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Thursday, June 12, 2014

9:30 a.m.

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09:07:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.
09:07:12 We will call the Community Redevelopment Agency
09:07:16 meeting to order.
09:07:17 And would yield to Councilman Cohen.
09:07:27 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.
09:07:28 Our guest this morning to give the invocation is
09:07:31 no stranger to this Council.
09:07:33 Pastor Essie Sims, Jr., senior pastor of Telling
09:07:37 the Truth Ministries and an eight-year employee of
09:07:39 the City of Tampa parks and recreation department.
09:07:42 Is the chair of both the East Tampa Community
09:07:43 Advisory Committee and the East Tampa Community
09:07:46 Revitalization Partnership.

09:07:48 Please join him for the invocation and also rise
09:07:52 for the Pledge of Allegiance.
09:07:53 >> Good morning.
09:07:55 It's always a pleasure and honor to stand before
09:07:58 God's people and give an invocation.
09:08:01 Father, most holy and high, we don't want to come
09:08:03 before your presentation rushing without saying
09:08:06 thank you.
09:08:06 We thank you for another blessed day you've
09:08:08 allowed us to be a part of here today.
09:08:11 We pray your special blessing upon this agency
09:08:14 right now and each one of the members that
09:08:15 represent our city, Lord God, as they deliberate
09:08:18 the issues of our communities.
09:08:20 That Father you will give them the wisdom from
09:08:23 above, knowledge from above and the understanding
09:08:25 from above to make prudent decisions that will
09:08:28 benefit the masses of the East Tampa as a whole.
09:08:32 We pray continually for Bob McDonaugh and his
09:08:35 staff as they work closely with our neighborhoods,
09:08:38 as they work with each other and with the presence
09:08:40 of those communities, that we continue to uplift
09:08:44 East Tampa and Lord we just pray that you will
09:08:46 just continue to guide our parks, give us the
09:08:48 wisdom, O God, that will please you at the end of

09:08:52 the day and after everything's been said and done,
09:08:54 that you will get all the glory, get all the
09:08:56 praise and get all the honor.
09:08:59 It's in Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
09:09:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Roll call.
09:09:20 [Roll Call]
09:09:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:09:27 [Inaudible, no mic]
09:09:31 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
09:09:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
09:09:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, Mr. Bob.
09:09:39 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Good morning, Council, Bob
09:09:40 McDonaugh, economic development.
09:09:42 As is our custom, we are honored with the presence
09:09:45 of one of the presidents of the CAC to give a
09:09:47 report on activities within their area.
09:09:50 And this week, or this month rather, it is someone
09:09:53 from the Drew Park and Mr. Humberto Garcia will be
09:09:57 addressing us.
09:09:58 >> Good morning.
09:10:04 The Grady Avenue project has been completed.
09:10:17 It really looks great.
09:10:18 We have had a lot of compliments.
09:10:23 And it shows real well in the city.

09:10:25 At the advisory committee, we have been toying
09:10:31 with the idea we feel that maybe we need to do
09:10:33 something about Grady in terms of maybe four-way
09:10:37 stop signs.
09:10:39 It was taken up in front of transportation
09:10:41 division and they said that we didn't meet the
09:10:44 standards for that.
09:10:45 I just hope that the standards doesn't include a
09:10:49 bunch of accidents.
09:10:50 We think that if we could do it before hand, might
09:10:53 would work.
09:10:53 Lois Avenue is progressing, looks like it's going
09:11:02 to be just like Grady, is going to be a great
09:11:06 addition to Drew Park.
09:11:07 The intersection of Lois and MLK will be closed
09:11:16 for another month.
09:11:17 The project is on track for completion on
09:11:19 July 2015.
09:11:21 The final design and selection materials for the
09:11:28 markers, for community markers has been completed.
09:11:34 And it will depict the aviation history and
09:11:37 destination of Drew Park.
09:11:39 Hillsborough Community College is beginning
09:11:46 negotiation with the Westshore Alliance and the
09:11:48 partners for the amateur sports complex on Dale

09:11:51 Mabry campus.
09:11:52 I don't know how far along this is, but that's
09:11:55 what we get.
09:11:58 Facade program has so far been approved for where
09:12:03 the city has spent $320,409, which has leveraged
09:12:08 $633,000 in private investors.
09:12:11 So that represents close to a million dollars in
09:12:16 aesthetic improvements of the buildings in Drew
09:12:17 Park.
09:12:18 With the improvement that's gone on in Grady, a
09:12:27 lot of people that have now looking at this
09:12:30 program that maybe get involved with.
09:12:32 I think that's going to be great.
09:12:35 Crime prevention, Tampa Police Department is
09:12:44 continuing the operations of enforcing compliance
09:12:48 with city codes with adult uses.
09:12:50 And we hope that that continues.
09:12:52 Now with Lois kind of open and having stop signs,
09:13:02 maybe little more vigilance should be placed on
09:13:06 that.
09:13:06 A lot of people that travel Lois up to now are not
09:13:11 used to having a stop sign.
09:13:12 So, they just fly right by and again, we don't
09:13:16 want accidents to show us the way.
09:13:19 This is really all I have for this.

09:13:24 But if I may, I want to say something personally.
09:13:27 My tenure as chairman of the advisory committee
09:13:33 will come to an end fairly soon.
09:13:34 So, I probably will not have the honor to address
09:13:38 this body again.
09:13:39 Am I passed the time?
09:13:45 [ Laughter ]
09:13:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You didn't get thrown out.
09:13:50 >> Well, I tried.
09:13:51 But couldn't make it.
09:13:52 With that in mind, I would like to take a moment
09:13:56 to publicly express my gratitude to Jeanette
09:13:58 Fenton, who has, for making participation in this
09:14:02 process very painless and very rewarding.
09:14:04 Addressing this body, representing my neighbors
09:14:09 and friends has given me the opportunity to
09:14:11 proudly participate beyond voting election time in
09:14:15 this great democratic experiment that we live by
09:14:17 and we all hold so dear to our heart.
09:14:19 As an immigrant who has been the recipient of many
09:14:25 of the privileges that our system of government
09:14:27 bestows upon us all, and being very much aware of
09:14:30 the corresponding responsibilities that comes with
09:14:33 it, I hope that in some small way my participation
09:14:36 in the advisory committee represents the gratitude

09:14:39 that I feel in my heart for the benefits that my
09:14:42 family and I have received from this great
09:14:44 country.
09:14:44 Thank you and God bless America.
09:14:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to thank Mr. Garcia
09:14:54 for his service.
09:14:55 Not that you're leaving us.
09:14:57 I know you're not.
09:14:58 You mentioned Jeanette Fenton's name.
09:15:00 And Mr. Chairman, I didn't know she was so close
09:15:03 to Hall of Fame people.
09:15:04 Yesterday, she was hobnobbing with Hall of Famer
09:15:10 Tony La Russa out there at the park.
09:15:12 There's a witness.
09:15:13 I saw it.
09:15:14 And I looked at him, he looked at me, said, I just
09:15:17 want to speak to her.
09:15:18 [ Laughter ]
09:15:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And he spoke.
09:15:20 I had to leave.
09:15:21 In front of 17,000 people he just told me bye.
09:15:27 [ Laughter ]
09:15:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, you can't win them all,
09:15:32 chair.
09:15:33 >> Thank you very much.

09:15:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
09:15:38 Mr. Garcia, I'm sorry -- the gratitude is ours.
09:15:44 Gratitude is ours and your service and your
09:15:48 volunteerism for your neighborhood.
09:15:50 And for the City of Tampa.
09:15:52 So thank you very much.
09:15:53 >> My pleasure.
09:15:54 Thank you very much.
09:15:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
09:15:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
09:15:58 Mr. Garcia, don't leave.
09:15:59 For somebody who wanted to say how grateful they
09:16:02 were, you want to get off the stage pretty quick.
09:16:04 We like having you here.
09:16:05 Listen, we do want to thank you.
09:16:07 The city, with all our advisory committees, all of
09:16:11 our citizen, you know, boards, it's very
09:16:15 gratifying to know that someone enjoyed their time
09:16:18 on a citizen advisory board.
09:16:19 And I will tell you that it's not an easy job.
09:16:22 I spoke to a school group a couple weeks ago and I
09:16:25 told them that if you don't get involved, you
09:16:27 become invisible to people.
09:16:28 And you being on this board, you said it very
09:16:32 succinctly, which is this is a great experience

09:16:35 about democracy.
09:16:36 It has to have participation in order for it to
09:16:39 work.
09:16:39 And you are a great example of that.
09:16:40 We really appreciate your help.
09:16:42 Now, I have a question for you.
09:16:43 That was a fun part.
09:16:45 Now let me ask you a question.
09:16:46 About -- this is going to be an easy question.
09:16:48 The markers along Dale Mabry, what has DOT said in
09:16:52 terms of timeframe?
09:16:54 If anything?
09:16:56 >> I don't think that I have any answer for that.
09:17:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: You're supposed to blame Jeanette
09:17:02 when you don't know the answer.
09:17:04 [ Laughter ]
09:17:05 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's what we do here on Council.
09:17:07 >> I can't thank her and blame her.
09:17:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We blame the staff all the time.
09:17:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's done here all the time.
09:17:13 We thank them and blame them at the same time.
09:17:15 [ Laughter ]
09:17:17 >> DOT, you know, it's nothing that we can even
09:17:22 predict.
09:17:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, we know that too.

09:17:24 Don't feel bad about it.
09:17:25 I was just curious.
09:17:27 >> So the application is being prepared for their
09:17:29 approval.
09:17:30 That's where we are.
09:17:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I see the Hall of Famer there in
09:17:34 the crowd.
09:17:34 She is going to come and tell us something.
09:17:36 You know, when you hobnob with Hall of Famers,
09:17:39 sometimes you get a little big headed and forget
09:17:42 what you're supposed to do in the morning session
09:17:44 after being with some Hall of Famers.
09:17:46 Ms. Fenton, what is the analysis of the DOT
09:17:49 timeframe?
09:17:50 >> Good morning, Jeanette La Russa Fenton.
09:17:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Now you say La Russa Fenton.
09:17:56 You didn't say that.
09:17:58 >> Still on cloud nine from last night.
09:18:00 Mr. La Russa was very gracious to pose with my
09:18:02 family and I.
09:18:03 Yes, the application to FDOT is being prepared.
09:18:08 We will present it to them in draft form probably
09:18:11 within the next couple of weeks.
09:18:12 Because it actually gets turned into an agreement,
09:18:15 which will come before you.

09:18:16 So, we want to make sure they're already in
09:18:19 agreement and fully approved of it before we bring
09:18:22 it to you.
09:18:22 And then I don't -- I'm being optimistic.
09:18:26 I think once we submit the application, I'm hoping
09:18:31 within a couple of months we would get some kind.
09:18:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The application is for the final
09:18:36 design for the markers?
09:18:38 No problems with the reflective nature about the
09:18:40 markers?
09:18:41 >> Right.
09:18:42 We have now the final design and the materials
09:18:43 and -- it's everything.
09:18:45 All the finished product that we can go to bid
09:18:48 with once they approve it and once you approve it.
09:18:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Ms. Fenton.
09:18:53 Thank you, Mr. Garcia, again.
09:18:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anything else, Mr. Garcia?
09:18:58 Anything else?
09:18:59 >> No I'm fine.
09:19:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you for your service.
09:19:02 All right.
09:19:02 Number two.
09:19:06 >> Good morning, Bob McDonaugh again.
09:19:08 I think that, I don't think anybody has said it

09:19:13 more succinctly and so accurately.
09:19:17 The power of having these neighborhood people
09:19:19 involved in directing funding and activities in
09:19:22 their neighborhood.
09:19:23 And it's a very powerful part of what we do.
09:19:26 Just talking about some of the activities here.
09:19:31 Ybor City, Hillsborough County is working with
09:19:36 YCDC, locating their entrepreneur collaboration
09:19:41 center in Ybor City, which includes their SBIC.
09:19:44 They'll be leasing somewhere between 8 and 10,000
09:19:47 square feet.
09:19:47 And working with a lot of those techy companies
09:19:50 that are looking in Ybor City.
09:19:51 So, it's a very positive assistance by
09:19:55 Hillsborough County in that effort.
09:19:56 I met with the recent owners of three properties
09:20:01 in Ybor last week.
09:20:02 One of which is the Oliva building.
09:20:07 They are planning on building some residential.
09:20:10 Converting several buildings that have either sat
09:20:13 vacant or have been underutilized over the last
09:20:16 few years.
09:20:17 And again, it's a welcome investment in the
09:20:20 community and what was interesting to me is that
09:20:23 these are local folks that are talking about

09:20:26 long-term investment.
09:20:27 And owning and maintaining.
09:20:29 And again, I think it's another step in the right
09:20:33 direction for Ybor City.
09:20:34 We hopefully will, in the not too distant future
09:20:37 will see Ashley furniture taking a bigger presence
09:20:40 in Ybor.
09:20:41 They are an investor in the Centro Ybor and have
09:20:45 talked about moving some office in there.
09:20:47 So we should be seeing something around there, in
09:20:49 the not too distant future.
09:20:51 In the channel district, Michael and his board and
09:20:55 some of the local residents took a walking tour,
09:20:57 soliciting ideas for this year's budget, some
09:21:00 things that might be done temporary fixes while
09:21:03 waiting for long-term fixes.
09:21:08 We have had recent noise complaints about the
09:21:11 construction of SkyHouse.
09:21:12 We reached out to the contractor.
09:21:14 He has offered to meet with the person who's
09:21:18 acting as the central point for that.
09:21:20 They got pushed back with some of their work with
09:21:23 the rain and they're meeting with -- excuse me.
09:21:26 Their folks have noise meters.
09:21:27 The police are coming by to check.

09:21:29 And they're meeting with the residents.
09:21:31 So, hopefully a dialogue was able to address some
09:21:34 of these issues.
09:21:42 >> Mr. McDonaugh, I think we all were copied on
09:21:45 the e-mails from the resident in Channelside.
09:21:48 And the concern about the noise meters, what he
09:21:50 raised was that taking the levels of sound at
09:21:56 ground level is different than taking the levels
09:22:01 of where, you know, the, his condo is.
09:22:05 I'm not sure on what floor.
09:22:07 But, with the, you know, you might get one reading
09:22:10 at ground level and you might get a different
09:22:12 reading you know at the really vacation.
09:22:15 >>MR. McDONAUGH: They're taking noise readings at
09:22:17 the level where the work is being performed.
09:22:19 Up on the third level.
09:22:21 Actually, they're on the fourth floor right now.
09:22:23 And one of the things that their contractor points
09:22:26 out is by July 4th, the work will actually be
09:22:29 above any of the residents' levels and hopefully
09:22:32 they're going to start skin the building.
09:22:35 And their work will be above any of the windows of
09:22:38 the local residents.
09:22:39 So hopefully that will also help with the noise
09:22:42 abatement issues that we have.

09:22:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Arrangements could be made to
09:22:47 take the meter readings at the level of the
09:22:51 generality's condo or some of the other residents.
09:22:53 So -- that might prove out to be different than
09:22:59 where they currently taking the readings.
09:23:01 Just a though.
09:23:03 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Okay.
09:23:03 On the 24th, if you recall, there was a request --
09:23:12 excuse me.
09:23:12 To have the port authority's consultants here to
09:23:19 address the board today.
09:23:21 And they asked if they could wait until after they
09:23:24 met with the general populous, so they can come
09:23:28 back with a little more educated presentation to
09:23:31 this board.
09:23:32 And so they'll be coming back next month to do a
09:23:35 presentation on some of the information that
09:23:37 they've gotten.
09:23:38 And the public is invited to a meeting at the
09:23:41 history center on the 24th.
09:23:43 Between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.
09:23:46 Again, to solicit -- open for that long a period
09:23:50 of time because sometimes people have difficulty
09:23:52 getting there right after work or maybe they work
09:23:54 at nights.

09:23:55 And so it's an opportunity for people to come and
09:23:59 talk about what they'd like to see in the port's
09:24:02 property.
09:24:02 Eye need a motion for continuance on this.
09:24:06 >> So moved.
09:24:07 >> Second.
09:24:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
09:24:08 Motion from Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mr. Suarez.
09:24:12 Any discussion of the motion?
09:24:13 All those in favors say aye.
09:24:15 Opposed in.
09:24:16 All right.
09:24:17 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Following the master plan for the
09:24:19 community, we are beginning improvements on
09:24:22 Madison street and they will begin at the end of
09:24:25 this month.
09:24:25 And that is including the burying of power lines
09:24:30 association streetscape improvements and adding
09:24:32 some more sidewalks to that area.
09:24:34 In Drew Park, you heard from Mr. Garcia about some
09:24:39 of what's going on there.
09:24:40 One thing he did not mention is that they are
09:24:43 working right now with HART for the location and
09:24:46 design of more bus shade structures.
09:24:49 So that people there to use buses in Drew Park.

09:24:52 East Tampa, there is a hurricane expo at the
09:24:56 34th street NFL center.
09:25:00 And is a that's on July 19th.
09:25:02 And that is sponsored by the East Tampa
09:25:06 partnership and our emergency response people here
09:25:08 in the City of Tampa.
09:25:10 Again, hurricane season is upon us.
09:25:13 We recently in our city newsletter sent out a link
09:25:17 to the state, which is a checklist for small
09:25:20 businesses to make sure that they have these,
09:25:24 certain documents set aside so in case there is a
09:25:26 storm they can bundle them up and will have them
09:25:29 after the storm.
09:25:29 It's an important record keeping thing that people
09:25:32 really need to be aware of.
09:25:33 Central Park, you had requested a meeting in
09:25:37 Central Park.
09:25:38 And we have worked with the various aides and
09:25:41 right now, there is a tentative meeting set up for
09:25:45 Central Park on August 26th from 6:00 to 7:30.
09:25:50 And that is at the Ella --
09:25:55 >>HARRY COHEN: So, our offices were surveyed about
09:25:58 what dates we were available.
09:25:59 And five of us said August 26th.
09:26:02 I did not.

09:26:02 I want to tell everyone why.
09:26:04 That is the election day for judges and school
09:26:08 board members.
09:26:10 And not only will there be lots of events going on
09:26:14 around that, but, I just -- I think with the
09:26:19 returns coming in that night, all the primaries
09:26:22 are going to be that night.
09:26:23 I didn't know if everyone realized that was the
09:26:25 same night.
09:26:26 And I just didn't think that that was really the
09:26:28 best night to have this type of a meeting.
09:26:30 And that's why I did not think that was a good
09:26:33 idea.
09:26:34 So, I just want to let everyone know that.
09:26:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Basically what he's telling you,
09:26:39 he's going to be at one of those.
09:26:41 [ Laughter ]
09:26:42 >>HARRY COHEN: I just thought, given all the
09:26:43 different option that is we have, why we would
09:26:45 pick that particular night so far in advance.
09:26:48 It just didn't seem like...
09:26:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else want to comment?
09:26:57 >>HARRY COHEN: I think they surveyed us.
09:27:00 So there may be another night that we were
09:27:02 available.

09:27:03 >> If it's' Council's pleasure, I'd be glad to go
09:27:06 back out and see if we have an alternative date.
09:27:09 We'll start on that today.
09:27:10 Absolutely.
09:27:10 But Tampa housing authority is more than happy to
09:27:13 host this there.
09:27:14 And they'll also be there to give an update on
09:27:17 what's going on with their community.
09:27:18 Because they'll have, the end of this month, early
09:27:21 July, they'll have a grand opening for one of
09:27:24 their other buildings as well.
09:27:26 That concludes my report.
09:27:27 Any questions?
09:27:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
09:27:32 Public comments?
09:27:34 Anyone wishing to speak at this time, you have
09:27:38 three minutes.
09:27:39 Need to come forward.
09:27:41 All right.
09:27:56 Ain't got all day now.
09:27:58 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman and other members of
09:28:07 the Community Redevelopment Agency.
09:28:09 I'm a fan of the Community Redevelopment Agency
09:28:18 because I take a look at not only the activity
09:28:22 going on in my own individual redevelopment area.

09:28:28 I like the broad view of really what's going on.
09:28:33 And there's a lot going on.
09:28:35 Mr. Chairman, I'm a little puzzled about a couple
09:28:41 of things that the -- I'm sure maybe the agency is
09:28:46 aware of and that is the implication that it
09:28:53 seemed to have reflected that the leadership of
09:28:59 the East Tampa redevelopment area is very limited.
09:29:09 To the extent that we have to make exception
09:29:15 before the opportunity for others to demonstrate
09:29:24 their leadership capability.
09:29:27 And I'm even further puzzled by the implication
09:29:33 that the City of Tampa employee can take on the
09:29:41 role of leadership of both the area community
09:29:53 redevelopment and also the two organizations that
09:30:02 supposed to be involved at the community advisory
09:30:08 Council as well as the larger group, the East
09:30:12 Tampa partnership.
09:30:15 Now, maybe someone in, that has wiser vision than
09:30:24 I could see what's going -- what precedent is set,
09:30:32 you know, down the road.
09:30:34 I always feel, I always feel that I can't make a
09:30:40 contribution, you know, to our community
09:30:44 involvement, but by the same token I look at it
09:30:48 this way, you stick your finger in some water, and
09:30:54 if the water stays parted, then you are a power to

09:31:00 be.
09:31:01 But if it comes back together, then that shows you
09:31:06 how significant you might be.
09:31:08 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:31:24 >> So many things to go over in a short time.
09:31:27 You'll remember I brought one of these in at the
09:31:31 last meeting.
09:31:32 And this is a planning tool I guess you'd say
09:31:35 because it's a traffic improvement tool, which is
09:31:37 what there was some -- there was some fall out--
09:31:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Give us your name first.
09:31:44 State your name.
09:31:45 >> Oh, I'm Ed Tillou.
09:31:47 So anyway, the thing is that, the way turns are
09:31:54 made maybe this could be used.
09:31:55 So I get accolades, so to speak, for opposing the
09:32:02 Mayor on that getting more money for these
09:32:04 intersections.
09:32:05 Okay, this is -- I gave something out about pit
09:32:11 houses.
09:32:11 And some of them are both out of mammoth bones.
09:32:16 And all right, you know, this was in the last ice
09:32:20 age because I feel, there always might be another
09:32:23 one.
09:32:23 In the last ice age, a 800 mammoth.

09:32:29 There was actually -- this is in the central
09:32:32 Ukraine, dating back 15,000 years.
09:32:34 But, there was one in north Tampa and I looked and
09:32:38 had a bronze plaque on the outside and it says
09:32:41 Charles Miranda.
09:32:43 Charles Miranda county commissioner.
09:32:48 So, maybe he could go back there because that
09:32:50 place is now jammed and needs cleaning up.
09:32:55 But if a lady from here has health problems,
09:32:58 that's unfortunate and she might not want to take
09:33:00 that on.
09:33:01 But in any case, movie Hercules will be out soon.
09:33:05 He routed a river through.
09:33:07 So you could route the Hillsborough River through
09:33:10 the county commission.
09:33:11 So, I gave something out about alum because again,
09:33:15 things I tried to say, the alternative, that
09:33:18 probably doesn't cause Alzheimer's.
09:33:20 But, it would cost about $10.
09:33:23 Then later I thought $5 a month more on the water
09:33:26 bills.
09:33:27 Well, I think that's a very important question
09:33:30 that should be put to referendum.
09:33:31 Whether people want to be consuming alum.
09:33:35 Aluminum in the form of alum.

09:33:38 This is about a planning consideration -- I don't
09:33:41 know how to make this go down.
09:33:42 But I don't have time.
09:33:44 Oh, here it is.
09:33:46 Anyway, thing is I included this because Tampa
09:33:50 fundamentally is based on tourism.
09:33:53 And yet sycophants come here and say this is a
09:33:58 progressive administration.
09:33:59 I don't think that's progressive.
09:34:00 I mean a progressive administration would say hey,
09:34:02 we have got a serious problem with the roads,
09:34:05 emergency calls to Dick Greco, it would say that
09:34:09 we have got an emergency problem with respect to
09:34:11 transportation, an emergency call to Ed Turanchik
09:34:17 and bring them on board.
09:34:18 That would be a progressive administration.
09:34:20 Unfortunately, we have the same old, same old, oh,
09:34:23 we built another hotel and another hotel and
09:34:25 another hotel.
09:34:26 Well, thing is a lot of people can't afford
09:34:29 tourism any more because more and more of the is
09:34:32 being wealth is being concentrated in a few greedy
09:34:36 hands.
09:34:37 And this is what that cartoon is about.
09:34:39 It's asking the recession hit Tampa harder than

09:34:42 most big cities?
09:34:43 Well, when you have tourism and everybody, nobody
09:34:46 has money to be a tourist.
09:34:49 And noise might be contributing to this.
09:34:52 And I don't mean static source noise.
09:34:57 I mean vehicles.
09:34:58 So, that's got to get --
09:35:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.
09:35:01 >> Michael Barnes, East Tampa resident.
09:35:15 I'm here today to talk about CAC in East Tampa.
09:35:20 The first time the president and the
09:35:29 vice-president is being, their terms are being
09:35:31 extended.
09:35:31 Something that has never happened.
09:35:33 After you serve your term, you're out and you
09:35:36 become an ex-officio.
09:35:38 This is a city employee.
09:35:40 Once again, which I think is basically a conflict
09:35:44 of interest because now we have all city employees
09:35:49 running East Tampa partnership.
09:35:54 Now, this happens all because of whoever is in
09:36:01 office at the time, you, this attorney sit here
09:36:07 and told you, we are different.
09:36:09 We're not the same.
09:36:10 You didn't stop until you prodded him and prodded

09:36:16 him until he says okay, if they want to come under
09:36:19 the CRA policy.
09:36:20 We didn't have to come up under CRA.
09:36:22 We were a community-based group.
09:36:24 Now, it's a city-ran program.
09:36:27 Big difference.
09:36:31 Big difference.
09:36:32 You've taken -- the city has come here -- I have
09:36:35 never, never seen the city take a community
09:36:41 organization and chose their bylaws.
09:36:44 And make them do what the city wants them to do.
09:36:47 Now, I have seen you guys operate and once you
09:36:52 found something is wrong, you have the wisdom and
09:36:54 abilities to change it.
09:36:56 I believe that you should put East Tampa community
09:37:02 group back to where it was, where the community
09:37:07 controls it, not the city.
09:37:10 Now, that's just my opinion.
09:37:12 You do what you want to do.
09:37:13 Once again, the roundabout, you spent millions of
09:37:18 dollars, paid three or four times the amount for
09:37:21 some guy's property, and now Mr. Reddick and
09:37:24 others have come down and stopped DOT from making
09:37:28 this roundabout work.
09:37:29 Who's going to be responsible for all of this

09:37:33 money being spent?
09:37:35 Who's going to be responsible?
09:37:36 Who's going to stand up and say something about
09:37:38 it?
09:37:38 We don't have a million dollars just to waste.
09:37:43 The roundabout where it sits now, it serves no
09:37:47 purpose whatsoever.
09:37:49 It's a traffic calming device.
09:37:53 DOT removed the stop signs so it could work.
09:37:56 Then other political leaders come in and say oh,
09:38:02 the community wants to hold this box, a relic of
09:38:07 something.
09:38:07 Put it back.
09:38:08 So they bowed to political pressure.
09:38:11 That was wrong.
09:38:12 I think this body should pass an ordinance that no
09:38:17 community, no group, no race or anybody should be
09:38:21 able to approach DOT within the city limits
09:38:24 because it is a state roadway.
09:38:27 They should -- no community, no race or anybody
09:38:31 should be able to decide what DOT has done.
09:38:35 They're the engineers.
09:38:36 They're the one that is put the stuff together.
09:38:39 And then we sit here and we design their roads?
09:38:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, we thank you for your

09:38:44 comments.
09:38:44 Your time has expired.
09:38:47 Mr. Reel, since your name was mentioned, you want
09:38:51 to make any comments?
09:38:52 >> Not really.
09:38:54 Only comment was [Inaudible] was proper, their
09:38:58 bylaws were proper.
09:39:00 That's all I have to say.
09:39:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
09:39:01 Ms. Mulhern?
09:39:13 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to say that I agree with
09:39:15 both of the speakers about the advisory committee.
09:39:21 That the bylaws should be determined by the
09:39:24 committee.
09:39:24 I'm not sure exactly what the problem with that
09:39:27 was.
09:39:27 But I also agree, although I have a lot of respect
09:39:31 and admiration for Mr. Sims, I do believe that it
09:39:36 is a conflict of interest for us to have city
09:39:40 employees acting as, on -- as officers of the -- I
09:39:48 don't know if it's called Community Advisory
09:39:49 Committee or citizens advisory committee, but I do
09:39:53 think that the idea was that it would be the
09:39:58 neighborhood input to the board that we were
09:40:03 looking for.

09:40:03 So I'm just saying that -- I don't know if anyone
09:40:06 else agrees with me on that but I think we should
09:40:09 look at it.
09:40:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: It's called Community Advisory
09:40:10 Committee.
09:40:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Community.
09:40:13 And I do agree with the idea that the terms should
09:40:17 be limited as they are.
09:40:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Cohen?
09:40:22 >>HARRY COHEN: You know, I -- just to clarify
09:40:25 something that you said, because I think I might
09:40:27 disagree with you.
09:40:28 I don't think that a person should be prohibited
09:40:32 from serving on a Community Advisory Committee in
09:40:35 their neighborhood, or community where they have
09:40:38 either owned property or have an interest of some
09:40:40 kind, just because they happen to be a city
09:40:42 employee.
09:40:43 I understand the, where -- there might be some
09:40:49 specific rules in terms of how they might
09:40:52 interact.
09:40:53 But I don't think that that should necessarily be
09:40:56 a disqualifying factor, but if someone -- if
09:41:00 there's going to be some analysis done on it, I
09:41:03 certainly will wait to hear what everyone has to

09:41:05 say.
09:41:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Mulhern?
09:41:07 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm not saying they can't
09:41:08 participate or be a member of the committee.
09:41:10 I'm saying they shouldn't be a voting officer of
09:41:14 it.
09:41:14 They have officers, right?
09:41:18 President, I believe.
09:41:20 So, I do think it is considering that we have
09:41:24 given the administration of the CRAs over to the
09:41:30 city, now we have, you know, if you have citizens
09:41:36 advisors that are employed by those same people,
09:41:40 they're not, you know -- difficult for them to not
09:41:45 be swayed by their, you know, employers, in their
09:41:52 decision.
09:41:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Miranda?
09:41:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just feel differently.
09:41:57 Just my feeling that just because you're a city
09:42:00 employee does not prohibit you from voting for
09:42:02 anyone or serving in any capacity that you might
09:42:05 in your neighborhood, does that mean you're a city
09:42:09 employee, you can't vote in an election for the
09:42:11 city?
09:42:11 Of course not.
09:42:12 I'm just using that as a basis that I say that a

09:42:16 city employees are welcome to participate in their
09:42:19 neighborhood.
09:42:20 They're welcome to be part of anything they want,
09:42:22 just like any employee that worked for any
09:42:25 employer, including those that are self-employed
09:42:27 certainly have the right to appear and present
09:42:30 their feelings and put their name on a ballot for
09:42:33 anything else that they so choose.
09:42:35 This is a free and Democratic society.
09:42:37 And I believe that's the way it should stay.
09:42:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
09:42:41 Any other comments?
09:42:42 Mr. Cohen?
09:42:44 >>HARRY COHEN: Just following that.
09:42:45 The comment that was made about DOT, any citizen
09:42:48 has the right to say anything to DOT that they
09:42:49 want about the condition of any road or public
09:42:52 thoroughfare and DOT is going to make whatever
09:42:55 professional determination they think is
09:42:57 appropriate.
09:42:58 So, I don't think anyone's first amendment rights
09:43:01 to give their opinion to the government can be
09:43:06 constrained.
09:43:07 And I think that was part of the statement that
09:43:10 was made.

09:43:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez?
09:43:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, sir.
09:43:13 I agree with everything that's been said about the
09:43:16 participation level of any city employee that's
09:43:18 out there.
09:43:18 The only thing I would do and we may want to
09:43:20 clarify this I think that when you are in direct
09:43:23 line in terms of your job being directly related
09:43:27 to CRA activities, we could probably have some
09:43:30 kind of language put in there so as an example,
09:43:34 Mr. McDonaugh, you know, in his palatial condo
09:43:39 he might live in over in Channelside may not
09:43:42 probably be an officer of the Channelside CRA.
09:43:44 I mean, I think there may be a way that you
09:43:47 clarify that, because there is some conflict of
09:43:50 interest.
09:43:50 And I think that's what you have to look at.
09:43:52 The conflict of interest between what you do for
09:43:54 the city versus what your responsibilities are as
09:43:57 a citizen advisory.
09:43:59 Again, they're going to have an inordinate amount
09:44:02 of say so only because they're in line with what
09:44:05 is going on with the city and the CRA.
09:44:07 So, if we're going to clarify anything, I think
09:44:11 it's a conflict of interest rules more than

09:44:13 participation rules.
09:44:14 So, that's where I would fall down.
09:44:16 I don't know if that's splitting the baby or not,
09:44:18 but it's pretty damn close.
09:44:20 Thank you, chair.
09:44:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Territo, and how this board
09:44:26 feel, is it possible that we get a legal opinion
09:44:30 on the conflict of interest of city employees?
09:44:33 >> You can do that.
09:44:34 You may or may not know.
09:44:35 But any of the people that join any advisory
09:44:38 committees -- first I should say they're advisory.
09:44:40 They have no final say.
09:44:41 That's your decision.
09:44:42 Anyone who serves on the advisory committee is
09:44:46 bound by the ethics code which prohibits them
09:44:50 voting on anything that inures to their personal
09:44:52 benefit.
09:44:52 So if you're an owner in a condominium, using
09:44:55 Mr. Suarez as an example, and that benefits you
09:44:58 specifically, you can't vote on it.
09:44:59 If you want to make that stronger, you certainly
09:45:01 may.
09:45:02 But they are bound by the city and state's ethics
09:45:05 code.

09:45:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think the clarification is, it's
09:45:09 not -- that wouldn't fit my scenario because of
09:45:13 course if you are a employee of the city and
09:45:17 you're also, and you work specifically in
09:45:21 developing CRAs or you know, part of your job is
09:45:24 that and be the president, let's say, of a
09:45:28 community advisory committee, that in and of
09:45:31 itself creates the conflict.
09:45:33 Not necessarily that you benefited directly.
09:45:35 And so I think that opens -- that's too broad.
09:45:40 I think it would have to be narrowed if we were
09:45:42 going to do anything.
09:45:43 Again, I don't foresee that problem happening in
09:45:47 the future, but at the same time I understand the
09:45:48 concern that is some people might have.
09:45:50 Mr. Sims is not in direct, direct line position
09:45:56 concerned with CRAs in the city parks of what he
09:45:59 does.
09:45:59 So, that's where the --
09:46:02 >> I.
09:46:04 >>SAL TERRITO: I understand your concern.
09:46:05 You choose the people to go on these committees
09:46:07 and you wouldn't choose Mr. McDonaugh to be on
09:46:09 that committee if you thought the there was a
09:46:11 conflict.

09:46:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: A lot of reasons we wouldn't choose
09:46:13 Mr. McDonaugh.
09:46:15 [ Laughter ]
09:46:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree.
09:46:18 That would be an awful long list.
09:46:20 [ Laughter ]
09:46:20 I like to asked, since you can't make a motion
09:46:23 right now, Mr. Chairman, I understand the
09:46:25 direction in which you are leaning, and that is to
09:46:28 ask the legal department of the CRA this morning
09:46:31 to ask if the conflict of interest and how it
09:46:34 applies and how it governs.
09:46:36 I also would understand that not only anyone
09:46:39 that's an employee of the city, but anyone that
09:46:42 sits on this board and would have a vested
09:46:44 interest in a piece of property or some other
09:46:47 enterprise within those guidelines certainly has
09:46:50 conflict of interest if he or she were to sit on
09:46:53 those boards and make decisions for benefits of
09:46:56 themselves or family member our anyone else
09:46:58 related to them.
09:46:59 But other than that, I see no reason for it.
09:47:02 But I'm not lawer it might be reasons, it might be
09:47:05 understandings of fact that I'm not comprehending
09:47:10 at this time.

09:47:11 But I missed part of the presentation made by the
09:47:14 gentleman, so whatever statements were made of
09:47:16 him, of accusation that is the legal department
09:47:19 answer those statements in writing to us in a time
09:47:23 fashion of 30 days or so, if that's possible,
09:47:25 Mr. Territo.
09:47:26 I apologize again for not listening to all the
09:47:29 statement because I came in in the middle of it.
09:47:31 But I want clarity, I want the thing to be spelled
09:47:34 out and a right is right and wrong is wrong.
09:47:37 If we need to fix something, we will.
09:47:39 But at this time, I make that motion.
09:47:42 >> Second.
09:47:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion from Mr. Miranda, seconded
09:47:46 by Ms. Mulhern.
09:47:47 Any further discussion on the motion?
09:47:48 All right.
09:47:49 You got the timeframe?
09:47:53 [Inaudible]
09:47:56 >> Clerk has a question.
09:47:58 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chairman, if the motion could
09:48:00 just be formally stated for record.
09:48:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, let me see if I can
09:48:05 remember myself.
09:48:06 Let me rewind my brain.

09:48:08 I stated that first of all the conflict of
09:48:10 interest -- the accusations that were made by the
09:48:12 gentleman here earlier in the day -- Sims?
09:48:21 Mr. Farmer.
09:48:22 And here he is.
09:48:23 I want those clarified by the legal department as
09:48:26 to whatever the statements were.
09:48:28 I apologize to you because I was only in for the
09:48:30 last half, not the first half.
09:48:32 So I want those items to be brought to Mr. Territo
09:48:35 and that he give us back that on the date that
09:48:39 Mr. Cohen made, July 24th in our regular session
09:48:43 or the CRA.
09:48:45 All of them be addressed as to accusations that
09:48:48 were made or the reasons for it.
09:48:50 There's no accusations really, but some clarity of
09:48:53 the facts of the CRA.
09:48:54 And that those be given to us at the July 24th --
09:48:59 whatever the statements were, to be answered to
09:49:01 this board so that clarity can once and for all
09:49:05 settle these issues.
09:49:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
09:49:07 Hearing the motion, any additional discussion?
09:49:12 All those in favor of the motion say aye.
09:49:15 Opposed?

09:49:16 Motion carries.
09:49:17 All right.
09:49:18 Mr. Bob.
09:49:19 >>MR. McDONAUGH: For the board's approval, we have
09:49:21 a facade grant in Drew Park for $5,700 for the
09:49:25 improvements being done on a restaurant in Drew
09:49:27 Park.
09:49:30 >> So moved.
09:49:31 >> Second.
09:49:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by
09:49:34 Mr. Cohen.
09:49:35 Any further discussion?
09:49:37 Or any discussion?
09:49:38 Seeing none, all those in favor say aye.
09:49:40 Opposed?
09:49:42 >>MR. McDONAUGH: We have an alternative date,
09:49:44 August 20th.
09:49:45 The issue is August the 20th was that Mr. Reddick
09:49:47 was not available.
09:49:48 If it suits the board's purpose, we can do it on
09:49:53 August 20th or if you would rather wait to later
09:49:56 date when we can get everybody to do that, we'd be
09:49:58 more than happy to do that.
09:50:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would make the motion -- are
09:50:04 you in the next meeting, after August 20th?

09:50:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
09:50:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen, I hate to refer to
09:50:12 you, but you're the gentleman.
09:50:14 >>HARRY COHEN: He's talking about the special
09:50:16 meeting that we are trying to schedule in Central
09:50:20 Park.
09:50:22 Which is Mr. Reddick's district.
09:50:27 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Which is why I was deferring to
09:50:28 say.
09:50:29 We had a date on the 20th and didn't work because
09:50:31 Mr. Reddick was not available.
09:50:33 So the next date was August 26th and as you
09:50:36 appointed out is an election evening.
09:50:39 >>HARRY COHEN: Maybe we should look at the next
09:50:41 week or two after that.
09:50:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: You know, we are off the week
09:50:47 previous to August 20th.
09:50:49 We do not have a Council meeting.
09:50:51 Maybe on August 12th of that week, you know, we're
09:50:54 not in session at that time.
09:50:56 And it might be the best way of doing it.
09:51:00 Unless I think -- 0.
09:51:02 >>HARRY COHEN: I think people were planning around
09:51:04 that.
09:51:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Never mind.

09:51:05 I apologize.
09:51:07 >>MR. McDONAUGH: That week was explicitly because
09:51:09 of the hiatus.
09:51:11 Okay.
09:51:12 I will go back to the drawing board and contact
09:51:15 again, come up with some alternatives.
09:51:17 >> Maybe September.
09:51:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
09:51:20 >>MR. McDONAUGH: That concludes my report.
09:51:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
09:51:24 Did we do the resolution number 4?
09:51:30 >>MR. McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.
09:51:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
09:51:34 Information report, Mr. Suarez?
09:51:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: None, sir.
09:51:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Miranda?
09:51:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: None, Mr. Chairman.
09:51:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Mulhern?
09:51:45 Mr. Cohen?
09:51:47 >>HARRY COHEN: No thank you.
09:51:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Montelione.
09:51:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, thank you.
09:51:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda, second by
09:51:55 Mr. Suarez to receive all documents.
09:51:57 All those in favor aye.

09:51:58 Opposed?
09:51:59 Any other business to come before us at this time?
09:52:01 We stand adjourned.
09:52:02 Thank you.
09:52:03 (Thereupon, the CRA meeting adjourned.)

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