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City of Tampa - CRA

Thursday, April 10, 2014

9:00 a.m.


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09:00:17 >> FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:03:30 We're going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency

09:03:33 meeting to order.

09:03:34 And Councilwoman Montelione.

09:03:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:03:40 I want to introduce Pastor Larry Williams, who is 22 years

09:03:45 old, if you would.

09:03:46 Mr. Williams, Pastor Williams, he will be finishing up his

09:03:50 bachelor of arts degree in organizational communication with

09:03:54 a minorship in leadership studies this summer.

09:03:56 He is a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church

09:04:02 International.

09:04:02 He works full time at Victory Tabernacle United Pentecostal

09:04:07 Church under the leadership of Pastor Rashidi Collins.

09:04:11 He has spent two semesters as a corporate intern at the

09:04:14 UACDC, University Area Community Development Corporation.

09:04:19 And has completed the leadership academy under the direction

09:04:23 of my legislative aide, Cesar Hernandez.

09:04:26 He has a beautiful wife named Dania Williams and a child on

09:04:31 the way.

09:04:31 So congratulations, Pastor.

09:04:33 If we would all rise and then remain standing for the Pledge

09:04:36 of Allegiance.

09:04:39 >> Thank you for the opportunity.

09:04:40 If we can all just pray.

09:04:42 Lord Jesus, we bless your name.

09:04:43 We thank you God for bringing us here today.

09:04:45 We thank you for these Councilmembers.

09:04:47 We pray that your hand will be on them, that you will grant

09:04:49 them wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

09:04:52 We pray that you will give them the ability to do a good

09:04:56 job, Lord God, that you will give them the ability to make

09:04:59 the right decisions, O God, according to your word.

09:05:03 We give you the glory, honor and praise in Jesus name, Amen.


09:05:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Roll call.

09:05:24 [Roll Call]

09:05:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:05:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:05:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:05:31 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:05:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:05:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:05:35 All right, staff reports.

09:05:38 >> Good morning.

09:05:38 Bob McDonaugh, economic development administrator.

09:05:41 As is our custom, we have a visitor from one of the CRAs,

09:05:45 and this morning we're fortunate to have John Tennison, the

09:05:47 chair of the Tampa Heights Riverfront to give an update on

09:05:50 their community.

09:05:55 >> Good morning.

09:05:55 My name is John Tennison.

09:05:57 Address 5102 North Central Avenue.

09:06:00 I have kind of a full report, I guess, to give you.

09:06:07 The least of which is because we are such a currently

09:06:13 underfunded CRA.

09:06:18 It is a very short financial report.

09:06:20 We have $184,000, approximately, on hand to spend for

09:06:23 capital improvements.

09:06:24 And our budget for 2014 and most likely for 2015 is about

09:06:30 $57,000.

09:06:31 The development in the CRA district currently is under way.

09:06:41 Quietly.

09:06:43 I don't have a whole lot to report.

09:06:45 If anything, actually on the CRA property on the north side

09:06:50 of the river, the development that is under way that should

09:06:56 be complete sometime mid summer, is of course the Ulele

09:07:01 restaurant, the Waterworks Park and the spring restoration.

09:07:05 All three of those projects are nearing completion.

09:07:09 And the neighborhood is very excited, particularly about the

09:07:14 restaurant.

09:07:14 I know that most, if perhaps not all of you had have an

09:07:19 opportunity to sample some of the food that Keith Sedita and

09:07:24 Richard Gonzmart are planning on serving there.

09:07:27 But it's really an exciting menu, based, I guess the genesis

09:07:32 of which is from native American foods, which was pretty

09:07:36 interesting concept.

09:07:37 So, we're excited about that.

09:07:39 Last month, the CAC hosted for the first time a coalition

09:07:50 meeting, which will be a quarterly meeting with the various

09:07:54 groups, community groups in the neighborhood.

09:07:56 These included the neighborhood association, the Tampa

09:07:59 Heights junior civic association, the stewardship committee,

09:08:05 which if you don't know, that group, it's a neighborhood

09:08:09 committee that is sustained and tasked with overseeing the

09:08:15 utilization and development of the neighborhood plan,

09:08:20 comprehensive plan, which was put in place a few years ago.

09:08:23 This is an important group.

09:08:28 It keeps us informed of things that are going on, so that

09:08:33 the community at large can take steps if we begin to see

09:08:39 that the plan is not being addressed, or on the other hand,

09:08:42 on a positive note, if the community comprehensive plan is

09:08:48 being followed and steps are moving forward, we as a

09:08:52 community want to be able to support that activity.

09:08:55 In addition, we also had the Tampa Heights community garden,

09:09:03 which for those of you who have been there and some of you

09:09:07 may even be participating in that garden, we have I believe

09:09:11 51 gardeners now.

09:09:14 Original area the DOT had given over for the community

09:09:17 garden is full.

09:09:18 We're completely built out with planting beds.

09:09:22 And our next step is to move south from the community garden

09:09:28 into a additional space with the construction of greenhouse

09:09:35 and other garden facilities.

09:09:37 So this is really an interesting community activity.

09:09:43 Little bit out of the CRA area of responsibility, but

09:09:49 it's -- hosting that coalition meeting gave us an

09:09:54 opportunity as various groups within the Tampa Heights

09:09:57 neighborhood to have a conversation, see what we were all

09:10:02 interested in doing and see where the common ground was to

09:10:04 be able to move together to solve some problems perhaps in a

09:10:12 more coalesce manner.

09:10:18 Just a touch for a few moments on a couple things we

09:10:21 addressed in that meeting.

09:10:22 As I mentioned, we want to do this on a quarterly basis.

09:10:26 We think that there was a terrific turnout.

09:10:28 All of the associations boards were pretty much in

09:10:32 attendance at that meeting.

09:10:33 And had an opportunity to really address issues that were

09:10:38 dear to their hearts.

09:10:39 A couple of items we had a lot of conversation about the

09:10:44 community center, the youth development center and just to

09:10:47 update you a little bit about that.

09:10:48 This of course is the building that's being developed by the

09:10:53 Tampa Heights junior civic association.

09:10:57 Funding for which, some of which has come from the city.

09:11:00 We were able to achieve a large grant from the Sears

09:11:04 foundation, $83,000.

09:11:06 Hillsborough County gave us a pretty large grant.

09:11:12 Various banks have assisted us and we have had private

09:11:15 citizens, the Columbia restaurant, as some of you may know,

09:11:19 is funding and putting in place a full commercial kitchen

09:11:22 for us.

09:11:23 Mechanical contractor CGM has donated almost a hundred

09:11:32 thousand dollars worth of air conditioning equipment.

09:11:34 It's been a terrific effort, a community effort to get this

09:11:43 done.

09:11:44 Right now, we're on schedule to be complete for the school

09:11:47 year, this coming school year in August.

09:11:50 For our afterschool program.

09:11:53 That facility will house junior high school and senior high

09:11:56 school students.

09:11:57 Smaller children, grade school children will remain in the

09:12:02 Mobley Park facility that we're currently using.

09:12:04 So that's a really good piece of news.

09:12:09 Some of the other initiatives that we had talked about in

09:12:12 the coalition meeting were things such as working to extend

09:12:19 the rubber wheel trolley system from downtown into the

09:12:22 Heights area, so we can have that kind of connection.

09:12:25 And long-term perhaps getting, completing the streetcar loop

09:12:29 around, from Ybor City through Tampa Heights into the

09:12:32 downtown area, as a total loop.

09:12:34 Talked a lot about the homelessness issue, which I've spoken

09:12:40 with you before about and some of you have been very kind to

09:12:44 really assist us in that effort.

09:12:47 We're waiting now, I think for the April report to come out.

09:12:55 I'm not sure if it has or not yet.

09:12:57 I haven't seen it.

09:12:58 That the, that HUD had assisted in preparing.

09:13:02 And the New Tampa Hillsborough homeless initiative

09:13:09 organization, and to see what direction those are going

09:13:11 into.

09:13:11 We're hoping that we -- and there's still a lot of anxiety,

09:13:17 I guess I could call it, on the part of the community in

09:13:20 terms of the homelessness issue.

09:13:22 So we're kind of keeping tax of what's going on there and

09:13:28 will continue to work with the Salvation Army, with the

09:13:33 Metropolitan Ministries.

09:13:35 Who the last of which has been a good neighbor, over the

09:13:40 last several years.

09:13:41 We're hoping that the new administration and Salvation Army

09:13:46 will also begin to see the light in terms of what's going on

09:13:49 with the neighborhood and the impact that they're having on

09:13:51 the neighborhood.

09:13:52 This does impact the CRA district very directly.

09:13:59 Once the park is opened, there's a lot of concern amongst

09:14:03 the people, particularly those individuals that currently

09:14:07 are in the CRA district, about what's going to happen with

09:14:12 the homeless issue, with homelessness relative to the park

09:14:15 and people being in the park.

09:14:16 So, whatever we can do to continue to push that forward and

09:14:19 address that situation, it would be enormously helpful.

09:14:24 Spoke to you about the community garden.

09:14:26 And that's about it.

09:14:31 These are issues we want to keep moving the neighborhood

09:14:35 forward on a very positive note.

09:14:37 And to than extent, the last thing that I would like to

09:14:44 speak quickly about is the extension of the CRA.

09:14:49 The Riverfront CRA expires in 1929 (sic).

09:14:53 And I'm told that this is insufficient time to really be

09:14:57 able to float bond issues, to assist in moving that forward.

09:15:01 So I understand that those conversations are in place right

09:15:04 now with the county, to be able to move forward on that

09:15:09 along with Ybor City, I believe, and downtown CRA.

09:15:18 So would encourage you to put pressure on the county and

09:15:21 city staff to keep that conversation moving forward.

09:15:25 So, if you all have any questions, I would try to answer

09:15:29 them.

09:15:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you Mr. Chair.

09:15:32 You touched on one of the things I was going to ask you

09:15:35 about.

09:15:35 That is the feelings of the community about the changes that

09:15:41 were taking place with the Salvation Army and with our

09:15:45 homeless population that is in Tampa Heights.

09:15:48 And if you had seen any difference in Bacardi park or if

09:15:54 there are additional meetings that were going to be held.

09:15:56 Because I know we had the one and then the second one got

09:15:59 delayed.

09:15:59 So wasn't sure if we were going to have that.

09:16:02 And do I have the draft report that the Tampa Hillsborough

09:16:06 homeless initiative has come out with.

09:16:09 But again, it's addressed, but I can provide you with that

09:16:13 if you like.

09:16:14 >> That would be terrific.

09:16:15 Thank you.

09:16:15 The, I guess the mood of the neighborhood is cautiously

09:16:22 optimistic, if I can put it in those terms.

09:16:25 There is clearly evidence that there's a lot of effort going

09:16:30 into this problem.

09:16:31 And it's a complex problem, as everybody knows.

09:16:35 It's not easily solved.

09:16:37 One of the things that we have been talking about, and I

09:16:41 don't know and not sure that maybe anybody does at the

09:16:45 moment, whether or not Salvation Army is, will be moving

09:16:50 some facility out to Orient Road.

09:16:54 I don't know what the status of that situation is.

09:16:57 We hope that that might -- if that were to happen, that that

09:17:01 would be a good sign.

09:17:02 The possibility of actually moving their facility out in

09:17:07 that area of the county, would be wonderful.

09:17:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I had some preliminary discussions with

09:17:15 Doug Belden, our tax collector, who is involved with that

09:17:19 and Sheriff Gee from the Hillsborough County sheriff's

09:17:23 office.

09:17:24 And I'll check back and update you.

09:17:26 >> Thank you.

09:17:26 That would be helpful.

09:17:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Capin?

09:17:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Do you know the amount of money that the

09:17:32 city contributed to the junior community center?

09:17:36 >> I don't.

09:17:37 It's come -- it's typically, what we have achieved through

09:17:44 the cities is CDBG dollars.

09:17:47 And I believe there is a current application in right now,

09:17:52 and I can't give you the amount that we have asked for on

09:17:55 that.

09:17:55 Apologize for that.

09:18:02 We'll take any amount of money you're willing to give us.

09:18:04 [ Laughter ]

09:18:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Very successful in your projects in that

09:18:11 community.

09:18:11 Very diligent and the progress is very evident.

09:18:20 >> Thank you.

09:18:21 We're really excited about getting that opened.

09:18:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Very optimistic.

09:18:25 >> I would invite any of you and all of you to come and

09:18:29 visit on a Saturday morning, I'll take you on a personal

09:18:32 tour through the building.

09:18:33 It's coming along quite nicely.

09:18:37 A month or so ago when Sears had their national conference

09:18:43 here in town, they sent about 80 volunteers over and --

09:18:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Most of us were there.

09:18:51 >> What a great day.

09:18:52 That was a lot of fun.

09:18:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It was.

09:18:55 Very neat.

09:18:56 Thank you, that was all I have.

09:19:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:19:00 I just want to compliment you and the neighborhood, all the

09:19:04 Tampa Heights, all the different organizations that you

09:19:06 mentioned, including the CAC of the Community Redevelopment

09:19:13 Agency.

09:19:15 And I'm just -- it's wonderful for me to hear because over

09:19:18 the last, I guess 7 years, all of the projects you talked

09:19:22 about got started.

09:19:25 And they're coming to fruition.

09:19:27 It's just fantastic.

09:19:28 The garden, the building, the junior civic association

09:19:35 building, it's incredible the amount of money you've been

09:19:38 able to raise from private sources.

09:19:41 I'm curious to hear how much, and from the county,

09:19:44 apparently -- how much we got from them.

09:19:46 And I just wanted to mention if anyone doesn't know how much

09:19:50 you personally and your wife have done in Tampa Heights, the

09:19:55 fantastic historic preservation projects you've done and

09:20:00 it's just because of you and a number of activists, Lena

09:20:06 Young-Green and Carol Joseph Marshall and people that have

09:20:11 been working on this for years.

09:20:13 But this is becoming just a wonderful historic and vital

09:20:19 urban neighborhood.

09:20:20 And thank you for everything you've done.

09:20:22 >> Thank you very much.

09:20:23 I appreciate that, but I have to tell you, it's an

09:20:27 incredible neighborhood.

09:20:28 The people that live there, work there, are extremely

09:20:33 interested in their neighborhood.

09:20:35 They are willing to step up and do a whole lot for it.

09:20:39 And I think it's a model that any neighborhood around the

09:20:43 country could kind of take to heart, because it really is an

09:20:50 example of what can be accomplished if collectively a

09:20:54 neighborhood steps up and says let's try and do something

09:20:57 together.

09:20:57 So, it's -- it's all of the things that we have talked about

09:21:01 this morning, have been an enormous collective effort by the

09:21:06 entire neighborhood.

09:21:07 One last thing, and I almost forgot.

09:21:11 And I'm sure all of you know about this.

09:21:13 On May 15th through the 17th, the Florida trust is having

09:21:23 their annual conference in Tampa.

09:21:25 One of the areas they're going to be touring is Tampa

09:21:28 Heights.

09:21:28 They're going to be at the sanctuary to tour through some of

09:21:31 our new apartments, which is a lot of fun.

09:21:33 And Ulele and the trolley barn.

09:21:37 So, that's going to be an interesting tour through there.

09:21:43 And would certainly encourage all of you to attend this

09:21:48 conference, if you can, because there's a lot of

09:21:51 conversation that goes on and seminars that are geared to

09:21:56 community development.

09:21:57 And the impact that the preservation of historic buildings

09:22:00 has on that development.

09:22:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I was just going to say that I'd like to see

09:22:07 Tampa Heights get some recognition, some media attention and

09:22:11 national attention, the kind of attention that Ybor City has

09:22:14 been able to get.

09:22:15 And so the conference might be a really good opportunity to

09:22:19 really show the neighborhood off.

09:22:22 >> We hope it will be, yeah.

09:22:24 We really do.

09:22:24 Because I think it's -- it's an interesting group of people

09:22:29 from around the state.

09:22:30 And they're always looking to find out how other people are

09:22:33 doing it better.

09:22:34 And I think if you go to Tampa Heights, you'll find that for

09:22:38 sure.

09:22:38 So if there are no other questions, thank you very much.

09:22:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just very quickly.

09:22:44 One of the things that was very evident from when the

09:22:46 downturn and when it was at the lowest point as far as the

09:22:51 foreclosures and all that that happened, the neighborhood

09:22:54 never, ever gave up.

09:22:57 It just kept moving and pushing and that is what brought it,

09:23:03 the neighborhood to the point where we're at now.

09:23:06 And I want, I want to know, did -- the last I checked, the

09:23:11 city had not participated in the, in contributing to the

09:23:17 Florida trust, to the conference.

09:23:23 >> The conference?

09:23:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You don't know?

09:23:25 The last I checked, we not.

09:23:27 And I was hoping we would, because it is very important to

09:23:29 our city to show off what, which is what the neighborhood is

09:23:35 doing for the City of Tampa.

09:23:39 >> I think that supporting the trust for historic

09:23:47 preservation the state of Florida is a good thing for all of

09:23:49 us.

09:23:50 They do -- it's a whole lot like Tampa Heights.

09:23:54 It's a lot of people putting in a lot of hours for free, and

09:23:58 voluntary effort and supporting that issue.

09:24:03 As you know, historic preservation brings a lot of dollars

09:24:09 into a community.

09:24:10 As a construction guy, I can tell you that preservation of

09:24:16 historic buildings on a ratio of labor to material is about

09:24:21 60% labor, 40% material.

09:24:23 New construction, it's the other way around.

09:24:27 So what that's doing, those projects are heavily impacting

09:24:32 the labor market in a community.

09:24:35 And for large projects like the courthouse, for instance,

09:24:40 bringing an awful lot of local labor into that project.

09:24:43 And the cost of the project is weighted to the labor side.

09:24:48 So just from that point alone, it's beneficial.

09:24:52 Forget, you know, the green footprint idea and all of the

09:24:56 other kind of benefits that you get out of that.

09:24:58 If you just look at the labor-material ratio of construction

09:25:03 projects, better to do preservation than it is new

09:25:05 construction.

09:25:06 For the local market.

09:25:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The return on investment is quite high.

09:25:11 >> It's terrific.

09:25:12 It really is.

09:25:12 You asked a moment ago, maybe it wasn't really a question,

09:25:17 but you were kind of wondering how much the county had given

09:25:19 to the community center.

09:25:23 Was $69,000.

09:25:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:25:26 >> As a grant.

09:25:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:25:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:25:28 Any other questions?

09:25:29 We thank you.

09:25:31 >> Thank you very much.

09:25:40 >>MR. McDONAUGH: I know from experience, if you can't find

09:25:42 John or Vivian at their offices in the sanctuary, go across

09:25:46 the street to the youth center and usually they're there

09:25:50 with either a hammer or a paint brush in their hand.

09:25:52 Just an update on some of the activities in our various

09:25:57 CRAs.

09:25:58 Right now we have 6,000 people from around the world

09:26:00 attending a geographies conference at the convention center.

09:26:04 And they're going to be spending a lot of time in our

09:26:07 community.

09:26:07 Another great opportunity for people to see exactly what

09:26:09 Tampa is all about.

09:26:10 We had a successful visit, co-visit between the thespians

09:26:17 and the downtown crick. [ Laughter ]

09:26:25 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Everybody is happy.

09:26:26 I assume you've marked your calendars for the Bollywood

09:26:30 invasion from April 23rd to the 26th.

09:26:33 Will be a variety of things going on here.

09:26:35 Anything from a free show in Curtis Hixon to a very large

09:26:39 formal opportunity at the stadium as well as the business

09:26:43 forum at the convention center.

09:26:45 So lots of organized events here for that.

09:26:48 Last weekend, I didn't think it was possible to pack more

09:26:53 people into Festa Italiana than they did last year.

09:26:57 But they managed to do it this year.

09:26:59 So even more people.

09:27:00 A very successful festa again.

09:27:03 And there are some very unhappy people because the bocce

09:27:09 tournament has been -- we're not naming any names, but

09:27:14 there's a certain person in this room who was backing two

09:27:16 teams that won both the morning and evening.

09:27:19 So, if they say in Ybor City the fix is in, apparently.

09:27:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Unfortunately, Mr. McDonaugh, my team

09:27:27 was not one of them.

09:27:28 >>MR. McDONAUGH: I understand that tomorrow at 4:30, there

09:27:30 will be a ribbon cutting in Ybor for Cristino's, which is an

09:27:35 Italian restaurant on 8th avenue.

09:27:38 If you haven't eaten there, go.

09:27:40 Homemade sauce, homemade pasta, homemade gelato.

09:27:44 It's a great place.

09:27:45 And we're going to do a ribbon cutting there tomorrow at

09:27:48 4:30.

09:27:48 In East Tampa, we are starting work now on the lighting

09:27:53 installation at the Cole Community lake.

09:27:58 Next week they'll be doing installation of underground

09:28:01 wiring and poles should be delivered later this month.

09:28:03 So that's a big plus.

09:28:04 Another one of those community lights getting nighttime

09:28:08 activity with lighting.

09:28:09 And in Drew Park, we are drawing to a close on a couple of

09:28:13 the project.

09:28:14 Making progress, never fast enough I know for some of the

09:28:17 businesses there, but we are making very good progress and

09:28:21 Hillsborough is opening for both of those streets right now.

09:28:25 So, that sums up my report.

09:28:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Montelione?

09:28:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:28:31 I have a few questions, Mr. McDonaugh.

09:28:35 There was a update on community -- with the community on

09:28:41 current projects to solicit input on future priorities and

09:28:45 to develop goals and priorities for fiscal year '15.

09:28:49 Can you tell me a little bit about what the priorities that

09:28:54 came up were?

09:28:56 >> I don't think all of the various CRAs and the CACs

09:29:01 have compiled their list yet.

09:29:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, this was -- I'm looking at the Ybor

09:29:05 City report.

09:29:08 >>MR. McDONAUGH: It has not been presented to me yet.

09:29:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

09:29:11 >>MR. McDONAUGH: It's being again assembled and I'll get

09:29:13 that to you.

09:29:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

09:29:15 And we have a full slate of nominations that are for the

09:29:22 vacant seat that are on the YCDC application.

09:29:27 I want to mention it to the public.

09:29:28 Applications are due tomorrow in case you haven't gotten

09:29:31 your application in.

09:29:32 But the -- there is an opening on the YCDC board due to

09:29:37 recent resignation.

09:29:39 So if you're interested to the general public, you can --

09:29:44 yeah, tomorrow at 5:00 is the deadline, so you can contact

09:29:48 the clerk here at city hall for submitting an application.

09:29:54 The last thing on the Ybor City report was that, it

09:29:58 mentioned several properties were acquired this month by

09:30:00 developers.

09:30:01 Can you tell me which properties those are?

09:30:04 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Frankie's patio for one, which was -- has

09:30:07 sat vacant for several years right on 7th avenue, and the

09:30:10 new owner is trying to determine right now exactly what that

09:30:13 is they're going to do.

09:30:15 If you recall, several months ago, we went out for an RFP

09:30:20 for a, an apartment developer.

09:30:23 And they're getting closer to an agreement with the diocese.

09:30:28 And so, hopefully we'll be coming back to the board in the

09:30:32 not too distant future with a contract for sale, close to

09:30:36 adjacent properties, to develop an apartment complex.

09:30:39 And there was a conversation on a hotel, and the developer

09:30:46 that had originally spoken to us is talking to another

09:30:49 landowner in Ybor City for the development of a hotel.

09:30:53 A larger site than what the city could offer.

09:30:56 And actually I'm pleased because the whole idea behind

09:31:00 putting out a RFP was to attract interest and we were

09:31:04 successful in that.

09:31:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's good news.

09:31:07 The Channel District, there's a master plan in the works for

09:31:13 the port property?

09:31:15 >>MR. McDONAUGH: That's correct.

09:31:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I'm hoping that before this gets too

09:31:18 far into the planning stage, there's going to be public

09:31:22 forums to solicit community input on the port master plan,

09:31:26 which is what it says in the report.

09:31:28 >>MR. McDONAUGH: They're coordinating with Michael Hatchett

09:31:30 to have a meeting with the CEO at the monthly meeting at the

09:31:34 aquarium.

09:31:35 So yes, it will be a public forum.

09:31:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I want to be sure that we get here

09:31:39 in this forum a report on that master plan, so -- all of our

09:31:47 members are fully aware of what the port has planned.

09:31:51 And I think, the East Tampa CRA -- this might be for Ed.

09:31:59 The SBIC business assistance program, which started in 2013,

09:32:05 the statistics here on the outreach numbers, they have

09:32:07 conducted 66 hours of counseling, to 45 clients.

09:32:12 Shared business resources through 75 visits to businesses

09:32:16 and provided 240 points of assistance.

09:32:19 What I'm interested in knowing are the outcomes.

09:32:21 So all the contact numbers are great.

09:32:23 That they're out and they're doing things and how much time

09:32:25 they're putting in.

09:32:26 But for me, it's the, what the deliverables have been and

09:32:33 the measurement of the accomplishments.

09:32:35 So if maybe next month we can get some information on how

09:32:40 many -- how many businesses were able to either hire someone

09:32:45 or save money in a different area or be connected with

09:32:48 resources and that sort of thing, rather than just how many

09:32:51 people they talked to.

09:32:53 >>MR. McDONAUGH: As we have done, I think on an annual

09:32:55 basis, was invited are somebody from the SBIC in here to

09:32:59 address the board and I will do that again.

09:33:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:33:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez?

09:33:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:33:07 Bob, I wanted to find out the markers in Drew Park.

09:33:13 I know that we're working with consultants.

09:33:15 What's the timeframe in terms of when we think we'll have

09:33:18 the markers up and running?

09:33:21 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Let me ask Jeanette.

09:33:25 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I figured you knew everything.

09:33:27 >>MR. McDONAUGH: What I don't know, I make up.

09:33:28 [ Laughter ]

09:33:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I figured you'd make something up.

09:33:32 >> Thank you for asking.

09:33:34 We are working with our designer on the material.

09:33:36 The original materials that we thought were going --

09:33:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Identify yourself, we know you.

09:33:41 But identify yourself for the record.

09:33:43 >> Sorry.

09:33:44 Jeanette LaRussa Fenton, Drew Park CRA manager.

09:33:48 That's been creating a little bit of a holdup.

09:33:50 But we're at the final stages now and should be going out to

09:33:53 bid.

09:33:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Is it still because of the reflective type

09:33:56 materials?

09:33:56 I know we talked about that before.

09:33:58 Is it just the cost?

09:34:00 >> No, it's the type of material and the way it would be

09:34:04 aged, a long time, that we felt would cause maintenance

09:34:07 problems.

09:34:08 So we're looking at a different type material.

09:34:10 And -- same design, just different materials.

09:34:15 We are expecting samples because I always want to see an

09:34:18 actual before we do finals.

09:34:21 And that's where we're at now.

09:34:22 As soon as we get that question answered, we'll submit our

09:34:25 final to FDOT, because they've to give their final approval

09:34:28 and then woe would be ready to go out to bid.

09:34:31 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So probably after FDOT's approval, probably a

09:34:34 90 day period before we get everything done, awarded and so

09:34:38 on?

09:34:39 >> That's correct.

09:34:39 Our typical timeframe, yes.

09:34:41 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thanks.

09:34:42 Appreciate it.

09:34:42 Thank you, chair.

09:34:44 >> After FDOT approval that would put it sometime in mid

09:34:47 2020.

09:34:47 [ Laughter ]

09:34:53 >>MR. McDONAUGH: That concludes my report, sir.

09:34:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:34:57 Number three?

09:34:58 Facade grant.

09:35:04 Number three.

09:35:06 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Oh, excuse me.

09:35:08 I'm sorry.

09:35:08 You know, on a basis, we come back and show you some of the

09:35:14 projects that we have had, with the facade grant.

09:35:19 And if folks in the back would be kind enough to load the --

09:35:26 oh, good.

09:35:27 Again, that facade grant program is participating in Ybor

09:35:31 City, Drew Park and East Tampa.

09:35:32 To date, we have invested $749,000 of CRA funds.

09:35:45 The private industry has invested over $3 million.

09:35:47 And so we have got a leverage of a little better than three

09:35:51 to one.

09:35:52 Here are the numbers in Ybor, Drew Park and East Tampa.

09:35:58 Again, the leveraging that -- and this was the whole goal.

09:36:01 It was to take some of the CRA money, invest it in the

09:36:05 community and get private industry to go ahead and invest

09:36:08 money in their buildings.

09:36:09 It has an effect of making the district more attractive and

09:36:14 also makes them more valuable, which increases tax dollars.

09:36:16 Here's one of the, probably more dramatic one, which was

09:36:22 7th avenue.

09:36:23 Again, another project on 7th avenue.

09:36:31 The bottom is the rendering of the baseball museum.

09:36:37 We're not quite there yet, but work has begun on that.

09:36:40 I understand that there's a bust just inside the front door

09:36:44 of Mr. Miranda.

09:36:47 [ Laughter ]

09:36:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: By the toilet.

09:36:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: He put it there himself.

09:36:52 >> A picture of him playing with Babe Ruth.

09:36:55 [ Laughter ]

09:36:58 >>MR. McDONAUGH: And Drew Park.

09:37:00 Mercedes automotive, in process.

09:37:05 Yes, sir?

09:37:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Do you know whose house that is or was?

09:37:13 >>MR. McDONAUGH: No, sir.

09:37:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, when you put up the baseball

09:37:17 museum, his name will be in that museum, when he was a

09:37:19 little boy, he used to live upstairs in that building.

09:37:23 And he'll be inducted into a Hall of Fame this year, his

09:37:26 name is Tony LaRussa.

09:37:29 That's where he lived.

09:37:32 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Well, again, this is another one of those

09:37:34 facade programs that's the labor of love.

09:37:38 Someone saw a building, thought it would be really great.

09:37:41 Couldn't make the numbers work.

09:37:43 Came to the CRA.

09:37:44 The CRA has invested money.

09:37:45 They have invested lots of money, lots of time and lots of

09:37:48 love.

09:37:49 And converted something from an eyesore to something that's

09:37:53 very attractive.

09:37:54 That's our summary of projects for right now.

09:37:59 Thank you.

09:38:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:38:00 All right.

09:38:01 Public comments.

09:38:01 Anyone wish to speak?

09:38:06 You have three minutes to stand before this body and to

09:38:09 speak.

09:38:09 Please state your name and address and you can address any

09:38:14 item on the agenda.

09:38:16 >> Good morning, everyone.

09:38:18 Chairman Sims of the East Tampa partnership.

09:38:21 Good morning to Ms. Shirley Foxx-Knowles, good to see you

09:38:25 again.

09:38:25 I'm here to give you a quick update as to our discussion

09:38:28 that we had the last time came in reference to several legal

09:38:32 opinions about the term limits for myself and Richedean

09:38:35 Ackbar, the vice chair of East Tampa partnership.

09:38:40 We went back to our CAC committee.

09:38:42 We discussed the East Tampa bylaws, as well as the CRA

09:38:48 policy and rendering as to number 7 in your CRA policy.

09:38:53 Given the community opportunity to amend or raise the term

09:39:00 limit for the chair and the vice chair in reference to the

09:39:04 elections that we recently had back in October of this past

09:39:07 year.

09:39:07 You understand that there was some conflict of the term

09:39:11 limit as to where we got voted in, the term of two years or

09:39:15 whether we with are getting out in 2014.

09:39:18 Based on the decision of the CAC executive group, it was

09:39:22 voted 7-2 that we would ask that the community would amend

09:39:27 the term limit for myself and the vice chair.

09:39:32 That we would stay on to 2015.

09:39:34 We then put it in the newspaper, so that it would be a fair

09:39:38 process, that everyone had an opportunity to come out to be

09:39:42 a part of the process to vote and voice their opinions, as

09:39:46 well as a vote of confidence.

09:39:49 We also sent it out to our database, through e-mails, to

09:39:53 give everybody an opportunity to show up.

09:39:55 And we just had that meeting this past Tuesday.

09:39:58 Out of the I think 40, 45 people that showed up, only 21

09:40:02 were qualified to vote, based on the bylaws as far as the

09:40:07 number of meetings you have to make, whether it's a standing

09:40:10 committee meeting or a regular CAC meeting or East Tampa

09:40:14 partnership meeting.

09:40:15 And out of that, the community voted that they would like to

09:40:19 ask this body to wave the term limit for myself and our vice

09:40:24 chair, Richedean Ackbar to extend this out to 2015.

09:40:30 I'm back here to give you an update as to what the community

09:40:35 has decided as well as the executive group.

09:40:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:40:38 Thank you for the report.

09:40:40 What I'm going to ask you to do is get with our attorney on

09:40:44 staff and see if they can work out the language.

09:40:46 Can I get a motion from someone to, for Sam to bring a

09:40:52 report back to us.

09:40:52 >> So moved.

09:40:53 >> Second.

09:40:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:40:54 Motion made by Ms. Capin, seconded by Mr. Cohen.

09:40:58 Any further discussion of the motion?

09:41:00 All those in favor, say aye.

09:41:01 Opposed? Thank you.

09:41:03 [Inaudible]

09:41:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Just bring it back to our next CRA meeting

09:41:11 on May the 8th.

09:41:13 All right.

09:41:15 Thank you, sir.

09:41:23 >> Mr. Chairman, I'm Al Davies.

09:41:28 And I'm one of the persons that seek to find the answer to

09:41:38 life's persistent question.

09:41:42 First of all, Mr. Chairman, did I see -- I'm 3717 East

09:41:46 Wilder Avenue, and part of the East Tampa Community

09:41:50 Redevelopment Area.

09:41:51 And I'm real concerned about the proper procedural that

09:41:59 needs to be followed when we make some exceptions to our

09:42:05 bylaws.

09:42:07 It's a complicated document.

09:42:10 If you don't know how to read it, you will be confused.

09:42:13 So much for that.

09:42:15 I want to give kudos though, Mr. Chairman, to some people

09:42:20 that have been very helpful, such as Jim Cruz out of the

09:42:25 clerk's office and Viola Luke, who is also there.

09:42:32 And Ms. Sue lean is in the other clerk's office.

09:42:39 In the chamber's office.

09:42:41 And also Michelle Dan Lou, who is part of Ed Johnson's staff

09:42:52 in the East Tampa redevelopment area.

09:42:55 The thing that I find interesting, Mr. Chairman, in my

09:43:01 attempt to be better informed and understand clearly the

09:43:08 role of this agency and its mission of redeveloping the City

09:43:17 of Tampa with the various community Redevelopment Areas,

09:43:25 managers and volunteers that's trying to rid this area of

09:43:31 some blight and deterioration.

09:43:34 I'm looking forward, Mr. Chairman, and I continue to try to

09:43:38 be as informed as I can, to continue to rely upon this

09:43:45 agency for its most sophisticated guidance.

09:43:50 So that when, what they call it, at the day's journey, end

09:43:55 of the day's journey, we will be very pleased at our

09:44:00 accomplishments.

09:44:00 Thank you Mr. Chairman.

09:44:01 And I'll be back at the next CRA meeting because I did get a

09:44:07 chance, Mr. Chairman, to look at the first quarterly report.

09:44:12 Some interesting information is contained therein.

09:44:15 And I like to comment upon that, upon the opportunity to

09:44:20 review it and compose my comments.

09:44:22 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:44:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.

09:44:33 >> Okay.

09:44:48 I'm Ed Tillou from Sulphur Springs.

09:44:51 On that note, it might be good for that Sulphur Spring to

09:44:59 have a CRA.

09:45:00 Sulphur Spring and south Castle Heights.

09:45:03 Anyway, just touching on Ybor City quickly, that was

09:45:06 mentioned in item one.

09:45:08 The Cuban sandwich festival, I'm running a little behind on

09:45:12 this.

09:45:13 They mentioned the Italian festival.

09:45:14 But I'm hoping that this traditional Cuban sandwiches one

09:45:22 without ham.

09:45:25 And sausage.

09:45:26 Here's another potential consideration for Ybor City.

09:45:30 Like solar -- little solar carports on the roof, like USF

09:45:38 put in about 12 or 14 years ago.

09:45:43 That's how behind this is.

09:45:45 And cars can park there and the problem with these panels is

09:45:51 that they don't follow the sun.

09:45:53 So you need half again as many.

09:45:56 And at $40 a square foot, it might be better to get by on

09:46:00 two thirds as many.

09:46:01 But the thing of it is, you'd have to put in four dollars a

09:46:07 day to charge as opposed to 75 cents, seven quarters

09:46:16 downstairs to use regular power.

09:46:19 Just real quick this is a good thing.

09:46:22 We left off and I also wanted to talk about item two.

09:46:28 This was in the paper a few days ago about MacDill.

09:46:34 And the tanker planes there.

09:46:36 But those are older tanker planes and apparently MacDill

09:46:39 isn't going to get the newer ones.

09:46:41 And this bears on item two.

09:46:43 And this, there should be an economic development zone and

09:46:48 the person behind this is Neil Costatino, resultant of whom

09:46:54 the hundredth anniversary of the Jannus flight was

09:46:58 celebrated.

09:46:58 He did a lot of work on that and if it hadn't been for that,

09:47:02 it never would've been celebrated.

09:47:04 Now the 50th was mentioned on the sign down by Gaslight

09:47:06 Park.

09:47:08 So, it was an important event and thanks to him it got done.

09:47:12 And maybe more progress could be made on a, I guess we would

09:47:17 call it a technology corridor.

09:47:21 That's what he uses.

09:47:23 The term he uses.

09:47:25 And here, you have MacDill and the north border of it is

09:47:33 where this would be.

09:47:34 And for instance, the ferry across to Gibsonton and Apollo

09:47:37 beach could take place here.

09:47:40 Land here.

09:47:41 And all this, they have to relocate this runway, but maybe

09:47:45 they wouldn't even bother doing that.

09:47:47 The point is that there's a real need for technology.

09:47:50 You I've put a lot of things in there.

09:47:52 Cryogenics.

09:47:53 Is very important for the future.

09:47:56 So, a lot of technology could bring jobs here.

09:48:01 Not so much for people here, but a lot of people --

09:48:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: We thank you.

09:48:08 >> Studied chemical engineering at USF.

09:48:10 In ten or is a years, there would be jobs.

09:48:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: We thank you.

09:48:17 >> Thank you.

09:48:26 On the agenda, we have a resolution authorizing the

09:48:31 conveyance by the City of Tampa to Bible truth ministries

09:48:34 international, some property that the East Tampa CRA has

09:48:36 assembled on 34th street.

09:48:39 And Ms. Dean is here from Bible Truth Ministries to talk a

09:48:43 little bit about the project.

09:48:50 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman.

09:48:55 My name is Suzette Dean, and I'm the wife of Pastor Daniel

09:49:01 Dean.

09:49:01 He wasn't able to make it today, so he asked me to come and

09:49:05 basically tell you a, just a small amount about the project

09:49:08 we're about to do on 34th and Chelsea.

09:49:11 Basically we're partnering with the neighborhood association

09:49:18 and when we do build the building --

09:49:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Could you pull that mic up a little bit?

09:49:24 >> Is that better?

09:49:25 Thank you.

09:49:26 Sorry.

09:49:26 We're going to be using it to partner with the neighborhood

09:49:30 association, a section of it will be for them so they can

09:49:33 use.

09:49:35 We have other portions of it we're going to be using for

09:49:38 office rentals for the community.

09:49:40 As well as an afterschool program for the -- we have,

09:49:45 there's a couple schools in the neighborhood.

09:49:50 So we're going to do some afterschool program there as well

09:49:53 as create employment for individuals in the community.

09:49:56 That's basically it.

09:50:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Capin?

09:50:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I have another question.

09:50:08 >> Just a brief note.

09:50:10 If you recall, we had neighbors from the Rainbow Heights

09:50:14 neighborhood group come here couple years ago and said hey,

09:50:17 we would like something in our community.

09:50:19 And this is a direct result of that.

09:50:20 We spent some time assembling a little bit more of the land

09:50:24 and did an RFP.

09:50:25 And Bible truth ministries operates a similar facility not

09:50:29 too far from here.

09:50:30 And has been successful and we have been fortunate in our

09:50:35 dealings with them in the past, is that when they say

09:50:37 they're going to do something, they do do it.

09:50:40 We have an agreement that they would be required to

09:50:42 construct this within three years.

09:50:44 And it's a deferred payment mortgage.

09:50:47 And also create three jobs as a result of this project.

09:50:52 Yes, Ms. Capin?

09:50:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, in my conversation, when we had a staff

09:50:59 report on RFPs and properties that are sold or leased by

09:51:03 the city, it came, what came of that was a meeting with

09:51:08 Julia Mandell.

09:51:10 And what I found out was that the Mayor does not have to --

09:51:16 he is not obligated to put out an RFP for properties that

09:51:20 are in the city.

09:51:21 But if they are in the CRA district, it is required.

09:51:26 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Yes, ma'am.

09:51:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Way would like to see in the backup material

09:51:30 when we get these is the RFP.

09:51:32 A coast RFP.

09:51:33 And there will be more to come later.

09:51:36 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Certainly.

09:51:37 And actually I think that -- excuse me for not doing, but

09:51:42 every time we're getting ready to issue an RFP, I am pledged

09:51:46 to tell you as well as provide you copies of it.

09:51:49 Not after the fact, but as it's going forward.

09:51:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, I'd like to see it in the backup and

09:51:55 of course, up front.

09:51:56 And if it's -- that is a CRA requirement?

09:52:01 To have that up front?

09:52:05 >> No.

09:52:06 >> I think you made, a motion was made a month or two ago

09:52:09 asking for the information to be up front.

09:52:10 This may have occurred before that motion was passed.

09:52:13 I don't know the timing.

09:52:14 It's not a requirement of the CRA.

09:52:16 It was a pledge that the administration and your staff made

09:52:20 that they would do that in the future.

09:52:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Then we need to make a motion that that is

09:52:24 required for the CRA.

09:52:27 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Just as a note, Mr. Johnson did supply it

09:52:30 prior to the issuance of the RFP and it was circulated to

09:52:34 all of the members.

09:52:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And as part of the backup.

09:52:37 >> Certainly.

09:52:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So that's my motion.

09:52:39 >> Second.

09:52:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:52:40 Any discussion of the motion?

09:52:42 >> If I could make a clarification.

09:52:44 Don't mean to make it more complicated.

09:52:47 The requirement for doing RFP in CRA area is if property was

09:52:50 acquired for development purposes or is being disposed of

09:52:53 for development purposes.

09:52:54 And there are some instances that that isn't the case, so

09:52:58 it's not a requirement to do RFPs for those.

09:53:00 But the staff is telling you that they will supply with you

09:53:02 an RFP any time one is done.

09:53:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So the motion is for all the RFPs on the

09:53:08 CRA properties.

09:53:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:53:11 Any discussion on the motion?

09:53:13 All right.

09:53:14 Motion by Ms. Capin, seconded by Ms. Montelione.

09:53:17 All those in favor of the motion, say aye.

09:53:19 Opposed? Motion carries.

09:53:21 >> Mr. Chairman, Jim Crew, city clerk's office.

09:53:24 Could I ask that motion be formally stated for the record,

09:53:27 please.

09:53:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That the RFPs, when they are, at the

09:53:34 beginning, brought to city -- to the CRA, and that they also

09:53:43 be included in the backup of the resolution that come forth.

09:53:49 Is there anything else?

09:53:51 Okay.

09:53:52 That's it.

09:53:53 >> Thank you.

09:53:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:53:55 Let me just say this.

09:54:00 Ms. Dean, good to see you.

09:54:02 I've had the pleasure of knowing pastor dean for quite a few

09:54:08 years.

09:54:08 And I will tell you, if you go on 22nd Street and look at

09:54:13 the facility that he built, you'd be proud.

09:54:18 You go on 29th and lake, you look at the facility, he built,

09:54:23 you'll be proud.

09:54:24 And I tell you, the good thing about it, he never asks for

09:54:28 any government money.

09:54:29 He never asks for any government money.

09:54:34 He will do it and he'll do it for the good of the community.

09:54:38 And I mean, Ms. Dean talked more than Pastor Dean.

09:54:42 [ Laughter ]

09:54:46 >> That's why you came.

09:54:47 Pastor Dean would've said what's taking so long?

09:54:50 I'm ready for it.

09:54:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.

09:54:52 Pastor Dean is a good person and he really, really concerned

09:54:56 about the community and he would think, if he can help turn

09:55:00 a blight to something good, he's always willing to do it and

09:55:05 this is a great opportunity because if you know, there's

09:55:09 other improvements that are going to be made on 34th and

09:55:13 Chelsea from the transportation department.

09:55:15 And it's just, this is just built into that corner because

09:55:22 that used to be a liquor, a bar, a watering hole

09:55:27 establishment on that location.

09:55:28 Many people there killed and if you pass by there now, they

09:55:32 still got the memorial of flowers and things sitting out

09:55:34 there.

09:55:36 And it's been a high crime area.

09:55:38 So, if Pastor Dean is willing to do this and he's, every

09:55:43 time he sees me, you want to see Pastor Dean, you just go on

09:55:47 the corner of 29th and lake.

09:55:49 He's the only person I know that put a table on the sidewalk

09:55:53 and put checkers on top of it and they play checkers on the

09:55:56 walk.

09:55:57 Every day.

09:55:58 But he's a good person and I think this is good for our

09:56:02 community and the neighborhood is happy about it.

09:56:05 So, I hope this board here will support that resolution.

09:56:10 Yes, Mr. Suarez?

09:56:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:56:13 You know, what you stated is exactly what we were talking

09:56:16 about earlier in terms of Tampa Heights.

09:56:18 When we talk about these type of redevelopment projects,

09:56:21 it's so much easier to have the neighborhoods decide if they

09:56:25 want to do it.

09:56:26 And our part in it in terms of the CRA and in the city and

09:56:30 other areas, where we say we have got peeves property that

09:56:33 we want to help you develop it and this kind of project and

09:56:37 this type of setup financially is perfect for them to be

09:56:41 able to put it together.

09:56:43 The project we were talking about earlier, Tampa Heights and

09:56:45 the junior Heights community center is great example, the

09:56:53 partnership between FDOT and them in terms of the community

09:56:56 garden, everything else.

09:56:57 That property was going to be part of the easement, not

09:57:01 going to be used, tear it down.

09:57:03 And now we're re-purposing it for something we really needed

09:57:06 in that neighborhood.

09:57:06 This is what, this is why this is important.

09:57:09 She's already bored with it.

09:57:10 She just left.

09:57:11 [ Laughter ]

09:57:14 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And it is interesting that, we talk about

09:57:18 other projects, that you know, this is exactly like the

09:57:22 Tampa Heights project, except that, instead of them having

09:57:25 the FDOT as a partner in terms of letting them have that

09:57:29 building and that property, it is us that is allowing us to

09:57:33 get some money back for something that we purchased and now

09:57:38 is going to be reused and it's going to become a more useful

09:57:42 place for people.

09:57:43 Mr. Reddick, who is so familiar with that location, I

09:57:47 remembered from when we were running, we talked about that

09:57:50 bar many, many times at forums.

09:57:52 So, it's one of those situations where it is a perfect

09:57:56 marriage between what we try to do in government and what

09:57:59 people are trying to do in their neighborhoods.

09:58:01 I do have one question about the way that the, our process

09:58:06 in terms of when we look at properties that are either owned

09:58:10 by CRA -- let's just say owned by CRA, when we partner with

09:58:15 another entity, whether it's a non-profit or when we look at

09:58:18 other development entities, do we -- I talked privately with

09:58:23 Mr. Johnson yesterday about this.

09:58:25 Do we try and leverage other governmental entities in terms

09:58:28 of what they're able to do, such as HART or any other

09:58:34 entities in terms of providing, let's say an opportunity for

09:58:38 them to put into the project for their own purposes that are

09:58:42 also dual purposes for us?

09:58:44 Such as, you know, transit stops and other facilities that

09:58:48 might be useful at that particular location.

09:58:50 And I'm not talking about this project per se.

09:58:53 Just the process.

09:58:53 Do we ever communicate with the other entities and say hey,

09:58:58 listen, we think this might be a good place for us to put X?

09:59:02 Are you willing to be involved in this?

09:59:04 And help us make that happen.

09:59:06 >> Yes.

09:59:06 An example would be the Le Meridien Hotel.

09:59:11 Hillsborough County is actually a partner in that as well.

09:59:15 Because it's a historic structure, they have contributed

09:59:17 money.

09:59:17 >> Yes, we do talk to people about leveraging assets and

09:59:20 leveraging government money to help get a project done.

09:59:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And that part of the process is when you're

09:59:27 at the beginning and you're starting to put the deal

09:59:30 together.

09:59:30 I mean, you're a consummate deal maker, as we all know, in

09:59:34 your career in commercial development and also in terms of

09:59:37 what you've been doing on government.

09:59:39 So, I mean, you try and get as many stakeholders as possible

09:59:43 in the room to try and talk bolt, I assume, correct?

09:59:46 >> Yes.

09:59:47 We also look at adjacencies, because it's important that you

09:59:50 don't just look at the property by itself.

09:59:52 It has to be something that works for the neighborhood as

09:59:55 well.

09:59:55 I think this is an excellent example of that.

09:59:59 Something that's going to complement and build on the

10:00:02 neighborhood.

10:00:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: One last question.

10:00:03 I apologize for be laboring this.

10:00:06 In this process when you do it, is it, you know, how

10:00:09 formalized is it?

10:00:11 I go he is in terms of what you're looking at when you look

10:00:13 at properties.

10:00:14 You know, and I'm trying to think like a commercial

10:00:17 developer, which is almost impossible because I know nothing

10:00:20 about that business.

10:00:23 But do you say all right, we have got a parcel here, what

10:00:27 can we do with it?

10:00:29 What's the best use of it?

10:00:32 In this area, and how many partners can we get when you look

10:00:35 at the adjacent property, you look at all these other

10:00:38 partners or other entities?

10:00:40 Is it just kind of a fluid discussion that you all have?

10:00:42 Or is it?

10:00:43 >>MR. McDONAUGH: A lot of times it depends on who is the

10:00:45 best partner.

10:00:46 Another example, excuse me for taking your time, but I've

10:00:50 had discussions with Habitat For Humanity.

10:00:53 And one of the things that they will do, they will pick a

10:00:56 street and say we would like to make improvements on the

10:00:59 houses on the street, tie them all together.

10:01:02 And when there are properties on there that probably should

10:01:06 be condemned or something should happen, we go out and look

10:01:08 at it with them to see if it is something the city can do.

10:01:12 Because if you have seven or eight houses that are nicely

10:01:14 re-done, the exteriors and then you have a vacate house

10:01:19 that's boarded up and dilapidated in the middle of it, it

10:01:22 doesn't do any good.

10:01:23 Kind of like what we're doing in Sulphur Springs as well,

10:01:25 with rebuilding Tampa Bay.

10:01:27 Doing nodes of development, because one by itself isn't

10:01:31 enough.

10:01:31 You really need to have three or four a street.

10:01:34 So yeah, depending on whether it's residential or

10:01:37 commercial, we try to do that, yes.

10:01:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

10:01:40 Thanks, Mr. McDonaugh.

10:01:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Capin?

10:01:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I've already spoken.

10:01:47 I'm sorry.

10:01:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay, Ms. Montelione.

10:01:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, vice chairman.

10:01:54 I appreciate that.

10:01:54 I had a lengthy discussion about this with Mr. Johnson.

10:01:59 About a week or so ago.

10:02:01 And I do have reservations.

10:02:04 I understand the reasoning behind it.

10:02:08 And I support economic development activities and city

10:02:13 investment for the rejuvenation of neighborhoods.

10:02:16 I mean, that's why we're here.

10:02:18 That's why the CRA exists.

10:02:20 That being said, I do have reservations about this agreement

10:02:27 and how it's structured.

10:02:28 And I would hope that going forward, that we, that we work

10:02:36 to incorporate some of the concerns that I have.

10:02:38 I mean, lot of our agreements in the past, I've been

10:02:42 familiar with some of the deals even before I was on

10:02:44 Council, was that there was an inclusion of a reverter

10:02:46 clause.

10:02:47 That if a, if the mission of the reason, or the reasoning

10:02:56 behind why we were basically subsidizing this sale and

10:03:01 purchase of this property, not this, but any property, would

10:03:06 cease to be, then the property would revert back to the

10:03:09 city.

10:03:09 It was either done as a condition of the note and mortgage

10:03:14 or it was a deed restriction.

10:03:16 So that there was some guarantee that this property would

10:03:20 always be used for some kind of public purpose.

10:03:24 Now, we can get into philosophical discussions, which I've

10:03:30 done with Mr. Johnson, about whether or not the

10:03:34 establishment of an office complex or retail is a public

10:03:38 purpose when you're speaking about an area that's so

10:03:42 desperately needs development and investment.

10:03:44 I just feel that it needs to be more -- further identified,

10:03:53 I guess, in the documents as to what the public purpose is

10:03:58 for this investment.

10:04:00 >>MR. McDONAUGH: If I might answer in this specific case, as

10:04:02 Mr. Suarez was saying, do we look at each deal differently?

10:04:05 And we do.

10:04:06 This --

10:04:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's why I'm going to support this

10:04:10 today.

10:04:10 But those, I just want to put on the record, those are my

10:04:13 concerns.

10:04:14 >>MR. McDONAUGH: I'm going to explain why there's not a claw

10:04:17 back provision in this particular agreement.

10:04:19 There was a bar which was a blight for the neighborhood,

10:04:23 which the CRA bought, demolished.

10:04:26 We have had a vacant piece of land sitting there for a

10:04:30 number of years.

10:04:31 Our goal is to get something back on the tax roll to.

10:04:34 Get something built, to provide some jobs and whether at

10:04:37 some point down the road, Pastor Dean decides to sell that

10:04:42 property to someone else, then our goal has been achieved.

10:04:47 The building has been, the -- the property has been

10:04:51 redeveloped.

10:04:51 It's been put on the tax rolls.

10:04:53 Jobs have been provided and so, we see that our goal has

10:04:57 been achieved.

10:04:58 There are other properties, probably the best example would

10:05:03 be where the Hillsborough educational organization is on

10:05:08 Howard Avenue, that if they cease to use it for that it

10:05:13 comes back to the City of Tampa.

10:05:14 They have basically a lease as opposed to a sale.

10:05:16 So we do look at each one differently and I'll be more than

10:05:19 happy to talk with you each and every single one to see

10:05:22 which is appropriate and not appropriate.

10:05:24 But in this case, we felt that it was appropriate that there

10:05:28 was language in our agreement that they'd build this

10:05:30 facility, that they employ people for a certain period of

10:05:34 time and after that, achieved our goal.

10:05:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

10:05:37 And I said that I would support this today.

10:05:39 But clarification for the public, this is going to be in,

10:05:44 transferred to the Bible Truth Ministries.

10:05:46 So, your statement that there would be some portion of this

10:05:50 property put back on the tax rolls.

10:05:55 >> Where it's used for office and retail will be taxed by

10:05:59 had Hillsborough County tax assessor.

10:06:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I wanted to make that clear.

10:06:02 Because sometimes we get phone calls after our meeting and

10:06:05 questioned about the transaction.

10:06:07 So I wanted to make sure that that was clear, that nobody

10:06:10 was confused about the statement you made about taxes.

10:06:14 And I'd love to engage in that discussion with you,

10:06:17 Mr. McDonaugh at some other date.

10:06:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Please, not today.

10:06:22 [ Laughter ]

10:06:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Capin?

10:06:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:06:28 Yes, I meant to say after I made that motion, that this is a

10:06:32 lovely project for that property, considering what was there

10:06:36 before.

10:06:37 And it's really brings back, when we talk about -- and I'm

10:06:44 tieing this in because when we talk about alcoholic beverage

10:06:47 permitting and the reason that we could not close this bar

10:06:50 down, the CRA had to buy it in order to close it, so we need

10:06:56 to pay attention what we do going forward, how we manage

10:07:02 what we have granted.

10:07:05 And that's, you know, just keeps coming back to us.

10:07:11 So, I do -- I am of course going to support this I think

10:07:15 this is a like planting flowers where there were weeds.

10:07:19 And definitely a wonderful addition to the community.

10:07:26 Thank you.

10:07:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:07:29 We have a motion.

10:07:31 >> Move the resolution why.

10:07:33 >> Second.

10:07:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda, second by Mr. Suarez.

10:07:36 Any further discussion.

10:07:37 Motion?

10:07:37 All those in favor say aye.

10:07:38 Opposed in motion carries.

10:07:40 All right.

10:07:41 Number 5.

10:07:43 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

10:07:43 You have a number of prospective board members for the Tampa

10:07:50 Heights river front.

10:07:51 We are looking for a person.

10:07:52 And I am happy to offer this slate of candidates.

10:07:56 All of whom are eminently qualified to take a position in

10:08:01 there.

10:08:02 Michael, is there anyone here?

10:08:05 We do not have any of the candidates here.

10:08:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Chair, what was fascinating.

10:08:29 I saw two people from Louisiana state of university in their

10:08:32 architecture and design program, which I thought was very

10:08:35 unusual.

10:08:35 They have a tremendous program over there.

10:08:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:08:47 [ Laughter ]

10:08:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I thought you went to LSU.

10:08:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Chair, I wasn't sure if Mr. Miranda was going

10:09:00 to mentioning the babe team at LSU.

10:09:02 They won an national championship a few years back.

10:09:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Very good players.

10:09:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: What is going on?

10:09:08 You got other business you need to bring before us?

10:09:12 >>MR. McDONAUGH: I do have -- did you make a selection?

10:09:15 There is one more thing.

10:09:17 And it's not on your agenda and I apologize.

10:09:20 It happened at the last minute.

10:09:21 There was a change in the board membership at the Ybor

10:09:26 Chamber of Commerce.

10:09:26 And the chair stepped down from his ex-officio seat and they

10:09:30 have offered up a new one.

10:09:32 And that is a, Mr. John Trujillo.

10:09:36 And what I need from Council is an approval for him to be

10:09:41 the ex-officio for the seat at the YCDC, representing the

10:09:48 Ybor Chamber of Commerce.

10:09:49 >> So moved.

10:09:50 >> Second.

10:09:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion from Ms. Capin, seconded by

10:09:53 Mr. Miranda.

10:09:54 Any discussion on that motion?

10:09:55 All those in favor, say aye.

10:09:57 Opposed?

10:09:58 All right.

10:09:58 Motion carries.

10:10:00 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Mr. Reddick, that concludes my business,

10:10:03 sir.

10:10:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: While we are waiting, we can do

10:10:06 information, new business.

10:10:07 Mr. Suarez?

10:10:09 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, sir.

10:10:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are you ready?

10:10:12 Okay.

10:10:13 We'll stop then and come back to you.

10:10:31 >>MR. McDONAUGH: The board's pleasure is a Ms. Margaret

10:10:34 Whitmer, a landscape architect, has been chosen as the board

10:10:37 member for the Tampa Heights Riverfront.

10:10:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:10:41 Congratulations.

10:10:42 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Thank you very much.

10:10:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:10:44 All right, Mr. Suarez?

10:10:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Nothing, sir.

10:10:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Capin?

10:10:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Nothing.

10:10:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: None.

10:10:50 >>MARY MULHERN: None, thank you.

10:10:52 >>HARRY COHEN: None.

10:10:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Montelione?

10:10:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Chair, I was advised by there Territo

10:10:57 to make two motions to support what I had mentioned earlier.

10:11:04 One is that Mr. Johnson appear may 8th at 9:00 a.m. to

10:11:09 report on outcomes of the small business information center

10:11:13 activities in East Tampa regarding the outcomes and

10:11:17 deliverables and request a representative of the SBIC to be

10:11:24 here to deliver that report.

10:11:25 >> Second.

10:11:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:11:26 Motion from Ms. Montelione, seconded by Mr. Suarez.

10:11:29 Any further discussion of the motion?

10:11:32 All those in favor say aye.

10:11:34 Opposed? The motion carries.

10:11:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:11:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's it?

10:11:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, the second one is -- I'll have to

10:11:42 defer to Mr. McDonaugh to see whether may 8th or June 12th

10:11:48 is a better date.

10:11:50 But also I ask that the firm and I don't have the name of

10:11:52 the firm right handy.

10:11:55 Who is preparing the master plan for port Tampa Bay deliver

10:11:59 a presentation to Council.

10:12:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: You want to put a time limit on the

10:12:04 presentation?

10:12:05 >> Make a motion of the CRA.

10:12:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry.

10:12:08 To the CRA.

10:12:09 I meant to say CRA.

10:12:10 Thank you, Mr. Territo.

10:12:12 >> I will forward a request to them today.

10:12:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

10:12:15 So, you want -- is it May 8th or June 12th?

10:12:20 >> June 12th because that would give them a little more time

10:12:23 to field some more of the background information.

10:12:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:12:26 That would be for them to appear June 12th.

10:12:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: How much time?

10:12:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: 9:00 a.m.

10:12:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: How much time?

10:12:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Ten minutes?

10:12:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:12:35 So you got a motion for the representative from port of

10:12:38 Tampa to appear before the CRA on June 12th.

10:12:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It would be Port Tampa bay and the firm

10:12:45 that is preparing the master plan.

10:12:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:12:47 All right.

10:12:48 Got a motion by Ms. Montelione, seconded by Ms. Mulhern.

10:12:52 Further discussion of the motion?

10:12:53 All right.

10:12:54 All those in favor say aye.

10:12:56 Opposed? We have motion to receive and file.

10:12:58 >> So moved.

10:12:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:13:00 Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mr. Cohen.

10:13:03 Any further discussion?

10:13:04 All those in favor say aye.

10:13:06 Any new business?

10:13:07 All right.

10:13:08 We stand adjourned.



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