AM A who picked midnight?
9:24:44AM If you really want to shut the places down, make it
9:24:47AM 9:00 at night.
9:24:48AM The bad guys tend to come out after dark.
9:24:50AM Okay.
9:24:51AM Not always, some of them come out in the middle of
9:24:54AM the afternoon.
9:24:54AM I live in neighborhood where I know that.
9:24:58AM [ Laughter ]
9:25:00AM >> Fifth, what happens to a business that is a week
9:25:02AM or month late renewing extended hour license?
9:25:04AM If this ordinance shuts them down early, it puts
9:25:08AM them out of business for a month or a week.
9:25:10AM That would in essence kill them.
9:25:12AM Most of the restaurants and bars are small
9:25:14AM businesses and they cannot afford to be out of
9:25:18AM business for a week or month.

9:25:19AM The gross profit margin on restaurant is only
9:25:21AM average about 35%.
9:25:22AM That means all the fixed costs, salaries, rents,
9:25:25AM insurance, license, repairs, maintenance, etcetera
9:25:28AM must be paid out of only 35% of gross revenues.
9:25:31AM It's my understanding that some additional extended
9:25:33AM hours are also possible under this proposal.
9:25:35AM I read they could open as early as 7:00 a.m.
9:25:38AM I read possible they could've have 24 hour a day wet
9:25:42AM zoning.
9:25:42AM Both of these are unacceptable.
9:25:44AM Businesses do not need to serve alcohol at 7:00 a.m.
9:25:49AM unless their clientele are just a bunch of
9:25:52AM alcoholics.
9:25:53AM If there's a special function, the currents
9:25:56AM ordinances are sufficient.
9:25:57AM The currently cannot enforce all the ordinances it
9:26:01AM has on the books now.
9:26:02AM How do you propose to enforce this additional
9:26:04AM ordinance?
9:26:04AM Who would enforce it?
9:26:06AM Code enforcement?
9:26:07AM TPD?
9:26:08AM A new group called the wet zone police?
9:26:11AM Please seriously reconsider this ordinance as it has

9:26:13AM been discussed today, it will be extremely
9:26:15AM burdensome to the wet zone businesses in this city.
9:26:18AM Thank you.
9:26:18AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:26:19AM Next please?
9:26:23AM >> Good morning.
9:26:24AM My name is Ann Vela.
9:26:25AM I live in district three.
9:26:27AM I want to state I'm a previous co-owner of an
9:26:31AM establishment that's successfully running after five
9:26:34AM years.
9:26:34AM It does have its alcohol license.
9:26:36AM I am also a devoted applicant and booster of Tampa
9:26:41AM culture and economy.
9:26:42AM Bad apples do get thrown out on responsible business
9:26:48AM owners.
9:26:49AM Your job is provide customer service.
9:26:51AM If you don't provide customer service, your
9:26:53AM customers, you go out of business.
9:26:56AM I'd like to address an incongruity I saw just this
9:27:00AM past week.
9:27:00AM A headline entertainment venue, which historically
9:27:04AM has been plagued with illegal activity.
9:27:06AM Quote, given this establishment not being shut down
9:27:09AM for violations the city was not interested in

9:27:11AM putting businesses out of business.
9:27:13AM But in making sure businesses follow the rules.
9:27:17AM So I'm not going to ask a rhetorical question then,
9:27:22AM because I'm not going to insult you.
9:27:24AM Why then are we going to punish businesses that are
9:27:28AM good apples by making them go through a process
9:27:31AM which is punitive to them?
9:27:33AM I'd like to say that as a former business owner, a
9:27:38AM hospitality business owner, I understand it's
9:27:40AM important to work with law enforcement officials and
9:27:43AM I think that's something that communication is
9:27:46AM always good between those two entities.
9:27:49AM And some businesses might feel it punitive to have
9:27:57AM to call on law enforcement issues, law enforcement
9:28:03AM officials when in fact they're doing their best to
9:28:06AM be good citizens of the community, by making their
9:28:13AM customers welcome.
9:28:15AM Tampa culture is thriving and our reputation is
9:28:17AM being a good place to live is expanding.
9:28:19AM I love Tampa.
9:28:20AM I love the business owners that work so hard as they
9:28:24AM do to make Tampa the place I want to call home.
9:28:26AM And I believe this measure would not allow that.
9:28:30AM Thank you.
9:28:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

9:28:32AM Next please?
9:28:34AM >> Good morning, my name is Joseph Citro, and I am
9:28:38AM with the Ybor City development committee.
9:28:40AM There are other members of the development committee
9:28:42AM that are here and we are opposed to this ordinance
9:28:46AM as written.
9:28:47AM My main points are, due process.
9:28:51AM As this has been written, which department is going
9:28:55AM to enforce this ordinance?
9:28:57AM Is it going to be the already overworked code
9:29:00AM enforcement?
9:29:00AM Is it going to be the police department?
9:29:02AM There is no first line of defense.
9:29:03AM There is no quasi-judicial board that has been
9:29:06AM established to hear these cases before it goes
9:29:09AM before you, the City Council.
9:29:10AM If the potential hundreds, if not thousand it is of
9:29:14AM violations that may occur, City Council will not
9:29:17AM have time to do its job adequately because it will
9:29:20AM be hearing these cases.
9:29:21AM Number two, the city of Tampa is -- excuse me.
9:29:30AM Let me rephrase this.
9:29:31AM The economy will turn.
9:29:32AM And the City of Tampa should be poised and ready to
9:29:35AM open businesses.

9:29:37AM If this ordinance goes through, it's going to
9:29:39AM reflect on businesses that want to open within the
9:29:41AM city of Tampa and drive them outside the city limits
9:29:44AM to Hillsborough County and possibly St. Petersburg.
9:29:46AM We cannot do this.
9:29:48AM This does not only reflect upon the districts of
9:29:52AM SoHo, but Ybor City.
9:29:54AM This reflects on all parts of the City of Tampa.
9:29:57AM All potential owners, business owners, all owners
9:30:03AM right now that own liquor licenses should be
9:30:05AM informed of this ordinance.
9:30:06AM I thank you very much at this time.
9:30:09AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:30:11AM Let me make one more speaker, then I got to make a
9:30:14AM statement regarding other things.
9:30:16AM >> Hello.
9:30:17AM My name is Richard boom.
9:30:18AM I'm seven avenue Ybor City, where I own a pub called
9:30:21AM the dirty shame.
9:30:22AM And you've seen me before.
9:30:25AM You've already heard my concerns.
9:30:27AM I've been at basically every workshop that we have
9:30:30AM had.
9:30:30AM I'm not going to repeat what I'm sure you'll be
9:30:33AM hearing over and over today.

9:30:34AM I will, however, urge that if we are to continue
9:30:39AM down the currently proposed path, that everyone that
9:30:44AM is going to be affected by this should be notified.
9:30:46AM I brought that up before.
9:30:47AM I think everybody has the right to respond and to
9:30:50AM give input into your decision-making.
9:30:52AM I don't doubt the good intent of Councils trying to
9:30:59AM address a problem.
9:31:00AM YCDC did give our recommendations for a very
9:31:05AM specific problem and a very specific remedy to it.
9:31:08AM It has now become so broad based that you see the
9:31:11AM concern that was in our community.
9:31:12AM We were requested by City Council for YCDC to bring
9:31:18AM forward some recommendations.
9:31:20AM This is not a problem that Ybor City is out of
9:31:24AM control and now the entire city is paying for it.
9:31:27AM That's just not the case here.
9:31:28AM I don't want Ybor to get a bad name or a black eye
9:31:32AM from that point of view.
9:31:33AM I'm sure you all understand that.
9:31:35AM I'm also concerned that Tampa might be getting a
9:31:37AM black eye.
9:31:38AM Even if the perception is not entirely accurate, the
9:31:43AM idea that we may only serve alcohol until midnight,
9:31:48AM that reverberates around the country.

9:31:51AM I can only imagine, for example, the NFL is
9:31:53AM considering another Super Bowl in Tampa, they might
9:31:56AM go, wait a minute, what are we doing over there?
9:31:59AM I think future economic growth, difficult business
9:32:04AM to be in.
9:32:05AM Signing the lease with the slightest possibility you
9:32:09AM might be limited to midnight, people aren't going to
9:32:12AM roll the dice that way.
9:32:13AM It's too difficult already.
9:32:14AM And what we have here is another layer of
9:32:17AM enforcement, another layer of legality that already
9:32:22AM is stressed business owners have to go through.
9:32:26AM I thank you for your time.
9:32:27AM Have a good day.
9:32:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:32:29AM Appreciate it.
9:32:30AM Let me make this statement if I may at this time.
9:32:32AM I have 53 and 54 already continued public hearings.
9:32:35AM But as is on the addendum, I need a motion to move
9:32:39AM 53 and 54 to December 12th 2013 are 6:00 p.m.
9:32:45AM Motion by Ms. Capin on 53 and 54, second by
9:32:48AM Mr. Suarez.
9:32:48AM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
9:32:50AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
9:32:51AM saying aye.

9:32:52AM Opposed nay.
9:32:54AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:32:54AM I will be making another motion at 10:30 on item 60.
9:32:58AM Next please?
9:32:59AM And I apologize again for the delay.
9:33:02AM >> Thank you.
9:33:02AM My name is Lux DeVoid, one of the owners of the
9:33:05AM Mermaid Tavern on Nebraska Avenue.
9:33:08AM Just wanted to say that my partner Becky and I have
9:33:11AM owned the Mermaid Tavern on Nebraska Avenue in
9:33:13AM Seminole Heights for about two years now.
9:33:14AM We employ 14 people and we pay tens of thousands of
9:33:18AM dollars in sales tax.
9:33:19AM Most late night Customers are not bar hopping.
9:33:22AM They work at USF, area hospitals and other food
9:33:25AM service establishments in the area as far away as
9:33:29AM South Tampa.
9:33:29AM They work late hours and appreciate the fact that
9:33:31AM they have somewhere to go when they finally get off
9:33:33AM work.
9:33:34AM This year we won best of the bay for our food, which
9:33:37AM features items like fresh Tampa line caught red
9:33:41AM snapper, local grass fed beef, which we have done
9:33:45AM everything in our power to make sure that our little
9:33:48AM area North Nebraska Avenue is better, including

9:33:50AM paying for additional street lights, landscaping and
9:33:53AM reporting any suspicious activity that we see.
9:33:55AM We are eyes on the street late at night and our
9:33:58AM business makes people in the neighborhood feel
9:34:00AM safer.
9:34:01AM All in all, I'd say we're the exact type of business
9:34:03AM that the City of Tampa would like to nurture and I
9:34:06AM hope that the Council agrees with that so, I'd have
9:34:08AM to ask, after countless hours of physical work, tons
9:34:12AM of money, paperwork, struggling to become a
9:34:15AM successful business in a down economy and against
9:34:18AM some awesome Seminole Heights competition, why is it
9:34:22AM that our biggest nightmare is our own city?
9:34:24AM Why is it that for the second time in a year, I
9:34:27AM can't sleep at night because the city is threatening
9:34:29AM to destroy my business through some administrative
9:34:32AM fiat.
9:34:33AM When Becky and I started the Mermaid Tavern, we made
9:34:36AM a deal with the state, counties and city.
9:34:38AM We applied for licenses, went through plan reviews,
9:34:41AM inspections, background checks and in essence, if
9:34:44AM not in fact agreed to be responsible business
9:34:46AM people.
9:34:46AM Even more importantly, we have unspoken bargain with
9:34:51AM the community we serve, that we will be an asset to

9:34:54AM the community.
9:34:54AM While you may believe restricting our hours isn't a
9:34:57AM big deal, please understand that everything, from
9:34:59AM our initial site selection, our capital outlay, our
9:35:03AM lease terms, our cash flows, our menu and our
9:35:07AM staffing.
9:35:07AM The business itself were built upon that deal that
9:35:11AM we made with you, the City of Tampa.
9:35:13AM We have upheld our ends of that bargain.
9:35:17AM Please up hold yours.
9:35:18AM Thank you.
9:35:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:35:19AM Next please.
9:35:21AM [ Applause ]
9:35:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please, please, I don't have time
9:35:25AM for commercials.
9:35:26AM Next?
9:35:27AM >> George Warner.
9:35:28AM I have a business in Ybor City.
9:35:30AM My law office, and I live in Ybor City.
9:35:33AM I represent six establishments in Ybor and 14 bars
9:35:40AM and restaurants throughout Tampa.
9:35:42AM This, I see a lot of problems with this ordinance
9:35:47AM and a lot of people are going to lose their jobs.
9:35:50AM If you shut down half of the places in your key

9:35:56AM areas of town, SoHo, Ybor, it's going to start
9:36:00AM looking like Channelside.
9:36:01AM Nobody's going to come.
9:36:02AM And they're all going to drive down the road to the
9:36:05AM casino.
9:36:06AM Or they're going to go to St. Petersburg.
9:36:08AM Or they're going to go out into the county, where
9:36:10AM they don't have this ordinance.
9:36:11AM If this ordinance passes, let's say it passes as a
9:36:16AM taxing issue, and you're going to charge a fee to
9:36:21AM stay open three additional hours, or when you read
9:36:24AM the ordinance, you lose this license, additional
9:36:30AM license that you have to apply for.
9:36:33AM If there's crimes taking place on your premises or
9:36:37AM in front of your premises by the way the ordinance
9:36:40AM is written, that you have no control over.
9:36:44AM But fact, what is the result of that is going to be
9:36:47AM that no one's going to reporting crimes because
9:36:52AM they're going to be afraid that they're going to
9:36:53AM lose their liquor hours.
9:36:55AM If they do lose it and you've got three, four
9:37:01AM establishments closed where there used to be seven
9:37:04AM or eight, then fewer people are coming to that arts
9:37:09AM and entertainment community.
9:37:10AM SoHo, Ybor specifically.

9:37:13AM But, anywhere.
9:37:15AM You could say even so for Dale Mabry.
9:37:17AM When there's things that there's no control over,
9:37:22AM you're denying, and when you're treating different
9:37:25AM people in different ways, that's denial of equal
9:37:29AM protection.
9:37:29AM And it's going to cost the city a lot of money when
9:37:32AM the inevitable lawsuits come in federal court to
9:37:38AM defend this ordinance.
9:37:39AM So, this is a very antibusiness in Tampa ordinances
9:37:46AM written.
9:37:47AM And I really, really urge you all to consider
9:37:50AM killing it.
9:37:51AM Thank you.
9:37:52AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:37:53AM Next please?
9:37:56AM >> Good morning.
9:37:57AM Kim Headland, 1001 East 24th Avenue.
9:38:01AM I'm not here to speak on agenda item 4.
9:38:04AM I'm here to speak on agenda item 2.
9:38:06AM Hopefully that's acceptable with you all.
9:38:08AM That's the Cuscaden pool issue.
9:38:10AM I'm here today as a resident and East Tampa resident
9:38:15AM and architect to speak on this particular item
9:38:17AM that's very close to my heart.

9:38:19AM The Cuscaden pool.
9:38:20AM I would like to thank you emphatically for keeping
9:38:25AM the conversation about those necessary repairs on
9:38:27AM the agenda.
9:38:28AM I'd also like to thank you for working diligently
9:38:31AM over the past couple of months to look for viable
9:38:34AM solutions for funding sources in order to stabilize
9:38:36AM this great historic structure.
9:38:38AM Your hard work, coupled with the community's hard
9:38:42AM work, will hopefully, hopefully ensure that tampa's
9:38:45AM rich architectural and you cultural heritage is
9:38:50AM preserved for many decades to come.
9:38:52AM The city spent a whole lot of money to repairs on
9:38:55AM this pool not so long ago.
9:38:57AM I'll here today to ask you not only continue this
9:39:00AM conversation about future repairs, but that you
9:39:02AM honor that original commitment to restoring and
9:39:04AM preserving this amazing structure.
9:39:06AM And implement an actionable, a truly actionable plan
9:39:10AM to bring this facility back online quickly.
9:39:13AM To serve the community and to preserve Tampa's
9:39:16AM heritage.
9:39:17AM Our community and more importantly our city deserves
9:39:20AM to have this jewel returned to public use.
9:39:22AM The thousands of kids that use this facility during

9:39:24AM the summers, after it was reopened, should have
9:39:27AM access to this facility and the programming that
9:39:30AM went with it.
9:39:31AM The afterschool program, the community classroom,
9:39:34AM the fitness facilities.
9:39:36AM The students at adjacent academy prep middle school,
9:39:39AM the kids that take advantage.
9:39:40AM Dream center next door, the youth football teams,
9:39:43AM adult rugby league, the seniors at nearby Centro
9:39:47AM place and the East Tampa residents all should
9:39:50AM benefit from a community facility.
9:39:52AM The same way that residents on Davis Island will
9:39:55AM benefit from the repair and restored Roy Jenkins
9:39:59AM pool, a very similar structure, historic structure.
9:40:02AM So thank you for listening to residents over the
9:40:04AM last several years and thank you for keeping this
9:40:07AM issue alive and on the radar of the administration.
9:40:10AM And again, I strongly encourage you to not only
9:40:13AM allocates the necessary funding to stabilize this
9:40:16AM historic structure, but listen to today's staff
9:40:19AM report and proposal and work to implement and
9:40:23AM actionable, truly actionable strategy to get this
9:40:26AM facility reopened.
9:40:28AM Support strategy that allows for public input and
9:40:31AM collaboration between residents, stakeholders and

9:40:33AM the administration to create the best possible
9:40:35AM solution quickly.
9:40:37AM Action needs to be taken soon as we have heard over
9:40:40AM and over again before we lose another piece of
9:40:43AM Tampa's unique past forever.
9:40:45AM So thank you very much.
9:40:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:40:47AM Appreciate it.
9:40:48AM Next please?
9:40:51AM >> Hi.
9:40:52AM My name is Michael Long.
9:40:53AM I'm the president of the Hillsborough County young
9:40:55AM Democrats.
9:40:56AM I'm here to speak out on the alcohol ordinance.
9:40:59AM On Tuesday, December 3rd, our membership at our
9:41:03AM general membership meeting unanimously adopted a
9:41:05AM position opposing the ordinance as currently
9:41:07AM written.
9:41:08AM Also had conversations with my counter part at the
9:41:13AM Tampa Bay young Republicans, talked to the president
9:41:16AM who also strongly opposes this ordinance as
9:41:18AM currently written.
9:41:19AM Any time you get the two of us together in a room to
9:41:21AM agree on something, it's somewhat of a small
9:41:23AM miracle.

9:41:24AM [ Laughter ]
9:41:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Maybe you ought to go to
9:41:27AM congress.
9:41:27AM [ Laughter ]
9:41:28AM >> And so, I just wanted to point that out.
9:41:32AM Our members are very concerned as small business
9:41:34AM owners, as servers and bartenders in this community
9:41:36AM of people who make their living off the nightlife or
9:41:39AM people who enjoy the nightlife.
9:41:40AM Myself personally I'm usually home at 10:00 p.m., so
9:41:45AM the nightlife doesn't affect me as much as others.
9:41:48AM But I understand how this is not a positive thing
9:41:51AM currently written for Tampa's economy.
9:41:52AM In the best case scenario, all establishments that
9:41:56AM would like to stay open till 3:00 a.m. under this
9:41:59AM ordinance do get that license to stay open, but it
9:42:01AM ends up being an extra burden and extra tax on these
9:42:04AM businesses, and extra trouble.
9:42:06AM Normally as a progressive, I'm usually in favor of
9:42:08AM many taxes, but taxes that serve a common good.
9:42:12AM And this one doesn't seem to serve a good common
9:42:15AM good except to continue to enforce this law.
9:42:17AM So I strongly ask you to consider not supporting it.
9:42:21AM Additionally, this could very negatively affect the
9:42:24AM people who work in the service industry if these

9:42:26AM restaurants and bars end up closing earlier because
9:42:28AM of the new restrictions.
9:42:29AM I spoke with one server who estimated if you roll
9:42:32AM back the hours, from 3:00 a.m. to midnight, he
9:42:35AM estimates he would lose at least 6,000 a year in
9:42:38AM wages alone just on that.
9:42:39AM For people struggling to get by in our economy, it
9:42:42AM is just not acceptable.
9:42:43AM Especially for the city like Tampa, which likes to
9:42:47AM bill ourselves as an event city or destination city.
9:42:51AM Like someone mentioned the Super Bowl or any of the
9:42:51AM conventions we try to bring here, a big reason is
9:42:52AM because of our nightlife.
9:42:55AM It's certainly not because of our 21st century
9:42:58AM transportation system.
9:42:59AM [ Laughter ]
9:43:00AM >> So we do have to really keep that in mind.
9:43:02AM Again, I know most of you, I know that you guys do
9:43:05AM have the best interest of the city in heart.
9:43:07AM I know the intention behind this are good.
9:43:09AM But, we strongly support either, moving it to a
9:43:12AM workshop where people can have a better interest,
9:43:16AM because I do think it has some unintended
9:43:18AM consequences.
9:43:19AM I will say that even though I know it has been going

9:43:21AM on for a while, until that time article came out,
9:43:27AM people had no idea what was going on.
9:43:29AM So I would like to see more time for majority of
9:43:31AM residents to puts input into this.
9:43:34AM Because it doesn't affects one industry.
9:43:35AM It affects everyone in the City of Tampa.
9:43:38AM Thank you very much for your time.
9:43:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much.
9:43:40AM Next please?
9:43:45AM >> Good morning.
9:43:46AM Nice to be with you again.
9:43:47AM I'm Walter ING.
9:43:49AM The chairman.
9:43:51AM Ybor City development corporation.
9:43:53AM >> And I'm here on the proposed two ordinances on
9:43:55AM the alcohol issue.
9:43:56AM I have to advise you that after talking with
9:44:00AM businesses and residents in Ybor City, having two
9:44:03AM meetings with the YCDC board, we have unanimously
9:44:07AM opposed these two ordinances.
9:44:09AM There are a number of reasons for that.
9:44:12AM Some which I believe all of you received a letter
9:44:14AM from the national law firm of Bert foreman, which
9:44:18AM items missed a number of issues.
9:44:20AM Essentially, this is a sweeping regulation, which

9:44:23AM imposes basically a fine when people regardless of
9:44:27AM whether they've done anything wrong or not.
9:44:30AM In effect, you're guilty until proven innocent.
9:44:33AM That isn't exactly the way our system in American is
9:44:36AM supposed to operate.
9:44:36AM And I don't think that was intended, but that's what
9:44:39AM it says.
9:44:39AM It proposes a bureaucratic apparatus for
9:44:44AM administrators over these thousands of businesses
9:44:46AM and there are thousands of these licenses, as well
9:44:49AM as you have other affected businesses, the taxis,
9:44:52AM grocery stores, the restaurants that are not
9:44:57AM violating any alcohol laws or serve alcohol.
9:45:01AM So there's a whole vast number of people that this
9:45:03AM regulation, this broad net seeks to capture.
9:45:06AM There's been no definition of this.
9:45:08AM And that's a question.
9:45:10AM What is the purpose of this ordinance?
9:45:12AM I know it's been expressed in different ways.
9:45:14AM But no one seems to be clear on its purpose.
9:45:17AM Hence the recommend.
9:45:20AM It's been suggested this doesn't affect landlords.
9:45:22AM I ask you to take a look at the proposed ordinances.
9:45:25AM They refer to the places, geographical places.
9:45:29AM Then they refer to punishing the landlords here in

9:45:32AM this section where there's a six month from date of
9:45:35AM revocation freeze on that location.
9:45:38AM What's the landlord supposed to do when the bar
9:45:41AM can't afford to pay the rent any more?
9:45:43AM So your having a landlord, property issue involved
9:45:46AM in this.
9:45:47AM So another bit of confusion.
9:45:48AM Who in the public has been advised?
9:45:51AM You heard that before.
9:45:53AM From several of the other speakers.
9:45:54AM You need to advise all the stakeholders of what is
9:45:57AM going to be proposed.
9:45:59AM And I submit to you that hearings have not been held
9:46:02AM on this model.
9:46:03AM This model proposes regulation of landlords, as well
9:46:06AM as regulation of business establishments.
9:46:09AM And it also had the effect of injuring other related
9:46:14AM and collateral businesses.
9:46:15AM I think that quote, Abraham Lincoln once said, I'm
9:46:21AM writing you a long letter because I don't have time
9:46:23AM to write you a short one.
9:46:25AM Notwithstanding the good intentions of this Council,
9:46:28AM I believe we have ended up with a long rambling
9:46:31AM letter and we need to figure out if at all -- I
9:46:34AM would first suggest we kill these proposed

9:46:37AM ordinances.
9:46:37AM I don't think they do what was intended and I don't
9:46:40AM think their wording is suitable for anything that's
9:46:42AM going to survive a court challenge.
9:46:44AM I say that after 35 years of being in the court
9:46:47AM system.
9:46:48AM But, I would propose in any event, if you go further
9:46:51AM with this, that you narrowly focus, figure out
9:46:55AM what --
9:46:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:46:56AM >> And figure out exactly what the narrow remedy for
9:46:59AM is.
9:47:00AM Thank you.
9:47:00AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next please?
9:47:01AM >> Hello.
9:47:03AM My name is Gus, I am the owner of the Acropolis
9:47:12AM Greek Taverna.
9:47:13AM I think all the ladies and gentlemen they cover all
9:47:17AM the bases.
9:47:17AM Just one thing, they didn't mention public safety.
9:47:20AM The fact we lose business for other counties, that
9:47:23AM all the people that live in Tampa have to go over
9:47:26AM the bridge.
9:47:27AM They like their alcohol.
9:47:29AM When they go over the bridge, they consume the

9:47:31AM alcohol, they have to come back.
9:47:32AM They would cause accidents and danger for the
9:47:37AM public.
9:47:37AM Beside that, we're being punished for stuff that is
9:47:45AM not really fair.
9:47:46AM We talking about some people parking on other
9:47:50AM peoples properties.
9:47:52AM What our community can benefit from this ordinance?
9:47:56AM That's all I have to say.
9:47:58AM Thank you.
9:48:00AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:48:01AM Next please?
9:48:02AM >> Hello, Council.
9:48:03AM I'm Ellen Snelling from Tampa alcohol coalition.
9:48:06AM I just want to thank you first for the time you put
9:48:08AM into this.
9:48:09AM It's been discussed for at least two years.
9:48:12AM I've been at public workshops where we did talk
9:48:14AM about extended hours ordinances and I submitted them
9:48:16AM and they were sent to all the stakeholders.
9:48:19AM So I know it has been discussed before.
9:48:20AM I think seeing it in writing causes a little more
9:48:23AM concern.
9:48:23AM And I just want to address a couple of what I think
9:48:27AM are myths.

9:48:28AM For one thing, I think most of the bars and
9:48:30AM restaurants here are probably all great operators
9:48:32AM and for them to feel like they're going to be closed
9:48:35AM down is just not going to happen.
9:48:37AM All this ordinance says is that you close at
9:48:40AM midnight or you get a permit.
9:48:41AM The permit, would be probably a nominal fee, just to
9:48:45AM cover expenses.
9:48:46AM St. Pete charges I think $100.
9:48:48AM I don't think that is really too much.
9:48:50AM It would just cover the administrative cost.
9:48:52AM So you pay a fee, fill out a paper.
9:48:54AM I just don't see how that closes people down.
9:48:56AM The second part is if you look at the offenses in
9:48:59AM here, assault, everything in there draws -- underage
9:49:04AM drinking -- they're all illegal.
9:49:06AM So hopefully, the bars and clubs don't think these
9:49:10AM kinds of things are going on and they are going to
9:49:12AM have to be closed down.
9:49:14AM What I think is a responsible owner and responsible
9:49:16AM bar manager will not be negatively affected by this.
9:49:21AM Only the ones not operating responsible.
9:49:24AM I've heard several people, they're going to go over
9:49:26AM the bridge.
9:49:27AM St. Pete has an extended hours ordinance.

9:49:30AM I think we really need to make that clear.
9:49:32AM Another thing is, Fort Lauderdale, which I feel
9:49:34AM everybody would say is a very thriving city with a
9:49:38AM great nightlife, they've had an ordinance since
9:49:40AM 2000.
9:49:41AM And there was one case where it wents before court
9:49:43AM and everything was upheld.
9:49:45AM So I feel like it is legally defensible.
9:49:47AM Now, maybe there's something that needs to be
9:49:50AM tweaked in here.
9:49:50AM One thing St. Pete has, I believe they have a clause
9:49:53AM where you can give a warning and then the operator
9:49:56AM can come up with a plan that might involve security
9:49:58AM or whatever.
9:49:59AM You give them a second chance.
9:50:01AM Perhaps something like that.
9:50:02AM But, I support it.
9:50:04AM Tampa alcohol coalition supports it and I feel like
9:50:07AM it would help hold bars accountable.
9:50:10AM We have been talking about this for years, that
9:50:13AM there are some that do not operate responsibly.
9:50:16AM We flood a tool.
9:50:18AM Nuisance abatement does not work for the situations
9:50:20AM we're talking about.
9:50:21AM The alcoholic beverage and tobacco is not able to

9:50:23AM adequately cover these issues.
9:50:25AM How many times do you hear of a license being
9:50:28AM revoked or suspended or even fined over these
9:50:32AM issues?
9:50:32AM So, I support this, these ordinances.
9:50:35AM And maybe there's a little tweaking to be needed.
9:50:38AM But I do want to thank you for your time.
9:50:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:50:41AM Next please?
9:50:43AM >> Good morning.
9:50:45AM My name is Gina Firth, the associate dean of
9:50:48AM students in the area of wellness at the University
9:50:51AM of Tampa.
9:50:51AM Absolutely thrilled that you are proposing something
9:50:57AM to help us move forward in this great community.
9:50:59AM I'm very thankful for the bar owners that are here.
9:51:03AM And I hear your concerns and I do think that we need
9:51:07AM to spend some more time on this.
9:51:09AM There's a lot of misunderstanding.
9:51:12AM There are a lot of fears.
9:51:14AM And I really hope that we're able to take a core
9:51:17AM group of people from this audience to continue
9:51:19AM working with you as you continue to tweak this very
9:51:23AM good idea.
9:51:24AM Very successful idea.

9:51:25AM That has been working in 19 counties throughout
9:51:28AM Florida.
9:51:30AM The people in this room I don't think in the long
9:51:33AM run even if we passed it the way it is, would be
9:51:35AM affected by this.
9:51:36AM The bottom line is, you would have to be found
9:51:40AM responsible four times in a year of these major
9:51:45AM illegal acts, in order to lose your late night
9:51:49AM permit.
9:51:50AM And that's a lot of crime that has to be caught,
9:51:55AM turned in and to me, it seems pretty reasonable.
9:51:59AM And I think everyone in this room runs a business
9:52:02AM that doesn't have this type of activity happening
9:52:07AM that often, that even if they had it happen once or
9:52:10AM twice, the people in this room would address it.
9:52:13AM Now, there are some bars that will not be named, one
9:52:17AM that changes its name so often that I'm not even
9:52:19AM sure I could give you its name, that does not fix
9:52:22AM these problems.
9:52:23AM And we can't shut it down.
9:52:25AM And these types of bars affect our community.
9:52:28AM And they affect my community, the University of
9:52:32AM Tampa.
9:52:34AM Our students has been in the news a little bit
9:52:37AM because they've been acting out a little bit.

9:52:38AM And one of the things we do, we hold them
9:52:41AM accountable.
9:52:42AM Every time we hear about something that's happening
9:52:44AM in the community that involves our students, we are
9:52:47AM holding them accountable.
9:52:48AM And I'm asking you to hold our bar owners
9:52:52AM accountable.
9:52:53AM That are not being good citizens, that are not
9:52:56AM following the law.
9:52:58AM That's all we're asking for here.
9:53:00AM Is to follow the law.
9:53:01AM So we can be safer.
9:53:03AM And here's the good news for everybody in this room.
9:53:06AM Is the people that aren't following the laws are
9:53:08AM going to be shut down, which means you who have the
9:53:11AM permits to stay open till 3:00 are going to have
9:53:13AM more business.
9:53:14AM I'm going to want to come to your club because I
9:53:16AM know your business is safe.
9:53:18AM So let's keep doing this.
9:53:19AM This is awesome.
9:53:20AM But let's work with some of these people to help
9:53:23AM really tweak this so it's a win-win.
9:53:25AM Thank you.
9:53:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?

9:53:27AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Ma'am, could you come back up here?
9:53:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: They going to hold you
9:53:31AM accountable.
9:53:32AM [ Laughter ]
9:53:33AM >>FRANK REDDICK: We want to hold you accountable
9:53:36AM too.
9:53:36AM Since you represent University of Tampa.
9:53:38AM >> You bet.
9:53:39AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Should we shut down University of
9:53:40AM Tampa for what your students are doing in north Hyde
9:53:43AM Park?
9:53:45AM >> Now, that's a good question.
9:53:47AM [ Applause ]
9:53:51AM >> Here's my answer.
9:53:52AM The University of Tampa was not doing anything about
9:53:55AM it, if we weren't talking to our neighbors, if we
9:53:59AM weren't showing up here, if we were not having
9:54:02AM one-on-one individual conversations, with every
9:54:05AM student that is identified to us, that's acting
9:54:09AM inappropriate, if we were not giving them serious
9:54:12AM sanctions and educational programming to get them to
9:54:15AM learn, which is what we do over there.
9:54:17AM We teach and we help them grow.
9:54:20AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Would you start in north Hyde Park,
9:54:22AM start in north Hyde Park.

9:54:24AM Thank you.
9:54:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:54:25AM Next please?
9:54:31AM >> My name is Charlotte Petonic.
9:54:36AM I'm the wellness coordinator at the University of
9:54:36AM Tampa.
9:54:36AM I do also support Ellen and Gina.
9:54:40AM I spend a lot of my time working with our students
9:54:42AM to make sure that we are teaching them to live in a
9:54:44AM healthy community.
9:54:45AM And I ask that we have community-wide support, not
9:54:49AM only for our students, but for them to live in a
9:54:51AM healthy community that were following the laws.
9:54:54AM A lot of these sanctions that would happen for
9:54:56AM people to lose their liquor license are all illegal.
9:54:59AM Illegal drug use, assault.
9:55:02AM Anything like that.
9:55:03AM And I just hope that you as a Council can support
9:55:05AM the overall health and wellness of not only my
9:55:08AM students, but the community that we live within.
9:55:10AM Thank you.
9:55:13AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
9:55:13AM Next?
9:55:14AM >> Hi, I'm Eric Schiller.
9:55:20AM The wife and I own Gaspar's Grotto in Ybor City, for

9:55:24AM which we have broken our backs to improve things.
9:55:28AM Raised half a million dollars for charity.
9:55:30AM And on a yearly basis pump a million dollars in
9:55:33AM payroll into our local economy.
9:55:36AM So, it's disconcerting to see that once again
9:55:40AM there's death by a thousand cuts.
9:55:41AM Rather than continue this thing, I would agree with
9:55:45AM Mr. Miranda, that we vote on it and dispose of it so
9:55:49AM people can go back to work.
9:55:50AM This is not correct.
9:55:51AM I would agree with all my colleagues, but I won't
9:55:56AM repeat them.
9:55:56AM It would be a waste of time.
9:55:59AM So I'll just tell you a little narrow unintended
9:56:01AM consequence.
9:56:02AM Which is, a couple years ago, this Council was
9:56:06AM gracious enough to provide a facade grant to
9:56:10AM Gaspar's Grotto, which we accepted, including a lien
9:56:15AM on the property, with conditions on the lien.
9:56:18AM Now the Council wants to propose making it more
9:56:25AM difficult to satisfy the conditions of the lien.
9:56:30AM So, if something were to happen and in the worst
9:56:33AM case -- I don't want to get extreme or dramatic
9:56:35AM about it, but if something were to happen and the,
9:56:39AM and the Council would take our new permit away, we

9:56:41AM could not satisfy the conditions of the city's lien
9:56:45AM and I would be pushed into foreclosure.
9:56:47AM And there goes the million bucks.
9:56:52AM And there goes the property.
9:56:53AM And there goes the whole damn thing.
9:56:55AM So the point is, where is the justice in that
9:56:58AM situation?
9:56:59AM That's another unintended consequence of rushing a
9:57:04AM well-intended, but ill conceived ordinance into law.
9:57:11AM So, I thank you.
9:57:14AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
9:57:14AM Next?
9:57:18AM >> Good afternoon, Council.
9:57:20AM My name is Sheilah Youngblood, the owner of
9:57:24AM Pictureman catering food truck.
9:57:26AM Also the founder of Our Sisters Our Friends
9:57:28AM Foundation.
9:57:29AM I think I've been before you all several times.
9:57:32AM I know each and every one of you.
9:57:34AM I don't support this ordinance because it will truly
9:57:38AM affect my business.
9:57:40AM It will cause me to close down.
9:57:44AM It is just a bad suggestion for a small business
9:57:48AM owners as myself.
9:57:50AM I came before the City Council and fought hard for

9:57:54AM my hours.
9:57:55AM I do work at the clubs after hours.
9:57:58AM And I came and I fought.
9:58:02AM It was a bad situation.
9:58:05AM And now this situation about closing down at
9:58:07AM 12:00 and all this, I can truly say that if it is a
9:58:13AM problem in the club, then it's a problem everywhere,
9:58:16AM that you bring the problems in the neighborhood.
9:58:18AM We have bootleg shops in the neighborhoods.
9:58:24AM So what are you going to do force the people to go
9:58:27AM out of business and I will be one of them.
9:58:29AM I just don't support it.
9:58:30AM And I would like for you all to reconsider it.
9:58:33AM I don't think that it's good for the city.
9:58:36AM And small business people that are scuffling
9:58:39AM already, that we have a flood, we're feeding the
9:58:43AM homeless, the people help children out here on the
9:58:47AM street.
9:58:47AM With nowhere to go.
9:58:49AM And it is people like us that take our time out and
9:58:53AM go out and try and feed these people that are being
9:58:56AM pushed up under the rug.
9:58:59AM Nobody sees.
9:58:59AM They see them, but they turn their head.
9:59:02AM And I probably would be one of them out there too.

9:59:05AM I need my business.
9:59:07AM And I'm asking you all to please consider squashing
9:59:13AM this ordinance, because it's just not good for small
9:59:16AM business people and I fought hard for my business.
9:59:19AM Thank you.
9:59:21AM [ Applause ]
9:59:23AM >>HARRY COHEN: Next?
9:59:27AM >> Members of Council, good morning.
9:59:29AM My name is Bob Morrison.
9:59:31AM I'm here this morning on behalf of the Hillsborough
9:59:34AM County hotel and motel association.
9:59:36AM Our members represent the collection of over 90% of
9:59:41AM all hotel revenue in Hillsborough County.
9:59:43AM My presence here today is for two purposes.
9:59:47AM First, to offer on behalf of our association our
9:59:51AM willingness to sit down and work with you and with
9:59:54AM your committees to see if there can be a solution
9:59:58AM that is a win-win for all.
10:00:00AM We appreciates what you're trying to accomplish.
10:00:04AM Our sense is that what's before us today doesn't get
10:00:08AM us anywhere near where you would desire to be.
10:00:11AM Secondly, I wanted to point out to you just one
10:00:15AM section of one of the two proposed ordinances that
10:00:19AM raised a very critical red flag by our membership.
10:00:24AM When we looked at section 1415.1 section 1, and we

10:00:32AM looked specifically at sub-paragraph 4, what caught
10:00:36AM our attention was, it started off with if there's
10:00:40AM any allowance or permitting of any person to possess
10:00:44AM any alcoholic beverage on premise, that was okay.
10:00:50AM We understood that might be unlawful and
10:00:53AM unappropriate perhaps.
10:00:54AM But then the part B of that paragraph threw all our
10:00:59AM members for a loop.
10:01:00AM Part B says, or to be or to remain open for business
10:01:06AM of any kind whatsoever at any time other than during
10:01:12AM the hours set forth in subsection B, ABCD of this
10:01:19AM section.
10:01:19AM All of a sudden my members said okay, we understand
10:01:22AM we're talking a bar or we're talking a lounge or a
10:01:24AM dance hall.
10:01:25AM But for a hotel, that's suggesting that the hotel is
10:01:29AM the recipient of the wet zoning?
10:01:32AM That now we can't open our door, we have to close
10:01:35AM our door during the period after 3:00 a.m.?
10:01:39AM That raised a, like I said, a red flag.
10:01:44AM It suggested to our members that we needed to come
10:01:47AM before you to say that that is an illustration of
10:01:51AM why we desire to come back and work with you to
10:01:55AM solve what you're trying to accomplish, but what we
10:01:58AM have before us today way far over-reaches what we

10:02:04AM believe you originally intended.
10:02:06AM Thank you so much.
10:02:07AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
10:02:08AM Next?
10:02:08AM Good morning.
10:02:12AM I am Tom Haines, general manager of the epicurean
10:02:16AM hotel scheduled to open in two weeks.
10:02:18AM Obviously here to support Mr. Morrison and his
10:02:23AM organization as they represent us.
10:02:24AM And agree with a great deal of what was said today.
10:02:26AM And understand that the intent is create a safe
10:02:31AM Tampa, where it's safe for our citizens and our
10:02:34AM visitors.
10:02:35AM That said, this is a project that is $40 million
10:02:37AM project that was designed based on the current
10:02:43AM regulations and laws.
10:02:44AM And this is a game changer for us.
10:02:48AM And as Mr. Morrison said, for us, we'd very much
10:02:52AM like to be involved in this, dialoguing this
10:02:55AM conversation to help the, help come to a solution
10:02:57AM that is good for business and good for Tampa and
10:02:59AM good for the business owners that sit behind me
10:03:02AM today as well.
10:03:03AM Thank you very much.
10:03:07AM >>HARRY COHEN: Next?

10:03:09AM >> Okay.
10:03:11AM I'm Ed Tillou.
10:03:12AM Sulphur Springs.
10:03:15AM Stakeholders, I've heard that term about 10 or 12
10:03:20AM years ago and it was like I was applying for a
10:03:22AM planning job.
10:03:23AM It was an interview.
10:03:25AM And I thought my Lord, another piece of jargon.
10:03:28AM That has crept in since I went to school in
10:03:32AM planning.
10:03:33AM Okay.
10:03:33AM With respect to that, tomorrow will be the first
10:03:39AM Friday and that means that the evening, the Friday
10:03:44AM meal at why not will be steak.
10:03:46AM So, I hate to add a good side to preparation for
10:03:54AM this ordinance.
10:03:56AM I don't know, to me it seems reasonable.
10:03:58AM I'm surprised Eric from Gaspar's Grotto came down
10:04:02AM here against it because what stands out is when
10:04:04AM Empire Lounge was causing all kinds of problems, he
10:04:08AM was the guy who put himself on the line.
10:04:11AM And all the rest of the people on seventh avenue
10:04:15AM were mice.
10:04:15AM You know, just hoping the problem would go away.
10:04:18AM So I see what the Council is trying to do, they're

10:04:20AM trying to get a handle on the few places that are
10:04:22AM bad places.
10:04:23AM I came to mostly speak, I guess you could say this
10:04:27AM was a little like item 14.
10:04:29AM This is about things in Florida.
10:04:34AM I was distributing about biofuel, once the gasoline
10:04:38AM runs out, you've got one hell of an emergency.
10:04:41AM And the thing of it is, you got a crop that can
10:04:47AM produce $2,400 an acre, which is three times what
10:04:50AM corn does.
10:04:50AM So maybe agriculture in Florida will start to have
10:04:56AM some way from other than raising crops of houses.
10:05:00AM Because it's already pretty crowded.
10:05:02AM If you go up in an airplane, you see that.
10:05:05AM Just house to house across the landscape, ten miles
10:05:08AM this way, 20 miles that way.
10:05:09AM It's just very crowded here.
10:05:12AM I'm surprised Maryland is actually less crowded.
10:05:14AM There's a new sign down at the corner of gaslight
10:05:19AM plaza and it has the same misspelling as the one at
10:05:22AM MacDill.
10:05:23AM They said they were going to change the one at
10:05:26AM MacDill, but maybe they thought they could wing it
10:05:29AM here and nobody would realize that Shirley was
10:05:31AM misspelled.

10:05:32AM But, the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of
10:05:39AM JFK, John Kennedy's visit to here, combination of
10:05:45AM Citrus Park mall had the courage and they do this
10:05:49AM from time to time, to show Oliver Stone's JFK.
10:05:57AM They only had it for one day.
10:05:58AM But that got me thinking a lot about that.
10:06:01AM And I realize now that as I've done even more
10:06:04AM research, some of the things I said at City Council
10:06:07AM in the past were wrong.
10:06:08AM So, my time is up.
10:06:11AM But I'll try to get to that.
10:06:14AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Tillou.
10:06:15AM Next, please?
10:06:24AM >> Councilmembers, my name is John Dover, I'm a
10:06:27AM business owner in Ybor City.
10:06:29AM I applaud your efforts to address this problem.
10:06:34AM I'm opposed to the method that you're proposing to
10:06:41AM solve this problem.
10:06:42AM And the reason is, you're creating unnecessary
10:06:48AM bureaucracy.
10:06:49AM You're throwing another fee at businesses.
10:06:51AM And it's basically an attack on small business.
10:06:59AM I'm really surprised that you take this approach.
10:07:02AM I don't see how attacking a 90 something percent of
10:07:11AM the good people to get at the bad apples is, is the

10:07:15AM best way to go about this.
10:07:18AM And you know, I served two terms in the YCDC in Ybor
10:07:23AM City.
10:07:23AM I mean, we have problems like this coming up all the
10:07:26AM time.
10:07:26AM We get input and we try to formulate a solutioning
10:07:35AM that takes everyone's interests at heart.
10:07:39AM So, I would ask that you reconsider this, the
10:07:43AM direction you're headed.
10:07:44AM But keep addressing the real problem and the
10:07:48AM interests of saving everyone's time, including
10:07:50AM yourself, I would urge that you take a vote today.
10:07:54AM So, thank you very much for your time.
10:07:57AM [ Applause ]
10:07:57AM 76.
10:07:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:08:00AM I need additional 30 minutes.
10:08:01AM >> So moved.
10:08:02AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione, second
10:08:03AM by Mr. Cohen on close vote for additional 30
10:08:07AM minutes.
10:08:07AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
10:08:09AM saying aye.
10:08:09AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:08:09AM Yes, ma'am?

10:08:10AM >> Hi, I'm Kelly Bailey.
10:08:12AM I reside at 2701 north ninth street.
10:08:15AM Here not to speak about the liquor license issue.
10:08:18AM But about Cuscaden pool.
10:08:20AM I'm here on my own behalf as well as that the V.M.
10:08:24AM Ybor neighborhood association as I am currently
10:08:26AM serving as president.
10:08:27AM The V.M. Ybor neighborhood is asking you to allocate
10:08:30AM CIT funds to be used in the 2014 budget year to help
10:08:34AM stabilize and repair Cuscaden pool so that all of
10:08:37AM the members of our community may once again enjoy
10:08:40AM this historic structure.
10:08:41AM We are approaching 10 years now since the original
10:08:44AM inferior repairs were made to the pool and the
10:08:47AM building.
10:08:47AM And five years since the pool was closed and
10:08:51AM completely shut down.
10:08:52AM It is time to correct these problems.
10:08:54AM Inherent problems with the pool once and for all.
10:08:56AM So again, we're asking you to allocate CIT funds to
10:08:59AM stabilize Cuscaden pool and to make the necessary
10:09:02AM repairs that would make the pool and building
10:09:04AM operational once again.
10:09:07AM Thank you.
10:09:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:09:08AM Next please?
10:09:12AM >> My name is Joseph Haley.
10:09:15AM Here to speak on the liquor ordinance.
10:09:20AM I've been in the bar business for very long time.
10:09:23AM Mostly throughout Tampa.
10:09:25AM Anyway, when I came up from up north, I came for the
10:09:29AM whose at that time business.
10:09:30AM For some people, that's all they know.
10:09:32AM Okay.
10:09:33AM There's a hallway full of single moms, college
10:09:36AM students that work during the day.
10:09:38AM They hold good jobs during the day, they work
10:09:40AM part-time jobs in the evening just to get by.
10:09:43AM Okay, so when you want to penalize one, or a couple
10:09:47AM of people that are running bad business per se, I
10:09:52AM mean, I can't say politically what I want to say,
10:09:55AM but it comes downhill.
10:09:57AM You're affecting everybody that you know, just want
10:10:00AM to make an honest living.
10:10:01AM I don't, me holding a liquor license, I've hold a
10:10:06AM couple myself.
10:10:07AM There's not one person that I know that would like
10:10:09AM to go through the hassle of getting a liquor
10:10:13AM license.
10:10:13AM It costs a lot of money, to do bad business.

10:10:15AM Everybody goes in with the intention of doing good
10:10:18AM business.
10:10:18AM They try to do the right thing.
10:10:20AM So I know people that went in there 401(k), took
10:10:23AM mortgage out on their home to start a dream, per se.
10:10:27AM Okay.
10:10:28AM And to turn around and say I'm going to take that
10:10:31AM dream from you.
10:10:32AM You know, is just not right.
10:10:34AM I mean, go after what you want to go after.
10:10:36AM Clean up who you want to clean up.
10:10:38AM But a whole room full of people out there, that's
10:10:40AM why all these people are here, because you got
10:10:42AM managers, you got servers, you got people that they
10:10:45AM need this.
10:10:46AM They need this just to get by.
10:10:47AM I mean, this is all they know for some people.
10:10:50AM You know, fortunately for other people, you know,
10:10:53AM they can do something else.
10:10:54AM But this is just, it's just craze to me.
10:10:57AM But I mean, what do I know?
10:10:59AM I mean, the guy that I buy my toilet paper from the
10:11:02AM other day asked me like man, less title paper, less
10:11:06AM wiping, you ain't got more people coming in.
10:11:11AM [ Laughter ]

10:11:12AM >> If you want to do something, okay, but it's going
10:11:15AM to affect everybody.
10:11:16AM Your servers, your vendors, your guy you get your
10:11:19AM cups from.
10:11:19AM The guy, everybody's going to be affected and the
10:11:22AM City of Tampa is going to be affected too.
10:11:24AM I mean, I'm not a rocket scientist, but I think
10:11:27AM there's something called tax dollars.
10:11:28AM I know about it.
10:11:29AM Isn't all that going to come into play?
10:11:31AM Again, I don't know, again, I'm not a rocket
10:11:34AM scientist, but I know that financially, it's going
10:11:37AM to affect more than just the guy that you're after.
10:11:42AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:11:43AM Next please?
10:11:46AM >> Ron Rotella, Westshore alliance, representing a
10:11:49AM lot of hotels and restaurants in the Westshore
10:11:52AM Business District.
10:11:54AM I note in the ordinance that you exempt Tampa
10:11:57AM International Airport.
10:11:57AM Logically that makes sense.
10:11:59AM They're not causing any problems.
10:12:01AM They're kind of isolated.
10:12:02AM There's no neighborhoods around them.
10:12:05AM So exempt them.

10:12:06AM It makes sense.
10:12:07AM Business travelers get in from a long flight.
10:12:09AM They're tired.
10:12:10AM They either want a drink or they get a meal with
10:12:13AM wine.
10:12:13AM So, makes sense to exempt them.
10:12:15AM Then let's talk about the Westshore Business
10:12:17AM District.
10:12:18AM 8,000 hotel rooms, more hotels in Westshore than any
10:12:24AM other place in Hillsborough County.
10:12:25AM They also cater to the business traveler.
10:12:27AM So, what are we going to suggest to people?
10:12:30AM Well, if you want a drink or you want a meal with
10:12:34AM alcoholic beverages, get it at the airport because
10:12:37AM the hotels can't serve after 12:00.
10:12:39AM Now, know that's not the, that won't happen, because
10:12:43AM what will happen is they'll apply for the permit.
10:12:47AM So they too can serve till 3:00.
10:12:49AM So, what we're going to do now is impose additional
10:12:53AM costs and additional regulations on a business
10:12:57AM district that has no problems contributing to the
10:13:02AM problems that you're having in an isolated area or
10:13:05AM two.
10:13:05AM I think this ordinance is a bad approach.
10:13:09AM And rather than have workshops and public hearings,

10:13:13AM have all these people back.
10:13:15AM We're all coming out of a pretty deep prolonged
10:13:17AM recession.
10:13:18AM Now is not the time to be adding costs and
10:13:20AM regulation to businesses.
10:13:22AM I would suggest that you follow Mr. Miranda's lead
10:13:25AM and vote this ordinance down today.
10:13:27AM It's bad for business.
10:13:30AM [ Applause ]
10:13:34AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
10:13:37AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just to add, the task force that
10:13:38AM worked on this from the cultural assets committee,
10:13:41AM their notes of April 2013, they suggested and it
10:13:46AM didn't -- this is a draft ordinance.
10:13:48AM This is something we instructed the legal to come
10:13:51AM back with.
10:13:52AM We read it, as you all did, on Wednesday of last
10:13:56AM week, I think it was.
10:13:58AM But nonetheless, it is a draft ordinance.
10:14:01AM Now, when the notes from the task force state that
10:14:08AM they suggested -- it was interesting because
10:14:11AM Mr. Morris was here and now Mr. Rotella, that hotels
10:14:15AM be looked at differently, because they have a
10:14:18AM separate entrance and they function 24 hours, seven
10:14:23AM days a week, 365 days a year.

10:14:25AM Those -- that was in the notes of the task force and
10:14:29AM that was presented on May 23rd, seven months ago,
10:14:33AM here at City Council.
10:14:34AM And then there was a workshop, October 17th,
10:14:38AM specifically on alcoholic beverage and this exact
10:14:44AM recommendation that you're now here.
10:14:46AM But as I said before, but I just wanted to make that
10:14:51AM point about the hotels and that the task force did
10:14:54AM look at hotels and did suggest that.
10:14:55AM It's not in there.
10:14:56AM I, when I read it, there were several things.
10:15:00AM That's why I made the motion to workshop it.
10:15:02AM But, we need to really look at -- and I also want to
10:15:09AM point out.
10:15:09AM There was at least three, four establishments that
10:15:13AM came up to talk about how their business is going to
10:15:17AM go over to the other side of the bridge.
10:15:19AM And one of themselves own 14 businesses I think he
10:15:22AM said.
10:15:22AM St. Petersburg permits for additional hours.
10:15:27AM And they are not thriving, right?
10:15:29AM They're not thriving?
10:15:32AM And they permit for additional hours.
10:15:37AM Fort Lauderdale, I want to reiterate this.
10:15:40AM Fort Lauderdale permits.

10:15:41AM And then, 19 counties in Florida permit.
10:15:45AM So, taking that into consideration, I do believe
10:15:51AM that we, this conversation needs to continue.
10:15:54AM But I just wanted to point out the notes from that
10:15:57AM task force that worked with our legal department.
10:15:59AM Thank you.
10:16:02AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next please?
10:16:06AM >> My name is Elizabeth Graham.
10:16:08AM I am the owner of 5135 and 5137 Florida Avenue.
10:16:15AM I've been before you here before.
10:16:18AM Applying for a liquor license.
10:16:20AM And I spent a ton of money, effort and time.
10:16:24AM I own a small businesses, a couple of them.
10:16:28AM And I am against this new ordinance.
10:16:33AM I don't think -- I was just listening to what you
10:16:40AM said and you said a lot of people like St. Pete and
10:16:42AM all these other places.
10:16:43AM I've mortgaged my home, so for me personally, do I
10:16:47AM have to pay this permit to keep working?
10:16:50AM I would because I would lose not only my businesses,
10:16:53AM I would lose my home.
10:16:54AM So, I don't know whether or not -- people are
10:16:59AM pacing, for me personally, this would affect me.
10:17:02AM How deep does the government got to go into my
10:17:06AM pocket for me to make a living?

10:17:11AM And another thing that I'd like to mention.
10:17:14AM The only reason I knew about today is because I got
10:17:17AM an e-mail from somebody in the neighborhood.
10:17:21AM I didn't even know that this was happening.
10:17:23AM I called, I spoke with somebody and they told me
10:17:28AM that, well, we posted it in the paper.
10:17:31AM I was like, well, I'm sorry, I didn't see the paper.
10:17:34AM So I think that everybody that has a liquor license
10:17:38AM needs to be known that this is occurring.
10:17:42AM I'm just opposed.
10:17:47AM I think it's going to affect my business.
10:17:49AM I think it's going to affect my income.
10:17:50AM I don't want to work this hard and lose it.
10:17:56AM It's just not fair to the good people.
10:18:01AM [ Applause ]
10:18:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please.
10:18:04AM I'm going to ask you not to clap.
10:18:06AM Please.
10:18:07AM If not, I'm going to stop the meeting and go in
10:18:09AM recess.
10:18:10AM Please, I have a full calendar.
10:18:11AM I got good people still want to speak.
10:18:13AM I've asked the Council for an extension.
10:18:15AM I want to keep it on time.
10:18:16AM Thank you very much.

10:18:17AM Next please?
10:18:18AM >> Hello.
10:18:20AM Vivian brown, I live 1305 east 18th avenue.
10:18:23AM I'm here to speak on the Cuscaden pool.
10:18:25AM I would like to echo everything Kim Headland so
10:18:32AM eloquently said.
10:18:33AM I unfortunately do not speak that eloquently.
10:18:35AM Want to thank you for finding funds, or we
10:18:43AM understand that funds were earmarked for, to repair
10:18:47AM this pool, to stabilize it.
10:18:50AM We'd like to leave, make sure that that happens.
10:18:55AM I understand it's going to be only a partial repair,
10:18:58AM that it will be only for stabilization, not enough
10:19:02AM money to fix the pool properly as we were told that
10:19:05AM it was going to be.
10:19:06AM Now that so many years have gone by, it's going to
10:19:08AM take more and more money.
10:19:09AM I personally swam at this pool.
10:19:13AM My neighbors are now going to other pools.
10:19:15AM The children at academy prep had found other places
10:19:21AM to swim.
10:19:21AM Now they've cut their swim program completely.
10:19:25AM The seniors are, don't have a place to rehabilitate
10:19:27AM and do water aerobics.
10:19:29AM This is supposed to be a year round pool when it was

10:19:33AM first put in.
10:19:33AM And now it was just three months, and then now
10:19:37AM nothing.
10:19:37AM The residents know what happened, the city knows
10:19:41AM what happened.
10:19:41AM I'd just like for it to not die just with
10:19:44AM stabilization, to go on and be properly repaired to
10:19:49AM a functioning pool.
10:19:50AM And keep our historic status at this pool.
10:19:56AM Thank you very much.
10:19:57AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:19:57AM Appreciate it very much.
10:19:58AM Next please?
10:20:02AM >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, Don Rhodes, 412
10:20:06AM Madison street.
10:20:07AM In reference to item number 4, and to those people
10:20:10AM who seem to be disappointed that this was rushed,
10:20:14AM maybe not properly noticed, ill conceived and so
10:20:19AM forth, all I can say, that's how we do business
10:20:23AM here.
10:20:24AM This is how it works.
10:20:25AM We rush things through.
10:20:27AM We do things sloppy.
10:20:29AM And then we take credit for it if it works out.
10:20:32AM And we put the blame some place else if it doesn't.

10:20:35AM This here is the language of the historical marker
10:20:40AM of the Kennedy visit 50 years ago.
10:20:42AM A few people noticed that there was one
10:20:46AM misspelled -- it's upside down?
10:20:48AM So am I.
10:20:52AM [ Laughter ]
10:20:52AM >> Few people noticed that there was a word
10:20:55AM misspelled in the middle of it.
10:20:56AM Big deal.
10:20:57AM The last sentence, which isn't even written in
10:21:00AM English, any English I know about, also contains at
10:21:04AM least three historical mistakes.
10:21:05AM Kennedy didn't huddle in space for four days before
10:21:11AM he went to Dallas.
10:21:11AM He went back to Washington, D.C.
10:21:13AM He went with to San Antonio, he went to fort hood.
10:21:16AM He went to Fort Worth and then he went to Dallas.
10:21:19AM And even if you're going to leave out those other
10:21:21AM destinations for crying out loud, which is fine with
10:21:24AM me, because we rewrite history and facts here all
10:21:28AM the time, especially the legal department.
10:21:30AM When they want to change something, they change it
10:21:33AM and you guys approve it, whether it makes good sense
10:21:36AM or not.
10:21:37AM How many things to we know about since this Council

10:21:42AM got sworn in, where City Council has glossed over a
10:21:47AM mistake, changed the facts in the community,
10:21:52AM approved it, walked away from it like it was no big
10:21:55AM deal.
10:21:57AM And then expecting its citizenry to love it.
10:22:01AM Well, I say don't change that historical marker.
10:22:03AM Leave it as a monument, build a Mote around it,
10:22:10AM direct a fence as how we do things here in the City
10:22:13AM of Tampa currently.
10:22:16AM I haven't told that many jokes, but appreciate the
10:22:18AM laughter.
10:22:19AM That's what I think you ought to do with this
10:22:21AM monument because it represents so well what shakes
10:22:23AM down here under the current leadership.
10:22:25AM And like the old campaign song from the Kennedy era
10:22:28AM goes.
10:22:30AM If it's good enough for Buckhorn, it's good enough
10:22:34AM for me.
10:22:34AM Don't change that sign.
10:22:35AM Leave it right where it's at.
10:22:38AM Thank you.
10:22:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:22:39AM Next please?
10:22:43AM >> Good evening, Tampa Council.
10:22:47AM My name is Carlos Cuhval.

10:22:49AM I live 11048 La Jordan Circle, Tampa, Florida,
10:22:53AM 33617.
10:22:55AM Lisa Montelione my own sister.
10:22:58AM The reason I'm here, I'm against item four.
10:23:00AM I'm not going to repeat what many people say.
10:23:03AM I know they're against it.
10:23:04AM I'm going to say something different.
10:23:06AM The reason why I do politics, the reason why I like
10:23:09AM to volunteer because this is my dream.
10:23:10AM I support every club owner, every bartender, every
10:23:15AM DJ, everybody who sacrificed their lives for the
10:23:18AM nightclub business.
10:23:19AM They put food on the tables for their children, for
10:23:22AM their families.
10:23:23AM For, and they like to entertain the customers.
10:23:25AM If this law becomes passed, you will each and every
10:23:29AM one of you will steal every club owner, bartender
10:23:33AM and DJ off their dreams.
10:23:36AM You will rob everybody of everything they work hard
10:23:39AM for in the nightlife industry.
10:23:41AM And the reason I'm going to add is, I'm also here,
10:23:48AM I'm asking you do the right thing.
10:23:51AM I understand people lost their lives at Ybor City.
10:23:54AM But let's all work together.
10:23:57AM Let the people and the City Council, let's all work

10:23:59AM together on this possible issue.
10:24:01AM And one more thing I want to add.
10:24:05AM The young generation told me, and also my friends,
10:24:09AM that out of touch with the Tampa City Council, we
10:24:12AM want you, the Tampa City Council to become the Tampa
10:24:16AM City Council once again.
10:24:17AM Not the guy in Tallahassee City Council.
10:24:20AM Thank you so much.
10:24:21AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:24:22AM Next please?
10:24:24AM >> Hello, my name is Timothy Grantham.
10:24:31AM I live in Tampa.
10:24:31AM Just wanted to comment on the liquor license
10:24:34AM ordinance that you guys are proposing.
10:24:36AM I think it's a very, very ridiculous notion that we
10:24:41AM would roll back the hours from 3:00 a.m. to
10:24:43AM midnight.
10:24:44AM I personally get off at midnight.
10:24:46AM That's my leisure time, my cooloff.
10:24:50AM I support my bartender's, bar backs, musicians,
10:24:55AM nightclub owners, all that jazz.
10:24:57AM And I know that what this would mean to them.
10:25:00AM It would mean a loss of jobs.
10:25:02AM It's basically theft is what this is.
10:25:04AM And I mean, I really, really have a hard time

10:25:10AM choking this down.
10:25:11AM If it's such a great idea, how come when I go visit
10:25:15AM my friends in Orlando, or visit my friends in
10:25:17AM Jacksonville, and I ask them hey, where do you guys
10:25:21AM go when you guys have associates down and you guys
10:25:23AM want to show them a good time?
10:25:25AM They never say Jacksonville.
10:25:27AM They never say Orlando.
10:25:28AM They never say Pasco County.
10:25:29AM They say Ybor City.
10:25:31AM They say Tampa, Florida.
10:25:33AM They say we're going to go to where these people can
10:25:37AM actually be appreciated at home and not just between
10:25:41AM the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00.
10:25:44AM I also really don't get along with the idea of
10:25:49AM having this meeting so early in the morning, being
10:25:52AM as we're talking about a bunch of people that should
10:25:54AM be asleep right now.
10:25:56AM So they don't really get a say.
10:25:58AM What happened if those people decided to have a
10:26:01AM meeting about Tampa City Council at 3:30 in the
10:26:03AM morning?
10:26:04AM You guys probably wouldn't appreciate that very
10:26:06AM much.
10:26:07AM You know?

10:26:08AM So, just a little consideration when it comes to the
10:26:11AM actual people who support the people who are, even
10:26:15AM impoverished, homeless people, they give them jobs
10:26:19AM and that as well.
10:26:20AM The people that are actually producing and stuff
10:26:22AM like that in Tampa, I think they should be applauded
10:26:25AM and appreciated.
10:26:26AM Not, well, having their income taken away.
10:26:28AM Thank you so much.
10:26:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:26:30AM Next please?
10:26:31AM >> My name is Jeffrey Ziozios.
10:26:38AM I own Bay City Tattoo in Ybor City.
10:26:41AM I am not a bar owner.
10:26:43AM But this does affect me.
10:26:45AM Ybor does not come alive until 10:00 at night.
10:26:48AM That is normal.
10:26:49AM I've been running this business in Ybor City for
10:26:51AM nine years.
10:26:52AM There's a very specific table as to when people come
10:26:55AM to Ybor.
10:26:56AM The majority of them in my business thrives in that
10:27:00AM area, is from 10:00 until 3:00 in the morning.
10:27:03AM If you take that time away, they won't come.
10:27:06AM I'm not the only business that thrives on that

10:27:09AM timeframe.
10:27:10AM Didn't have a lot to say on this I appreciate your
10:27:14AM time.
10:27:15AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.
10:27:15AM Next please?
10:27:19AM >> Good morning.
10:27:20AM My name is Simone Walk.
10:27:21AM I'm one of the owners at the Double Decker.
10:27:26AM I would like to say I came personally to Ybor City
10:27:29AM because Ybor City is a famous entertainment
10:27:33AM district, well known in the entire world.
10:27:34AM I also live in Ybor City.
10:27:36AM And closing down at midnight would actually kill
10:27:40AM Ybor City.
10:27:41AM It would be a ghost town.
10:27:43AM Nobody would come to Ybor City any more.
10:27:45AM Why take the business somewhere else?
10:27:47AM When we have it already.
10:27:50AM Also, we employ a lot of people.
10:27:53AM We pay a lot of taxes.
10:27:54AM It would -- I would say Ybor City would be a ghost
10:27:59AM town if this would pass.
10:28:02AM I definitely do not support this ordinance.
10:28:03AM Thank you.
10:28:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:28:04AM Next please?
10:28:09AM >> Good morning, Councilmembers, my name is Troy
10:28:12AM Manthey.
10:28:14AM I'm owner of Yacht Starship Dining Cruises.
10:28:15AM November 5th, we start our 13th season here in Tampa
10:28:19AM and rapidly approaching our millionth passenger.
10:28:20AM We're America's first three diamond rated dining
10:28:22AM yacht.
10:28:23AM I hope my 13th year is not my unlucky year if you
10:28:26AM pass this ordinance.
10:28:27AM I don't regularly cruise to 3:00 a.m., however, I do
10:28:30AM regularly cruise past midnight.
10:28:31AM My primary businesses are weddings, conventions,
10:28:34AM corporate events and local celebrated special
10:28:36AM occasions.
10:28:37AM I've made the investment.
10:28:39AM We have made the investment in our business, because
10:28:41AM of the current laws that are on the books.
10:28:44AM Changing the laws are a game changer for our
10:28:47AM business.
10:28:47AM The restaurateurs in this room have weathered one of
10:28:51AM the worst recessions in our lifetime.
10:28:53AM Most of us have been counting ice cubes to get
10:28:56AM through this recession.
10:28:57AM We worked harder than we have ever worked in our

10:29:00AM lives to keep our businesses afloat.
10:29:03AM Please do not regulate us out of business bypassing
10:29:05AM this ordinance.
10:29:06AM Thank you.
10:29:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:29:07AM Next please?
10:29:12AM >> My name is Ingrid Smith, I'm here to speak on
10:29:17AM both the Cuscaden and the alcohol.
10:29:21AM Cuscaden, I'm glad you guys are finally putting the
10:29:24AM money in toward to reinforcing this structure.
10:29:28AM It's an area that needs the community service pool.
10:29:31AM Unfortunately always seems like money seems to flow
10:29:33AM to the areas that already have and have alternate
10:29:36AM amenities.
10:29:37AM I grew up using our community pool and our community
10:29:39AM facilities.
10:29:40AM Just like the African-American golf course that we
10:29:45AM had.
10:29:46AM That one also couldn't see funds until after
10:29:49AM everybody else had been taken care of.
10:29:50AM So hopefully going forward, Cuscaden park will get
10:29:55AM the structural work it needs and going forward can
10:29:58AM eventually be restored.
10:29:59AM It is a gem of an area.
10:30:01AM I was privileged enough to see it during one of the

10:30:03AM home tours.
10:30:04AM Secondly, on the alcohol, interesting perspective.
10:30:09AM The people who have the 3:00 a.m. are saying this is
10:30:12AM loss of their operating hours.
10:30:13AM For those of us in Seminole Heights, we worked out
10:30:17AM our Seminole Heights wet zone policy, which is
10:30:19AM actually till 1:00 a.m. on Thursday, Friday,
10:30:23AM Saturday.
10:30:23AM Now, you're opening up the opportunity for
10:30:26AM 3:00 a.m., and is this going to be an opportunity,
10:30:32AM are they just going to be able to get the extended
10:30:34AM hours to 3:00 a.m. without having a hearing?
10:30:36AM And also, many of our businesses that we've
10:30:39AM supported are doing well.
10:30:41AM Seminole Heights is a good example as far as the
10:30:44AM neighborhood and businesses came together, came up
10:30:45AM with neighborhood friendly hours.
10:30:47AM We close earlier during the week.
10:30:49AM Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, usually
10:30:53AM 11:00 a.m. to midnight.
10:30:54AM Then till 1:00 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday
10:30:57AM with music an hour before.
10:30:59AM We came here, supported them through the hearings,
10:31:02AM through the, they had to go through.
10:31:07AM Now I'm finding out that those site plans may not

10:31:11AM have been for everything they went through, their
10:31:13AM site plans may not have included those hours.
10:31:16AM So are they now going to lose what we worked hard
10:31:19AM for in our community that will work?
10:31:21AM If it works in other communities, I think as far as
10:31:25AM going forward, if you all do workshop this, look at
10:31:27AM the balance as far as what works in this city.
10:31:30AM We're not cookie cutter to everywhere else.
10:31:32AM And the impact that it will have as far as I
10:31:36AM understand the need to gain control when there is
10:31:40AM the five percent that don't seem to appreciate the
10:31:43AM privilege and how do you penalize them for it.
10:31:48AM But we need to enforce the rules we currently have,
10:31:50AM as well as the restaurant rules that came into
10:31:53AM effect last year.
10:31:55AM Is that getting thrown out as well?
10:31:57AM Or is this another layer on top?
10:32:00AM Thank you for your time.
10:32:01AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before I go to the next person --
10:32:03AM hold the clock, I'm going to need three things.
10:32:05AM I need item 60, I need to open that hearing.
10:32:09AM >> So moved.
10:32:10AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
10:32:12AM Mr. Cohen on item 60.
10:32:14AM All in favor of the motion to open it, please

10:32:16AM indicate by saying aye.
10:32:18AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:32:18AM I need a motion from Council.
10:32:20AM Then I ask the audience, I need a motion to
10:32:23AM continue, and I would assume that this would be the
10:32:26AM same time and the same date as the other ones, 53
10:32:29AM and 54, which were to December 12th at 6:00 p.m.
10:32:37AM Have a motion by Mr. Reddick to continue, second by
10:32:39AM Ms. Montelione.
10:32:40AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item
10:32:43AM number 60?
10:32:44AM >> The applicant supports it and thanks the Council
10:32:45AM for its courtesy today.
10:32:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:32:48AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on the
10:32:50AM continuance only?
10:32:51AM See no one.
10:32:52AM Need a motion to continue.
10:32:53AM That motion has been made.
10:32:54AM Motion was made.
10:32:55AM Now the vote.
10:32:56AM All in favor of the motion to continue, please
10:32:58AM indicate by saying aye.
10:32:58AM Opposed nay.
10:33:00AM The ayes have it unanimously.

10:33:00AM Thank you very much.
10:33:00AM Okay.
10:33:02AM We're going to go another 15 minutes.
10:33:05AM And then we're going to stop on this item number 4.
10:33:08AM And then we're going to go back to item number one
10:33:12AM for, to item number one.
10:33:14AM And then we'll go back to four.
10:33:15AM Okay.
10:33:16AM I need additional 15 minutes.
10:33:18AM >> So moved.
10:33:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion made by Ms. Montelione,
10:33:20AM second by Mr. Reddick.
10:33:22AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
10:33:24AM saying aye.
10:33:24AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:33:25AM Yes, sir?
10:33:29AM >> Good morning, City Council, my name is Gregory
10:33:32AM Zwolinski, I'm here on behalf of a couple club
10:33:37AM owners and bar owners.
10:33:38AM And a former owner myself.
10:33:41AM I had a nice speech, but Mr. Steven Michelini just
10:33:45AM about nailed everything on the head I wanted to say.
10:33:47AM Just wanted to talk about one, to serve as an
10:33:52AM example why I lost my business.
10:33:53AM It's a very good example of what could happen in

10:33:57AM this case if this ordinance passed, if city may or
10:34:01AM may not be able to play favorites on some
10:34:04AM restaurants or bar locations.
10:34:05AM I opened up, being able to close at 3:00 a.m.
10:34:08AM Then my hours were scaled back to 1:00 a.m.
10:34:10AM I had 27 employees.
10:34:12AM We lost our business within months.
10:34:15AM 25 of those employees ended up moving out of town.
10:34:18AM I ended up filings for bankruptcy.
10:34:19AM I lost my job.
10:34:20AM I lost my house.
10:34:21AM I lost my car and I lost everything that I owned
10:34:24AM except the clothes I may be wearing right now the
10:34:27AM back at my parents house.
10:34:28AM Four people got evicted from, for not paying after
10:34:33AM we got shut down for their rent.
10:34:35AM So there was direct ripple effect on our community.
10:34:39AM That's 25 people that moved out of Tampa just
10:34:41AM because I got shut down.
10:34:43AM And those are only two hours.
10:34:45AM You know, from 3:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
10:34:48AM That was such a traumatic loss of business, we ended
10:34:51AM up losing everything.
10:34:52AM Our bartenders didn't make rent on time.
10:34:55AM We lost our business.

10:34:56AM I've lost everything I owned.
10:34:57AM I just wanted to sit here and serve as an example to
10:34:59AM what could happen if existing businesses do get
10:35:02AM their hours scaled back.
10:35:04AM Thank you.
10:35:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:35:05AM Next please?
10:35:07AM >> I have not been sworn?
10:35:09AM >>Reporter: This is not a swearing in.
10:35:11AM We're not getting married today.
10:35:12AM You can speak.
10:35:15AM [ Laughter ]
10:35:19AM >> John Jones, 1704 west -- I'm here on behalf of
10:35:25AM Historic Hyde Park.
10:35:26AM Who is in favor of this.
10:35:28AM We do appreciate all the hard work that's been done
10:35:31AM over the past two years on this.
10:35:32AM And all the things that have been looked at, thrown
10:35:35AM out, added back in.
10:35:38AM What have you.
10:35:39AM I'm late this morning because I saw that the sky was
10:35:43AM falling when I turned on the TV set this morning.
10:35:46AM And then when I extend outside, I realized actually
10:35:49AM it's not.
10:35:50AM It was just people who were concerned that the sky

10:35:53AM was falling.
10:35:53AM And that's what we're hearing today.
10:35:56AM The sky is falling.
10:35:57AM I don't know how many people here have ever, other
10:36:03AM than the last man who spoke, been shut down or been
10:36:07AM suspended.
10:36:09AM I would suspect that what we're looking at is
10:36:11AM between one and five percent, probably closer to one
10:36:13AM percent that might be affected by this.
10:36:16AM My understanding is that the object of this is to
10:36:21AM provide an inducement for people to behave.
10:36:24AM Because, and carrot and stick.
10:36:30AM And that the stick, if they don't behave.
10:36:32AM But the stick doesn't put them out of business.
10:36:34AM I don't know where the misinformation came about
10:36:37AM everybody was going to have to close at midnight.
10:36:40AM The papers have said that.
10:36:43AM The TV stations have said that.
10:36:45AM I don't remember reading anything in the ordinance
10:36:48AM or seeing anything in the ordinance that says you
10:36:51AM have to close at midnight.
10:36:52AM Unless you're already closing at midnight because
10:36:58AM you haven't gotten the privilege to stay open till
10:37:01AM 3:00.
10:37:02AM So, from that point of view, I don't see it as an

10:37:04AM issue.
10:37:05AM Everybody's been complaining about how onerous this
10:37:09AM is.
10:37:10AM They buy a business license every year.
10:37:11AM They renew a business license every year.
10:37:14AM I don't understand the difference between renewing
10:37:17AM that and renewing this, if it's part of the business
10:37:20AM license.
10:37:20AM So, you know, unless there's a separate license for
10:37:23AM this but it seems to me they ought to be combined
10:37:26AM into a single thing.
10:37:28AM But, now, I'm not opposed to bars, restaurants, or
10:37:35AM nightclubs.
10:37:36AM The planning task in my neighborhood has been there
10:37:40AM since 1946.
10:37:41AM And I have never spoken to a single person who knows
10:37:44AM about a situation where the police have been called
10:37:46AM there.
10:37:47AM The owner keeps a tight fist on what goes on in her
10:37:53AM establishment.
10:37:54AM This ought to encourage the owners of these
10:37:57AM establishments to keep a tight fist on what's going
10:38:00AM on in theirs.
10:38:01AM And they won't have a problem.
10:38:03AM Thank you very much.

10:38:03AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Stop the clock.
10:38:04AM Let me just say the distinguished gentleman with
10:38:07AM white hair and glasses will be the last speaker.
10:38:10AM Ms. Montelione?
10:38:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Ka Dan know?
10:38:13AM >> I'm Joseph Caetano.
10:38:17AM I live in Grand Hampton, New Tampa, the next great
10:38:20AM city in Hillsborough County.
10:38:22AM We workshopped this thing about six times.
10:38:24AM Some people want to hear themselves talk.
10:38:26AM To watch the reruns.
10:38:28AM We're wasting our time.
10:38:30AM We need to kill this today.
10:38:32AM It's a waste of time.
10:38:35AM I got calls yesterday that since I left the Council,
10:38:40AM I was the only pro business person on this Council.
10:38:43AM Some people love to kill businesses.
10:38:45AM We can't do it.
10:38:46AM Thank you, Mr. Miranda.
10:38:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.
10:38:51AM Next?
10:38:55AM >> My name is Joseph Capitano senior.
10:38:59AM I'm on the YCDC board.
10:39:01AM I'm here for two reasons actually, and also academy

10:39:03AM prep, I'm a director at academy prep.
10:39:05AM I'd like to talk to the ordinance about the
10:39:08AM beverage.
10:39:08AM First of all, we are probably one of the most
10:39:12AM regulated industries in the country in liquor
10:39:16AM already.
10:39:17AM We don't need an additional ordinance, additional
10:39:19AM burden of a new bureaucracy to tell us what we can
10:39:23AM and can't do.
10:39:28AM We that have bars know what we have to do and we do
10:39:30AM do it.
10:39:31AM We do take care.
10:39:32AM We don't allow some of the problems that you're
10:39:35AM saying.
10:39:35AM You've got a problem with these bars and I've been
10:39:39AM hearing it since I can't remember.
10:39:41AM But your big problem is if you were to want to start
10:39:46AM a bar and you didn't have the money, went to the
10:39:48AM bank, with these restrictions, you'll never get that
10:39:51AM money.
10:39:51AM They're not going to loan you any money to open a
10:39:54AM business.
10:39:54AM That's one thing that really bothers me.
10:39:56AM We don't have an idea what that fee is going to be.
10:39:59AM Nobody said it.

10:40:00AM But going to have to cost somebody some money to put
10:40:03AM this thing together.
10:40:04AM The last thing that I honestly feel that we are not
10:40:08AM attacking this in the right place.
10:40:10AM The nuisance ordinance in the state of Florida needs
10:40:12AM to be addressed.
10:40:13AM We have got enough, our body of legislators locally,
10:40:18AM why don't we get some teeth in the nuisance
10:40:22AM ordinance so you can close a bad actor up when
10:40:25AM they're acting bad.
10:40:26AM I beg you to please kill this thing today, get it
10:40:28AM out, and whatever you have to do some, if you want
10:40:31AM to put another ordinance in, that's fine.
10:40:33AM But let's kill this right now.
10:40:34AM We don't need this more aggravation to our industry.
10:40:37AM And the other thing is the Cuscaden pool.
10:40:40AM I as a board member of the academy prep.
10:40:43AM I'm asking you guys, we really need that in our area
10:40:46AM for the children that we have.
10:40:48AM Also, part of the dream center, which is the old
10:40:50AM boys and girls club that I grew up in in Ybor City
10:40:54AM on 15th street.
10:40:55AM We need to open that pool back up for those kids.
10:40:57AM There's no place in that area for them to go to, to
10:41:00AM have recreation and that pool means an awful lot.

10:41:03AM Not just fix it temporarily.
10:41:05AM Let's fix it and get it figured right.
10:41:07AM I go along with what Kim said earlier.
10:41:10AM We need that pool also.
10:41:11AM Thank you.
10:41:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:41:12AM Next please?
10:41:15AM >> Luke Lirot, 2240 Belleair Road, Clearwater.
10:41:21AM Quite honestly, I want my comments to be viewed as
10:41:24AM cautionary rather than critical.
10:41:26AM I took the trouble to read the over 200 pages in the
10:41:28AM file on this proposal.
10:41:29AM And it's clear that this has been a project that
10:41:32AM you've been considering for at least the last three
10:41:35AM years.
10:41:35AM You have a lot of good options in here.
10:41:38AM Unfortunately, I think what's been conceived in the
10:41:41AM hours of operation limitations that seems to be the
10:41:44AM most interest to the public, I think is probably the
10:41:47AM least positive concept that you can bring forward.
10:41:50AM You've got the option of amending chapter 6, which
10:41:53AM deals with the regulation of the business operating
10:41:55AM permits.
10:41:56AM That's an option that you can use.
10:41:58AM You can amend the provisions of chapter three that

10:42:00AM deal with alcoholic beverages, to create a much more
10:42:02AM surgical tool to help you in addition to the
10:42:06AM nuisance abatement procedures that I know you have
10:42:08AM because I was here a couple days ago for nuisance
10:42:11AM abatement hearing.
10:42:12AM And code enforcement and I was here yesterday for
10:42:14AM that.
10:42:15AM So it's not as if you don't have the tools to use.
10:42:17AM I just have the impression that in looking at all
10:42:20AM the work that's been done, to have a blanket
10:42:22AM limitation on the hours of operation that applies to
10:42:25AM everybody and creates another level of discretion to
10:42:28AM try to at least use those kinds of new regulations
10:42:31AM to someone's detriment that might not be applicable
10:42:34AM to somebody else, it seems a little bit overbroad.
10:42:37AM So, what I would ask to you do is, if you're really
10:42:40AM of a mind to adopt kind of regulations that deal
10:42:43AM with problems created by alcoholic beverage
10:42:46AM establishments, try to do it in the most surgical
10:42:48AM manner possible.
10:42:49AM I this that I creating some kind of a due process
10:42:52AM addition to the code, that deals with individual
10:42:55AM businesses, and would focus on whatever the
10:42:57AM characteristics of those businesses would be and
10:42:59AM then allow you to fashion a remedy, would be the

10:43:02AM best possible way to address this problem.
10:43:04AM I know you have a lot of discretion under the 21st
10:43:07AM amendment and home rule powers to deal with
10:43:09AM alcoholic beverages and perhaps a more general way
10:43:12AM than other exercises of police power.
10:43:14AM But I must stress to you that if you approach this
10:43:17AM what caution, I think you can reach a balance
10:43:19AM between what the city wants to achieve and something
10:43:21AM that will meet the pleasure of all the businesses
10:43:23AM that are here in great numbers and certainly
10:43:26AM speaking very passionately on this issue.
10:43:28AM And I thank you for the privilege of addressing you.
10:43:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, appreciate
10:43:32AM it.
10:43:32AM That's going to be the last speaker before we go to
10:43:34AM other items.
10:43:35AM You want the floor, Ms. Montelione?
10:43:37AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, sir, I do.
10:43:38AM First I want to say thank you to everyone for coming
10:43:41AM out.
10:43:41AM And you're right.
10:43:42AM A lot of people did not know that this was going to
10:43:45AM be an agenda item today.
10:43:47AM And I want to thank the media for doing the job that
10:43:52AM they're charged with doing, and that's informing and

10:43:54AM educating the public.
10:43:55AM I have had many conversations with many of you who
10:44:00AM are in the audience today.
10:44:02AM And with some of the individuals who are on the
10:44:07AM cultural assets for economic engine committee.
10:44:11AM And I think that what happened was, is we were asked
10:44:16AM by the YCDC to address some of the issues that they
10:44:20AM were experiencing with large venues.
10:44:22AM We have been talking about revisions to our code of
10:44:26AM ordinances in regards to nightclubs, large venues,
10:44:33AM assembly permits, underaged drinking, and we have
10:44:38AM been talking about this -- I checked my files back
10:44:42AM to January of 2012.
10:44:45AM So this has been an ongoing discussion.
10:44:48AM However, those discussions are isolated to the
10:44:53AM problems that we were asked to deal with.
10:44:56AM Not something that cast such a wide net.
10:45:00AM My concern was that -- I attended as chair of the
10:45:05AM building preservation and zoning committee, I
10:45:09AM attended several of the workshops that were held by
10:45:13AM our city staff on these recommendations.
10:45:16AM I was the only Councilmember to attend, as far as I
10:45:19AM know, at least the ones that I went to, and I didn't
10:45:21AM attend every workshop.
10:45:23AM But I attended quite a few.

10:45:25AM And the only people who were present at the first
10:45:29AM one at least were all the people from Ybor City
10:45:32AM because they were the ones who asked for some relief
10:45:35AM to start with.
10:45:36AM At the second one, some of the folks from Seminole
10:45:39AM Heights started showing up.
10:45:41AM And they were upset because they didn't know.
10:45:44AM And these were regulations that were going to affect
10:45:47AM them.
10:45:47AM But it seemed that only Ybor City was there.
10:45:49AM Now, I represent a district that has probably the
10:45:53AM furthest points from the downtown area, at county
10:45:58AM line road.
10:45:58AM And I can assure you that there are people who own
10:46:01AM and operate restaurants, hotels and businesses that
10:46:04AM would be affected by such an ordinance, on county
10:46:07AM line road, Cross Creek, Tampa Palms, on all of these
10:46:11AM establishments that have no idea that there would be
10:46:15AM some sort of process or permits that would affect
10:46:18AM their establishments and they had not been given the
10:46:21AM chance.
10:46:22AM I did hear from a couple of my constituents that
10:46:26AM reside or own businesses in the area.
10:46:29AM Some are homeowners or community development
10:46:32AM district board members.

10:46:35AM And you know, they all feel that this is a
10:46:38AM regulation that is not needed.
10:46:40AM That we should stick to what we were asked to do,
10:46:43AM and that's regulate large venues that we should look
10:46:46AM at the problems that were initially brought to us
10:46:50AM and address those.
10:46:51AM And as Mr. LaRoche has said, we have ordinances on
10:46:54AM the books right now in our codes that we can revise
10:46:58AM to, to address those issues.
10:47:02AM The other thing I wanted to say is that a lot of
10:47:04AM people have been bringing up St. Petersburg.
10:47:06AM And what St. Petersburg did was change their hours
10:47:14AM of operating from 12:01 to 3:00, to compete with the
10:47:18AM City of Tampa.
10:47:19AM They didn't roll back, they didn't put this business
10:47:23AM operating permit in place so that they could
10:47:26AM regulate their bad businesses.
10:47:32AM There are components of it.
10:47:33AM Very similar to what's been proposed here, for
10:47:36AM violations, too remove that privilege.
10:47:39AM But they moved their hours back from 12:01 to 3:01.
10:47:44AM We're going to opposite direction to say 3:00 to
10:47:48AM 12:00.
10:47:48AM So I think we're going opposite of what
10:47:53AM St. Petersburg was doing, to expand their ability to

10:47:56AM do business, to expand their opportunity for
10:48:00AM economic development, to attract the big conventions
10:48:05AM and tourist venues.
10:48:06AM Our legal department did say when they presented the
10:48:12AM last time that they weren't going to have the
10:48:15AM opportunity to really delve into the subject matter
10:48:18AM and bring us back something that would be complete
10:48:22AM and as I say, ready for prime time.
10:48:25AM That's why Mr. Reddick and I supported it coming
10:48:27AM back as a staff report, not as a draft ordinance.
10:48:30AM I really feel, especially this time of year for all
10:48:34AM of you folks who do work late at night, this is your
10:48:38AM busiest time of year.
10:48:40AM And for you to come out here and show your concern
10:48:45AM is very much appreciated.
10:48:47AM And I think that civic involvement and civic
10:48:49AM engagement is what we need.
10:48:52AM And although I did support moving -- I was initially
10:48:55AM going to ask for March to continue this.
10:48:58AM After hearing from the public and what Mr. Miranda
10:49:03AM had suggested is that we go for an up or down vote.
10:49:06AM So I don't know that I'll be supporting this to be
10:49:08AM continued until February 27th.
10:49:11AM I would like maybe an up or down vote on this item.
10:49:15AM Thank you.

10:49:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We won't.
10:49:17AM Let me say this.
10:49:18AM I'm going to -- we have all been very patient today
10:49:22AM and everything is working very smoothly.
10:49:24AM And I took two or three extensions today.
10:49:27AM And I appreciate everybody speaking and everybody
10:49:30AM was very civil, very upright and very factual.
10:49:33AM And I appreciate that very much.
10:49:34AM However, I do have item number one before I go to
10:49:37AM number four.
10:49:38AM And the gentleman has been sitting here very
10:49:40AM patiently.
10:49:41AM In fact, if he was really directed the orchestra,
10:49:44AM his right hand woof fallen off because he's been
10:49:46AM here since before 9:00.
10:49:47AM I don't know whether you can zing that baton for
10:49:50AM that period of time.
10:49:51AM I apologize to you, sir.
10:49:53AM Let me go to item number one.
10:49:54AM Then we'll come back to this item.
10:49:56AM I had to do what I had to do according to what the
10:49:58AM legal department told me that I had to do.
10:50:00AM So that's why I did what I had to do.
10:50:02AM Explain that.
10:50:03AM [ Laughter ]

10:50:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: How do you like that one?
10:50:05AM Anyway.
10:50:10AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I will introduce him.
10:50:11AM Thank you.
10:50:12AM We have Michael Pastreich, president and CEO of the
10:50:18AM Florida orchestra to appear and make a five minute
10:50:20AM presentation.
10:50:20AM And Mr. Pastreich, thank you for being here.
10:50:28AM >> Thank you very much.
10:50:29AM Thank you very much for the Council allowing me to
10:50:33AM speak today.
10:50:34AM Thank you very much for the City of Tampa support of
10:50:36AM the Florida orchestra.
10:50:38AM We are dedicated to serving this community in every
10:50:42AM way that we can.
10:50:44AM And would like to take this opportunity to update
10:50:47AM you on how the orchestra is doing in general.
10:50:50AM How do I turn on the PowerPoint?
10:50:53AM Thank you.
10:50:54AM The Florida orchestra is the largest performing arts
10:51:00AM organization in the Tampa Bay area.
10:51:01AM We're the largest professional orchestra in the
10:51:05AM state of Florida.
10:51:06AM We serve, on Fridays we perform in Tampa, Saturdays,
10:51:11AM St. Petersburg, Sunday in Clearwater.

10:51:13AM We have a variety of different performances.
10:51:16AM We have got 14 of our master works concerts.
10:51:20AM That's what you think of when you think of an
10:51:22AM orchestra, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms.
10:51:25AM We have our pop series next weekend, we have our
10:51:30AM holiday pops.
10:51:30AM About to do a major recording of that pops concert.
10:51:35AM Got Grammy award winner Jeff Tyzik as our principal
10:51:39AM pops conductor.
10:51:40AM And the pops series is thriving.
10:51:43AM We have during the day, we have got our coffee
10:51:47AM series, which have expanded from six concerts in a
10:51:51AM year to ten concerts in the year over the last four
10:51:54AM seasons.
10:51:54AM That is lighter classical music.
10:51:58AM Coffee and donuts in the lobby and a very
10:52:03AM interactive performance.
10:52:05AM We have more recently through our accessibility
10:52:08AM initiative broadened the types of concerts that we
10:52:11AM perform.
10:52:12AM We now do a series of rock concerts.
10:52:14AM We just did a concert of music of Pink Floyd.
10:52:17AM We're about to do a concert of the music of the
10:52:20AM Eagles.
10:52:21AM These are real rock concerts, screaming into the

10:52:25AM microphone, deafening sound, smoke, lights, with
10:52:28AM full orchestra.
10:52:30AM A tremendously successful series.
10:52:32AM The last year we started experiment with music from
10:52:37AM video games.
10:52:38AM The youngest audience that we have got are, when I
10:52:42AM go to the audience, when I go to the concerts, I
10:52:45AM feel old.
10:52:46AM The very last minute ticket lines tends to be people
10:52:51AM in their 20s and 30s.
10:52:53AM People come in costume.
10:52:54AM And they go crazy by the third note of any piece,
10:52:59AM everybody knows exactly what's happening.
10:53:01AM We have got video games being played during the
10:53:04AM concert.
10:53:05AM It's a very interactive format.
10:53:08AM The major recent initiatives that we have embarked
10:53:14AM on are accessibility initiative, which we launched
10:53:17AM in 2010.
10:53:18AM Where we drastically lowered ticket prices.
10:53:23AM We simplified packages and we started to do a much
10:53:27AM broader range of performances.
10:53:29AM When we lowered the ticket prices, we knew basic
10:53:32AM economics was the lower prices, more people will
10:53:35AM come.

10:53:36AM What we were really amazed was how many more people
10:53:38AM came.
10:53:39AM And the folks who are coming don't look like our
10:53:42AM traditional audience.
10:53:44AM Frankly, they're less Caucasian, and they are
10:53:48AM drastically younger than our traditional audiences.
10:53:51AM Both things I think are tremendously important.
10:53:53AM Our subscriber base grew by 87%.
10:53:57AM Our total paid attendance grew by 30%.
10:54:00AM And we have grown our subscription series every year
10:54:04AM for five consecutive seasons based on audience
10:54:07AM demand.
10:54:07AM We have recently released our first major recording,
10:54:13AM work of Frederick, DELIUS.
10:54:18AM The greatest composer from Florida.
10:54:21AM Recorder made number one on itunes, billboard and
10:54:25AM Amazon.
10:54:25AM We have been partnering with the Tampa Bay
10:54:28AM lightning.
10:54:29AM We recorded their new theme song, be the thunder, we
10:54:34AM have performed for every fourth grader in Pinellas
10:54:38AM and Hillsborough at the Tampa Bay forum.
10:54:42AM We have a major collaboration with the music
10:54:46AM institute of Havana.
10:54:48AM It's been going on since 2011.

10:54:51AM Started with us going down there.
10:54:54AM We brought their full orchestra here last year.
10:54:58AM And then this coming November, 2014, we'll be having
10:55:03AM a major Cuban music festival throughout the region.
10:55:07AM We have partnered with Carnegie Hall's Weill
10:55:12AM Institute.
10:55:18AM We provide recorders to fourth graders.
10:55:20AM They learn to perform specific pieces and they
10:55:23AM perform with the Florida orchestra in concert.
10:55:26AM Our attendance in a world where live attendance has
10:55:31AM been plummeting in symphony, opera, ballet,
10:55:36AM baseball, football, all forms of live activity, our
10:55:39AM audiences have grown by 30%.
10:55:45AM We draw into Tampa people from very large broad
10:55:50AM range.
10:55:51AM We have regular subscribers from Brookfield, Spring
10:55:54AM Hill, Sumner, Sarasota, and Desoto.
10:55:59AM We are, as a thank you to the City of Tampa, we are
10:56:05AM hosting a night for city employees.
10:56:12AM On Friday, may 23rd, our stars and stripes hit
10:56:16AM parade.
10:56:17AM Mayor Buckhorn will be welcoming the audience during
10:56:19AM that concert and we have a special offer for all
10:56:23AM members of the staff of the City of Tampa.
10:56:26AM I want to make sure I stayed within my five minutes.

10:56:29AM So, I'm happy to answer any questions, or just say
10:56:33AM thank you very much.
10:56:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by Councilmembers?
10:56:35AM Any comments at this time?
10:56:36AM Thank you very much.
10:56:38AM Appreciate it very much.
10:56:40AM Apologize to you for the delay.
10:56:41AM Okay, before I continue with the agenda, let me make
10:56:43AM a statement here that 11:30, this Council would be
10:56:49AM leaving to go up to the eighth floor.
10:56:51AM And I have to read this into the record.
10:56:53AM Notice is hereby given that Tampa City Council is
10:56:55AM going to a closed session pursuant to section
10:56:58AM 286.011-8, Florida statute, for approximately 30
10:57:03AM minutes.
10:57:04AM The meeting will convene in City Council chambers
10:57:07AM and will move to the conference room on the
10:57:09AM 8th floor of city hall for a closed session.
10:57:11AM The Council will discuss settlement negotiations or
10:57:14AM strategy sessions related to litigation,
10:57:16AM expenditures in the case of Michael Disser and SoHo
10:57:20AM Saloon LLC versus City of Tampa and Gloria Moreda,
10:57:25AM United States Federal District Court, Middle
10:57:27AM District of Florida, Case 813 CV 885T24 EAJ.
10:57:32AM The meeting will be attended by myself, Charlie

10:57:35AM Miranda, Councilmembers Harry Cohen, Mike Suarez,
10:57:41AM Mary Mulhern, Yvonne Yolie Capin, Frank Reddick and
10:57:42AM Lisa Montelione and attorneys Julia Mandell, Jerry
10:57:44AM Gewirtz, Martin Shelby and Rebecca Kert.
10:57:47AM Following the closed session, the City Council will
10:57:49AM convene in open session in City Council chambers so
10:57:52AM that the chair can announce termination of the
10:57:54AM closed session and the Council will take any formal
10:57:58AM action deemed necessary.
10:57:58AM I had to read that into the record according to the
10:58:00AM law.
10:58:01AM Okay, we're going to continue to with item number
10:58:04AM four.
10:58:04AM And I want to get the meeting back to work.
10:58:06AM Ms. Mulhern?
10:58:11AM >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I just wanted to point out a
10:58:14AM few things.
10:58:15AM First of all, that because we had the discussion
10:58:19AM that we were going to vote to continue this, we
10:58:25AM didn't hear at all from our legal department.
10:58:28AM Anyone in city staff, really anyone on Council, or
10:58:32AM even any of the people on the task force that worked
10:58:37AM on this alcoholic beverage permit draft ordinance
10:58:40AM that we have.
10:58:41AM So I think it's important to say a few things about

10:58:43AM it.
10:58:44AM Because the people really did not seem to be
10:58:48AM informed about how it was going to work I'm
10:58:52AM definitely in favor of work-shopping this, expanding
10:58:57AM the notification, making sure that all the
10:59:01AM stakeholders, including employees, business owners,
10:59:04AM landlords, and adjoining neighbors can participate.
10:59:10AM And I think it would probably be a good idea to
10:59:13AM create a task force where we had representation from
10:59:16AM the different neighborhoods, where we have big
10:59:21AM entertainment districts.
10:59:22AM And from all the different industries and also from
10:59:26AM the surrounding neighbors.
10:59:28AM But with that said, I don't think anybody we heard
10:59:31AM from here who worked in the bar and restaurant
10:59:35AM business would be affected, necessarily be affected
10:59:42AM by this ordinance.
10:59:44AM Every bar that is now open later than midnight, bar
10:59:49AM or restaurant, would be grandfathered in and would
10:59:52AM not lose that.
10:59:53AM So, people need to realize that.
10:59:56AM No one is going to lose the right and the hours that
10:59:58AM they have now if we were to pass this, which clearly
11:00:03AM probably not going to happen today.
11:00:04AM So, I think people need to understand that.

11:00:07AM If you have the right to sell alcohol until
11:00:11AM 3:00 a.m., or later, or earlier, you would not lose
11:00:17AM that if we had passed this ordinance.
11:00:19AM The other thing I wanted to say was that I think
11:00:25AM someone made a really good point that what is the
11:00:29AM problem that we're trying to solve?
11:00:30AM And that may be something that we need -- I think we
11:00:35AM need to clarify that.
11:00:37AM And we can work on that at this workshop in
11:00:40AM February.
11:00:40AM What are the problems?
11:00:41AM But I think we heard from predominantly from people
11:00:47AM from Ybor today.
11:00:48AM Maybe at least 50%.
11:00:50AM It's not just that district that we and our citizens
11:00:57AM have problems with.
11:00:58AM And I think, you know, some of the -- where we hear
11:01:01AM the most complaints from neighbors and we heard one
11:01:03AM of them, John Jones here today, is the SoHo area.
11:01:07AM So, the problems aren't limited to Ybor.
11:01:11AM And the problems that we have there are not just
11:01:15AM about big nightclub venues.
11:01:18AM They're about restaurants that are actually
11:01:22AM operating as bars.
11:01:24AM And part of the problem with that is the hours.

11:01:26AM So, hours of operation are a problem that our
11:01:29AM citizens are, have been begging us to address and we
11:01:32AM have been having a hard time doing that.
11:01:34AM So I think you need to know that.
11:01:38AM I am not ready to kill this.
11:01:41AM This is something that has been -- I've been on
11:01:43AM Council for seven years now.
11:01:45AM And we have heard from many, many people.
11:01:49AM And we have seen neighborhoods -- I've seen my
11:01:52AM neighborhood completely, the character of it change
11:01:55AM from being just a mixed use, retail corridor on
11:02:00AM Howard, to being a bar district.
11:02:03AM So, we do have some real issues that we have been
11:02:07AM asked to deal with.
11:02:08AM And I think that we're going to have to go forward
11:02:11AM and do that.
11:02:11AM But I think that everything we heard today has been
11:02:15AM heard.
11:02:15AM But I don't want people to -- John was right, the
11:02:19AM sky is not falling.
11:02:20AM We're going to work out something that is going to
11:02:23AM not be too injurious to businesses.
11:02:26AM And I think when we do talk about, if something like
11:02:30AM this does pass, you're going to have to initially
11:02:35AM get a permit for late hours.

11:02:37AM And pay a fee that we will make is not too high.
11:02:41AM Too much of a burden.
11:02:43AM And when we heard from everybody about how much
11:02:46AM difference it makes to be able to stay open for
11:02:48AM those later hours, then you shouldn't have a problem
11:02:52AM paying a small fee to get a permit once a year.
11:02:54AM I don't think that's -- if you're a good actor and
11:02:58AM you don't have any of the offenses or the problems
11:03:02AM that we're going to end up delineating and we'll
11:03:04AM have you help us do that, then you shouldn't have to
11:03:07AM worry about that at all.
11:03:08AM So, I think it's -- it's not as scary as it's been
11:03:13AM made to sound.
11:03:13AM And I hope that the media will make, point that out
11:03:17AM as they cover this too.
11:03:19AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
11:03:20AM Before I continue with Mr. Reddick, Ms. Capin and
11:03:22AM Mr. Cohen, let me remind ourselves I've got 28
11:03:25AM minutes before we go into closed session upstairs in
11:03:27AM the eighth floor.
11:03:28AM Mr. Reddick?
11:03:31AM >>FRANK REDDICK: In that case, Mr. Chair, then we
11:03:32AM going to invoke the five minute rule.
11:03:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think we're going to invoke the
11:03:37AM two minute rule.

11:03:37AM [ Laughter ]
11:03:39AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Miss Kert, can I ask you a quick
11:03:44AM question?
11:03:44AM Then I want to make a comment.
11:03:46AM Let me know this.
11:03:48AM If this ordinance were to pass in its current form,
11:03:52AM how would it affect some people like the veteran
11:03:56AM clubs, the veteran clubs, you take like the Italian
11:03:59AM Club, the different clubs that they have, because
11:04:04AM they have parties and they have, serve drinks after
11:04:08AM 12.
11:04:08AM How would it affect these clubs?
11:04:12AM >>REBECCA KERT: It would affect those establishments
11:04:15AM in the same way it would affect all establishments
11:04:17AM that have a state license that allows for on-premise
11:04:21AM consumption.
11:04:22AM >>FRANK REDDICK: So they would have to stop selling
11:04:23AM at 12:00?
11:04:24AM >> They would have to stop selling at 12:00 or get
11:04:27AM the extended hours permit.
11:04:29AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
11:04:29AM Thank you.
11:04:30AM Mr. Chair, I originally decided to support the
11:04:38AM motion to have this session workshopped.
11:04:43AM But I'm going to overthrow that motion, my support

11:04:46AM of that and here's the reason why.
11:04:48AM It's obvious to me that we have had some problems
11:04:54AM with some club owners in the City of Tampa.
11:04:57AM My district probably got the majority of all the
11:05:02AM clubs than anybody sitting up on this Council.
11:05:05AM And I understand that.
11:05:07AM But I also understand that people deserve the right
11:05:12AM to make a living.
11:05:13AM And the people also deserve the right not to be
11:05:17AM deprived of that opportunity.
11:05:19AM If they are not violating any laws.
11:05:22AM We got people in this government who represent the
11:05:26AM City of Tampa that are traveling all over the globe,
11:05:31AM telling the story of Tampa.
11:05:32AM How good it is to come to Tampa.
11:05:34AM And we got Councils up here wanting to be cops
11:05:39AM without uniforms.
11:05:40AM That cannot happen.
11:05:41AM And I'm just disappointed that we're moving forward,
11:05:48AM and I hope we do not, to streamline these type of
11:05:53AM businesses and these opportunities when you look at,
11:05:56AM if you stop serving at 12:00, you think about those
11:06:00AM young folks who are out there trying to make a
11:06:03AM living as bartenders.
11:06:05AM You think about those young folks trying to make a

11:06:08AM living at waitress, who will probably be losing
11:06:11AM those opportunities because any club, if you close
11:06:15AM at 12:00, you don't get a permit, or if you get a
11:06:19AM permit, you're going to reduce staff.
11:06:21AM And you reduce staff, you also going to lose
11:06:25AM revenue.
11:06:25AM And I think anybody with a conscious business mind
11:06:30AM will understand that.
11:06:31AM And to put the restrictions on them, and the other
11:06:34AM parts, and I'm going to shut it up, Mr. Chair, but
11:06:38AM the other problem that I have.
11:06:40AM We have, I have read where you apply for a permit
11:06:44AM every year.
11:06:44AM We haven't had no discussion on whether it's going
11:06:47AM to be a fee attached to that.
11:06:50AM Whether these people get one year permit, two year
11:06:52AM permit, three year permit.
11:06:54AM Or they have to go back every year.
11:06:55AM And we haven't had discussion if somebody own that
11:07:00AM property, you -- you can't control what people are
11:07:04AM doing outside to your property.
11:07:08AM And then you're going to be punished for this?
11:07:11AM This doesn't make sense.
11:07:12AM I think, and here's what I hope will happen, is that
11:07:19AM we kill this current ordinance in its current form

11:07:23AM and that we, the maker of this here ordinance, go
11:07:27AM back, put these people that Councilwoman Mulhern
11:07:32AM stated, these neighborhoods, these bar owners,
11:07:35AM represent all these committees and come back to
11:07:37AM Council in the next six months, with an ordinance
11:07:40AM that we can all accept.
11:07:42AM But today, I'm going to withdraw my support of a
11:07:46AM workshop.
11:07:47AM And too, I'm prepared to present a motion to kill
11:07:53AM this ordinance in the current form.
11:07:55AM Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:07:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:07:56AM Ms. Capin?
11:07:57AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's very interesting since we
11:07:58AM have not even heard the ordinance.
11:08:00AM Now, here we go.
11:08:01AM I'm going to read to you from the -- because really,
11:08:06AM people spoke and the ordinance has not -- the
11:08:10AM proposed draft -- draft ordinance -- has not been
11:08:16AM presented.
11:08:16AM Now, so, possession and storage of felony controlled
11:08:22AM substance, unlawful use, possession of firearms,
11:08:25AM homicide, felony, murder, manslaughter, aggravated
11:08:29AM battery, felony battery, aggravated assault, sexual
11:08:33AM battery, felony lewd and lascivious, sale,

11:08:38AM possession of alcoholic beverage to minors.
11:08:41AM These are criminal -- this is what you get suspended
11:08:45AM for.
11:08:46AM Now, it was brought up that stakeholders need to be
11:08:53AM noticed.
11:08:54AM Members here said that they represented -- I
11:08:58AM represent all of the bar owners, restaurant owners
11:09:01AM and the citizens that live in the City of Tampa.
11:09:04AM I am at large.
11:09:08AM Here's the thing.
11:09:09AM So, we're going to notice some people specially and
11:09:13AM not others.
11:09:15AM The way we notice people is called a public notice.
11:09:17AM And that was done on October 17th when we had our
11:09:21AM workshop.
11:09:21AM Had we not brought this to this point right now, you
11:09:25AM all would not be here.
11:09:26AM If we had at October 17th said we're going to have a
11:09:31AM staff report, it would've been a collective yawn.
11:09:35AM Now, that's the notice.
11:09:38AM St. Pete was brought up.
11:09:41AM What St. Pete did was put into, put into place a way
11:09:45AM to manage what they have granted.
11:09:48AM That's what they did.
11:09:51AM A very simple way to manage what they have granted.

11:09:56AM And that's extending hours.
11:09:58AM Therefore, you're going to kill something that has
11:10:06AM not even been heard.
11:10:08AM The worse part of this whole situation now this
11:10:11AM morning is that we did not hear from our legal
11:10:14AM staff, and this ordinance was not -- this proposed
11:10:19AM draft ordinance was not heard.
11:10:21AM And it's a draft because drafts get changed.
11:10:24AM And that is what we're talking about.
11:10:26AM So, I stand with my motion for the workshop because
11:10:34AM I feel that if -- the discussion, this discussion
11:10:39AM has been -- I've been on Council three and a half
11:10:42AM years.
11:10:43AM My fellow councilmen Miranda and Mulhern have been
11:10:48AM here longer.
11:10:49AM And they can tell you, this has been going on, and
11:10:53AM when we had the murders that happened here in this
11:10:56AM city, this room was filled, like it was today, only
11:11:02AM one right after the other came up to the dais and
11:11:05AM said alcoholic beverage is a privilege, not a right.
11:11:08AM Yes, it is highly regulated.
11:11:09AM You know why?
11:11:10AM It is a controlled substance.
11:11:12AM It is regulated from the federal government to the
11:11:15AM state to the county and the city.

11:11:16AM Oh, yes, it is regulated.
11:11:18AM And it will continue to be regulated.
11:11:21AM And when people tell me that the city doesn't tell
11:11:26AM businesses what to do, oh, I beg to differ.
11:11:29AM Because we tell businesses to hire minorities when
11:11:32AM they have contract with the city.
11:11:34AM We tell businesses what to do all the time.
11:11:36AM That's the business of the city, is to be able to
11:11:41AM have a city that's neither pro business nor against
11:11:44AM business.
11:11:44AM But for all the people of the city.
11:11:47AM I stay with my motion for the workshop.
11:11:54AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:11:55AM I have Mr. Cohen, Mr. Suarez and Ms. Montelione.
11:11:59AM And I've got a few minutes left.
11:12:03AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
11:12:05AM When we had this discussion in October, I
11:12:12AM specifically asked that it come back as a staff
11:12:14AM report.
11:12:14AM I -- for exactly the reason of what we saw today.
11:12:20AM I knew that if it came back as an ordinance, there
11:12:24AM would be lots of misunderstandings, there would be
11:12:27AM lots of questions that wouldn't have been
11:12:33AM comprehensively answered.
11:12:34AM That we wouldn't have heard from all the

11:12:36AM stakeholders involved in making these types of
11:12:38AM changes.
11:12:38AM And that we would jump the gun on what originally
11:12:42AM was a very creative idea put forth by
11:12:46AM well-intentioned people, who are trying to help us
11:12:49AM solve a number of unrelated, but sort of related
11:12:54AM problems.
11:12:54AM Actually, what happened was I wanted a staff report.
11:13:00AM The Council did not agree.
11:13:01AM I believe the Councilwoman Montelione and Councilman
11:13:05AM Reddick actually voted not to bring it back as an
11:13:08AM ordinance --
11:13:11AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I stand corrected.
11:13:13AM >>HARRY COHEN: I only point that out because while I
11:13:16AM have been supportive of the concept, my biggest
11:13:19AM concern was that we would end up exactly where we
11:13:21AM are today.
11:13:22AM I think that we're getting a little bit caught up in
11:13:26AM the weeds here.
11:13:27AM I'd like to just say a couple things.
11:13:29AM First of all, I don't think given the very
11:13:32AM legitimate and serious concerns that we have heard
11:13:35AM expressed today, that anyone expects us to move
11:13:38AM forward on the ordinance as it's currently written.
11:13:41AM Councilwoman Capin just mentioned we haven't heard

11:13:43AM from legal.
11:13:43AM We haven't heard from the police.
11:13:45AM We haven't heard from economic development.
11:13:47AM We haven't heard -- we have heard from a lot of
11:13:49AM business owners, but we certainly haven't heard from
11:13:51AM the majority of the business community.
11:13:53AM And we haven't really heard comprehensively from the
11:13:57AM different neighborhoods.
11:13:58AM Councilman Reddick mentioned some of the challenges
11:14:00AM that he has in his districts.
11:14:01AM In my district, the biggest challenge is parking and
11:14:04AM traffic.
11:14:05AM And one of my main interests in this proposal was
11:14:09AM the idea that perhaps it could help us deal with
11:14:12AM what Mr. Miranda was talking about earlier, the
11:14:15AM disconnect between approving something for an
11:14:17AM alcohol permit and then finding that the parking
11:14:20AM that was underlying that approval somehow changes
11:14:23AM and we have no way of going back and readdressing
11:14:25AM it.
11:14:26AM I think that we're getting caught up in the weeds of
11:14:30AM something of a distinction without a difference.
11:14:33AM Because whether we schedule a workshop or not, for
11:14:36AM February 27th, a workshop is a discussion.
11:14:39AM It's a discussion that really can start from

11:14:42AM scratch.
11:14:42AM And bring everybody back together again, put the
11:14:45AM proposals that have been put out, on to the table.
11:14:48AM Put other proposals out on to the table and see
11:14:50AM where everybody, where everybody falls.
11:14:53AM Whether we vote for a workshop today or not, and I
11:14:56AM would just assume have one on February 27th.
11:14:58AM It doesn't have to be confined to the actual items
11:15:03AM that have been delineated in this ordinance.
11:15:06AM It can, as Councilwoman Mulhern said, start with an
11:15:10AM identification of what the problems are that we want
11:15:13AM to solve.
11:15:13AM And my guess is that some of what is in here would
11:15:17AM make a lot of sense in going toward solving some of
11:15:20AM those issues.
11:15:21AM So, you know, I think that it's very, very important
11:15:25AM to say that we listen to what the business community
11:15:28AM says.
11:15:29AM And we would never, ever create burdens on you and
11:15:33AM try to destroy your businesses.
11:15:34AM That is not our goal.
11:15:36AM None of us wants to do that.
11:15:38AM We care about you.
11:15:39AM We want to see you succeed.
11:15:41AM We want to see this be a community where tourists

11:15:43AM want to come and where people have a good time.
11:15:45AM We just have to solve some of the challenges that,
11:15:49AM as my fellow Councilmember said, we have been
11:15:52AM dealing with for years.
11:15:53AM We have a very, very unique system in this Sissy in
11:15:57AM the way in which we handle our alcohol permitting.
11:16:00AM And the uniqueness comes from the fact that the
11:16:02AM permits run with the land.
11:16:03AM And that creates constraints for us.
11:16:06AM It creates some constraints for you.
11:16:09AM And these are good intentioned efforts of trying to
11:16:12AM move through some of these challenges.
11:16:13AM These are not efforts to put anybody out of
11:16:17AM business.
11:16:17AM And I must say, these are not efforts to close the
11:16:20AM bars at midnight.
11:16:22AM That is not what this is about.
11:16:24AM So, whatever the pleasure is of Council, whether we
11:16:28AM schedule a workshop on the 27th or we don't, at some
11:16:31AM point, we will have to come back, deal with the
11:16:34AM questions that we're trying to answer.
11:16:36AM And get everybody back together again to try to
11:16:39AM figure out how to move forward.
11:16:42AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
11:16:42AM And I have 13 minutes and four more speakers.

11:16:49AM Mrs. Suarez and Ms. Montelione.
11:16:51AM s.
11:16:52AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Suarez?
11:16:54AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now you only got 12.
11:16:56AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: It's funny how a minute goes by in
11:16:57AM ten seconds.
11:16:58AM Anyway, two things.
11:17:00AM One, I had e-mail from Jerry Frankhouser, the
11:17:03AM president of T.H.A.N., which is Tampa Homeowners, an
11:17:06AM Association of Neighborhoods.
11:17:07AM And this is to quote him.
11:17:09AM Due to the fact that I am sick and cannot attend
11:17:11AM this meeting this morning, I sent representatives to
11:17:13AM speak for T.H.A.N. but they could not get in the
11:17:16AM room when they started the meeting.
11:17:17AM T.H.A.N. is in full agreement with the ordinance.
11:17:19AM We thank Council for all the work you have done.
11:17:21AM If you decide to have another workshop, we'll
11:17:23AM support that.
11:17:23AM However, we feel it is ready for passage at this
11:17:26AM time.
11:17:26AM Wanted to read that into the record because they
11:17:28AM could not get into the room.
11:17:29AM Now, this reminds me of the old movie cool hand
11:17:34AM Luke, when one of the characters said, what we have

11:17:37AM here is a failure to communicate.
11:17:39AM And one of the problems that we have had is, we have
11:17:42AM discussed this for quite a long time.
11:17:45AM And have not communicated well enough to the
11:17:47AM business community as to what the original intents
11:17:50AM were of this particular exercise.
11:17:53AM Few things that I had thought about previously and
11:17:56AM had discussed at some of our previous meetings was,
11:18:00AM the fairness of whether or not existing businesses
11:18:03AM should have to comply with having a business use
11:18:08AM permit.
11:18:09AM Primarily when you come before us as part of land
11:18:13AM use, you usually do get your time set as part of
11:18:17AM your site plan.
11:18:18AM Many of you, if not all of you have gone through
11:18:21AM that process.
11:18:21AM We know how incredibly painful it is.
11:18:24AM And we know how incredibly expensive it is.
11:18:28AM So one of the ideas behind this original intent was
11:18:31AM try and make it more, a smoother process so that
11:18:35AM that portion of land use was removed and put as a
11:18:38AM business use permit.
11:18:39AM Now, again, that goes back to communication.
11:18:42AM We did a bad job of doing that.
11:18:43AM And again, it is, in fairness to all of us here, you

11:18:48AM know, sometimes we're discussing things and we
11:18:50AM forget that we have got to discuss with a lot more
11:18:52AM people.
11:18:52AM And that's just the way it is.
11:18:53AM The second thing is, that what kind of effect this
11:18:58AM was going to have on existing businesses if it was
11:18:59AM passed that everyone would have to comply with it.
11:19:03AM That was a motion I had brought forward.
11:19:05AM The information that we received, I received only a
11:19:08AM partial amount of that information late yesterday
11:19:11AM and another e-mail early this morning.
11:19:13AM It is not -- it has not been fleshed out enough to
11:19:18AM my satisfaction for us to go forward with an
11:19:21AM ordinance at this time.
11:19:21AM Think we're all in agreement that the ordinance, the
11:19:23AM draft that we have been provided has a lot of
11:19:26AM different issues that we did not discuss, we did not
11:19:29AM put in favor of.
11:19:30AM The reason why the legal department comes back with
11:19:32AM a draft ordinance is, they're looking at what is
11:19:36AM defensible legally.
11:19:37AM So there's lots of different pieces that we never
11:19:40AM discuss or talked about.
11:19:41AM That is not a problem with the legal department.
11:19:44AM They have to do their job based on what we have

11:19:46AM asked them to do.
11:19:48AM So for me, I think the biggest part of this is, if
11:19:52AM we were to go forward with some type of business use
11:19:56AM permit, I think we need to discuss several things.
11:19:58AM One, the times actually set.
11:20:00AM Is midnight the right time?
11:20:02AM 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m.?
11:20:04AM Whatever it may be for an extension to be granted
11:20:06AM after that.
11:20:07AM Secondly, what's the process going to be when
11:20:09AM someone is granted it and there is an appeal and
11:20:11AM there is a discussion from the neighborhood?
11:20:13AM Because of course this was an administrative
11:20:15AM procedure that we had put in place.
11:20:17AM And thirdly, we want continuity so that businesses
11:20:21AM are starting and want to continue to do business in
11:20:23AM this city understand what the rules are from the
11:20:25AM very beginning.
11:20:26AM There was a lot of eloquent discussion put forth by
11:20:29AM the business owners that much of their business
11:20:31AM plan, much of what they have invested and much of
11:20:33AM what they have borrowed is based on that business
11:20:37AM plan.
11:20:37AM If they do not know whether or not they're going to
11:20:41AM be open till 2:00 or 3:00 or 1:00 or whatever it may

11:20:44AM be, it has an effect on what their business will
11:20:46AM look like in the next few months, next few years.
11:20:50AM We have to make sure that we communicate better with
11:20:53AM folks to know exactly how that's going to affect
11:20:56AM them.
11:20:56AM Again, I think that, you know, this was a
11:21:00AM well-intentioned, although not fully-formed
11:21:05AM discussion about what we want to do.
11:21:07AM And I think that at some point, and I agree with
11:21:12AM what my colleagues have said concerning whether we
11:21:16AM scratch this and start from, start over again.
11:21:19AM I believe that, you know, we need to kind of build
11:21:22AM the foundation again from the very beginning.
11:21:25AM You know, there is a -- I think we need to have a
11:21:29AM discussion of limited enforcement as to what the
11:21:31AM next steps will be.
11:21:32AM Because we had not done a good enough job of
11:21:35AM communicating to the public, specifically to the
11:21:37AM business community, as to what the original intent
11:21:39AM was.
11:21:40AM So I think we need to go back, start over again, and
11:21:43AM Ms. Kert from our legal department, that does not
11:21:46AM mean writing an entirely new ordinance.
11:21:47AM I just want to lay, make sure you understand that.
11:21:50AM So, I think that today we'll probably have to come

11:21:54AM back regardless.
11:21:55AM I think any member can ask for a workshop anyway.
11:21:58AM I don't have a problem with discussing this again at
11:22:00AM a workshop.
11:22:01AM But I think we need to talk about it in a limited
11:22:03AM basis so that we can really get everyone at the
11:22:07AM table.
11:22:07AM And talk about the mechanisms in which this would
11:22:11AM operate, if any.
11:22:13AM I personally believe that if we're going to go
11:22:15AM forward, we need to do that because if we don't,
11:22:17AM we're not going to get the kind of success that
11:22:19AM we're looking for.
11:22:20AM Thank you.
11:22:21AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
11:22:22AM Ms. Montelione?
11:22:23AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
11:22:23AM Ms. Kert, can I ask you a couple questions, please?
11:22:27AM We have all said that we have been discussing this
11:22:29AM for a very long time.
11:22:30AM But again, we have not been discussing a business
11:22:33AM operating permit for a very long time.
11:22:35AM We have been discussing other issues.
11:22:37AM Ms. Kert, the issue that comes to my mind is the
11:22:44AM regulation on nightclubs.

11:22:46AM We have workshopped that, correct?
11:22:51AM >>REBECCA KERT: You have not workshopped the
11:22:53AM specific language I think but you have definitely
11:22:56AM workshopped that concept, yes.
11:22:58AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And have we finalized that
11:23:00AM language for us to make revisions to our code of
11:23:04AM ordinances regarding nightclubs?
11:23:06AM >>REBECCA KERT: As far as the nightclub regulation
11:23:08AM went, after the workshop, there was flow further
11:23:10AM direction from City Council on that at all.
11:23:14AM There has been work through the administration and
11:23:17AM specifically through the outreach of the YCDC to
11:23:20AM come up with some proposed language.
11:23:23AM That language hasn't been finalized, but certainly
11:23:25AM it's been submitted to you from the YCDC, at least
11:23:29AM twice to have the opportunity to look at it.
11:23:32AM But we haven't had vast conversations about it.
11:23:34AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And is there some similarity
11:23:36AM between what was discussed on nightclub regulations
11:23:40AM and what has been discussed with the punitive
11:23:44AM measures connected with the business operating
11:23:46AM permit?
11:23:48AM >>REBECCA KERT: Yes.
11:23:49AM There are a great deal of similarities.
11:23:51AM The differences are not that many, but they are

11:23:54AM large policy decisions.
11:23:55AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
11:23:56AM Thank you.
11:23:57AM So, we have not taken any action on what we were
11:24:02AM originally asked to do.
11:24:05AM And that is deal with those that are the drain on
11:24:10AM our resources from the Tampa Police Department, from
11:24:15AM our fire -- from our fire department as far as fire
11:24:18AM code is concerned and occupancy goes.
11:24:21AM So, we're sitting here saying we need to do this, we
11:24:24AM need to do this, we need to do this, but that which
11:24:27AM we were asked to address, we have never taken final
11:24:30AM action on.
11:24:30AM So, you know, having cast such a wide net with the
11:24:40AM business operating business permit is something that
11:24:43AM I really do not feel we need to do.
11:24:45AM Wait, don't go away, Ms. Kert.
11:24:47AM The concept of grandfathering was brought up.
11:24:53AM And I'm not familiar with that ability for any of
11:24:59AM our existing establishments, if their hours are to
11:25:03AM code, then if the code changes, their hours change.
11:25:07AM I'm not sure about how the grandfathering works.
11:25:10AM The hours of operation being on the site plan as
11:25:14AM Mr. Suarez had said and he was the one who made the
11:25:17AM motion to ask the land development section to come

11:25:23AM back and how many businesses would actually be
11:25:27AM affected, there's -- what, we all received this
11:25:32AM morning is 1385 active locations and the review of
11:25:38AM those are, is ongoing.
11:25:41AM But she has stated in a phone call that there's no
11:25:46AM guarantee it will be done by the workshop of
11:25:49AM February 27th.
11:25:51AM So, if we were to send notice, which is what we're,
11:25:55AM we have all been talking about, is having everyone
11:25:58AM participate who has a license, is there a
11:26:02AM requirement for notice for an ordinance?
11:26:07AM >>REBECCA KERT: Yes, it is, under Florida statutes,
11:26:11AM it's published in the newspaper.
11:26:12AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: But being published in the
11:26:13AM newspaper in this day and age is not really
11:26:17AM effective with my apologies to our major newspapers,
11:26:21AM Mr. What you true ski raising his hand in the back.
11:26:26AM >> I was speaking legal requirement.
11:26:28AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So there's no notice requirement.
11:26:29AM So we can change agendas, we can have it moved if
11:26:32AM things don't work out the 27th, as we often do
11:26:38AM change the calendar, and people might not know.
11:26:38AM I take Twitter and Facebook and social media and
11:26:41AM those kinds of things to try and get public
11:26:43AM participation out.

11:26:45AM Mr. Suarez is also on Twitter.
11:26:49AM So, my concerns are that we are not going to --
11:26:57AM we're just going to drag this out.
11:26:58AM We're going to kick this can down the road.
11:27:01AM We have been kicking this can down the road about
11:27:03AM the nightclub regulations.
11:27:06AM The business operating permit is only going in my
11:27:09AM view to address those that do not have the hours of
11:27:12AM operation on their site plan, because that's a
11:27:14AM guaranteed right.
11:27:14AM If they have till 3:00 a.m. on the site plan, we
11:27:17AM cannot take that away, correct, Ms. Kert?
11:27:20AM >>REBECCA KERT: Yes.
11:27:21AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So, it's only people who do not
11:27:23AM have it on the site plan.
11:27:24AM We have no idea how many people that affects.
11:27:26AM And if we pass a business operating permit, and
11:27:33AM they're a bad actor and all those things, horrible
11:27:36AM things happen in their club and we say you can't
11:27:38AM renew your business operating permit, they can still
11:27:41AM stay open till 3:00 a.m. because it's on the site
11:27:43AM plan.
11:27:43AM So we have accomplished net zero from all of this
11:27:46AM discussion.
11:27:46AM So, you know, I just think it's also ironic when we

11:27:52AM were doing research to prepare for today's
11:27:55AM discussion, my trusty and well respected aide found
11:28:00AM out that today is the 80th anniversary of the repeal
11:28:04AM of prohibition.
11:28:05AM [ Laughter ]
11:28:11AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
11:28:11AM I've got two and a half minutes.
11:28:13AM Let me say this.
11:28:14AM I -- forget about anybody else -- I'm responsible
11:28:19AM and I take the heat for anything that's happened.
11:28:21AM I give waivers.
11:28:22AM And we do.
11:28:26AM Past Councilmembers gave waivers.
11:28:28AM And they have.
11:28:28AM And more than likely, future Council is going to
11:28:31AM give waivers.
11:28:31AM And they will.
11:28:32AM Restaurants, when they changed that law, I didn't
11:28:37AM vote for it.
11:28:37AM I said they.
11:28:38AM I said you're going to make another 2,000 or 3,000
11:28:41AM bars, when people would come here with good
11:28:44AM intentions and says this is what I want, and they
11:28:46AM say no, no, state law says you can get open till
11:28:49AM 3:00 in the morning, stay open until 3:00 in the

11:28:53AM morning.
11:28:53AM That's wonderful.
11:28:54AM Guess what happens?
11:28:56AM Created an additional bars.
11:28:58AM That's fine.
11:29:01AM Now the problem is that this thing has had so many
11:29:06AM staff reports, and will continue to, if it keeps
11:29:11AM going.
11:29:12AM What I want to do is set it down, create all these
11:29:15AM new committees and start anew.
11:29:17AM Because it's not going to get any better working
11:29:20AM what we have today.
11:29:21AM Listen.
11:29:24AM I've cured most Staph infections and I'm not a
11:29:27AM doctor, than I've cured staff reports.
11:29:31AM It doesn't work to what we think it does.
11:29:33AM Is it beneficial?
11:29:35AM Sure it is.
11:29:36AM I only have about 30 seconds left I'm going to vote,
11:29:40AM and I'm going to take a vote because I'm going to
11:29:42AM stop talking because I want to take this vote.
11:29:45AM I got 30 seconds and got to go up to legal
11:29:48AM department 11:30.
11:29:50AM So I had a motion on the floor made by Mrs. Ka mean,
11:29:53AM I think was seconded by Ms. Montelione --

11:29:57AM Ms. Mulhern, excuse me.
11:29:58AM That motion is on the floor for a report coming back
11:30:00AM February 27th.
11:30:02AM Am I correct?
11:30:02AM Workshop February 27th, the year 2014.
11:30:06AM All in favor of that motion, to do it at that time,
11:30:08AM please signify by saying aye.
11:30:10AM Opposed nay.
11:30:12AM Roll call vote.
11:30:14AM Voice.
11:30:17AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: No.
11:30:20AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.
11:30:25AM >>FRANK REDDICK: No.
11:30:28AM >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.
11:30:29AM >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.
11:30:34AM Failed 4-3.
11:30:36AM No workshop.
11:30:39AM To me, it is dead.
11:30:44AM >>THE CLERK: Suarez, Reddick, Montelione and Miranda
11:30:46AM voting no.
11:30:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We're going to set a committee
11:30:53AM and since I'm going to appoint Ms. Capin to
11:30:57AM facilitate the actions of all that spoke here today,

11:31:01AM to set up a committee and -- you need two weeks, 30
11:31:05AM days?
11:31:06AM I'm asking, I want to facilitate you and the
11:31:10AM committee to set up a committee so you can have
11:31:12AM meetings, bring them to the Council and present what
11:31:14AM we think is necessary to cure the ills.
11:31:17AM The committee knows, the people here know, the
11:31:20AM people that are well advertised -- there's more
11:31:23AM cameras here than if president Obama was here today
11:31:26AM on Obamacare.
11:31:27AM So...
11:31:30AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Unfortunately, I, I didn't intend to
11:31:34AM make this public, but I will be having some medical
11:31:38AM care and I won't be available after next week till
11:31:43AM the first of the year.
11:31:45AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I appreciate that.
11:31:46AM When I get back, I'll formulate a committee.
11:31:49AM I have got to leave now.
11:31:50AM And I've got to go into recess to convene upstairs
11:31:53AM in the 8th floor.
11:31:54AM What is that?
11:31:56AM [ Inaudible ]
11:31:56AM The two attorneys that are also going to be Colleen
11:32:07AM Angela Hargett and Robin Silverman is going upstairs
11:32:10AM with us.

11:32:11AM Thank you very much on the convene to that.
11:32:15AM I need a motion to receive and file all the
11:32:17AM documents.
11:32:18AM Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr. Suarez.
11:32:20AM All in favor of the motion to receive and file,
11:32:23AM please indicate by saying aye.
11:32:24AM Opposed nay.
11:32:25AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:32:25AM We're convened.
11:32:26AM And we'll be back at 1:00.
11:32:29AM >> Actually, Mr. Chairman, I believe you'll be back
11:32:32AM following this meeting to adjourn for lunch.
11:32:35AM But you're in recess now for closed session.
11:32:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 1:00, we're going to take a
11:32:39AM recess.
12:52:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.
1:08:08PM Roll call?
1:08:10PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
1:08:12PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
1:08:15PM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
1:08:17PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
1:08:17PM Let me say this.

1:08:19PM Before we parted for lunch and had the special
1:08:23PM session upstairs, I made a comment that I was going
1:08:26PM to name Ms. Capin as the chairman of the new
1:08:30PM committee for alcohol request to come before City
1:08:34PM Council.
1:08:35PM I'm going to appoint her to chair that committee and
1:08:38PM the first item would be in February 20th, to come
1:08:42PM back with a list of individuals that you want to
1:08:45PM serve on the committee, and I'd like to see that
1:08:48PM each Councilmember appoint a member.
1:08:50PM I'd like to see the administration appoint a member.
1:08:54PM Then from there, if you would in the next two weeks
1:08:56PM come back to the Council and appoint members from
1:08:59PM the YCDC, the people who are in the industry and the
1:09:05PM alcohol industry throughout the city, hotel,
1:09:09PM neighborhoods, individuals that are affected by
1:09:13PM this.
1:09:13PM And really it's all of us that are affected by this.
1:09:16PM So with that in mind, I asked Councilmembers to keep
1:09:18PM in mind one person from each member, to be in
1:09:21PM Ms. Capin's committee.
1:09:23PM And from there on, in two weeks, to turn that in
1:09:26PM within two weeks to her.
1:09:27PM She's going to report back to the full Council when
1:09:30PM she's available the first part of January.

1:09:33PM And the committee should be set in full working
1:09:36PM order by February 20th.
1:09:38PM Ms. Montelione?
1:09:41PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Excuse me.
1:09:41PM I'd like to make a point.
1:09:43PM I accept that and also, but I want to know one
1:09:47PM thing.
1:09:47PM On this committee, there will be minutes and there
1:09:51PM will be -- right now, my, the committees that I have
1:09:58PM now are more than enough for my, my one staff
1:10:04PM person.
1:10:05PM So, I need to know how that's going -- how we're
1:10:08PM going to do that.
1:10:09PM Or do you want me to come up with something?
1:10:12PM Because right now, it is -- it's quite, you know, to
1:10:17PM add a committee to the staff person of this
1:10:20PM magnitude, is just -- so that's one of my concerns.
1:10:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't have staff available.
1:10:30PM Ms. Montelione, I'll get back with you.
1:10:32PM Ms. Montelione?
1:10:33PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
1:10:34PM I have a couple of concerns.
1:10:35PM If we appoint a task force, the ability for all of
1:10:47PM the interested parties to participate is a
1:10:53PM tremendous undertaking.

1:10:54PM So -- and I know how these things go, is that at
1:10:58PM first there's a lot of interest.
1:11:00PM And then interest wanes.
1:11:01PM And you know, since we're appointing a set number of
1:11:04PM people each one of us appointing one of the
1:11:07PM administration, however it's going to play out with
1:11:09PM the number of people on the task force, you're going
1:11:12PM to end up with a decisions of still a few people
1:11:17PM making sweeping regulation recommendations that are
1:11:21PM going to affect thousands of establishments, because
1:11:25PM from the report from Cathy, we had 1345 and
1:11:29PM something on this list.
1:11:31PM You know, that's not counting I think hotels or any
1:11:35PM of those types of businesses that may be affected.
1:11:40PM So, I mean, I think -- Ms. Kert, can I ask you a
1:11:46PM question?
1:11:46PM It's similar to the question I asked you before
1:11:49PM about the nightclub regulations and where we are
1:11:52PM with that.
1:11:53PM Generally, with revisions to ordinances and to
1:12:00PM codes, whether it's a zoning code, or any other kind
1:12:05PM of code, we work through it as Council.
1:12:09PM And people come and speak at public comment or,
1:12:13PM sometimes we have the turnout like we had today when
1:12:15PM it's a volatile subject.

1:12:17PM But I don't -- I'm not really much in favor of
1:12:19PM creating another task force.
1:12:21PM I mean, simply, we all have staff.
1:12:23PM We have one staff member each.
1:12:25PM And it is a big burden on them to be able to have
1:12:30PM minutes.
1:12:31PM It's not like here where we have the services of the
1:12:33PM clerk's office to provide minutes.
1:12:35PM You know, you might be talking about months and
1:12:39PM months of dedication work that I think can be
1:12:43PM accomplished just in our regular processes.
1:12:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have been doing this for three
1:12:47PM years and we haven't done it yet.
1:12:49PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's what I'm saying.
1:12:50PM That's why I'm asking Ms. Kert, where are we at with
1:12:53PM the nightclub regulation, with the large venue
1:12:55PM regulation, which is what we were asked to address
1:12:58PM in the first place back a year ago.
1:13:01PM >>REBECCA KERT: As I stated earlier, there has been
1:13:03PM some language that the administration has looked at.
1:13:08PM I've looked at.
1:13:08PM It's still -- I don't want to characterize it as
1:13:12PM preliminary, but it's certainly not final at this
1:13:14PM point.
1:13:15PM There have been many comments from YCDC, I think

1:13:18PM they had additional concerns of things they'd still
1:13:21PM like to be seen.
1:13:22PM Has not been shopped around, as far as I'm aware
1:13:25PM anyone else if the city.
1:13:26PM I'm not sure exactly how to answer that.
1:13:29PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Characterize where it's at.
1:13:32PM >>REBECCA KERT: As I said previously, there have
1:13:33PM been no further direction from Council on that.
1:13:36PM So that was more of an outside project.
1:13:39PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I mean at one point in time, I
1:13:40PM harken back to the days when we had the TECO task
1:13:45PM force around the time when TECO was asking for
1:13:47PM renewal of their, their franchise agreement.
1:13:54PM And you know, that committee sat at this board, they
1:13:58PM met for months and months, maybe even years, and
1:14:01PM really nothing came out of that either.
1:14:03PM So there's no guarantee that because you have a task
1:14:06PM force that this body is going to act on anything.
1:14:09PM So, I would prefer that we just move forward.
1:14:12PM We schedule a staff report for the ordinance changes
1:14:17PM that we have in process already.
1:14:19PM And take each as it comes along.
1:14:23PM We have put months of work into the large venue
1:14:28PM nightclub regulations and I don't want to see us
1:14:31PM start over from square one.

1:14:32PM We're almost there.
1:14:33PM We just have to bring it to Council as a staff --
1:14:39PM schedule a staff report, bring it to an ordinance
1:14:41PM change and be done with it.
1:14:42PM I don't want to start over from day one.
1:14:45PM We have already spent two years talking about this.
1:14:49PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What is Council's wishes?
1:14:52PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: May I say something.
1:14:53PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin.
1:14:55PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: We didn't do anything today either.
1:14:56PM We didn't even set a workshop.
1:14:58PM So, this is a move in a direction that, that, if I
1:15:05PM heard correctly from the people that were here,
1:15:07PM wanted input.
1:15:08PM And I think that's what the chairman is trying to
1:15:11PM accomplish.
1:15:13PM I have the floor.
1:15:14PM And, therefore, all I would ask is that I have some
1:15:19PM kind of help.
1:15:20PM I would also put a deadline on the committee to come
1:15:25PM back with their findings.
1:15:28PM Because we don't want to spend years doing that.
1:15:31PM What do you think of that?
1:15:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.
1:15:34PM I'm not trying to short change anyone.

1:15:37PM I'm not trying to short change Councilmembers.
1:15:39PM What I'm trying to do is expedite this thing.
1:15:42PM We have been -- this is the third, fourth, fifth, I
1:15:45PM don't know, sixth time we have met on alcohol
1:15:49PM workshops.
1:15:49PM What I want to do is set up something so they can
1:15:52PM report back to us and we can facilitate the move.
1:15:55PM Now, no one wants to do that, that's fine.
1:15:57PM We go back to doing it the way we have always done
1:15:59PM it.
1:16:00PM And somebody's next term will be out and we'll still
1:16:04PM be discussing it because it's not going to move.
1:16:06PM These are very things that affect everyone's lives
1:16:09PM and it's very difficult to do.
1:16:11PM And I understand that.
1:16:12PM And I'm just trying to get a move on so that we can
1:16:17PM set some framework -- doesn't have to be my idea.
1:16:20PM I don't care about ideas.
1:16:22PM But it has to be somebody that has got, from
1:16:25PM neighborhood associations, to police department, to
1:16:29PM undercover -- whatever you want to do.
1:16:31PM I just want to get it moving.
1:16:32PM I want to get it done.
1:16:34PM Mr. Cohen?
1:16:35PM >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Chairman, I think -- we have had

1:16:37PM a long day talking about this topic and everyone is,
1:16:42PM I'm sure, tired.
1:16:43PM It might be a good idea to -- we have two more
1:16:48PM sessions of Council before the end of the year.
1:16:50PM Come back, we come back, not next week, but on the
1:16:54PM 19th, under new business, after everyone's had a
1:16:57PM chance to think it through a little bit, perhaps
1:16:59PM then we can conceptualize for next year.
1:17:03PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I will not be here probably till the
1:17:05PM first of the year.
1:17:08PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Then I'll make a motion to table
1:17:09PM this until January -- let me look at the calendar
1:17:14PM here.
1:17:14PM I move to table the discussion regarding any task
1:17:23PM force related to alcoholic beverage permitting to
1:17:28PM January 23rd?
1:17:30PM Fine with me.
1:17:33PM I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, second bring
1:17:36PM Reddick.
1:17:37PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
1:17:38PM All in favor of the motion, signify by saying aye.
1:17:40PM Opposed nay.
1:17:41PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:17:43PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. If I may add one thing.
1:17:45PM We did do something today.

1:17:46PM We voted on not that the city of Tampa is not ready
1:17:49PM for a business operating permit for extended hours.
1:17:53PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, please, please,
1:17:55PM please.
1:17:55PM That's a new song I'm going to write.
1:17:58PM Okay.
1:18:00PM We go to item number 2.
1:18:06PM [ Laughter ]
1:18:07PM >> Moving right along.
1:18:09PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's a big jump from item
1:18:10PM number one.
1:18:12PM Mr. Rogero?
1:18:14PM >> Thank you, sir.
1:18:15PM Good afternoon.
1:18:15PM Dennis Rogero, chief of staff.
1:18:19PM As you know, we have been asked to come back and
1:18:22PM identify funding from the community investment tax
1:18:26PM in the current year of about $1.5 million.
1:18:28PM Just want to frame that task for you briefly, as you
1:18:33PM all are aware, in the current fiscal year, the
1:18:36PM availability capital -- I'm sorry, community
1:18:39PM investment tax funding has been appropriated to the
1:18:41PM tune of just over -- just under, excuse me,
1:18:44PM $17 million.
1:18:45PM So as we look at the community investment tax in the

1:18:48PM current year, we have about $17 million, again,
1:18:51PM that's already been appropriated.
1:18:53PM About half of that is for, I have required debt
1:18:57PM service payments and public safety needs, such as
1:19:01PM apparatus for fire, vehicles for police, etcetera.
1:19:04PM So that leaves us about 8 or $9 million.
1:19:08PM The overwhelming majority of that 8 or $9 million
1:19:11PM has been appropriated for other parks and recreation
1:19:15PM projects, such as Julian B. Lane, Perry Harvey Sr.
1:19:21PM and a myriad of other projects, again, all in the
1:19:23PM capital improvement plan and all in the book.
1:19:26PM Consequently, there is nothing that we are
1:19:28PM comfortable coming forward to you today recommending
1:19:30PM that we reappropriate in the current fiscal year.
1:19:33PM What we would recommend is that discussion of the
1:19:37PM Cuscaden pool take place as part of fiscal year '15
1:19:42PM prep, which for the administration -- and I believe
1:19:45PM for you all, will start to take place next month.
1:19:49PM I believe we have a workshop scheduled.
1:19:51PM Typically, as you know, in January, that's when we
1:19:53PM start our prep.
1:19:54PM We have almost got a full year's worth of budget
1:19:57PM preparation on the administrative revenue and
1:19:59PM finance side.
1:20:00PM We recommend that it be considered as part of a

1:20:03PM holistic broad review of the existing capital
1:20:07PM improvement program.
1:20:08PM And again, just to remind you, the capital
1:20:12PM improvement program we have in place right now is
1:20:15PM about $435 million for five years, it's only two
1:20:19PM months old.
1:20:20PM So again, we would look to make a decision regarding
1:20:23PM Cuscaden as part of a broader review that we
1:20:25PM typically do and that you all are going to begin
1:20:29PM doing earlier at the new year.
1:20:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
1:20:34PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
1:20:36PM As I see, that you're looking at, when we'll be
1:20:46PM having our discussion in January, you're looking at
1:20:49PM the possibility of inserting those funds in there as
1:20:55PM a part of the 13, 14, 15 year budget, is that.
1:21:03PM >> Yes, sir.
1:21:04PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here's the problem we have.
1:21:05PM Each year we prolong this, the conditions at that
1:21:12PM facility get worse.
1:21:13PM I had the opportunity about three weeks ago to go
1:21:18PM out there with some experts in the field, who handle
1:21:24PM pools, and let me just show you something.
1:21:28PM Let me show the condition of that pool.
1:21:31PM Now, if you look at -- this is the surface area of

1:21:38PM the pool.
1:21:39PM You see all this gravel?
1:21:43PM This is at the pool surface.
1:21:45PM Look at the next picture.
1:21:48PM This is leaks, stains, leaks, all over this
1:21:55PM facility.
1:21:56PM Look at the next one.
1:22:00PM Cracks in the pool's surface.
1:22:04PM Show them the next one.
1:22:07PM Other cracks in other parts of the pool.
1:22:12PM This is inside, damage of the ceiling, the walls of
1:22:20PM the pool -- of the building.
1:22:22PM This is not the pool.
1:22:23PM This is the building area.
1:22:25PM All right.
1:22:26PM And this is inside, the other part of the surface of
1:22:37PM the pool.
1:22:38PM And this is one of the restrooms.
1:22:43PM Look at the leakage damage in there.
1:22:45PM And you got the ceiling.
1:22:51PM This is all interior of this facility.
1:22:58PM And there's other pictures, I just want to show you
1:23:03PM example because I want you to see how -- go back
1:23:10PM through and flip where they got the paint and all
1:23:13PM that.

1:23:14PM Look at this condition.
1:23:16PM Mold is all over those walls inside this facility.
1:23:23PM Now, it don't take a genius to understand that the
1:23:30PM damage is this extensive now.
1:23:32PM What it would be -- look at the peeling.
1:23:35PM I mean, this is an interior, locker room area.
1:23:41PM Mold is all over the place.
1:23:43PM Now, for someone to room at this and say the damage,
1:23:56PM if you estimating 1.5 million now and you're talking
1:23:59PM about a year later, this is going to going far more
1:24:02PM than $1.5 million.
1:24:04PM The city, the Mayor, somebody needs to make a
1:24:10PM decision.
1:24:13PM And all the people in their community.
1:24:16PM You got one or two choices.
1:24:18PM You're either going to repair the thing or tear it
1:24:21PM down.
1:24:22PM That's what you need to do.
1:24:25PM Tear it down and start over.
1:24:27PM Because somebody go in there is going to be sick.
1:24:32PM And you got a person who is working in that facility
1:24:35PM right now, maintenance worker, park and recreation
1:24:39PM person, who has to keep the air conditioner on in
1:24:44PM order to avoid the stink.
1:24:47PM And when these engineers who went out there and

1:24:51PM these pool experts went out there, and they looked
1:24:54PM at this in the condition, and they explained to the
1:24:59PM damage out there in this facility, it was
1:25:04PM deplorable.
1:25:05PM I want to ask Mr. Michelini to come forward.
1:25:10PM He was part of that pool team that went out there.
1:25:13PM And just explain what the pool people are saying.
1:25:17PM >> About two or three weeks ago, Councilman Reddick
1:25:24PM asked about pool contractors and pool engineers that
1:25:27PM might be willing to come and voluntarily view the
1:25:31PM facility and try to provide some independent input
1:25:34PM into what is going on with that facility.
1:25:38PM And about six or eight of us met out there, we went
1:25:41PM through the entire facility from top to bottom.
1:25:44PM And quite honestly, I was shocked at the condition
1:25:48PM that that pool is in.
1:25:50PM And the experts who viewed it looked at that pool
1:25:54PM deck that you saw the pictures of, and you know,
1:25:58PM they were indicating that for one and a half million
1:26:01PM dollars, that you're going to repair it, but then
1:26:06PM you probably better be budgeting another $300,000
1:26:09PM every couple of years because of the way the pool is
1:26:12PM built, the cracks will come back.
1:26:15PM The settling will reoccur and the marcite that's on
1:26:18PM the pool surface is going to be restored.

1:26:23PM By draining the pool, which is what's happened, it's
1:26:25PM exposed all of that pool surface to the air.
1:26:27PM And all those cracks, the bubbling and all the
1:26:31PM delamination that you see means that that entire
1:26:35PM pool deck has to be removed.
1:26:36PM And it has to be completely re-done as well as the
1:26:41PM support structures that are supporting the pool
1:26:43PM itself, they've settled.
1:26:46PM And they'll continue to settle.
1:26:47PM And when you add more water back into it, those
1:26:51PM peers that are supporting piers are not going to be
1:26:56PM correct and you're going to crack again.
1:26:59PM Reluctantly the experts that we brought out and
1:27:01PM again, they did it on a pro bono volunteer community
1:27:04PM service basis, they were saying that perhaps the
1:27:08PM best alternative is to remove the pool, rebuild it
1:27:12PM with the structure that's similar to the exterior
1:27:16PM and make it look like the old Cuscaden pool.
1:27:19PM But rebuild a brand new Olympic size pool in the
1:27:23PM ground that's not supported by these piers that are
1:27:26PM going to continue to be a problem.
1:27:27PM Regardless of what you do.
1:27:29PM So, you take the one and a half million dollars now
1:27:32PM and then you're going to be budgeting every two to
1:27:34PM three years another 300,000 to go back and re-do the

1:27:38PM pool surface all over again.
1:27:40PM I mean, it's a sad condition.
1:27:43PM All the rooms that we went in, as Mr. Reddick
1:27:46PM pointed out, they all had water stains.
1:27:50PM They had bubbling in the ceiling.
1:27:52PM They had some serious mold conditions in the walls.
1:27:55PM And that's just the beginning of the problem.
1:27:57PM I hate to see the city spend a lot of money
1:28:01PM repairing something that probably is beyond its life
1:28:03PM expectancy.
1:28:04PM And with all due respect to the administration, I
1:28:08PM mean they have had engineers come in and say what
1:28:10PM can we do to save it?
1:28:12PM And the budget numbers seem to be in line to save
1:28:15PM it.
1:28:16PM But on a long-term basis, you're looking at far more
1:28:19PM expenditures.
1:28:20PM And something that's not going to serve the
1:28:22PM community well.
1:28:22PM It's going to be shut down frequently for more
1:28:24PM repairs.
1:28:26PM And -- that's not me saying that.
1:28:29PM That's the experts that we asked to come out.
1:28:31PM And I'm just reporting to you what they told us.
1:28:34PM Be happy to explore any kind of options you wish.

1:28:38PM But I think, you know, you've got a hobson's choice
1:28:42PM here.
1:28:42PM Thank you.
1:28:45PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What are we saying then,
1:28:46PM Mr. Reddick?
1:28:47PM Leave the outside part of the historical fabric of
1:28:50PM the pool and build a complete new inside instead of
1:28:55PM restructuring what we have, to demolish whatever we
1:28:59PM have and build a new type pool there that, leave the
1:29:03PM historical fabric outside and the pool inside?
1:29:07PM That's what I gather from what I heard.
1:29:09PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Would be far cheaper because the
1:29:11PM structure damage is so bad and there's so much
1:29:13PM deterioration within, that it's going to cost more
1:29:15PM than $1.5 million to do that.
1:29:17PM And so, that's what they're recommending.
1:29:20PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Can you make a motion that we
1:29:21PM have administration come back with some numbers on
1:29:24PM that, sir?
1:29:26PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
1:29:26PM I move that the administration move forward into
1:29:31PM looking at the, remaining the outside structure, but
1:29:35PM restructuring the inside to meet, the accommodation
1:29:39PM of that pool side.
1:29:40PM And come back with reports to City Council, January.

1:29:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Keep in mind that that structure
1:29:48PM inside is the one that has the sand filtration, one
1:29:50PM of only two pools I believe in Florida maybe that's
1:29:53PM built that way.
1:29:54PM So you want to talk about just the outside and the
1:29:56PM inside being modernized?
1:29:59PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Modernized.
1:30:00PM And to meet those standards.
1:30:02PM And I would be more than happy to share with you the
1:30:05PM engineers who had a chance to review that.
1:30:08PM So they can tell you exactly what needs to be done.
1:30:11PM >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Reddick, just for point of
1:30:13PM clarification with the calendar.
1:30:15PM Our budget conversation is going to be on
1:30:16PM January 30th.
1:30:17PM So I would assume you'd like this report prior to
1:30:19PM that?
1:30:20PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Prior.
1:30:21PM >>HARRY COHEN: So maybe January 23rd.
1:30:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's your motion.
1:30:25PM And that's your second, Mr. Cohen?
1:30:27PM Yes.
1:30:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick,
1:30:30PM second by Mr. Cohen on that item, item number two.
1:30:32PM All in favor of -- Mr. Suarez?

1:30:35PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Just a question.
1:30:36PM When some of the aspects you talk about,
1:30:39PM Mr. Reddick, how much of the historical character of
1:30:43PM the pool itself will be saved?
1:30:45PM You're talking about saving the historical
1:30:47PM passionate of it.
1:30:48PM And refurbishing what needs to be refurbished.
1:30:52PM What that costs, okay, that's fine.
1:30:54PM Just want to make sure.
1:30:56PM >>FRANK REDDICK: We don't want to eliminate the
1:30:58PM historic perspective.
1:31:01PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of that motion,
1:31:02PM please indicate by saying aye.
1:31:03PM Opposed nay.
1:31:04PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:31:05PM Thank you very much.
1:31:07PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 3 -- by the way,
1:31:11PM Mr. Bayor, thank you very much are.
1:31:13PM City hall has never looked much nicer and much
1:31:17PM flowery and spirit is, the folks that work for you
1:31:22PM should be very well satisfied with the job that
1:31:24PM they've done.
1:31:26PM >> Council, Greg Bayor, director of parks and
1:31:30PM recreation.
1:31:31PM Thank you very much, my staff has been getting lots

1:31:33PM of accolades for that.
1:31:35PM I'll share that with them also.
1:31:37PM I'm here today, hopefully the third time is the
1:31:40PM charm in making the presentation.
1:31:41PM Met recently with Councilman Reddick to further
1:31:44PM confine the concerns about the safety near water
1:31:48PM features and parks.
1:31:49PM Basically, it boils down to find a way to keep balls
1:31:52PM from rolling into hazards near athletic fields.
1:31:55PM It's similar to what we already have in place at
1:31:59PM Highland Pines.
1:32:00PM In particular, could we possibly use hedges for
1:32:03PM this?
1:32:03PM We did a hard look at all our parks.
1:32:06PM Most athletic fields are fenced in, but we did find
1:32:09PM two parks we could do this in very easily.
1:32:12PM One is Williams Park.
1:32:14PM First time using this.
1:32:19PM Bear with me.
1:32:22PM It's a hedge along the parking lot there, right next
1:32:25PM to it is an open field where the teams practicing.
1:32:28PM The other site is at Temple Crest.
1:32:32PM And it's a hedge along 37th street that can,
1:32:36PM baseball field going out and hedge along the slope
1:32:39PM near the barrier to keep balls from coming down the

1:32:42PM slope.
1:32:42PM We actually think this is a pretty good idea.
1:32:45PM We would like to proceed with it.
1:32:46PM We'd be using Florida gama grass, a native material
1:32:52PM to Florida.
1:32:52PM So looks nice.
1:32:55PM Takes no maintenance.
1:32:56PM It takes no irrigation.
1:32:57PM We'll put in double rows, so will stop all balls.
1:33:01PM Not that costly.
1:33:02PM We would like to proceed.
1:33:05PM Like to thank Councilman Reddick for having us
1:33:07PM revisit safety standards.
1:33:09PM This will take us to a new level in safety in our
1:33:11PM parks.
1:33:11PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments by Councilmembers?
1:33:13PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Just want to thank Mr. Bayor for
1:33:17PM reaching out and exploring these options.
1:33:20PM And I think that would be wonderful for those parks.
1:33:27PM And while I'm extending the comments to you, in a
1:33:34PM positive way, let me just say, really want to thank
1:33:37PM you for the work the park and recreation did for
1:33:42PM 34th street -- the feedback I've gotten from
1:33:47PM neighbors, they're very very pleased with it and
1:33:50PM excited about it.

1:33:52PM So they remind me to publish thank you, park and
1:33:55PM recreation, for what you all did over there.
1:33:59PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
1:34:00PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you Mr. Bayor, for all the
1:34:02PM work you put on this.
1:34:03PM I know it wasn't easy and it took a lot of time from
1:34:07PM your staff.
1:34:08PM But with the work that you've done with cataloging
1:34:13PM the parks and looking at where they might be
1:34:17PM somewhat dangerous situation, this type of treatment
1:34:21PM will not be just in the two parks that you put the
1:34:23PM sketches up.
1:34:24PM But will this be a type of strategy in other parks
1:34:31PM as well?
1:34:32PM >> It's a twofold process.
1:34:34PM We have most of our parks as I mentioned in previous
1:34:36PM presentation are playgrounds fenced in.
1:34:39PM As we have now looked, most athletic fields are
1:34:41PM fenced in.
1:34:42PM It's a matter of keeping balls, trying and use
1:34:45PM natural hedges whenever possible.
1:34:47PM Back to playgrounds, we like secure fencing with
1:34:50PM gates.
1:34:50PM Make sure the child is really secure inside it.
1:34:53PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So all the parks that we have

1:34:54PM from the city will be examined for these types of.
1:34:58PM >> Yes.
1:34:59PM So it's clear to everybody, we're not fencing the
1:35:01PM whole park.
1:35:02PM Just perimeter around the playground.
1:35:06PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: When there's a water hazard
1:35:07PM nearby.
1:35:08PM >> Any hazard.
1:35:08PM It could be a street, slope.
1:35:11PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.
1:35:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
1:35:13PM Have a nice day.
1:35:14PM Okay.
1:35:17PM We go to item number five.
1:35:24PM It's a resolution.
1:35:25PM Yes, sir?
1:35:27PM >> Anthony Casper, wastewater department.
1:35:30PM This item is to approve the award of a contract for
1:35:33PM rehabilitation of one of the screen and grit
1:35:36PM buildings, wastewater treatment plant.
1:35:37PM Here for any questions that you have.
1:35:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Questions by Councilmembers at
1:35:42PM this time?
1:35:43PM >> Move to approve.
1:35:44PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by

1:35:44PM Ms. Montelione, item number five, second by
1:35:48PM Mr. Suarez on item number five.
1:35:50PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:35:51PM saying aye.
1:35:52PM Opposed nay.
1:35:54PM Passed unanimous.
1:35:57PM Thank you very much, sir.
1:35:58PM Any items to be removed from consent agenda?
1:36:01PM Okay, we go to committee reports.
1:36:02PM Items 6 before 40, Mr. Suarez, would you take number
1:36:06PM six, please C.
1:36:08PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you a, chair.
1:36:09PM I present and ordinance for first reading
1:36:10PM consideration, ordinance of the City of Tampa, the
1:36:12PM Florida repealing ordinance number 2006-242,
1:36:16PM dissolving the independence park community
1:36:19PM development district and providing an effective
1:36:20PM date.
1:36:23PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, seconds by
1:36:25PM Mr. Cohen, all if favor of the motion, please
1:36:26PM indicate by saying aye.
1:36:27PM Opposed.
1:36:29PM Motion passed unanimously.
1:36:31PM >>THE CLERK: The second reading of the ordinance
1:36:33PM will be held December 19th at 9:30 a.m.

1:36:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Public safety committee chair,
1:36:37PM Mr. Frank Reddick, 7 through 14.
1:36:40PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, I move items 7-14.
1:36:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, is second
1:36:44PM by Mr. Cohen, further discussion by Councilmembers?
1:36:46PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:36:48PM saying aye.
1:36:48PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:36:49PM Parks, recreation, cultural committee,
1:36:54PM Ms. Montelione.
1:36:55PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
1:36:56PM I move items is 15 and 16, saying that I will be
1:36:59PM there for the flan fest.
1:37:03PM >> Second.
1:37:08PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: One of my favorite things in the
1:37:09PM world.
1:37:12PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by
1:37:15PM Mrs. Montelione, second by everyone, but I'll give
1:37:18PM it to Mr. Cohen over Mr. Suarez at this time.
1:37:20PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:37:21PM saying aye.
1:37:22PM Opposed nay.
1:37:24PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:37:24PM Public works committee chair Mr. Mike Suarez.
1:37:28PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

1:37:29PM I move items 17 through 24.
1:37:32PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
1:37:33PM Mr. Cohen.
1:37:34PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
1:37:36PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:37:37PM saying aye.
1:37:37PM Opposed nay.
1:37:39PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:37:39PM Finance committee chair, Mr. Harry Cohen.
1:37:44PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, I move items 25 and 26.
1:37:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a
1:37:48PM second by Mr. Suarez.
1:37:49PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
1:37:51PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:37:52PM saying aye.
1:37:52PM Opposed nay.
1:37:53PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:37:54PM Building, zoning and preservation committee,
1:37:57PM Ms. Montelione.
1:37:59PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, I move items 27
1:38:01PM through 38.
1:38:02PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione, second
1:38:04PM by -- items 33 and 34 have been continued.
1:38:13PM Those are to be held December the 19th of the year
1:38:17PM 2013.

1:38:19PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Shelby.
1:38:22PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor it motion, please
1:38:23PM indicate by saying aye.
1:38:24PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:38:24PM Transportation committee chair, Yvonne Yolie Capin.
1:38:29PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
1:38:30PM I move items 39 and 40.
1:38:32PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, I
1:38:35PM have a second by Mr. Suarez.
1:38:36PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:38:38PM saying aye.
1:38:38PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:38:39PM Need a motion to set public hearings on 41 and 42.
1:38:43PM Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez.
1:38:47PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:38:48PM saying aye.
1:38:48PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:38:50PM Okay, now we go to public hearings.
1:38:53PM I'm going to open 43 through 52.
1:38:56PM 55 through 59, 61 through 62.
1:38:58PM And need a motion for that.
1:39:01PM >> So moved.
1:39:01PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
1:39:04PM Mr. Reddick.
1:39:05PM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by

1:39:06PM saying aye.
1:39:06PM Opposed nay.
1:39:08PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:39:08PM Anyone who is going to speak on items 43 to 52, 55
1:39:13PM through 59, 61 through 62, these are quasi-judicial,
1:39:17PM requires you to be sworn in.
1:39:21PM [Oath administered by Clerk]
1:39:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: These hearings are open.
1:39:29PM These are public hearings.
1:39:30PM Item 43.
1:39:33PM >> Barbara Lynch, Land Development Coordination,
1:39:35PM staff had no objection to this request and, I'm here
1:39:37PM to answer any questions.
1:39:38PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?
1:39:40PM Looks like Zorro today.
1:39:42PM >> Gina Grimes with the law firm of Hill Ward and
1:39:47PM Henderson, representing the petitioner.
1:39:50PM We have nothing further to add.
1:39:51PM Here for any questions.
1:39:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
1:39:52PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item 43?
1:39:55PM C 13-12.
1:39:57PM Anyone?
1:39:58PM >> Move to close.
1:39:59PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close.

1:40:00PM Petitioner want rebuttal?
1:40:03PM Thank you very much.
1:40:03PM I had to ask you that.
1:40:05PM Have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr.
1:40:07PM Cohen.
1:40:08PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:40:10PM saying aye.
1:40:11PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:40:11PM Ms. Capin, would you kindly take 43, please.
1:40:16PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you Mr. Chair.
1:40:16PM An ordinance being presented for second reading and
1:40:20PM adoption, an ordinance lying, closing, discontinuing
1:40:24PM and abandoning an alleyway lying north of West
1:40:26PM Cleveland Street, south of Grand Central avenue,
1:40:29PM east of South Magnolia avenue, and west of south
1:40:32PM cedar avenue in plan of Washington's subdivision, a
1:40:37PM subdivision in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough
1:40:39PM County, Florida, the same being more fully described
1:40:41PM in section 1 hereof, subject to certain easement
1:40:45PM reservations, covenants, conditions and
1:40:47PM restrictions, more particularly set forth herein,
1:40:50PM providing an effective date.
1:40:53PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin,
1:40:55PM seconded by Mr. Suarez.
1:40:57PM Roll call vote.

1:40:58PM Vote and record.
1:40:59PM Clerk motion carried with Mulhern being absent.
1:41:12PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 44.
1:41:15PM >> Good afternoon, Abbye Feeley, land development
1:41:20PM coordination.
1:41:21PM Items 44, 45, 48, 49 and 50 require certified site
1:41:26PM plans.
1:41:27PM Those have been certified and provided to the clerk.
1:41:30PM Item 51 was not able to be certified.
1:41:33PM We're going to have to go back to first reading.
1:41:37PM I'll explain that to you when we get to that item.
1:41:39PM The others where Euclidian zoning districts and did
1:41:43PM not require site plans to be certified.
1:41:46PM I have all the plans available.
1:41:47PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
1:41:48PM Okay.
1:41:49PM 44.
1:41:49PM [speaking Spanish]
1:42:14PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: She'll translate in English.
1:42:16PM [through translator]
1:42:36PM >> He wants to expand his restaurant to the right
1:42:40PM side for liquor, beer and wine.
1:42:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's the same thing he said at
1:42:45PM first hearing.
1:42:52PM >>REBECCA KERT: I believe this is the item that I

1:42:54PM substituted an ordinance.
1:42:55PM The only change was he needed to correct the
1:42:58PM distance separation requirement.
1:43:00PM It was just an exhibit change.
1:43:02PM The title is the same.
1:43:04PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
1:43:04PM So 44, if we would just, the substitution, you read
1:43:09PM it from this agenda, Ms. Kert, right?
1:43:12PM >> Correct.
1:43:12PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
1:43:13PM [speaking Spanish]
1:43:17PM Want to say anything else?
1:43:18PM All right.
1:43:19PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item 44?
1:43:23PM V 13-86.
1:43:25PM >> Mr. Chair, I apologize.
1:43:28PM I do have a copy of the corrected exhibit as well
1:43:30PM that I did want to provide to the clerk to be
1:43:33PM received and filed.
1:43:34PM It was changed in between first and second reading
1:43:36PM and Ms. Moreda asked that I please provide into it
1:43:39PM the record.
1:43:40PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before I take a vote, let me have
1:43:42PM this received and filed.
1:43:44PM I have a motion to receive and file that document,

1:43:46PM second by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Reddick.
1:43:49PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
1:43:50PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:43:51PM saying aye.
1:43:52PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:43:52PM Anyone else care to speak on this item?
1:43:56PM V 13-876.
1:43:59PM Motion to close by Ms. Capin, second by Mr. Cohen.
1:44:02PM All in favor of the motion, signify by saying aye.
1:44:03PM Opposed nay.
1:44:04PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:44:05PM I need a motion for 44 as substituted.
1:44:08PM Read that motion.
1:44:10PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Move substitute ordinance being
1:44:12PM presented for second reading and adoption, an
1:44:14PM ordinance providing a special use permit for
1:44:19PM alcoholic beverage sales restaurant on premises
1:44:21PM consumption only and making lawful the sale of beer
1:44:23PM and wine at or from that certain, lot, plot or tract
1:44:26PM of land located at 1003 West Hillsborough Avenue,
1:44:29PM Tampa, Florida, as more particularly described in
1:44:32PM section 2, that all ordinances or parts of
1:44:34PM ordinances in conflict are repealed; providing an
1:44:37PM effective date.
1:44:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by

1:44:42PM Mr. Cohen.
1:44:43PM Roll call vote.
1:44:44PM Vote and record on 44.
1:44:50PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
1:44:52PM absent.
1:44:54PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 45.
1:44:59PM >>REBECCA KERT: Pursuant to City Council's motion
1:45:01PM the last time this item was heard, the ordinance was
1:45:03PM amended to provide for on premise consumption only.
1:45:06PM That's the title as read on the agenda.
1:45:10PM That is correct.
1:45:14PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: The site plans have also been
1:45:16PM corrected for consumption on the premises only as
1:45:20PM directed in between first and second reading.
1:45:23PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?
1:45:24PM 45.
1:45:26PM Yes, sir?
1:45:38PM >> Second reading try and get beer and wine license,
1:45:41PM please.
1:45:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to
1:45:44PM speak on this item, 45, V 13-116.
1:45:48PM I see no one.
1:45:49PM Motion to close by Mrs. Capin.
1:45:52PM Second by Mr. Cohen.
1:45:53PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?

1:45:55PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:45:56PM saying aye.
1:45:56PM Opposed nay.
1:45:57PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:45:58PM Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 45, V
1:46:02PM 13-116.
1:46:04PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
1:46:05PM I move an ordinance being presented for second
1:46:07PM reading and adoption, an ordinance approving a
1:46:09PM special use permit, S-2, for alcoholic beverage
1:46:12PM sales, small venue, on premises consumption, and
1:46:16PM making lawful the sale of beer and wine at or from
1:46:19PM that certain lot, plot or tract of land located at
1:46:20PM 2205 West Swann Avenue, Tampa, Florida, as more
1:46:26PM particularly described in section 2; that all
1:46:29PM ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict are
1:46:32PM repealed; providing an effective date.
1:46:34PM >> Second.
1:46:35PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen,
1:46:37PM second by Mr. Suarez.
1:46:38PM Roll call vote, vote and record.
1:46:46PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
1:46:48PM absent.
1:46:49PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 46, 46.
1:46:53PM >> Barbara Lynch, Land Development Coordination.

1:46:55PM Staff had no objection to this request and I'm here
1:46:58PM to answer any questions.
1:47:00PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir?
1:47:04PM >> My name is -- would request the alley to be
1:47:08PM closed.
1:47:11PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's it?
1:47:11PM Good.
1:47:12PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item 46, VAC
1:47:18PM 14-01.
1:47:20PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Cohen,
1:47:22PM second by Mr. Reddick.
1:47:23PM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by
1:47:24PM saying aye.
1:47:24PM Opposed nay.
1:47:26PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:47:27PM Ms. Montelione, will you kindly take 46 please.
1:47:31PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
1:47:32PM I move an ordinance presented for second reading and
1:47:34PM adoption, an ordinance vacating, closing
1:47:37PM discontinuing and abandoning an alleyway lying north
1:47:39PM of arch street, south of La Salle Street, east off
1:47:42PM St. Peter avenue and west of Armenia Avenue in the
1:47:46PM Bayamo subdivision, a subdivision in the City of
1:47:48PM Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, same being more
1:47:51PM fully described in section one hereof, subject to

1:47:54PM certain easement reservations, covenants, conditions
1:47:57PM and restrictions more particularly set forth herein,
1:48:00PM providing an effective date.
1:48:00PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call vote, motion by
1:48:03PM Ms. Montelione, second by Mr. Suarez.
1:48:05PM Vote and record.
1:48:11PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
1:48:13PM absent.
1:48:15PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 47.
1:48:17PM Yes, sir?
1:48:22PM >> Steve Michelini, we're here on second reading.
1:48:24PM This is a Euclidian zoning to straight out a
1:48:28PM scrivener's error regarding a lot that's divided in
1:48:31PM two different zoning lots going through one
1:48:33PM building.
1:48:35PM Respectfully request your approval.
1:48:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to
1:48:38PM speak on item 47?
1:48:40PM Z13-51.
1:48:45PM >> Move to close.
1:48:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick,
1:48:48PM second by Mr. Cohen.
1:48:49PM All in favor of the motion to close, please indicate
1:48:50PM by saying aye.
1:48:50PM Opposed nay.

1:48:52PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:48:52PM Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take number 47.
1:48:57PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for second
1:48:58PM reading and adoption, an ordinance rezoning property
1:49:00PM in the general vicinity of 4117 east Hillsborough
1:49:03PM Avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida, and more
1:49:06PM particularly described in section one, from zoning
1:49:08PM district classifications, RS-50, residential
1:49:11PM single-family, and CI, commercial intensive, to CI,
1:49:15PM commercial intensive, providing an effective date.
1:49:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, I have a
1:49:20PM second by Mr. Reddick on Z13-51, number 47.
1:49:25PM Roll call vote.
1:49:25PM Vote and record.
1:49:31PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
1:49:35PM absent.
1:49:37PM >> Thank you very much, Council.
1:49:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 48.
1:49:43PM >> Good evening -- good afternoon, Mr. Chairman.
1:49:46PM John Grandoff with the Hill Ward and Henderson firm.
1:49:50PM On behalf of the petitioner, we request second
1:49:52PM reading.
1:49:54PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone care to speak on item 48,
1:49:57PM Z13-69?
1:49:59PM See no one.

1:49:59PM Need a motion to close.
1:50:01PM Motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr.
1:50:02PM Suarez.
1:50:03PM All in favor of the motion to close, please indicate
1:50:04PM by saying aye.
1:50:05PM Opposed nay.
1:50:06PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:50:07PM Ms. Capin, would you kindly take number 48, please?
1:50:13PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for
1:50:14PM second reading and adoption, an ordinance rezoning
1:50:17PM property in the general vicinity of 105 and 107
1:50:20PM South MacDill Avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida,
1:50:22PM and more particularly described in section 1, from
1:50:25PM zoning district classifications CN, commercial
1:50:28PM neighborhood, to PD, planned development, storefront
1:50:31PM residential, office, medical and all CN uses,
1:50:34PM providing an effective date.
1:50:35PM Abbye Feeley said all the -- providing an effective
1:50:42PM date, the end.
1:50:43PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Capin,
1:50:45PM second by Mr. Suarez.
1:50:47PM Roll call vote.
1:50:48PM Vote and record.
1:50:51PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
1:50:57PM absent.

1:50:59PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 49.
1:51:02PM >> Good afternoon, I'm John Larocca, agent for the
1:51:05PM petitioner, at 101 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa,
1:51:08PM Florida.
1:51:09PM This was the moving of the hay barn on to Lowry Park
1:51:15PM property.
1:51:15PM We respectfully request your approval.
1:51:17PM Thank you.
1:51:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the public care to
1:51:21PM speak on item 49?
1:51:22PM Z13-70?
1:51:24PM I see no one.
1:51:25PM Motion to close by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Cohen.
1:51:28PM All in favor of that motion to close, please
1:51:29PM indicate by saying aye.
1:51:30PM Opposed nay.
1:51:31PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:51:32PM Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take number 49,
1:51:34PM please.
1:51:35PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented
1:51:36PM for second reading and adoption, an ordinance
1:51:38PM rezoning property in the general vicinity of 7201
1:51:41PM North Boulevard in the City of Tampa, Florida, and
1:51:44PM more particularly scribed in section 1, from zoning
1:51:47PM district classifications RS-50 residential

1:51:49PM single-family to PD, planned development, hay barn
1:51:53PM accessory use to Lowry Park Zoo, providing an
1:51:55PM effective date.
1:51:56PM >> Second.
1:51:57PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick
1:51:58PM for approval, second by Mr. Cohen.
1:52:01PM Roll call vote.
1:52:02PM Vote and record.
1:52:10PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
1:52:11PM absent.
1:52:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 50.
1:52:15PM Anyone here for number 50?
1:52:24PM >> Good afternoon, Councilmembers.
1:52:26PM Richard Davis, 15310 Amberly Drive, suite 250.
1:52:31PM I'm here on behalf of the property owners and
1:52:34PM prospective purchaser and respectfully request your
1:52:36PM approval on second reading.
1:52:38PM And we'll respond to any questions you may have.
1:52:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments from anyone in the
1:52:43PM audience on item 50?
1:52:45PM Z 13-71.
1:52:47PM I see no one.
1:52:48PM Motion to close by Mr. Cohen, second by
1:52:51PM Ms. Montelione.
1:52:52PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by

1:52:53PM saying aye.
1:52:54PM Opposed nay.
1:52:55PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:52:56PM Mr. Cohen, will you kindly take number 50 please?
1:52:59PM >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented
1:53:01PM for second reading and adoption, an ordinance
1:53:03PM rezoning property in the general vicinity of 5112
1:53:07PM North Habana Avenue and 2906, 2908 and 2910 west
1:53:12PM crest avenue, in the City of Tampa, Florida and more
1:53:15PM particularly described in section 1, from zoning
1:53:18PM district classifications RS-50, residential
1:53:21PM single-family to PD, planned development, office,
1:53:24PM medical, providing an effective date.
1:53:27PM >> Second.
1:53:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for approval by
1:53:29PM Mr. Cohen on item Z13-71, second by Mr. Suarez.
1:53:33PM Roll call vote.
1:53:34PM Vote and record.
1:53:37PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
1:53:42PM absent.
1:53:45PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Abbye, you said something on 51
1:53:47PM earlier?
1:53:50PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thank you.
1:53:52PM Item number 51 is the rezoning of the Busch Greco
1:53:57PM junction piece that we refer to.

1:53:59PM It had an annexation -- it does have annexation.
1:54:02PM It has a comprehensive plan amendment and it had
1:54:04PM rezoning.
1:54:05PM The rezoning, there was a condition on the rezoning
1:54:07PM that related to the traffic signal.
1:54:10PM And there was some direction by Council to modify
1:54:13PM that, specifically Councilwoman Montelione, at the
1:54:17PM hearing that first night.
1:54:19PM We through discussion with staff and the applicant,
1:54:21PM we modified it beyond what -- it was modified and
1:54:27PM the plans were submitted and they were certified.
1:54:29PM So there are ready to come to you.
1:54:30PM But then there was further discussion among staff
1:54:32PM and the applicant that then required further
1:54:35PM modification to the condition.
1:54:37PM So what was certified is not the plan, that is
1:54:40PM before you this afternoon.
1:54:41PM We need to go back on first reading and ask that, I
1:54:46PM believe Mrs. Grimes just provided to you.
1:54:49PM I also have revision sheet.
1:54:51PM Go back on first reading with the motion to make
1:54:53PM this revision and then we'll bring you back the
1:54:56PM certified plans for second reading on the 19th.
1:54:59PM That being said, the other two items should be able
1:55:01PM to receive seeing that the rezoning would then

1:55:04PM occur, second reading of the rezoning would then
1:55:06PM occur on the 19th, which would be after those items.
1:55:10PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let the record reflect 51 is
1:55:12PM really in first reading.
1:55:13PM All right.
1:55:14PM Anyone, 51?
1:55:15PM Petitioner?
1:55:18PM >> Gina Grimes with the law firm of Hill Ward and
1:55:21PM Henderson, representing the petitioner, Taylor
1:55:24PM Morrison.
1:55:25PM Just a couple things.
1:55:26PM I do have Bill Oliver here, our transportation
1:55:28PM engineer.
1:55:29PM And we wanted to explain to you the reason for the
1:55:32PM change in the transportation condition, given that
1:55:34PM it was a little more expansive than what was
1:55:38PM originally provided to you at first reading two
1:55:41PM weeks ago.
1:55:41PM Then the other thing was that Mr. Reddick had asked
1:55:45PM for some renderings of the type of housing units
1:55:49PM that were going to be developed there.
1:55:50PM So I was just going to pass those out as well.
1:55:53PM And with that I'd like Bill, Mr. Oliver to come up
1:55:58PM to the podium and just review the changes to the
1:56:00PM transportation.

1:56:05PM >> The changes from the original language -- I'm
1:56:08PM sorry.
1:56:08PM Should introduce myself.
1:56:09PM I'm Bill Oliver with Tindale-Oliver and associates.
1:56:13PM Gina, you've already passed the language out.
1:56:15PM The changes basically address two simple issues.
1:56:19PM One was a concern that we had regarding the length
1:56:22PM of time over which the developer would be exposed to
1:56:25PM a need to install the traffic signal.
1:56:28PM The language as it originally read indicated that
1:56:31PM the, that the signal would be -- one, would be
1:56:38PM determined and their obligations to install the
1:56:41PM signal would be within two years of issuance of the
1:56:44PM final certificate of occupancy.
1:56:45PM Our concern was simply that if under whatever
1:56:48PM circumstances a particular lot remains vacant and
1:56:52PM remained vacant for 30 or 40 years, we simply could
1:56:56PM not have that, our client -- the applicants could
1:57:00PM simply just not have that condition hanging over him
1:57:02PM for an extended period of time.
1:57:04PM So that language has been changed to say when we
1:57:07PM reach 90% of the development, then we'll make that
1:57:10PM determination.
1:57:12PM And will have the issue closed.
1:57:14PM At that time, if the determination is made that the

1:57:18PM traffic signal is needed, then the design would be
1:57:21PM undertaken and once agreed to by both Hillsborough
1:57:26PM County and the City of Tampa, a bond would be
1:57:30PM posted, a cost estimate would be prepared, a bond
1:57:33PM would be posted to ensure that the traffic signal
1:57:36PM ultimately gets installed.
1:57:38PM So the changes basically lay that process out a
1:57:41PM little more clearly and provide, we think, more
1:57:44PM certainty, both to the city and to the developer
1:57:48PM regarding how that provision will be played out.
1:57:51PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
1:57:51PM Ms. Montelione?
1:57:53PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
1:57:55PM And thank you for taking the time to revisit this
1:57:59PM condition because I know this may be holding you up
1:58:01PM a bit longer than you had expected, I mean, that the
1:58:06PM applicant.
1:58:06PM I agree that you don't want to have the two years
1:58:14PM out there because it could be a slow economy again,
1:58:20PM as we have seen in the past.
1:58:22PM And that be an onerous condition.
1:58:28PM But I still have a little bit of heartburn with the
1:58:31PM 90% of final building permit, because that means,
1:58:37PM this subdivision will be almost fully occupied,
1:58:41PM you're at 90%, that's pretty close.

1:58:44PM And there's going to be a lot of people on that
1:58:49PM road, so that -- I would prefer to seen it a little
1:58:54PM bit earlier.
1:58:56PM But, I don't want to hold you up any longer than we
1:59:01PM already have.
1:59:02PM >> It can be earlier.
1:59:03PM It's just, it says when warranted by the City of
1:59:06PM Tampa.
1:59:07PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: No later than the issuance.
1:59:09PM >> Which the determination of whether the signal is
1:59:12PM needed shall be made no later than.
1:59:15PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
1:59:16PM >> So they could do it earlier.
1:59:18PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: They could do it earlier.
1:59:19PM >> And when they --
1:59:22PM >> When they do the study, they can also project out
1:59:25PM to 100% buildout.
1:59:27PM >> That's right.
1:59:27PM We had actually proposed language a little more
1:59:29PM clearer than that that said when requested by the
1:59:31PM city, but no later than that.
1:59:33PM But this was the language that the city, the staff
1:59:36PM finally agreed to.
1:59:39PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
1:59:39PM And I trust the staff.

1:59:40PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to
1:59:42PM speak on item 51, Z13-74.
1:59:46PM Motion to close by Ms. Capin, second by Mr. Suarez.
1:59:50PM Mr. Reddick right behind.
1:59:51PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
1:59:53PM saying aye.
1:59:54PM The ayes have it unanimously.
1:59:54PM Ms. Montelione, will you kindly take number 51,
1:59:58PM please.
1:59:58PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Am I reading this directly?
2:00:01PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: First reading.
2:00:02PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: With revisions.
2:00:03PM I move an ordinance for first reading and adoption,
2:00:07PM an ordinance rezoning property in the general
2:00:09PM vicinity of Royal Hampton Boulevard and south county
2:00:13PM line road to property line with Grand Hampton
2:00:15PM Hammocks in the City of Tampa, Florida, and more
2:00:17PM particularly described in Section one, from zoning
2:00:20PM district classification PD-A, planned development
2:00:24PM alternative, and AS-1, Hillsborough County, to PD-A,
2:00:29PM planned development alternative residential
2:00:32PM single-family detached, attached and semi detached;
2:00:35PM providing an effective date, including the revisions
2:00:37PM as presented by staff.
2:00:39PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione,

2:00:40PM seconded by Mr. Suarez.
2:00:42PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:00:43PM saying aye.
2:00:44PM Opposed nay.
2:00:45PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:00:45PM Thank you very much.
2:00:47PM >>THE CLERK: The second reading of the ordinance
2:00:49PM will be held December the 19th at 9:30 a.m.
2:00:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, we go to item 52.
2:01:00PM >>ABBYE FEELEY: I do not see the applicant present
2:01:02PM for item number 52.
2:01:07PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir?
2:01:08PM >> Councilmembers, with your indulgence, the
2:01:11PM representative for the applicant, Mr. Steven
2:01:13PM Allenson was called away and could not be present.
2:01:18PM He asked me to speak in his stead, if there was a
2:01:21PM problem with this application, he'd respectfully ask
2:01:24PM you to continue it to the next meeting when he could
2:01:26PM be present.
2:01:27PM If there's no problem with it, I would suspect if I
2:01:29PM could fill in his words, he would probably ask it be
2:01:32PM approved.
2:01:33PM But that's why he's not here.
2:01:34PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
2:01:35PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on 52, Z13-77?

2:01:40PM Motion to close by Ms. Montelione, second by
2:01:43PM Mrs. Capin.
2:01:44PM -- I'm sorry.
2:01:47PM Mr. Suarez.
2:01:48PM I'm going to clear the record.
2:01:53PM Second by Mr. Suarez.
2:01:55PM On 52, Z13-77.
2:01:58PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:01:59PM saying aye.
2:01:59PM Opposed nay.
2:02:01PM I didn't get an aye.
2:02:03PM All in favor of the close, aye.
2:02:05PM Motion passed unanimously.
2:02:07PM Mr. Suarez, will you kindly take 52, Z13-77.
2:02:11PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move an ordinance for second
2:02:12PM reading and adoption, an ordinance rezoning property
2:02:15PM in the general vicinity of 8315 north 9th street A/B
2:02:19PM in the City of Tampa, Florida, and more particularly
2:02:21PM described in section 1, from zoning district
2:02:23PM classification RS-50, residential single-family to
2:02:27PM RM-16, residential multi-family, providing an
2:02:29PM effective date.
2:02:30PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mr. Suarez,
2:02:32PM seconded by Mr. Cohen.
2:02:35PM Roll call vote.

2:02:38PM Vote and record.
2:02:46PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern and Reddick
2:02:50PM being absent at vote.
2:02:53PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 55 now.
2:03:03PM >> Gina Grimes with the law firm of Hill Ward and
2:03:08PM Henderson.
2:03:08PM I represent the petitioner on this voluntary
2:03:10PM annexation.
2:03:11PM As you all know, it's an annexation of about
2:03:14PM 148 acres in the New Tampa area, just south of the
2:03:17PM county line.
2:03:18PM You had a staff recommendation to support.
2:03:21PM I have nothing further to add.
2:03:23PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to
2:03:25PM speak on 55?
2:03:29PM Motion to close by Mr. Cohen, second by
2:03:32PM Ms. Montelione to close.
2:03:33PM All in favor of the motion to close, please indicate
2:03:35PM by saying aye.
2:03:36PM Opposed nay.
2:03:38PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:03:39PM Ms. Capin, will you kindly take number 55, please?
2:03:43PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Ordinance being presented for second
2:03:44PM reading and adoption.
2:03:46PM An ordinance relating to the voluntary annexation to

2:03:49PM the City of Tampa, Florida, a municipal corporation
2:03:52PM existing under the laws of the state of Florida, of
2:03:54PM certain incorporated lands generally located west of
2:03:58PM Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, north of New Tampa
2:04:00PM Boulevard, east of Interstate 75 and south of east
2:04:03PM county line road and consisting of approximately
2:04:06PM 148 acres of land, property, annexing the property
2:04:11PM to the City of Tampa upon voluntary petition from
2:04:13PM the owner of the property, redefining and extending
2:04:18PM the boundary lines of the City of Tampa to include
2:04:20PM the property, providing an effective date.
2:04:23PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin,
2:04:25PM second by Mr. Suarez in a close vote with Mr. Cohen.
2:04:28PM This is a roll call vote, vote and record.
2:04:33PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
2:04:37PM absent.
2:04:40PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 56.
2:04:42PM Anyone in the audience on this 56?
2:04:59PM >> I'm not representing anybody, but that's a text
2:05:02PM amendment that the Planning Commission --
2:05:04PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just wanted to see if you wanted
2:05:05PM to speak.
2:05:06PM [ Laughter ]
2:05:11PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You're stepping in for the
2:05:12PM Planning Commission, is that it?

2:05:13PM That's very nice of you.
2:05:17PM I'm really appreciative that you came to the plate.
2:05:19PM It was a tenth inning and the other team scored in
2:05:23PM the bottom of the ninth.
2:05:25PM >> You just kind of had that look in your eye.
2:05:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I appreciate you helping us out.
2:05:29PM I really do.
2:05:30PM And gave that humble look, please help me, and you
2:05:33PM did.
2:05:33PM And I really appreciate it.
2:05:34PM [ Laughter ]
2:05:35PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, anyone from the audience
2:05:37PM care to speak on item 56?
2:05:38PM Known as the Gina Grimes ordinance.
2:05:45PM I have a motion to close by Mr. Cohen, second by
2:05:48PM Ms. Montelione.
2:05:49PM All in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
2:05:51PM Opposed nay.
2:05:52PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:05:53PM Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take 56, please?
2:05:58PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented
2:05:59PM for second reading and adoption, ordinance amending
2:06:02PM the Tampa comprehensive plan housing element to
2:06:04PM provide guidance on the development of special needs
2:06:06PM housing and congregate living facilities, providing

2:06:09PM for repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing
2:06:13PM for severability, providing an effective date.
2:06:15PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
2:06:16PM Mr. Suarez.
2:06:18PM Roll call vote.
2:06:18PM Vote and record.
2:06:24PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
2:06:26PM absent.
2:06:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 57.
2:06:29PM Any help?
2:06:32PM Thank you.
2:06:33PM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item 57?
2:06:37PM I see no one.
2:06:38PM Need a motion to close.
2:06:39PM Motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Suarez to
2:06:43PM close.
2:06:44PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:06:45PM saying aye.
2:06:45PM Opposed nay.
2:06:47PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:06:48PM Number 57, Mr. Cohen, will you kindly take that one
2:06:51PM please.
2:06:52PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
2:06:53PM I move an ordinance for second -- being presented
2:06:58PM for second reading and adoption, an ordinance

2:07:00PM amending the Tampa comprehensive plan, future land
2:07:02PM use element, future land use plan categories of
2:07:06PM suburban mixed use 3 and suburban mixed use 6 to
2:07:10PM clarify how residential density may be calculated
2:07:13PM for project development, providing for repeal of all
2:07:16PM ordinances in conflict, providing for severability,
2:07:20PM providing an effective date.
2:07:21PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call vote, motion made by
2:07:23PM Mr.~Cohen, second by Mr. Reddick.
2:07:26PM Roll call vote.
2:07:27PM Vote and record.
2:07:30PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
2:07:32PM absent.
2:07:35PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 58.
2:07:37PM Yes, sir?
2:07:40PM >> Mr. Chairman, council, Ed Turanchik, Ackerman
2:07:44PM LLP, representing Armando Roeschy, Shannon Roeschy
2:07:49PM and Palasky, requesting this private amendment that
2:07:53PM rectifies and turns an R-10 to R-20 on this small
2:08:01PM corner at Heiter and Webb.
2:08:03PM We appreciate your support.
2:08:04PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to
2:08:06PM speak on item 58, PA 13-02?
2:08:09PM I see no one.
2:08:11PM Need a motion to close.

2:08:13PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:08:14PM saying aye.
2:08:15PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:08:16PM Mr. Reddick -- excuse me, Mr. Cohen, would you
2:08:19PM kindly take number 58?
2:08:22PM >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented
2:08:24PM for second reading and adoption, an ordinance
2:08:26PM amending the Tampa comprehensive plan, future land
2:08:29PM use map, for the property located in the general
2:08:32PM vicinity of the southwest corner of West Heiter
2:08:34PM Street and north Webb Avenue, located at 4004 north
2:08:39PM Webb Avenue, from residential 10, R-10, to
2:08:43PM residential 20, R-20, providing for repeal of all
2:08:47PM ordinances in conflicts, providing for severability,
2:08:49PM providing an effective date.
2:08:50PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mr. Cohen,
2:08:52PM second by Mr. Reddick.
2:08:55PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
2:08:57PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:09:00PM saying aye.
2:09:00PM Opposed nay.
2:09:02PM It's a roll call vote.
2:09:04PM I got everybody sleeping here.
2:09:06PM Vote and record.
2:09:10PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being

2:09:12PM absent.
2:09:16PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
2:09:16PM That was 59, right?
2:09:21PM 58.
2:09:22PM 59, yes, ma'am?
2:09:24PM >> Gina Grimes, Hill Ward and Henderson.
2:09:28PM I represent the petitioner, Taylor Morrison on this
2:09:32PM comprehensive plan amendment.
2:09:33PM It's a companion to the annexation that you just
2:09:36PM approved.
2:09:36PM What this does is changes the comprehensive plan
2:09:38PM category from the county category of neighborhood
2:09:41PM mixed use 3 to the city comp plan category of
2:09:45PM suburban mixed use three.
2:09:47PM So the density remains unchanged.
2:09:50PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to
2:09:52PM speak on item number 59?
2:09:54PM PA 13-04?
2:09:55PM I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by
2:09:58PM Mr. Cohen.
2:09:58PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
2:10:00PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:10:01PM saying aye.
2:10:01PM Opposed nay.
2:10:02PM The ayes have it unanimously.

2:10:03PM Ms. Montelione, would you kindly take number 59,
2:10:06PM please.
2:10:07PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I thought you were going to skip
2:10:09PM over me again.
2:10:11PM >> I would never do that.
2:10:12PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: An ordinance being presented for
2:10:14PM second reading and adoption, an ordinance amending
2:10:16PM the Tampa comprehensive plan future land use
2:10:18PM element, future land use map for the property
2:10:20PM located in the general vicinity of Bruce B. Downs
2:10:22PM Boulevard and south of east county line road, from
2:10:25PM neighborhood mixed use 4, paren 3, unincorporated
2:10:31PM Hillsborough County future land use plan category to
2:10:34PM suburban mixed use 3, Tampa comprehensive future
2:10:37PM land use plan category, providing for repeal of all
2:10:40PM ordinances in conflict, providing for severability,
2:10:45PM providing an effective date.
2:10:45PM >> Second.
2:10:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by
2:10:48PM Ms. Montelione, second by Mr. Suarez on 59, PA
2:10:52PM 13-04.
2:10:53PM Roll call vote.
2:10:55PM Vote and record.
2:10:59PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being
2:11:02PM absent.

2:11:04PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
2:11:05PM Item number 61.
2:11:06PM It's a continued public hearing.
2:11:13PM >> Good afternoon, Councilmembers, Richard Davis,
2:11:17PM Richard E. Davis, PA, 15310 Amberly Drive, Suite
2:11:20PM 250.
2:11:22PM This is on second reading.
2:11:23PM We respectfully request your approval of this small
2:11:26PM scale comprehensive plan amendment.
2:11:28PM Thank you.
2:11:29PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to
2:11:30PM speak on item 61?
2:11:32PM I see no one.
2:11:33PM I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by
2:11:36PM Mr. Cohen on 61.
2:11:38PM All in favor of the motion to close, please indicate
2:11:39PM by saying aye.
2:11:40PM Opposed nay.
2:11:41PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:11:41PM Mr. Suarez, will you kindly take number 61.
2:11:44PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
2:11:45PM I present an ordinance for second reading and
2:11:47PM adoption.
2:11:48PM An ordinance amending the Tampa comprehensive plan
2:11:51PM future land use map for the property located in the

2:11:53PM general vicinity of 3705 west Carmen street from
2:11:57PM residential 20, R-20 to community commercial 35,
2:12:03PM CC-35, providing for repeal of all ordinances in
2:12:06PM conflict, providing for severability, providing an
2:12:09PM effective date.
2:12:10PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion for approval by
2:12:11PM Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Cohen.
2:12:13PM Roll call vote.
2:12:14PM Vote and record.
2:12:16PM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried where Mulhern being
2:12:21PM absent.
2:12:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
2:12:25PM 62, we opened it earlier.
2:12:28PM I opened all those when I opened the majority of
2:12:31PM them.
2:12:32PM And this cannot be heard because no affidavit is
2:12:35PM filed.
2:12:35PM What we have here is a request for rescheduled to
2:12:41PM January the 23rd.
2:12:42PM Anyone want to speak on that item to be scheduled
2:12:45PM for the 23rd?
2:12:47PM See no one.
2:12:47PM I need a motion to allow this to be happened on the
2:12:51PM 23rd of January, 2014.
2:12:53PM Motion by Mr. Reddick on number 62.

2:12:56PM Second by Mr. Suarez.
2:12:56PM Any further discussion by Councilmembers?
2:12:58PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:13:00PM saying aye.
2:13:00PM Opposed nay.
2:13:01PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:13:02PM I see the audience is down to one.
2:13:06PM Information reports from right to left, Mr. Suarez?
2:13:12PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: None, sir.
2:13:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
2:13:13PM Ms. Capin?
2:13:15PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'd like to make a motion that on
2:13:16PM January 9th at 9:00 a.m., the Junior League of Tampa
2:13:19PM be given a five minute presentation on the
2:13:24PM abolishment movement of the human trafficking.
2:13:28PM >> Second.
2:13:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Capin, second by
2:13:30PM Mr. Reddick.
2:13:31PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
2:13:32PM All in favor it motion, please indicate by saying
2:13:34PM aye.
2:13:34PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:13:35PM Anything else?
2:13:37PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.
2:13:37PM I'd like to make a motion for Sherry Silk of the --

2:13:44PM the Tampa Bay Humane Society to come on January 23rd
2:13:49PM to give a five minute presentation on 2013, a recap
2:13:54PM of 2013 on the Humane Society.
2:13:57PM >> Second.
2:13:57PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Capin, second by
2:13:59PM Mr. Suarez.
2:14:00PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
2:14:01PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:14:02PM saying aye.
2:14:03PM Opposed nay.
2:14:04PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:14:04PM Anything else?
2:14:06PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.
2:14:07PM I'd like to present a workshop on alcoholic beverage
2:14:11PM for -- any time in January or February.
2:14:15PM What we got?
2:14:19PM >> We have February.
2:14:21PM January 30th or February 27th.
2:14:25PM I think 27th would be better.
2:14:30PM >>HARRY COHEN: I think January 30th is full.
2:14:35PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Alcoholic beverage permitting for
2:14:37PM February 27th.
2:14:39PM That's my motion.
2:14:40PM Workshop.
2:14:41PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mrs. Capin.

2:14:44PM Seconded by --
2:14:47PM >> Question.
2:14:47PM How is that different than what we talked about
2:14:49PM earlier?
2:14:50PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: What do you mean what we talked
2:14:51PM about earlier?
2:14:53PM >> I thought we tabled to having the discussion
2:14:55PM until January.
2:14:56PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Tabled having a discussion on a
2:14:58PM committee to January 23rd.
2:15:01PM That's what we tabled.
2:15:05PM >>HARRY COHEN: The motion we voted on this morning
2:15:09PM regarding the work -- that was what the motion was,
2:15:13PM to have a workshop on the 27th of February, correct?
2:15:17PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Workshop on the, on the, the draft
2:15:23PM ordinance.
2:15:24PM >>HARRY COHEN: So this, you're proposing a workshop,
2:15:27PM not on the draft ordinance but just on the issue
2:15:29PM generally?
2:15:30PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I think we're just waiting too long.
2:15:32PM And the public wanted to input and I think that's
2:15:36PM important.
2:15:36PM And I think they were disappointed.
2:15:39PM I just feel that they were very disappointed and
2:15:41PM there were people that were not heard.

2:15:43PM So, that's my motion.
2:15:48PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a second?
2:15:49PM Motion dies for lack of a second.
2:15:54PM >>HARRY COHEN: I think the purpose of tabling the
2:15:57PM discussion till the 23rd was just to give everybody
2:16:00PM a chance to sort of get their thoughts together and
2:16:03PM regroup a little bit.
2:16:04PM And I mean, there's nothing that stops us from
2:16:07PM scheduling that.
2:16:08PM But my sense was that we were all, needed a little
2:16:11PM time to sort of absorb what happened today and think
2:16:14PM through it a little bit.
2:16:15PM That's all.
2:16:16PM That was just my sense of sort of what we were
2:16:18PM trying to do today.
2:16:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
2:16:25PM Dies for lack of a second.
2:16:26PM Anything else?
2:16:28PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.
2:16:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
2:16:30PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Just for information, are we
2:16:33PM supposed to schedule a workshop on the green artery
2:16:38PM any time soon?
2:16:44PM >>HARRY COHEN: The green artery.
2:16:47PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Are we supposed to schedule one?

2:16:48PM >>HARRY COHEN: There was some action brought up in
2:16:50PM the MPO regarding that.
2:16:54PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't believe, Mr. Reddick,
2:16:56PM that we are looking to schedule a workshop here.
2:17:01PM What Ms. Young-Green had brought to the MPO and also
2:17:03PM to here, I think was taken care of at the MPO.
2:17:06PM We're moving forward with some of their suggestions
2:17:10PM and then if we need to, we can bring it back here.
2:17:14PM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
2:17:15PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thanks for keeping it alive.
2:17:17PM I'll check with her and I'll check with MPO staff
2:17:21PM and see if we need to, we can schedule it for
2:17:25PM January.
2:17:26PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
2:17:26PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anything else?
2:17:27PM >>FRANK REDDICK: No, sir.
2:17:28PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
2:17:30PM >>HARRY COHEN: None, thank you.
2:17:30PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
2:17:32PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: No new business.
2:17:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
2:17:33PM Okay.
2:17:34PM Need a motion to receive and file all the documents
2:17:36PM today.
2:17:36PM I have a motion by Mr.-- motion by three people,

2:17:42PM seconded by three people.
2:17:43PM I need a motion to receive and file.
2:17:45PM Motion made by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr. Cohen.
2:17:48PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
2:17:49PM saying aye.
2:17:50PM Opposed nay.
2:17:51PM The ayes have it unanimously.
2:17:51PM Anyone in the audience care to speak, all 500 of
2:17:54PM you, minus one?
2:17:55PM I see no one.
2:17:57PM Anything else to come before this Council?
2:17:59PM Stand adjourned.

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