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Community Redevelopment Agency

Thursday, December 12, 2013

9:00 a.m. session


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09:06:45 [Sounding gavel]

09:08:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:08:46 We are ready to call the Community Redevelopment Agency

09:08:50 meeting to order.

09:08:51 And I am going to yield to Mr. Cohen.

09:08:53 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

09:08:55 Please join me in welcoming father Christian Villagemeza,

09:09:03 who started the International Seafarers Mission of Tampa Bay

09:09:07 in 1999 now where he continues to serve as chaplain.

09:09:12 He is also a board member and chaplain of Life Path Hospice

09:09:17 of Hillsborough County and the be vicar at Episcopal church

09:09:21 in Tampa.

09:09:22 He's married to a nurse and has been blessed with three sons

09:09:25 and hails from the Philippines.

09:09:27 Thank you for joining us this morning.

09:09:29 Please rise for the invocation as well as the pledge of

09:09:31 allegiance.

09:09:31 >> Gracious God, we thank you for this new day, for your

09:09:47 whole creation, that that the food we eat, the shelter we

09:09:53 live in, and the people we meat each day.

09:09:59 Bless those whom we have entrusted the authority to lead the

09:10:04 City of Tampa as people with good intentions for the

09:10:08 community.

09:10:10 Give us grace, wisdom, skill, sound mind and righteous will.

09:10:17 So that in our everyday lives we may continually do the

09:10:21 tasks which demand our best efforts.

09:10:24 In God's name we pray.

09:10:26 Amen.

09:10:26 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:10:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me state for the record that Yolie

09:10:49 Capin will not be in attendance at this meeting, and just

09:10:52 want to state for the record.

09:10:54 Roll call.

09:10:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:10:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:11:00 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:11:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:11:05 Before we get started,.

09:11:13 >>JULIA MANDELL: City attorney.

09:11:14 I come before you today with an honor of being able to

09:11:19 introduce two new attorneys we have hired within our office.

09:11:22 The legal department.

09:11:23 And we are now fully staffed in the legal department, as the

09:11:31 law never stops and we work hard to represent you and the

09:11:34 city and the citizens of Tampa.

09:11:36 I would like to go ahead and introduce Shaun -- and I will

09:11:42 likely butcher his last name -- Amarnani, and he is come to

09:11:48 us from Hernando county with some good experience in land

09:11:52 use, zoning, and code enforcement work, and he also has four

09:12:02 or offensive years doing work in litigation and

09:12:04 transactional work in the private sector.

09:12:07 He went to Florida State University but, yes, I still hired

09:12:09 him, and he will be working with land use and zoning doing

09:12:18 zonings and doing code enforcement, historic preservation,

09:12:22 and dealing with those types of issues.

09:12:25 And I look forward to working with him as I know you will

09:12:28 look forward to working with him as well, and he can correct

09:12:33 my pronunciation of his last name.

09:12:35 >> Sure.

09:12:36 It's Shaun Amarnami for the record and I'm happy to be here

09:12:43 and I'm excited to contribute to the City of Tampa.

09:12:45 Thank you.

09:12:46 >> Welcome aboard.

09:12:47 Mr. Reddick has suits by your dad.

09:12:51 [ Laughter ]

09:12:51 >> That was good.

09:12:59 I am also proud to introduce Robin. She has a tremendous

09:13:06 amount of experience both in the private sector but also

09:13:10 she's worked both within the court system in the 13th

09:13:14 judicial court which is our circuit as well as the Second

09:13:17 District Court of Appeals, and we really look forward to

09:13:20 having her on our team to help us especially with some of

09:13:23 our appellate work.

09:13:25 I'll ask Robin to go ahead and say what.

09:13:29 >> I had the pleasure of meeting everyone last week.

09:13:33 I am happy to be here and glad to see everyone in a more

09:13:36 formal setting.

09:13:37 Thank you.

09:13:38 >> Ms. Mandell, is hiring a new litigate or an indication of

09:13:44 some of the mistakes we have made?

09:13:46 I just wonder why you brought her here, too.

09:13:51 >>JULIA MANDELL: We think it's very important that the

09:13:53 attorneys in our world here in Tampa and outside know that

09:13:57 we are top notch, so we scare them on the front end.

09:14:01 [ Laughter ]

09:14:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Welcome aboard.

09:14:05 And I'm sure each one of you will have an opportunity to

09:14:09 meet each of you one on one and we look forward to working

09:14:13 with you.

09:14:13 Bob.

09:14:13 >>BOB McDONAUGH: As custom has it, we have a guest this

09:14:18 morning from one of the CRAs.

09:14:20 We have Mr. Garcia who is the vice chair of the Drew Park

09:14:24 CRA to give an update on activity in Drew Park.

09:14:27 >> Good morning.

09:14:39 Here to kind of bring an update as to what's going on in

09:14:42 Drew Park.

09:14:53 Private sector investments, almost finished with expansion

09:14:59 of the leadership.

09:15:02 I would like to -- start add nice big project already.

09:15:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: You need to pull up the MIC a little bit

09:15:13 closer so we can hear you.

09:15:15 >> Okay.

09:15:16 And star quality almost finished their building on crest

09:15:19 Avenue which really looks really nice.

09:15:22 A nice improvement to our area.

09:15:25 The capital improvement part, looking great.

09:15:28 It's going to be a nice, beautiful street.

09:15:33 And not quite finished but looking nice.

09:15:36 And we look forward to Lois Avenue improvement which and I

09:15:44 own a property on Lois Avenue, and we are impacted by it,

09:15:49 but we look forward to the day where it's finished, and we

09:15:53 get some improvement from that.

09:16:03 The facade program has been very popular, and more people

09:16:07 will be on board to try to make some improvement to the

09:16:10 places, and make the places better.

09:16:13 And the last thing that I have on the thing here is we are

09:16:16 recruiting members right now to join our advisory committee.

09:16:30 Any questions from members?

09:16:32 Okay, thank you.

09:16:33 Bob, we love this.

09:16:34 They get shorter and shorter.

09:16:36 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We can always bring back -- [ Laughter ]

09:16:44 Just an update for the board on some of the activities

09:16:49 that's going on in the area, I don't know if you have seen

09:16:55 these weather alerts from the National Weather Service, but

09:17:02 Saturday night snow is expected in Ybor.

09:17:05 [ Laughter ] There are actually two snow machines being

09:17:09 brought in, and the parade has grown exponentially.

09:17:13 I think 14 high school bands are going to be marching in it

09:17:16 so it's going to be quite the extravaganza, and again it's a

09:17:21 family friendly event, which is the type of event that Ybor

09:17:25 is striving to get more people down there.

09:17:27 And so my understanding is that members of council have said

09:17:32 they are going to be down there.

09:17:33 I look forward to seeing you at the parade.

09:17:36 >> What time is it?

09:17:44 >> It starts at 7:00.

09:17:49 >>CHAIRMAN: 7?

09:17:50 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I think folks are recommending getting

09:17:52 down there a little early and we are working with the city

09:17:54 parking department to see if we can't get a better rate in

09:17:57 parking garages for people to come down that day.

09:18:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: People don't come here because we got

09:18:13 elected.

09:18:13 They come because we have two seasons, summer and Christmas.

09:18:17 And I want to be see snow.

09:18:19 But I appreciate it very much.

09:18:20 >> Well, it will be a phenomenon because I think it's going

09:18:23 to be 62ยบ with a light breeze.

09:18:26 So keep your eyes peeled.

09:18:28 Tomorrow, we have a meeting in Ybor at the YCDC offices for

09:18:33 people that are interested in responding to the RFPs that

09:18:36 we issued.

09:18:37 We have a site at Nuccio and 7th and another one at our

09:18:42 lady of perpetual health, and that starts at 1:00 for the

09:18:46 hotel and 3:00 for the apartments.

09:18:48 And so far we are expecting a good turnout.

09:18:52 So ...

09:18:57 At the end of the month, a large parade to Ybor.

09:19:00 Keep that on your calendar, the Outback parade.

09:19:03 It's going to be very well attended this year.

09:19:06 I believe it's Iowa and LSU and the folks from Iowa are more

09:19:10 than happy to come down to Florida come January.

09:19:14 As Mr. Garcia mentioned, Lois and Grady continues and they

09:19:18 are making progress.

09:19:21 We had a couple more intersections open this past woke and

09:19:24 we are starting to see it in the not-too-distant future.

09:19:32 Here in East Tampa, the East Tampa CRA folks are negotiating

09:19:35 with the Bible truth ministries for the property at 34th

09:19:39 and Chelsea to do a rainbow Heights community center, and

09:19:45 that process is going along.

09:19:46 We should see something coming back to you in the

09:19:48 not-too-distant future.

09:19:51 And downtown, the Rockettes are arriving shortly.

09:19:58 I know.

09:19:58 Mr. Miranda on several occasions danced with them.

09:20:03 Small children are still scarred from that.

09:20:08 [ Laughter ]

09:20:09 >> You never cease to amaze me.

09:20:14 >> Again the cavalcade starts at the St. Pete Times Forum,

09:20:18 and Andrea Chile will be coming this weekend so that will be

09:20:22 a very well attended event.

09:20:24 >> A news release from the mayor: Former director Bob

09:20:28 McDonaugh, now parking cars.

09:20:32 >> At the St. Pete Times Forum.

09:20:35 Any questions?

09:20:45 I was asked to provide an update on the expiration dates of

09:21:12 the various CRAs and what we have on the chart being

09:21:17 passed out to you is expiration dates and Hillsborough

09:21:23 County revenue sharing.

09:21:26 Mr. Territo will be assisting me with this because it's

09:21:30 interesting, we have had several different interpretations

09:21:32 of the same dates.

09:21:34 In the downtown, there are actually two CRAs which we

09:21:39 combine into one.

09:21:40 It was expanded in 1988.

09:21:44 And so the city's position is that the expiration of the

09:21:49 CRAs in downtown is 2018.

09:21:53 In conversations with Hillsborough County, they have taken a

09:21:55 position that the expiration date is 2015.

09:21:59 Our bond requirements for the convention center ends 2015.

09:22:05 So revenues would not be available for sharing until after

09:22:09 2015.

09:22:09 That's January 2016.

09:22:12 >>HARRY COHEN: It says here downtown core expiration date

09:22:16 2013.

09:22:17 >> As I just explained, the first CRA in downtown was

09:22:23 started in 1983, and so it had a 30-year period.

09:22:28 When the downtown CRA was expanded in 1988, the expiration

09:22:34 date that was for 2018.

09:22:37 We have received legal opinion that because it was not a new

09:22:40 CRA but an expansion of the existing CRA, then the

09:22:44 expiration date of the entire CRA is the same as the

09:22:49 expansion date, which is 2018.

09:22:51 >>HARRY COHEN: But if there were 2013 --

09:22:57 >> We would be in serious trouble.

09:22:59 [ Laughter ]

09:23:00 >>HARRY COHEN: So clearly it's not for the purposes of our

09:23:03 operation.

09:23:03 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, sir.

09:23:06 And in subsequent conversations with Hillsborough County, I

09:23:09 believe their counsel has opined 2016.

09:23:14 And our council is of the opinion it's 2018.

09:23:18 >>HARRY COHEN: But it's definitely not 2013.

09:23:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's correct.

09:23:22 That was the original date when it was founded.

09:23:25 Yes, sir.

09:23:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So it's established it's definitely not

09:23:33 2013. We are considering 2018.

09:23:34 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's correct.

09:23:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So where does the 2016 come in and will

09:23:42 we be expecting a challenge of any sort to the 2015/2018

09:23:49 debate?

09:23:50 >>BOB McDONAUGH: As council knows, we have been having

09:23:53 conversations with Hillsborough County to extend certain of

09:23:55 the CRAs, and if we are able to do that in a relatively

09:24:01 short period of time then that issue becomes moot.

09:24:04 But I would ask Mr. Territo to opine on the subject.

09:24:08 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone) saying 2013, a 30-year time

09:24:17 frame.

09:24:17 When this was done back in '83.

09:24:21 There is only one CRA and that's you.

09:24:23 There are many CRA areas, okay?

09:24:25 There's only one CRA for you sitting here as a CRA.

09:24:32 And that's the reason we had the conversation with the CRA

09:24:36 in the first place.

09:24:38 And at the time there was a statute change.

09:24:47 We were lucky enough to get the state legislature

09:24:50 grandfathered in.

09:24:51 They have only taken a position that one CRA, that's you,

09:24:54 was created in 1983, and any subsequent areas that were

09:24:57 created did not affect the grandfathering position.

09:25:01 That's how we got to where we got there.

09:25:08 You go 30 years or if you have outstanding debt which we do,

09:25:12 you go to the outstanding debt because you can't cut off the

09:25:14 funding before the debt is paid off.

09:25:16 The statute also said that you have an extension anytime you

09:25:20 expand that area.

09:25:21 We only have one downtown CRA area.

09:25:24 We expanded it in 1988.

09:25:30 The areas in which we expand are for public purposes, but

09:25:37 people in general.

09:25:38 So we have taken the position, since we expanded the area in

09:25:41 1988, the statute under which we are operating.

09:25:49 The county takes a different position and we think it will

09:25:51 become moot as anyway and we hope to have that resolved

09:25:58 before this becomes an issue in 2015.

09:26:01 I hope that helps.

09:26:02 >> That was helpful but it brought up another question for

09:26:08 me.

09:26:08 If we are just talking about downtown, when is our debt

09:26:11 expiring downtown?

09:26:12 >> 2015.

09:26:26 Sorry, I thought I had my microphone on.

09:26:29 I didn't.

09:26:30 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Downtown looms in the near future.

09:26:42 We have Ybor in the near future.

09:26:45 The other one that we are looking at extending is the Tampa

09:26:49 Heights.

09:26:51 As you are well aware, we have just finished the development

09:26:53 agreement with the folks for the Heights, and their desire

09:27:02 to bond some improvements.

09:27:03 If they do that, it would be at least a 30-year period so we

09:27:06 have had conversations with Hillsborough County about

09:27:08 extending that line as well.

09:27:09 Along with that conversation, we have the rebuilding of the

09:27:14 North Boulevard homes, the relocation of some of the city's

09:27:19 assets in that neighborhood, and the strong desire of the

09:27:23 West Tampa community to have a redevelopment area in West

09:27:28 Tampa.

09:27:29 And so that is the next one that we are talking about with

09:27:34 Hillsborough County.

09:27:34 We have had several conversations.

09:27:35 Mr. Territo has met with their attorneys and talked about

09:27:38 various language, and we are hoping to exchange an agreement

09:27:42 relatively shortly to reflect the conversations that we are

09:27:47 having.

09:27:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think this is going to come together with

09:27:56 my question and Mr. Territo.

09:27:59 Right now on some of the CRA areas that we have, we are

09:28:07 getting -- the county is getting, I guess, 80% share, and

09:28:12 now --

09:28:17 >>SAL TERRITO: There's one that I think they are getting a

09:28:19 30% share on one of them.

09:28:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: For the second negotiation going forward

09:28:25 now, is there any discussion as to what our percentage is

09:28:29 going to be versus theirs?

09:28:31 Are they going to want more percentage in order to allow

09:28:33 them to let us continue the CRA, or, you know, what usually

09:28:38 has happened in other jurisdictions?

09:28:41 What is your experience?

09:28:43 >>SAL TERRITO: My knowledge, jurisdictions don't have the

09:28:46 interlocal agreement that we have with the county.

09:28:48 The negotiations are revolving around some of those issues,

09:28:51 and may be different on some of the existing CRAs, as they

09:28:55 come about in the new CRA.

09:28:56 A lot of that would depend on availability of fund necessary

09:28:59 to pay debt service and those kinds of things so that's up

09:29:01 in the air right now.

09:29:03 We haven't reached a conclusion on actual personals.

09:29:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I know other jurisdictions have an

09:29:08 interlocal agreement like ours do.

09:29:10 >>SAL TERRITO: Ours was done because at the time a future

09:29:13 was going on whether or not we were grandfathered in or

09:29:15 whether new areas were created and the administration

09:29:17 thought it was more prudent to negotiate with the county on

09:29:20 this issue rather than to litigate it.

09:29:22 >> As part of the litigation the city had the right to

09:29:28 create their own CRAs if they were chartered prior to a

09:29:34 home rule charter continue, correct?

09:29:36 >> Correct.

09:29:37 And the county didn't become a charter county until a few

09:29:42 years after that, so when that happened they would not

09:29:44 automatically get the right to take over a CRA.

09:29:47 >> So essentially in 2003, I believe 2003, we entered into

09:29:53 an interlocal agreement to negotiate with the county for

09:29:55 the --

09:29:58 >>SAL TERRITO: On three issues.

09:29:59 One would be the existing CRAs expanded in geographical

09:30:04 area or in time and any new CRAs had to be negotiated with

09:30:08 the county before they could be created.

09:30:10 >> And the legal argument is that we gave up the right to

09:30:12 control our own CRA areas because of dispute between us and

09:30:17 the county, meaning that according to the legislate, the way

09:30:20 that I have read it and the way some of the experts in the

09:30:24 state have read it, is that we have total control over the

09:30:28 number of created CRAs -- community redevelopment areas --

09:30:34 within the CRA, and we signed that away, and an interlocal

09:30:39 agreement with the county.

09:30:40 So now we have to go back to the county because we gave up a

09:30:43 right that we had originally in this board.

09:30:46 >>SAL TERRITO: That's correct.

09:30:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I know that we have had this discussion

09:30:50 before privately.

09:30:51 So it sound to me, based on what you just mentioned, and

09:30:54 some of the discussions we have had, the reason we did that

09:30:57 is because we didn't want to fight with the county.

09:30:58 >>SAL TERRITO: Correct.

09:31:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Is there any legal basis for us to go back

09:31:04 and look at what the original agreement was to say that it

09:31:09 was extra legal for us as a CRA board in 2003 to enter into

09:31:15 that type of interlocal agreement?

09:31:16 >> We have looked at that issue and it really -- again with

09:31:21 where the confusion comes in the CRA doesn't negotiate those

09:31:25 things.

09:31:25 The CRA board is an independent special district of the

09:31:30 city.

09:31:32 Any of those new creations are done by the city, City

09:31:35 Council, mayor concurrently.

09:31:37 After they are created, then the powers are given to you,

09:31:39 then once you get those powers, at the time of the

09:31:43 negotiation went on, people ask the question, why was the

09:31:46 city negotiating rather than the CRA because it was the

09:31:50 city's authority to create you in the first place.

09:31:52 So we looked at that issue.

09:31:54 We think it's a somewhat weak argument to try to either

09:31:57 abolish it or say it wasn't legal at the time.

09:31:59 The statutory authority out there says cities may enter into

09:32:04 agreements of this type with counties.

09:32:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: But I am not incorrect about this, that the

09:32:09 CRA agreed with that, and then the city negotiated on behalf

09:32:13 of the CRA?

09:32:14 >> That's correct.

09:32:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: My point in saying this is we can go back

09:32:19 to -- and I apologize for taking so much time but this is

09:32:22 important -- what happened in 2003 is this CRA board, none

09:32:26 of us were members of it at that time, gave up our right to

09:32:29 create any other new area.

09:32:32 And it goes directly to the point of what we are talking

09:32:34 about now which was just talked about creating two new

09:32:37 areas, or to negotiate what our percentage is.

09:32:41 So one of the problems that I see -- and I know that you

09:32:44 have made that comment to me before about the city having

09:32:47 the ultimate right to negotiate on behalf of the CRA -- is

09:32:51 that we as a CRA board, if we wanted to -- and I think this

09:32:54 is correct, and please correct me if I am wrong -- that we

09:32:56 can hire an attorney to be try to find if that is an extra

09:33:03 legal maneuver by the CRA because of the enable legislation

09:33:06 that came into play in, I guess, 1983, was it, when we first

09:33:11 created?

09:33:14 So to me, not that necessarily we are going to talk about

09:33:17 this right now, but I think this is an important enough

09:33:20 piece of information that we need to explore it, because if

09:33:25 for no other reason we should have as much leverage as

09:33:28 possible when we talk to the county, and I think whenever we

09:33:31 talk about our percentage as part of a CRA, any agreement,

09:33:37 we should be at a place of strength instead of a place of

09:33:41 weakness, and I think unfortunately the 2003 agreement put

09:33:45 us in an unenviable place and I don't like that.

09:33:49 And that's the reason why I wanted to bring it up publicly

09:33:52 for the first time.

09:33:53 You and I have been talking about this for months as to be

09:33:55 what might be the next steps for us as a board.

09:33:58 And I think this is an important enough discussion that we

09:34:02 are going to have to come up with some way of going forward

09:34:05 with this.

09:34:07 And I'm not sure what that answer is that we need to go hire

09:34:10 an attorney.

09:34:11 I know we have had a discussion who pays you as opposed to

09:34:14 us.

09:34:14 So we need to just have the discussion about that at some

09:34:17 point.

09:34:17 >>SAL TERRITO: We have always had discretion of hiring

09:34:22 staff.

09:34:23 We have to have the funding for it N.1983 there was only one

09:34:26 CRA area and all that money was pledged toward the debt

09:34:29 service on the convention center, so you had no money to

09:34:32 spend, but you have always had the authority to hire your

09:34:35 own staff including your own attorney, and that's why you do

09:34:38 the interlocal agreement, sort of, between the City Council,

09:34:40 the mayor, and the CRA every year to have the staff provide

09:34:43 that for you because it was determined at that time, and it

09:34:47 may still be so, that the lowest expensive way to do it, but

09:34:53 you have always had the authority to do that.

09:34:55 >> And chair, I apologize for taking so much time.

09:34:58 What I would like to be see and I will put together a motion

09:35:00 on this is you mention -- and I don't know if you mentioned

09:35:03 it there were other jurisdictions that do not have these

09:35:06 interlocal agreements.

09:35:07 I'm curious as to why that is.

09:35:09 And I think I know the answer, which is that we as the city

09:35:13 had all the strength of the CRA and not the county.

09:35:17 And we made that decision then to allow the county to have

09:35:19 that power over us.

09:35:21 I think that's --

09:35:23 >> There's two reasons.

09:35:25 Once the statute passed, any charter county could have taken

09:35:28 over -- from that point forward if there were CRAs, then

09:35:35 you could have created your own and had the city not create

09:35:38 those.

09:35:39 The only one I am familiar with is Lee County.

09:35:41 And Lee County by 1993, they actually a polished CRAs

09:35:45 because they had the authority to do that back then.

09:35:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Because most counties in the State of

09:35:52 Florida were not chartered.

09:35:54 >>SAL TERRITO: At that time, that's correct.

09:35:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

09:35:58 Two things.

09:35:58 Just for the sake of the general public looking at the chart

09:36:03 that is on our screen, this was on the overhead, in years 11

09:36:09 through 30, the city has a column, and it says 100%, and the

09:36:14 county has a column and those percentages vary.

09:36:16 So for the sake of the general public who may be adding

09:36:19 those together and saying, well, those two columns add up to

09:36:23 more than 100%, can you explain why that is?

09:36:25 >> Yes.

09:36:26 What we are talking about here is the sharing of ad valorem

09:36:30 tax revenues.

09:36:31 And in the instance where it shows 100% for the city, 100%

09:36:37 of the ad valorem tax dollars that are raised above the base

09:36:40 amount in the CRA area goes towards the CRA.

09:36:44 In the case of the county, ad valorem tax dollars that are

09:36:48 raised in a particular community redevelopment area above

09:36:52 the base unit are then given to the city, to the CRA, to

09:36:57 operate in that area.

09:37:00 When some of these agreements were negotiated years ago, as

09:37:04 Mr. Territo was speaking about, the county said, look, we

09:37:07 are okay with giving 100% of the dollars that are raised in

09:37:11 this area the first ten years to get things going, to handle

09:37:18 the immediate improvements in that area.

09:37:20 But as the CRA begins to generate more income, we would like

09:37:26 a portion of that to stay within the county budget.

09:37:29 And so that is what has happened.

09:37:31 The idea was that we had a finding of blight in these areas.

09:37:35 The tax revenues were quite low.

09:37:38 So the county and the city agreed that they would use the

09:37:41 tax revenues from that area and the increases in the tax

09:37:44 revenue to improve conditions in there, and the improved

09:37:48 conditions, the idea was would generate more business, more

09:37:52 development, and more tax revenue.

09:37:54 And the county's position was, well, after ten years, we

09:37:57 want a portion of that to go back into our general fund to

09:38:01 use in the rest of the county.

09:38:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Understood, but how was it explained

09:38:08 again?

09:38:11 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The city's stays in there, and the county,

09:38:16 from one to ten, 100% of the county's ad valorem tax

09:38:20 revenues raised in that same area would stay there.

09:38:23 After a certain period of time, in this case, years 11 to

09:38:28 30, the county would retain 30 or 20% of the ad valorem

09:38:32 taxes raised in that area and remit 70 or 80% back to the

09:38:36 CRA.

09:38:39 And then other -- that would be the Port Authority, the

09:38:41 children's board, the library, all of these entities that

09:38:45 have the ability to get ad valorem taxes contribute towards

09:38:51 the CRA.

09:38:52 >> Thank you.

09:38:56 Because that's not exactly clear.

09:39:00 >> Doing a bang-up job.

09:39:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the other point, the question I

09:39:06 have, is you said that the community of West Tampa is asking

09:39:14 for a CRA.

09:39:17 Who is the community of West Tampa that's asking for the

09:39:19 CRA?

09:39:20 >> The chamber has asked about it.

09:39:23 Several of the business people have asked about it.

09:39:26 Tampa Housing Authority has inquired about it.

09:39:28 And as members of the county commission have talked about it

09:39:33 as well.

09:39:33 >> And in this discussion when you said we are looking at

09:39:37 negotiating with the county, you only mention West Tampa.

09:39:41 But we also, as City Council, have requested that staff

09:39:46 begin the process to look at the CRA in the university area,

09:39:53 to the area surrounding USF, and I have not heard mention in

09:39:58 what you said, because the community in that area is also

09:40:02 asking for a CRA.

09:40:05 They asked for it during the vision planning process that

09:40:07 took place in meetings that were held with the community for

09:40:10 over a year.

09:40:12 That was completed in February, and the council in March of

09:40:16 this year.

09:40:18 It's been asked for by all of the major employers, USF,

09:40:23 Busch Gardens, and the hospital just on the other side, not

09:40:29 the cancer center but Florida hospital sits outside the city

09:40:36 limits, they are all asking for a CRA, and yet I hear no

09:40:40 mention of any negotiation or any investigation of the CRA

09:40:44 in that area.

09:40:44 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The city administration right now is not

09:40:48 ready to take more of the ad valorem tax dollars from the

09:40:51 general fund to create one more CRA.

09:40:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And that puts us in an interesting

09:41:00 position, because wits the CRA board who administrators CRA

09:41:07 areas, or the CRA agency who administer CRA areas, and if we

09:41:17 as City Council asked for this and the community is asking

09:41:19 for this, and through that agreement staff works for us, why

09:41:24 is it that we are not being heard?

09:41:32 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Mr. Territo?

09:41:33 That was a quick punt.

09:41:34 >>SAL TERRITO: It is the city again as I said before that

09:41:38 actually establishes these new areas.

09:41:39 The CRA has the authority to administrator them but you -- I

09:41:48 am giving you a legal answer, okay?

09:41:50 The legal answer is you don't have the authority as a CRA

09:41:52 board, agency, to create a new CRA area.

09:41:55 Only the city has the right to do that.

09:41:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Understood, but as City Council we voted

09:42:01 by motion to begin the process and the investigation.

09:42:03 >>SAL TERRITO: And if you want to do that, you certainly

09:42:06 may.

09:42:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We already have.

09:42:08 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm saying if you want to do that you

09:42:11 certainly have the authority to do that.

09:42:12 Now you have to find the funding for it.

09:42:18 It needs funding.

09:42:19 The administration in that respect would have to be agree

09:42:21 with you that they are willing to spend administration fund,

09:42:23 because there is no money in that area.

09:42:25 You can't spend CRA money from other areas to create a new

09:42:28 one.

09:42:29 But again that's your decision and you have to work that out

09:42:32 with the administration.

09:42:33 I am not trying to puppet on that one.

09:42:35 That's the process.

09:42:35 >>HARRY COHEN: And I want to be clear.

09:42:39 I don't think that we voted to create additional CRAs as

09:42:45 City Council.

09:42:45 I think what we did was as a CRA we asked for reports back

09:42:48 about what the status was of discussion around surrounding

09:42:53 these areas.

09:42:54 I don't remember actually ever weighing in one way or the

09:42:57 other on the merits, a question of whether the CRA should be

09:43:02 decreed or not.

09:43:03 And my understanding from what you said as CRA board has no

09:43:08 business doing that.

09:43:09 The council might, but not the CRA board.

09:43:11 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm not sure what the whether the motion was

09:43:15 made at CRA or the council.

09:43:17 I don't remember.

09:43:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'll dig up in the record when the

09:43:21 council voted on that.

09:43:23 But Tampa motion, because I made the motion, was for the

09:43:27 city to begin the process of investigating, setting up a CRA

09:43:33 in the area.

09:43:34 So the determination of blight, the evaluation of the

09:43:42 properties in the area and the values of the property in the

09:43:45 area, and take those steps, that was the motion that I made

09:43:49 at City Council, was to begin that process, and to start

09:43:56 investigative work by economic development in the USF area.

09:44:03 And I'll dig up the motion from the records, from City

09:44:06 Council, and bring that back.

09:44:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: I think you are missing one point, and

09:44:12 that is Bob stated, announced that when you raised the

09:44:18 question, he stated that administration, okay.

09:44:22 So the administration has made a determination they don't

09:44:25 want to move forward at this time.

09:44:27 That's what I understood.

09:44:28 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's correct.

09:44:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: So whether you made a motion or not,

09:44:33 administration made a decision they didn't want to move

09:44:36 forward.

09:44:38 That's what I'm hearing.

09:44:40 And if I'm clear, administration has to make that decision.

09:44:43 >>SAL TERRITO: The administration and City Council jointly

09:44:47 has to make the decision.

09:44:48 You can't make it unilaterally.

09:44:50 You can make the request.

09:44:52 The administration, I think they probably did look at that

09:44:54 issue and what Mr. McDonaugh is saying the administration

09:44:58 has taken the position they didn't want to move forward for

09:45:01 whatever reason and again I did not work on that process.

09:45:07 >>BOB McDONAUGH: These conversations came up with the CRA,

09:45:10 and several month ago I came back and reported the process,

09:45:14 how long it would take, what steps would be necessary to do

09:45:16 that, and then at last month's meeting I was requested along

09:45:19 with these other issues to take a look at the creation of

09:45:23 one in the university area.

09:45:26 And it's for a couple of reasons.

09:45:29 One is in fact we are certainly pinched for general fund

09:45:33 dollars.

09:45:34 There's a concern about taking more money away from that.

09:45:37 We are also working with the county.

09:45:39 Again, Mr. Suarez pointed out, it's a somewhat unenviable

09:45:43 position.

09:45:44 But we would be asking them again to take their ad valorem

09:45:48 tax dollars as well to contribute to another CRA.

09:45:51 And with the West Tampa, the reason that it was felt that

09:45:57 that was right was the redoing and the master man that's

09:46:01 being done for the North Boulevard homes, and the

09:46:03 redevelopment in that area, again, there is an impetus in

09:46:08 some actual projects that are underway or will be shortly,

09:46:12 which will require a lot of infrastructure, which makes

09:46:16 sense to the creation of the CRA, which was why West Tampa

09:46:21 seemed to be a better choice, the administration for the

09:46:26 area.

09:46:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, other questions?

09:46:31 What is the next step for westing the?

09:46:33 Moving forward to negotiate with the county with the

09:46:37 interlocal agreement?

09:46:38 >> Correct.

09:46:39 And then the finding of blight and the process.

09:46:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: And you will continue to update us as we

09:46:45 go along in that process?

09:46:46 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

09:46:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anything else, Bob?

09:46:49 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

09:46:50 TIF update of the TIF financials to please be received and

09:46:55 filed.

09:46:55 >> So moved.

09:46:58 >> Second.

09:46:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Suarez, seconded by Mr.

09:47:02 Miranda.

09:47:02 All in favor of the motion?

09:47:03 Opposed?

09:47:04 Thank you.

09:47:05 >>BOB McDONAUGH: And I have one more item.

09:47:07 And I apologize.

09:47:08 I spoke to Mr. Reddick.

09:47:10 We were unable to get this on the agenda in a timely

09:47:13 fashion.

09:47:13 The YCDC had an election for another member of their board,

09:47:17 and I believe most of you will know him, Eric Schiller.

09:47:21 He and his wife run a business on 7th Avenue, very

09:47:24 active in the community, and actually Mr. Shiller is here if

09:47:28 he would like to be say a few words.

09:47:31 Or not.

09:47:31 [ Laughter ]

09:47:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: And Mr. Pardo is sitting right there.

09:47:41 >> I'm pleased to be on the board.

09:47:47 Or have been nominated to be on the board.

09:47:49 My wife and I have been active since 1985 with our arts and

09:47:59 money and time and our kids, and my intention is to make a

09:48:04 positive contribution, and behind the thought process there

09:48:09 will always be what's in the best interest of Ybor City.

09:48:12 And I think that's it.

09:48:17 Thank you.

09:48:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move the nominations.

09:48:21 >> Second.

09:48:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Mr. Miranda, second by Mr.

09:48:25 Suarez further discussion on the motion?

09:48:27 All in favor?

09:48:28 Opposed?

09:48:29 Thank you.

09:48:29 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That conclude my presentation.

09:48:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Public comment.

09:48:33 Anybody wish to speak at this time?

09:48:35 You have three minutes.

09:48:40 Please come forward.

09:48:40 >> Hello, council chairman, Mr. Miranda, and all council

09:48:47 members.

09:48:49 First of all, I want to thank the council and possibly the

09:48:54 city for considering West Tampa.

09:48:56 I'm Bob Garcia, the Executive Director of the West Tampa

09:48:59 Chamber of Commerce, and as the gentleman said, I hope

09:49:06 tonight I don't have nightmares regarding CRA.

09:49:08 And then hopefully that I will wake up and it becomes a

09:49:11 dream that West Tampa does get the CRA that it so much

09:49:15 deserves.

09:49:22 Err there are good things happening in West Tampa.

09:49:24 This would put the icing on the cake.

09:49:26 One thing that I came to present you -- and you all are

09:49:28 talking about time.

09:49:29 I have a calendar here that has, of course, the 12 months.

09:49:35 In leading into this, they asked how many months in a year

09:49:41 and how many days in a year and how many minutes in an hour,

09:49:45 but do you all know how many seconds in a year?

09:49:48 And there's twelve second.

09:49:53 There's January second, February second.

09:49:56 So with that in mind, this calendar, two great things are

09:50:00 happening in West Tampa.

09:50:01 This is the West Tampa library that will celebrate 100

09:50:05 years, having an event from two to four, and then secondly

09:50:11 beginning in January ending in April, throws a water tower

09:50:15 on Himes that's says welcome to West Tampa.

09:50:19 The inside of the calendar has a history that E.J. Salsinas

09:50:26 wrote, and he's not here to talk about it.

09:50:29 [ Laughter ]

09:50:29 As you all know E.J.

09:50:32 And each month as a school in the West Tampa area and a

09:50:36 caption concerning his view of the school.

09:50:38 So what I would like to do is hand this out and present to

09:50:41 the you all.

09:50:43 And if you ever have spare time, we meet the third Tuesday

09:50:47 of each month at Higgins hall, and the meeting dates are

09:50:50 here.

09:50:51 We welcome you to come as our guest.

09:50:53 Thank you.

09:50:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:51:18 >> I'm Ed, Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.

09:51:21 I have five things, and I'll try to correlate them to the

09:51:25 agenda issues.

09:51:29 Let me see if this comes up because this is not number one.

09:51:32 This is number two.

09:51:33 Number one, item 6, that expression TIF, which one of your

09:51:41 members brought out to me what it is.

09:51:44 I studied planning.

09:51:45 I have never run across it in the path but it used to be

09:51:50 called counting your chickens before they are hatched.

09:51:53 And that very much bears, I think, on transportation and the

09:51:56 idea of light rail probably would be three or four cents, no

09:52:00 one cent, but TIF makes up the difference

09:52:03 This is item number 2.

09:52:07 And on 3, 4 and 5, where somebody who is administrator for

09:52:13 economic opportunity came here, and now there's a little

09:52:16 less economic opportunity because which guess Quizno's

09:52:22 across the street folded.

09:52:24 I guess it's because of the trucks, the food trucks.

09:52:29 So I guess that would be expected because these outfits

09:52:35 downtown are paying high rent and they are not getting the

09:52:37 support, the people from the periphery are to come in.

09:52:43 Okay.

09:52:43 And this item, this is across the street from there.

09:52:48 It's still there, with the misprint, and it's kind of a

09:52:51 funny misprint because it's like it's diametrically opposed

09:52:57 to the Sermon on the Mount, the meek shall inherit the

09:53:01 earth.

09:53:02 The "surely" is the word so I think probably somebody

09:53:11 couldn't resist that but at some point it needs correction.

09:53:14 John F. Kennedy, in Tampa.

09:53:22 And I'll be telling you about that in the future.

09:53:25 But, anyway, historic preservation, you have a historic

09:53:35 preservation, Jackson house, and the fear that I have is

09:53:38 that will become a -- the City Council had taken the issue

09:53:45 of the land has got to be dealt with first.

09:53:47 And you are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

09:53:52 One of the problems -- and I address this to people -- is

09:53:57 that if you get the ear of someone you can convince them

09:54:04 that they are become to become fabulously wealthy.

09:54:06 There was a very funny movie about this lottery ticket.

09:54:09 And so that may be the person who wants to hold out for

09:54:15 millions of dollars.

09:54:15 So maybe you need to start dusting off imminent domain to

09:54:19 save the Jackson house, what's a fair price for the land.

09:54:23 And it could be used as a bed and breakfast, which would be

09:54:26 advertised rather than just some museum kind of thing.

09:54:44 Still have 2013 and they are down to about 16.5 and the new

09:54:49 ones are 18.5.

09:55:00 Understand this, the volt may be the only thing between your

09:55:03 grandchildren and extinction of them.

09:55:06 That's what this methane might amount to it.

09:55:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:55:13 >> Because it did it 1300 years ago so it could do it again.

09:55:19 >> Mr. Chairman and other members of the Community

09:55:32 Redevelopment Agency, I'm Al Davis, 3717 east Wilder Avenue.

09:55:43 I am delighted, Mr. Chairman, to have the privilege of being

09:55:45 here today.

09:55:48 There are a number of things that have occurred in the

09:55:52 recent past that impact not only the quality of life here in

09:56:01 America but even across.

09:56:06 As many of you may be aware, the celebration of the passing

09:56:14 of the first African-American president of South Africa, you

09:56:21 know, his passing, and I know that our president made a

09:56:30 tremendous speech concerning that, and the other thing --

09:56:34 and this is kind of local, because at the historical home

09:56:47 there on 22nd Avenue, those part of the East Tampa

09:56:54 redevelopment area.

09:56:58 And also the Jackson house, not hearing what they call good

09:57:05 vibes concerning the preservation or restoration, whatever,

09:57:12 to preserve that house.

09:57:17 The funding issues and concerns, Mr. Chairman, of the areas

09:57:24 of which the agency has jurisdiction, and I was surprised

09:57:35 that Mr. McDonaugh did not mention that in his activity

09:57:38 report with regards to the status of those two situations.

09:57:45 The other thing, Mr. Chairman -- and I listened very

09:57:50 extensively concerning the matter relating to how

09:57:56 redevelopment areas were created, CRA, and I hope you don't

09:58:02 overlook East Tampa, because we need an extension.

09:58:07 It was listened to because of the relationship of the City

09:58:14 of Tampa and the board of county commission in their

09:58:18 negotiation and involvement of creating and extending these

09:58:23 kind of areas.

09:58:26 So I will be back again next month, hope and thank you,

09:58:35 Mr. Chairman.

09:58:35 Best wishes for the holiday.

09:58:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:58:39 Same to you.

09:58:39 Anyone else wishing to speak at this time?

09:58:43 Public comments, three minute.

09:58:44 Anyone else wish to speak at this time?

09:58:46 All right.

09:58:47 We are honored to have with us today bright young students

09:58:52 who just walked into the room from Blake high school.

09:58:57 They are part of journalism class, and I want to ask all of

09:59:01 them to stand and come down forward and state your name so

09:59:06 you will be on camera.

09:59:07 And we'll have everybody smile.

09:59:10 Stand up and come down.

09:59:20 Give us your name and say hello and give us your name so

09:59:23 that tonight when this is played back everybody will see you

09:59:28 on TV.

09:59:29 (Self-introductions.)

10:02:32 >> It is absolutely a pleasure to be here.

10:02:43 Thank you for having us.

10:02:43 >> It's a pleasure to have you, and we are happy you bring

10:02:49 them before council and you have a wonderful group of

10:02:51 students.

10:02:52 And anything additional you want to say about them, how they

10:02:56 are doing, and we have a future in journalism?

10:03:02 >> It remains to be seen.

10:03:04 What I am very proud of is my seniors are all heading to

10:03:07 college.

10:03:07 I have two who are going to Florida A&M, one going to

10:03:10 Jacksonville university, and the other underclassmen, see

10:03:15 what they are doing, and they are trying to do the same

10:03:18 thing.

10:03:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: How many yearbooks, how many newspaper

10:03:22 writers we have in here, are they all just journalism

10:03:26 students?

10:03:27 How many yearbooks?

10:03:28 And how many newspaper?

10:03:32 A lot more newspaper writers.

10:03:36 And how many photographers?

10:03:38 >> Quite a few.

10:03:39 >> I was both a photographer and a writer for the yearbook.

10:03:48 But thank you for what you do.

10:03:49 And I'll tell you journalism students tend to be very hard

10:03:52 working, focused, and at times inattentive.

10:03:58 So I appreciate what you are doing for them.

10:04:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, the first January picture

10:04:05 by the West Tampa chamber is Blake high school.

10:04:08 So congratulations on being the picture of the month in West

10:04:11 Tampa.

10:04:15 [ Applause ]

10:04:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: We'll make sure you get one of those

10:04:18 calendars to take back with you.

10:04:20 Any other comments or questions?

10:04:23 And from my understanding once we are adjourned, requested

10:04:30 to line up behind us and take a picture with all the council

10:04:33 members.

10:04:35 That's a Christmas present.

10:04:36 So we will be happy to do that.

10:04:38 All right.

10:04:42 I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Miranda.

10:04:47 Discussion on the motion?

10:04:48 All right.

10:04:49 Information, Mr. Suarez?

10:04:51 Mr. Miranda?

10:04:52 Mulhern?

10:04:55 Mr. Cohen?

10:04:55 Mrs. Montelione?

10:04:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: One comment, Mr. Chairman.

10:04:59 I see Janet LaRussa Fenton in the audience and that last

10:05:05 name, I get confused sometimes, but that LaRussa just made

10:05:10 it to the Hall of Fame.

10:05:11 Are you related?

10:05:12 >> Very distant.

10:05:13 >> I thought you got closer now.

10:05:19 [ Laughter ]

10:05:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:05:21 Any other comments at this time?

10:05:23 All right.

10:05:23 We are going to adjourn, and the students can come up now.

10:05:34 >>> (CRA meeting adjourned)



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