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Tampa City Council

Thursday, May 8, 2014

5:01 p.m.


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05:03:32 [Sounding gavel]

05:04:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

05:04:08 Roll call.

05:04:08 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

05:04:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

05:04:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

05:04:16 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:04:19 >>CHAIRMAN Miranda: Here.

05:04:28 All right.

05:04:29 Item number 1 is a public hearing, nonquasi-judicial

05:04:35 hearing.

05:04:36 Let me open this public hearing.

05:04:41 Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mrs. Capin.

05:04:44 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:04:45 Yes, sir.

05:04:47 >>THOM SNELLING: I want to go ahead and bring up the Power

05:04:49 Point.

05:04:57 There we go.

05:04:59 We are here tonight for the first public hearing of the

05:05:02 one-year action plan.

05:05:12 Okay.

05:05:14 What we have here, this is the fiscal year 2015 which starts

05:05:18 in October, and this public hearing and the action plan

05:05:22 includes four basic funding sources, a community block grant

05:05:27 which is the most versatile of the moneys that we get from

05:05:30 the federal government.

05:05:32 It's to be used for public service agencies, various not for

05:05:36 profit programs and services, economic development, possible

05:05:42 infrastructure, but it all has to be used either within --

05:05:49 51% of the low moderate income or the beneficiaries have to

05:05:54 be individuals.

05:05:57 If I could take a quick second.

05:05:59 You don't often get to see some of the people that really do

05:06:01 all the work and I'm just the pretty face in front.

05:06:06 [ Laughter ]

05:06:06 Yeah, we are in trouble if I am, right?

05:06:10 This is my new manager which I am thrilled to have.

05:06:14 The other lady, cam Henderson, and Michelle one of my urban

05:06:22 planners.

05:06:23 And these are the folks that really make this stuff happen.

05:06:30 >> Jennifer, move two seats to your left so when they show

05:06:37 the crowd you can see yourself on TV.

05:06:39 >> There you go.

05:06:40 >> Again, the emergency solutions -- there you go.

05:06:44 The emergency solutions grants is really focusing this year

05:06:47 and into the future based on what is recommended open rapid

05:06:53 rehouse and having a stronger homelessness feature.

05:06:56 I saw some of the discussion from your CRA meeting.

05:07:00 And again I will be back sometime in the very near future to

05:07:03 talk about what's been going on with the Hillsborough

05:07:06 initiative as well as the facility for the sheriff's office.

05:07:08 Just a quick side bar.

05:07:10 Home investors, partnership with the home, and that you must

05:07:13 produce dwelling units.

05:07:18 When you use that money the end result has to be a place

05:07:21 where someone can live.

05:07:22 And the housing opportunities for persons with aids, the

05:07:25 name is what it says.

05:07:26 It's for individuals HIV positive and their family.

05:07:30 Again we are the administrators for the four county area

05:07:35 because unfortunately we have the highest incidents of aids

05:07:39 in the four county district.

05:07:44 The allocations this year, CDBG, is down about 153,000.

05:07:52 As you can see that's a 6% drop.

05:07:55 Homeless bumped up a little bit which is nice.

05:08:00 ESG which is reflective of what HUD is trying to do for

05:08:03 rapid rehousing homeless initiative has also gone up.

05:08:09 We dropped one percent.

05:08:11 Last year if you recall we were down about 17, 18% dropped.

05:08:16 So we are slowing the bleeding down, and hopefully next year

05:08:19 when I come back I will be able to show you a positive

05:08:21 number on the bottom versus a negative one.

05:08:25 The one-year action plan, that whole process, I will go over

05:08:30 that on the calendar in a second.

05:08:32 But this public hearing really is kind of a kickoff for

05:08:34 that.

05:08:35 And you may ask yourselves, why don't I have a draft of a

05:08:39 plan in front of me?

05:08:40 The reason is because a larger portion of that plan, the

05:08:43 bulk of that plan, consists of all of the RFP applications

05:08:49 for the dozens of agencies that are looking to take

05:08:51 advantage of one of those funding sources.

05:08:53 That makes up a big part of the plan.

05:08:55 Plus there's other community input that we have to get, and

05:08:58 I'll talk about that in a second.

05:09:00 So this is really the beginning of a two and a half, three

05:09:03 month process of additional public input and public hearing.

05:09:07 The five-year consolidated plan, you adopted that

05:09:10 approximately a little over two years ago.

05:09:12 We are into the third year with our third action plan.

05:09:15 And we are again, this action plan will reflect a direct

05:09:19 implementation out of that five-year plan with that

05:09:23 development.

05:09:24 And what I'll talk about now is the RFP process a little

05:09:28 bit.

05:09:29 Here is the calendar.

05:09:32 We released the request for applications back in March.

05:09:37 We conducted a couple of workshops again in March where we

05:09:40 had everybody came to those workshops, so we could take

05:09:44 advantage of how to fill out their applications, how to fill

05:09:47 out their proposals accurately to take the best advantage of

05:09:50 what they are trying to accomplish.

05:09:51 The deadlines are April 30th.

05:09:53 Those documents all just came in.

05:09:56 Again the first public hearing is tonight.

05:09:59 The review of the recommendation is beginning the first part

05:10:02 of next week, and will go all through next week.

05:10:07 That's when we'll meet with the reviewers, walk through the

05:10:11 criteria, what the scoring means, how to score, to make sure

05:10:14 it's as transparent as possible.

05:10:16 The agencies that are allowed to attend those meetings

05:10:18 because they are open to the public, they can attend those

05:10:20 meetings, but they are not allowed to actively engage with

05:10:24 questions and answers because at that point that could be

05:10:27 construed that they are getting an undue advantage if

05:10:30 another agency -- they are not going to come and watch and

05:10:34 just -- listen and watch but not really engage reviewers or

05:10:39 participate.

05:10:40 Then also continuing with the calendar, what we are going to

05:10:43 do this year, which is kind of a roll-out of last year, we

05:10:49 will be going into each of the four council districts, four,

05:10:53 five, six and seven, having a community meeting actually in

05:10:56 each council district to solicit I had additional input.

05:11:02 And I'm going to give you a copy of a couple of documents.

05:11:50 With this is the surveying that we will be using at the

05:11:53 communities meetings that we have, and this is a handout

05:11:55 that we will also have at the community meetings.

05:11:57 You can take a look at that this evening when you have

05:12:01 trouble sleeping, it will help you relax.

05:12:05 And we are also preparing a Power Point that we will present

05:12:08 at each of those four meetings to make sure that the same

05:12:11 information we are doing in one be public community meeting

05:12:13 is the same information that we are doing at the next.

05:12:16 Again, to stay as transparent as possible, and to go forward

05:12:21 that way.

05:12:23 And then the draft action plan and our second public hearing

05:12:30 will be June 26th.

05:12:32 And then hopefully, based on the input we get from the

05:12:35 community meeting, the input we get through the RFP process

05:12:38 and the input we get over the next two months from a wide

05:12:44 variety of sources, we will craft a draft document which you

05:12:47 will have to look at then.

05:12:49 And then based on the additional input that comes out of

05:12:52 that public hearing, we will prepare a final document for

05:12:57 your review and approval on July 24th.

05:13:00 The hope is that we get you that final document that we are

05:13:03 proposing as the final approval at least two weeks prior to

05:13:06 that so you have the time to see the actual document, see

05:13:09 where all the input came from, see what kind of things took

05:13:12 place.

05:13:13 What happens as part of the requirement is any input over

05:13:16 the course of this next two and a half, three months, that

05:13:18 information has to become part of the actual document

05:13:20 itself.

05:13:21 So all of that discussion, you will be able to see the draft

05:13:24 document.

05:13:25 Again we hope to get you that just after the Fourth of July

05:13:28 on the holiday week

05:13:31 And then the final plan has to be up to HUD on the 15th.

05:13:36 We have given ourselves a little wiggle room before three

05:13:40 weeks in case there's a glitch or hitch or something happens

05:13:43 there.

05:13:43 We don't have to come up and say you have to approve it now,

05:13:46 too bad, you have to approve it, you have no choice.

05:13:49 I know how much council likes that.

05:13:52 That was a joke.

05:13:54 [ Laughter ]

05:13:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Didn't go over too well.

05:13:59 >>THOM SNELLING: I need to keep my day job.

05:14:02 And then the fiscal year begins October 1st.

05:14:07 I ran through that fairly quickly.

05:14:09 But --

05:14:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Questions by council?

05:14:16 >>THOM SNELLING: And the other two staff are here to answer

05:14:18 questions if I cannot.

05:14:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Tom, quick question.

05:14:21 You say you are going to have some community meetings in

05:14:23 each district over May and June.

05:14:26 Do you already know where they are going to be at?

05:14:29 >>THOM SNELLING: No.

05:14:29 I think we are going to have one --

05:14:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me ask the second question then.

05:14:37 How do you determine, is it primarily based on our own

05:14:39 property, meaning a park or some places first, or do you

05:14:45 look at demographically where the most number are so you can

05:14:48 get the best kind of input?

05:14:50 >> We will do both.

05:14:52 We will find what city facilities we have in each of the

05:14:55 districts that are hopefully first of tall most centrally

05:14:57 located.

05:14:58 Or facilities that are used in the case of cypress green.

05:15:02 That's what East Tampa is hoping one of our meetings, and

05:15:06 also happens to be centrally located in each area in that

05:15:10 district.

05:15:11 So that's where we are going to have that one there.

05:15:13 The other three have not yet been determined.

05:15:16 But you are right.

05:15:16 We are going to look for geographic location, and even maybe

05:15:20 just density to see the population pockets.

05:15:24 If there's a strong lot of commercial property, we aren't

05:15:26 going to hold for the center of that where all the residents

05:15:29 have to travel.

05:15:30 We'll try to hold them closer to actual residential areas

05:15:33 versus industrial commercial areas.

05:15:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I know usually on these things are at one of

05:15:39 the parks typically, and I just want to know if that's the

05:15:42 best use of our directive to try to get as much public input

05:15:47 as possible, because obviously we want to make sure that

05:15:49 everyone has some input to this important process.

05:15:54 >>THOM SNELLING: We are going to try to do some social media

05:15:57 stuff as well.

05:15:57 I'm not overly familiar with that but I do have fortunately

05:16:00 some people on my staff that are really good at it.

05:16:03 So we are going to have the old-fashioned old school public

05:16:06 meetings that I'm good at.

05:16:08 Social media stuff that I am not so good at.

05:16:13 [ Laughter ]

05:16:14 >> We were laughing anyway.

05:16:15 >> Social media stuff, like I said, I have people that are

05:16:20 very good at that.

05:16:21 I'll talk to ally and her abilities, and whether we do news

05:16:26 press releases or put something on CTTV.

05:16:29 We are going to take advantage of everything we had just as

05:16:31 we did with the first five-year plan.

05:16:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Thom.

05:16:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

05:16:38 First, thank you, Thom and to the staff that put up with all

05:16:46 my questions yesterday.

05:16:48 But when you gave me the documents yesterday, I had a chance

05:16:53 to look them over, and a question -- the 2014-15 annual

05:17:02 action plan documents participation survey.

05:17:13 >>THOM SNELLING: You have to come up here.

05:17:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: State your name for the record.

05:17:15 >> Vanessa McCleary, the housing manager, housing and

05:17:19 community development.

05:17:20 Yesterday I gave you a draft which showed you what it looked

05:17:23 like when we go to the consolidated plan.

05:17:25 That helped to put together the consolidated plan.

05:17:27 The survey that we just handed you -- and this is one

05:17:31 page -- those are the actual --

05:17:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't have one of those.

05:17:36 >> This is the one from yesterday.

05:17:41 >> Here.

05:17:45 >> Thank you.

05:17:46 >> Because we do want to the be clear to everyone that once

05:17:49 you set your consolidated plan, over the next five years,

05:17:52 these are the programs and the things that you are going to

05:17:55 implement because this is the need that is determined to be

05:17:57 in your community.

05:17:57 >> Okay, good.

05:18:00 I'm glad you clarified that.

05:18:01 Because I'm looking at the one you gave me yesterday and I

05:18:04 thought, wow, that's a lot of questions.

05:18:07 That's a one-year action plan.

05:18:08 >> Grabbed it off the printer.

05:18:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I appreciate.

05:18:14 That that was the only question I had.

05:18:16 Now I will take look at this one.

05:18:18 If I have any comments or questions --

05:18:20 >> And the items that you see on that survey come directly

05:18:22 out of the consolidated plan.

05:18:24 There were three main goals and objectives.

05:18:27 Decent housing, suitable living environment, and economic --

05:18:31 creating economic opportunities.

05:18:32 So those are exactly -- and that's what people will be

05:18:36 rating because we don't wants to give the misperception that

05:18:39 you could go completely awry from what's in your

05:18:42 consolidated plan.

05:18:44 Be.

05:18:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much to everyone.

05:18:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

05:18:50 All right.

05:18:50 This is a public hearing.

05:18:51 Anyone in the public care to speak on the statements that

05:18:55 were made here by Mr. Snelling?

05:18:59 In the presentation?

05:19:00 Not on the comments of personal review.

05:19:07 Anyone else?

05:19:09 Okay.

05:19:10 You stated when the next public hearing is.

05:19:16 >>THOM SNELLING: The next public hearing is June 26th.

05:19:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: At what time?

05:19:21 >>THOM SNELLING: I don't know if that's been determined.

05:19:24 5:01 again?

05:19:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I now it's an evening session.

05:19:28 I don't know if it's 5:01 but it is an evening session.

05:19:34 >>THOM SNELLING: It will be set in next week's agenda.

05:19:36 I'm sorry.

05:19:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

05:19:37 If this is it, we stand in recess till 5:30.

05:19:50 >> (Recess)


05:32:46 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

05:32:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

05:32:49 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:32:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

05:32:54 Okay.

05:32:54 Item number 2 is advisory committee on economic impact.

05:33:09 Cultural assets.

05:33:10 Ms. Capin?

05:33:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We have the chair, Mr. Ron Christaldi and

05:33:21 Dave Scott tore bring the report to us.

05:33:23 Thank you for being here.

05:33:24 >> Thank you for having us.

05:33:27 Good evening.

05:33:28 Thank you, Mr. Chairman and council, for allowing us this

05:33:31 opportunity to advise council on the progress of our

05:33:35 committee.

05:33:36 As Councilman Capin mentioned, my name is Ron Christaldi

05:33:41 with Shoemaker and Kendrick.

05:33:44 I'm joined here with major general David Scott who is my

05:33:47 vice chair.

05:33:48 We are here today on behalf of the citizens advisory

05:33:50 committee on economic impact of cultural assets.

05:33:54 As you will recall, council created the cultural advisory

05:33:59 committee by resolution 2011-9-10 on October 20th, 2011,

05:34:07 and I was appointed chair of the committee by selection of

05:34:12 the committee, and I was appointed to serve on the committee

05:34:14 by Councilman Suarez.

05:34:16 Councilman Suarez, I appreciate that opportunity.

05:34:21 Let's just start today with a refresher on the mission of

05:34:24 our committee.

05:34:27 And the mission of our committee is to review, study and

05:34:32 make recommendations to council to assist the City Council's

05:34:36 determination of municipal needs and planning with respect

05:34:39 to how it may facilitate and support our unique cultural

05:34:43 assets that attract and provide the environment conducive to

05:34:47 economic growth, thereby enhancing economic growth within

05:34:51 the community.

05:34:54 And as a reminder to council, cultural asset is fairly

05:34:59 broadly defined as T this committee as taking its charge,

05:35:04 and the purpose and function of the committee is driven by

05:35:08 the definition of cultural assets.

05:35:13 And the cultural assets, as we have defined it based on City

05:35:17 Council's directive, is very broad.

05:35:20 It includes not only things like our museums and our

05:35:23 cultural venues but it includes parks, it includes our

05:35:27 restaurants, and other entertainment establishments.

05:35:31 It's what makes the fabric of Tampa.

05:35:42 In review of the committee's accomplishments over the past

05:35:44 two years, I start with a bit of a lighthearted

05:35:49 accomplishment.

05:35:50 Our recommendation, our first recommendation to this

05:35:52 council, which was adopted by resolution to designation the

05:35:56 historic Tampa be Cuban sandwich.

05:35:59 I understand that our friends down in Miami took some issue

05:36:01 with that but we were wrong and we are right.

05:36:05 We did invent the Cuban sandwich.

05:36:07 And my waistline has suffered a little bit in proving that

05:36:10 over the past few years.

05:36:18 On a more serious note, we, through council, showed support

05:36:23 for international studies of foreign language in the school

05:36:27 district of Hillsborough County to further our cultural

05:36:29 development and reputation in the community.

05:36:32 We held two summits, one with a cultural stakeholder summit

05:36:38 in October of 2012.

05:36:39 I know some City Council members would attend that.

05:36:45 It was very widely attended and further served to given

05:36:50 engagement like folks of the great Chamber of Commerce which

05:36:52 are partners with the city in promoting our cultural assets.

05:36:55 And we also held an asset marketing partners quarterly

05:36:58 meeting.

05:36:59 The last one being held in September of 2013.

05:37:04 We are more than a quarter beyond.

05:37:07 That a review at our next quarterly meeting but the

05:37:10 September meeting was a very resounding success.

05:37:13 And we also made some recommendations to council on creating

05:37:17 workshops, in creating workshops on special events

05:37:23 permitting.

05:37:23 We wholeheartedly thank council for consideration of all of

05:37:29 the issues that have come before us.

05:37:31 We are looking forward to continuing that work.

05:37:34 Before I talk about the report and a new set of

05:37:38 recommendations, I would like to recommend, two of our

05:37:42 committee members, I believe, are rotating off our

05:37:44 committee.

05:37:45 First is Councilman Reddick's appointee, Shaun Robinson, who

05:37:49 is the president of Hillsborough communities college, Ybor

05:37:52 City campus.

05:37:53 And the second is Councilman Miranda's appointee, Gina

05:37:58 Grimes, a partner at the Hill, Ward, Henderson law firm.

05:38:01 Both Mr. Robinson and Ms. Grimes have served with

05:38:04 distinction and it's been a pressure to work with them.

05:38:06 They worked tirelessly, both of them, in putting in many

05:38:11 hours of resources toward the work of the committee.

05:38:13 It's been a real pleasure working with them, and Major

05:38:17 General Scott and I are here today to recognize their

05:38:22 efforts and thank them.

05:38:27 The first substantive item we would like to talk with you

05:38:30 all about relates to really the core of the business of the

05:38:34 committee.

05:38:35 And we see as a further continuation of the purpose of the

05:38:39 committee and the growth of the activity of the committee.

05:38:43 And there's been sort of general agreement, consensus in the

05:38:47 community and amongst the committee regarding the importance

05:38:49 of cultural assets of Tampa's economy and image, but what

05:38:53 the committee has felt and lived over the past two years is

05:38:56 that there's no official or unofficial person or

05:38:59 organization responsible for planning, developing content,

05:39:03 coordinating, moving forward with liberty actions to

05:39:07 increase the benefit of the cultural assets.

05:39:09 It's really a diffuse set of interests out there that are

05:39:14 represented in their individual constituencies, but there's

05:39:17 nothing that pulls this all together in a single active

05:39:23 voice and single active organization.

05:39:25 We would like the council to consider amending our

05:39:29 resolution to allow the cultural assets committee to be the

05:39:33 formation or spin-off such a body.

05:39:37 We request City Council consider authorizing this committee

05:39:41 to work with other organizations, not just the city but also

05:39:45 the county, to develop proposes similar to what was done in

05:39:51 the office of promotion and the arts.

05:39:53 There's an acute need, we believe, and it's worthy of

05:39:57 further pursuit in your packet.

05:40:01 There's an excellent article titled Florida's Cultural, and

05:40:11 Judy Lisi did a fantastic job in capturing, embodying that

05:40:16 need.

05:40:16 We have got a tremendous group, cultural assets and cultural

05:40:23 interests here, and again they are very diverse, but there

05:40:26 is no single body to help with these issues.

05:40:32 Importantly -- and this is something that has been to me and

05:40:38 some of my activities for some time, but the economic impact

05:40:41 of arts and cultural impacts in the community.

05:40:46 There's a quote here looking at the data are from the

05:40:48 various studies sponsored by the Americans for the arts, the

05:40:52 quote, it's fair to say that the arts and cultural industry

05:40:56 in the Tampa Bay region packs and enormous punch.

05:40:58 More than 640 million annually from the not-for-profit side

05:41:02 alone and can conservative estimates of 35,000 jobs in the

05:41:08 combined economy of Hillsborough County and Sarasota County.

05:41:11 We believe in the work that we have done over the past two

05:41:14 years that we are scratching the surface with that, but that

05:41:17 can be much better leverage.

05:41:19 We saw that with some recent conventions and activities that

05:41:25 came to our city in Tampa, and we showed very well.

05:41:28 The economic impact on events were tremendous, but the reach

05:41:34 that that has in introducing this community to new

05:41:37 individuals, a tremendous economic impact, and the

05:41:43 committee, in our diligence, the work that we have done and

05:41:47 the information gathering that we have done, really has

05:41:51 begun to feel diffuse and there's not a unitary body and

05:41:55 unitary cause.

05:41:55 Some of us happened to be, as part of our committee work,

05:42:00 but otherwise having visited Baltimore and having an

05:42:04 opportunity to meet with some of the folks there and see the

05:42:06 model that they have there which does have a unified voice,

05:42:09 and we believe that it would be wise for the council to give

05:42:12 consideration to increasing the charge of this group to be a

05:42:16 little more interdisciplinary and to have a little bit more

05:42:19 of an ability to be work substantively with folks other than

05:42:23 the city as well.

05:42:24 And Councilman Capin, you have been a very integral part of

05:42:28 those discussions and deliberations.

05:42:29 I'm not sure if you want to add to that.

05:42:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: What we studied on the cultural assets

05:42:42 committee is the exactly that, that there is an acute need

05:42:45 for a director or direction for the cultural assets.

05:42:54 And because of that, one of the things that I did study when

05:42:58 I was in Baltimore, I met with the Executive Director of

05:43:02 BOPA, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, and

05:43:06 it's a great example of public-private partnership, and

05:43:11 that's how when we and the committee, as Mr. Christaldi

05:43:17 said, was looking at doing -- looking at more than just the

05:43:21 city, looking at the county and working with the county in

05:43:24 order to be able to bring this to resolution, so we

05:43:38 recommended that so we would be authorized to work as a

05:43:40 committee with other organizations including the county on a

05:43:43 April proposal, which is a public-private proposal like

05:43:48 BOPA, and that would be one of the actions I would be asking

05:43:55 for, and then once we amend it, bring it to council for

05:44:03 approval.

05:44:05 You know, amend it with our attorney, our City Council

05:44:07 attorney.

05:44:09 And -- yes?

05:44:14 >>HARRY COHEN: I think it's a great idea.

05:44:16 I'm totally in support of it.

05:44:18 And I just wanted to add for what it's worth -- and Mr.

05:44:21 Christaldi knows this because I believe he was on the trip

05:44:28 as well.

05:44:29 Nashville has branded itself as music city USA.

05:44:32 And what they explained to us there about how they have been

05:44:34 able to make it work is that they got everybody to buy into

05:44:37 it.

05:44:38 It wasn't a situation where there was some sort of top-down

05:44:43 directive.

05:44:43 They literally got everyone in the community to brand

05:44:47 themselves this way.

05:44:48 And when they built their convention center, they built to

05:44:51 the look like a guitar.

05:44:52 It actually looks like a guitar from the sky, and it's a

05:44:58 musical theme throughout.

05:45:00 And their street signs and their street corners and

05:45:02 everything is geared toward this branding effort.

05:45:07 And the only way you can get that done is by getting

05:45:09 everybody involved.

05:45:11 It can't just be from the city.

05:45:12 It's got to be everybody.

05:45:13 >> And we appreciate that.

05:45:18 Our committee operates in the sunshine.

05:45:20 And so we have the same benefits and challenges of.

05:45:26 That that council would have.

05:45:27 And we also have no budget or no funding.

05:45:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Would you raise the mike, please.

05:45:31 >> Yes, sir, I'm sorry, Mr. Chairman.

05:45:33 My latter point was we appreciate we have nab budget or

05:45:36 funding, and so we see this change as being more of a

05:45:39 catalyst, more of a connector.

05:45:43 It's at least at this stage would be able to implement all

05:45:46 of these things.

05:45:47 But we do feel like there needs to somebody catalyst to

05:45:52 reach out, and as Councilman Cohen has very aptly put, pull

05:45:57 it together like so many initiatives in Nashville that have

05:46:01 branded the entire region and again increased toward

05:46:04 increased business and also some business incubators that we

05:46:09 are attracting, based again on this branding and pulling

05:46:12 together unifying under a single catalyst.

05:46:15 >> So may I?

05:46:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.

05:46:21 I am looking at this sheet, Mr. Christaldi, these items

05:46:24 here, and I don't know how to relate to what we have now.

05:46:27 I am going down the list, the mayor's advisory committee of

05:46:30 the arts.

05:46:31 And we have something similar to that here now?

05:46:33 >> I'm sorry, sir, your question is do we have something

05:46:36 that's an advisory committee to the arts?

05:46:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.

05:46:39 Looking at Baltimore, and giving me a script here of what

05:46:42 they have, not just going down the list.

05:46:45 You have the tourism and visitors convention just like they

05:46:50 do.

05:46:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: If I may, this was the whole piece.

05:46:54 We just printed the whole thing up.

05:46:56 But basically it is not to follow exactly what is in here,

05:47:01 children's activities, and because we have a film

05:47:04 commission, and we have a sports commission.

05:47:06 But more about bringing the county and the city together in

05:47:13 a public-private partnership in order to promote the

05:47:15 cultural aspects that we already have in the city.

05:47:18 So it's not -- it's more the business --

05:47:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand that.

05:47:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: -- in each -- now, see, BOPA in Baltimore

05:47:41 does everything.

05:47:42 They do parades.

05:47:43 They do it all.

05:47:44 It's a $30 million a year.

05:47:50 But what attracted our attention was how they leveraged the

05:47:55 money from the government with private money in order to

05:48:02 promote the cultural events that they had.

05:48:06 And I will tell you, we met with county commissioner Mark

05:48:18 Sharpe and with county commissioner -- I met with county

05:48:22 commissioner Ken Hagan, and just to run it by, and it was

05:48:26 something that they feel is needed so we thought we would

05:48:32 move forward with it.

05:48:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just received this now.

05:48:34 I'm trying to digest.

05:48:36 We have heard a lot of private partnership with government,

05:48:40 and I don't know how we match up.

05:48:42 I don't know how many events they have.

05:48:44 I'm just trying in my mind, matching ourselves with

05:48:48 Baltimore, what do they have that we don't have other than a

05:48:52 real nice waterfront with water taxis and paddle boats and

05:48:56 big boats and cruise ships and things of that nature, not

05:49:00 that we don't have ships, but cruise ships that go around

05:49:05 the unlet's.

05:49:06 That's what I get.

05:49:07 I go to Baltimore once a year for a week for the last three

05:49:10 years.

05:49:11 I'm not an expert in Baltimore.

05:49:13 I'm an expert at Johns Hopkins hospital.

05:49:16 But --

05:49:18 >> To answer your question, Mr. Chairman, what I would

05:49:21 respond to that is to answer the latter question, Baltimore

05:49:25 has nothing on us.

05:49:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Right.

05:49:28 >> But to answer more deeply, I don't think -- we are not

05:49:35 suggesting today that we adopt the entire BOPA structure.

05:49:41 We were just talking by way of analogy of having a unity

05:49:46 that would interface with not only in the city but outside

05:49:49 the city and really an extension of the summit and the

05:49:52 quarterly meeting we had.

05:49:53 When we had the summit, we brought together the visitors

05:49:56 bureau, the chamber, the economic development council and

05:49:58 variety of other organizations to begin that dialogue, but

05:50:02 we felt as if other than fact gathering as part of that

05:50:07 process, we didn't have the ability to take it to the next.

05:50:10 >> I understand.

05:50:10 That before I go to Mr. Suarez, I just got to get my mind

05:50:14 that we are not creating another layer with a big staff and

05:50:16 directors and all that.

05:50:19 That I will never support.

05:50:21 And I want to let now that.

05:50:23 Mr. Suarez.

05:50:24 >> Yes, sir.

05:50:25 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

05:50:26 You know, it's interesting, every time -- and I know that my

05:50:29 colleagues have done this, too, when we go to National

05:50:32 League of Cities events and other things, how different we

05:50:35 are in relation to other cities and how they get things

05:50:40 done.

05:50:40 You know, some cities don't have as strong of a county

05:50:43 structure as we do here in the south.

05:50:45 And so a lot of the things that we do are controlled by the

05:50:51 county.

05:50:52 We allow the county to do certain things.

05:50:54 They provide certain funding for certain things.

05:50:56 The bed tax obviously is taken up, and it's used in a county

05:51:02 way.

05:51:02 I think the idea behind this is terrific.

05:51:04 I think what Councilman Cohen said, absolutely as a fact.

05:51:10 The branding is so important for the next step, whenever we

05:51:13 are doing any cultural asset, that we need to figure out

05:51:16 what that is.

05:51:17 I know that Santiago Corrada and his group just branded a

05:51:22 new logo, a new vision, which is, you know, the visit Tampa

05:51:28 Bay name, and the unlocking different things.

05:51:32 It's a great sales job, but it's not a branding of the city

05:51:36 itself.

05:51:36 And, you know, I can see where we are going with this.

05:51:40 When you talk to the county commissioners, did they have any

05:51:46 say in terms of, well, you know, we could kind of put our

05:51:49 film commission, and the visit Tampa Bay under a big

05:51:54 umbrella, which the city puts some dollars into the county,

05:51:57 and then we come up with a whole branding thing?

05:51:59 Or what was the --

05:52:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I met with another committee member with

05:52:10 Mark Sharpe, and he very much was in tune to the cultural

05:52:15 assets and that we absolutely need that branding.

05:52:18 One of the things that was found when they did the study for

05:52:22 visit Tampa Bay, which was disheartening, was that when they

05:52:27 did a survey, the survey showed that people felt that

05:52:33 Orlando had more history than Tampa.

05:52:37 And that's when everyone said, you know, we need to say,

05:52:40 this is who we are, and this is what we want.

05:52:43 So we wanted to work with the county in order to help bring

05:52:46 that about, and that's what we are asking to do.

05:52:51 And I reached out to the county commissioners, and I think

05:52:56 Mr. Beckner was briefed on this by another committee member,

05:53:04 and very much in favor.

05:53:08 But at this point, we need to formalize it, and then work

05:53:13 with them on how we are going to own these assets, how are

05:53:21 we going to package them and market them.

05:53:25 And that's what we are looking at.

05:53:27 And they are very much in tune.

05:53:32 One of the things that happened in Tallahassee recently on

05:53:34 the budget was the cultural Florida.

05:53:41 That's a big deal.

05:53:42 They realize this is a very important component.

05:53:45 And here in this area, we have -- we do have an issue with

05:53:50 our identity.

05:53:52 Absolutely do.

05:53:53 And that's how we came about when we had this summit with

05:53:56 our marketing partners, and also with the market -- the

05:54:07 quarterly meeting.

05:54:08 We had some visit Tampa Bay which was at the time --

05:54:12 whatever that previous name was.

05:54:15 They did a good job.

05:54:17 And we had the EBC, they were there.

05:54:25 The airport was represented.

05:54:26 The Sports Authority was represented.

05:54:28 And this is how this all came about.

05:54:34 We are at the point now where we want to move forward with

05:54:37 this partnership.

05:54:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Then the question, I guess, to get the

05:54:48 administration on board with our side as well as our support

05:54:51 from the council, the county commission, in addition,

05:54:53 because those dollars that we are going to have to, you

05:54:55 know, that we put in towards it, they put in towards it, the

05:55:01 bed tax produces I think about 12 million a year, and I

05:55:04 think they only get for visit Tampa Bay about six.

05:55:08 You know, are we going to be able to get some of that bed

05:55:10 tax dollars?

05:55:11 And I think really the first step -- because I am in

05:55:15 agreement in terms of -- the first step is we need to get

05:55:20 the administration on board with this so we can then put it

05:55:23 all together, in addition to what our efforts are.

05:55:26 And I will congratulate you, you know, for a guy that's on

05:55:29 the cultural assets committee, it has kind of a boring ring

05:55:33 to your phone there, but nonetheless -- it isn't that bad of

05:55:38 a ring -- but, you know, it's a real process that we can try

05:55:43 and leverage those dollars out there.

05:55:45 I mean, the amount that Baltimore put in, it looks like

05:55:48 there's about 1.9 million in city coffers averaged out to

05:55:54 about 1 million if I read correctly, and it looks like some

05:55:58 of the backup material you put up here. When I saw the

05:56:01 history of the port I thought you were talking about

05:56:03 Washington, D.C.

05:56:04 Anyway, the idea was, you know, to me that once we do this,

05:56:09 and we go to the administration, and I think that's kind of

05:56:12 the next step, and then go to the county in addition kind of

05:56:15 a two pronged approach and say, this is what we would like

05:56:18 to do.

05:56:19 We think that cultural assets is so important to our economy

05:56:22 that we need to brand our city and our county in a certain

05:56:25 way.

05:56:26 And we need to get all of our partners involved.

05:56:29 Because now we are so district, we are so separated from

05:56:35 each other, some of the other silos, that everybody needs to

05:56:38 be running the same race.

05:56:40 I mean, I assume that your suggestion is from the committee

05:56:45 itself.

05:56:45 >> It is.

05:56:48 >> I appreciate that this would be the first step to getting

05:56:50 the city and the county together.

05:56:52 This would the first step to moving in that direction where

05:56:56 we have the city and the county working in sync for the

05:57:03 cultural assets.

05:57:05 And this was the first step because we talked about it and

05:57:10 talked about it, and there's really no director.

05:57:15 For instance, the visit Tampa Bay, actually, they bring in

05:57:18 about 22 million of which they get about 8.5.

05:57:24 A lot of entities.

05:57:29 So we have the film commission is under Visit Tampa Bay.

05:57:35 No, the film division is under the sports -- the sports

05:57:40 commission is under Visit Tampa Bay.

05:57:42 So you have that.

05:57:43 But there's no entity, or there's no coming together on how

05:57:51 all of this fits in and makes Tampa -- are we a sports

05:57:58 center? Are we historical?

05:58:00 Are we all of it?

05:58:02 And how do we promote that?

05:58:03 How do we get out there?

05:58:05 And I believe that the commissioners absolutely understood

05:58:11 this.

05:58:13 And they are actually waiting for a proposal on this

05:58:20 committee how we can -- full, it wouldn't be a -- it would

05:58:24 be a -- it would just be an overview of how this would work,

05:58:37 or how it could work, and of course then there's input from

05:58:41 the city, input from the county, and do we get to this

05:58:44 point?

05:58:45 How do we goat this point?

05:58:46 But the first step we thought was it has to start -- it has

05:58:51 to start, or it's going to stay exactly the same and Orlando

05:58:57 is going to have more history than Tampa, and they don't --

05:59:01 I mean, Tampa in that survey flat lined, and here we have

05:59:06 four Super Bowls, we have Bollywood, we have the RNC, we

05:59:11 have big events.

05:59:12 We have a fabulous baseball history.

05:59:15 And yet, in that survey that cost a few hundred thousand

05:59:22 dollars, Tampa flatlined.

05:59:24 And our county commissioners are very aware of.

05:59:26 That they are very aware of what happens with that study,

05:59:31 and what we need to move.

05:59:32 So this is what we thought to give permission to move

05:59:35 forward, not so much to -- as much to instigate the process.

05:59:49 >> Well, I'm in total support of us being the lead dog on

05:59:53 this.

05:59:54 I just want to make sure that everyone else that's involved

05:59:56 understands that we would like to be involved in it and try

05:59:59 to figure out how to do it.

06:00:02 I think that what will happen, my guess is, that there may

06:00:04 be some people whose feelings may be hurt or may not want to

06:00:09 play ball with us.

06:00:10 But I'm in support of us doing it, and hopefully we will be

06:00:13 able to go forward from there.

06:00:15 So I'll support that.

06:00:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And let me say this.

06:00:19 I still don't know what we are doing.

06:00:21 Talk to our county commissioners, all of us, talked about

06:00:25 administration, but they are not here. So somebody has to

06:00:27 bring them to the table.

06:00:28 So Mrs. Capin, I give you that honor to go see the mayor and

06:00:32 brief the county commissioners and discuss this.

06:00:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, so that's what we are asking.

06:00:36 We are asking -- and if you want I will put it in the form

06:00:39 of a motion.

06:00:40 We are asking for us for the City Council to authorize this

06:00:44 committee to move forward in that exact direction.

06:00:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't think I can authorize or we can

06:00:50 vote to authorize to do what?

06:00:53 They have got to be known.

06:00:54 I don't think the mayor has been appraised of this, has he?

06:00:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, he has.

06:00:59 Yes, he had.

06:01:00 He had a lunch with one of the committee members.

06:01:02 But, in fact, there was no moving forward until we know that

06:01:08 this is the direction that City Council wants to move in,

06:01:14 that they feel that along with the cultural assets committee

06:01:20 that there is a need for moving forward on this.

06:01:22 >>HARRY COHEN: Is it your view that you need this council's

06:01:28 permission or imprimatur in order to initiate discussion was

06:01:34 the county commission about this subject?

06:01:35 Is that what you are asking us for?

06:01:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

06:01:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So once we do that, you are going to

06:01:41 appear before the county commission and they are going to

06:01:42 take a vote?

06:01:43 That's what I understand?

06:01:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We will eventually do that, but before that,

06:01:49 we would come back to City Council, and if you want we could

06:01:53 do a report back to City Council.

06:01:55 I think that's a good -- I would like to have that done.

06:01:59 Where the progress is and where the discussion is going, and

06:02:04 at that point, it can absolutely come to a vote to the

06:02:10 county commission.

06:02:10 >> Mr. Chairman, if I might.

06:02:14 If I can interrupt.

06:02:15 Two points.

06:02:15 One, to your earlier point.

06:02:17 I think the intent here is not to create -- certainly is not

06:02:21 to create any extra layers of bureaucracy.

06:02:24 It's the opposite.

06:02:25 It's to break down barriers and add to efficiency.

06:02:28 And I think -- and Councilman Capin will correct me if I am

06:02:33 off base here -- authorization to work with the city

06:02:36 attorney to revise our charter, our resolution, to broaden

06:02:42 the scope to work with administration here in the city and

06:02:44 with the county and some other organizations to develop a

06:02:47 plan that will be considered by City Council and approved at

06:02:50 some later point.

06:02:51 So the first step would be to bring back an amendment of our

06:02:54 resolution to council that would authorize us to do that,

06:02:57 because it's currently not in the scope of our charter.

06:03:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

06:03:02 I really appreciate everything you said.

06:03:03 But you know how government works.

06:03:05 We had a mayor.

06:03:06 We had a meeting with one of the members of your board,

06:03:10 whoever it was, makes no difference.

06:03:11 That mayor does not express anything to us.

06:03:14 Maybe he had a private conversation that we are not

06:03:16 privilege I to.

06:03:17 And you are talking about two or three county commissioners

06:03:20 that had a conversation.

06:03:21 But not as a county commission board.

06:03:23 There's a vast difference.

06:03:25 It's like talking to one of us and then saying, oh, they

06:03:28 agree.

06:03:29 Well, they may agree until the time comes to vote.

06:03:32 I don't know that.

06:03:33 So I want to do -- I want somebody to the liaison.

06:03:39 The council can vote anyway they like, and that's their

06:03:42 prerogative.

06:03:42 I wish they do.

06:03:44 But I cannot support something that I don't know what the

06:03:47 other two parties that we are talking about are not at the

06:03:49 table.

06:03:50 >> And again, that's an excellent, very valid legitimate

06:03:56 concern.

06:03:57 What we are not asking for today is to create an actual

06:04:00 interlocal government body or anything like that.

06:04:03 What we are asking for is how the committee is able to have

06:04:06 those discussions so that we can work with it to present a

06:04:09 plan to the county commission and to the city and to other

06:04:12 organizations.

06:04:13 And we haven't developed that plan yet.

06:04:15 And again frankly, we believe that it might be outside of

06:04:18 our scope or authority to have any official discussion about

06:04:20 developing a plan to bring it here, and certainly to bring

06:04:23 it here with support from the other constituents, the other

06:04:28 stakeholders.

06:04:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: But would that be viewed as an

06:04:32 endorsement of something that I know very little about?

06:04:34 I don't know about the other members.

06:04:36 Mrs. Montelione.

06:04:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

06:04:38 I haven't spoken on this.

06:04:39 I have been following this on TV in the back.

06:04:41 And what would preclude your inviting economic development

06:04:51 division of Hillsborough County to come and participate as a

06:04:58 speaker, as an observer, as someone representing the county,

06:05:04 put on your plans?

06:05:07 I mean, is there anything preventing you as the city chair

06:05:11 to go to the county and even present to the Board of County

06:05:14 Commissioners of an informational session just like we have

06:05:18 people come to present here for information?

06:05:21 >> An excellent question.

06:05:22 Two points to it.

06:05:23 One, the jurisdiction that we understand are charged to be

06:05:26 within the city, so we are making recommendations about

06:05:30 cultural assets within the city limits.

06:05:34 In direct answer to your question, we certainly could, and

06:05:37 we have had people come and inform us, both from within and

06:05:41 outside the city.

06:05:42 I think what we are talking about here is the natural

06:05:44 progression of the committee to do something more than just

06:05:47 gather information and make recommendation to this council,

06:05:50 but rather to present a plan, a regional plan, full, that

06:05:53 may be adopted and to work on something like that.

06:05:56 And again we are very cognizant of the authority that this

06:05:59 group has invested in the community and not overstepping

06:06:02 that authority.

06:06:03 And so having any discussion about things that that might

06:06:06 happen outside the city, with people outside the city,

06:06:09 giving an persons that we are representing the city and have

06:06:12 discussion of any authority to do that we have not done that

06:06:15 to date.

06:06:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Monday and I'm sorry for interrupting

06:06:18 but I think that's where you need to go.

06:06:20 I think what you actually do need, fur going to create a

06:06:23 regional plan, which is either under taken by, you know, the

06:06:29 county or undertaken by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning

06:06:33 Council, or it's taken up by another regional body that

06:06:39 exists, that works for the economic development space, even

06:06:44 Mr. Hellman over at the economic development council --

06:06:53 thank you very much.

06:06:54 So that would be something that either they would go out and

06:06:57 hire a consultant to do, or you already have a group.

06:07:02 They would engage, you know, with the city to perform that

06:07:06 service.

06:07:08 I think that at that level, you would be talking about an

06:07:12 interlocal agreement between the county and the city if a

06:07:15 regional plan was going to be formed out of the discussion.

06:07:19 So I would think that somebody, you know, at a higher level

06:07:25 at the county is staffed so the economic development

06:07:28 division -- I know Ron Bartolo is head of it so I don't know

06:07:38 who is running that department, but somebody from our

06:07:40 economic development department get together and decide this

06:07:44 is a recommendation coming from the committee, and that it

06:07:48 is an idea worth pursuing, an interlocal agreement is

06:07:51 formed, and move forward.

06:07:53 And I think what maybe the chairman is having a problem

06:07:55 with, it seems like an end run.

06:07:59 But I'm not really familiar with football.

06:08:06 Talk about hockey and I can tell you.

06:08:08 >> We are an unstaffed group of community volunteers.

06:08:11 This is people in the community who are volunteering.

06:08:13 And what we are offering to do is to try to bring folks

06:08:18 together.

06:08:18 It's not simply the city and the county.

06:08:20 There's a lot of other groups.

06:08:21 You mentioned Mr. Hellman in the EEC, visit Tampa Bay, Sand

06:08:26 Santiago's name was mentioned.

06:08:28 There's other arts and cultural organizations, there's trade

06:08:31 organizations.

06:08:33 Again, we have done this, and we held a summit, and we held

06:08:36 that quarterly get together where we brought people together

06:08:39 to gather information.

06:08:39 We have already done that.

06:08:40 And we feel like it's a natural progression of the group now

06:08:44 to have some more meaningful discussion with them about how

06:08:48 to work together as a group.

06:08:50 Again, we don't know what that recommendation might be to

06:08:52 council, because we haven't had those discussions.

06:08:55 But we are again very cognizant of the scope of our

06:08:58 authority, and not overstepping that, and over the past two

06:09:02 years, we have gathered those folks.

06:09:04 We have gotten a lot of information.

06:09:06 We have been a little bit frustrated as a committee because

06:09:09 we can't do some things that we think this council would

06:09:12 want to hear from us.

06:09:13 And what we are simply asking for tonight is the authority

06:09:16 to get this back together including the county and certainly

06:09:19 to Councilman Suarez's point, we understand that the mayor

06:09:23 is the mayor of the city.

06:09:24 We would never do anything without his knowledge or

06:09:27 permission, and we work for this group here, and we would

06:09:32 never do anything that's outside the scope of what this

06:09:34 council wants us to do.

06:09:36 But to gather those folks together and be able to articulate

06:09:41 what that body might look like, and who might participate in

06:09:44 it.

06:09:45 I don't think it would be limited to just government.

06:09:47 Honestly, I think it would be -- it would have other

06:09:50 constituents.

06:09:51 But we have heard from those groups, but we haven't be

06:09:54 offered any suggestions or advice or brainstormed with,

06:09:58 because again we felt it was outside --

06:10:00 >> Well, I get what you are trying to do.

06:10:02 I think having a regional plan would be a great idea, but I

06:10:05 think that there are already groups, some of which that we

06:10:09 both just mentioned that would need to be the champion of

06:10:13 that, who would say, yeah, you know.

06:10:17 Somebody at visit Tampa Bay or somebody at the EEC would

06:10:21 have to say let's go for it and be the one to cause that

06:10:27 study to be done, whether it's by a consultant, an outside

06:10:32 consultant, whether they use the people that you have

06:10:34 already gathered together in some way.

06:10:36 But I think there are entities who need to buy in and

06:10:41 support it and give it its backing and be the champion for

06:10:45 it.

06:10:45 >> We wholeheartedly agree.

06:10:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me, I am running behind time, and

06:10:50 I apologize, but let me go to Mr. Shelby to see if he has

06:10:54 some input that he's interested in saying.

06:10:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

06:10:58 Members of council, I cannot tell you tonight that you as a

06:11:03 body have the authority to delegate that authority to this

06:11:10 board under the charter and the separation of power.

06:11:14 For instance, an interlocal agreement clearly is not the

06:11:18 purview of this board, it cannot be delegated to another

06:11:21 outside authority or an advisory board, which is the way

06:11:26 that it's presently constituted.

06:11:28 That being said, it's my concern looking at the role of what

06:11:35 the board is presently as its constituted and what it wishes

06:11:40 to do, I would need to look further to see if such a thing

06:11:43 is possible, and I do have serious concerns about delegating

06:11:48 authority to which the council has no authority under the

06:11:51 charter.

06:11:52 And I would have to look further into it.

06:11:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: See, I don't know what Baltimore

06:11:56 government S.I don't know how it's formatted.

06:11:59 I really don't.

06:11:59 I don't know if it's one big government.

06:12:01 I don't know fits divided in two different areas.

06:12:03 I don't know if they call it boroughs or counties or

06:12:07 townships.

06:12:07 I like the area.

06:12:09 And GNM's crab cakes near the airport is very good.

06:12:14 But I don't know how the format is compared to what we are.

06:12:18 That's the first hurdle that we have.

06:12:20 And I'm not disagreeing with the concept.

06:12:23 But that's why I want to ask Mrs. Capin or somebody here --

06:12:28 I'm at a loss to put this together because it's a did you

06:12:31 have -- you are talking about three entities.

06:12:33 They have one form of government in the county.

06:12:35 We have this legislative body.

06:12:37 And you have a strong mayor.

06:12:40 And I'm not talking about the person, I'm talking about the

06:12:42 system, all three of them.

06:12:45 And he is a strong mayor.

06:12:46 Let me say that so he doesn't call me tonight and say I said

06:12:49 something wrong.

06:12:50 But he never has called me.

06:12:51 But what I am saying is these are the things that I'm

06:12:54 struggling with.

06:12:55 And you see the questions that I asked that weren't

06:12:58 derogatory against the idea.

06:12:59 But I don't know how to put it together right now.

06:13:04 As Mrs. Montelione said, there's got to be 30 different

06:13:07 agencies on both sides that basically do the same thing.

06:13:10 There's so many of them.

06:13:12 And where are the tax dollars going to come from?

06:13:15 You are talking about the tax, the tourist tax that they

06:13:20 have, and the amount of money, the bed tax, to ask them to

06:13:24 give you money, it's going to be very difficult.

06:13:29 You had some things coming on the horizon.

06:13:30 I don't know how they are going to work out.

06:13:33 It's very difficult for us, or for me, anyway.

06:13:36 I'm struggling.

06:13:37 And to give you direction.

06:13:39 But the only thing I can tell you is there's in a law that

06:13:42 prohibits you as an individual to appear before the county

06:13:46 commission, to ask them if they are interested.

06:13:48 And believe me, I know your time is very valuable.

06:13:52 And you are very good at what you do.

06:13:55 But if you can get on that agenda, just ask them, and we'll

06:13:59 ask the mayor if that's what his interest is, and then you

06:14:02 have a common sense of where you are going.

06:14:04 That's what I'm saying.

06:14:05 >> Thank you.

06:14:07 And just to address Mr. Shelby's, to be clear, we are not

06:14:12 asking for any delegation of any kind of authority or

06:14:14 decision making authority.

06:14:15 Simply what we are asking is a reforming of the scope of the

06:14:19 charge of the committee, to have the discussions --

06:14:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He's talking at the language in the

06:14:27 charter where we have to T right to form something that goes

06:14:30 to another government.

06:14:31 I think in those terms, very basic, that's what he's saying.

06:14:35 But I would like to leave this for another day.

06:14:37 Not that I'm trying to get arrived you.

06:14:39 I'm not.

06:14:41 But I have more people staring at me than just you.

06:14:44 >> We have more fun steps to talk about, too.

06:14:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would ask Ms. Capin to continue to work

06:14:52 with your group to formulate an opinion and work with Mr.

06:14:55 Shelby on how to somehow get this done, at least to the

06:14:59 table.

06:15:03 Mr. Cohen.

06:15:03 >>HARRY COHEN: I will make a brief comment.

06:15:05 Obviously, Mr. Shelby is going to do some work to define

06:15:08 what an appropriate scope of something like this would be.

06:15:11 I want to add another wrinkle to it as long as you are going

06:15:15 to be doing that.

06:15:15 I think it's more than just reaching out to Hillsborough

06:15:18 County.

06:15:18 The fact of the matter is if you read Judy Lisi's comment,

06:15:22 if you look at the needs of the entire region, the cities of

06:15:27 St. Petersburg and Clearwater, the beach communities,

06:15:29 Pinellas County, there's a lot of surrounding communities

06:15:33 that have a stake in the regional identity that we are

06:15:36 talking about here.

06:15:37 So when you do this research, it's more, I think, than just

06:15:42 going across the street.

06:15:44 It's also going across the bay.

06:15:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And you know the limits of Tampa now to

06:15:48 the east.

06:15:49 Now we are looking at Plant City to the west.

06:15:51 So over to St. Pete.

06:15:53 >> Yes, sir.

06:15:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm trying to be -- Mr. Cohen is right.

06:15:57 Mrs. Capin is right.

06:15:59 It's more than just Hillsborough County.

06:16:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I agree.

06:16:01 Some very valid points have been brought up.

06:16:04 And I appreciate them.

06:16:05 And I also appreciate that our City Council attorney study

06:16:09 this and come back to us with a recommendation on how we can

06:16:14 move forward, and if we can move forward.

06:16:16 So I think that would be the best way.

06:16:19 >> We very much appreciate council's consideration of.

06:16:21 This we take the charge that you all have given us here, we

06:16:24 know that we push the envelope sometimes, but we will

06:16:29 continue to do what we can to help advise this council for

06:16:33 the betterment of the city.

06:16:34 And we very much appreciate the dialogue.

06:16:37 It's very constructive.

06:16:39 And if we have time, my vice chair had a few other points

06:16:42 not on this specific issue but a few other points in our

06:16:45 report.

06:16:45 If you don't, that's fine.

06:16:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: This is the biggest one.

06:16:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If you are going to do it within five

06:16:52 minutes, that's fine.

06:16:53 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

06:16:57 >> Dave Scott, the vice chairman of the advisory committee

06:17:03 for economic impact of cultural assets.

06:17:07 I have got five minutes.

06:17:08 I will do it in three.

06:17:09 Just a couple of things.

06:17:12 You are right, sir.

06:17:13 Judy Lisi's comments were extraordinary.

06:17:15 It really highlights the power, the potential that we have

06:17:19 to promote our region and our cultural assets.

06:17:24 So it's extraordinarily important.

06:17:26 And the frustration that we have that nobody seems to be

06:17:28 inviting the others in the talk.

06:17:31 So we hope we can help to do that.

06:17:33 Part of the definition of cultural assets is those things

06:17:37 that in life and compliment and make you a vibrant, human

06:17:43 beings, and the events that we undertake and we sponsor are

06:17:47 a large part of that.

06:17:48 So of the two things I want to talk to you about, that's

06:17:50 number one.

06:17:51 Our sense that there were things that we can do to not only

06:17:56 promote quality events and more of them, but really

06:18:00 incentivize and encourage.

06:18:03 And there's three legs to the stool.

06:18:05 One is the funding.

06:18:06 The second one is the ease of coordination, and the advocacy

06:18:09 or assistance through the process, and the last one is the

06:18:16 ability to use common sense in terms of the requirements for

06:18:20 service.

06:18:22 When we are notified by a young man who undertakes the

06:18:27 Christmas season events, it's growing, doubling and tripling

06:18:30 in size every year, and it gets to be such a popular event,

06:18:34 a whole family type of engagement, and he's considering not

06:18:38 doing it in Tampa anymore because it's too hard to

06:18:41 coordinate and too expensive in order to undertake, that's a

06:18:45 warning sign for us.

06:18:47 So three legs of the stool.

06:18:49 We would ask council to take a look at maybe a budget line

06:18:52 for the council, get involved in looking at the events that

06:18:55 are proposed, approving, prioritizing, and allocating funds.

06:19:01 The second is the encouragement and facilitation.

06:19:04 Ybor City Development Corporation last year, I believe, or

06:19:08 2012, passed up eleven recommendations, and they are mostly

06:19:13 in the mechanic things that can help streamline and maybe

06:19:17 facilitate.

06:19:18 And then discretion in levels.

06:19:21 That's more than approach.

06:19:22 It's kind of a philosophy of our administration.

06:19:28 When you are looking at an event, maybe an event around a

06:19:32 park, that's dedicated to promoting cancer cure, or help for

06:19:37 folks that need live tissue for cornea transplants that's

06:19:42 different than a musical engagement, where there's a lot of

06:19:44 skinheads on a street corner and public concern.

06:19:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You aren't looking at me, are you?

06:19:52 [ Laughter ]

06:19:54 With many tattoos.

06:19:56 Number one is the support for specific special events in

06:19:59 town.

06:20:00 The second one is, it could be, how do you get all the

06:20:07 regional stakeholders and cultural assets around the table?

06:20:10 This council approved a resolution on the Cuban sandwich not

06:20:17 long ago, created quite a stir, created a lot of press and

06:20:21 created a lot of interest in Tampa.

06:20:23 And it's spinning off its own festivals

06:20:25 We have a task force looking at other culinary original

06:20:29 ideas for our city and region.

06:20:33 We found one that's pretty powerful.

06:20:35 And it ties in the culinary part of this with our cultural

06:20:39 or heritage groups, our history.

06:20:43 Fernandez DeSoto landed in 1539, just south of here, with

06:20:48 the first 13 domesticated pigs to come into North America.

06:20:53 So we are the gateway for the pork industry in North

06:20:57 America.

06:20:58 And, okay, that's Manatee County, really, if you look, at

06:21:03 piney point down by port Manatee, but DeSoto traveled north

06:21:08 up around the eastern border of the city and then on into

06:21:12 the Tallahassee area.

06:21:13 If you look online right now, punch in bacon festivals, you

06:21:17 are going see this year, 2014, 44 different events in major

06:21:22 cities all over the United States.

06:21:24 In Florida, the home of pork, there is one festival and it's

06:21:29 in St. Augustine.

06:21:30 So what we would recommend to council as a group that looks

06:21:35 at how to promote, get a little excitement going, create

06:21:39 maybe for a regional approach, this definitely won't belong

06:21:42 in the City of Tampa, it's going to have regional type of

06:21:45 engagement.

06:21:47 So we would leave that on your table.

06:21:49 Maybe this is be the forum of some kind of resolution, the

06:21:56 forum of endorsement up to council.

06:21:59 There are just a couple other things in the interest of

06:22:01 time, I will delay those for another report.

06:22:04 But I wanted to end this session on that note and welcome

06:22:08 any further questions or comments you might have.

06:22:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions or comments?

06:22:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for that.

06:22:15 I just want to say very quickly on the cultural and special

06:22:19 events, the system that we are in right now is an in-kind.

06:22:24 Each department contributes, and the committee believes the

06:22:28 specific budget was created, and would encourage new events

06:22:34 within the city.

06:22:35 The committee also recommends that the applications

06:22:37 requesting city partnership be approved by City Council.

06:22:40 It is an important -- it is important to incentivize and

06:22:44 leverage these special events that promote our culture.

06:22:47 That's a recommendation.

06:22:50 I'm just reading off the recommendations, if I may.

06:22:54 And then the other one is to the committee has researched

06:22:57 the county process of placing historical markers at the

06:23:02 Jackson house and would encourage City Council to draft a

06:23:04 letter to support the creation and placing of such a marker.

06:23:09 The other thing was the task force has been reviewing case

06:23:13 studies, and incentives for art based businesses in the

06:23:17 urban core and will provide an update in our next report.

06:23:21 We also looked at the banner program, and that was that

06:23:27 Tampa was awarded the Super Bowl in 1984, and Stephani

06:23:34 Agliano headed up that task force, and what they found was

06:23:37 that there is -- the current location, to look at default

06:23:47 space.

06:23:49 Looking into the possibility that expanding the program into

06:23:51 additional neighborhoods as well as negotiating, or actually

06:23:55 talking about the use of default space.

06:23:58 That's when a banner is not being used, that it be a default

06:24:03 to the City of Tampa, and we use that to promote our

06:24:07 cultural assets.

06:24:08 Those are some of the things that we recommend for City

06:24:11 Council to consider and to move on if that is what -- and I

06:24:22 think that was the end of the -- let me look here.

06:24:27 Incentive cultural assets, culture and tourism, and then the

06:24:38 site spoke about that we look into our culinary history, and

06:24:43 we keep researching, looking at the -- when we saw this 1539

06:24:52 Tampa Bay was where -- actually, Tampa is responsible for

06:25:00 bacon in North America basically is what we are saying, so

06:25:03 we would like to ask that that be considered.

06:25:06 And that would summarize pretty much -- and if you have any

06:25:10 closing statements, I would appreciate it.

06:25:11 >> If you have not red Judy Lisi's article, it's a powerful

06:25:21 statement of the potential to export cultural assets for

06:25:25 economic gain for the area.

06:25:26 Thank you very much.

06:25:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:25:27 We appreciate it very much.

06:25:28 Okay.

06:25:29 Need a motion to open public hearings 3 through 9.

06:25:32 Motion by Mr. Cohen.

06:25:33 Second by Mr. Reddick.

06:25:35 All in favor of the motion?

06:25:36 Opposed?

06:25:37 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:25:38 Anyone who is going to speak to these items 3 through 9, if

06:25:43 you have any intentions or just think you are going to

06:25:45 speak, please raise your right hand and get sworn by the

06:25:50 clerk.

06:25:50 I would appreciate it very much.

06:25:52 If not you cannot speak.

06:25:53 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:25:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 3.

06:26:05 This is the first public hearing.

06:26:06 >> Good evening.

06:26:13 Abbye Feeley, Land Development Coordination.

06:26:16 Item number 3 on your agenda this evening is REZ-1409.

06:26:20 It's the rezoning request located at 303 and 305 east Dr.

06:26:25 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

06:26:29 The request before you tonight is from an RS-50 residential

06:26:33 single-family to a CG commercial general.

06:26:36 This is the Euclidean request.

06:26:37 No waivers are being requested or are permitted.

06:26:41 Thank you.

06:26:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:26:42 >> David Hay with your Planning Commission staff, and you

06:26:49 have been sworn.

06:26:51 For our first case we end up in the central Tampa planning

06:26:54 district.

06:26:54 The subject site is located on the south side of east Dr.

06:26:58 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard about 550 feet east of

06:27:01 North Florida Avenue.

06:27:03 The subject site is located on the mixed use corridor, and

06:27:06 it is located within the Tampa Heights urban village.

06:27:09 The urban village designations are areas recognized by the

06:27:14 comprehensive plan for structural and cultural nature.

06:27:18 And I recognized an important key to Tampa's overall

06:27:21 livability.

06:27:22 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is also designated a

06:27:31 corridor.

06:27:32 On the aerial, the subject site on the center of the map.

06:27:34 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard runs east and west.

06:27:38 North Florida Avenue you can see on the left side.

06:27:40 You can see the difference in the overall development

06:27:42 pattern along those two corridors.

06:27:45 Florida Avenue, we have intensive commercial uses, while on

06:27:49 this stretch of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

06:27:52 There are more office and multifamily uses.

06:27:56 You can also see the single-family residential pattern

06:27:58 located to the north and south of the subject site, north

06:28:01 of -- east is on the corridor.

06:28:06 And we can see some of the buildings associated with the

06:28:08 Robles Park housing development.

06:28:11 Onto the future land use map, the subject site and

06:28:14 properties immediately surrounding along Dr. Martin Luther

06:28:17 King Jr. Boulevard are also in that community mixed use 35,

06:28:21 which is represented by that pink color.

06:28:23 The red located to the west along north Florida Avenue is

06:28:28 the community commercial 35.

06:28:29 The light brown directly to the south it of the subject site

06:28:32 is the residential 20 future land use category.

06:28:35 While the tan located to the north of Dr. Martin Luther King

06:28:39 Jr. is the residential 10 future land use category.

06:28:43 Overall Planning Commission staff found the proposed

06:28:45 rezoning would allow for the continued intensification of

06:28:48 the existing mixed use corridor, the proposed commercial

06:28:52 general district would provide for a development pattern

06:28:55 which is com comparable and compatible to that surrounding

06:28:58 commercial development along that stretch, and with the

06:29:01 appropriate buffering and screening as called for within the

06:29:03 Land Development Code, the proposed rezoning should not any

06:29:06 negative impact on any adjacent residential uses.

06:29:09 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals, objectives

06:29:12 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

06:29:15 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

06:29:18 comprehensive plan.

06:29:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:29:23 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:29:24 As I mentioned, the request is from an RS-50 to a CG

06:29:28 commercial general to allow for commercial use of the

06:29:30 property.

06:29:30 The subject property is .25 acres, and there is a single

06:29:35 family dwelling unit on the-currently on the property.

06:29:38 It is surrounded by the Seminole Heights form based on the

06:29:44 north side of MLK so this is the south side, not included in

06:29:47 that area.

06:29:50 So the request is for a regular CG zoning district.

06:29:54 It is surrounded by business professional office and

06:29:57 multifamily to the north across MLK, single-family

06:29:59 residential on the west and south, and commercial vacant and

06:30:07 parking on the east.

06:30:08 Minimum requirement is CG is 10,000 square feet which is

06:30:11 typically 100 by 100 lot.

06:30:13 The setbacks are 10-foot front, side, rear and corner.

06:30:16 Let me go ahead and show you the zoning atlas sheet.

06:30:21 The property is shown in green.

06:30:23 Immediately adjacent to the east is CG.

06:30:27 Immediately across Martin Luther King to the north is the

06:30:30 SCG.

06:30:31 To the south and west is RS 50.

06:30:35 And as David mentioned there is commercial intensive along

06:30:39 the Florida Avenue.

06:30:43 Corridor.

06:30:45 There's an aerial of the property.

06:30:47 I did mention, over to the northwest is galaxy fireworks.

06:30:53 There is an office center to the north as well.

06:30:57 Multifamily residential.

06:31:00 To the east there is a medical office, and surface parking

06:31:05 to serve that office, as well as one single-family

06:31:10 residential.

06:31:13 Some pictures of the site, subject property.

06:31:21 A little closer up.

06:31:29 And to the west, salami does not face MLK so it is faced

06:31:38 northwest rather than north-south.

06:31:39 This is to the east.

06:31:44 Also to the east.

06:31:45 This is at the corner of mayfield and MLK.

06:31:53 On the north side of Martin Luther King, back at the corner

06:32:02 of north side of MLK, at the corner of Seminole and MLK, now

06:32:06 moving west towards galaxy fireworks.

06:32:11 That's a commercial office center, multifamily, that faces

06:32:16 MLK, and then galaxy fireworks starts toward the western

06:32:20 side.

06:32:24 The property does meet the minimum requirements of the

06:32:26 commercial general, and given the surrounding area, staff

06:32:29 did find the request consistent.

06:32:31 We are available for any questions.

06:32:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:32:33 Any questions at this time?

06:32:35 Petitioner?

06:32:36 >> My name is Carlos Castilla.

06:32:43 1936 west Martin Luther King, suite 205.

06:32:48 I represent the owner.

06:32:50 And with that explanation, I guess I don't have much to say.

06:32:56 But the only thing is we don't know what this is going to be

06:33:01 till we get it approved.

06:33:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You want office professional for medical

06:33:20 retail.

06:33:21 >> And I don't know.

06:33:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's different categories and different

06:33:26 partner requirements and so forth and so on.

06:33:33 And don't decide yet.

06:33:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anything else, come up members?

06:33:41 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 3?

06:33:44 REZ-14-09.

06:33:47 Anyone on item number 3?

06:33:49 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

06:33:51 Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

06:33:53 Further discussion by council members?

06:33:54 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye to

06:33:57 close. Opposed nay.

06:33:58 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:33:59 We go to from left to right.

06:34:01 Item number 3 for first reading of this ordinance.

06:34:03 Mrs. Montelione.

06:34:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: (off microphone) I move an ordinance

06:34:08 being presented for first reading consideration.

06:34:11 An ordinance rezoning the property in the general vicinity

06:34:13 of 303 and 305 east Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in

06:34:18 the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described

06:34:20 in section 1 from zoning district classification RS-50

06:34:23 residential single-family to CG commercial general providing

06:34:26 an effective date.

06:34:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione, a

06:34:30 second by Mr. Reddick.

06:34:31 Further discussion by council members?

06:34:32 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:34:35 Opposed nay. The ayes have it unanimously.

06:34:37 Clerk.

06:34:37 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, for second reading will be held on

06:34:41 June 5th, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

06:34:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much for attending.

06:34:47 Item number 4.

06:34:47 >> Mary Yeager from Land Development Coordination.

06:34:56 Item number 4 before you is REZ-1411.

06:35:00 It is a property located at 3608 west Euclid Avenue.

06:35:03 It is a request to rezone from RO residential office to

06:35:08 residential single-family RS-50.

06:35:11 This is the Euclidean rezoning so therefore no waivers are

06:35:15 permitted.

06:35:16 I defer to the Planning Commission.

06:35:17 >> The next case we move down to South Tampa planning

06:35:30 district.

06:35:31 The subject site is located along the south side of west

06:35:34 Euclid Avenue directly north of Britain plaza.

06:35:37 Britain plaza does serve as a transit center with routes

06:35:42 connecting through that center to downtown over to Pinellas

06:35:45 County.

06:35:47 Onto the aerial, the subject site is located in the center

06:35:50 of the aerial, as always.

06:35:53 We can see west Euclid Avenue running east-west through the

06:35:56 center.

06:35:57 To the east of the subject site, you can make out south

06:36:01 Himes Avenue running north and south, and then you can also

06:36:05 see the Crosstown expressway in the lower right of the

06:36:08 aerial.

06:36:09 The subject site as stated before backs up to Britton plaza

06:36:13 which you can see to the south there.

06:36:15 Finally, I have the future land use map.

06:36:18 I wanted to show you the zoomed out version of the future

06:36:20 land use map.

06:36:22 You can see that the subject site is located on the fringe

06:36:27 of a major activity center.

06:36:29 The subject site and all parcels on the south side of this

06:36:33 portion of west Euclid are all designated residential 20,

06:36:37 that light brown.

06:36:38 The red directly to the south is the community commercial

06:36:40 35.

06:36:42 That's Britton plaza and all those other uses.

06:36:45 The tan color which makes up most of the map is the

06:36:48 residential 10 future land use category.

06:36:50 And the parcels with the pinkish color are all designated

06:36:54 community mixed use 35.

06:36:56 Overall, planning staff found that the proposed planned

06:37:00 development would allow for development pattern in keeping

06:37:03 with the residential -- actually, it's to RS-50.

06:37:06 The residential uses planned along this portion of west

06:37:10 Euclid Avenue.

06:37:11 The rezoning would allow for more logical transition of

06:37:14 intensity and dense tip from the commercial uses to the

06:37:16 south to the larger lot, single-family detached residential

06:37:20 located to the north of the subject site.

06:37:23 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals, objectives

06:37:25 and poses of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

06:37:28 staff funds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

06:37:31 comprehensive plan.

06:37:31 >>> Thank you.

06:37:38 Mary Samaniego for the record.

06:37:45 West Euclid Avenue, rezoning request from residential office

06:37:48 to potentially create two buildable single-family

06:37:52 residential lots.

06:37:52 The subject property is approximately 122 feet by 110 feet,

06:37:57 approximately 13,420 square feet.

06:38:00 The property is located one lot west of the intersection of

06:38:04 west Himes Avenue and west Euclid Avenue.

06:38:07 It is surrounded to the east with the law office,

06:38:12 residential single-family detached to the west, and south --

06:38:16 I'm sorry, west and north, and to the south is Britton plaza

06:38:20 commercial development.

06:38:21 For the RS-50 zoning district that any potential subdivision

06:38:25 would adhere to, there are standards for 5,000 square foot

06:38:28 minimum lot size with a 50-foot minimum lot width with

06:38:31 setbacks of 20 feet in the front, 7 for the corner and side,

06:38:35 and 20 to the rear.

06:38:40 With a 35-foot.

06:38:45 Again, here is the subject property.

06:38:51 To the direct east is also existing residential zoning.

06:38:54 To the north is a large residential 50, existing zoning, and

06:39:01 to the far south is the commercial general zoning for

06:39:06 Britton Plaza.

06:39:10 Here is an aerial view of the property.

06:39:13 Again you can see there is an existing law office here,

06:39:16 large existing residential subdivision, and here is the

06:39:20 plaza and existing single-family development further to the

06:39:23 west.

06:39:23 Here are the photos for the site.

06:39:27 This is the existing site.

06:39:33 To the west is single-family residential.

06:39:35 Further to the west is more single-family residential

06:39:37 development.

06:39:38 To the direct east of the subject site is the law office of

06:39:42 Spocha. At the intersection of Himes.

06:39:47 Directly across the street is existing residential

06:39:49 development.

06:39:51 Further to the west, existing single-family development.

06:39:54 And we continue on.

06:39:56 Further to the west, across the street, single-family

06:39:58 development.

06:40:00 And across the street to the east a single-family

06:40:02 development as well.

06:40:07 Upon review of the application staff finds the application

06:40:12 meets the general design standards and guidelines of the

06:40:14 RS-50 and so we find it consistent.

06:40:17 If you have any questions for me at this time.

06:40:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:40:19 Any questions?

06:40:21 Petitioner?

06:40:22 >> Good evening, councilmen.

06:40:33 I'm Gary Brown.

06:40:35 My address is 114 south Oregon Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33606

06:40:40 and I have been sworn.

06:40:41 I don't have a lot to add to the staff report.

06:40:44 I am here representing the owner Martin Bezdek and he's here

06:40:51 tonight.

06:40:51 The property was purchased by Mr. Bezdek in 2007 but it was

06:40:57 a previous owner that rezoned it from RS-50 to RO.

06:41:00 And so he's basically requesting that he take the zoning

06:41:03 back to the RS-50 because he does have two platted lots and

06:41:08 he would like to build two homes for sale.

06:41:13 That ends my presentation.

06:41:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:41:15 >> I ask for your approval.

06:41:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The first two presentations have been

06:41:20 kind of short.

06:41:20 I'm happy about that.

06:41:21 Let me say that just north of the street, I believe that's

06:41:26 Euclid, there is no commercial.

06:41:30 I remember it, the lots south of there, there was one or two

06:41:35 rezonings of good neighbors of Balmar came in droves, spoke

06:41:42 to us some years back, talking more than ten years back

06:41:46 maybe, and zonings past.

06:41:48 And now we are going back to what it was originally, right?

06:41:53 >> That's correct.

06:41:53 >> All right.

06:41:54 What I am worrying about is once you get this, I don't know

06:41:57 what a future council is going to do for the same location,

06:42:00 that wants to change again.

06:42:02 I'm just letting you know now.

06:42:03 Okay?

06:42:04 >> Okay.

06:42:04 >> Anyone in the public care to speak on this item number 4,

06:42:08 REZ-14-11?

06:42:10 >> Move to close.

06:42:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mrs. Montelione.

06:42:15 Second by Mr. Reddick.

06:42:16 All in favor?

06:42:18 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:42:20 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly read this ordinance for first

06:42:22 reading?

06:42:23 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented for

06:42:25 first reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning property

06:42:28 in the general vicinity of 3608 west Euclid Avenue in the

06:42:33 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

06:42:35 section 1 from zoning district classification RO residential

06:42:40 office to RS-50 residential single-family providing an

06:42:43 effective date.

06:42:43 >> Second.

06:42:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, a second by

06:42:48 Mrs. Montelione.

06:42:48 Further discussion by council members?

06:42:50 All in favor?

06:42:51 Opposed?

06:42:52 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:42:54 Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

06:42:56 Item number 5.

06:42:57 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:42:59 Item number 5 is --

06:43:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me.

06:43:04 Second reading.

06:43:05 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the second hearing will be held on

06:43:09 June 5th, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.

06:43:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: June 5th, 9:30 a.m. clerk and just to

06:43:18 correct the record.

06:43:19 The public hearing on number 3, file RES 1409 will be held

06:43:24 on June 5th at 9:30 a.m. as well.

06:43:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:43:29 Thank you very much.

06:43:30 Item number 5.

06:43:30 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:43:34 Item number 5 on your agenda tonight is REZ 14-13s located

06:43:39 at 2807 north 35th street.

06:43:42 The request before you tonight is from CI commercial

06:43:45 intensive to CG commercial general, Euclidean rezoning

06:43:51 request, and no waivers may be granted.

06:43:54 Thank you.

06:43:54 >>David Hay: David Hay with your Planning Commission staff

06:44:02 and I have been sworn.

06:44:03 We head back up to the central Tampa planning district for

06:44:05 the next case.

06:44:06 The subject site is located north of Columbus drive on north

06:44:09 35th street in the East Tampa urban village.

06:44:13 The subject site is also located adjacent to an identified

06:44:16 transit emphasis corridor and is currently served by Hart 15

06:44:23 which connects the site to be a number of centers including

06:44:26 Westshore business district in that park.

06:44:28 Onto the aerial.

06:44:30 The subject site is in the center.

06:44:32 East 19th Avenue and east Columbus drive both can be

06:44:35 seen running east-west across the aerial there.

06:44:39 You can also make out that most of the surrounding area is

06:44:43 industrial in character with some residential and commercial

06:44:46 uses located further west around north 34th street.

06:44:51 Finally, we have the future land use map.

06:44:56 The subject site and property is located on all four sides

06:45:00 designated light industrial represented by the gray color.

06:45:02 The brown to the north, located along east 21st Avenue

06:45:06 is the residential 35.

06:45:08 While the red to the west along north 34th street is the

06:45:12 community commercial 35.

06:45:15 Overall Planning Commission staff found the request for

06:45:17 general commercial zoning comparable and compatible with the

06:45:20 surrounding development pattern, commercial general zoning

06:45:24 district is an allowed district under the light industrial

06:45:26 land use category.

06:45:28 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals, objectives

06:45:30 and policies of the comprehensive plan, planning commission

06:45:33 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

06:45:35 comprehensive plan.

06:45:36 >> Again the request is from CI commercial intensive to CG

06:45:46 commercial general to allow for commercial general use of

06:45:48 the property.

06:45:50 The property is just a little over an acre and it's located

06:45:54 at the northeast corner of north 35th street and

06:45:57 19th Avenue as David showed you.

06:46:01 Sorry, let me put up the atlas.

06:46:06 The it is currently zoned CI.

06:46:08 There's other CI along 34th, and along also 36th.

06:46:15 That sliver there.

06:46:16 The majority is industrial general zoning.

06:46:23 There's an aerial of the site.

06:46:25 18th to the south.

06:46:26 35th to the west.

06:46:33 Commercial general zoning district as I previously mentioned

06:46:36 in the other application requires 10,000 square feet.

06:46:40 This property does meet this, as well as the minimum lot

06:46:44 requirement of 75 feet, the setbacks at 10-foot.

06:46:48 Let me show you some pictures of the site.

06:46:51 This is the subject property from 35th.

06:46:57 The 18th.

06:47:01 From 18th headed west, this approaching 35th.

06:47:09 This is the north side.

06:47:10 The south side coming down 18th.

06:47:16 Directly to the south of the property, and at the south side

06:47:21 of 35th and 19th.

06:47:26 South side of 35th and 18th, I'm sorry.

06:47:29 Based on the property meeting the minimum standards, staff

06:47:32 did find the request to down zone the property from CI to CG

06:47:38 consistent.

06:47:39 We are available for any questions.

06:47:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

06:47:43 Petitioner?

06:47:43 >> My name is Matt walker, engineer of record.

06:47:58 Basically, Ms. Feeley covered everything.

06:48:00 I am just kind of here to answer any questions that may come

06:48:03 up if anybody has anything.

06:48:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Feeley, you are doing an outstanding

06:48:08 job with the first three.

06:48:09 I don't know what we need a petitioner for.

06:48:12 [ Laughter ]

06:48:12 Any questions by council members at this time?

06:48:15 Thank you very much.

06:48:17 Anyone care to speak on item number 5, REZ-14-13?

06:48:22 I see no one.

06:48:23 I have a motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

06:48:25 Second by Mr. Reddick.

06:48:26 Further discussion by council members?

06:48:27 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:48:30 Nay? The ayes have it unanimously.

06:48:32 Ms. Mulhern, read number 5, please.

06:48:34 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented for

06:48:37 first reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning property

06:48:40 in the general vicinity of 2807 north 35th street in the

06:48:45 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

06:48:47 section 1 from zoning district classification CI commercial

06:48:52 intensive to CG commercial general, providing an effective

06:48:55 date.

06:48:55 >> Second.

06:48:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, a second

06:48:59 by Mr. Suarez.

06:49:00 Further discussion by council members?

06:49:02 All in favor of the motion?

06:49:04 Opposed?

06:49:04 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:49:06 Clerk.

06:49:06 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the second hearing will be held on

06:49:09 June 5th, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.

06:49:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much for attending.

06:49:16 We go to item number 6.

06:49:18 >> Mary Samaniego for the record. REZ-14-14, 4115 East

06:49:36 Busch Boulevard from an existing planned development PD to

06:49:37 commercial general. In a Euclidean rezoning request, there

06:49:40 are no waivers permitted.

06:49:42 I defer to the Planning Commission for their report.

06:49:44 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

06:49:50 I have been sworn.

06:49:51 Our next case we move up to the university area planning

06:49:55 area, which is identified as one of the three growth areas

06:49:59 within the City of Tampa.

06:50:00 The subject site is located on the south side of east Busch

06:50:04 Boulevard just west of Mel's hotdogs located on the northern

06:50:08 boundary of the Temple Crest neighborhood.

06:50:09 The subject site is also located adjacent to designated

06:50:13 transit em fa physician corridor which is east Busch

06:50:17 Boulevard.

06:50:18 Onto the aerial.

06:50:20 The subject site is in the center.

06:50:22 We can see east Busch Boulevard running east-west with

06:50:25 McKinley drive, north 40th Street running north-south on the

06:50:30 left side of the aerial.

06:50:31 The large parking area to the north is associated with Busch

06:50:34 Gardens.

06:50:36 While the remaining parcel located along east Busch

06:50:39 Boulevard contain a mixture of commercial and multifamily

06:50:42 uses.

06:50:44 There are some single-family uses along south -- Avenue.

06:50:52 Again I want to show you the zoomed out version of the land

06:50:55 use map because I believe you see the land use system, how

06:50:58 it all works a little better.

06:51:00 A zoomed-in copy of the future land use map is provided

06:51:03 within your packet.

06:51:04 The subject site including properties located east and west

06:51:07 along Busch Boulevard are all that community mixed use 35

06:51:12 represented by that pinkish color.

06:51:14 The brown color just to the south and west of the subject

06:51:17 site is some of the residential 35.

06:51:20 You can also see that this parcel makes up the southern

06:51:23 portion of what is planned to be an intensive activity

06:51:26 center, south of the University of South Florida, with some

06:51:30 urban mixed use 60 and heavy industrial land uses.

06:51:34 Overall Planning Commission staff found that proposed

06:51:36 rezoning to CG would be comparable and compatible to the

06:51:40 existing and planned development pat earn long this portion

06:51:43 of east Busch Boulevard.

06:51:45 Most of the properties along this portion of east Busch

06:51:48 Boulevard are either zoned for CG uses or planned

06:51:51 developments that allow for commercial general uses.

06:51:54 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals, objectives

06:51:57 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

06:51:59 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

06:52:02 comprehensive plan.

06:52:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:52:11 Mary Samaniego for the record.

06:52:16 It's currently zoned planned development and they request to

06:52:20 allow for all CG permitted uses.

06:52:24 The property is approximately 2.05 acres.

06:52:27 Again, it is located on east Busch Boulevard and north

06:52:29 Orange View Avenue.

06:52:34 The existing PD was approved in 1994 to create a restaurant.

06:52:38 This restaurant now is currently vacant.

06:52:41 This site is surround to the north by Busch Gardens overflow

06:52:46 parking, and the other apartment complex to the east and

06:52:50 south.

06:52:52 To the direct west of the property across north Orange View

06:52:55 Avenue is a Pizza Hut restaurant.

06:52:57 The minimum standard as I stated previously for the

06:53:00 commercial general zoning district are 10,000 square feet

06:53:04 lot area with a 75-foot minimum lot width, setbacks are 10

06:53:07 feet for the side, and a corner lot.

06:53:13 With a 45-foot height requirement.

06:53:17 Again on the location map, the existing property, zoned PD.

06:53:21 There's a PD and RM-16 and CG for the Arbor Walk

06:53:26 development.

06:53:27 Across the street is a large expanse of parking for Busch

06:53:29 Gardens including Busch Gardens across the street.

06:53:32 This portion of the property across orange view again is for

06:53:35 the Pizza Hut that is also a planned development.

06:53:39 Here is the aerial photograph of the site.

06:53:41 Again you can see the now vacant restaurant with a large

06:53:45 expanse of parking for the specific property to the south.

06:53:48 Here is the apartment complex, and here is the Pizza Hut

06:53:54 restaurant.

06:53:55 And the larger area, there is single-family residential.

06:54:01 This is the now vacant restaurant which is the subject

06:54:04 property.

06:54:07 To the direct west is some of its parking.

06:54:10 As you go further to the south, this expanse of parking for

06:54:14 this site.

06:54:16 To the west, this is the existing restaurant use in the PD

06:54:20 zonings, the Pizza Hut.

06:54:22 To the direct east is the office and clubhouse for Arbor

06:54:25 walk.

06:54:26 You can see the background more of the Arbor Walk apartment

06:54:29 complex.

06:54:29 And across the street, a cross Busch Boulevard, large

06:54:33 expansive overflow parking for Busch Gardens.

06:54:37 Saying that, that concludes my presentation.

06:54:40 It has been reviewed against the CG zoning district that

06:54:43 more than meets the minimum design standards and therefore

06:54:46 staff find it consistent.

06:54:48 If you have any questions at this time?

06:54:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Just one little correction, Mrs.

06:54:54 Samaniego.

06:54:54 I don't know that your system has caught up with the

06:54:56 redistricting that was recently done.

06:54:58 But I believe this is Mr. Reddick's district now.

06:55:03 It's not your fault.

06:55:05 I'm sure it's just -- this system isn't interfacing with the

06:55:10 new district lines.

06:55:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:55:25 >>GINA GRIMES: Hill, Ward, Henderson, 101 East Kennedy

06:55:29 Boulevard.

06:55:30 I have not been sworn.

06:55:31 But I do solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth

06:55:35 and nothing but the truth.

06:55:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Clerk, please swear her in.

06:55:39 Anyone else who has not been sworn in that will testify in

06:55:41 today's hearing.

06:55:42 I knew there would be another one.

06:55:44 And another one.

06:55:45 (Oath administered by Clerk).

06:56:04 >> This is a request to CG zoning.

06:56:08 The request for -- the reason for our request is we are

06:56:10 going to renovate the existing structure for a value pawn

06:56:15 and jewelry store.

06:56:18 As staff has mentioned the request is consistent with the

06:56:20 comprehensive plan.

06:56:21 The comp plan category is CMU 35 which allows CG zoning.

06:56:27 As noted in the Planning Commission's report, general

06:56:30 commercial uses are the prevalent development pat earn long

06:56:34 Busch Boulevard.

06:56:35 And Mary showed you pictures of the surrounding uses, most

06:56:38 of which are commercial.

06:56:41 On one small portion of this site it is adjacent to some

06:56:44 residential single-family homes.

06:56:45 But the site is only acceptable for Busch Boulevard, and so

06:56:49 there will be no traffic that cuts through that neighborhood

06:56:52 and will access on and off Busch Boulevard.

06:56:55 The existing building is about 7900 square feet for general

06:57:01 commercial type use, it would only require 32 parking

06:57:04 spaces.

06:57:04 There are about 134 parking spaces on the site so there is

06:57:08 more than ample parking.

06:57:10 I have some pictures that are included in your package of

06:57:13 materials.

06:57:15 The existing site before the existing signs, the new signs

06:57:23 will simply are restate the sign.

06:57:25 Same thing as far as the building is concerned.

06:57:29 There's a sign out front.

06:57:30 It will just be changed to the value park sign and the same

06:57:34 thing with signage along the side of the building.

06:57:37 Given that staff has recommended approval, we would request

06:57:40 your approval as well.

06:57:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?

06:57:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mrs. Grimes, let me ask you one question,

06:57:47 and that is, that area that you mentioned about the

06:57:50 residential part of it, do you recall the name of that

06:57:53 street?

06:57:54 >> Orange view.

06:57:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.

06:57:57 That's what I wanted to make sure.

06:57:59 There is no access on that?

06:58:01 That's what I needed to get clear.

06:58:04 >>GINA GRIMES: When you go out to the site, it got to be at

06:58:06 least six feet higher on this site than orange view and

06:58:09 there's no access down that local road.

06:58:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's fine.

06:58:13 Thank you.

06:58:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Finished, Mrs. Grimes?

06:58:16 >>GINA GRIMES: Yes, I am.

06:58:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone care to speak on this item, item

06:58:19 number 6, REZ-14-14?

06:58:22 That's Pete Rose twice.

06:58:26 Motion to close.

06:58:27 Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

06:58:29 That used to be the location of a very famous restaurant in

06:58:32 town. The Sea Wolf, right.

06:58:33 >> Did you pet the tiger? Or lion?

06:58:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before I get more trouble, all in favor

06:58:45 to close say aye. Nay?

06:58:51 Mr. Reddick, take number 6, please.

06:58:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance for first reading

06:58:53 consideration. An ordinance rezoning property in the

06:58:57 general vicinity of 4115 east Busch Boulevard in the city of

06:59:01 Tampa, Florida more particularly described in section 1 from

06:59:03 zoning district classification PD planning development,

06:59:07 restaurant, to CG, commercial general, providing an

06:59:09 effective date.

06:59:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, a second

06:59:13 by Mr. Suarez.

06:59:14 Further discussion by council members?

06:59:15 All in favor of the motion?

06:59:17 Opposed?

06:59:18 the ayes have it unanimously.

06:59:20 Clerk.

06:59:21 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the second hearing will be held on

06:59:24 June 15, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.

06:59:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:59:29 Item number 7.

06:59:29 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:59:35 Item 7 is another Euclidean rezoning request, case REZ sh-33

06:59:40 and the request before you this evening is from CI

06:59:42 commercial intensive to RS residential single-family.

06:59:53 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

06:59:55 I have been sworn.

06:59:57 We continue our cases in the central Tampa planning area.

07:00:01 The subject site is located on the west side of north Morgan

07:00:05 street, just south of east Columbus drive, in the Tampa

07:00:08 Heights neighborhood.

07:00:09 The subject site also falls within the boundaries of the

07:00:12 Tampa Heights urban village.

07:00:16 And east Columbus drive which is just to the north is

07:00:19 designated as a transit emphasis corridor.

07:00:23 Onto the aerial.

07:00:25 The site as always is in the center right there.

07:00:28 We can see east Columbus drive running east-west, on North

07:00:33 Florida Avenue, running north-south.

07:00:35 It is located to the west of the subject site.

07:00:39 Or the left side there.

07:00:40 While the main corridors contain many office and light

07:00:43 commercial uses, the neighborhood remains mostly

07:00:45 single-family detached in character, with some scattered

07:00:49 duplexes and multifamily.

07:00:51 To the east of the subject site, we can see the historic Lee

07:00:55 elementary school.

07:00:56 Onto the future land use map, the subject site has two

07:01:01 future land use designations, the smaller northern portion

07:01:04 is designated the community commercial 35, which is that red

07:01:09 color.

07:01:09 The larger southern portion of the subject site is

07:01:12 designated residential 35.

07:01:15 Batan to the north of east Columbus drive is the residential

07:01:21 10 land use category.

07:01:23 Overall Planning Commission staff finds the proposed

07:01:25 rezoning to the RS-50 zoning district would be more in

07:01:29 keeping with the overall development pattern within this

07:01:33 area of Tampa Heights.

07:01:34 The rezoning would eliminate the possibility of a stand

07:01:37 alone commercial intensive use located on a local

07:01:40 residential street.

07:01:42 The rezoning would also support redevelopment opportunities

07:01:45 within the Tampa Heights urban village.

07:01:47 Therefore based on those findings and the goals, objectives

07:01:50 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

07:01:52 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

07:01:56 comprehensive plan.

07:01:56 >> Thanks, David.

07:02:08 2406 north Morgan street.

07:02:10 And it is a request from CI to RS-50, and this request is in

07:02:15 combination with some relocation of the Metropolitan

07:02:19 Ministries doing off of Amelia, for Tampa's expansion that's

07:02:24 taking place on their Florida Avenue campus.

07:02:28 There are three houses over there.

07:02:29 Those three houses are going to be relocated onto Morgan.

07:02:32 Two of the lots that are seeking relocation are already in

07:02:35 RS-50.

07:02:36 This is the northernmost of those three.

07:02:38 And it is zoned CI.

07:02:40 Which is kind of interesting on a local street.

07:02:43 So the request before you tonight -- and single-family

07:02:46 residential is actually allowed in the CI when it's under a

07:02:50 special use.

07:02:50 So when Mr. Gardner came and we discussed the property, it

07:02:54 seemed to put it back to an RS-50 to allow these three homes

07:02:57 to be located there, and for the criteria really to be a

07:03:02 residential criteria versus a special use criteria in the CI

07:03:06 district.

07:03:07 The lot is 5220 square feet, so it does meet the minimum lot

07:03:12 area, and it is currently vacant.

07:03:15 In my report, I mentioned to you that last night, this case

07:03:20 was going to be heard by the ARC for a recommendation on the

07:03:23 rezoning, where they were last night, and the case was

07:03:26 recommended for approval for the rezoning for the CI to the

07:03:31 RS-50.

07:03:37 I will show you the site.

07:03:38 >> As you can see the two that I just mentioned to the south

07:03:48 are RS-50.

07:03:49 There is a large amount of RM.

07:03:52 There is also the CI to the north and CG along Columbus.

07:04:05 This is, I think, Robert E. Lee elementary is located just

07:04:09 to the north, east of the site.

07:04:14 I'll go ahead and show you some photos.

07:04:17 There's the aerial.

07:04:19 You can see commercial over on Florida Avenue.

07:04:22 There is a commercial use just at the corner of Morgan and

07:04:26 Columbus.

07:04:28 These sites are currently vacant.

07:04:29 There is some residential multifamily, and then as I

07:04:33 mentioned, this.

07:04:37 Here is the site.

07:04:43 Another picture of this site.

07:04:45 This is commercial north of the site.

07:04:48 These are the two lots south of the site.

07:04:52 This is the northwest corner of Amelia and Morgan.

07:04:58 The property at the southwest corner of Amelia.

07:05:03 This is actually the rear of the property, what comes back

07:05:10 behind the vacant residential pieces.

07:05:14 This is a view of Morgan.

07:05:17 And there is the elementary school, Robert E. Lee

07:05:22 elementary.

07:05:22 And this is also east of the site on Morgan street.

07:05:27 The proposed lot does meet the minimum standard for

07:05:32 consideration as an RS-50.

07:05:35 Staff does find the request for this rezoning from the CI to

07:05:39 the RS-50 consistent with the Land Development Code.

07:05:43 Thank you.

07:05:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner.

07:05:50 >> Truett Gardner, on behalf of Metropolitan Ministries,

07:05:54 going all the way from one side of the spectrum the most

07:05:58 intensive to CI.

07:06:02 One, from historic preservation point, this house will move,

07:06:06 it's currently sandwiched in between Florida Avenue and

07:06:09 Matanzas street, face it is back end of a family dollar and

07:06:14 moving to a residential street facing a beautiful school, so

07:06:18 that's one side.

07:06:19 The second is it will actually be in front of you next week.

07:06:22 This is Metropolitan Ministries plan for joint venture

07:06:25 school between it and the school board, which will benefit

07:06:30 their children, and we will be back with more, but we are

07:06:35 requesting your approval on this request.

07:06:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

07:06:40 time?

07:06:41 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 7?

07:06:44 REZ-14-33.

07:06:48 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

07:06:50 Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

07:06:51 All in favor of the motion to close?

07:06:54 Opposed nay?

07:06:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:06:56 Mrs. Capin, would you kindly take number 7, please, for

07:06:59 first reading?

07:07:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for first

07:07:05 reading and consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in

07:07:08 the general vicinity of 2406 north Morgan street in the city

07:07:13 of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section

07:07:16 1 from zoning district classification CI commercial

07:07:20 intensive to RS-50 residential single-family, providing an

07:07:24 effective date.

07:07:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, a second

07:07:28 by Mr. Suarez.

07:07:29 Further discussion by council members?

07:07:30 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying aye.

07:07:33 Opposed nay. The ayes have it unanimously.

07:07:35 Clerk.

07:07:35 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the second hearing will be held on

07:07:39 June 5th, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.

07:07:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

07:07:45 Item number 8.

07:07:45 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:07:52 Item number 8 on your agenda this evening is REZ-14-10

07:07:57 located at 1725 West Kennedy Boulevard and 1718 west North

07:08:02 "A" street.

07:08:03 Many of you are familiar with this property.

07:08:05 It's the building on the north side of Kennedy. The request

07:08:11 before you tonight is from PD to PD to allow for the

07:08:14 addition of some additional uses to the property including

07:08:18 office medical, research facility, laboratory, medical and

07:08:22 dental, and/or a walk-in bank.

07:08:25 >> Good evening.

07:08:30 David Hay again with your Planning Commission staff.

07:08:33 I have been sworn.

07:08:34 We continue our cases in the central Tampa planning district

07:08:39 located at the northeast corner of West Kennedy Boulevard

07:08:42 and north freedom Avenue.

07:08:44 The subject site is located within the boundaries of the

07:08:47 North Hyde Park neighborhood.

07:08:49 The site is also located right along Kennedy Boulevard,

07:08:53 which is designated as a transit emphasis corridor, and

07:08:57 heart's route 33rd connecting down to Westshore business

07:09:01 district.

07:09:02 Onto the aerial.

07:09:06 The subject site from the center.

07:09:09 You can see the commercial uses lining Kennedy Boulevard.

07:09:13 The vacant lot right here.

07:09:15 Aerial is a little dated.

07:09:17 That's the primrose school.

07:09:21 Also, the surrounding residential development pattern,

07:09:25 especially to the south, has been changing over the past 20,

07:09:29 30 years as more of the houses are replaced with

07:09:32 single-family attached, or multifamily residential.

07:09:36 Be next, onto the future land use map.

07:09:41 The southern portion of the site and all parcels east and

07:09:44 west fronting along Kennedy Boulevard are all designated

07:09:48 urban mixed using 60.

07:09:49 If northern portion where the parking lot is, and all the

07:09:54 properties located along west North "A" Street all are

07:09:58 designated residential 35 future land use category.

07:10:01 The remaining brown color located along north "B" street,

07:10:06 which is probably off the map, since it's zoomed in, those

07:10:10 are all residential 20.

07:10:15 Properties located east of the subject site centered around

07:10:18 north Rome Avenue are designated general mixed use 24, which

07:10:23 is over there.

07:10:24 Overall, planning commission staff found the proposed

07:10:27 addition of medical office, laboratory, research facility

07:10:30 and bank, would be in keeping with the commercial uses that

07:10:33 are located along this portion of West Kennedy Boulevard.

07:10:37 No structural changes are proposed to the existing

07:10:39 structures, so no negative impacts are envisioned with

07:10:41 proposed additional uses.

07:10:43 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals, objectives

07:10:45 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

07:10:48 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

07:10:51 comprehensive plan.

07:10:52 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:11:00 Do need to make one correction to my staff report.

07:11:03 There is a waiver that is missing.

07:11:04 There's one waiver related to this request, and this is to

07:11:08 reduce the parking from 122 spaces to 82 spaces.

07:11:13 The existing building was constructed under the current PD

07:11:17 at a general office rate.

07:11:19 The request before you tonight is to allow for medical,

07:11:22 which is a more intensive office use and requires more

07:11:25 parking.

07:11:27 So the waiver is from 122 to 82 which is a 33% reduction.

07:11:34 And transportation staff is finding that request, that

07:11:37 waiver request, inconsistent with the application.

07:11:44 Let me go ahead and make the rest of my presentation.

07:11:47 As I mentioned to you, this is to allow alternative uses of

07:11:51 the existing structure.

07:11:53 They are not seeking to increase square footage within the

07:11:55 building at all.

07:11:56 So everything is as built today.

07:12:00 In 2004, this was rezoned for a planned development for

07:12:07 58,820 square feet of business professional office with a

07:12:12 structured garage to be located on the back.

07:12:15 In December of 2004, substantial change was done to reduce

07:12:19 the overall building square footage, and to take the parking

07:12:24 and allow that to be surface parking.

07:12:27 The subject application, what was built was 28,000 square

07:12:33 feet, and they are asking tonight to allow for alternative

07:12:37 uses to occupy a portion of that.

07:12:40 10,950 square feet would be the maximum for use as either

07:12:45 medical office research facility, laboratory, medical

07:12:50 dental, or a walk-in bank or a combination thereof.

07:12:57 As David showed you, the property is located at the corner,

07:13:01 northeast corner of Fremont and John F. Kennedy, shown there

07:13:06 in the PD.

07:13:08 There is a PD to the west done in 2003.

07:13:11 That was never constructed.

07:13:12 I'll show you that's a vacant piece.

07:13:14 PD to the south, you recently rezoned the Walker building to

07:13:20 make some additions and modifications that was just a few

07:13:22 months ago.

07:13:25 And you have other CG and PD use as long John F. Kennedy

07:13:29 including CI uses over to the east as you head towards

07:13:32 downtown.

07:13:37 An aerial of the site.

07:13:39 Kennedy to the south.

07:13:40 Freedom to the west.

07:13:42 North "A."

07:13:43 Most recently another development right here, Ducky's, and

07:13:47 also this part, this piece to the east of the existing

07:13:50 parking for the trust building was improved as a parking lot

07:13:56 through special use, that this council approved just

07:13:59 probably a little bit over a year ago.

07:14:01 I remember doing that case with you as well.

07:14:04 I will go ahead and show you some pictures of the site.

07:14:11 You will look from Kennedy.

07:14:15 Okay.

07:14:15 And this is the west side of Fremont.

07:14:20 Headed north on Fremont.

07:14:22 This is entering the parking area.

07:14:25 This was a Wednesday morning.

07:14:26 You can see parking wasn't much of an issue.

07:14:31 There was plenty of vacant parking in the lot.

07:14:34 82 spaces that are available.

07:14:37 Here is the property to the west.

07:14:39 At the northwest corner of Fremont and Kennedy.

07:14:43 And this is looking west toward Westshore down Kennedy.

07:14:51 This is continuing up Fremont toward North "A" on the west

07:14:54 side.

07:14:57 This is looking east on Kennedy.

07:15:01 This is a view from North "A" looking back toward the

07:15:05 building and the parking area.

07:15:08 This is the Ducky's parking lot for North "A."

07:15:12 And these are some of the single-family residential, some of

07:15:18 them occupied, most not occupied along North "A."

07:15:24 Immediately across the street across Kennedy, at the

07:15:26 southwest corner of Kennedy and Fremont, looking west on

07:15:31 Kennedy, and then another view from the corner of Fremont

07:15:35 and Kennedy.

07:15:38 As I mentioned, the transportation divisions that have a

07:15:42 finding of inconsistency related to the parking waiver, that

07:15:47 has been requested.

07:15:49 They are present this evening.

07:15:51 The property does have the urban mixed use land use

07:15:54 category.

07:15:55 It is along a primary transit corridor.

07:15:58 And it is located within the Kennedy overlay.

07:16:04 Should it be the pleasure of council to grant the parking

07:16:06 waiver this evening, there are no further modifications that

07:16:09 are required for this application to move forward to second

07:16:12 reading.

07:16:13 Thank you.

07:16:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:16:15 Any questions by council members at this time?

07:16:17 Petitioner?

07:16:17 >> Good evening.

07:16:24 For the record, Sue Murphy, P&M Consulting, 501 West Euclid

07:16:29 Avenue here on behalf of the owner.

07:16:30 As Abbye and David so eloquently stated, the site is an

07:16:36 existing, very attractive office building, built to the

07:16:40 Kennedy overlay standards when it was built.

07:16:43 It is just outside the heart of downtown.

07:16:46 It is mixed use corridor.

07:16:49 It has -- we are trying to provide some flexibility in the

07:16:54 downstairs space which is a little less than 40% of the

07:16:58 entire rentable leasable area.

07:17:00 The Solomon law group occupies the upper floors of the

07:17:03 building.

07:17:04 And they just want to have some flexibility for renting the

07:17:07 downstairs space.

07:17:08 So we are looking at about 39% of the total square footage

07:17:13 that's even under discussion tonight.

07:17:15 There is a bus stop right in front of the site.

07:17:18 It is on a primary transit corridor.

07:17:20 We have the parking lot picture that Abbye showed you is --

07:17:24 I have been there many, many times and it's always been

07:17:26 during business hours, during the week.

07:17:28 And that is very typical of what the lot looks like.

07:17:32 I mean, it's usually considerably less than half full.

07:17:36 There's also on-street parking on both sides of Fremont

07:17:40 along "A" there.

07:17:42 It becomes restricted when you get into the residential

07:17:45 area, the on-street parking.

07:17:46 So we feel like we have plenty of adequate parking for the

07:17:49 uses.

07:17:52 We like to provide some more economic generation in there

07:17:56 association flexibility, to meet the needs of the community,

07:17:59 and to keep the building vibrant.

07:18:02 I would be happy to answer any questions you have or any

07:18:04 concerns.

07:18:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

07:18:09 No?

07:18:10 Well, public hearing.

07:18:11 Anyone in the public care to speak on this item, REZ-14-10?

07:18:17 I see no one.

07:18:21 Ms. Mulhern?

07:18:22 >>MARY MULHERN: I had a question for Abbye.

07:18:29 It might be transportation.

07:18:31 But given that the change of use is only going to be for

07:18:40 half of the space, is that taken into account when you talk

07:18:45 about the parking?

07:18:47 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:18:48 We did work case scenario based on the split that they want

07:18:51 to provide with the 10,000 at the medical and the remaining

07:18:57 as a business professional and that's how we got to 122 and

07:19:01 given that it's as bullet situation there's only 82 --

07:19:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, thanks.

07:19:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mrs. Montelione.

07:19:10 Second by Mr. Reddick.

07:19:11 All in favor of the motion to close?

07:19:14 Opposed?

07:19:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:19:15 Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take number 8, please?

07:19:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

07:19:20 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

07:19:23 vicinity of 12725 west denied Boulevard and 171 west North

07:19:28 "A" Street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more

07:19:31 particularly described in section 1, from zoning district

07:19:33 classification PD planned development, office, business,

07:19:37 professional, to PD, planned development, office, business

07:19:40 professional and medical, research facility, laboratory,

07:19:43 medical and dental, and/or bank walk-in providing an

07:19:48 effective date.

07:19:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

07:19:50 Second by Mr. Cohen.

07:19:51 Further discussion by council members?

07:19:53 All in favor of the motion?

07:19:55 Opposed?

07:19:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:19:56 Clerk?

07:19:57 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chairman, the second reading will be held

07:20:00 on June 5th, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.

07:20:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

07:20:06 Item number 9.

07:20:07 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:20:09 The final item on your agenda tonight is item number 9.

07:20:12 It's SU-2-14-06 and it is located at 3616 and 3620 west Bay

07:20:21 to Bay Boulevard.

07:20:23 The request before you tonight for consideration is a

07:20:26 daycare.

07:20:27 >>David Hay: Good evening.

07:20:34 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff.

07:20:36 You have been sworn.

07:20:39 We end this evening down in the South Tampa planning

07:20:42 district.

07:20:42 The subject site is located on the south side of Bay to Bay

07:20:45 Boulevard between south Himes Avenue and south Sterling

07:20:49 Avenue in the Virginia park neighborhood.

07:20:53 Onto the aerial, the subject site is in the center.

07:20:57 This portion of Bay to Bay Boulevard including the

07:20:59 neighborhoods to the north and south remain single-family

07:21:02 detached residential in character, with some residential

07:21:05 support uses scattered throughout.

07:21:10 To the future land use map, the subject site and properties

07:21:14 located to the east and west along Bay to Bay Boulevard are

07:21:18 all designated residential 10.

07:21:20 The arc darker pink further east of the subject site is some

07:21:24 of the community commercial 35.

07:21:26 The brown is the residential 20 and the yellow is the

07:21:29 residential 6.

07:21:33 The Planning Commission staff found that the proposed

07:21:35 special use request for daycare with a maximum of 90

07:21:39 children would be in keeping with the residential and

07:21:41 residential support uses found within this portion of Bay to

07:21:44 Bay Boulevard.

07:21:49 If it is previously buffered and screened, the use should

07:21:52 not pose any negative effects on adjacent residential use.

07:21:56 Therefore Planning Commission staff did find the special use

07:21:58 request consistent with the Tampa comprehensive plan.

07:22:00 >>HARRY COHEN: How many was the maximum number of children

07:22:05 that you said?

07:22:06 >> 90.

07:22:08 >> Nine?

07:22:09 >> Nine zero.

07:22:12 90.

07:22:14 >> Thank you, David.

07:22:19 The request before you tonight -- Abbye Feeley, land

07:22:25 development.

07:22:26 3616 and 3620 Bay to Bay for a daycare, there are two

07:22:29 existing structures on the property.

07:22:32 The request, one is currently a place of religious assembly

07:22:36 that has been in operation for a while.

07:22:38 The other is a single-family residential structure on the

07:22:42 western portion.

07:22:44 There is also a proposed 800 square foot building that would

07:22:48 go in between the two.

07:22:52 The subject property is surrounded by single-family

07:22:54 residential.

07:22:55 The total of 12 parking spaces are required, and 16 spaces

07:22:59 are being provided with a circular drive-through along Bay

07:23:02 to Bay for a drop-off and pickup queuing area.

07:23:12 Let me go ahead and show you.

07:23:14 The subject is shown in green.

07:23:16 Bay to Bay to the north.

07:23:18 Sterling to the west.

07:23:19 Himes to the east.

07:23:21 As I mentioned, the one portion is a place of religious

07:23:25 assembly.

07:23:26 The other is a house.

07:23:28 You do have Palma Ceia Methodist at the intersection of Dale

07:23:32 Mabry.

07:23:33 You also have several offices to the west.

07:23:40 This PD here, there's a congregate living facility.

07:23:43 The PD is Abdoney medical, dental, orthodontic which is a PD

07:23:50 that was approved by council three or four years ago.

07:23:56 To show you an aerial of this site.

07:24:02 A little zoomed out there.

07:24:03 You can see the other surrounding uses, single-family

07:24:07 residential, predominantly in this block face, and then some

07:24:11 alternative, nonresidential uses.

07:24:14 This does not include the recent construction that was

07:24:17 completed at Himes and Bay to Bay.

07:24:21 The picture of the subject property, this is the eastern

07:24:24 portion.

07:24:26 This is the western portion.

07:24:31 This is the property immediately to the west.

07:24:34 At the corner of Sterling and Bay to Bay.

07:24:40 This is moving west.

07:24:46 Toward Dale Mabry.

07:24:49 This is to the east.

07:24:52 Also to the east.

07:24:53 Bay to Bay.

07:24:54 It's a little difficult to get some of these shots in

07:24:58 traffic.

07:24:59 Some of them aren't very zoomed in. Here is on the northern

07:25:03 portion directly across the street.

07:25:06 This towards Dale Mabry.

07:25:10 And the northeast corner of Sterling and Bay to Bay.

07:25:22 There are a couple of site modifications that need to be

07:25:31 made between first and second reading.

07:25:33 There are some notes on the site plan.

07:25:34 There is a note that says they will remove the existing 326

07:25:38 square feet cover that's located in the middle of Bay to Bay

07:25:42 Boulevard.

07:25:42 I think it's a note that just was left on the plan, and

07:25:45 wasn't cleared up.

07:25:47 They also need to provide the total square footage for each

07:25:49 building both existing and proposed on the site as well as

07:25:52 the total combined square footage.

07:25:55 Transportation has modifications.

07:25:57 They do need a waiver to allow the drive aisle width from 24

07:26:01 to 23 feet.

07:26:03 And they found it inconsistent because the throat of the

07:26:11 driveway needs to be 15 feet.

07:26:12 It's currently showing 22.36789 so the service driveway is

07:26:16 the too large.

07:26:16 They need to be taken into 15 feet.

07:26:19 Jonathan Scott is here for those comments.

07:26:23 Solid waste has some site plan modifications.

07:26:26 There are notations outlined on page 3.

07:26:30 All of these revisions I am discussing with you are on the

07:26:33 revision sheet which is the last page to report.

07:26:38 Lastly, there are two criteria that follow with the special

07:26:46 use for the daycare.

07:26:48 The first is adequate drop-off and pickup area is available.

07:26:53 And the site plan does show a queuing along Bay to Bay to

07:27:00 allow for drop-off and pickup.

07:27:02 And then also that you have direct access to an arterial or

07:27:06 collector, and Bay to Bay is an arterial roadway.

07:27:11 So both of the special use criteria have been satisfied.

07:27:15 No waivers are being requested for that.

07:27:16 Staff did find the request consistent.

07:27:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:27:20 Any questions at this time?

07:27:22 Petitioner?

07:27:22 >> David Smith, 401 East Jackson Street, 33601.

07:27:34 Land use consultant for the law firm for the applicant.

07:27:37 Abbye has described the request as always fairly well.

07:27:41 It is two existing structures that are being proposed to be

07:27:46 developed, utilized for daycare.

07:27:49 Daycare is a residential support use, typically it's

07:27:52 preferred to be in close proximity to residential areas.

07:27:56 This site is currently occupied, partially by a church,

07:27:59 which the parking lot for that church is incorporated into

07:28:02 the site plan.

07:28:04 I would like to show you some changes that we propose

07:28:09 between first and second reading, and I have a change list

07:28:14 for you.

07:28:18 I'll hand that out.

07:28:41 While you are looking at that.

07:28:43 Essentially in evaluating the site further, we determined

07:28:46 that 800 square foot addition would not be required.

07:28:49 That was going to be placed between the two structures that

07:28:54 exist on this site.

07:28:55 The church site, and the existing single-family homes.

07:29:00 Essentially, on the site plan, that you have before you, in

07:29:05 your package, I basically X'ed out that building.

07:29:10 Essentially what that does -- I'll provide graphics for you.

07:29:16 Essentially that allows us to have this entire area as green

07:29:20 space without the additional square footage.

07:29:22 What is shown on this graphic is the area that is fenced for

07:29:27 the play area, the buffer, the ten foot buffer that's

07:29:29 required by code, the existing parking area that's

07:29:33 incorporated from the church into the site plan, parking

07:29:36 spaces, handicapped, and tree spaces in front of the

07:29:42 building.

07:29:42 It's a one-way drive so they would ingress from the west.

07:29:47 They would travel in front of the building.

07:29:51 The staff would meet the parents dropping off children,

07:29:56 bringing the children inside.

07:29:58 Similar reverse operation when they are picking up.

07:30:01 They would meet the people coming in to pick up their kids.

07:30:05 They would then take them to the car, and they would exit.

07:30:10 This parking lot is two-way entrance in order for solid

07:30:13 waste and also staff parking.

07:30:15 The waiver is really related to the parking space so they

07:30:21 could back up.

07:30:21 They normally require 24 feet.

07:30:23 We are looking at 23 feet on-site to accommodate.

07:30:26 That essentially the other changes that I have listed on

07:30:28 your sheet all relate to the fact that this building is

07:30:32 going to be removed and we recessed the space for the

07:30:37 playground.

07:30:38 The dumpster is approximately six feet over to this

07:30:42 location.

07:30:42 There's a little concrete pad that would be removed.

07:30:46 And essentially the bike rack is moved to the front.

07:30:50 Those are the changes that are reflect on your list that we

07:30:53 would make between first and second reading, in addition to

07:30:56 all the notes requested by staff.

07:30:58 We do not have any problems with any of the notes or

07:31:01 comments made by staff.

07:31:02 And incorporated into the site plan.

07:31:06 Looking at the criteria for the special use approval is that

07:31:11 it's compatible and consistent and will promote the health,

07:31:15 safety and welfare of the public.

07:31:18 This is going to be a be Montessori school.

07:31:21 There is lack of Montessori school in the southern part of

07:31:25 the City of Tampa.

07:31:26 There's also kind of an absence of daycare.

07:31:31 We are located on Bay to Bay.

07:31:33 We are kind of forced to go to these types of locations

07:31:37 because of the criteria for locations of these types of

07:31:40 uses.

07:31:40 Also, in order to accommodate daycare.

07:31:46 We are looking at 90 children as a maximum.

07:31:49 As you know, child care licensing is regulated in

07:31:51 Hillsborough County.

07:31:52 They have specific ratios that must be met.

07:31:55 So that is the maximum student count.

07:31:57 And the staffing is also related to the age groups that are

07:31:59 anticipated to come on-site, which would be 12 employees.

07:32:03 One correction to have Sarasota -- to the staff report.

07:32:08 I believe early on there was 16 space bus due to

07:32:11 configuration there's only 13 spaces, which is still one in

07:32:14 excess of the code requirement.

07:32:16 Be we know that there are concerns raised by citizens.

07:32:20 We did have a neighborhood meeting April 24th to give an

07:32:25 opportunity for citizens to voice concerns, and hear how the

07:32:28 operations were going to be performed.

07:32:31 And I would just like to point out that we didn't come to

07:32:37 total agreement on all those issues.

07:32:39 But this facility is only going to be operating during the

07:32:42 workweek.

07:32:43 It will operate during the business hours, essentially seven

07:32:49 to six.

07:32:50 Our experience has been in north Tampa, and north of

07:32:53 Hillsborough County with similar Montessori schools of

07:32:56 similar size, that drop-offs usually range from seven to

07:33:02 nine a.m. in the morning and then from about 1:206 p.m.,

07:33:08 because some are after school programs, people get off work

07:33:11 at different times, and be it allows for not all the

07:33:15 children to be and all the parents to be there picking up

07:33:18 children all at the same time.

07:33:21 We believe that this use, because it meets all the criteria,

07:33:26 it meets all the setbacks required, it's not asking for any

07:33:30 waiver other than the drive aisle which is a customer waiver

07:33:33 in existing sites.

07:33:35 But this is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood,

07:33:39 and would be a great addition to the community.

07:33:41 I do have some additional photos for your consideration,

07:33:50 just to view.

07:33:57 This is a picture of the house that's being incorporated

07:34:06 into the site.

07:34:09 This is moving east.

07:34:12 It shows the existing church.

07:34:14 What would happen is this area right in front of these two

07:34:17 buildings would become the drive aisle, and they would come

07:34:20 in from the west and they would access on the east.

07:34:23 Here is a picture of the existing parking lot adjacent to

07:34:26 the existing church facility.

07:34:30 On the backside of the property, there are very nice

07:34:34 existing homes, bungalow homes, a mixture of some newer

07:34:38 construction.

07:34:44 Some of the houses coming from, I believe, the west moving

07:34:47 back to the east.

07:34:53 And while these are asked to be removed we believe the use

07:35:07 is compatible, daycares compatible with residential

07:35:11 neighborhoods since they have been in business.

07:35:15 We would be glad to answer any questions from the council.

07:35:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen.

07:35:19 >> Also anybody from the community.

07:35:20 >>HARRY COHEN: You know, 90 kids, what struck me in looking

07:35:27 at your site plan is the queuing.

07:35:31 And my imagination that if more than three or four cars are

07:35:39 there at any one time they are going to be out on Bay to

07:35:41 Bay, and that traffic is going to get backed up on Bay to

07:35:45 Bay.

07:35:46 I understand what you said about the staggered drop-off and

07:35:49 pickup times.

07:35:50 But my experience has been that all over this particular

07:35:57 neighborhood, there are schools that have queuing lines that

07:36:01 stretch right out into the middle of the street and tie up

07:36:05 traffic.

07:36:06 And that's just my concern looking at the plan that you

07:36:12 outlined.

07:36:12 >> Yes, sir.

07:36:15 I think the difference between daycare operation and a

07:36:19 traditional school is that they get out at a certain time,

07:36:25 and they come in at a certain time, and everybody comes at

07:36:28 that time to pick up their children or drop off their

07:36:31 children for school.

07:36:33 And so the school starts at 8:00 or 7:30 or 9:00 and getting

07:36:39 out at 2:30 or 3 and the parents start lining up at 1:20,

07:36:43 and that is customary.

07:36:46 I think you observed what I have observed throughout the

07:36:49 community.

07:36:49 But I haven't observed that same situation in daycares.

07:36:53 And daycare operations, because of the elongated drop-off,

07:36:57 you know, everybody is not dropping their children off at

07:36:59 the same time.

07:37:00 Everybody doesn't have to have their kids there in the door

07:37:04 at a certain time.

07:37:05 And with the operation that we have with the -- I won't call

07:37:10 it valet service, but the front door service, people come

07:37:16 up, the children get out, the car leaves, the child goes

07:37:20 into the facility, and similarly, in the evenings, and the

07:37:25 late afternoons when they are coming to pick up their

07:37:27 children.

07:37:29 We believe the queuing is adequate.

07:37:31 We do have more than enough space for, if I look at it, we

07:37:35 have our engineer here, he can give you the exact

07:37:38 dimensions.

07:37:40 But looking at the space in front, we have the -- five or

07:37:49 six cars to be in the queue and existing, and they will be

07:37:57 dropping off in reign I am order as the kids get out of the

07:38:03 car.

07:38:04 Will I tell you there will never be one person waiting to

07:38:07 make a right hand turn or left?

07:38:11 But I can tell you today that that condition exists all up

07:38:15 Bay to Bay because in con "stand your ground" facilities you

07:38:18 aren't going to have a lot of turn lanes in the facility.

07:38:20 But I don't believe it's the same experience that you have

07:38:22 at schools in this operation.

07:38:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Mulhern.

07:38:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, I beg to differ with you about the

07:38:36 difference between daycare and schools, especially since you

07:38:39 have told us this is going to be a Montessori school, but I

07:38:47 also think that, you know, even if it is just daycare,

07:38:51 generally people are working, you know, 8:00, 8:30, 9:00 to

07:38:58 5:00.

07:38:59 So I think you are optimistic.

07:39:01 I don't know that, you know, that means, you know, you

07:39:06 shouldn't be able to -- I know because I spent 20 years pick

07:39:12 up and dropping off kids from school and daycare that it

07:39:19 does end up to be a lot of queuing happening.

07:39:24 And, you know, it is going to be pretty much rush hour,

07:39:30 basically.

07:39:31 When you are going to have that.

07:39:32 >> Well, we can't do a --

07:39:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Let me -- well, then you can tell me what

07:39:41 you think.

07:39:43 But it also tends to be, you know, side streets where the

07:39:49 drop-offs and pickups are.

07:39:52 Just as Bay to Bay is a pretty busy street, you know, so the

07:39:56 difference between the schools and daycare is even when it's

07:40:01 home daycare that I have had the experience with is usually

07:40:06 they are not on a busy street like that where having some,

07:40:11 you know, people necessarily to pull over on the side of the

07:40:16 road is going to make that much of a difference.

07:40:20 I mean, I know it's two lanes each way on Bay to Bay, right?

07:40:24 Shall.

07:40:24 >> Yes, ma'am.

07:40:29 May I tans question?

07:40:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.

07:40:32 >> Obviously we don't have an exact traffic study for this

07:40:36 particular site because it's not developed yet.

07:40:38 But we can go off of our similar size facility in north

07:40:42 Tampa that is on a two-lane road which is even more

07:40:47 constrained with respect to stopping traffic or left turns.

07:40:50 And essentially, found during the drop-off hours, there's

07:40:56 been five to seven people coming in at one time, and we have

07:41:02 stacking that can accommodate that type of volume.

07:41:07 I can't a sure you that that's the case, but our experience

07:41:11 with the other facility, that that's the type of volume we

07:41:14 have had during those pick-up and drop-off peak hours and in

07:41:20 the afternoon, and it's more spread out because of the

07:41:23 school programs when they come in and when they let out.

07:41:25 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

07:41:30 Let me ask a question.

07:41:31 Before I ask you a question, sir, could I ask a question of

07:41:34 Mrs. Feeley?

07:41:37 For zoning purposes, is there a difference between a school

07:41:40 and a daycare?

07:41:41 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.

07:41:44 Abbye Feeley, land development.

07:41:47 The preschool, there is -- is not considered a school per

07:41:57 the definition of school.

07:41:59 That is why it is labeled as daycare.

07:42:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

07:42:03 >> I don't know if you remember when we did branch academy

07:42:06 on Azeele and Gomez, although it was a prekindergarten, and

07:42:12 had a school curriculum for the definition, it cannot be

07:42:16 considered that way, so --

07:42:18 >> Is there a limitation in age?

07:42:20 Is that how we delineate it?

07:42:24 >> Part of it has to do with the licensing that the facility

07:42:27 will receive from the state, or from the county.

07:42:31 And because they would be licensed as a daycare we like to

07:42:35 make sure that we handle it that way as well.

07:42:38 More consistent.

07:42:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

07:42:40 Sir, let me ask you a question then.

07:42:42 You mention that there's going to be 90 children there.

07:42:44 You keep using Montessori and daycare kind of, you know,

07:42:49 unit changeably.

07:42:50 What are we talking about?

07:42:52 What exactly is it?

07:42:53 >> Well, the facility will not be licensed as a school.

07:42:56 Montessori school is a way of basically teaching.

07:43:01 It's a method.

07:43:03 And it's not --

07:43:04 >> I am familiar with it.

07:43:05 My children went to a Montessori --

07:43:08 >> So it is not a school under the -- it's a daycare

07:43:11 operation, will be licensed through the daycare,

07:43:14 Hillsborough County daycare licensing program.

07:43:16 >> Is there a limitation in terms of age, the audiology of

07:43:19 kids that are there?

07:43:20 >> I can have the client --

07:43:25 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Sure.

07:43:26 If you check that real quick.

07:43:27 >> Absolutely.

07:43:30 >> Andrew Webber, I'm the applicant, 3005 p Santa Pedro

07:43:38 street in Palma Ceia.

07:43:40 The ages are infants through six years old.

07:43:43 And David is essentially using the term school.

07:43:48 Technically we are not a school.

07:43:50 Sounds better than child care center but we aren't going to

07:43:52 be offering services in excess of six years old.

07:43:55 >> I don't want to get into your marketing plans in terms of

07:43:58 why you call it Montessori as opposed to daycare.

07:44:00 I want to make sure because I know there are some

07:44:02 distinctions for us for our purposes, and what we call

07:44:06 something.

07:44:06 So I needed to make sure that we were right in terms of what

07:44:10 you were doing.

07:44:10 >> Yes, sir.

07:44:12 It is a child care.

07:44:13 >> Thank you.

07:44:16 You say the top end will be 90 children.

07:44:19 And we have got -- how many people are you talking about

07:44:25 employed then?

07:44:27 >> 12.

07:44:29 It's based upon a staffing ratio.

07:44:31 >> Right.

07:44:31 The county has a staffing ratio based on -- is it five --

07:44:35 >> Five individuals at the expected audiology range of the

07:44:38 children.

07:44:40 I have in here, if I can find it, the calculation that was

07:44:42 done by the petitioner to determine that.

07:44:54 Based upon the expected age ranges, age range is based upon

07:45:07 90.

07:45:07 If it goes from infant to five --

07:45:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Move it a little to your right.

07:45:14 No, the other way, your left.

07:45:16 There you go.

07:45:16 >> I'm left-handed.

07:45:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So we are looking at this is what your

07:45:24 expected number of children are going to be for this

07:45:27 particular school are?

07:45:28 >> Based upon the ratios that are projected, and obviously

07:45:32 these ratios could go up or down in the particular age

07:45:36 class, but we have a projected 12 that are actually here, 12

07:45:43 maximum, eleven plus the director for the facility.

07:45:48 And we have 13 spaces required on-site for employee parking.

07:45:54 >> And this ratio is based on what the county requires in

07:45:57 terms of staffing, correct?

07:45:59 >> I will let the professional answer the question.

07:46:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No problem.

07:46:06 >> Andrew Webber again, 3005 Santa Pedra street.

07:46:12 The answer is yes according to the Hillsborough County child

07:46:14 care license.

07:46:16 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

07:46:18 Thank you, sir.

07:46:19 I appreciate it.

07:46:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

07:46:24 I just have to echo the sentiments of my colleagues.

07:46:29 I think that some of the for reviewing section 27-129 would

07:46:41 be ingress and egress, and the queuing for dropping off and

07:46:48 picking up.

07:46:50 Could you say there was going to be no stacking, making a

07:46:54 left-hand turn into the facility, you couldn't say it wasn't

07:46:59 going to be.

07:47:02 With that many parents dropping off children, I think even

07:47:08 daycares are a little more difficult than schools, because

07:47:12 schools, the kids jump out and they run away into the

07:47:17 school.

07:47:17 But in daycare, you have to get out, you have to get them

07:47:22 out of the car seat, you have to get them in.

07:47:24 It takes a little bit longer for each person to get through

07:47:29 that queue.

07:47:33 And the space, the drive, I don't have a problem with the

07:47:38 waiver, the one-foot.

07:47:42 How many cars -- it's too bad we don't have a

07:47:47 transportation -- Jonathan Scott is here.

07:47:48 Wait.

07:47:49 >> We do have transportation here.

07:47:50 >> Well, he's sitting right behind you.

07:47:53 >> Staff has reviewed the plan and did not have an objection

07:47:58 to the queuing and the stacking for the facility.

07:48:04 You can let him answer that question.

07:48:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Let's have Jonathan come up here.

07:48:09 >> Jonathan Scott, transportation planning.

07:48:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Maybe you can explain to us how you came

07:48:15 to the conclusion that was consistent.

07:48:16 Because, you know, with 27-129-B-1, I don't see how that's

07:48:25 consistent.

07:48:25 >> Basically just required to have a drop-off and pickup.

07:48:31 If you look at the site plan.

07:48:33 Let me put it on here.

07:48:46 Object

07:48:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think

07:48:54 What you are getting at, Mrs. Montelione, if you have 90

07:48:57 kids you are looking at a minimum of 45 cars, two children

07:49:02 per parenthood, or looking at 50 cars, 1.8.

07:49:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have one child.

07:49:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not talking yours.

07:49:10 In your case it would be 90.

07:49:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: He's 6'4" now.

07:49:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand. Yeah. Go on.

07:49:21 I'm sorry.

07:49:21 >> So basically you are going to have a car come in, a

07:49:26 couple park here, actually stack here, you have two more

07:49:31 here.

07:49:32 It's pretty actually a pretty good layout, I think.

07:49:36 You have all these spaces down here.

07:49:40 So somebody could really --

07:49:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yeah, but some of the spaces are going

07:49:46 to be for staff.

07:49:46 >> Sure.

07:49:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And again, you know, with the layout,

07:49:55 it's really showing the movement of traffic is where

07:50:02 drop-off is going to occur.

07:50:04 I don't know that a lot of people park and then carry their

07:50:10 child into, you know, or bring their child into the school.

07:50:17 Or into the daycare.

07:50:19 It's mostly, you know, just the flow-through traffic.

07:50:25 And the spaces, where is the staff going to park?

07:50:29 >> Two things.

07:50:40 I have seen a lot of daycares, and I have never seen one

07:50:42 with stacking for 45 cars.

07:50:45 And I have seen them with capacity --

07:50:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, and I haven't either.

07:50:49 >> What we are saying is that this layout provides for

07:50:55 essentially a circular drop-off with parking for staff, plus

07:50:59 one extra space, and that there is adequate, based upon the

07:51:04 review of the transportation staff, they felt that given the

07:51:09 anticipated volume, that the stacking that we have in the

07:51:12 queuing for the drop-off was adequate for the size of the

07:51:15 facility, and that was given the fact that if there may be

07:51:21 45, Councilman Miranda's observation example, that this is

07:51:27 not going to be 45 at 7:00.

07:51:31 It's between 7:00 to 9:00, there may be 15 cars coming

07:51:37 through there in an hour on a cycle, and so they are spread

07:51:43 over the drop-off period.

07:51:47 And there is also, as I say, the staff meeting them, when

07:51:52 they are dropping them off, pick up the child, taking them

07:51:54 in, and then they drive off and go to work.

07:51:57 So that's the only observation or statement, that it has

07:52:01 been reviewed.

07:52:03 A better circulation pattern for drop-offs than I believe

07:52:07 you will find in most daycare centers that are already

07:52:09 approved in the city.

07:52:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Did you say where the other facility was

07:52:13 in north Tampa.

07:52:14 >> It's in northern Hillsborough County.

07:52:16 It's on north Rome.

07:52:20 All the way up towards -- almost to Fletcher.

07:52:27 And it's now 125 capacity facility.

07:52:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

07:52:32 >> Yes, ma'am.

07:52:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Mulhern.

07:52:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

07:52:37 Sorry to belabor this, but we can all relate to it, or most

07:52:41 of us, or at least to waiting for that traffic to clear.

07:52:46 But it seems to me, especially if Councilwoman Montelione

07:52:52 said, with infants, you have got to have some parking.

07:52:58 I mean, I don't think too many parents are going to, you

07:53:04 know, with an infant, you are probably going to be taking

07:53:08 the child out of the car and bringing them in yourself.

07:53:13 And alternatively, you are going to have to have extra staff

07:53:19 to be able to be passing the babies out of the car into the

07:53:25 school.

07:53:26 So I think -- I mean, I think it's great you have all that

07:53:30 green space there, but maybe what you need are some parking

07:53:34 spots.

07:53:34 >> Just an observation, with all due respect.

07:53:39 We exceed the parking required for the facility.

07:53:43 The code requirement is for drop-off, access and drop-off

07:53:48 and circulation, which we have provided, and staff has

07:53:51 indicated that there's an adequate queue on-site.

07:53:57 No disrespect, I'm just pointing out that we exceeded the

07:54:01 code in parking.

07:54:01 >>MARY MULHERN: You are not disrespecting me.

07:54:06 You are telling me that our staff is -- doesn't seem to be

07:54:10 looking at this as logically as it should be.

07:54:13 >> I'm not trying to get --

07:54:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am not trying to get involved in the

07:54:18 conversation but what she's trying to address is not the 12

07:54:20 parking or 11 personnel and one director.

07:54:24 If those were available to the general public, I think you

07:54:28 would have a different outlook from what I hear from my

07:54:31 colleagues, because then you would have no stacking.

07:54:34 You could have the 15 that you are talking about, 12 could

07:54:37 park, let the kids out, coming in, a suction-year-old may

07:54:42 walk the wrong way and that's why they have got to be

07:54:45 escorted by what you say one of your employees or the

07:54:47 partner.

07:54:48 And if you are looking at 45 cars, two children per car, if

07:54:54 you are looking at, you know, 50 cars, 1.8.

07:54:57 If you are looking at 70 cars, 1.28 something.

07:55:01 I didn't calculate it all the way out.

07:55:03 But those are the things that you have to address.

07:55:06 And I would assume that you must be somewhere in the 80

07:55:09 percentile of the parking ratio or 80-something cars.

07:55:14 >> The only thing I was pointing out is what the code

07:55:16 requires --

07:55:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

07:55:18 I'm not arguing that point.

07:55:19 >> Yes, sir.

07:55:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Speaking the code is speaking

07:55:25 specifically to an item of all being well.

07:55:28 Not the childhood, not in different stages of society, just

07:55:33 here is what your building size is, here is what your land

07:55:36 is, that's what is required.

07:55:38 You are not looking at the complete use of the property.

07:55:41 You are looking at this is what it is.

07:55:44 That's my opinion of it.

07:55:45 >> May I ask a question?

07:55:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just a second.

07:55:48 Mr. Cohen, and then you can ask your question.

07:55:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Well, I agree with what everyone is saying

07:55:54 here.

07:55:55 Don't have any problem with the staff's calculation, but

07:55:57 there is a reason that human beings make these decisions up

07:56:00 here.

07:56:01 And as the two mothers that are sitting to my right and my

07:56:04 left made a really good observation, which is that -- well,

07:56:11 the observation was that there are 20 to 30 kids under the

07:56:16 audiology of 3 that are going to be dropped off here, and

07:56:18 the parents are not going to drop them off in 30 seconds and

07:56:22 pull away.

07:56:22 It's going to be a longer interaction that is going to take

07:56:25 place in the driveway before these kids make it inside.

07:56:30 And, again, I still think that the queuing situation is

07:56:36 troubling.

07:56:37 I just think -- I hear what you are saying about the

07:56:40 staggered drop-off time.

07:56:43 But, you know, a lot of people start work at 8:00 and a lot

07:56:46 of people start work at 9:00 in the morning.

07:56:48 And those people, they work downtown or in Westshore, are

07:56:52 going to be dropping off their kids at the same exact time.

07:56:55 So, you know, the staffing ratio, I understand that they can

07:57:06 form whatever the county requires, but 90 kids with eleven

07:57:12 adults and a director, 30 or 40 of whom are under the

07:57:16 audiology of 3.

07:57:18 Seems like a pretty ambitious undertaking to me.

07:57:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Father Suarez?

07:57:25 >>HARRY COHEN: No disrespect to the fathers, by the way.

07:57:29 [ Laughter ]

07:57:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I want to reiterate what my colleagues who

07:57:33 are moms and have dropped off children before have said.

07:57:39 Even if you drop off 90 children, even if you take the best

07:57:42 case scenario, 45 cars, the number of minutes it takes to

07:57:47 remove one child, or two children, out of a car, who are

07:57:51 under the ages of suction years old, six and under, you will

07:57:56 venture to say takes quite a bit of time.

07:57:59 The stacking of the cars is not the problem.

07:58:02 The delivery of the children is the problem.

07:58:04 I think that that's kind of what we are all going in the in

07:58:07 the same direction.

07:58:08 It is not the stacking cars, and I think our person in

07:58:15 transportation, Mr. Scott, you know, I'm not sure how many

07:58:18 times he's been in the stacking lane dropping off a child.

07:58:25 Sometimes it is difficult to remove the child from the car,

07:58:27 let alone to get him into the place, or there are some other

07:58:32 issues you have to deal with while you are trying to get the

07:58:34 kid out of the car.

07:58:36 And I know since you understand about daycares as you

07:58:39 mentioned yourself -- and I am not putting any words in your

07:58:41 mouth -- but you did say you have a pretty good idea of the

07:58:46 be what it takes for daycares because of your previous

07:58:49 client.

07:58:49 How many seconds does it take -- and I won't say seconds

07:58:52 even though I know that's not true -- to take a child out of

07:58:57 the car?

07:58:57 In terms of your experience, you presented yourself as

07:59:01 essentially an expert.

07:59:01 >> Well, essentially what I indicated my experience, I do

07:59:05 have grandchildren, and I have had children, and --

07:59:09 >> You are lucky to have grandchildren.

07:59:11 >> Yes, I have two grandchildren.

07:59:15 But I don't want to dodge the question, but I don't know the

07:59:20 number of second, minutes.

07:59:23 It varies by child.

07:59:24 It depends whether you have a cooperative child trying to

07:59:26 get out of the seat or if you have a cooperative seat that

07:59:29 you are trying to get the child out.

07:59:31 But the question I would ask, if the only concern related to

07:59:39 the plan relates to the availability of parking on-site, we

07:59:44 have had a discussion, and opportunities to have discussions

07:59:48 with people in the area that have more than enough parking

07:59:54 available, church is close by, that we can make arrangements

08:00:01 or finalize arrangements for staff to park off-site, freeing

08:00:06 up the spaces on-site for drop-off issues forth for the

08:00:12 parents.

08:00:12 And I didn't want to but that up as the only reason, but

08:00:18 that is the primary concern.

08:00:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: For us, it is more of a real life concern in

08:00:24 terms of what these things actually do.

08:00:26 You are not going to know the time frame of it because you

08:00:28 are here to do a zoning.

08:00:30 We don't require that as part of our zoning requirement.

08:00:33 So, you know, you aren't going to say, actually it's only

08:00:37 going to take 50 second to get a kid in and out, we are only

08:00:40 going to stack for a total of 15 minutes on any particular

08:00:44 rush hour day.

08:00:45 There's no way for you to say that and we nobody there's no

08:00:47 way for you to say that.

08:00:49 For us, even within our own con restaurants, dealing with

08:00:53 zoning, we understand real world constraints, and that's all

08:00:56 we were trying to mach a comment about.

08:00:58 >> And I realize that and I think it was focused on the

08:01:02 availability of sauces for people who maybe park -- and if

08:01:06 that was the primary concern we may have a way to address

08:01:09 that issue, and be glad to discuss.

08:01:12 That I know we have public.

08:01:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to go to the public.

08:01:15 Anyone in the public care to speak on this item, item number

08:01:18 9, SU-II-14-6?

08:01:23 Please come forward.

08:01:23 >> Good evening.

08:01:31 Julie Carter, thank you for your time.

08:01:33 3625 west Santiago. Um behind the property where he wants

08:01:38 to build this preschool.

08:01:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Pull the Mike down a little bit.

08:01:43 >> Sorry.

08:01:44 I'm short.

08:01:46 I appreciate you addressing one of our concerns so I don't

08:01:48 have to be rehash that, and say the drop-off, pick-up.

08:01:52 We live behind that street.

08:01:55 We fear that parents will drop off their children when they

08:02:00 get on and off Bay to Bay.

08:02:02 There's been three significant accidents within the last

08:02:05 month at the corner of Bay to Bay and Himes.

08:02:09 If it's proposed to have their staff park off-site then

08:02:14 across Bay to Bay to get to work on time.

08:02:19 When parents exit the parking lot to the right, the first

08:02:23 thing they do is turn onto Himes, from Himes to then turn

08:02:27 onto Santiago street where I live, and kids in the back

08:02:32 seat, talking on the phone, having a grand old time, not

08:02:35 paying attention to what our street is, they'll fly down our

08:02:39 street because generally self Tampa moms in SUVs, and then

08:02:46 that creates commotion on Santiago, that makes it more

08:02:51 dangerous on Bay to Bay, it creates more reason for an

08:02:57 accident to occur at Himes and at Sterling, which are the

08:03:02 two corners, and it's that one portion of Bay to Bay happens

08:03:06 to be strictly residential.

08:03:12 So I agree with you and I am glad that you brought that

08:03:16 issue up.

08:03:17 Other issues that we have in the neighborhood is the noise

08:03:21 level.

08:03:23 I am a substitute teacher for Hillsborough County.

08:03:26 I spend my days with five-year-olds to ten-year-olds.

08:03:32 When I go home in the afternoon, I don't want to bring those

08:03:35 kids home with me.

08:03:36 I don't want to listen to it.

08:03:37 My neighbors don't want to listen to the.

08:03:39 I don't want a preschool in my backyard for the noise level.

08:03:42 Parking is an issue.

08:03:45 If a child is sick or injured and they have 13 spaces, they

08:03:48 have 12 staff members, and one director, there's 13 spaces

08:03:52 are taken up.

08:03:54 Where are the parents going to park when they have to pick

08:03:56 up their sick and/or injured child?

08:03:59 There's in a place for them to park except on Sterling or

08:04:02 Santiago.

08:04:05 We had a mother that decided to run an art school.

08:04:09 She had about 15 to 20 kids across the street from me.

08:04:15 Dropped off and pick up you was a nightmare.

08:04:18 She they parked in my driveway.

08:04:20 They blocked my driveway.

08:04:22 They stopped in the middle of the road to mach a call, did

08:04:25 whatever they wanted to do, whenever they needed to do it.

08:04:28 And so I lived that nightmare seeing just what 15 kids can

08:04:33 do.

08:04:33 (Bell sounds)

08:04:35 And it creates be -- Santiago is a fairly narrow street.

08:04:40 That doesn't work.

08:04:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:04:42 >> I'm sorry?

08:04:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:04:44 Your three minutes are up.

08:04:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Oh, I didn't realize it was three

08:04:47 minutes.

08:04:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I asked the clerk to give you more sew

08:04:49 because you were so kind and I wanted to be very careful.

08:04:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would appreciate.

08:04:53 There's so much more to do, to talk about.

08:04:56 But parking and creating havoc in the neighborhood and the

08:04:59 noise level.

08:05:01 I appreciate it very much.

08:05:02 Thank you.

08:05:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:05:04 Next, sir?

08:05:04 >> Good evening.

08:05:06 Jonathan Browy, 3623 West Santiago street.

08:05:12 My wife and I, our property shares about 25 feet of backyard

08:05:17 boundary with the subject property.

08:05:20 A couple things.

08:05:22 We talked about the queuing quite a bit.

08:05:24 So I won't go over those issues.

08:05:27 For us one of the things is noise.

08:05:30 With the new plan of putting the playground in the middle of

08:05:33 the building that would have helped a little bit.

08:05:35 But then that kind of opened a can of worms with the parking

08:05:39 issues, the potential to solve that.

08:05:42 I'm still concerned there would be a lot of noise, and a

08:05:46 privacy fence with all of those kids I don't think will be

08:05:49 adequate with that.

08:05:52 I work during the day, and my wife does as well, but I am

08:05:55 concerned about someone to buy the house later on will have

08:06:01 that to face while they own our property.

08:06:05 The other thing, I'm no attorney but I just wasn't sure that

08:06:09 with the PD determination, if you could rely on someone

08:06:14 leasing third party leases for parking spots, just seemed

08:06:20 contained of odd that -- I don't think anyone could be held

08:06:24 to that.

08:06:24 I don't know if that's exactly what I am saying here.

08:06:29 So it just seems -- but for me and my wife, we bought the

08:06:35 house that we live in a 1926 bungalow, it's a 1926, because

08:06:43 of the residential character.

08:06:44 We knew Bay to Bay behind us was a rather busy street, but

08:06:47 we saw -- I looked online, and looked at the zoning maps

08:06:52 that from Sterling to Lois, it was all zoned residential.

08:06:57 At Dale Mabry, that intersection, there's Smith and

08:07:01 associates and a little office space, and a very small

08:07:04 office, and loving facility.

08:07:05 Of course the church is on there. But that's all in my mind

08:07:09 in keeping with the Character of the neighborhood, and Dale

08:07:12 Mabry, a block and a half over from us.

08:07:14 So it's really not a problem.

08:07:17 So I see something like this going on and I know it's a

08:07:21 development, but up and down Dale Mabry, one PD turns into

08:07:26 another PD and another preponderance of the evidence PD and

08:07:28 it will really change that residential character that we

08:07:30 still have from Himes to Lois.

08:07:33 I would like to keep.

08:07:35 That thank you very much.

08:07:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I appreciate it very much.

08:07:39 Next, please.

08:07:39 >> I haven't been sworn in.

08:07:42 I apologize.

08:07:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's the first one -- sworn in and not

08:07:50 sworn at, we are all right.

08:07:52 Clerks will you swear her in?

08:08:04 (Oath administered by Clerk).

08:08:04 >> You have been sworn.

08:08:05 >> My name is Debra Johnson.

08:08:07 My husband and I, David and Debra Johnson, we own the two

08:08:10 properties, directly east, right next to the church on

08:08:13 the -- the property on the east side.

08:08:16 That's 3608 --

08:08:19 (Bell sounds).

08:08:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's a mistake. Don't worry about

08:08:20 that.

08:08:20 >> 3608 west Bay to Bay and 3612 west Bay to Bay.

08:08:28 We have owned them a dozen years.

08:08:30 We know about the traffic patterns there.

08:08:31 The residential homes there.

08:08:32 Rental homes for us.

08:08:34 We have always kept them in wonderful repair.

08:08:38 And the one thing you can say is that when you are getting

08:08:42 on and off Bay to Bay, if you ever pulled out or tried to

08:08:45 back out or pull out on Bay to Bay at rush hour, it's

08:08:48 interesting.

08:08:49 I always say be careful.

08:08:53 And you are dealing with young children and young children

08:08:56 don't always cooperate.

08:08:56 If you have ever taken one you out of a seat and the other

08:08:59 kid is rung, it's scary there.

08:09:01 But the big thing is, we live near the girls' academy.

08:09:05 And the girls' academy traffic comes right down our street,

08:09:08 Julia, and makes a big U-turn and makes a bottleneck on

08:09:12 McDill.

08:09:13 I realize the girls academy is a larger school but on Bay to

08:09:17 Bay you still have a lot of traffic.

08:09:19 You are going to have more than how many cars, and you are

08:09:23 going to have a problem, because people do drop off, you

08:09:25 know, 8:00, 9:00, and 5, 6:00 and that's when you have rush

08:09:30 hour on Bay to Bay and it's frightening.

08:09:32 So I just think, my husband and I wanted to go on the record

08:09:35 to let you all know we are not trying to be difficult.

08:09:38 On the other hand we just don't think it's going to work.

08:09:40 You are going to have a bottleneck. It's going to be a

08:09:42 mess.

08:09:43 And I just think you have to consider that.

08:09:45 And that's what we wanted to let you know that we are there.

08:09:50 We are right in next door.

08:09:51 We have been there for a dozen years or more.

08:09:53 I have lost track.

08:09:55 But Bay to Bay is a force to be reckoned with at certain

08:09:58 times in the day.

08:10:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:10:01 Anyone care to speak who has not spoken, please come

08:10:03 forward.

08:10:04 >>> My name is Marc Anthony, 3611 west Santiago, the

08:10:13 property behind, adjacent to the property in question.

08:10:17 A lot has been said so far about the traffic and parking

08:10:20 congestion.

08:10:22 I would like to agree with that wholeheartedly.

08:10:25 We just feel that queuing is, as people said, it's hard to

08:10:30 engage.

08:10:31 We have a four-year-old myself.

08:10:33 And our daughter goes to the united Methodist church day

08:10:39 school with children around the same age.

08:10:46 And they have a few more students or children, probably I

08:10:51 think their number is around 140 at that property.

08:10:56 But their parking capabilities far exceed what they have

08:11:10 with disability.

08:11:13 This is the Palma Ceia united Methodist church.

08:11:20 And this is the parking lot directly across the street.

08:11:23 Still on Bay to Bay.

08:11:25 You can kind of get a feel for the number of parking spots

08:11:27 there.

08:11:30 Quite a few.

08:11:31 And this is the backside of Palma Ceia.

08:11:34 The United Methodist Church.

08:11:37 Can't remember the name of the street over there.

08:11:39 They have another parking lot on that is the side of the

08:11:42 street.

08:11:43 So maybe 50 more students.

08:11:51 They are significantly larger amount of parking valuable for

08:11:54 that you are residents, to the students.

08:11:56 And there's in a queuing, get out, park your car in the

08:12:01 parking lot, unbuckle my child from the car seat, walk her

08:12:05 inside.

08:12:06 You can't imagine to let a four-year-old walk out or three

08:12:12 year old get unbuckled by somebody, into that facility.

08:12:19 As Julie mentioned parking on our street is very limited.

08:12:22 Almost every house has a sung will driveway.

08:12:27 There are no two car garages.

08:12:28 It's all sung will drive-throughway with a carport.

08:12:31 And this gives you a little feel for it.

08:12:36 This is my house right here.

08:12:37 This is typical street parking as you can see, to and a half

08:12:42 Gott up and down the street.

08:12:43 As Julie said, people are going to naturally going to go up

08:12:49 and down Bay to Bay and go around Santiago as they leave, or

08:12:54 possibly be queued around backwards.

08:12:56 And as you mentioned earlier there, was another facility,

08:13:00 another church facility around the corner of Bay to Bay and

08:13:02 Himes that was recently sold, the property, and sold to a

08:13:07 dentist group down the street, who built facilities, and you

08:13:11 can see there's now an entrance into this facility of Himes,

08:13:16 so the traffic pattern, people go Dale Mabry, down Santiago,

08:13:20 and go to this facility, has increased traffic flow already

08:13:23 on our street.

08:13:24 (Bell sounds).

08:13:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you so much.

08:13:28 I appreciate it very much.

08:13:29 Anyone else who has not spoken who would detour speak who

08:13:32 has been sworn in?

08:13:33 Petitioner, you have five minutes for rebuttal.

08:13:37 Ms. Mulhern, I'm sorry.

08:13:38 >> Thank you very much.

08:13:42 Just an observation.

08:13:45 The daycare fa subtle at the church, it is a church.

08:13:48 It does have parking for a church.

08:13:50 That is why it has so much parking.

08:13:53 I would like to note the parking is across the street that

08:13:55 he pointed to, which if we were able to secure the offsite

08:13:59 parking to alleviate some of the concerns about our on-site

08:14:03 capability, that would be addressed, and it would be within

08:14:08 a thousand feet of our facility, which would meet the

08:14:11 standards of off-site parking for staff.

08:14:17 Generally, we do have staff that meet the children at the

08:14:22 car, take them in, so we are not having children running

08:14:27 around up and down Bay to Bay.

08:14:29 I know they have concerns with respect to traffic on their

08:14:34 street.

08:14:35 I can't say that there will not be a car that goes down

08:14:39 their street, but we have to locate on arterials.

08:14:42 We think cannot locate on neighborhood streets.

08:14:44 Streets lake Bay to Bay are the types of streets that

08:14:47 daycare operators, based upon the code, need to be located

08:14:52 on.

08:14:54 So I offer to you that we believe this is would be a good

08:14:58 facility, that if the principle concern to be met by an

08:15:02 off-site parking agreement, we would entertain for

08:15:06 continuance for us to secure that in order to provide for

08:15:10 that additional parking.

08:15:13 And to address that concern of the on-site parking

08:15:18 availability, even though bee do meet the code as required

08:15:22 butt regulations.

08:15:26 I would be happy to be answer any questions.

08:15:28 Sorry it's been so long at the end.

08:15:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

08:15:32 Are you finished with your --

08:15:34 >> Yes, sir.

08:15:35 I'm here to answer any questions.

08:15:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Mulhern.

08:15:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, to me, it just looks like -- it just

08:15:44 doesn't -- you just don't have the space that you need.

08:15:46 I mean, the reason that churches, you know, it's true that

08:15:52 that church has parking, but that's one of the reasons why a

08:15:55 lot of times daycares do end up being in churches or

08:16:03 synagogues, because there is the parking, and instead of,

08:16:07 you know, the parking is filled on Sunday at the church, and

08:16:12 Saturdays the synagogue, so it's open for parents to park

08:16:18 during the week.

08:16:19 So I think you are talking about two residential lots that

08:16:24 weren't built to be daycares schools, and if you can't, you

08:16:29 know, accommodate ---you have got to be able to provide some

08:16:33 parking.

08:16:34 I just don't see how you can accommodate them.

08:16:38 And I don't understand the business model.

08:16:42 I know my preschooler is now in middle school, but I

08:16:47 never -- I don't know too many parents of babies and

08:16:52 toddlers that aren't going to bring their kid into the

08:16:56 daycare in the morning.

08:16:58 And puck them up at night.

08:16:59 Maybe things are different now, but that leads you to having

08:17:04 a problem about the staffing, to have so many kids, 90 kids,

08:17:11 and, you know, 90 parents, 45 parents at best, who don't

08:17:17 have anywhere be to park.

08:17:22 I just don't see it working and being, you know, without the

08:17:26 adverse effects from the traffic.

08:17:28 >> Again, just to state for the record, we meat the parking

08:17:34 requirement of the code.

08:17:35 But we are willing to address the concerns of council with

08:17:41 respect to the having additional parking available for

08:17:46 parents to park, get their kids out, take them in on that

08:17:50 you are own, by securing off-site staff parking.

08:17:54 We have had those conversations already, not in anticipation

08:17:58 of tonight, but just to investigate whether it's available.

08:18:03 There are churches in the area that do have more than

08:18:05 adequate parking that is not used during the week that are

08:18:12 available to us for staff parking, that free up the 13

08:18:16 spaces on-site for that partner drop-off, the partner that

08:18:22 wants to park.

08:18:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's the case how come you didn't do it

08:18:25 before you came here?

08:18:26 >> Because it wasn't a requirement of the code --

08:18:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have been doing this for a long time.

08:18:31 So have you.

08:18:31 You are taking two bites of the apple.

08:18:33 >> No, sir.

08:18:34 I beg to differ.

08:18:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

08:18:39 All right.

08:18:43 Let me ask you, myself included, if I am not here, and

08:18:48 council members, that doesn't mean they aren't aware.

08:18:50 There's television sets back.

08:18:52 They are listening to what's going on.

08:18:54 I just want to put that on the record.

08:18:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, let me ask the petitioner.

08:18:59 Are you willing to continue this to see if you can work out

08:19:02 if part of the agreement with the church and come back?

08:19:12 >> Andrew Webber, petitioner.

08:19:14 The answer is yes.

08:19:14 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

08:19:22 I just wanted to make a couple points clear.

08:19:25 They do meet parking.

08:19:26 So to require them to get additional parking because you

08:19:29 feel that additional parking is necessary, I think you need

08:19:32 to call attention to a couple other things that you are

08:19:35 allowed to look at tonight in special use permit including

08:19:37 the general criteria.

08:19:39 One of them is off-street parking and loading which relates

08:19:41 to more than just having available parking but also loading

08:19:44 issues, peaked and safety convenience, internal traffic

08:19:48 control, et cetera, et cetera, in addition to the control of

08:19:51 potentially adverse effects generally.

08:19:53 So I just want to make it clear that it doesn't look like

08:19:56 you are trying to require them to double their parking

08:19:58 requirements which they have met, but I think that you have

08:20:01 heard through the testimony expressed, some other concerns.

08:20:05 In addition if you would like to quarterback a continuance

08:20:07 to address some of those other effect issues they certainly

08:20:10 have the right to do that.

08:20:14 And if you are able to show to City Council at the next

08:20:18 hearing that they have addressed those loading and other

08:20:21 concerns, that's something, if they want to have an

08:20:24 opportunity to present additional evidence as to that,

08:20:27 that's certainly something you could consider.

08:20:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: I asked a question of the petitioner, are

08:20:34 you agreed --

08:20:36 >> Based upon your concerns to investigate the off-site

08:20:41 parking because we do not want to run afoul of the code.

08:20:43 We realize it's not requiring us to have additional parking.

08:20:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me stop you right there.

08:20:49 It's not required, but we are not addressing the requirement

08:20:51 of the building.

08:20:54 The queuing of the people coming and stacking up.

08:20:56 That's exactly what the attorney said.

08:20:58 And I don't want to get it confused for the record.

08:21:00 You want a perfectly clear record --

08:21:03 >> I know.

08:21:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What she stated.

08:21:05 >> Yes, sir.

08:21:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's what we are talking about.

08:21:07 >> I'm sorry, Mr. Cohen -- I mean, Mr. Reddick.

08:21:13 I butted into your conversation.

08:21:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: No, I'm glad you made that clear, because

08:21:18 that was what the attorney stated.

08:21:20 I just want to make sure it was understood, and you are

08:21:24 willing to in any case request.

08:21:25 >> Yes, we understand.

08:21:26 >> Okay.

08:21:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mrs. Montelione and Mrs. Mulhern.

08:21:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was going to ask for a motion to close

08:21:36 the hearing, sir.

08:21:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, they are asking, I think --

08:21:42 >> I have a question but I'll wait.

08:21:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: One second, please.

08:21:45 Be Mrs. Mulhern.

08:21:46 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

08:21:47 I thought -- thank you for that.

08:21:49 That was what I was referring to, the general standard, the

08:21:54 compatibility and other things.

08:21:56 But safety, general welfare, and all that.

08:22:02 So you are going to have to deal with that.

08:22:05 But don't you usually tell us about the parking?

08:22:12 The thing with the parking leases.

08:22:15 Those are not something that we can enforce, correct?

08:22:22 Especially when we aren't talking about having a waiver for

08:22:25 barking.

08:22:25 >>REBECCA KERT: I would say what we always say in these

08:22:28 cases, that the applicant, typically they are asking for a

08:22:31 parking waiver.

08:22:32 And when they are coming in and they are asking for a

08:22:34 parking waiver, they have the ability to come in and tray to

08:22:36 justify that parking waiver.

08:22:38 What we have told you is that when they come in with these

08:22:41 third-party leases, they don't meet the city's requirements,

08:22:45 and therefore aren't recorded, and don't meet what we

08:22:49 consider to be adequate off-street parking, as to how much

08:22:56 justification you give to those because the city will not be

08:22:58 enforcing that.

08:22:59 They have those leases and they can go away.

08:23:02 In this situation, it is kind of similar, but they do have

08:23:05 the right to come to you and try to justify to you why they

08:23:08 have addressed some of their loading and other issues that

08:23:12 they have.

08:23:14 If you allow them to have a continuance.

08:23:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

08:23:18 So you need to be aware of that, that we aren't all going to

08:23:25 be necessarily associated with parking.

08:23:26 >> Yes.

08:23:27 The particularly parking arrangement we understand there are

08:23:29 requirements in the code that must be met in order to have

08:23:31 an enforceable off-site parking agreement, and we will meet

08:23:35 those to the satisfaction of the --

08:23:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say, I am not trying to

08:23:40 complicate things.

08:23:41 You do meet the parking requirements for the structures.

08:23:45 Period.

08:23:46 What this council is asking, what the attorney is asking, is

08:23:49 on the drop-off, so that it is up to you to come back with a

08:23:54 plan that would address that issue of the dropping off and

08:23:58 how you are going to secure it with an off-parking location.

08:24:04 And we are not talking about the 12 parking spacing that you

08:24:06 now have and meet of the eleven directors and one

08:24:09 supervisor.

08:24:10 We are talking of those 90 students of which shall are from

08:24:14 45 cars to as many as 70 or 80 cars.

08:24:18 That's what we are talking about.

08:24:19 >> Yes, sir.

08:24:20 Understood.

08:24:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's a busy thoroughfare through the city

08:24:25 and we don't want to back up and one of the neighbors said

08:24:31 there was two or three accidents at the corner of Himes.

08:24:33 I can't use that for your case.

08:24:35 But I can say that it does happen in that vicinity .

08:24:39 >> Yes, sir.

08:24:39 Understood.

08:24:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council, what's the pleasure?

08:24:43 Mr. Cohen?

08:24:44 >>HARRY COHEN: I just want to reiterate my agreement with

08:24:49 what Ms. Mulhern and some of the others have been saying,

08:24:53 and I want to be very clear that for me, the issue here is

08:24:58 less about the parking than it is about the general welfare

08:25:02 of the community.

08:25:03 And my concern that that will be affected by the queuing

08:25:06 plan that is present in the current design.

08:25:12 So when you come back, I would like to see that issue

08:25:16 addressed in a way that will satisfy the concerns that have

08:25:26 been raised here.

08:25:27 >> Understood.

08:25:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And I need a date from someone.

08:25:32 >> June 12th.

08:25:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: In the area and also that the neighbors

08:25:40 are going to be at the time, you will be notified when the

08:25:43 hearing is going to be held.

08:25:46 I can't go back, I'm sorry.

08:25:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: If the petitioner agrees, June 12th, would

08:25:59 that be enough time?

08:26:01 >> Yes.

08:26:02 June 12th is fine.

08:26:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Then I move --

08:26:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We close the hearing.

08:26:10 We are going to continue it till June 12th.

08:26:13 At 6:00 p.m., the year 2014.

08:26:15 Is that advisable, is that acceptable, petitioner?

08:26:18 >> Yes, it is.

08:26:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That request for June 12th at 6:00 p.m.

08:26:23 I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

08:26:24 I have a second by Mr. Suarez that that this be continued to

08:26:28 June 12th at 6:00 p.m.

08:26:30 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:26:33 Opposed nay. The ayes have it unanimously.

08:26:35 Thank you very much. Okay.

08:26:41 I need a motion to receive and file.

08:26:44 Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr. Cohen.

08:26:47 Discussion by council members? All in favor?

08:26:49 Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

08:26:51 Yes, ma'am.

08:26:57 We continued it.

08:26:57 We didn't close the hearing.

08:26:59 We continued it.

08:27:04 It gets a little complicated.

08:27:07 No problem.

08:27:08 Any information reports?

08:27:09 Mr. Suarez, right to left.

08:27:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, sir.

08:27:11 I have given to all of my colleagues a letter that was

08:27:15 drafted in support of the Jewish community center's project

08:27:21 at the armory.

08:27:22 Asking for approval of that letter in order to send to the

08:27:26 governor.

08:27:26 We need to send it tonight as requested by the Executive

08:27:30 Director of the JCC.

08:27:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Suarez, I already sent mine through

08:27:37 e-mail.

08:27:38 May I offer a substitute motion in preparing a resolution?

08:27:43 I had Mr. Shelby prepare a resolution, and it's very simple,

08:27:47 it states the same things that are in the letter that we all

08:27:50 received that are in the letter that you had offered.

08:27:54 I asked -- Mr. Shelby has copies for everybody?

08:28:01 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I am going to top that with a double

08:28:03 resolution.

08:28:04 This is a discussion that I had with Mr. Shelby

08:28:06 concerning -- hang on -- and, you know, he had said that he

08:28:09 had not worked on the resolution.

08:28:11 He started to do it.

08:28:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This is the second time I sat at his

08:28:16 desk because we can't talk to each other.

08:28:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I know.

08:28:19 So we had the letter prepared.

08:28:21 We had brought it up.

08:28:23 I don't know of the resolution but the strength of the

08:28:27 resolution in terms of what we are doing, half a dozen on

08:28:31 one, six on another.

08:28:33 If I could ask Mr. Shelby the question first.

08:28:39 The question that I am asking.

08:28:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The maker of the motion, which should be

08:28:46 best?

08:28:47 >> what is best is council's decision.

08:28:49 Ultimately a resolution is more formal, and sometimes it's

08:28:55 sent with a cover letter, but in terms of official action of

08:28:58 council, your motion to send a letter is an official action

08:29:04 that results in a letter.

08:29:05 This is a resolution which is part of the record.

08:29:08 That's it.

08:29:09 That's the difference.

08:29:09 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Again I mentioned that to Mr. Shelby about a

08:29:13 cover letter, and what was done at the time when I had

08:29:18 discussed it, if fab that included the resolution.

08:29:21 So if it's the pleasure of council, I put the motion up.

08:29:24 Aid second.

08:29:25 We can go forward based on that.

08:29:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I think he was first.

08:29:32 >>HARRY COHEN: The request made was for letter on

08:29:35 letterhead.

08:29:35 That's what they asked for.

08:29:36 So that's what I think we should do.

08:29:38 I mean, that's all.

08:29:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It makes in a difference asking me for a

08:29:49 penny or nickel.

08:29:51 Five pennies equal one nickel.

08:29:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I had corresponded with Mr. Ross.

08:29:57 I asked for a resolution of that motion.

08:29:59 And he said, that's great.

08:30:02 So it doesn't matter.

08:30:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can, council, I want to apologize.

08:30:07 The sunshine law being what it is, I can't act as a conduit.

08:30:11 And also, the policy normally is that a resolution is not

08:30:18 prepared except upon a vote of council and come back the

08:30:23 following week.

08:30:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

08:30:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Being presented to me time is of the

08:30:29 essence and next week will be too late, I made the choice in

08:30:33 conversation with Councilwoman Montelione to do so, if

08:30:36 council wishes.

08:30:37 But I apologize.

08:30:40 >>YOLIE CAPIN: Thank you for that, because it was very,

08:30:43 very emphatic by this council that we were not to bring

08:30:45 resolutions unless they were a week in advance, and it was

08:30:50 brought up when I brought a resolution to be City Council.

08:30:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

08:30:56 Which one?

08:30:57 There's three of them.

08:30:58 [ Laughter ]

08:31:00 I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, a second by Mr. Cohen.

08:31:03 Mr. Reddick to send a letter.

08:31:05 All in favor of that motion?

08:31:07 Opposed?

08:31:07 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:31:08 Anything else, Mr. Suarez?

08:31:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No.

08:31:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I need to move to ratify a commendation to

08:31:17 Chad Alexander Wayne on obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

08:31:21 >> A motion by Mrs. Capin.

08:31:23 Second by Mr. Suarez.

08:31:24 Further discussion by council members?

08:31:26 All in favor of the motion?

08:31:28 Opposed?

08:31:28 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:31:29 Anything else, Mrs. Capin?

08:31:31 Thank you.

08:31:31 Mr. Reddick?

08:31:33 Mrs. Mulhern? Mr. Cohen?

08:31:35 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Chair, I had made a motion recently to

08:31:39 ask our tax collector Doug Beldon to appear to receive a

08:31:43 commendation in honor of receiving the Ellsworth Simmons

08:31:46 Good Government Award.

08:31:48 He responded that he is available May 22nd at 9:00 a.m.

08:31:51 I would like to ask for council that we give him that

08:31:54 commendation.

08:31:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by

08:31:57 Mrs. Capin.

08:31:58 Further discussion by council members?

08:31:59 All in favor?

08:32:01 Opposed?

08:32:01 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:32:02 Anything else, sir?

08:32:04 Mrs. Montelione?

08:32:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You know all those nights where you were

08:32:08 happy I had nothing to say?

08:32:10 I am making up for it tonight.

08:32:14 So the first things I would like to ask is for a motion for

08:32:17 council's approval to use the city seal to appear on this

08:32:22 flyer.

08:32:23 I'm hosting an event in conjunction with the Sheriff's

08:32:28 Department, the Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative, the

08:32:32 James A. Haley Veterans Hospital, and the City of Tampa

08:32:35 Police Department, and I would like to say it is a homeless

08:32:41 veterans event on May 22nd.

08:32:43 >> Second.

08:32:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

08:32:46 Further discussion by council members?

08:32:47 All in favor?

08:32:48 Opposed?

08:32:48 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:32:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

08:32:51 I also like to ask for council for approval for commendation

08:32:56 honoring the fact that May is bicycle month, and to honor

08:33:02 our transportation staff who has worked diligently on the

08:33:07 Tampa walk-bike plan phases 1, 2 and 3.

08:33:12 That would be Jean Duncan, Calvin Thornton, Nina Mabilleau

08:33:15 and Milton Martinez.

08:33:17 And that date to be coordinated with their schedule.

08:33:20 >> Second.

08:33:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

08:33:23 Further discussion by council members?

08:33:24 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:33:26 Opposed nay.

08:33:27 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:33:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would also ask council for approval to

08:33:33 ask Ms. Willis and Chief Tom Forward and Mrs. Ali Glisson to

08:33:40 appear before us on May 15th to discuss the alert Tampa

08:33:44 system, and how the system works, who is responsible for

08:33:49 notices, and how we can be prepared for the next storm

08:33:55 event.

08:33:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Is that under staff reports?

08:33:58 >> That would be under staff reports, yes, sir, May

08:34:00 15th.

08:34:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr.

08:34:05 Cohen on a close vote with Mr. Suarez.

08:34:09 Motion passes unanimously.

08:34:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And finally, I would ask that the public

08:34:14 works division, Mr. Irv Lee, Al Hoel, Mr. Mike Herr,

08:34:19 stormwater engineering, Alex Awad, and the finance and

08:34:22 budget in the persons of Sonya Little and Mike Perry, appear

08:34:29 to discuss the recent flooding events, what our stormwater

08:34:35 capital projects are planned, and what we need to do to

08:34:40 perhaps prevent or minimize the flooding in the areas that

08:34:44 we had people under water.

08:34:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

08:34:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry, that would be June 5th

08:34:53 under staff reports.

08:34:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

08:34:56 Further discussion by council members?

08:34:57 All in favor?

08:34:59 Opposed?

08:34:59 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:35:00 Anything else?

08:35:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's it.

08:35:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:35:03 I just want to make a little public service announcement.

08:35:06 The University of Tampa finished the baseball season at 47

08:35:10 wins and two losses.

08:35:12 And no one has ever done that, that I know of in college

08:35:15 ball.

08:35:17 It might have but I don't know about it.

08:35:19 And if you count three wins in Cuba, they are 50 and 2.

08:35:23 So anyone in the audience, all of ultimate 512 people care

08:35:26 to come up at one time?

08:35:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I want to wish my colleagues a happy

08:35:32 Mother's Day and all the people celebrating Mother's Day

08:35:34 this weekend, make sure to take your mom out to a nice

08:35:38 breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever it may be.

08:35:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:35:41 We stand adjourned.

08:35:46 (Thereupon, the meeting adjourned.)



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