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Tampa City Council

Thursday, June 26, 2014

9:00 a.m.


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09:08:09 [Sounding gavel]

09:09:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order. The

09:09:38 chair yields to Councilman Harry Cohen.

09:09:40 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

09:09:42 Good morning.

09:09:43 It's my great pleasure this morning to introduce my good

09:09:46 friend Rabbi Richard Birnholz of congregation Schaarai

09:10:02 Zedek.

09:10:04 Please stand for the invocation followed by the pledge of

09:10:07 allegiance.

09:10:08 >>> Let us pray.

09:10:10 Our God, creator of the universe, we thank you for this

09:10:15 bright, beautiful day and this opportunity to come together

09:10:17 to do your will.

09:10:19 You have exalted us to struggle against evil, to strive for

09:10:23 holiness, and plant seeds for love in all your habitation.

09:10:30 Sharing in your creative work, our lives acquire an eternal

09:10:35 quality that Nobles our stay on earth.

09:10:37 We therefore thank you for the what you grant us and for the

09:10:43 vision of the better world you instill in us.

09:10:46 We especially ask that you bestow your blessings upon this

09:10:50 assembly, our council.

09:10:53 If that the men and women here carry through with their

09:10:58 appointed tasks for the city.

09:11:00 We pray for your continued guidance, although realize that

09:11:03 the ultimate effects of the actions they take cannot be

09:11:07 known to them when they begin them.

09:11:08 They trust that by making their laws their guide they can

09:11:13 rest assured in the knowledge that they have tried to do

09:11:16 your will.

09:11:17 Give them insight to understand truth beyond their own bias,

09:11:22 and the courage to stand forcefully for their convictions.

09:11:27 Above all, we ask that you endow our City Council members

09:11:30 and all in our city with the qualities of fairness and

09:11:34 compassion and the determination to root out prejudice and

09:11:39 injustice wherever they find it.

09:11:42 Praise be to you O God.

09:11:47 Amen.

09:11:48 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:12:09 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

09:12:11 It is also my sad duty this morning to express condolences

09:12:15 from the Tampa City Council to Shirley Foxx-Knowles, our

09:12:19 city clerk, and her family on the passing of her brother

09:12:22 Paul.

09:12:22 We know that Paul was a remarkable man and will be dearly

09:12:27 missed, and we extend our sympathies to Shirley's entire

09:12:32 family.

09:12:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Signing the letter that Mr. Cohen has, I

09:12:42 need a motion to that effect.

09:12:43 Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr. Cohen.

09:12:46 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:12:47 Thank you very much.

09:12:47 Okay, roll call.

09:12:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:12:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:12:57 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:12:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:13:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:13:01 I need a motion for adoption of the minutes of May 8th,

09:13:04 beginning, May 15th, and regular meeting June 5th.

09:13:08 I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

09:13:10 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

09:13:11 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:13:13 Opposed nay.

09:13:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:13:16 Thank you very much.

09:13:16 Item number 1.

09:13:17 Mrs. Montelione will do the honors in making this

09:13:21 presentation.

09:13:27 Transportation, engineering division for the work of the

09:13:32 walk/bike plans 1, 2 and 3.

09:13:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: To have a microphone up here, I was

09:13:47 looking for it.

09:13:48 Thank you for celebrating the achievements of the

09:13:50 transportation engineering division, pedestrian and bicycle

09:13:52 safety has been our number one priority here at City

09:13:55 Council, and it is with pleasure that today we can announce

09:13:58 that message has been heard.

09:14:06 We are missing a few, but there are more staff members

09:14:09 working hard in their offices today.

09:14:13 I can say that they have been working hard to protect the

09:14:15 citizens of this city.

09:14:16 In 2011, there were the 12 pedestrian deaths on our

09:14:20 roadways.

09:14:21 In 2013, there were five.

09:14:25 As of May of 2014, there have been two.

09:14:29 So you see the numbers are getting better.

09:14:31 Even one, losing one member of our community is too many,

09:14:36 and hopefully in 2015 we will see that number to zero.

09:14:44 I'm hoping that the good work of the fine individuals in the

09:14:47 transportation engineering division we will be reporting

09:14:49 that at this time in 2015.

09:14:51 So we recognize his work, MAVI, and Calvin Thornton.

09:15:08 The livable roadways committee, she is the vice chair of

09:15:14 that committee, and Jean Duncan is not here this morning

09:15:16 either, but without her dedication and awesome engineering

09:15:21 abilities, I have heard that others are waiting for her to

09:15:26 decide to leave the city, but I will not permit that if it's

09:15:30 in my power.

09:15:32 We will be seeing more results with the rest of our

09:15:34 walk/bike program as it's implemented, and on today's agenda

09:15:38 we have two items on today's agenda that continue moving

09:15:42 that program forward with the Busch Boulevard project that

09:15:45 is on our calendar today.

09:15:47 So with that I would like to present this to you, and this

09:15:56 commendation, the Tampa City Council is proud to recognize

09:15:59 the transportation evening nearing division for their work

09:16:01 on walk/bike lanes 1, 2 and 3, and implementing the bike

09:16:07 pedestrian facilities in order to make Tampa a bicycle

09:16:11 friendly community.

09:16:12 The Tampa City Council continues their efforts to lay in

09:16:14 place the framework which prepares the City of Tampa for a

09:16:17 future fully connected multimodal transportation system.

09:16:21 Thank you very much for your work.

09:16:23 And thank you very much for your work.

09:16:24 Oh, and here comes Ms. Duncan now.

09:16:29 You have always been recognized and thanked, and I have

09:16:32 already announced that we will never let you leave the city.

09:16:41 Thank you very much for the work that you do.

09:16:44 Everybody back to work.

09:16:47 [ Applause ]

09:16:55 Absolutely, you may.

09:16:55 >>JEAN DUNCAN: I appreciate council taking one moment to

09:17:01 put the leadership in place that's allowed us to have the

09:17:04 city's first-ever walk/bike plan in the history of our city,

09:17:08 and leadership of this council, the ordinance you passed,

09:17:13 your leadership on the MPO, the finance decisions, the

09:17:18 livable roadways.

09:17:23 But if we didn't have your leadership, our mayor and

09:17:27 administration telling us we need safer streets, we need to

09:17:30 have a multimodal system out there, we need complete

09:17:33 streets, get it done, we don't sleep.

09:17:39 [ Laughter ]

09:17:40 Then we couldn't do the work we really enjoy doing for our

09:17:43 city.

09:17:43 So thank you very much.

09:17:44 We really appreciate this.

09:17:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:17:47 Appreciate it.

09:17:48 [ Applause ]

09:17:49 All right, Mr. Reddick will do item number 2.

09:17:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you and good morning, council.

09:18:25 Today we are honored to have a special guest with us, that's

09:18:31 doing great things in the community, and we want to

09:18:33 recognize him for what you are doing in the community, but

09:18:37 also for what you are about to do, a and this is bring the

09:18:42 international to this city, and we should be proud of having

09:18:51 someone so special to be coming to our community next month.

09:18:54 And we are just proud to have this opportunity to recognize

09:18:59 what they do in the community, and what is taking place, and

09:19:04 is doing it in the inner city of the City of Tampa, and a

09:19:16 major accomplishment for him to be doing this.

09:19:23 And it's in my district so I'm honored for that.

09:19:27 We just want to say, on behalf of Tampa City Council, that

09:19:30 we want to present this commendation in honor of the

09:19:33 recognition to the community and all the services to make us

09:19:39 proud in the City of Tampa.

09:19:41 And we thank you and congratulations.

09:19:43 [ Applause ]

09:19:57 >> In the name of the almighty.

09:20:12 Councilman Reddick, distinguished members of the City

09:20:14 Council, thank you for this honor today.

09:20:25 In the City of Tampa, this great honor that you have

09:20:39 bestowed upon us, and the leadership, in the community known

09:20:50 for its peacefulness and moderation, patriotism and

09:20:55 leadership.

09:21:06 Doing business all over the world.

09:21:32 We hope this next coming August, on this historic visit, we

09:21:36 hope that we can count on your enthusiasm, support,

09:21:40 friendship.

09:21:43 Thank you so much once again for this honor, and thank you,

09:21:48 Councilman Reddick, for being such a friend to us.

09:21:52 We would just like to say that coming to the city, it is our

09:22:01 greatest honor, and we are very happy that you are helping

09:22:06 us out in this manner, and being part of our joy.

09:22:11 Thank you once again.

09:22:12 Thank you very much.

09:22:13 [ Applause ]

09:22:21 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you very much for being here and for

09:22:23 the work that you are doing, and building within our city.

09:22:27 We see a lot of things all over the world in terms of how

09:22:30 people are fighting each other because of religious

09:22:34 differences.

09:22:34 And to see this morning when we have a rabbi give our

09:22:41 convocation and you are here to be part of our community,

09:22:43 also, it shows what the United States really means, that in

09:22:49 the way we do government, but we all respect everyone's

09:22:52 religion and everyone's way of life, as long as it doesn't,

09:22:55 you know, cause problems with someone else's way of life.

09:23:00 And we appreciate what you are doing for our community and

09:23:02 thank you for being here.

09:23:03 >> Thank you very much.

09:23:10 [ Applause ]

09:23:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 3, the presentation for the

09:23:18 commendation for firefighter Tanja Vidovic presented by Mrs.

09:23:25 Montelione.

09:23:26 I hope I'm pronouncing that name correct.

09:23:28 I was talking about Mrs. Montelione.

09:23:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I didn't even hear what you said.

09:23:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Neither did I.

09:23:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We have with us this morning Tanja

09:23:48 Vidovic, as you can see, is a firefighter paramedic with the

09:23:51 City of Tampa.

09:23:53 But her dedication to our city goes way beyond just her

09:23:56 duties for the citizens of the firefighter/paramedic.

09:24:04 She has the persistence to take our parks and turn some of

09:24:10 them into a community orchard, and she's been a tremendous

09:24:17 advocate, encouraging people to eat food that they grow

09:24:22 themselves.

09:24:31 Jared is an awesome hockey player, almost got kicked off the

09:24:35 team for being too good.

09:24:37 But it's amazing.

09:24:40 Her yard is on the Hillsborough River right across from the

09:24:44 dam, and the vegetables that grow even spontaneously, the

09:24:51 tomatoes growing right there along the banks of the river,

09:24:54 are just -- there are so many, she invites people to come

09:24:58 and take them.

09:24:59 I have got way too many.

09:25:00 So that's a little bit about her background.

09:25:05 And I want you as City Council helping me to make this

09:25:11 presentation to her, her commendation.

09:25:13 The City Council hereby recognizes Tanya Vidovic for

09:25:18 establishing community orchards throughout the City of

09:25:20 Tampa.

09:25:21 We thank her for being the driving force of the community

09:25:24 orchards movement in Tampa for being committed to the belief

09:25:27 that planting fruit trees in our city parks provides a

09:25:31 unique elementary to our park and for reminding us that the

09:25:34 trees educate children on how food is grown and for her

09:25:38 desire to engage the City of Tampa to help struggling

09:25:41 individuals and their family supplement their access to

09:25:44 healthy snack foods.

09:25:46 The City of Tampa also recognizes Tanja's perseverance.

09:25:52 She established to design a collaborative effort for the

09:25:55 City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, and many

09:25:59 business owners and volunteers from inside and outside city

09:26:02 limits.

09:26:03 The City Council thanks Ms. Vidovic for the orchards in

09:26:09 Alamo and Gadsen city park.

09:26:14 This initiative promotes public fruits and public health and

09:26:18 will continue with the addition of other parks within the

09:26:20 City of Tampa.

09:26:21 And I just want to read through some of the lists of

09:26:24 individuals and businesses that contributed, because without

09:26:27 their help, this would never have come to life.

09:26:31 It's fully supported and funded and realized by local

09:26:34 resident volunteers and businesses which included the

09:26:37 University of Florida, Florida native nursery, keep it green

09:26:43 nursery, rare fruit council international, Whitwam organics,

09:26:52 mothers organics hum us farm, worm's way, Neem tree farms,

09:26:58 Dunkin' Donuts, Tampa Bay organics, and keep Tampa Bay

09:27:08 beautiful, and the downtown Tampa partnership.

09:27:14 And without his help, his cooperation, this would not have

09:27:21 happened.

09:27:22 So thank you very much, Tanja, for everything you do, saving

09:27:27 lives, and keeping them healthy.

09:27:31 [ Applause ]

09:27:40 >> Thank you to City Council, because you guys were the ones

09:27:44 who helped me, all the businesses.

09:27:51 Like Mrs. Montelione said, this has been supported and

09:27:56 donated from the local businesses.

09:27:58 So without their local support, it wouldn't have happened.

09:28:04 And it is amazing.

09:28:06 And thank Mayor Bob Buckhorn for approving it and continuing

09:28:16 to grow.

09:28:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So many people turn to her for advice.

09:28:25 She's got a blog, a Facebook page, well-known throughout the

09:28:28 community for her seed exchanges, and really opens up her

09:28:31 house and her garden to everybody who wants to learn about

09:28:34 how to grow a sustainable -- and easy.

09:28:39 These are not things you have to replant.

09:28:42 They are perennials, right?

09:28:44 They just keep growing.

09:28:50 Thank you very much, council.

09:28:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all very much.

09:29:02 All right.

09:29:04 That's item 1, 2, 3.

09:29:07 And item 4 is the discussion on the budget.

09:29:09 So what we are going to do is take item 4 and then we are

09:29:12 going to stop and let the public speak on any item 1, 2, 3,

09:29:16 4, and then go to the approval of the addendum and the

09:29:21 agenda, and then we'll go to public comments on any items on

09:29:23 the agenda will go that way.

09:29:26 Yes, ma'am.

09:29:26 >>SONYA LITTLE: Good morning, chairman, council members.

09:29:33 Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to come

09:29:36 before you with our second budget workshop.

09:29:38 The first one being held at one of our council meetings last

09:29:41 month where we provided to you a forecast for how we believe

09:29:48 we are going to end fiscal year '14.

09:29:51 So we have enough actual revenues where we can project out

09:29:59 how we are going to end fiscal year '14.

09:30:02 Today, I would like to focus on our projection for '15 and

09:30:06 walk you through some of that highlight with the

09:30:09 understanding that we will continue to have a one-on-one

09:30:14 meeting between now and the mayor's presentation, hopefully

09:30:17 the end of July.

09:30:18 We will ask for your approval to actually set a date.

09:30:22 But if I can have the presentation come up on the screen,

09:30:25 then we can get started.

09:30:27 Our economic forecast, again, this is some of the economic

09:30:34 data that we shared with you on the first and second

09:30:37 workshop.

09:30:37 We have added some information as it relates to fiscal year

09:30:41 2015 as it relates to population housing start and job

09:30:46 growth.

09:30:47 The source of this economic data is the university of

09:30:50 central Florida, the institute for economic competitiveness,

09:30:54 a very reliable source as it relates to economic data, and

09:30:57 based on this data, you can see the state and Tampa area,

09:31:07 slow to moderate growth in our economy, and just last week,

09:31:13 the federal reserve committee, market committee, had a

09:31:18 meeting and they announced that the economy as we have all

09:31:21 witnessed is slowly improving, and that they had no concerns

09:31:26 related to inflation, but they also announced that they

09:31:30 intend on tapering off the stimulus program, and they are

09:31:33 going to do that by dialing back monthly purchases by about

09:31:39 $10 million starting in July.

09:31:44 What does that many for us?

09:31:46 We have been talking for quite some time now about the

09:31:49 legacy of the recession.

09:31:52 We had, because of the recession, had to defer a number of

09:31:55 very, very important things in the city for a number of

09:32:00 years.

09:32:00 Facilities, maintenance, we all know it.

09:32:04 We have great need for roof repairs, elevators, HVAC

09:32:10 equipment repair, old City Hall.

09:32:13 Obviously, we have had discussions throughout the last

09:32:16 couple of years about facility, lighting issues and so

09:32:22 forth.

09:32:23 These are all things we have to address in the upcoming

09:32:26 budget discussion.

09:32:29 We also have had discussions about our deferred

09:32:32 transportation maintenance, stormwater system maintenance,

09:32:35 and also vehicle replacement.

09:32:43 As we move into more discussions about where we believe we

09:32:47 are going to be for the upcoming budget discussions for

09:32:50 fiscal year 2015, one of the highlights, one of the major

09:32:54 categories that contributes to the shortfall, obviously we

09:32:59 have had increased personnel and operating costs.

09:33:02 We talk about the municipal elections.

09:33:05 We continue to make subsidy to the parking system although

09:33:10 much, much lower than it has been for what will be required

09:33:16 in fiscal year 2015.

09:33:18 We have in our current year's budget, 2015, we already

09:33:23 programmed an additional $8 million roughly for increased

09:33:27 capital contributions.

09:33:29 And as we go through the process, we will be coming back to

09:33:32 you to provide you with detailed information on what the

09:33:35 proposed CIP plan is for the next five-year program.

09:33:43 In summary, since we had our early discussions, we talked

09:33:48 about a budget shortfall in the neighborhood of 10 to $15

09:33:52 million.

09:33:52 And we have landed on 13.7 -- 14.7 million.

09:33:59 On the prior slide as far as the increased expenditures, our

09:34:03 increased revenues, which we all know that we have an

09:34:11 increase in property tax revenues.

09:34:13 Bottom line is we started out with departmental reductions,

09:34:18 or how we could Chip away at that budget shortfall.

09:34:22 We ended up at 14.7 million.

09:34:26 Since that time, we have found, based on independent reports

09:34:30 provided by each of our pension funds, the act actuarial

09:34:35 accountant, that we will have savings in the neighborhood of

09:34:38 $4.3 million, that the city will be required to deposit.

09:34:44 4.3 million less than the prior year as it relates to our

09:34:49 contribution, because of the great performance in those

09:34:53 portfolios.

09:34:54 Additionally, the downtown CRA is scheduled to make a

09:34:59 payment to the general fund.

09:35:02 Its repayment of a loan that was several years ago and now

09:35:09 that the revenues, the debt service is outstanding.

09:35:15 The downtown CRA is resuming its payment back to the general

09:35:19 fund, so we will receive an additional $1 million for that.

09:35:23 We are still going through the process as it relates to the

09:35:26 departmental reductions, the process where we go back and

09:35:32 forth and having discussions and prioritizing what's been

09:35:35 presented by the department.

09:35:39 So far, we have identified at least $1 million in

09:35:43 departmental operations that we believe will not impair

09:35:49 quality of service, nor will it require any layoff of skill

09:35:54 positions.

09:35:56 So originally anticipated 14.7 to date, we are in the

09:36:02 neighborhood of the lowest budget shortfall of $8.4 million,

09:36:07 and you are aware the process is continuing, so we are

09:36:09 chipping away at that $8.4 million daily.

09:36:13 So when we come back to you with our one on one briefings as

09:36:16 well as the workshops, and certainly the mayor's

09:36:18 presentation, that's coming up, we will provide you with the

09:36:22 details as far as the solution for having a balanced budget.

09:36:31 Slide number 6 gives you what we presented last time, for

09:36:37 '14 projections and then the 8.4 million. All we've done on

09:36:43 this slide is basically sum up the revenues and expenditures

09:36:43 by combining the general fund as well as the utilities

09:36:47 services tax fund.

09:36:56 This is a summary of all of the details that backs up how we

09:36:57 are where we are. And we identified some of the major

09:37:01 revenues both in the general fund and in the utilities tax

09:37:04 fund.

09:37:06 Property tax obviously.

09:37:07 We have already talked about an increase of $8 .1 million

09:37:11 over last year, which is the 6.5% increase in the

09:37:21 preliminary numbers.

09:37:22 On July 1st.

09:37:23 So next week, we will actually have the final evaluation

09:37:26 from the property appraiser's office so we can start that

09:37:30 number up as early as next week.

09:37:34 Moving along, highlighting sales tax, we are anticipating

09:37:37 over fiscal year $14 an increase of a million dollars.

09:37:46 Occupational license tax is somewhat flat in that we are

09:37:50 anticipating an increase of just over $300,000.

09:37:54 The bottom line -- and it will fly back into the prior

09:37:58 slides that we have seen -- is that we are anticipating

09:38:01 general fund utility services tax, revenues, for fiscal year

09:38:06 2015 of $383,593,000. Million.

09:38:14 Let me get that out.

09:38:15 383 million, 593,000.

09:38:21 The same information for those funds but on the expenditure

09:38:24 side, broken out for you, under the general funds salary,

09:38:30 benefit, operational expenses and capital equipment, and the

09:38:34 same type of information for the utility services tax, and

09:38:39 we get to $392 million netted against the revenues that we

09:38:43 showed on the prior slide to give us the shortfall of $8.4

09:38:47 million.

09:38:51 What does that mean to us as it relates to our fund balance?

09:38:55 We are working very hard and diligently to make it -- last

09:38:59 year is the last year that we have to tax our fund balance,

09:39:03 so we are coming up with solutions in order to have

09:39:06 structural balance for 2015, but the red line going through

09:39:15 the middle of the graph is our 20% policy.

09:39:18 So we wanted to demonstrate that in each of the prior fiscal

09:39:22 years all the way back to 2007, we have exceeded our 20%

09:39:27 policy.

09:39:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

09:39:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Mrs. Little.

09:39:41 What's that total number for the forecasted amount for the

09:39:45 fund balance, approximately?

09:39:47 I'm not going to hold you to it.

09:39:48 >>SONYA LITTLE: We are projecting at the 25% level, we are

09:39:53 projecting just over $94 million.

09:39:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: 94 million.

09:39:59 And then the 15 projection?

09:40:02 >>SONYA LITTLE: Roughly 86.

09:40:05 >> And 86 million will still be above the 20%?

09:40:09 >>SONYA LITTLE: It will be at 22%.

09:40:11 We would Luke to get to our policy.

09:40:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Are if we drop to 20% the response from the

09:40:19 bond markets is --

09:40:22 >>SONYA LITTLE: They start watching us with a jaundice eye,

09:40:25 especially if we don't have a plan, a real solid plan to

09:40:28 start repaying ourselves back.

09:40:29 That's something that we need to really, really focus on and

09:40:33 consider.

09:40:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So regardless of how we are going to find

09:40:36 out how we fill the hole, in this shortfall, we have to be

09:40:42 very careful in terms of whether or not we tap into the fund

09:40:45 balance, correct?

09:40:46 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.

09:40:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just wanted -- wanted to know what those

09:40:50 real numbers were.

09:40:51 Thank you very much.

09:40:52 Appreciate it.

09:40:52 >>HARRY COHEN: So to follow Mr. Suarez's line of

09:40:56 questioning, this is an assumption that we are going to fill

09:41:02 the $8.4 million gap with money from the fund balance.

09:41:06 If we didn't do that, this 22% number would remain at 25%?

09:41:13 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.

09:41:14 In the neighborhood of 25.

09:41:15 >>HARRY COHEN: Because the closeness of the red line to the

09:41:22 top of the blue column is significant.

09:41:31 And my understanding of the 20% threshold is that that is

09:41:34 the point of being looked at to be downgraded.

09:41:38 So, you know, I think that skating close to that line has

09:41:43 the potential of actually making the city's financial

09:41:50 position worse in the way of higher interest rates and

09:41:55 higher borrowing costs that could be imposed on us as we

09:42:00 fall below the 20%.

09:42:02 And we are also going in the opposite direction, I think, of

09:42:05 where we want to go, which is back up to a point where we

09:42:09 could increase to AAA bond rating and get even more

09:42:12 favorable terms on the money that we borrow.

09:42:14 Thank you.

09:42:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say one thing.

09:42:17 And I agree with both of my colleagues.

09:42:20 But we have to remember that for two prior years, the mayor,

09:42:25 who is the wisdom of making a better livable city and

09:42:30 yourselves and this body to some extent, because we approve

09:42:34 the budget, changed the amounts that we put into

09:42:38 neighborhood enhancements, if I recall.

09:42:41 And I think that was something about $7.5 million, and then

09:42:46 we changed it to 15 million.

09:42:47 So in essence, stow oh it's coming down, but we gave it out

09:42:52 to the neighborhood.

09:42:53 So if that would draw back that bottom line would never

09:42:58 change.

09:42:58 I'm not saying that's the right thing to do because we have

09:43:01 to have a livable city to make it better for everyone not

09:43:04 only living here but those who want to move in. I want to

09:43:07 remind us that that's why we have that type of spread,

09:43:10 because we put in double the amount to the neighborhood, not

09:43:13 I, the mayor, did and this council approved it.

09:43:16 So if my mind serves me correctly.

09:43:20 >>SONYA LITTLE: You are exactly right.

09:43:22 For that very reason.

09:43:24 And just so council is comfortable with the analysis and the

09:43:28 process that we are going through, is that each of you

09:43:33 mentioned, that's exactly the approach that we are taking

09:43:35 with the analysis and the evaluation, prioritizing based on

09:43:39 public safety, infrastructure needs, and improving quality

09:43:44 of life for our neighborhood as we go through the process of

09:43:48 prioritizing and find that what is find that level with

09:43:53 which we are able to maintain or obtain structural balance.

09:44:03 This is just a recap.

09:44:08 I like pictures because it helps me.

09:44:13 So I thought this would be helpful just to be able to

09:44:17 provide this for just for your information as far as our

09:44:21 trend as it relates to actual property evaluations and

09:44:24 revenues that we collected historically.

09:44:28 Property tax revenues.

09:44:32 We are moving somewhat into the capital side.

09:44:38 So I wanted to provide a slide on our intersection safety

09:44:42 program, because several months ago we made a commitment

09:44:47 that at least 25% of the net revenues being collected from

09:44:52 this program would be directed specifically to the

09:44:57 transportation capital program for intersection safety.

09:45:01 So as we go through the process, we will lay out all the

09:45:05 projects and the source of funding so that you can see

09:45:09 exactly how those are being budgeted for fiscal year 2015.

09:45:15 If you will recall, we actually budgeted and appropriated

09:45:21 several months ago a portion in 2014.

09:45:25 So we will continue the trend so that you can clearly see

09:45:28 the projects that these fund will be going to.

09:45:35 What we have here as it relates to the capital improvement

09:45:37 program is five-year capital improvement program for fiscal

09:45:42 years 2014 through 2018.

09:45:46 It's what's currently in the 15 budget book for the five

09:45:52 year program.

09:45:53 Part of the process and what we are evaluating now is to

09:45:56 determine if over time our prioritization that we have

09:46:00 determined for last year but still holds true, there will be

09:46:04 some changes, and possibly this is the program five year

09:46:10 plan, by category.

09:46:11 It gives you the total amount where in total the sum of the

09:46:16 five year plan that we anticipate spending, and $435 million

09:46:22 for general fund and enterprise fund projects.

09:46:27 What we will do with the mayor's presentation and public

09:46:33 hearings is provide you with greater detail as far as the

09:46:38 goal for the CIP program.

09:46:44 I won't spend a whole lot of time on the enterprise fund.

09:46:51 We talked about it last time.

09:46:52 But I did want to provide you with a forecast for 15.

09:46:57 For 14, we believe that our general fund contribution is

09:47:00 going to be half a million dollars.

09:47:02 We are budgeting -- we plan on budgeting for 15, a general

09:47:08 contribution for operating a $400,000 in the top portion of

09:47:12 this table, and then in the bottom half of the table, you

09:47:16 will see that we intend on budgeting for our general revenue

09:47:21 contribution for capital projects such as elevators and

09:47:24 other repairs to the parking system aspect of approximately

09:47:29 $700,000.

09:47:30 So in '15 paid 1.3 million general fund contribution for the

09:47:37 system.

09:47:38 And if you notice, on the operating side for budgeting

09:47:41 purposes, we had this discussion before when we first

09:47:45 budgeted on the personnel, and if you look budget to budget,

09:47:54 it will be closer to the $400,000, that we are performing

09:47:59 better in our projections, so that's why you see it there.

09:48:05 >>HARRY COHEN: So just in a nutshell, what do you

09:48:08 anticipate the general fund contribution to our parking

09:48:10 enterprise fund to be next year?

09:48:15 >>SONYA LITTLE: Next year roughly 1.3 million.

09:48:19 >>HARRY COHEN: And the reason I asked you this question,

09:48:21 not to digress from this, in the discussions I have been

09:48:24 having with the neighborhoods surrounding Hyde Park, one of

09:48:27 these questions that gets asked of me all the time is why

09:48:30 does the city not build a parking garage in that community?

09:48:34 And my answer is that our enterprise fund right now that

09:48:38 controls all of the city parking garages, and from which the

09:48:41 money would have to come to finance this type of a venture,

09:48:45 is already being subsidized by over a million dollars of

09:48:48 general fund money every year.

09:48:50 It's not like we are making a profit and can reinvest that

09:48:53 profit into additional garages.

09:48:55 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.

09:48:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

09:49:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And as Ms. Little knows, for several

09:49:06 years now I have been advocating for us to raise the rates

09:49:09 in our parking garages, for a couple of reasons.

09:49:12 One is because we are having not just this year as Mr. Cohen

09:49:16 pointed out, but every year that we have been sitting here,

09:49:19 we have been supplementing the parking revenue from general

09:49:23 funds.

09:49:25 So, you know, when you go to our parking garages, the rates

09:49:28 are really quite reasonable.

09:49:30 And I think maybe too reasonable.

09:49:34 A couple of things.

09:49:35 One is to bring our rates up to the standard of what the

09:49:39 private companies charge in their lots, and, two, you know,

09:49:47 to stop the continual bleeding and drain on our general

09:49:51 fund.

09:49:51 And, three, to promote people to carpool or use public

09:49:56 transit, because they don't want to pay the fee in the

09:49:58 parking garage.

09:49:59 And so it may end up having a negative effect on the

09:50:02 revenue.

09:50:04 But, you know, I'm still advocating for those rates to go

09:50:07 up.

09:50:08 And we have an agenda item -- I can't speak this morning --

09:50:15 we have an agenda item on our calendar today that I talked

09:50:19 to Mrs. Little about because I didn't see an increase.

09:50:23 When I saw that agenda item I was all excited because I

09:50:26 thought it was going to be an increase and it is not.

09:50:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:50:33 I walked to work today, from the parking lot to here.

09:50:39 [ Laughter ]

09:50:43 >>SONYA LITTLE: Our solid waste system again has come a

09:50:45 long way, where we presented a $4.8 million increase to the

09:50:49 fund balance.

09:50:52 For 14 we are forecasting a $10.4 million increase to the

09:50:56 fund balance.

09:50:59 In 15, the program in which the solid waste department as

09:51:04 far as purchasing after new GPS system, it has fleet

09:51:10 replacement program which also includes CNG, and also

09:51:14 starting a reserve to take care of our maintenance

09:51:18 requirements for MacKay Bay.

09:51:20 All of that will be programmed out for several years as it

09:51:24 relates to the forecast for the solid waste.

09:51:34 Our wastewater system, again, healthy fund balance, and net

09:51:42 revenues from the operations of the system.

09:51:45 Several projects programs which we'll talk about later today

09:51:51 on one of our agenda items.

09:51:53 But capital included there, which revenue itself are

09:51:58 sufficient to cover all of the wastewater, and the water

09:52:01 needs for their five-year program that will fine tune and

09:52:06 bring back to you at a later date.

09:52:13 Our budget calendar.

09:52:16 We would like to request, respectfully request, that you

09:52:21 consider placing on your calendar the mayor's budget

09:52:25 presentation, as well as the two public hearings.

09:52:30 You are aware that we have to wait until both the school

09:52:35 district and the county have their public hearings.

09:52:38 They have done so.

09:52:39 So we have provided you with some proposed dates for the

09:52:45 public hearing.

09:52:49 And with that I would be happy to answer any questions.

09:52:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

09:52:53 Thank you so much.

09:52:54 I just want to offer you a word of advice.

09:52:57 I saw the coach from the United States soccer team made a

09:53:01 statement today about everybody staying, going home, going

09:53:04 to work and all that kind of good stuff.

09:53:06 So the only thing I am going to recommend you, for your

09:53:10 staffers and good people here that work to the bones for

09:53:15 you, so maybe you ought to take them to lunch, make sure

09:53:18 they come back.

09:53:21 [ Laughter ]

09:53:21 I offer you that.

09:53:22 And as long as you got your own credit card, we are all

09:53:25 happy.

09:53:25 >>SONYA LITTLE: Okay, thank you, sir.

09:53:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's the second time you told her

09:53:29 that.

09:53:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, I am going to do this.

09:53:34 We have a full agenda.

09:53:35 And --

09:53:38 >>HARRY COHEN: If you don't mind while they are here I

09:53:40 would like to make a motion that we set the mayor's budget

09:53:43 presentation for July 24th at 9:00 a.m. immediately

09:53:47 preceding that day's CRA meeting.

09:53:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second by

09:53:51 Mrs. Montelione.

09:53:53 Further discussion by council members?

09:53:54 All in favor?

09:53:55 Opposed?

09:53:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:53:57 Thank you very much.

09:53:58 We do have a full calendar Dar.

09:54:01 And we do have a long agenda with an addendum and new

09:54:04 business, and staff reports, and items going.

09:54:07 And in order to put this agenda, or this addendum on this

09:54:12 agenda, I am going to ask the council to -- we are going to

09:54:15 go to the public comments in one second -- approval of the

09:54:18 agenda and the addendum so we can move that addendum to

09:54:21 parts of that to this agenda so that we can listen to the

09:54:24 items that are there, new business, items 1 and B, items A

09:54:29 and B will be the tasers and then come after the discussion

09:54:32 we just had, and new business item 77 and 78, we are going

09:54:39 to put those on staff reports, will be heard momentarily.

09:54:42 So we need those items to be moved from this a ten deny dumb

09:54:46 to this agenda.

09:54:46 I have a motion made by Mrs. Montelione on a close vote with

09:54:50 Mr. Cohen.

09:54:51 He second that motion.

09:54:52 All in favor of that motion?

09:54:53 Opposed?

09:54:54 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:54:56 We are going to go to the tasers and then go to items 1, 2,

09:55:01 3, 4 and then the tasers and then open it to the public.

09:55:08 >>KIRBY RAINSBERGER: With the legal department to answer any

09:55:10 questions you may have.

09:55:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: For the public, it's on the addendum

09:55:16 items new business 3 and 4.

09:55:19 Yes, ma'am.

09:55:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just want to say, I did speak with the

09:55:23 chief of staff Dennis Rogero and with Chief Castor last

09:55:27 night.

09:55:27 So I did get answers to the questions I had.

09:55:29 But just for the general public, if you would please explain

09:55:33 why 8 is a walk-on item and why we are entering into this

09:55:38 contract seemingly so quickly.

09:55:39 >> We protracted a lengthy negotiation, manufacturers, who

09:55:49 reached an agreement that covers a five-year period during

09:55:53 which we will receive the latest taser technology, for a

09:56:01 variety of reasons.

09:56:09 I and they are allowing us to essentially trade in our old

09:56:13 tasers.

09:56:14 He they also arranged to buy down the financing.

09:56:16 And this was explained to us as a very short-term window of

09:56:20 opportunity.

09:56:21 And so it took us awhile to negotiate the details of that

09:56:25 agreement.

09:56:26 Having done so, the savings to the city over that period of

09:56:29 time is rather substantial and justifies a walk-on aspect of

09:56:35 this.

09:56:35 And we appreciate your consideration.

09:56:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?

09:56:40 Mr. Cohen?

09:56:41 >>HARRY COHEN: I just want to say that having attended the

09:56:44 citizens police academy, I know that Councilman Suarez is

09:56:47 going to appreciate your having the latest taser technology,

09:56:52 since I sat in the chair and watched while he got tasered.

09:56:56 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I want to make sure everyone knows, Mr.

09:57:00 Cohen is not the one that tased me.

09:57:02 [ Laughter ]

09:57:03 Part of the training for police officers is everyone gets

09:57:06 tased.

09:57:06 They call taking it the ride.

09:57:08 I took the ride only for a few second.

09:57:10 Unlike the police officers.

09:57:12 Believe me, none out there, you do not want to get tased

09:57:15 either with the old technology or the new technology.

09:57:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez, I hate to tell you, we have

09:57:21 the picture before and after.

09:57:23 You had dark hair before.

09:57:24 You have white hair after.

09:57:26 I can see that it works.

09:57:27 Thank you very much.

09:57:27 I need a motion to pass the motion made to pass the

09:57:32 resolution on the taser.

09:57:35 Before I take the vote, I want to go to the public first.

09:57:38 Thank you very much.

09:57:39 I have got a new procedure.

09:57:44 We are going to stop here for a moment.

09:57:46 And items 1, 2, 3, 4 and the tasers.

09:57:49 Anyone that wishes to speak on that in this morning's

09:57:52 session, please come to the microphone.

09:57:53 1, 2, 3, 4 and tasers only.

09:57:56 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

09:58:01 Yes, of course I am going to talk on number 4, the budget.

09:58:05 I sent you all a little information from the Hillsborough

09:58:07 County tax office.

09:58:10 They no longer require by state statute to post

09:58:16 notifications.

09:58:18 We post code enforcement notifications for four weeks, every

09:58:24 single day, in the penny saver, for no reason.

09:58:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, excuse me.

09:58:30 Stop the clock.

09:58:31 Talk to me about the budget, not about code enforcement.

09:58:33 >> That is about a budget cost that is not required.

09:58:37 That's all.

09:58:39 Thank you.

09:58:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

09:58:40 Thank you.

09:58:41 Next, anyone else.

09:58:42 Care to speak on any item 1, 2, 3, 4, or the tasers that we

09:58:47 are going to take a vote on here?

09:59:07 Items 1, 2, 3, 4 and tossers.

09:59:10 And then we are going to go to the general public.

09:59:11 >> Okay, I'm ed, Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.

09:59:32 Should say pointer at large.

09:59:35 Something related to item 1, transportation.

09:59:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me.

09:59:43 Tell me what item, 1, 2, 3, 4 or tasers only.

09:59:46 >> Item 1 is transportation.

09:59:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm talking to you, sir.

09:59:51 I want items 1, 2, 3, 4 or tasers only.

09:59:54 We are going to go to the general public in a second.

09:59:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's on transportation.

09:59:58 Very important.

09:59:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not talking about transportation,

10:00:00 sir.

10:00:01 >> Well, you said transportation, engineering.

10:00:04 And this is --

10:00:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, you are talking about the

10:00:07 engineering commendation that was given to transportation.

10:00:10 Talk about the commendation that was given to --

10:00:13 >> Well, I'll talk about the public works.

10:00:20 But one of the main problems of public works right now --

10:00:25 see, this was the third item down, this disoriented me and

10:00:31 the clock keeps going.

10:00:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If you wait two minutes I am going to

10:00:39 give you that opportunity to come back and discuss anything

10:00:41 you want.

10:00:41 >> Here it is.

10:00:43 This is about transportation.

10:00:47 Madison.

10:00:49 And this is one of the biggest -- Marion street busway is

10:00:56 very good in, very good condition.

10:00:58 The only problem is every light turns red, in front of the

10:01:00 buses.

10:01:01 And this is part of a pattern of public works traffic

10:01:06 department which is tangential to the transportation

10:01:10 division.

10:01:11 I have no complaints really about the transportation

10:01:13 division, but the traffic division is screwing up Hart big

10:01:18 time.

10:01:18 The drivers complain about it.

10:01:20 Every light takes ten minutes for the buses to get down.

10:01:24 And one of the things that this article brought out is that

10:01:27 people can walk along the busway faster than the buses go.

10:01:32 Now I keep hearing lip service here of transportation,

10:01:36 transportation, public transportation, but when it comes

10:01:37 down to something to be done about it, in other words, come

10:01:40 down on the traffic department, have them in here and have

10:01:46 them explain why all of the lights are set against Hart.

10:01:49 Around this city.

10:01:51 And they hold up each bus route about five to ten minutes,

10:01:55 people miss their connections, and it's a big reason that

10:01:58 people aren't using public transportation.

10:02:01 In other words, it originates from the public works

10:02:03 department, and maybe not the transportation division but

10:02:07 the traffic division.

10:02:08 Something has got to be done about that, because I meant to

10:02:15 speak at that at the last six or eight meetings.

10:02:18 And I didn't be digress because you held me to

10:02:21 transportation.

10:02:21 (Bell sounds)

10:02:28 So the ability, that takes away from the livability.

10:02:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

10:02:33 Now, all that said and done, I am going to give the public

10:02:36 the right to come up and speak about anything they like.

10:02:39 That's what I was trying to point out, trying to get.

10:02:42 Yes, sir.

10:02:42 >> Council, chairman, I would like to take this opportunity

10:02:48 to introduce the new legal interns to the City Council, to

10:02:52 take a few minutes.

10:02:53 Please come up.

10:02:55 Our legal interns are part of our ongoing program, that

10:03:03 historically we have had a relationship with Stetson in the

10:03:06 last few years.

10:03:07 We have got a lot of work on our internship programs,

10:03:11 especially the summer internships to other universities.

10:03:18 Comes from several different universities throughout the

10:03:20 country and would like them to come up and introduce

10:03:22 themselves.

10:03:23 >> Good morning, council.

10:03:26 My name is Christopher Jones.

10:03:28 I am going to be a third year student at Florida State law

10:03:31 next year.

10:03:32 This summer I'm working with contracts in the city, and

10:03:40 trained between especially small businesses in the Tampa Bay

10:03:44 community, and with the burgeoning markets of Latin America.

10:03:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:03:49 Next, please.

10:03:49 >> Good morning, council.

10:03:55 My name is Rita Cook.

10:03:56 And I go to school and I'm a second-year student, and this

10:04:05 summer, I am looking to get experience in the public sector.

10:04:09 I think the City of Tampa certainly can see that.

10:04:14 And I'm excited to learn from everybody.

10:04:16 Thank you.

10:04:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:04:18 Next.

10:04:18 >> Good morning.

10:04:21 My name is Sobino.

10:04:26 I have general interest in municipal and local government

10:04:30 work, expressed my interest.

10:04:33 Very excited to be here, primarily focusing on environmental

10:04:37 issues.

10:04:40 Thanks for the opportunity of allowing us to come in.

10:04:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:04:45 Next.

10:04:46 >> Good morning.

10:04:47 My name is Scott Hagan.

10:04:52 My background is in urban planning.

10:04:55 Hoping to be a land use attorney eventually.

10:05:00 Got to work in the planning department with Catherine Coyle.

10:05:03 It's been a learning experience so far.

10:05:05 And I'm happy to be here this morning.

10:05:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:05:08 Any other interns?

10:05:11 Thank you.

10:05:12 All right.

10:05:12 Going back to the public.

10:05:14 Yes, sir.

10:05:14 >> My name is Joe Johnson.

10:05:20 I'm a member of Pastors on Patrol.

10:05:29 and the Hillsborough organizational process.

10:05:35 Thank you for this opportunity.

10:05:36 Last year, Tampa took a step in the right direction by

10:05:39 passing the history screening practice ordinance.

10:05:43 This ordinance removed the question that asked about history

10:05:47 from job application total City of Tampa.

10:05:51 This City Council showed great leadership by passing that

10:05:54 ordinance, that even then, who knew that the work was not

10:05:58 done.

10:05:59 Today, we are here to talk about amending the criminal

10:06:02 history practices ordinance that was passed last year.

10:06:07 So also talked to businesses that contract with the city.

10:06:12 They would not be required to hire anyone.

10:06:15 They would only be required to give all applicants a fair

10:06:17 chance of being hired.

10:06:20 We believe that this amendment will give many more people in

10:06:25 our community a fair chance.

10:06:29 Today you will likely hear arguments about the city attorney

10:06:32 about be the legal feasibility of enacting this ordinance,

10:06:35 raising the concern begun the city if such an amendment were

10:06:40 to be passed, but in the 30 years since cities and states

10:06:43 have started passing such legislation, not a single city

10:06:47 anywhere has ever been sued.

10:06:52 The risk is very, very small.

10:06:56 Indeed, since we were here last year, even more cities,

10:06:59 counties and states have passed variations of this

10:07:02 ordinance, the question about job applications.

10:07:12 Today there are 60 suffice and 12 states that passed similar

10:07:16 ordinances.

10:07:18 These include such large commercial areas as New York City,

10:07:21 Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Boston.

10:07:25 They all still have businesses trying to get government

10:07:31 contracts.

10:07:31 There simply is no evidence at all that this will negatively

10:07:36 impact economic development to our city.

10:07:40 And what about the risk of people be returning from prison

10:07:47 to Hillsborough County with no prospects of jobs because of

10:07:51 the application?

10:07:52 What about the risk of recidivism?

10:07:54 What about the risk of doing nothing for the families in the

10:07:58 community of Tampa?

10:07:59 Therefore, my beloved council members, we, as responsible

10:08:02 taxpayers, would never put the city or the City Council at

10:08:08 risk.

10:08:08 Due to our extensive research on this issue, and we know

10:08:11 that this is a win-win proposal for our community.

10:08:15 Therefore, we urge you to join many other cities, city

10:08:20 official as cross the nation, who are voting to give a fair

10:08:23 chance for employment to many.

10:08:31 (Bell sounds).

10:08:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, sir.

10:08:33 Next, please.

10:08:34 >> Good morning.

10:08:36 My name is Judy Green and I serve on the board of the

10:08:40 Hillsborough Organization for Equality.

10:08:44 The United States has the highest documented incarcerated in

10:08:51 the world.

10:08:53 Today, Tampa has a chance to change that.

10:08:59 By supporting the fair chance hiring, it gives them a chance

10:09:04 to change their mind, gives them a chance to find a job,

10:09:08 apply for a job.

10:09:10 It's important to me, it's important to the congregation I

10:09:14 represent, the Unitarian universe with church of Tampa and

10:09:18 it's the right thing to do.

10:09:20 Thank you so much for your time.

10:09:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Appreciate it.

10:09:24 Thank you.

10:09:24 Next, please.

10:09:25 >> Tom Atchison, pastor, New Life Church, and new beginnings

10:09:30 of Tampa.

10:09:32 Eight years ago, in New Beginnings took a big risk.

10:09:40 Went out looking for a job, and he was fortunate.

10:09:42 He got a job at an electrical place, came back, and needed

10:09:47 $100 worth of tools.

10:09:49 We took another big risk.

10:09:51 We went to Home Depot and bought him the tools.

10:09:53 It could have ended up at the pawn shop, all kind of things

10:09:57 could have happened.

10:09:58 He ended up working that job, and now eight years later he's

10:10:03 the vice-president of an electrical company here in Tampa.

10:10:07 That's the kind of risk that has to be taken.

10:10:10 I believe everyone on this council, if it wasn't for risk

10:10:14 taking, you wouldn't have the jobs you have.

10:10:16 The City of Tampa wouldn't be as great as it is if we didn't

10:10:19 take some reasonable risks.

10:10:21 So the argument that there is risk by passing this

10:10:28 ordinance, but I think the risk is acceptable, the risk is

10:10:33 worth the payback that can happen, when people that have

10:10:38 messed up in the past want a second chance, at level to

10:10:43 level the field where they can have a chance to claim their

10:10:48 case and be represented.

10:10:50 So, please, do pass this ordinance.

10:10:53 Yes, it will have risks.

10:10:54 We passed other things before that had risk.

10:10:56 But the paybacks are great.

10:10:58 Thank you.

10:10:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:10:59 Next, please.

10:11:00 >> I'm Timothy J. Kemp, pastor of Baptist church.

10:11:08 I'm speaking on the ordinance of expanding to the private

10:11:13 sector.

10:11:14 I got a call a few days ago from Joanne drew asking me could

10:11:17 I come.

10:11:21 Joe Johnson, co-president, who I highly respect and admire,

10:11:33 for a person that has a criminal record, it's even harder

10:11:37 for them to get employment.

10:11:41 No one is actually looking for a handout.

10:11:43 They are just looking for a hand up.

10:11:45 And if you give the person the opportunity to prove the

10:11:47 their worthiness of being a valuable citizen, I believe that

10:11:51 they would prove that they will be part of the solution and

10:11:54 not part of the problem.

10:11:56 Thank you.

10:11:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:11:59 Next, please.

10:12:00 >> My name is Bill Tone, a member of the board of Hope, and

10:12:07 speaking to item number 10.

10:12:11 Mr. Chairman, council members, it's good to see you again.

10:12:19 When examining the potential risk of amending the ordinance,

10:12:22 looking at cities that have passed the priority legislation.

10:12:27 Since the mid 1980s there have been no reported cases of

10:12:30 litigation against any municipality or state, because they

10:12:33 have ordinances that remove the box from job applications.

10:12:39 They report that there is no negative pushback from their

10:12:43 vendors, and competition for the contracts has not

10:12:47 diminished.

10:12:52 Tampa will not be supporting a measure that will reduce

10:12:57 recidivism and the high rate of crime.

10:13:00 Tampa will be ignoring a social and psychological impact of

10:13:04 unemployment among the ex offenders and their families in

10:13:08 the communities.

10:13:09 Tampa will be encouraging the status quo of the poverty

10:13:13 blight in our community.

10:13:15 Amending the criminal history's screening practice of this

10:13:18 ordinance does not mandate a company to hire qualified ex

10:13:26 offenders. It merely gives them a fair chance at getting an

10:13:29 interview.

10:13:30 You must understand than amending the ordinance is not about

10:13:33 local hiring, it offers no geographic restrictions of who to

10:13:38 hire.

10:13:38 It places zero restrictions on which vendors can compete for

10:13:41 the contract.

10:13:43 Amending the ordinance does not set any quota a company must

10:13:48 meet.

10:13:48 It is all about promoting fairness in hiring practices and

10:13:53 removing barriers to employment.

10:13:57 As a businessman who has worked with municipalities,

10:14:00 including Tampa, for the last 45 years, I have reviewed,

10:14:05 completed and signed hundreds of public bids like the

10:14:11 300-plus-page document I have in my hand.

10:14:17 This package has sections lifting all the compliance

10:14:22 requirements for equal business opportunity ordinances,

10:14:25 small local business employment, enterprises, good faith

10:14:29 effort compliance, diversity management, and the bid that

10:14:36 the bidder must follow, the bidder acknowledges compliance

10:14:40 with these requirements and with the federal and state

10:14:42 legislation.

10:14:45 Adding one more paragraph to support Tampa city after you

10:14:51 pass this ordinance presents no obstacles to the bidders,

10:14:55 and a bid document will add no additional burden to contract

10:14:58 administration's hands, staff, and obviously will not

10:15:01 require additional staff.

10:15:07 There is no cost in amending this ordinance.

10:15:08 Thank you.

10:15:09 (Bell sounds).

10:15:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:15:11 Next, please.

10:15:11 >> I'm Rev. Jackson, the pastor of first united church in

10:15:17 Tampa and the co-president of Hope.

10:15:20 Today you heard several voices from Hope speaking on behalf

10:15:24 of the amendment of the criminal history screening practices

10:15:27 ordinance.

10:15:28 Last year, we brought to you a real problem in our

10:15:31 community, thousands return to our city every year from

10:15:36 persons in jail and are unable to get jobs.

10:15:39 Many of them never get a fair chance at turning their lives

10:15:42 around, because they have to check that box the very first

10:15:47 page of job applications, and they are legally disqualified

10:15:51 from consideration.

10:15:52 Now we are here once again because we would be all agree

10:15:55 that many more job opportunities will be available for these

10:15:59 returning citizens if this amendment is passed.

10:16:02 It would only relate to those businesses that give city

10:16:06 contracts, but would not require them to hire those, only

10:16:12 that they give them a fair chance to be considered for a

10:16:14 job.

10:16:15 We have shown you that there is not a single piece of

10:16:18 evidence that proves that this would be bad for the City of

10:16:21 Tampa, its citizens or its businesses.

10:16:24 In 30 years there has not been a single suit against the

10:16:28 cities and counties.

10:16:29 Now 60 cities in 12 states that have passed such

10:16:33 legislation.

10:16:33 There is no evidence at all that this deters from doing

10:16:40 business in New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

10:16:42 There is no evidence that businesses have refused to move to

10:16:44 a city or county because of such legislation.

10:16:49 That's why there may be a tiny risk of making this

10:16:53 legislation.

10:16:54 There are very real risks to our citizens, their families

10:16:56 and our community not to do so.

10:16:59 And we have shown you that there are really no valid legal

10:17:02 business or economic development reasons not to amend this

10:17:06 legislation.

10:17:08 They are, however, moral and ethical reasons to do so.

10:17:11 Each of you, I would guess, decided to run for political

10:17:15 office in order to help people and to make this city a

10:17:18 better place to live.

10:17:19 Giving those who have criminal records a fair chance to get

10:17:22 a job will not only positively touch the lives of thousands

10:17:26 of Tampa citizens, but it will transform the lives.

10:17:31 It will allow children to see parents going off to work in

10:17:34 the morning.

10:17:35 It will allow men and women to regain their dignity and

10:17:39 self-respect of earning salaries to help support their

10:17:42 families.

10:17:44 It will enable Tampa to join the growing number of

10:17:46 progressive cities that are able to move beyond the fear and

10:17:50 the myth and to take a positive step to reintegrate citizens

10:17:55 into society.

10:17:57 Hope is a faith based community organization, and it's

10:17:59 people of faith, we believe in second chances.

10:18:02 Our nation is built upon the principle of giving a fair

10:18:07 chance to all its citizens.

10:18:09 Today we urge you to give thousands of Tampa citizens a fair

10:18:12 chance at a job by a amending this ordinance.

10:18:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:18:17 Next, please.

10:18:17 >> Pete Johnson, 510 east Harrison street.

10:18:25 I want to explain something about a code case yesterday.

10:18:31 The case was complied out, but it was also admitted that it

10:18:37 didn't follow the instructions and was not in compliance.

10:18:42 That the administration complied it out anyway.

10:18:45 For whatever reason, that fine, but I think the

10:18:49 administration should at least be qualified to answer why

10:18:53 they did it.

10:18:55 Another case was closed out, a drug dealer that I have been

10:18:59 after everyone for years.

10:19:03 Even the formal decision is not upheld.

10:19:06 Okay?

10:19:07 But I can't get an answer why.

10:19:10 Why are we doing this?

10:19:13 But what's interesting about code was it was brought up,

10:19:16 yes, the administration can choose whatever state statute

10:19:21 they want to enforce or comply with, and they can choose

10:19:26 whatever ordinance they want to comply with.

10:19:32 Or enforce.

10:19:33 There is no rules or regulations saying they have to.

10:19:36 And that really, really upsets me, because that is

10:19:41 corruption.

10:19:41 Payoffs, and it's just not right.

10:19:46 But an explanation, when they do not follow the rules and

10:19:49 regulations of the city, should be required by this City

10:19:54 Council.

10:19:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say two words, corruption and

10:19:58 payoff.

10:19:59 Do you have any evidence of that at all, sir?

10:20:01 >> No, unfortunately I don't.

10:20:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

10:20:05 >> Good morning, council.

10:20:11 My name is Andre Hill speaking to item 16.

10:20:20 Helping West Tampa and the West Tampa corridor between

10:20:23 Columbus drive and Kennedy and Armenia as a high real

10:20:28 estate, high income or high level real estate program.

10:20:34 The indications and quotations from the "Tampa Bay Times"

10:20:38 indicated that the mayor was going to recoup the exorbitant

10:20:47 investment for land and for the removal, and over the

10:20:50 long-term that you can recoup that investment through

10:20:54 selling that property to real estate developments which

10:20:58 means those units would have to be sold between 150 and

10:21:06 200,000 minimum right there in affordable income sector.

10:21:10 We want the mayor to understand than our neighborhood, we

10:21:14 want to develop it, we want you to encourage the mayor,

10:21:22 Councilman Reddick, or the CRA, and let us develop an

10:21:27 economic plan for our people, our children.

10:21:34 Typically, I am of the age now where we have great

10:21:38 grandchildren.

10:21:39 So we are rallying the Blake and Middleton corridors, all of

10:21:44 those to go out for -- children, and their grandchildren and

10:21:50 great grandchildren, to be invested in this program.

10:21:53 So I strongly encourage them.

10:21:54 Also, we need to consider that that property has been

10:22:00 storing heavy equipment for close to 20 years so there is a

10:22:03 very good possibility that it's a brownfield issue.

10:22:08 And if the mayor tries to buy all of this property with all

10:22:12 of those exorbitant costs and discover it's going to have an

10:22:16 EPA problem, the city is going to lose a lot of money.

10:22:20 So we have our plan that we can develop on that property

10:22:25 that will cut the Hillsborough County school transportation

10:22:31 fuel costs two-thirds, and employ a lot of those kids to get

10:22:37 them vested in not only Tampa, but the American dream, the

10:22:43 United States of America.

10:22:44 I have 50 years of experience and it's very difficult for me

10:22:47 to maintain a business.

10:22:48 These young kids that I saw yesterday finding that I was

10:22:53 powerless to help.

10:22:55 We can develop it.

10:22:56 Councilman Reddick has a plan.

10:22:58 Please encourage the mayor to work with them before we start

10:23:02 developing these issues.

10:23:03 Thank you very much.

10:23:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:23:04 Appreciate it.

10:23:05 Anyone else care to speak to any item on the agenda?

10:23:07 Please come forward.

10:23:22 One more time.

10:23:23 Anyone else care to speak to any item on the agenda, please

10:23:26 come forward.

10:23:26 Okay.

10:23:27 I see no one else.

10:23:29 I guess.

10:23:34 Those are the new lawyers to be.

10:23:36 Okay.

10:23:37 Any requests for anyone in the audience on any council

10:23:40 reconsideration of any items that this body passed in the

10:23:42 last regular meeting?

10:23:45 I see no one.

10:23:47 We go to staff reports, and including on the staff reports,

10:23:51 we are going to incorporate items 77 and 78.

10:23:54 We go to item number 5.

10:24:32 >>THOM SNELLING: Planning and development director.

10:24:38 Here to report.

10:24:39 Item number 5 is the report --

10:24:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry.

10:24:50 Go on.

10:24:51 Item number 5.

10:24:52 Staff reports.

10:24:57 >>THOM SNELLING: It's the biennial homeless report.

10:24:59 Before I get started, I would like to thank you for asking

10:25:02 for that clarification of Mr. Johnson.

10:25:05 I appreciate that for city staff.

10:25:09 This is the homeless report.

10:25:14 Happening in the last six months.

10:25:16 As you know, I continue to be the representative on the

10:25:18 Tampa Hillsborough homeless initiative for the mayor.

10:25:23 We'll touch a little on the community strategic plan that is

10:25:26 still currently being drafted and going forward, and also

10:25:30 the HUD 25 cities initiative that recently took place with

10:25:33 the workshop that we had.

10:25:35 Some exciting things happening there.

10:25:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me one second.

10:25:38 I am going to tell you all that I voted on the taser.

10:25:41 I am going to tell you that at least -- who made the motion

10:25:45 for the taser?

10:25:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mold the vote till after public comment.

10:25:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I apologize.

10:25:58 The motion was made by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mrs.

10:26:02 Montelione.

10:26:02 Is that correct?

10:26:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think that's correct.

10:26:10 >>HARRY COHEN: I seconded it.

10:26:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to review the tapes when it's

10:26:16 over but I know it was Mr. Cohen and Mrs. Montelione.

10:26:18 In fact they both made the motion simultaneously and I gave

10:26:22 it to Mrs. Montelione and the second by Mr. Cohen.

10:26:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's correct.

10:26:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a remainder, it's parts 1 and part 2.

10:26:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move both.

10:26:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Part 1 and part 2.

10:26:35 The other was for 75,000.

10:26:39 You think you don't have to have a memory to sit here, you

10:26:42 are wrong.

10:26:43 All in favor of the motion?

10:26:44 Opposed?

10:26:45 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:26:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

10:26:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Continue.

10:26:48 I'm sorry.

10:26:50 >>THOM SNELLING: Okay that concludes my report.

10:26:52 [ Laughter ]

10:26:53 >> Motion passed unanimously with Capin and Mulhern absent

10:27:02 at vote.

10:27:05 >>THOM SNELLING: The 25 cities workshop took place a couple

10:27:08 weeks back.

10:27:09 You participated very vigorously in that.

10:27:12 And then also checked about the homelessness initiative.

10:27:22 Since the CEO is retiring.

10:27:28 Not good.

10:27:29 But

10:27:29 Another person is coming in.

10:27:30 And they are going through that transition period.

10:27:32 That's just an FYI.

10:27:34 The strategic plan that the homelessness initiative is

10:27:38 working on has established goals and actions.

10:27:41 And they worked it into various subpopulations, first the

10:27:45 chronic homelessness, veteran homelessness, and then the

10:27:48 other major goal is to provide out of homelessness for

10:27:58 individuals, and hone in on the homelessness and that

10:28:03 provides a very vigorous and aggressive approach to trying

10:28:06 to address the chronic homelessness for veterans as well as

10:28:10 other homelessness as well.

10:28:15 The strategic priorities for the community plan, or the

10:28:19 community action plan, it's not rocket science.

10:28:24 It's not overly sexy but it really cuts to the meat and

10:28:27 bones of what you have if you are going to address this.

10:28:30 You have to expand the housing options, truly engage the

10:28:33 community, in its implementation.

10:28:35 And we are beginning to really see that both in Tampa

10:28:39 Hillsborough homeless initiative, Hillsborough County, City

10:28:41 of Tampa, and all of our not for profits that are out

10:28:45 working together, pushing and pulling in the same direction

10:28:47 at this point.

10:28:50 It's going to focus on improving the system in performance

10:28:54 as well as expanding an effort to expand the actual

10:28:57 continuum of care to the size that is actually needed.

10:29:02 The plan is not quite done yet.

10:29:04 And hopefully the next time I report back I will have a plan

10:29:07 to present you that the homeless initiative has crafted.

10:29:13 And quickly talked about the 25 cities initiatives.

10:29:17 That was a HUD supported initiative.

10:29:22 When they came down, we provided a workshop.

10:29:24 It Watts a two-day workshop, with members from homelessness

10:29:28 initiative, Hillsborough County, all of the not for profits

10:29:31 that are working in that Tampa Police Department,

10:29:33 Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department, corrections,

10:29:36 anybody that will look at for providing any type of service

10:29:42 for homelessness or trying to improve the homelessness were

10:29:48 included in that workshop, two days, participating in both

10:29:51 of those full days and they gave a briefing and the options

10:29:56 of what took place.

10:29:58 What came from that, the key elements, the key deliverable

10:30:02 outcomes, so to speak, were, you know, to establish a

10:30:07 coordinated intake assessment.

10:30:09 Why that is important is once you know where everybody is

10:30:13 being analyzed and reviewing what types of needs the

10:30:17 individuals have, it becomes more efficient to reach out to

10:30:21 the specific types of agencies and resources that are needed

10:30:25 to supply that individual with resolving for their

10:30:31 particular homeless issue.

10:30:33 The outreach at this point has been to increase in those

10:30:36 areas so there is more opportunity for them.

10:30:39 The case conferencing is an important part as well, making

10:30:42 sure that somebody understands exactly all the p moving

10:30:46 parts that someone experiences when they go through

10:30:48 homelessness to make sure each of those parts are addressed.

10:30:51 The other thing is, again, this goes back to having

10:30:55 everybody moving in the same direction.

10:30:57 And here you see the Veterans Administration, HUD, and the

10:31:05 council on homelessness, but you can add Hillsborough County

10:31:08 to that --

10:31:12 And add the sheriff's office as well.

10:31:14 The first effort that I have been around, not that I am a

10:31:17 homeless expert, but it certainly is the first time I have

10:31:20 seen so many agencies moving in this same direction.

10:31:24 What came from that, they wanted 100 days, to break this

10:31:38 into chunks of improvement and understand and have metrics

10:31:42 to measure where you come from.

10:31:44 So they identified the plan taking place within the first

10:31:48 100 days.

10:31:49 And in that, the goal is in various resources, I touched on,

10:31:54 is to provide 300 assessments of homeless individuals to see

10:31:57 exactly what their needs are, and that goes back to the

10:32:00 coordinating intake analysis

10:32:03 The second goal is to have of those 300, take 200 of those

10:32:08 persons be document ready, which basically means having your

10:32:11 I.D. card or Florida driver's license or bit certificate if

10:32:14 you are from Ohio, comes down here, all of those pieces of

10:32:18 paper, all of those pieces of identification, become very

10:32:20 important as you try to find a place to live, tray to find a

10:32:23 job, try to get whatever benefits are available to you.

10:32:26 So having those people's document ready,.

10:32:31 And the third goal of those 300 and 200, having 100 of those

10:32:36 actually housed and having a permanent solution, with the

10:32:39 appropriate case management and the proverbial wrap around

10:32:44 services.

10:32:46 And then the fourth is prepare for new projects and more

10:32:51 services and establish the second 100 day plan.

10:32:54 This isn't something that's just stopping after 1100 days.

10:32:58 HUD will return in 100 days.

10:32:59 They will come back within 100 days, look at our metrics,

10:33:02 see how we did, do a quick evaluation.

10:33:05 It's a very old-fashioned planning -- plan, implement, plan

10:33:10 again.

10:33:10 That's how they are approaching this.

10:33:12 Again, this isn't rocket science, it's old-fashioned HUD

10:33:15 work that has had great success in many areas and we believe

10:33:19 will have success here as well.

10:33:21 So in 100 days I will be back, revamp it and hopefully come

10:33:24 up with a set of than new or some goals.

10:33:29 Some of the resources that they are trying to establish, you

10:33:32 can read them there, emergency care centers, rapid rehousing

10:33:36 opportunity, using the emergency solutions grant, the

10:33:40 continuum money, housing vouchers.

10:33:43 Those are coming from Tampa Housing Authority.

10:33:45 They provide five per month moving forward.

10:33:49 There's no end in sight on that so that's a big deal

10:33:52 actually.

10:33:53 And then looking to develop 75 apartments, addressing where

10:34:01 there is emotionally or be mentally challenged individuals

10:34:04 who have other kind of substance abuse problems, and

10:34:07 sometimes those will be most difficult population to assist.

10:34:10 So having those coming will be a very big deal.

10:34:16 Then ultimately we will get increased support services for

10:34:20 veterans families.

10:34:24 I have all these little acronyms.

10:34:25 The only thing that made me craze he at the homelessness of

10:34:29 the 25 cities is they spoke in code and I had a hard time

10:34:32 understanding, so I said we have to print all these acronyms

10:34:35 out so you can see what they stand for.

10:34:37 The Veterans Affairs support services is to increase those

10:34:41 allocations as well.

10:34:43 So it's not just about providing the technical assistance to

10:34:46 25 cities, it's aggressively and actively going after

10:34:50 additional dollar resources as well, and wherever those

10:34:54 resources may be found.

10:34:56 Okay.

10:34:57 One of the things I do want to talk about -- and this is

10:35:00 actually kind of a big deal for us --

10:35:03 There's two things here for individuals, what the city has

10:35:10 been doing through the community and housing development

10:35:12 commission.

10:35:13 We are getting ready to embark on a tenant based rental

10:35:18 assistance program, and then some of the current funding

10:35:20 going forward.

10:35:22 The tenant based rental program also known as TBRA, it's a

10:35:27 voucher program.

10:35:30 You provide a voucher for a period of up to 18 months to two

10:35:33 years.

10:35:35 It's how long it could be.

10:35:36 And with that voucher, you have to pay rent, on the types of

10:35:41 utilities, et cetera, the room portion of the room and board

10:35:45 concept, that vouchers can be used for that.

10:35:49 It's very important because that provides a permanent place

10:35:52 to live.

10:35:53 And I talked before about the coordinated intake and

10:35:57 analysis, and when that happens what comes out the other

10:36:01 end, someone says, okay, I have the wraparound services.

10:36:04 They need mental health care.

10:36:07 I can go to veterans.

10:36:08 I can go somewhere to get that.

10:36:09 They need to get their documents and all of the other ID

10:36:13 taken care of and I can go to someone to take care of that.

10:36:18 At the other end they need someplace to stay and that's why

10:36:21 where the voucher will stay.

10:36:23 Now they have a place to live.

10:36:25 18 months to two years which price provides them the

10:36:27 opportunity to get settled in and to move out of that.

10:36:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Snelling, I'm sorry to interrupt.

10:36:35 Is this something from the City of Tampa, from your

10:36:38 department, or from our budget, separate from what the

10:36:42 Housing Authority does?

10:36:44 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes.

10:36:44 And it's actually very exciting.

10:36:53 Okay.

10:36:57 We provide a definition of homelessness, someone on the

10:37:00 street or in the shelter.

10:37:03 Verification is very important.

10:37:04 That is verified by emergency shelter case management or

10:37:07 some other approved homeless program.

10:37:11 And here is the part you kind of touched on, council, we

10:37:17 have never done direct services before this.

10:37:22 I have been very fortunate to hire the two ladies sitting

10:37:25 behind me from St. Petersburg.

10:37:27 They are absolutely rock stars when it comes to these types

10:37:30 of programs.

10:37:31 They understand them.

10:37:32 They live them.

10:37:33 It's more of a calling for them than it is a job.

10:37:37 I hope I'm embarrassing them because I intend to.

10:37:40 [ Laughter ]

10:37:41 >> You're doing a good job.

10:37:43 [ Laughter ]

10:37:44 >>THOM SNELLING: Before we had the skill set in house, we

10:37:46 had never tried something like this.

10:37:48 But I have a lot of confidence in them and their ability.

10:37:51 I think it will be very successful.

10:37:53 >> Can you embarrass them later tonight when they come back

10:37:57 and make a presentation?

10:37:58 Okay, we'll do that again.

10:38:00 [ Laughter ]

10:38:01 >>THOM SNELLING: Okay.

10:38:03 So we are going to administer.

10:38:11 So some of the other homelessness benefits.

10:38:13 I talked about the funding sources.

10:38:15 From the CBDG dollars for public facilities which is

10:38:19 basically housing, whether it's new housing, or income, or

10:38:24 owner occupied repair, extending 23,000 on.

10:38:30 That the projects that are going to not for profit whose

10:38:33 went to apply for those awards, we have set aside that

10:38:38 amount of money for that.

10:38:39 Then the ESG is down by about 50,000 bucks.

10:38:47 More than that actually.

10:38:48 But that's the rapid rehousing.

10:38:50 And now the home TBRA, that's $500 that you put in toward

10:38:55 that program for the direct services which we administrator

10:38:59 by the staff that I have here today with me.

10:39:01 That is a significant amount because that's $500,000, work

10:39:05 that we did not use last year, provided as direct services,

10:39:09 and that will translate depending on the amount of rent and

10:39:11 some other types of things, you know, between 25 and 30

10:39:15 individuals will come off the street.

10:39:17 That is a very big deal to administer.

10:39:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's all grant funding the 500,000?

10:39:25 >>THOM SNELLING: Set aside for money for last year for the

10:39:27 home program.

10:39:28 Initially we were going to put out an RFP to run that.

10:39:31 We thought second about that.

10:39:33 We decided to do it in house.

10:39:35 We rolled it into this year's money with 500 you.

10:39:39 And hopefully the program will be successful.

10:39:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: What is the source of the grant?

10:39:47 >>THOM SNELLING: Hope.

10:39:49 And then the Homeless Coalition.

10:39:57 Happening in the overall community, some of you may have

10:39:59 attended a meeting a couple days back where county

10:40:02 administrator Mr. Mike Marrow talked about the orient road

10:40:07 facility.

10:40:07 Just touching on that, it's 175 beds but they can go up to

10:40:13 between 175 and 185.

10:40:15 That provides the transitional and emergency shelter-type

10:40:18 housing and homeless with the supportive service and the

10:40:22 cause management where individuals can go, get that help

10:40:28 there, for an extended period of time, and get the kind of

10:40:31 help and get started before they embark on taking advantage

10:40:34 of other types of programs.

10:40:36 Again, they will participate in coordinating intake

10:40:39 assessment, doing the analysis.

10:40:42 But this gives them a place to stop, quote-unquote, the

10:40:46 bridge housing we talked about, a place to stay before a

10:40:48 permanent home is found.

10:40:49 This is the facility that council had talked about, you

10:40:51 know, many times, a long time ago.

10:40:55 And this is good.

10:40:56 It's actually within the city limits.

10:40:58 It does have bus transportation to and from there.

10:41:03 Transfers, no question, but you can get there just with some

10:41:07 bus a passes.

10:41:10 A product of partnership.

10:41:12 It's Hillsborough County leading the way.

10:41:13 But again they are putting out an RFP for an agency to run

10:41:17 that facility.

10:41:18 And homeless initiative is part of that.

10:41:23 So Tampa participants in offering some of their resources as

10:41:26 well through the program.

10:41:29 Another quick things to touch on.

10:41:31 When the county went through and reorganized their homeless

10:41:36 recovery services, they sought to use the money that be had

10:41:40 been going there to other agencies.

10:41:41 And what you see in front of you is the three agencies, the

10:41:44 first three that they have done, I think that they intended

10:41:48 with Metropolitan Ministries, provides emergency and bridge

10:41:51 housing.

10:41:52 For families.

10:41:53 Not only areas located here, but also in other parts of the

10:42:00 city as well as in the county as well.

10:42:01 It's not just exclusively North Boulevard -- or in Nebraska.

10:42:08 It's in different areas around the county as well.

10:42:10 Because it was county dollars and they had to have county

10:42:14 focus.

10:42:16 ACTS, also again, a TEFRA part of the population because

10:42:21 they have perhaps disadvantages or disabilities that they

10:42:25 have to deal with as well.

10:42:26 But they are also providing some of the bridge housing with

10:42:28 the various supportive services for substance abuse or

10:42:32 mental disorders that folks have.

10:42:35 And they are spreading it around, which is a good thing.

10:42:37 They have a 15-unit apartment complex in the city and also

10:42:42 using other community-based apartments scattered around

10:42:45 various parts of the county and city.

10:42:47 And then finally Salvation Army.

10:42:53 it allows

10:42:53 Them to begin to start their bridge housing instead of just

10:42:56 having people come in at 6:00 at night and go in and check

10:42:59 in in the morning.

10:43:02 Everybody rolls out, comes out.

10:43:04 What they have done is they have allowed individuals to stay

10:43:07 for longer periods of time.

10:43:08 You still will see people coming out of the building.

10:43:11 But the reality is, those folks, without having to pay, they

10:43:15 cannot go in there -- they can go in there take advantage of

10:43:19 the case management services, and get up to 45 or 90 days

10:43:24 depending on the recommendation of the various case

10:43:26 managers.

10:43:27 But they will get some of the support rather than just a

10:43:32 place to eat and sleep.

10:43:34 They have some of the support services there as well.

10:43:41 That's my report.

10:43:42 I would like to ask council -- and I don't know what the

10:43:45 protocol is, chairman, to just take the motion here.

10:43:50 Because if you read the motion with the budget, we have come

10:43:52 so far from that, I would rather if somebody could change

10:43:55 the motion to biennial report on homelessness issues.

10:43:59 And just be a little more accurate to the kinds of stuff

10:44:03 that I have been doing the last two times.

10:44:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Thom.

10:44:06 Because you read my mind.

10:44:07 I thought about that yesterday when I was looking at this

10:44:09 item.

10:44:10 And I will be happy to do that.

10:44:11 So I will move that we amend the original motion that was

10:44:15 made, let's see, original motion made, I made it, Councilman

10:44:22 Reddick seconded it on January 26, 2012, and I will amend

10:44:26 that to remove the items under 1, 2, 3 and 4, so that it

10:44:37 will only state biennial report on the status of our efforts

10:44:43 to aid the homeless.

10:44:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Reddick.

10:44:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Would you want to he establish that on

10:44:57 December 18th of 2000?

10:45:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

10:45:02 Including the date.

10:45:03 I didn't hear you say that date.

10:45:05 And I did have a statement to make, and I'm glad that the

10:45:12 individuals are here this morning, because this is a subject

10:45:15 that they care deeply about.

10:45:17 And it was maybe divine intervention that we are hearing

10:45:22 these two items on the same day.

10:45:23 And I want to say that I appreciate your work and the work

10:45:29 of your staff for continuing to support our homeless

10:45:34 initiatives, because when we passed that solicitation

10:45:38 ordinance, I know not only myself but other members of

10:45:42 council had stated that we are not just a punitive city.

10:45:52 I committed myself to work as hard as I could to help

10:45:59 alleviate the reason why people were out panhandling and

10:46:05 soliciting from cars and sidewalks originally.

10:46:10 So in three years, I think we have come a very, very long

10:46:15 way.

10:46:15 And I really appreciate all the time and effort that you as

10:46:20 a staff put in.

10:46:21 So thank you very much for this.

10:46:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I haven't taken that vote but it says

10:46:29 here biennial report.

10:46:32 Unless that means something different than I know, that

10:46:34 means in July and December.

10:46:37 If it's December, the next one is going to be in July.

10:46:40 That's what it says here on item number 5.

10:46:46 When I take that vote I want to make sure.

10:46:49 I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

10:46:50 Second by Mr. Reddick.

10:46:51 The same two that made the first report some time back.

10:46:55 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

10:46:58 Opposed nay.

10:46:58 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:47:00 Thank you very much, sir.

10:47:00 >>THE CLERK: And Capin and Mulhern absent.

10:47:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 6.

10:47:15 Bob McDonaugh.

10:47:20 >> Michael Hatchett, manager for the CRA, here to present to

10:47:35 you, answer questions that you may have regarding item

10:47:37 number 6.

10:47:39 Questions were raised regarding the fence surrounding

10:47:44 paradise missionary Baptist church on Scott street.

10:47:46 So if it please the council, I would like to provide a

10:47:49 little background information and answer any questions that

10:47:51 you may have.

10:47:56 Could I have the Elmo, please?

10:47:58 I would direct your thoughts to the Encore project just

10:48:02 north of downtown, and orient you to the graphic.

10:48:07 Scott street, here, Perry Harvey park to the west of the

10:48:13 site, the church, greater missionary Baptist here at the

10:48:17 corner of Scott, and the orange boundary depicts the

10:48:23 property that is now owned by the school district which will

10:48:26 become Meacham elementary school or to be constructed by the

10:48:30 school district some years ahead.

10:48:33 The orange boundary also depicts the location of the fence

10:48:38 than that is around the school district's property.

10:48:41 The fence was constructed by the Tampa Housing Authority

10:48:46 since the village was demolished.

10:48:49 They wrapped the site with a fence, and that's still there

10:48:53 today.

10:48:55 Questions have been raised by church leadership over the

10:48:58 years since that fence was put in place as to is it in the

10:49:01 correct location, or is it on Housing Authority school

10:49:05 district property?

10:49:06 The Housing Authority did survey, verified that it is on

10:49:12 school district property, Housing Authority property at the

10:49:15 time it was put there.

10:49:17 So the fence is in the correct location.

10:49:19 In looking forward into the future, they are anticipating

10:49:23 that this fence, or a replacement fence, will remain for at

10:49:28 least the next five years, as they are anticipating

10:49:31 developing at this site which will remain there until the

10:49:35 school district constructs the new school.

10:49:37 So in summary, the fence is permitted.

10:49:40 It is verified to be in the correct location on school

10:49:43 district property.

10:49:44 And it will remain either as is or replacement fence will be

10:49:48 put in place until the school is constructed.

10:49:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:49:57 Does that fence prohibit pastor Williams from or his

10:50:01 congregation from being able to park by their church?

10:50:07 >> Could you repeat improper question?

10:50:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Does that fence prohibit pastor Williams

10:50:13 and the congregation from having access to the church?

10:50:15 >> No.

10:50:16 It does not prohibit access to the church.

10:50:18 Watt does do is block access to the school district's

10:50:21 property.

10:50:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:50:23 So I see Mr. Moore here from the Housing Authority sitting

10:50:28 out there.

10:50:29 So I am going to ask him to come up since the Housing

10:50:34 Authority put the fence there.

10:50:43 Identify yourself first.

10:50:45 >> Moore, Tampa Housing Authority.

10:50:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:50:48 The Housing Authority, have they had any discussions with

10:50:51 pastor Williams?

10:50:53 >> Not in the last few years.

10:50:55 He did challenge the location of the fence when we had the

10:50:59 demolition activity going on.

10:51:00 We had the contractor reverify the location of the fence.

10:51:05 But we have not had conversations with him for at least

10:51:08 three or more years.

10:51:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: The reason the item is on the agenda is

10:51:13 for the past several meetings that we have had, pastor

10:51:16 Williams has appeared before us and made the allegation

10:51:19 about the fence, and he has stated that no one from the city

10:51:24 or no one from the Housing Authority communicated with him,

10:51:31 and he's stating that the fence was put there illegally.

10:51:34 So I just wanted to get a clear understanding, because I'm

10:51:39 at a point where, you know, I'm tired of pastor Williams

10:51:42 coming here and making all these allegations, and then I as

10:51:49 a member of council -- so we are taking this time to clear

10:51:56 this up, so clear this board up again.

10:51:59 I believe I have a response to him, or I can tell him -- I'm

10:52:04 surprised he's not here today.

10:52:05 But we just want to clear it up.

10:52:08 So that's the Tampa Housing Authority parrot where that

10:52:10 fence is located?

10:52:12 >> We Connecticut Vade it to the school several years ago.

10:52:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: And as Mr. Hatchett stated, it does not

10:52:26 interfere with his congregation to be able to park or go to

10:52:31 their church?

10:52:32 Because that's one of the allegations he's making, people

10:52:35 can't attend the church because that fence is around their

10:52:38 church.

10:52:38 >> Not that I am aware of.

10:52:40 It's not impeding the use of his property.

10:52:44 My understanding is that his congregation may have used some

10:52:48 of the parking that was part of the what was on part of

10:52:54 Central Park Village community.

10:52:59 There were some vacant parking spaces because they didn't

10:53:03 have that many cars.

10:53:04 It may be that they no longer have the access to parking

10:53:07 lots but it's all been demolished as part of the

10:53:10 revitalization.

10:53:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: My last question is this.

10:53:13 Would you or someone from the Housing Authority be willing

10:53:16 to have some discussion with Mr. Williams, pastor Williams?

10:53:23 Or I will have to go to the school district, because he

10:53:28 needs to understand that.

10:53:29 And the way he's stating it as though something is wrong.

10:53:39 >> The Housing Authority has always been available to speak

10:53:44 with Mr. Williams, if he wants to meet with us, if he has

10:53:51 any need to meet with us.

10:53:53 We don't have ownership or control of that land.

10:53:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, sir, the proper advice to Mr.

10:54:07 Williams, pastor Williams, would be to meet with school

10:54:10 district than.

10:54:11 That would be the proper thing to do?

10:54:15 For him to do?

10:54:16 Meet with the school district?

10:54:18 >> If he wants access to their land, he would have to.

10:54:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:54:23 Well, he says I am no longer his friend, though.

10:54:38 I just wanted to clear this up and make sure you get all of

10:54:41 this cleared.

10:54:42 Because he has stated this publicly and openly several,

10:54:45 several -- at several meetings.

10:54:50 So that's all I have, Mr. Chair.

10:54:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Reddick.

10:54:56 Thank you, Mr. Moore.

10:54:57 Okay, thank you, Mr. Hatchett.

10:55:01 Item number 7 is a request from the city attorney, Julia

10:55:09 Mandell, to remove -- am I correct?

10:55:13 >> Yes.

10:55:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need a motion to that effect.

10:55:19 Motion by Mr. Reddick.

10:55:21 Second by Mr. Cohen to remove item number 7.

10:55:24 The reason for that is that it is in litigation.

10:55:26 All in favor of the motion?

10:55:28 Opposed?

10:55:29 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:55:30 Thank you very much.

10:55:31 Item number 8.

10:55:32 >>JULIA MANDELL: And a request to continue number 8.

10:55:43 >>HARRY COHEN: Move to continue number 8 until August

10:55:47 7th.

10:55:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mrs. Montelione to

10:55:49 continue to August 7th, the same staff reports in the

10:55:54 morning at 9:00.

10:55:55 All in favor of the motion?

10:55:56 Opposed?

10:55:56 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:55:59 Item number 9.

10:56:00 >>JULIA MANDELL: City attorney.

10:56:05 I had been continuing to monitor what has been going on with

10:56:08 the Jackson house, and the pending outstanding order to

10:56:13 repair, which is outstanding, as not being complied with,

10:56:21 but it is on the property to repair the Jackson house, to

10:56:28 stabilization standards.

10:56:32 I have not been directly involved, but have been told that

10:56:36 there have been ongoing conversations between Mr. Robinson

10:56:40 is the owner of the Jackson house, and the NAACP, in terms

10:56:44 of moving forward with an attempt to stabilize the property

10:56:50 as a structure, as well as other moving forward with other

10:56:55 repairs, I understand that the NAACP has met with our

10:57:02 preservation manager Dennis Fernandez in an effort to

10:57:05 continue forward as part of their review for the options in

10:57:10 the effort to stabilize the Jackson house.

10:57:13 Those are ongoing conversations.

10:57:16 The city remains willing to work with Mr. Robinson, and with

10:57:20 the NAACP, as moving forward with any efforts to stabilize

10:57:24 the property, although we are concerned with the stability

10:57:32 of the structure as well as any safety concern.

10:57:33 We will continue to monitor the situation and will continue

10:57:36 to work with Mr. Robinson in moving forward in a manner

10:57:41 consistent with his wishes, so long as we don't get into a

10:57:45 public safety problem with the structure.

10:57:48 I do, as I said, understand those conversations are ongoing,

10:57:51 and we will continue to monitor the situation, and I am

10:57:56 happy to report back to council, if council would like me to

10:58:01 come back.

10:58:01 Thank you.

10:58:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:58:03 Mr. Reddick.

10:58:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: I respect you for your patience, the

10:58:15 conversation is ongoing.

10:58:16 That can be ongoing, ongoing.

10:58:18 But here is what concerns me.

10:58:21 We are moving to hurricane season.

10:58:23 And we are not -- or if they are not able to stabilize this

10:58:28 property sometime soon, we run into danger.

10:58:33 And that's what frightens me.

10:58:36 So I understand the hardship Mr. Robinson is dealing with,

10:58:45 and I understand the NAACP.

10:58:48 But it seems to me, we have got to have this matter time

10:58:52 frame, because we are starting to get strong wind, and

10:59:01 strong wind and rain in the evening time, and I'm just

10:59:07 wondering what problems we are facing.

10:59:11 Because my car is in the body shop right now because of a

10:59:22 tree, a big old tree branch fell on top of it, and I hate to

10:59:28 see the house torn down, and that's the reason I'm

10:59:40 concerned, with us moving to the hurricane season, and we

10:59:43 have thunderstorms and strong winds.

10:59:46 So I'm just suggesting to you in we are going to need to

10:59:54 find a time frame for someone to come forward and stabilize

10:59:58 that house before we get into the deep part of hurricane.

11:00:02 >>JULIA MANDELL: I share your concerns, and it has been my

11:00:07 concern for the last eight, nine months, which is why we did

11:00:10 issue the order to repair and agree with everything that you

11:00:15 said.

11:00:15 And it's something that we have made Mr. Robinson's attorney

11:00:25 aware of that this can go on for a little bit, but at some

11:00:28 point as we monitor the situation, going into hurricane

11:00:30 season, there has to be some kind of end date, so we were

11:00:35 hopeful, and still remain hopeful that there's an

11:00:38 opportunity there.

11:00:39 But we also recognize that time is an issue.

11:00:44 And so that's why we have continuing.

11:00:50 Whatever happens, happens.

11:00:51 Monitoring it very closely, keeping very close conversations

11:00:54 going between our staff and Mr. Robinson with my

11:01:00 conversations occurring with Mr. Gilmore, and with that

11:01:03 comment, that Mr. Reddick just made, I will commit to you

11:01:07 that I will circle that with Mr. Gilmore to find out if we

11:01:14 are at a place now where we believe something is going

11:01:18 forward or not, and Weeki Wachee some options.

11:01:21 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Chair?

11:01:24 Quick question, Ms. Mandell.

11:01:28 The situations where Jackson house is at, and this is not

11:01:34 specifically to Jackson, it's under an order because of the

11:01:36 repair aspect of it.

11:01:38 Is there a requirement that they have some kind of insurance

11:01:40 for liability issues, that if that structure hurt someone

11:01:44 else --

11:01:51 >>JULIA MANDELL: An order to repair does require the hold

11:01:54 harmless agreement which I believe they have.

11:01:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: They have liability insurance?

11:01:59 >>JULIA MANDELL: Whether they have liability insurance --

11:02:01 their liability insurance would cover their property

11:02:03 individually.

11:02:04 I don't know how much it would cover the right-of-way.

11:02:06 But I will tell you we also requested that to be signed as

11:02:12 well, which I believe has been executed.

11:02:17 Or hold the city harmless in --

11:02:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's my question, if there was any injury,

11:02:26 or any property damage.

11:02:28 Mr. Reddick said a tree branch fell on his car, was it on

11:02:31 your property or the other property?

11:02:33 That makes a determination what's going to happen to your

11:02:35 car and who pays for it.

11:02:40 So you are waiting for the claim to come through, I'm sure.

11:02:43 >>JULIA MANDELL: I'll get you the claims adjustor.

11:02:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Mrs. Mandell.

11:03:04 >> Item number 10.

11:03:05 Item number 10 is a request of the legal department for the

11:03:11 Hillsborough process, regarding the -- unfortunately Mrs.

11:03:21 Singer has left the office.

11:03:23 We miss her but I am taking over this item in order to

11:03:26 address you today.

11:03:28 My understanding of what occurred approximately a year ago

11:03:31 is this request, a similar request was made of City Council

11:03:37 and the city administration to move forward with some form

11:03:39 of orthopedics relating to banning the box on employment

11:03:43 applications which my understanding means that our

11:03:45 employment applications are removing the box that requires

11:03:49 upon initial application to the city that there will not be

11:03:54 a question of whether or not there's a criminal background

11:03:58 of the individuals applying, that that is something that

11:04:01 will happen later in the application process.

11:04:04 I understand that that is what City Council approved the

11:04:09 ordinance which required that box no longer be on initial

11:04:12 application was the City of Tampa employment services.

11:04:18 The request that's in front of you today, what I understand,

11:04:21 is really a request that we as a city take some kind of

11:04:29 action to require vendors and/or contractors to remove the

11:04:34 box from their employment applications in order to do

11:04:37 business with the City of Tampa.

11:04:39 I believe that at the time, the legal department raised a

11:04:43 variety of concerns with that part of the request in terms

11:04:48 of how it would impact our purchasing, and requests for RFP

11:04:55 process, to apply to how would it enforce, and I would agree

11:05:02 with all of those concerns.

11:05:04 I have some concerns, and I think that there are some legal

11:05:08 issues with how we would enforce such a requirement on our

11:05:13 vendors, especially vendors that are nationwide vendors,

11:05:16 such as if we buy anything from Office Depot, and we are

11:05:22 contracting to Office Depot which is a national chain,

11:05:26 individual stores won't have that opportunity, so are we in

11:05:30 essence cutting our opportunities to have the lowest

11:05:33 possible price for an item, or who we can work with in terms

11:05:38 of that purchase of goods that would have an impact not just

11:05:43 legally, because I am not really sure how we would enforce

11:05:46 that in a nationwide way, or even in a local way, but also

11:05:50 in terms of how you would have your purchase process moving

11:05:57 forward in terms of your -- certainly there is opportunity

11:06:01 to put something inside these documents to say that whoever

11:06:07 is supplying the bid has removed the box as it were from

11:06:11 their initial -- from their initial employment application.

11:06:17 But I'm not sure how you would want to enforce that in the

11:06:20 same manner.

11:06:21 But, too, will we just be doing that for those employees

11:06:24 that are doing business directly with the city?

11:06:28 If we have a contractor who is doing work for the city, and

11:06:31 they have certain employees, they remove that box, or

11:06:35 certain employees remove that box from, I don't know how we

11:06:38 would make sure that each and every individual has that the

11:06:43 benefit of that protection.

11:06:45 I also have some concerns as to how that would impact your

11:06:49 bid process.

11:06:50 Would that be now a new subject that could pick a particular

11:06:58 company for an employee to come back and argue and challenge

11:07:01 that bid, not from the bid itself, because that employee is

11:07:12 mad at us?

11:07:14 In terms of the legal department and how it could impact

11:07:16 your different processes, and as I said, I think there are

11:07:22 concerns that we originally raised in terms of enforcement,

11:07:25 impact be to your bidding procedures, and the impact to your

11:07:28 vending procedures.

11:07:31 I think that is the time that you originally decided not to

11:07:35 go in this particular direction.

11:07:36 That was the policy reason as to why you chose to not go

11:07:42 forward because of the legal concerns that we had raised,

11:07:44 how it would impact your different processes and procedures,

11:07:52 and that type of ban and also what process you would use to

11:07:57 put that in, some of it might be put in the ordinance, some

11:08:01 of it might be in an executive order.

11:08:03 But I can tell you, I think the legal department felt a

11:08:07 significant level of comfort that you could have an

11:08:10 ordinance which does impact the organization of the City of

11:08:12 Tampa, and that was something that I believe has been

11:08:16 implemented.

11:08:18 So I'm available for questions.

11:08:21 I'm really just raising the same concerns that have

11:08:24 previously been raised, and I see there are valid legal

11:08:28 concerns that you really should be considering if you decide

11:08:30 to move forward with something.

11:08:32 Thank you.

11:08:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council members?

11:08:36 Mr. Suarez and Mrs. Montelione.

11:08:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mrs. Mandell, I have a couple of questions

11:08:41 concerning not only our right to do this because I think we

11:08:44 do, and we can ask outside vendors to, as a requirement for

11:08:49 business, to do this.

11:08:51 Here is a question that I have.

11:08:53 There are no other cities in Florida that currently do this,

11:08:57 there are?

11:08:57 >> Not that I am aware for vendors.

11:08:59 There may be others that do it internally.

11:09:02 And I want to be clear.

11:09:04 I just looked -- be.

11:09:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I figured you got Mr. Singer's book.

11:09:10 >> I did.

11:09:12 It's a very good book.

11:09:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm sure it is.

11:09:16 She's an excellent attorney and we are sorry that she is

11:09:20 going to a different field now so she is not going to be a

11:09:22 practicing attorney. Anyway, there was a statement that was

11:09:27 made during the presentation earlier in public comments

11:09:31 about private businesses, or legally disqualify someone to

11:09:39 hiring them if they checked, that they have had some kind of

11:09:43 felony.

11:09:43 I don't know if that's necessarily true.

11:09:44 I don't think it is.

11:09:45 I think that the reason why most of the time we ask these

11:09:48 questions for lots of different reasons, depending on what

11:09:51 type of job they are going to have, but that they can still

11:09:55 hire them.

11:09:55 Anyone can still be hired based on that.

11:09:58 A felony itself or felony conviction does not preclude an

11:10:02 employer from actually hiring somebody.

11:10:04 You know, other than the type of job, there's no legal --.

11:10:11 >>JULIA MANDELL: There might be certain types of jobs under

11:10:13 federal regulations or state regulations certain felonies

11:10:16 wouldn't qualify for.

11:10:18 But anything over and above that is up to the individual

11:10:20 business to make whatever decision.

11:10:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Then when we had this discussion originally

11:10:25 concerning the city employees, the idea was that just

11:10:31 because they have a conviction doesn't mean that they

11:10:34 necessarily can't do the job.

11:10:35 But there are certain convictions that we would not want

11:10:38 them on specific jobs, such as if someone was a convicted

11:10:42 pedophile you don't want them working in the Parks

11:10:44 Department, things like that, that gives us enough leeway to

11:10:47 say, okay, we know what the conviction is, we cannot hire

11:10:50 you for this particular position because of the previous

11:10:52 conviction, and I understand that, and I think businesses

11:10:58 it's the same thing, which if you are a thief that has

11:11:01 stolen large sums of money by using, you know, computer

11:11:08 false, you know, identities, you probably don't want to be

11:11:11 the person who is in the office who has access to all the

11:11:16 billing records and the way that they use their dollars.

11:11:19 I mean, there's lots of reasons why you don't hire someone

11:11:22 in a particular position.

11:11:24 The reason I was asking this specifically, and here is my

11:11:30 biggest concern about this.

11:11:31 There's two things.

11:11:31 One is I don't know -- and I had mentioned this to the group

11:11:36 privately before, which is, you know, San Francisco, they

11:11:41 were talking about banning the box, and I think they may

11:11:44 have had banned the box eventually for those government

11:11:47 contractors.

11:11:49 They met with different businesses across the city to talk

11:11:52 to them about what kind of an effect this was going to have

11:11:56 an their business.

11:11:57 They didn't always agree but they did become more of an

11:11:59 advocate as opposed to an adversary in this particular

11:12:02 discussion.

11:12:03 And again, you know, there has not been any statements made

11:12:09 that that's what has been done on the part of Hope.

11:12:14 Secondly -- and this is a real fear for me, for almost

11:12:18 anything we do in City Council, which is the preemption by

11:12:20 the legislature, if we did have something like this.

11:12:23 Here is the problem.

11:12:24 And preemption means -- and I am just goings to say this for

11:12:27 the public's benefit -- that we could pass anything here and

11:12:31 the legislature could then pass a law saying you can't do

11:12:34 that in your city.

11:12:36 We have seen this in lots of other states, including North

11:12:40 Carolina, which is one of the most egregious offenders of

11:12:43 this.

11:12:44 But secondly, we have seen it on other issues that we felt

11:12:47 were here with -- dealt with here on City Council, which is

11:12:50 whenever we wanted to try to control something within city

11:12:52 limits, we were preempted by the legislature.

11:12:55 We could not move forward.

11:12:56 That's the reason I wanted to ask you about other cities in

11:12:59 Florida, whether or not there was a preemption.

11:13:01 In the legislature or had been passed this past session.

11:13:05 And you have no --

11:13:10 >>JULIA MANDELL: I am not aware of anything in Florida

11:13:12 legislature that would preempt this issue, but I will say to

11:13:19 take a different position, and that's something that hasn't

11:13:21 been, I think, fully vetted in terms of either this

11:13:25 discussion in the City of Tampa, or in other jurisdictions.

11:13:28 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Mrs. Mandell.

11:13:31 Thank you, chair.

11:13:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When you and I had a briefing, we talked

11:13:38 about a few things, and the request, I think, you know, the

11:13:48 city was in a much different place economically.

11:13:50 It wasn't, you know, the right direction for us to go.

11:13:54 We did what we could internally with our own processes.

11:13:58 But, you know, the economy just wasn't there yet.

11:14:00 The economy has gotten better, running on -- not on full

11:14:10 steam but we are getting better.

11:14:11 I would like to further discuss what we can do, and what the

11:14:14 direction is that might be right for us as a city, and

11:14:18 perhaps, you know, the wheels turn pretty slowly in

11:14:22 government, so perhaps by the time we settle on something

11:14:25 the economy will be fully recovered and will be full steam

11:14:28 ahead.

11:14:28 So what I would like to ask is a few things.

11:14:32 We talked about it at this point yesterday.

11:14:34 And you brought it up again, is that individuals from the

11:14:37 business community have not been fully engaged, and I think

11:14:43 that moving forward, it's always best to reach out to those

11:14:46 that would be affected, to be see how, you know, they can

11:14:50 contribute to what would be helpful to them.

11:14:54 You know, being in the construction business, I can tell you

11:14:57 that probably be a good deal of the contractors that we

11:15:00 already work with in the city, or a good portion, more than

11:15:05 likely hired an employee previously, just my experience in

11:15:13 the construction business.

11:15:15 You can't have a trade business without looking at people

11:15:18 who are tradesmen, and that's usually a good opportunity for

11:15:24 people, as pastor Atchison pointed out this morning with

11:15:31 electrical tradesmen.

11:15:33 So I ask council's support in forming a small group of

11:15:39 business individuals who are in the trades to include

11:15:46 participation from the administration, perhaps the proper

11:15:53 person who already works with minority business contracting.

11:15:56 He has access to a lot of the contractors who do business

11:16:00 with the city, and minority business, limited business,

11:16:05 small local business segment.

11:16:07 So if we can get some participation from those individuals

11:16:11 as well as from the chamber, the Tampa Bay builders

11:16:16 association, the associated builders and contractors,

11:16:20 because they are the organization that works with commercial

11:16:26 contracting, obviously TBEA is the residential contractor,

11:16:32 and put a small group together, including maybe one of us,

11:16:39 maybe more of us if we want to make it a sunshine issue,

11:16:43 with a limited time frame.

11:16:45 You know, maybe three or four meetings, figure out what is

11:16:50 amenable to them, find out what they are already doing and

11:16:53 what their practices are, and then come back with some

11:16:56 suggestion.

11:16:58 >>JULIA MANDELL: The only thing I will say is there is a

11:17:01 group that is being formed as a result of actions.

11:17:05 That in itself is a sunshine board would require that kind

11:17:10 of compliance.

11:17:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was hoping to --

11:17:18 >>JULIA MANDELL: It would be creating a sunshine board.

11:17:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm already up to my eyeballs.

11:17:31 Not that nobody else is.

11:17:36 >>HARRY COHEN: I know you would be able to undertake the

11:17:39 work, if we go in that direction.

11:17:41 Another idea that might point us somewhere is to ask vendors

11:17:49 to voluntarily comply with the provision.

11:17:54 And the reason I say that is because if it's in fact true

11:17:58 that a lot of companies are already employing people with

11:18:04 criminal backgrounds, or if they by virtue of being asked

11:18:09 might think about reformulating their application, it might

11:18:12 be something that they would be willing to do, and it would

11:18:16 also give us the sense of what the universe of vendors out

11:18:21 there is actually doing.

11:18:23 And, you know, it's something to think about.

11:18:25 It's not an end result.

11:18:27 But it must be an interim step that could give us a sense of

11:18:32 what the actual attitude of the market would be.

11:18:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick and then Mr. Suarez.

11:18:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Mandell, the document that I see says

11:18:51 about 16 cities doing this.

11:18:52 And I know you just got involved with this process.

11:18:55 Have you had the opportunity, or do you know if Mrs. Singer

11:18:59 had the opportunity to reach out to any of these cities to

11:19:04 see about getting this approved?

11:19:07 >>JULIA MANDELL: I believe Mrs. Singer did, and her and I

11:19:10 did discuss this, to reach out to some of these

11:19:12 jurisdictions, and keeping in mind that the laws and

11:19:18 regulation Netzsch state, how each jurisdiction has to

11:19:21 handle it whether it's via ordinance, or the ordinances they

11:19:25 put in place to write executive orders, and criteria, and

11:19:32 it's really kind of hard to sometimes match up what's

11:19:35 happening in other states to something like this, but there

11:19:38 are jurisdictions as you can see that have put in place

11:19:41 measures to both ban the box in terms of internal.

11:19:46 They also ban the box for vendors.

11:19:48 And there are some jurisdictions that made an effort to try

11:19:51 to ban the box within the jurisdiction.

11:19:55 And I don't believe that there's any litigation over it or

11:19:59 anything like that, so I don't want to overstate any issues,

11:20:03 but in Florida law, in terms of your processes in the City

11:20:06 of Tampa, the concerns that I have raised are ones that I

11:20:12 think could have a significant impact through this process,

11:20:16 but at the same time, if council wants to bring an

11:20:22 alternative forward we can continue the conversation.

11:20:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you.

11:20:31 Anything can be doable if we want it to be doable, correct?

11:20:36 >> Well, anything is doable as long as you understand the

11:20:39 risks, and that's my job to give you those parameters.

11:20:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.

11:20:44 But we could make it doable within the confines of the law

11:20:46 of the State of Florida, right?

11:20:49 >>JULIA MANDELL: You can put in an ordinance or some other

11:20:52 kind of -- through an executive order or ordinance of City

11:20:58 Council action which would provide that all vendors in the

11:21:02 city and all contractors, in a specific city, are obligated

11:21:06 to not place that box on their initial job application, and

11:21:16 to inform fuss they are not doing that in order to be

11:21:18 eligible to do work for the City of Tampa.

11:21:24 But there's a catch, that I am trying to express to you,

11:21:27 that you may be knocking out national chains that don't have

11:21:30 the opportunity for police to be able to just do it with

11:21:34 their local vendors, who have been talking about in terms of

11:21:38 which employees, you know, but I am not sitting here telling

11:21:44 you that you can't do anything.

11:21:45 I'm saying if you do something, here is the risk to the

11:21:48 city.

11:21:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.

11:21:49 And I understand the risks made each week.

11:21:53 >>JULIA MANDELL: Well, there are risks but this one might

11:21:58 be a little more significant that we are able to think

11:22:04 through.

11:22:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's the why the original question is to

11:22:07 have the legal department review this to see if it is indeed

11:22:11 done.

11:22:11 I agree with my colleague, Mrs. Montelione, about maybe

11:22:16 putting together something in the city, an ad hoc committee

11:22:21 to look at.

11:22:21 This but one thing, I would hate to see doing this for the

11:22:27 next six years, and I would hope in a time frame come back

11:22:32 with a recommendation, understood our laws with the

11:22:43 conjunction of the legal department.

11:22:47 I just don't want to see us with a committee out there --

11:22:54 >> Well, trust me, I agree with you.

11:23:00 That will have a sunset.

11:23:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:23:03 And that's what I want to see.

11:23:08 And I will support that and second your motion.

11:23:12 But I would like some time.

11:23:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Absolutely.

11:23:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I was going to reiterate what Mr. Reddick

11:23:21 just said.

11:23:22 I believe we really do need to reach out to businesses, to

11:23:25 talk to them about this.

11:23:26 Because you know what?

11:23:27 They may have actually even a better track record than what

11:23:31 we give them credit for.

11:23:33 In addition, what kind of effect it going to have on them.

11:23:36 We just need to know.

11:23:38 Because we are all about fairness.

11:23:39 We want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to

11:23:41 talk about what we are trying to do.

11:23:45 So if it's an ad hoc committee, then it still has to be a

11:23:51 sunshine committee, Mr. Shelby?

11:23:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: No.

11:23:54 If City Council does not take any official action in

11:23:58 furtherance of asking for a recommendations then the

11:24:00 committee could be formed outside of this organization.

11:24:05 A City Council member can even attend, or perhaps even be

11:24:09 part.

11:24:09 But again if more than one shows up --

11:24:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: My point, Mr. Shelby, there would be no

11:24:15 motion in asking for that to be formed so it does not become

11:24:18 a sunshine committee.

11:24:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's correct.

11:24:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So I think our discussion has gone towards

11:24:24 the last person on the dais who has experience with

11:24:30 construction companies that may want to go ahead and go

11:24:32 forward and put that together.

11:24:34 We would really appreciate it.

11:24:35 Thank you, chair.

11:24:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

11:24:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And one of the things that Ms. Mandell

11:24:43 brings up is would that reply to companies that were not

11:24:47 construction companies? So you brought up, you know, Office

11:24:50 Depot or staples or Home Depot if we buy supplies from them.

11:24:56 So I guess we would have to define which companies, or sizes

11:25:02 of companies, so I would ask for your assistance before

11:25:08 forming this group whether it's by motion of council or just

11:25:13 informally, as Mr. Suarez suggests, and ad hoc, because I

11:25:17 take that suggestion as a very good one, because in the

11:25:23 industry, if we have a sunshine board, they would not be

11:25:29 able to talk to each other.

11:25:30 And people, individuals, don't always understand the

11:25:37 sunshine law, if you are not an elected official.

11:25:41 They do not understand that they can't talk about this

11:25:43 subject over lunch or coffee or a beverage.

11:25:49 >> That's correct.

11:25:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So maybe not being a sunshine board is

11:25:54 the best route to take, because I want to hear their ideas,

11:25:57 and I don't want to impede them from talking amongst

11:26:00 themselves to come up with some ideas.

11:26:02 And so I would ask for participation, maybe more meetings

11:26:09 with you, Mrs. Mandell, whoever on your staff is assigned to

11:26:13 this, and participation of Mr. Spearman and purchasing, Mr.

11:26:18 Hart and minority business contracting, so we can maybe work

11:26:21 through some parameters, and figure out who we would be

11:26:26 asking.

11:26:27 I had a conversation yesterday with David Vaughan in

11:26:30 contract administration because I saw that one of our items

11:26:33 on the agenda today for approval is a contract for overhead

11:26:37 door services for the City of Tampa.

11:26:40 Demand star sent out 239 requests for bids from our

11:26:47 solicitation lists of companies that do business with us.

11:26:50 We had one response.

11:26:53 And I asked why out of -- why there was only one response,

11:27:00 and he informed me that the economy is getting better.

11:27:04 And when the economy gets better, the companies would prefer

11:27:09 to do work in the private sector, not in the public sector.

11:27:13 So when the economy is bad, we have a lot of people, you

11:27:16 know, sending in bids to us, because they want to, you know,

11:27:23 we governments have the money to do contract work, but when

11:27:26 the economy is good, more would rather do business with the

11:27:31 private sector than the public.

11:27:32 So we have a lot of reasons why our pool of vendors might

11:27:39 shrink.

11:27:39 >>JULIA MANDELL: May I make a suggestion?

11:27:45 Maybe if council so desires to have a motion to place this

11:27:48 on the agenda for a workshop in three months, and in the

11:27:50 meantime, Mrs. Montelione, I will commit to working with

11:27:55 whoever from City Council to try to set up maybe some kind

11:28:03 of meeting that the legal department, you know, would be

11:28:07 participating in, to be able to bring back some information

11:28:11 at that workshop.

11:28:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think three months would be

11:28:15 reasonable.

11:28:15 >>JULIA MANDELL: I know you don't have a lot of workshops

11:28:19 over the summer.

11:28:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So let's look at the calendar.

11:28:22 Mr. Cohen, do you have a date?

11:28:24 >>HARRY COHEN: Don't have a workshop until October.

11:28:27 So I think that's probably about when you are looking at.

11:28:34 Oh, here we go.

11:28:37 Yes, it October 23rd.

11:28:40 At 9:00 a.m.

11:28:41 >> Okay.

11:28:45 So then I will make a motion for a workshop to discuss the

11:28:52 parameters for developing a program for -- how shall I word

11:29:05 this? -- ex-offenders employment with companies to be do

11:29:10 business with the City of Tampa.

11:29:17 And I'm withdrawing the earlier motion.

11:29:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

11:29:23 For what day again?

11:29:25 >>HARRY COHEN: October 23rd at 9:00 a.m.

11:29:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: October 23rd of the year 2014 at 9:00

11:29:30 a.m.

11:29:31 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

11:29:32 Further discussion by council members?

11:29:33 All in favor of the motion?

11:29:35 Opposed?

11:29:36 Motion passed unanimously.

11:29:37 >>THE CLERK: Mrs. Capin and Mulhern absent.

11:29:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's the motion on item 10.

11:29:45 I didn't support this the first time and I would not be

11:29:48 supporting it the second time.

11:29:49 I am going to tell you why.

11:29:52 Does a box prohibit anyone from really getting employed in

11:29:56 the City of Tampa?

11:29:57 At the end of the day, if you don't put yes, that you are a

11:30:01 committed felon at some point, or whatever the cause may be,

11:30:05 and there is in a box, when you come to get checked out --

11:30:12 and you will be checked out -- doesn't show up.

11:30:17 So what we have done is wasted that individual's time, be it

11:30:21 he or she, that employer's time, be it he or them, the

11:30:24 city's time, so do they get employed?

11:30:31 I don't know.

11:30:32 But in my opinion, it's an exercise that the end result

11:30:38 would have been at the beginning.

11:30:39 Not at the end.

11:30:41 So I can tell you that the State of Florida, at least the

11:30:44 division that I work in, if you fail to check that box be,

11:30:49 or put it in, and they come back, and they say, Mr. Miranda,

11:30:55 you failed to check that box.

11:30:58 Okay, let me have your license.

11:31:00 See you later.

11:31:01 Now, they have gotten so strict that this year, I had to

11:31:04 work on cases that I have never seen in my life.

11:31:08 In DUI.

11:31:12 In the 80s.

11:31:14 Or the seventh.

11:31:16 People have been licensed here in the State of Florida for

11:31:18 many years.

11:31:18 But they spent thousands of dollars to bring their horses to

11:31:22 races in the State of Florida.

11:31:23 They were denied a license because they had a DUI in 1977.

11:31:28 That's ridiculous.

11:31:31 But under those circumstances, there was no waivers.

11:31:35 You had to have -- go into the individual who was in charge

11:31:41 of doing the checks and balances for the state, and they

11:31:44 would tell you it would be from ten days to 90 days.

11:31:48 There's only one problem, for 90 days.

11:31:53 So that's an extreme.

11:31:54 I don't think that the City of Tampa is doing this.

11:31:56 So then, why do they have that box?

11:31:59 Than because you might have done the crime, for whatever

11:32:04 reason ten years ago.

11:32:07 And you change your life.

11:32:12 They can follow that pattern.

11:32:13 And they say you are acceptable.

11:32:15 But what about if you had a crime ten years ago, then you

11:32:17 had one five years ago, and you had one yesterday?

11:32:20 Now what do you do?

11:32:24 I mean, at some point in time, somebody has got to be

11:32:27 responsible for their own actions, not what they did ten

11:32:31 years ago as a 15-year-old teenager.

11:32:34 And that's the be things that we have got so far out that we

11:32:39 have problems with.

11:32:40 There's where we are at.

11:32:43 Thank you very much.

11:32:43 >>JULIA MANDELL: Thank you.

11:32:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And when we did the addendum we said that

11:32:52 77 and 78 were going to be put in staff.

11:32:55 I would like to take that now so items 14 and 17 look like

11:32:59 they are going to be some time.

11:33:02 I would like to take 77 and 78.

11:33:04 I know that's in Mrs. Montelione's committee originally.

11:33:07 So if I may, Mrs. Montelione, the floor is yours.

11:33:13 Item number 11 understood staff reports is moved by Mrs.

11:33:21 Montelione.

11:33:22 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

11:33:23 All in favor of the motion?

11:33:24 Opposed?

11:33:25 The ayes have it unanimously.

11:33:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: (off microphone) and I would like to

11:33:31 move item 12.

11:33:32 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:33:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

11:33:36 Second by Mr. Cohen on item number 12 under staff reports.

11:33:38 All in favor of the motion?

11:33:41 Opposed?

11:33:41 The ayes have it unanimously.

11:33:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And also I would like to move item 13.

11:33:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Moved by Mrs. Montelione.

11:33:49 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

11:33:51 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

11:33:53 Opposed nay. The ayes have it unanimously.

11:33:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Item number 77 and 78.

11:34:11 >>GINA GRIMES: Than Hill, Ward, Henderson, 101 East Kennedy

11:34:13 Boulevard.

11:34:14 I'm here on items number 77 and 78.

11:34:20 Our firm has a client that is a property owner at the plaza

11:34:28 condominium and represents some other property owners south

11:34:30 of the gate.

11:34:32 77 and 78 have to do with encroachment authorization.

11:34:41 This matter was previously being handled by John Grandoff of

11:34:44 our firm.

11:34:45 And he wrote on June 11th, wrote a long letter to the

11:34:48 city attorney's office raising several legal issues

11:34:51 regarding the release of easement and regarding the

11:34:54 encroachment authorization.

11:34:56 And subsequent to that, Mr. Grandoff went on vacation and is

11:35:00 actually out of the country.

11:35:02 In that letter, he asked that these two items not be placed

11:35:06 on the agenda, as Ms. Mandell considered the legal issues

11:35:12 that were raised in the letter.

11:35:14 And I believe that these are more legal issues than they are

11:35:18 council issues.

11:35:19 I don't know that it's appropriate to discuss them at length

11:35:22 at this meeting.

11:35:23 Really, all we are asking for is for a continuance to the

11:35:26 first meeting in July so that the legal department can

11:35:30 complete their review of the legal issues that were raised,

11:35:33 but --

11:35:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me, I have three conversations

11:35:36 going on.

11:35:38 If you want to talk, with the attorney, stop and ask the

11:35:41 question so everybody can listen.

11:35:43 Yes, ma'am.

11:35:45 >>GINA GRIMES: More important, the reason for the

11:35:46 continuance is so that they have the opportunity to be here

11:35:52 whale the council considers this matter.

11:35:54 So with that being requested it be continued to the first

11:35:58 meeting in July.

11:35:59 Mr. Grandoff will be back then and perhaps give the legal

11:36:03 department more time to determine whether or not it's

11:36:05 appropriate to go forward.

11:36:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to continue to July 17th.

11:36:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

11:36:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think Mrs. Mandell is outside and can

11:36:19 answer some questions.

11:36:20 You brought up some issues that I want to make sure --

11:36:46 Having a side bar.

11:36:49 >> Legal department.

11:36:56 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

11:36:59 Some point based on Mr. Grandoff's extensive letter to staff

11:37:02 concerning legal issues.

11:37:05 Very simple.

11:37:07 Whenever we are talking about these type of agreements,

11:37:13 legally, does any other group who is not part of that have

11:37:18 standing in order to, A, you know, take us to court for any

11:37:22 kind of decision that we make here?

11:37:25 And let me ask you that first and then I will ask my second

11:37:28 part of that.

11:37:29 >> Not generally.

11:37:30 We are talking about an encroachment agreement.

11:37:38 Generally, no.

11:37:38 But in this instance, I think what Mrs. Grimes raised and

11:37:44 what Mr. Grandoff raised was perhaps an issue of private

11:37:47 property rights, and being infringed upon, and secondly,

11:37:51 doesn't happen with encroachment.

11:37:53 Typically they are canopies or awnings or something like

11:37:57 that.

11:37:57 And this is actually a sky bridge, as you know, that goes

11:38:01 across the right-of-way.

11:38:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So are there air rights, or visual rights,

11:38:10 whatever you want to call it, in terms of these particular

11:38:12 legal issues?

11:38:13 Because we are talking about a specific agreement.

11:38:18 And then that agreement has encroached in some way -- and I

11:38:21 don't mean encroached in terms of the legal agreement, but

11:38:24 encroachment in terms of their own rights.

11:38:26 When you are talking about private property right, what

11:38:29 private property rights are being inhibited or stepped up by

11:38:33 the city?

11:38:34 >> That's a good question.

11:38:35 And that's what I was hoping Mr. Grandoff would raise today

11:38:38 or at some other time.

11:38:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The answer is we don't know?

11:38:42 >> I don't know.

11:38:43 I don't know.

11:38:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I appreciate that, because, you know, I

11:38:47 personally believe that, you know, outside groups that don't

11:38:50 have a legal right to come forward to us should not be

11:38:56 allocated necessarily the same kind of right as someone else

11:38:59 if they are a property right in which they are infringing

11:39:02 because we don't know the answer from our own legal

11:39:04 department whether or not we are infringing on someone

11:39:07 else's property rights.

11:39:08 I will support Mr. Reddick's motion to continue.

11:39:12 And I don't know if anyone else want to have any other

11:39:15 questions or comments, because I think that Ms. Grimes made

11:39:18 a very good case in terms of this being a legal issue and

11:39:21 not necessarily an issue for council, because it doesn't

11:39:23 seem to be a policy issue.

11:39:28 It has to do with whether or not the legality of what we can

11:39:30 do here on council is in any way affected.

11:39:34 So I would support that motion.

11:39:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before I go to the motion I want to

11:39:40 continue the conversation we have with be the audience.

11:39:43 The motion that Mr. Reddick made and Mr. Suarez seconded.

11:39:47 >> Ron Weaver on behalf of the applicant for the

11:39:50 encroachment and the than partial addition to the easement

11:39:54 which is on your agenda item 77 and 78.

11:39:57 Respectfully, we have ownership of both sides of the

11:40:00 property rights with respect to the connection of our

11:40:02 property across the street to 777 extra spaces when this

11:40:09 harbor office was built, it had 777 extra spaces on a 560 of

11:40:15 which can be shared, and than this encroachment from my

11:40:19 property to our property, which, as all eleven of your

11:40:27 requirements meet, and we have looked at all eight pages of

11:40:31 Mr. Grandoff's letter and there's no basis whatsoever for

11:40:36 his last sentence, which is very much not out of order.

11:40:44 And from your staff here, and we are the only property

11:40:49 rights affected except the public right-of-way in the

11:40:51 middle, which you on at least 50 occasions have allowed

11:40:55 encroachment including one across the street with respect to

11:40:59 the one at City Center and 50 others throughout the city

11:41:03 over the course of those past four skywalk encroachment,

11:41:08 that there's no basis in those eight pages whatsoever.

11:41:11 In fact, he doesn't even claim we have meet any skywalk

11:41:17 requirements.

11:41:17 I think your city staff would confirm.

11:41:20 So we respectfully ask it be heard today, and continue to

11:41:27 comment please about our application for the encroachment

11:41:31 skywalk and for the partial vacation easement, item 77 and

11:41:35 78.

11:41:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

11:41:38 And I need the legal department again to come to the dais.

11:41:43 Okay.

11:41:43 We have got two separate lawyers, two separate ideas, on

11:41:46 what the heck we are supposed to be doing here.

11:41:49 You are our lawyer.

11:41:50 What is your recommendation that we should do?

11:41:57 >> Judge?

11:42:00 >> I'm in the best position here.

11:42:01 Well, I want to know if Mr. Shelby might have some input as

11:42:07 far as procedure.

11:42:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, excuse me, before you go forward, a

11:42:13 not a procedural question, it is a legal question.

11:42:15 You know what the firm of Hill, Ward, Henderson is making

11:42:20 comment about concerning this particular project.

11:42:23 We know that the representative for this particular project

11:42:27 has said that they believe they are in the right.

11:42:29 Now, we need to know, should we go forward with be this

11:42:32 based on your legal recommendation?

11:42:37 >> Jorge Martin: The short answer is council may proceed.

11:42:49 There is no legal impediment to proceeding.

11:42:54 Today is a public hearing.

11:42:56 Members of the public including those persons who oppose

11:42:59 Tampa skywalk can appear and talk.

11:43:02 I think there is no specific right to one that has to be

11:43:10 here, for any member of the public is certainly available to

11:43:19 speak today.

11:43:20 And so it is a public hearing for a resolution.

11:43:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me.

11:43:29 Let me say this.

11:43:30 This is not a public hearing.

11:43:31 This is under staff reports.

11:43:33 However, you are correct, the beginning of this meeting, I

11:43:37 allowed the public to speak on any item.

11:43:40 The rules call for any item that they wish to speak on, they

11:43:44 could have spoken on.

11:43:45 I didn't receive one from 77 or 78, if I recall.

11:43:50 And we had two of those, because I broke it up in half, 1,

11:43:54 2, 3, 4 and the tasers we spoke of, and then I went to

11:43:58 anything else they wanted to speak on.

11:43:59 So the general public had not one opportunity but two

11:44:03 opportunities, in effect, if they wished, to have spoken on

11:44:07 something.

11:44:08 One was on 1, 2, 3, 4 and tasers, and the others were the

11:44:13 rest of the agenda or anything they wanted to speak on.

11:44:15 They chose not to that I know of.

11:44:18 >> Mr. Chairman, I think you are asking Mr. Suarez' question

11:44:21 almost better than I could.

11:44:23 From a legal impediment, I don't think there's a legal

11:44:27 impediment to proceeding.

11:44:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So there is a legal impediment based on what

11:44:30 we heard before about this.

11:44:32 Okay.

11:44:32 I just wanted to make sure that we are clear about that

11:44:35 because we take recommendations from our lawyers seriously

11:44:38 in terms of them looking at the information.

11:44:42 Because we know that there is a court reporter in here.

11:44:44 We know that there is probably a probability of some kind of

11:44:47 legal proceeding.

11:44:49 I want to make sure that when we go forward, whenever we

11:44:52 make these type of decisions that have been vetted properly

11:44:55 by our legal department, and that we are not going to have a

11:44:58 very serious challenge to what we are doing going forward.

11:45:02 Thank you, chair.

11:45:05 >>GINA GRIMES: I know that public notice is not necessarily

11:45:08 required, but --

11:45:11 >> I know that we did ask two weeks ago in the letter that

11:45:15 we have an opportunity to have our clients here and have an

11:45:18 opportunity to address the request that's being put forth by

11:45:20 the applicant.

11:45:23 We did not know it was going to be on the agenda.

11:45:25 We thought it would not be scheduled during this time

11:45:27 period.

11:45:28 And that's why my client is not here.

11:45:30 That's whereby Y Mr. Grandoff is not here.

11:45:33 Again we simply request a continuance to July 17th.

11:45:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

11:45:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: My microphone.

11:45:44 Mrs. Grimes, I read in the newspaper, the agenda was

11:45:46 published on Friday, as is always is, and it was on the

11:45:49 agenda on Friday.

11:45:50 So it would have provided some time for you to know that it

11:45:57 was going to be heard today, as well as the coverage it had

11:46:02 received in the newspaper.

11:46:04 I read the letter that Mr. Grandoff had sent on June

11:46:11 11th.

11:46:12 So there was even some -- maybe not the exact date of June

11:46:17 171th what was going to be heard today, but this has

11:46:20 been churning for some time.

11:46:24 I didn't see anything -- and I'm not a lawyer, I haven't

11:46:28 been in real estate for quite awhile, the development area.

11:46:30 I didn't see anything in the letter that put your client in

11:46:35 the position where they could intervene in this matter.

11:46:43 Many of the things that were stated are, you know,

11:46:45 statements of fact, about the plat and the dedication of the

11:46:51 plat.

11:46:52 There really wasn't anything here that I saw that would

11:47:00 really pose a problem for vacating or, you know, the request

11:47:08 in items 77 and 78.

11:47:10 I will not be supporting Mr. Reddick's motion for the

11:47:13 continuance.

11:47:14 I think that the city has the right as we do, many, many

11:47:19 times, to vacate -- this is not a public hearing.

11:47:26 It's not a rezoning application which typically we would

11:47:28 have a case presented, what he would have comments from the

11:47:33 public and then decide in a quasi-judicial setting whether

11:47:36 or not we would grant the request to the applicant.

11:47:41 Than I think even Mr. Grandoff stated it -- let me see if I

11:47:49 highlighted it here -- on page 4, that Plaza client's rights

11:47:58 may be primary to the exclusion of all other persons except

11:48:01 the city.

11:48:02 So our rights in this matter are the ones that count.

11:48:12 So again I won't be supporting the motion for continuance.

11:48:19 And I would support moving item 77 and 78 forward.

11:48:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?

11:48:25 >>HARRY COHEN: Well, mincing is we are not on the merit of

11:48:29 the issue yet.

11:48:30 We are still talking about whether or not we are going to

11:48:33 hear it today or hear it in a few weeks.

11:48:38 But in terms of whether to go forward or not, we will or

11:48:41 will not get to that question shortly.

11:48:43 Here is my concern.

11:48:50 I have seen items in the newspaper where people on Harbor

11:48:53 Island have written about this issue.

11:48:57 There have been e-mails sent to City Council about it.

11:49:00 And without getting into the merits of the matter, I know if

11:49:09 the resident of Harbor Island thought that we were going to

11:49:12 be hearing this today, they would have been here today.

11:49:15 And they are clearly under the impression that today was not

11:49:18 the day that was suitable to make public comment because

11:49:22 none of them came.

11:49:23 There wasn't one word.

11:49:27 So I'm concerned that there's some sort of misinformation

11:49:31 that went back and forth here.

11:49:34 That piece I'm having some trouble with.

11:49:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, let me say this.

11:49:48 There's two council members, if I recall, that won't be here

11:49:51 July 7th.

11:49:53 That's Mrs. Capin, by her statements, and myself.

11:50:00 >>HARRY COHEN: And I believe Councilwoman Mulhern may not

11:50:02 be either.

11:50:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't know that.

11:50:05 I really don't.

11:50:06 But I can tell you about two that I mentioned.

11:50:09 So I won't be supporting it because I won't be here.

11:50:13 And another council member won't be here.

11:50:15 That doesn't necessarily mean that we can't do it with the

11:50:18 other five.

11:50:18 I'm not saying that.

11:50:19 So that's where I am at.

11:50:22 Not for any other reason legally or not legally, I just

11:50:25 won't be here.

11:50:26 So neither is another council member.

11:50:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, I mean, our next meeting after

11:50:36 that is July 31st.

11:50:39 So I don't know if all seven will be here July 31st but

11:50:44 I don't have no problem with moving and restating it to July

11:50:48 31st.

11:50:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't know if you heard Mr. Reddick.

11:50:51 He said that he doesn't mind taking his motion back and

11:50:54 making a new motion for July 31st.

11:51:04 >> Related Group.

11:51:14 We met with the association in February of this year.

11:51:17 We have made our submittals, got three approvals from

11:51:21 different associations are required for Harbor Island

11:51:24 projects.

11:51:24 The first one is the HPPOA submittal.

11:51:27 We have submitted to the HPPOA.

11:51:29 We received their approval.

11:51:30 When we met with HCSA, we submitted and asked for some

11:51:36 changes in the articulation of the building for trees, as

11:51:40 well as on the street.

11:51:40 We made those changes.

11:51:42 We have submitted -- we resubmitted HPOA.

11:51:48 We received their revised approval.

11:51:51 We have spoken to HCSA this morning.

11:51:53 We are going to receive their conditional approval this

11:51:55 week.

11:51:56 We have spoken to the north neighborhood.

11:52:00 Their approval will be granted, the HCSA approval on July 1.

11:52:07 So we would like this to be heard.

11:52:10 We think enough notice has been given and we would like to

11:52:14 proceed today.

11:52:15 Thank you.

11:52:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.

11:52:19 No, in a, up front, up at the make to the little podium

11:52:23 here.

11:52:27 I need your name for the record.

11:52:29 >> I'm Carla Kirkwood and a resident of the plaza Harbor

11:52:32 Island.

11:52:33 I'm not represented by an attorney.

11:52:35 I'm an individual resident.

11:52:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Congratulations.

11:52:38 [ Laughter ]

11:52:40 >> I just wanted to state that I was at the presentation

11:52:44 when the developers did present.

11:52:46 And our concern about this bridge is that it does allow for

11:52:52 much greater density in that building than any of us -- than

11:52:59 many of us that live there were comfortable with, because

11:53:01 that will allow for parking across the street for residents.

11:53:05 And I did not know about this meeting.

11:53:08 By chance I found out about it Saturday.

11:53:10 I happened to be in town.

11:53:12 I came.

11:53:12 But I know many, many more people would like to voice their

11:53:18 opinion, their concerns about quite a structure that will be

11:53:21 built on the north end of Harbor Island, as far as our

11:53:27 safety, welfare of everyone.

11:53:31 I don't know that the city has had adequate time, or that

11:53:35 things have been reviewed, and all of the things that were

11:53:38 mentioned in the letter have been answered.

11:53:41 I really do not know that.

11:53:43 And I've heard Mr. Weaver said that the eleven points have

11:53:49 all been met, but we really don't have evidence of all of

11:53:53 that.

11:53:53 And as citizens on the island, and it's our home, and the

11:54:01 skywalk is quite a large project.

11:54:04 And I don't think the city can wash its hand of it.

11:54:06 And I know many resident of the plaza are very concerned.

11:54:12 I don't know that they know about it today.

11:54:15 And I hope they get another chance to express their opinion

11:54:19 to the city.

11:54:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:54:22 Mrs. Montelione.

11:54:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Excuse me.

11:54:27 This is either for Mr. Weaver or his client.

11:54:30 When you were at the meetings, the public meetings with the

11:54:35 residents, or the associations, did you indicate that you

11:54:41 are failing with the city at an p time frame for when this

11:54:45 would be come forward?

11:54:46 >> I believe on May 21st.

11:54:50 Contradict, but I believe it was sent by Mr. Grandoff saying

11:54:54 it would be coming up on an upcoming consent agenda, in

11:54:57 other words, to be coming up on an upcome consent agenda,

11:55:02 which the planning staff sent to Mr. Grandoff, and from our

11:55:07 understanding of what we have seen of record, and therefore

11:55:09 this has been part of the February meeting, several meetings

11:55:14 at which hundreds of folks were made aware of what's going

11:55:18 on, are able to come to meetings than this would be

11:55:21 discussed.

11:55:29 If we could have the Elmo.

11:55:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The Elmo is automatic.

11:55:35 Put it there.

11:55:36 >> This is the rendering that was presented back at the

11:55:40 association meetings showing the sky bridge.

11:55:44 Here is another one.

11:55:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The other way.

11:55:48 There you go.

11:55:48 >> And I'll move it up so you can see the sky bridge.

11:55:57 Here is another one of the building looking from the

11:55:59 southwest or to northeast.

11:56:02 The sky bridge is clearly visibles.

11:56:04 These are things that were always part of those

11:56:06 presentations since we started the process in February.

11:56:09 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Saying that we are not discussing the

11:56:13 merits of the application, and sticking to whether or not we

11:56:16 would, you know, entertain a continuance, we went from the

11:56:21 17th to the 31st which moves it back.

11:56:24 And I understand from the e-mail received from Mr. Weaver

11:56:26 that there are contractual issues and closing dates, and I

11:56:32 know that a project of this magnitude, that those closing

11:56:36 dates have a des detrimental effect sometimes on the --

11:56:43 >> Ron Weaver: Yes, ma'am.

11:56:47 The market and the lenders and the sellers and the other

11:56:50 regulatory approvals that would await this particular one as

11:56:53 a linchpin to move on with various other approvals.

11:56:55 So it is four ways important that we not lose a week, much

11:57:00 less a month or five weeks.

11:57:01 Thank you.

11:57:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And if I can have somebody from staff,

11:57:05 Mr. Liverpool will get a chance in a second but I have a

11:57:08 question of someone from -- there we go.

11:57:11 >>BARBARA LYNCH: Barbara Lynch, Land Development

11:57:14 Coordination.

11:57:15 >> You handle these on a regular basis.

11:57:17 You are probably the right person to answer this.

11:57:19 >> This is actually an encroachment application which is

11:57:22 different from a vacating.

11:57:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So when this application came in, you

11:57:27 reviewed it or someone on your staff reviewed it?

11:57:30 >>BARBARA LYNCH: Yes.

11:57:31 Then we send it it out to all agencies to see if it's going

11:57:34 to meet guide lanes for utilities, to be able to, you know,

11:57:39 function within that area.

11:57:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: During the time that you were reviewing

11:57:44 this application, did none contact you from either a

11:57:47 resident's standpoint or from a law firm inquiring about

11:57:52 when this might come up on an agenda, or if it was being

11:57:56 scheduled?

11:57:57 >>BARBARA LYNCH: I had contact with many citizens, I

11:58:00 think -- I don't believe he asked me what date it was going

11:58:06 to be scheduled for.

11:58:07 I don't remember discussing it with him.

11:58:11 There's been some other correspondence with other people in

11:58:13 my office, you know, at a higher level than I am about this

11:58:18 issue.

11:58:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So there is some window that may have

11:58:24 been given as to when this was going to be heard?

11:58:26 I mean, to say well, it probably going to be heard in June,

11:58:30 probably going to be heard in July?

11:58:34 Ms. Coyle maybe?

11:58:38 You don't want to say anything?

11:58:39 >> Generally these applications take about four to six weeks

11:58:43 from start to finish, and different law firms and I believe

11:58:48 Hill, Ward, Henderson has done encroachment before.

11:58:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess what I am getting at is in the

11:58:54 industry, that the level, there is an expectation, as you

11:58:59 said, how long things take, and you are projecting when this

11:59:03 is going to hit the calendar?

11:59:05 >> Yes.

11:59:05 Normally, for six to eight weeks, I don't know what's going

11:59:12 to come down from all the different agencies, whether

11:59:15 there's conflict or redesign.

11:59:16 So it can be --

11:59:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But generally it an expected time frame.

11:59:22 So to put it into language, I don't really buy the argument

11:59:26 that they didn't know that it was going to come up for, you

11:59:30 know, a vote sometime in June.

11:59:34 And that we are going on vacation, we are not going to have

11:59:38 council meetings for two weeks, so there may have been some

11:59:46 I deep that this was going to come up.

11:59:49 >>BARBARA LYNCH: And that you are going on vacation many

11:59:53 get placed on the agenda .

11:59:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Is 113 items on the agenda today when we

11:59:58 normally see 60 or 70. Understood.

12:00:01 That's the point I am getting at.

12:00:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

12:00:04 Mr. Liverpool.

12:00:04 >> Stephen Liverpool, part of Hill, Ward, Henderson I.want

12:00:09 to be bring up a couple of points.

12:00:11 Currently the ordinance under consideration is the

12:00:13 continuance.

12:00:14 So we are not against the subject matter or the application

12:00:19 itself.

12:00:22 I was in attendance at the ARC meeting this past Tuesday,

12:00:26 the 24th, where there were interested citizens from

12:00:28 Harbor Island that were concerned.

12:00:32 There was no notice as to these two particular items with

12:00:39 relation to their application being on the agenda for today.

12:00:42 As Barbara noted that's been very helpful in helping us to

12:00:47 understand.

12:00:48 However, as is obvious, I think it a very complicated

12:00:51 application.

12:00:54 It has not been scheduled for public comment.

12:00:56 Mr. Grandoff is requesting pull it off the public agenda so

12:00:59 it can be made available for public comment.

12:01:02 With that being said, we would request that the be continued

12:01:06 until the 31st, if that motion is currently being

12:01:09 considered.

12:01:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have got Mr. Suarez.

12:01:14 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

12:01:22 The questions I had originally from the very beginning was

12:01:25 whether or not we have the right to go forward on this.

12:01:27 This is not the zoning case.

12:01:29 If it is a zoning case, then I want our legal department to

12:01:32 come forward and tell us that we can't do this thing.

12:01:35 And here is the problem, that we keep discussing it as if

12:01:38 it's a zoning case, when in fact it is not.

12:01:42 And here is the problem with us talking about it this way,

12:01:44 before you can start, Mrs. Mandell, that I don't want the

12:01:47 public having an expectation that we can stop the project

12:01:50 anyway F.they are already zoned and allowed to do this, then

12:01:54 there is very little that we can do about it, I assume.

12:01:56 That's what I want to find out.

12:01:57 >>JULIA MANDELL: City attorney.

12:01:59 The project in and of itself is entitled, it is legally able

12:02:06 to move forward without any additional approvals from any

12:02:09 public hearing process, as long as they meet the code

12:02:13 requirements, in compliance with the DRI.

12:02:16 This is simply to provide an opportunity top allow a sky

12:02:19 bridge to encroach over our rights-of-way, which is a

12:02:23 removable object.

12:02:24 If we need it removed for any reason and it something that

12:02:27 you have approved in the past.

12:02:30 It is not coming to you at the public hearing.

12:02:33 You can typically go on consent.

12:02:36 It follows the appropriate process that it was intended to

12:02:38 go through.

12:02:38 Whether or not there is a dispute than on a vote by property

12:02:43 owners within Harbor Island, with their requirements, is not

12:02:48 the issue for council.

12:02:50 What you have in front of you is a could Q to continue these

12:02:52 items.

12:02:53 That is within your purview.

12:02:55 There is no legal prohibition from moving forward today.

12:02:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And the reason I am asking is because if we

12:03:03 continue it for another two or three weeks, whatever it is,

12:03:07 a month, there is really not going to be any on the

12:03:10 resolution that we have to come up with other than the

12:03:13 encroach issue anyway.

12:03:14 So if we agree not to have the contract doesn't mean that

12:03:17 building doesn't go up?

12:03:20 >>JULIA MANDELL: There is nothing that prevents that from

12:03:23 going forward as long as it meets code.

12:03:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's my problem with all of this, okay,

12:03:28 that we don't have the ability as legal experts that we are

12:03:31 up here to go through Mr. Grandoff's nine-page letter to

12:03:35 make a determination between one lawyer saying we can go

12:03:38 forward on something, another lawyer saying you shouldn't go

12:03:41 forward on something because it's illegal, or it goes

12:03:46 against somebody's property rights.

12:03:48 The problem that we have is there's a lot of muddying of the

12:03:52 water here, and if we only have one thing to do, we have the

12:03:55 decide whether to go forward or not go forward, and I think

12:03:59 we need more time.

12:04:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ten minutes and the public knows we are

12:04:08 going to quit at 12:10 or 12:11 and come back in an hour and

12:04:13 a half.

12:04:17 The 10 minute recommendation by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr.

12:04:20 Cohen.

12:04:21 All in favor?

12:04:21 Opposed?

12:04:22 Motion passed unanimously for ten more minutes.

12:04:25 It would be 12:11 when we leave.

12:04:28 All right.

12:04:29 Anything else, Mr. Suarez?

12:04:31 Any other council members?

12:04:33 Mr. Cohen?

12:04:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I just want to remained you that

12:04:41 irrespective of what the motion is, there is a rule that may

12:04:45 complicate things or may affect what the result S.I just

12:04:48 want you to know it because you can only make the motion to

12:04:50 waive the rules.

12:04:53 If a motion to approve, deny or continue an ordinance or

12:04:56 resolution of a legislative matter, which this is, fails to

12:05:00 receive at least four votes either in support or opposition,

12:05:04 it shall automatically be brought before the council at the

12:05:07 next regular meeting as unfinished business.

12:05:11 That's your standing rule.

12:05:14 And that may affect what council chooses.

12:05:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me stop right here.

12:05:19 Stop the clock.

12:05:20 Stop the eleven minutes.

12:05:21 That rule as I interpret it quickly in my one-cell brain is

12:05:25 this.

12:05:26 If a council fails to get four votes either way, if there

12:05:32 are four votes, you get four votes again against something

12:05:37 it loses.

12:05:38 You get four loses to go forward, it passes.

12:05:42 But we only have here five.

12:05:44 So it takes 80% of those present, 40, 60, 80, 100 to get to

12:05:50 four.

12:05:50 However, if two don't, then you have got the problem.

12:05:59 So there's where we are at.

12:06:01 Start the clock.

12:06:04 Anything else?

12:06:06 Mr. Cohen?

12:06:06 >>HARRY COHEN: You know, as much as I would like to get the

12:06:12 resident an opportunity to talk about this, the reality of

12:06:14 the situation is that, now that I hear it all, the legal

12:06:19 arguments, I really think we have to move forward today.

12:06:22 This is not a public hearing.

12:06:25 In the sense where there are notice requirements and

12:06:28 comments.

12:06:28 And I think that we would be stepping outside of our proper

12:06:32 role to hold it.

12:06:34 And I originally was skeptical of.

12:06:39 That but as I am listening, and particularly as I listened

12:06:41 to Ms. Mandell's comments I think that's the case.

12:06:45 And I want to echo something that Mr. Suarez said, because

12:06:49 not gotten into the merits of this matter yet.

12:06:53 Our decision is extremely narrow.

12:06:55 It is not a decision on whether or not the buildings are

12:06:58 going to get built.

12:06:59 That's not what we are being asked, and that is not what we

12:07:02 have the power to decide.

12:07:04 That would be an entirely separate question if it were in

12:07:09 front of us.

12:07:10 But it is not in front of us.

12:07:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go back to the original committee that

12:07:14 was in Mrs. Montelione for 77 and 78.

12:07:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move item number 77 for approval.

12:07:23 >>GINA GRIMES: Excuse me.

12:07:24 We don't have an opportunity to address the merits of it?

12:07:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I'll tell you what I am going to

12:07:30 do.

12:07:31 I am going to take a recess right now and you can come back.

12:07:34 Than when stand in recess.

12:07:36 Is that feign with you, Mr. Suarez?

12:07:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The motion on the floor --

12:07:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, the resolution --

12:07:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The only thing I would ask the chair and beg

12:07:47 your indulgence, if this is not a public hearing and the

12:07:52 only thing that we were talking about previously, which you

12:07:56 mentioned before which was anyone that high pressure any

12:07:58 business before us concerning any of the items on the agenda

12:08:00 could come forward.

12:08:03 This is on the agenda for them to say their case.

12:08:05 I think they have.

12:08:06 Our legal department said their case.

12:08:08 I don't know where we get to a solution in which they get to

12:08:14 keep talking about this.

12:08:17 >>GINA GRIMES: Well, if --

12:08:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just a second.

12:08:19 Just a second.

12:08:20 [Sounding gavel]

12:08:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We appreciate what you have to say to us.

12:08:26 But we have something else to do here that is extraordinary

12:08:30 than we usually do.

12:08:31 So we need to figure that out ourselves.

12:08:33 So chair, all I'm saying is that if we are going to do that,

12:08:37 then I would rather us go for a continuance until we figure

12:08:40 out all the other issues.

12:08:41 But I don't think that that's our right.

12:08:44 And I don't think that's our role.

12:08:46 So I would say let's take a vote based on the motion by Mrs.

12:08:50 Montelione on this resolution, continue to go forward and

12:08:54 then see what the answer S.and --

12:08:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: From what I heard, no matter what happens

12:08:59 here, those buildings are going.

12:09:02 So we are talking about the sky tower going from one side to

12:09:05 the other side.

12:09:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, sir, what we are talking about --

12:09:08 I'm sorry, with due respect -- and I'll read item 77.

12:09:13 The resolution is authorizing the mayor to execute and the

12:09:16 city clerk to attach a -- attest a release of easement

12:09:23 renouncing, discontinuing and a bon donning any city claim

12:09:27 to a portion of a platted utility easement encumbering real

12:09:30 property in the vicinity of 402 night's run Avenue in Tampa,

12:09:35 Florida, and that is from the agenda.

12:09:37 The cover sheet for the agenda item, further describes the

12:09:43 easement as a five-foot utility easement.

12:09:50 So what we are talking about is a five-foot utility

12:09:53 easement.

12:09:54 Period.

12:09:55 And our release of that utility easement.

12:09:58 And that's the motion that I am moving forward, that it is

12:10:01 appropriate, it is -- that we do all the time, and further

12:10:08 when we talk about pedestrian bicyclist safety, this is a

12:10:12 pedestrian bridge that would provide for the safety of those

12:10:15 residents of that building once its built and occupied.

12:10:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Madam Chair, we have a previous motion

12:10:22 that was made by me, seconded by Mr. Suarez, to continue.

12:10:26 It was never voted on.

12:10:28 So before we entertain another motion --

12:10:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

12:10:31 I am going to go back to the original motion made by Mr.

12:10:34 Reddick, seconded by Mr. Suarez, July 17th which would

12:10:37 change, if I recall, so to July 31st.

12:10:42 Am I correct?

12:10:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Correct.

12:10:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Chair, I would like to remove my second

12:10:48 because after listening to the legal department reiterate

12:10:51 what our rights are in terms of what we should be doing, I

12:10:53 will remove that second.

12:10:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion with no second.

12:10:56 Do I have another second?

12:10:57 Motion dies for lack of a second.

12:10:59 Mr. Reddick, I'm sorry.

12:11:01 Okay.

12:11:01 Now -- now we have back to the motion of Mrs. Montelione.

12:11:09 I don't have a second yet on that motion.

12:11:12 I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

12:11:14 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

12:11:16 Any further discussion by council members?

12:11:19 I am going to give you one minute.

12:11:20 If you want to speak.

12:11:24 Out of context, out of courtesy to your firm, I will give

12:11:28 you a three.

12:11:28 >> I would have had three minutes if I had come up --

12:11:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, you didn't --

12:11:35 >>GINA GRIMES: I don't need three minute.

12:11:37 You have our response to the letter written June 11th.

12:11:44 You didn't really get a staff presentation as to what these

12:11:47 two items encompassed.

12:11:49 But just to go right to the heart of the issue is that you

12:11:52 are authorizing the construction of a pedestrian bridge over

12:11:55 a right-of-way.

12:11:56 The way the city obtained that right-of-way is unusual.

12:12:01 It's not the general way that the city usually obtains a

12:12:04 right-of-way.

12:12:04 Harbor Island is platted as a private street, and at some

12:12:08 point it's determined that instead of being private the main

12:12:10 roads would be deeded to the city, and they weren't.

12:12:14 If there was a reservation of rates for the property owners

12:12:17 on Harbor Island that had certain restrictions and

12:12:20 limitations on it.

12:12:21 Those rights, we believe, our clients' rights are being

12:12:25 violated as a result of the shared parking that is being

12:12:31 present PD to you as well.

12:12:33 So we think that the action that you are going to take

12:12:35 specifically on item 78, Mrs. Montelione, not on 77, which

12:12:40 is the authorization of the encroachment, and the

12:12:43 declaration for the parking --

12:12:45 (Bell sounds)

12:12:45 -- and that's what violates our clients' rights under the

12:12:48 dedication of the right-of-way when it occurred back in

12:12:53 2014, presented in the letter to Mrs. Mandell.

12:12:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

12:12:56 I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

12:13:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move item 77.

12:13:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

12:13:03 Further discussion by council members?

12:13:05 All in favor of the motion?

12:13:07 Opposed?

12:13:08 Motion passes 4 to 1.

12:13:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

12:13:13 At this time, I would also like to move item 78.

12:13:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Do I have a second on 78?

12:13:19 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

12:13:21 Further discussion by council members?

12:13:23 All in favor of the motion 78, please signify by saying aye.

12:13:26 Opposed?

12:13:29 Motion passes 4 to 1.

12:13:31 >>THE CLERK: On 77, the vote passed by a vote of 4 to 1

12:13:39 with Capin and Mulhern absent.

12:13:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And on 78 we just took that one.

12:13:51 >>THE CLERK: And 78 passed unanimously -- I'm sorry.

12:13:58 Scratch that.

12:14:00 The vote was 4 to 1 with council member Reddick giving the

12:14:04 dissenting vote, and Capin and Mulhern absent.

12:14:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

12:14:09 We stand adjourned until an hour and a half, 1:41.

12:14:21 >> (Council recess.)

12:14:21 - - -

12:14:23 [Sounding gavel]

01:48:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

01:48:41 Roll call.

01:48:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

01:48:46 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

01:48:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

01:48:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

01:48:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe we are on staff reports, item

01:48:54 14.

01:48:54 >> Good afternoon.

01:49:01 Bob McDonaugh, economic development.

01:49:04 I want to report about these particular 14, 15, 16, 17

01:49:11 purchases of land and the relocation of some facilities.

01:49:14 I wanted to put a frame about it, basically because of an

01:49:19 editorial I read in the newspaper this morning about that

01:49:23 acting in haste and perhaps this is not a well thought-out

01:49:26 plan.

01:49:27 And I want to bring just a couple of things to council's

01:49:29 attention.

01:49:34 The ULI center was here in 2011 to do a study on this exact

01:49:42 area.

01:49:43 In 2011 as well.

01:49:45 We had the ULI do a downtown study.

01:49:49 Subsequent to that, we had the InVision plan.

01:49:53 And in each of these plans, the relocation of the city yards

01:49:58 were contemplated.

01:49:59 Actually, they were advocated.

01:50:03 And supported.

01:50:04 Again, in the newspapers.

01:50:10 So again I want to reiterate the fact that this is not a

01:50:12 knee jerk reaction.

01:50:14 This is something that we have been working on for quite

01:50:15 awhile.

01:50:18 And I thought it was something that was being embraced.

01:50:23 By our constituents and council and the folks we deal with.

01:50:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me, and you are doing the

01:50:37 presentation, not me.

01:50:38 I don't answer any newspaper.

01:50:43 I'll tell you why I don't answer them.

01:50:47 By the ink, by the barrel, by the paper by the ton.

01:50:51 So you better do very good in the next ten minutes.

01:50:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

01:50:56 Understand.

01:50:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm just telling you from my personal

01:50:59 experience.

01:51:00 You do what you want.

01:51:01 >>BOB McDONAUGH: But again, I again show that this is a

01:51:07 project that has been well thought out, and with the add

01:51:13 vocation of several industry experts, there's 12 acres, a 24

01:51:22 month completion goal, relocation of the wastewater yard,

01:51:29 and the North Boulevard homes.

01:51:32 We have a strong partnership with the Tampa Housing

01:51:34 Authority, and I apologize, because here this morning to

01:51:41 address the issue.

01:51:42 One.

01:51:43 Things the Tampa Housing Authority is hoping to do in a

01:51:45 couple of years is go after a choice neighborhood grant, so

01:51:48 the redevelopment of North Boulevard homes.

01:51:50 And part of that is showing a strong relationship with the

01:52:01 Tampa Bay partners.

01:52:02 They look at leveraging and investment by partners.

01:52:06 Relocating a yard, which is an incompatible use with a

01:52:11 choice neighborhood, is one of the ways that we can show the

01:52:14 support to aid them in going after choice neighborhood

01:52:16 grants.

01:52:26 Again, a lot of recommendations.

01:52:29 To control and collaborate on common vision and shared

01:52:31 resources.

01:52:33 Again this is the redevelopment of the west bank, the

01:52:35 redevelopment of the North Boulevard homes.

01:52:37 A plan that we have been working with for quite awhile.

01:52:44 A homework assignment we have been working on for a couple

01:52:46 of years now, starting the redevelopment relocation plan

01:52:50 approach on North Boulevard homes and the city wastewater

01:52:52 yard.

01:52:53 I would like Cathy Coyle to come up just for a minute to

01:52:57 talk about the planning process as a framework that goes

01:53:00 around this.

01:53:02 Again, just to use he a couple of financial examples, again,

01:53:08 because we talked about money a lot because we don't have a

01:53:11 lot of it.

01:53:12 And it's a precious resource at this current time.

01:53:15 There's approximately 120 acres in that area which generates

01:53:18 less than $120,000, or $150 in property taxes.

01:53:23 Our 12 acres as an example.

01:53:26 The apartments recently developed on Cass Street, that's on

01:53:32 five acres that generates over $500,000 a year in property

01:53:35 taxes generating jobs for construction, generating tax

01:53:39 dollars that can be used to improve this neighborhood.

01:53:49 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Good afternoon, council.

01:53:50 Mr. McDonaugh did a decent job of basically highlighting

01:53:56 everything so I will be really brief.

01:53:58 He mentioned ULI.

01:54:00 We actually did start that project ULI in early fall 20111.

01:54:05 This is the original base map of the area that we took as

01:54:10 part of that national program we were in for public

01:54:12 leadership.

01:54:14 And all the North Boulevard homes area and the river.

01:54:23 And as Mr. McDonaugh mentioned, there's approximately 120 to

01:54:29 140 acres depending on exactly where the boundary is.

01:54:32 The vast majority is publicly owned.

01:54:34 Various little revenue comes from this taxwise, but this led

01:54:40 into the discussion from the fellowship whether or not we

01:54:44 could partner or have a partner with these other agencies,

01:54:48 being the school board, two other major owners in the area.

01:54:52 And from this, we moved to InVision and we moved into the

01:54:58 west river plan that the Housing Authority produced.

01:55:01 It's a long-term project.

01:55:03 It's not something that was just thought of yesterday nor

01:55:05 something that was going to happen tomorrow.

01:55:07 But it does take a very long time in order to move these

01:55:10 piece as round.

01:55:11 And in the very beginning of this, it has been identified

01:55:14 over and over again, as Mr. McDonaugh said, from all the

01:55:18 different panels that we have had, the different groups that

01:55:21 we have worked with, from a national perspective, is looking

01:55:24 at the fact that we have got a full-acre parcel literally

01:55:28 one lot to have river immediately outside of downtown, and

01:55:32 it's just a storage yard for equipment and trucks.

01:55:36 And as far as whether or not it stays part of this

01:55:39 neighborhood, this property, integrated with some other type

01:55:43 of housing, whether it's public housing, whatever it is,

01:55:47 essentially it's a -- modally be outside of downtown, and

01:55:56 validating some of these facilities we have, could in the

01:55:59 end be a cost benefit to all of us.

01:56:03 This is the property itself.

01:56:07 It's actually on the agenda today, these two parcels.

01:56:10 Just to highlight, actually our city facilities for these

01:56:15 other uses that we have.

01:56:17 The yard and other facilities as well as everything in

01:56:22 yellow is actually industrial and heavy commercial uses, and

01:56:27 trying to get to a place where we are trying to have some of

01:56:30 these adjacent uses, as Mr. McDonaugh mentioned as well, and

01:56:35 we are going to basically extend this to the edge.

01:56:39 So we are just trying to move it to the place where it makes

01:56:43 the most sense and get it out of an area where it is a

01:56:47 compatible use.

01:56:48 And as I mentioned it is a long-term project and will take a

01:56:52 very long time to move these pieces around.

01:56:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick.

01:57:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: You are sounding like a good salesperson

01:57:03 now.

01:57:03 Let me ask you a question.

01:57:07 If this passes, and if this council votes to set this item

01:57:15 here and move this property, 40th Street or whatever you are

01:57:20 speaking of, for the developer, that might have an interest

01:57:24 in, I just need to know for the public's sake, if there was

01:57:35 something on that property, do they have to come through the

01:57:40 process of zoning and put the site plan and everything

01:57:43 together?

01:57:44 Will this be something that would have to be approved by

01:57:47 council or something administratively?

01:57:51 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The future land use designation on that

01:57:53 parcel is public/semi-public.

01:57:55 What this article does go to a private developer to be

01:57:59 developed for a private interest.

01:58:00 The land use amendment will come before you in a public

01:58:03 hearing setting to change to something else.

01:58:04 And the zoning is only 24 units per acre, RM-24.

01:58:10 That's not the highest and best use of the surrounding

01:58:13 densities.

01:58:14 More likely the zoning case as well there.

01:58:16 Would be a series of public hearings just to get the land

01:58:18 use going in the right place.

01:58:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

01:58:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Other council members at this time?

01:58:23 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Any other questions?

01:58:35 I know there have been questions about the price of the

01:58:37 land.

01:58:38 We felt that it perhaps might be a smart move to acquire

01:58:43 some of that land now before it's priced out.

01:58:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

01:58:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, a quick question about -- we know that

01:58:53 we are trying to get some of the HUD grants to come in here.

01:58:58 This piece is not it contingent on -- I mean, it's not part

01:59:02 of that contingency for the grant itself, correct?

01:59:05 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No.

01:59:09 How it would work is that the HUD looks at local partners

01:59:12 and says, A, it's a cooperation.

01:59:15 B is a plan.

01:59:16 Is there cooperation between partners?

01:59:18 Is there investment by other people besides the central

01:59:21 government?

01:59:22 And so what this is showing that we are engaged in the

01:59:26 planning with the Tampa Housing Authority.

01:59:28 We are investing money to take a use.

01:59:32 That would not be appropriate for choice neighborhoods in

01:59:34 taking it somewhere else.

01:59:35 So the Tampa Housing Authority would be looking specifically

01:59:42 North Boulevard homes and the rebuilding of those, and

01:59:44 that's whereby the HUD money would go.

01:59:47 The HUD money as an example right now with the Encore

01:59:49 project, part of that money, a training facility is being

01:59:53 built, public infrastructure on Scott street to make it more

01:59:57 pedestrian and bike friendly.

01:59:59 So a choice neighborhood grant does not just look at that

02:00:03 exact space like a housing authority owns.

02:00:07 They look at the entire neighborhood and the fabric and

02:00:10 what's being done to make it a holistic approach to making

02:00:13 it a better place to live.

02:00:14 >> And what you are saying then, even though it's not

02:00:17 necessarily part of the grant process itself, it just makes

02:00:19 more sense if you are going to -- if the Housing Authority

02:00:22 is going to redevelop that portion, we might as well also be

02:00:27 part of that, because it helps to provide all kind of

02:00:31 economic opportunities for the land that's there.

02:00:33 >> Well, it actually enhances the Tampa Housing Authority's

02:00:37 opportunity of getting a choice neighborhood grant.

02:00:39 They get employed on cooperation and partnerships, and our

02:00:44 partnership and our willingness to move an incompatible use

02:00:50 out of adjacent property to the development than makes them

02:00:53 a more attractive recipient of a choice neighborhood grant.

02:00:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

02:01:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?

02:01:01 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

02:01:07 I -- and I think all of us up here -- I don't want to speak

02:01:10 for everyone else -- certainly understand why taking the

02:01:15 truck storage area off of the river makes sense.

02:01:21 You will remember about two years ago when we were going

02:01:25 through the approvals for the ulele restaurants there were

02:01:31 discussions about parking along the river, and we talked at

02:01:33 the time, part of the reason we want to get trucks and

02:01:36 vehicles off the river is because of the toxins into the

02:01:43 area.

02:01:44 So a couple questions related to that.

02:01:47 The first is, do we know that this site is not contaminated

02:01:53 and that the doesn't have any environmental issues that

02:01:56 would prevent it from being redeveloped?

02:02:03 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The assumption is that there will be some

02:02:05 clean-up required of the property.

02:02:07 There had been gasoline stored there.

02:02:11 There had been vehicles serviced there, oil changes and

02:02:14 things like that.

02:02:15 The reuse of an industrial property, we go to the

02:02:17 brownsfield, and we are doing that with some of our property

02:02:20 sites.

02:02:22 Ulele is an example of that, to service vehicles and had

02:02:27 underground storage tanks.

02:02:28 So what has happened then is using brownfield dollars, we

02:02:31 have cleaned it up and brought it to a higher and better

02:02:34 use.

02:02:34 >> And that's what we would have to do?

02:02:38 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That is my assumption.

02:02:40 >>HARRY COHEN: And then another thing that I wanted to ask

02:02:43 about, this involves a series of operational shifts in

02:02:49 some -- in our enterprise departments they are going to be

02:02:55 consolidating new places as a result of the change.

02:03:00 And one of the things that's been sort of frustrating is we

02:03:04 just really learned about than this very recently.

02:03:07 And I wonder if there was anyone that could walk us there

02:03:10 through some of the thinking behind the consolidations, just

02:03:14 so we could understand what, you know, what we are going to

02:03:20 gain by putting these things together in these.

02:03:23 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Oh, absolutely, because it is done by

02:03:26 adjacent things in bringing like uses to like uses.

02:03:30 >> Mike hood, administrator of public utilities.

02:03:44 We probably have been at this now for about 13 months, I'd

02:03:47 say.

02:03:48 We had new contracts administration.

02:03:52 We asked for a feasibility study.

02:03:55 Feasibility study was done.

02:03:56 There were several options that were evaluated.

02:03:59 By our consultant to take a look at how we might best

02:04:03 utilize our resources for co-locating our facilities.

02:04:09 And what it came down to us on was the fact that we took

02:04:13 properties that we already owned in order to conserve

02:04:15 dollars, so we didn't have to buy property.

02:04:18 And, therefore, we focused on the parcels that we already

02:04:24 owned at 40th and 26th street for a couple reasons.

02:04:28 The public works operation is there.

02:04:32 Contract administration is there.

02:04:34 We owned a parcel.

02:04:36 It made sense to us to ask the mayor for his consideration

02:04:41 and ask you for consideration to acquire two additional

02:04:44 parcels.

02:04:45 So we would have enough room to accommodate our water

02:04:48 department operations that's currently out at Rome Avenue,

02:04:53 so we could build for the future and not have to revisit

02:04:57 relocating them for 20 to 30 years.

02:05:00 So that's why we think it makes sense for the water

02:05:03 department to go at 40th and 26th street.

02:05:09 We have got some decisions with respect to where the

02:05:12 wastewater leadership team and the capital improvements

02:05:14 group.

02:05:15 They were on the sixth floor in City Hall.

02:05:17 The mayor had some ideas about how we might best serve our

02:05:21 customers in the city and take a look, and maybe some other

02:05:26 departments moving into the sixth floor and some others.

02:05:28 Some other floors.

02:05:30 So we decided to move the wastewater department.

02:05:34 My choices were I want to take the water department, the

02:05:37 water director with me, where we have the wastewater pump,

02:05:43 the director go out to the Howard Curren plant.

02:05:46 I came down on the side it was best to have the water

02:05:48 department director in our building because of dealing with

02:05:53 public water supply issues during times of emergency and

02:05:55 things like that.

02:05:56 Wastewater department will now have the benefit of having

02:05:59 the collection system operation, which is significant out at

02:06:03 Rome Avenue and be able to be at the Howard Curren plant, so

02:06:07 those facilities, those trucks, those people will all be

02:06:10 there.

02:06:11 The leadership team, or Anthony Casper and his capital

02:06:16 improvements group, are out at the Howard Curren plant

02:06:18 today, and of course the plant operators are already out at

02:06:22 the Howard Curren plant.

02:06:24 So it gives us an opportunity to really improve our

02:06:27 operations and our efficiencies for two very key

02:06:31 departments.

02:06:32 So we didn't go about this -- we took considerable time,

02:06:35 about 13 months to go through this, and evaluate our

02:06:39 options, and we felt comfortable in moving forward.

02:06:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?

02:06:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, chair.

02:06:49 One of the questions for you and one for McDonaugh.

02:06:58 My first question, Mr. Hood, have you met with

02:07:00 representatives of the neighborhood that is adjoining to

02:07:04 where the public works is located?

02:07:05 >> No, sir, I have not read red anyone from the city?

02:07:10 >> I don't know if anybody from the economic development

02:07:12 group has done so.

02:07:14 It seems there were some public meetings to discuss the

02:07:17 redevelopment plan, but we have not discussed the prospects

02:07:20 of moving with the citizens, I guess probably because we

02:07:26 felt the citizens would like the enact we would be vacating

02:07:28 the premises.

02:07:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: The reason I asked that is because you

02:07:32 have public works facility at 40th and 26th.

02:07:34 And behind the building is a railroad track.

02:07:40 >> Oh, I'm sorry, you are talking about 40th and

02:07:43 26th?

02:07:43 My apologies.

02:07:44 My apologies.

02:07:46 I misunderstood.

02:07:48 We have not met with the residents.

02:07:53 That's my understanding.

02:07:55 We had a good relationship with the neighbors that were

02:07:59 there.

02:08:00 And so we didn't think that we would be adding -- we

02:08:05 certainly didn't think that adding the operations would make

02:08:07 things more attentive because we are already there.

02:08:10 We have the feeling, public operations is there every day,

02:08:16 so you have truck traffic and different types of equipment

02:08:19 maneuvering in and out.

02:08:20 And I think we have been able to coexist rather safely.

02:08:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's the reason I asked the question.

02:08:26 Because you have a lot of public works trucks in and out the

02:08:29 neighborhood.

02:08:30 And now it's going to be additional trucks coming in and out

02:08:36 that puts it in the neighborhood.

02:08:37 And be I'm just concerned about all of this heavy traffic,

02:08:45 with heavy equipment moving in and out of residential

02:08:48 neighborhood.

02:08:52 And is that fair to the neighborhood to the public works?

02:08:59 And then if you put this in place, which is just a block

02:09:05 over, how will it affect the neighborhood?

02:09:08 That's my concern.

02:09:08 >>BOB McDONAUGH: If I could point out the current use of

02:09:12 the property is a hydraulic truck right now.

02:09:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: But you don't have trucks coming in and

02:09:22 out?

02:09:23 >>BOB McDONAUGH: They do.

02:09:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: This would not the same, just having the

02:09:31 people over there.

02:09:36 I'm there every day.

02:09:38 I pass that every day, every morning.

02:09:42 And I don't live too far from it.

02:09:45 So I know it's there, and I see the volume of traffic, and

02:09:51 it just seems to be on average -- how many trucks? If you

02:09:58 move the facility over there, how many trucks would be

02:10:00 stationed there?

02:10:01 >> Mr. Reddick, sir, just to point out, all of that yellow

02:10:18 along 40th Street is zoned heavy commercial right now.

02:10:24 An appropriate use for that property.

02:10:30 >>BRAD BAIRD: Water department director.

02:10:32 Total number of vehicles, probably in the range of 150, just

02:10:36 for water department.

02:10:37 Of those, probably a quarter of those are trucks, heavy

02:10:40 trucks.

02:10:42 We have a lot of meter reading vehicles, small trucks, you

02:10:46 know, things like that.

02:10:47 But the large trucks, maybe 40.

02:10:50 Something like that.

02:10:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's my concern.

02:10:54 In addition to already with public works, and that's my

02:10:57 concern.

02:10:59 Bob, let me ask you this last question.

02:11:02 Is there any truth to the rumor that be you relocate this

02:11:08 plant, and there's been discussions with Tampa Housing

02:11:10 Authority to purchase the land?

02:11:15 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, sir.

02:11:16 Absolutely not.

02:11:18 Not the first conversation with Tampa Housing Authority

02:11:20 about buying this land.

02:11:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, sir.

02:11:22 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Tampa Housing Authority has their plate

02:11:26 full.

02:11:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else who has not spoken?

02:11:30 Let me say this.

02:11:30 As I look at 14, I am looking at 14, 15, 16, all meshed

02:11:36 altogether.

02:11:36 So it would be unfair to take one and not the other.

02:11:40 And I believe I asked some of these same questions just

02:11:43 yesterday.

02:11:44 When you have change, you have very many opportunities.

02:11:50 And I say this is an opportune time to look at everything

02:11:54 around here, and not far from there.

02:11:57 Certainly, the land is much more expensive in the city

02:12:00 because there's much less land in the city to be available

02:12:03 to purchase something of this size than if it were in the

02:12:06 county.

02:12:06 The county has much more land available.

02:12:10 And what I was thinking is that you certainly have an

02:12:15 opportunity here to look at the relocation of central

02:12:18 maintenance and solid waste, to some parts that maybe aren't

02:12:23 even here where you are talking about 40th.

02:12:26 You know, these things are there, because at some point in

02:12:29 time, it didn't go past -- the city didn't go past Dale

02:12:34 Mabry for many years, and therefore you have a central

02:12:38 maintenance operation, and all that change over there.

02:12:41 Mostly residential and things of that nature, single-family,

02:12:45 and all these being complexes and condos and so forth.

02:12:51 When you look at the eyesore that neighborhood has to live

02:12:54 in, two neighborhood neighborhoods that abut it, it would be

02:12:57 an opportune time to look at that, and then my question is,

02:13:03 on this project here, what are we going to do with the land

02:13:06 on Rome?

02:13:09 You own it?

02:13:10 What's the value of it?

02:13:11 And are we going to sell it?

02:13:12 What are we going to do with it?

02:13:14 >>BOB McDONAUGH: My sums, sir, again, this is part of that

02:13:20 west end plan that we have worked on with the Tampa Housing

02:13:22 Authority, the school board and Hillsborough County.

02:13:26 The plan is to have redevelopment of North Boulevard homes,

02:13:34 the relocation of some of the Hillsborough County social

02:13:38 services facilities, building new ones, and integrating it

02:13:43 into the housing, having different price points for housing,

02:13:47 and the assumption is, some of the restoration of the street

02:13:53 grid.

02:13:54 And our property, the assumption would be because of its

02:13:58 location, its height, and view corridors, that sometime

02:14:03 would be redeveloped into a medium density, whether that's

02:14:10 condominiums, apartment, or combination of both with some

02:14:12 service retail, my expectation.

02:14:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me change the question more directly.

02:14:19 If we are going to spend money to move, which we are, and

02:14:22 then we have an asset, which is the land that we are

02:14:25 vacating, the operation from the land stays, changes to what

02:14:32 we buy, what is the value versus the charges that we have to

02:14:34 pay for?

02:14:35 Are we selling?

02:14:36 Are we buying?

02:14:36 Are we giving it away?

02:14:38 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, the sums would be that we would sell

02:14:41 the land.

02:14:42 Now, the value is going to be based a little bit about how

02:14:44 far in the future it is we sell the land, and how quickly

02:14:47 the Housing Authority redevelops North Boulevard homes.

02:14:51 I would not sell a property today.

02:14:54 But the example that I used, it's a new density development

02:15:01 on Cass Street that Ken Moore developed several years ago,

02:15:04 about it 249 units on five acres of land, generates about

02:15:08 $550,000 a year property taxes.

02:15:10 We have over 12 acres.

02:15:12 My assumption is that we have a very good opportunity of

02:15:15 generating about a million dollars a year in property taxes

02:15:17 on that.

02:15:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand what the property tax is.

02:15:24 That property on Rome and Cass, they got five, we got 12.

02:15:29 What is the sale of that per acre?

02:15:32 That's what I'm saying.

02:15:33 In other words, I like to match out, if I can, if I spend a

02:15:36 million here, maybe get a million, two million.

02:15:38 But the problem is that once we look, and we see this here,

02:15:43 if you are going to buy, the land goes up.

02:15:45 When you sell they want to buy because they know you want to

02:15:50 get out of where you are at.

02:15:52 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I believe at the time of the sale, again,

02:15:56 it was at the height of the market.

02:15:58 It was pretty close to $20 a square foot.

02:16:01 $900,000 an acre which would mean about 9.5, $10 million.

02:16:11 >>: So I can hold you for your word, on your assumption of

02:16:15 your word anyway.

02:16:16 >> Exactly.

02:16:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If you don't sell it I'm coming looking

02:16:19 for you for a million bucks.

02:16:21 >> You can look for me.

02:16:22 You can find me.

02:16:23 I'm not quite sure I would be able to make up the

02:16:25 difference.

02:16:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just thought I would let you know.

02:16:27 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

02:16:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The conversation never came to the point

02:16:33 on moving central maintenance and solid waste together.

02:16:39 And we are looking at the opportunities like you stated

02:16:43 earlier you want to move so you can have better visibility,

02:16:46 better location and operation between these departments.

02:16:49 Certainly if you put the other two departments there you

02:16:51 will have bigger operation and less cost.

02:16:53 >> We have not done that yet, no, sir.

02:16:56 But again, because this is coincidental with the hope of

02:17:01 redeveloping North Boulevard homes and their choice

02:17:04 neighborhood group, so it's an opportunity to leverage our

02:17:08 dollars with federal dollars, so we build a neighborhood.

02:17:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

02:17:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

02:17:17 Mr. McDonaugh, similar to the question asked earlier about

02:17:20 the zoning of the property to Mrs. Coyle, the property on

02:17:22 40th Street at the corner there, will that have to -- Mrs.

02:17:28 Coyle, will that have to come before us?

02:17:31 No that's why I showed you this map.

02:17:35 This is a use pattern.

02:17:37 All of this property actually is light industrial and heavy

02:17:40 industrial, and some commercial intensive zoning.

02:17:43 This is the way management -- this is UPS freight.

02:17:50 This is Carolina freight.

02:17:50 This is all industrial uses along 40th.

02:17:53 It's a major corridor.

02:17:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So the property is covered in that

02:17:57 bright orange?

02:17:59 >> That was just to signify --

02:18:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

02:18:03 But if there wasn't the overlay to show us where the

02:18:06 property is, it would be -- as the property that's not

02:18:12 covered which we are not purchasing.

02:18:14 That would also be yellow?

02:18:17 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Yes.

02:18:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When the property right now is vacant

02:18:25 except for the few buildings that we see in the aerial.

02:18:30 The one we are buying.

02:18:33 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Oh, yes.

02:18:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And so in holding ourselves to the same

02:18:47 standard that we hold the development community, will there

02:18:53 be, in difference to Mr. Reddick's questions about the

02:18:57 neighborhood, the traffic, and the increased number of trips

02:19:00 coming in and out, from the transportation language, will we

02:19:05 ourselves be doing a transportation review of this site when

02:19:10 we build on it and develop it for the use?

02:19:17 >>CATHERINE COYLE: If it triggers one.

02:19:19 That's a very detailed question.

02:19:21 I am evaluating it.

02:19:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And that's kind of what I was getting

02:19:31 to, is I want to make sure that we hold ourselves to the

02:19:35 same standards when we develop a property --

02:19:40 >>CATHERINE COYLE: And they take out trees, they have to

02:19:43 replace them and place additional dollars into the tree

02:19:47 trust fund.

02:19:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The transportation plan, that is the

02:19:50 subject of a very, you know, detailed conversation a week or

02:19:54 so ago, a week was last Thursday, wasn't it?

02:19:59 Than I know, they kind of fly by.

02:20:01 So looking at the transportation plan and how the trucks

02:20:06 move in and out of the site, and ingress and egress and that

02:20:10 sort of thing, I want to make sure that we are going to look

02:20:13 at that very carefully the same way we would scrutinize

02:20:17 anybody else.

02:20:17 >> They have to follow the same set of rules, yes.

02:20:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

02:20:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions by council?

02:20:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Are you asking for somebody to move the

02:20:34 item?

02:20:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I don't know.

02:20:39 Have you touched on 14, 15, 16, 17?

02:20:42 For the record, to be clerks I don't want to pass something

02:20:45 here that we haven't discussed or at least mentioned.

02:20:47 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

02:20:49 Again, all of the interested parties, people that can give

02:20:52 you the answers on any questions you might have on 14, 15,

02:20:55 16, 17, are here.

02:20:56 We are certainly willing to be address any questions that

02:20:58 council has at this time.

02:20:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess I have one more question.

02:21:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Go on, Mrs. Montelione.

02:21:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I had our briefing with staff on

02:21:16 these items, also asking about the funding we are using.

02:21:18 And maybe this would be for Mrs. Little.

02:21:22 The fund that we are using to purchase the property, the

02:21:27 site on 40th Street and the additional parcel, and the money

02:21:33 that we are using to construct the facility that will be

02:21:37 needed on 40th Street, those fund are coming from where?

02:21:41 And we talked about it during our briefing.

02:21:43 But just for the public's edification --

02:21:49 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, ma'am.

02:21:50 The fund that are being used for funding is 100% from the

02:21:54 water, wastewater systems.

02:21:59 The water projects will be funded.

02:22:02 So available funding.

02:22:05 And as my colleagues have indicated, has been a topic of

02:22:10 discussion, for well over a year, 13 months or so, and our

02:22:15 planning stages through the '14 budget, even not having

02:22:19 sufficient information to determine how much these parcels

02:22:21 will cost, and to design and to build.

02:22:25 We anticipated that at some point we would have to actually

02:22:29 appropriate.

02:22:30 So for the five year capital plan for the water system, for

02:22:35 the wastewater system, did anticipate and have identified

02:22:39 that they are able to start 100% of this project.

02:22:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: From the water and wastewater?

02:22:51 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, 100%.

02:22:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So that begs the question that Mr.

02:22:55 Hearne and I talked about yesterday, what projects do we

02:23:00 have facilitywise?

02:23:01 So transmission lines for water or wastewater or, you know,

02:23:05 any of the other allowable uses for those funds?

02:23:09 Because we are restricted.

02:23:11 We can't use that money just for anything we want.

02:23:15 We are restricted in what we can spend that money on.

02:23:18 So what projects do we have waiting for funding in either

02:23:25 water or wastewater that we would not be able to do because

02:23:29 we are spending the money on this project?

02:23:31 >>SONYA LITTLE: There are not any projects be --

02:23:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: What unfunded projects do we have?

02:23:42 >>SONYA LITTLE: We have a five year plan inform water and

02:23:44 wastewater that system revenues will cover the capital

02:23:50 improvement plan for five years, the projects for five

02:23:54 years, as well as their operating expenses, as well as cover

02:23:58 the costs of the relocation.

02:24:00 >> So I just want to make sure.

02:24:05 Like I said, I got all these answers yesterday.

02:24:07 I'm just asking questions so we put it on the record for the

02:24:10 public, that we are not foregoing any structural

02:24:14 improvements or infrastructure for water and wastewater by

02:24:23 spending this money and using this consolidation of offices

02:24:26 and buying the property to relocate?

02:24:28 >> Yes, ma'am.

02:24:28 And if I can also add, in addition to that, even under this

02:24:33 plan, we are still able to maintain the required capital and

02:24:37 operating reserves for both systems.

02:24:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sure you just read Mr. Suarez' and

02:24:44 Mr. Cohen's mind on the last answer.

02:24:46 And that's all I have, sir.

02:24:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?

02:24:49 >>HARRY COHEN: Just to follow up on that point so it

02:24:52 couldn't be more clear, the moneys in those enterprise funds

02:24:56 be cannot be used to fund general fund applications in the

02:25:01 city, or general fund projects in the city?

02:25:04 Things that when people say, well, why do you have money for

02:25:09 this and not for the park, in my neighborhood, for example,

02:25:13 the reason is because these fund cannot be used for those

02:25:16 types of expenses?

02:25:18 >>SONYA LITTLE: Right.

02:25:19 As an enterprise fund it's a self-supporting system.

02:25:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The head of the water and wastewater

02:25:31 department, will you come up a second?

02:25:33 Based on this model that Mrs. Montelione just said.

02:25:35 And I understand what a T chief financial officer said but

02:25:39 you gentlemen run those departments and you know more about

02:25:41 it than anyone else.

02:25:44 Mr. Baird, in your estimate, how many be lines, how many

02:25:49 miles of replacement water lines do you do in a year?

02:25:54 >>BRAD BAIRD: Again, Brad Baird, director of water

02:25:56 department.

02:25:57 We were replacing about $10 million worth of infrastructure

02:26:07 a year, and actually even with this project, we have bumped

02:26:12 that up by another 10 million, and you are able to build

02:26:16 about one mile of pipe per million dollars.

02:26:20 So it's the same numbers for miles.

02:26:24 Yeah.

02:26:25 Pipeline replacement is expensive.

02:26:29 We were able to do that because our reserves are very

02:26:32 healthy.

02:26:33 We have been very frugal and had cost reductions for seven

02:26:37 years in a row.

02:26:39 And through all those reductions and the revenues have come

02:26:46 back since the 2009 drought W.all of that coming together we

02:26:49 are financially very healthy and able to do this project and

02:26:52 bolster infrastructure replacement.

02:26:54 >> Thank you.

02:27:00 When you went back to 2009, you were doing more.

02:27:04 >> During the five-year program, we replaced about 100

02:27:14 million dollars worth.

02:27:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The levels do fluctuate based on the

02:27:20 revenues that you have come in?

02:27:23 >> I'm sorry?

02:27:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Your revenues, your pipeline ability do

02:27:28 fluctuate on how many miles you do based on the revenues

02:27:30 that you have combing in?

02:27:33 >> That's correct.

02:27:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So if we did this project -- and I'm not

02:27:36 against the project.

02:27:37 Not yet, anyway.

02:27:39 If you spent a million of this, you are going to do one mile

02:27:44 less a year?

02:27:44 >> No, because of our reserve being healthy, that is not the

02:27:48 case.

02:27:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So how much deeper do you go into your

02:27:51 reserves to become unhealthy?

02:27:55 >>BRAD BAIRD: At the end of the five years, it shows, and

02:28:02 you can correct me if I am wrong, we are still at a very

02:28:05 healthy reserve, around $62 million.

02:28:09 Is that correct?

02:28:10 63.1.

02:28:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I know we went to ten miles replacement

02:28:16 to 50 miles.

02:28:17 I didn't really know the dollar amount.

02:28:20 And then I know we are back now to 10.

02:28:23 So you are saying even with this you are going back to 20?

02:28:26 Not to 50 but to 20.

02:28:28 >> Correct.

02:28:29 We were never doing 50 miles -- we were doing 20 miles a

02:28:32 year for those five years.

02:28:34 But if you recall, we were slated to do 40 miles.

02:28:39 40 to even more than that per year.

02:28:41 But because of the drop in revenue, we had to cut that

02:28:43 program in half.

02:28:46 But we are back in better shape again.

02:28:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: How come everybody was in better shape

02:28:55 when everybody started?

02:28:56 Thank you, sir.

02:28:57 >> Because of cost reductions.

02:29:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Same questions for you, sir.

02:29:01 >> Yes, sir.

02:29:04 Anthony Casper, wastewater department.

02:29:07 Our capital improvement program has actually increased to

02:29:10 about $20 million a year.

02:29:12 Rather than replacing pipelines, we are in the business of

02:29:18 renewal so most of our work is done.

02:29:22 We can get a little more bang for the buck out of that.

02:29:25 So we might get two miles per million.

02:29:28 But we are also -- spent a lot of money on a pump station

02:29:34 rehabilitation project and the treatment plant process

02:29:37 upgrades.

02:29:37 >> Well, hundred thing about it, I like you twice as much as

02:29:41 I like I am.

02:29:43 [ Laughter ]

02:29:49 Any other questions?

02:29:50 Thank you very much.

02:29:51 I still would like to be see a plan -- no one has a plan for

02:29:54 the operation of the central maintenance, and solid waste

02:30:00 department.

02:30:00 And in the center of two neighborhoods that really hadn't

02:30:07 seen that inform a long time.

02:30:09 Dale Mabry in essence was almost the end of the city.

02:30:12 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Again you are correct.

02:30:15 Than Courier City and Lincoln Gardens would be a better

02:30:22 location.

02:30:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The long-term would be 24 hours in my

02:30:25 book.

02:30:26 I make everything short.

02:30:27 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We need to get our pad and pencil out and

02:30:31 start figuring.

02:30:32 It is a relatively expensive operation just because of the

02:30:36 size of it.

02:30:37 Much larger than Tampa ---

02:30:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You are going to look at it and give the

02:30:41 plan?

02:30:42 >> Yes, sir.

02:30:43 I am going to draw the plan this afternoon and be back to

02:30:45 you.

02:30:46 Again, as you heard those other gentlemen talking about, a

02:30:50 lot of ambitions have been tempered by dollars.

02:30:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

02:30:58 But are you going to come up with something and say the

02:31:00 future, here is what we like?

02:31:02 We like to move it.

02:31:03 And maybe at this location is going to be up to its maximum

02:31:07 capacity, I would imagine, once these apartments go there.

02:31:13 I know Mr. Casper's operation is going to be moved to the

02:31:16 Howard Curren plant which has an ample supply of land.

02:31:20 I talked to him briefly today and he says he doesn't have

02:31:23 enough land, thank there's not enough land to move the other

02:31:28 department there is because sooner or later, not in the next

02:31:31 ten years or so, but there's still going to have to be some

02:31:34 incorrect water use and that plant will have to be expanded

02:31:37 to two more treatment plants and operation within that

02:31:40 plant.

02:31:44 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

02:31:45 Getting back to --

02:31:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You haven't said anything yet.

02:31:47 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, but something that occurred to me

02:31:51 getting back to Mr. Reddick's point is one of the design

02:31:54 goals that we will have is to make sure as much of the

02:31:57 traffic utilizes 40th Street as possible to cut down on the

02:32:00 amount of cut-through traffic that would negatively impact

02:32:03 the neighborhood.

02:32:03 And that's something that we'll do in the design process.

02:32:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So the plan is you will bring something

02:32:09 back within this current year about possibilities about

02:32:12 moving central maintenance and solid waste.

02:32:15 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes.

02:32:16 Because I believe that solid waste has been considering this

02:32:19 for some time.

02:32:20 So yes.

02:32:20 >> And it looks like a jail really.

02:32:24 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It's not attractive.

02:32:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And in fact be when I was a little boy I

02:32:29 was almost certain there was a jail there.

02:32:31 But I was on the outside.

02:32:34 [ Laughter ]

02:32:36 No, I said I was on the outside.

02:32:39 Yes, ma'am.

02:32:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm wondering if -- not to ask you to

02:32:45 move this along, but to move this along, maybe we can

02:32:48 schedule Mr. McDonaugh to come back with Mr. Baird and

02:32:52 Mr. Casper with a plan that you are asking for, sir, and if

02:32:57 we move it out the end of the year, or January.

02:33:05 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It would not be those two gentlemen.

02:33:08 Sol head of solid waste.

02:33:13 A different group, but yes.

02:33:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I am going to pull put it on your

02:33:19 shoulder but you can bring whoever you want.

02:33:22 >> I think the head of the water department.

02:33:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: My apologies.

02:33:31 So how about we schedule a staff report for or first regular

02:33:35 session in January, which is January 8th at 9:00 a.m.?

02:33:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you for making it in January and

02:33:41 not in April.

02:33:42 [ Laughter ]

02:33:43 I thought I would get the public to be see if you were

02:33:48 alive, and you are.

02:33:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Paying attention.

02:33:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

02:33:55 I'm not perfectly happy with this, but I have a much better

02:34:01 feeling now than something, we'll have something coming to

02:34:04 us in January, and see what we can do for that neighborhood

02:34:08 that is very well deserving, all the residents there.

02:34:12 Okay.

02:34:12 17.

02:34:14 14, 15, 16, 17.

02:34:16 I would like to move them one at a time.

02:34:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Are taking a vote on our motion?

02:34:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, I have not.

02:34:25 Second by Mr. Suarez.

02:34:26 Motion by Mrs. Montelione for January 8th at 9 a.m.

02:34:30 staff report.

02:34:31 Second by Mr. Suarez.

02:34:33 And of course doesn't have to be restated.

02:34:36 I think it wags clearly reported in the record what it was

02:34:38 for.

02:34:39 All in favor say aye. Opposed?

02:34:41 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:34:43 Item 14, 15, 16, 17.

02:34:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Number 14 set for approval.

02:34:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

02:34:55 Further discussion by council members on 14?

02:34:57 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

02:35:00 Opposed nay. Motion passed unanimously.

02:35:03 Item 15.

02:35:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move item 15 for approval.

02:35:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

02:35:08 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

02:35:10 All in favor of that motion.

02:35:11 Any discussion of that motion?

02:35:13 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

02:35:16 Opposed nay.

02:35:18 Motion passed unanimously.

02:35:19 Item 16.

02:35:22 Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

02:35:24 Second by Mr. Suarez.

02:35:26 Further discussion by council members?

02:35:27 All in favor?

02:35:29 Opposed?

02:35:30 Motion passed unanimously.

02:35:33 Number 17.

02:35:34 Motion made by Mrs. Montelione.

02:35:36 Second by Mr. Cohen.

02:35:38 Further discussion by council members?

02:35:40 All in favor?

02:35:41 Opposed?

02:35:42 Motion passed unanimously.

02:35:43 Thank you very much.

02:35:44 See you in January.

02:35:44 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

02:35:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think we'll see him before January.

02:35:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I know. But I have to refresh his

02:35:53 memory.

02:35:54 All right.

02:35:55 We go to committee report, continued committee reports from

02:35:59 18 through 94.

02:36:00 We have still got these items here.

02:36:02 Item 18.

02:36:03 >> Elaine Lund, historic preservation staff.

02:36:16 We have a Power Point presentation for you today, please,

02:36:19 regarding the nomination for the Beach Park multiple

02:36:21 properties listing.

02:36:27 A minute for the Power Point.

02:36:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's being programmed.

02:36:42 >> This item is in front of you today for your

02:36:54 consideration. There we go.

02:36:56 We have Power Point.

02:36:58 This is for your consideration for the addition of the two

02:37:01 properties in the Beach Park multiple properties listing,

02:37:03 local landmark destination.

02:37:06 In 1923, a few developers including Leroy Young purchased

02:37:17 350 acres of orange groves with the intent to develop Beach

02:37:20 Park on the bay as a gated community for west downtown

02:37:24 Tampa.

02:37:26 In addition to having a commercial center, this neighborhood

02:37:29 development housing, both water supply and grand gateway

02:37:35 entrances.

02:37:37 The plats for Beach Park included man made canals for

02:37:41 waterfront living with winding roads for the grand estates.

02:37:48 And in this picture you can see some of the finer houses

02:37:51 that were built at the time, including the Beach Park

02:37:54 company field offices and the residences of the developer's

02:37:57 young.

02:38:00 An architectural review board has approved all of the

02:38:02 conjunction in the neighborhood, which was required by deed

02:38:05 to be a distinctive Florida style.

02:38:11 And in 2010 we identified several buildings that remained

02:38:15 from the original Beach Park development and invited all of

02:38:18 the owners of those buildings to participate in the Beach

02:38:21 Park multiple properties listing.

02:38:25 A period of significance of 1923 to 1929 was established for

02:38:29 these buildings.

02:38:36 The owners were contacted and all of these properties were

02:38:40 designated in 2010.

02:38:44 Eight properties.

02:38:45 Recently staff invited the remaining owners to be a reply to

02:38:49 be included in the listing and received back two

02:38:51 applications, and those are the ones that are before you for

02:38:54 your consideration today.

02:38:57 4521 a Dell Avenue and 414 South Westshore Boulevard.

02:39:02 4521 was constructed in 1925 in the Mediterranean revival

02:39:08 style.

02:39:08 This two story house with its roof and textured style

02:39:16 interior, relief panels.

02:39:26 The 1921 mission Boulevard, includes the tiled roof, stucco

02:39:35 exterior and the original windows.

02:39:39 These buildings both meet the criteria for local landmark

02:39:43 designations on city code, and they were conducted during

02:39:46 the period of significance, and they meet our designation

02:39:49 criteria for community planning and development for their

02:39:51 contributions to the development of Beach Park, and

02:39:56 architecture as amp example of residential Mediterranean

02:40:02 revival and mission revival style buildings.

02:40:06 These were reviewed by the historic commission in February

02:40:09 of this year.

02:40:10 And

02:40:11 The historic preservation committee recommended that City

02:40:14 Council approve the addition of these properties to the

02:40:17 local landmark designation of the Beach Park multiple

02:40:21 properties for the city.

02:40:22 Additionally the Planning Commission has found that this

02:40:24 designation request is consistent for the provisions of the

02:40:26 Tampa comprehensive plan.

02:40:28 And I'm available if you have any questions.

02:40:31 Thank you.

02:40:31 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We have a couple of letters from two folks

02:40:44 opposing this particular project on 4521.

02:40:47 It seems like there may be some zoning issues as opposed to

02:40:52 preservation issues.

02:40:54 We need to clarify this so we know what to go do going

02:41:00 forward, Mr. Fernandez.

02:41:03 >>DENNIS FERNANDEZ: Historic preservation manager.

02:41:04 We did receive two letters in opposition to the property's

02:41:07 designation.

02:41:08 I visited the site yesterday.

02:41:09 It's under construction currently.

02:41:14 This is 45121 address.

02:41:17 And --

02:41:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: For people in back, could you put the camera

02:41:23 back on, please?

02:41:26 I need to see the T first one.

02:41:28 There you go.

02:41:29 >> There is the primary structure.

02:41:31 In the rear, this is a construction project.

02:41:34 This project is walls separated from the property structure

02:41:39 which was one of our concerns, and still maintained sort of

02:41:43 that visual connectivity, and structures.

02:41:48 I did research this.

02:41:49 The property is properly permitted.

02:41:54 Granted for construction and in compliance with city code.

02:41:58 So there's not any defect in that way.

02:42:00 And from a preservation standard, the structure is

02:42:03 appropriately sited so we don't have any concerns about that

02:42:06 as well.

02:42:09 >>MIKE SUAREZ: If I could ask a question that's a little

02:42:11 more pointed.

02:42:13 You are saying for purposes of preservation, adding

02:42:16 additional properties onto the lot, as long as it keeps

02:42:20 within certain, what, what are the criteria that you use to

02:42:24 determine it?

02:42:25 Because obviously if you have something that was post modern

02:42:29 when you have got something like this, it's kind of a

02:42:31 bungalow, or the old revivalist look.

02:42:35 And you have got to have a sense that it's the same look,

02:42:40 correct?

02:42:40 >> Correct.

02:42:42 Adverse impact to the character of the property by the

02:42:44 addition that's being introduced, and in this case, this

02:42:49 particular property didn't go through a level one

02:42:51 architectural review because it was prayer to the

02:42:53 designation.

02:42:54 But if this were going through our architectural review I

02:42:58 wouldn't have concerns because of its placement or style,

02:43:00 it's not negatively impacting it.

02:43:02 Frankly, to add additional square footage, that's not part

02:43:07 of the original structure is preferred, rather than adding

02:43:10 onto the original structure.

02:43:11 >> And you say it beats all zoning requirements, everything

02:43:15 else in terms of their addition?

02:43:17 >> That's correct.

02:43:18 And they are properly permitted as well.

02:43:19 >> What's the effect of this ordinance on the property owner

02:43:25 in terms of their rights of what they can and can't do with

02:43:27 their property?

02:43:30 >>DENNIS FERNANDEZ: Once the ordinance is adopted, any

02:43:32 change in the exterior changes to the structure would have

02:43:35 to be reviewed to the architecture review commission.

02:43:38 If there was a demolition request, that would also be

02:43:40 reviewed to the Architectural Review Commission.

02:43:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And the addition that they are building on

02:43:46 now, what effect does it have, if any?

02:43:49 >>DENNIS FERNANDEZ: Would not have an effect because it

02:43:51 prior to the designation.

02:43:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Only if they change a certain look and

02:43:57 nature of what it is, correct?

02:44:03 >>DENNIS FERNANDEZ: That's right. If they do subsequently

02:44:04 modify or expand it, then that would have to be reviewed,

02:44:08 and we would have essentially a code in the city's computer

02:44:12 system that identifies historic and then refers back, the

02:44:17 contract or the owner to be appropriate.

02:44:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

02:44:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 24th is for first reading.

02:44:36 And consideration by the council.

02:44:38 So we go to Mrs. Montelione and see what happens here.

02:44:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm on a roll, sir.

02:44:44 An ordinance being presented for first reading

02:44:46 consideration, I move an ordinance of the city of Tampa,

02:44:48 Florida amending Beach Park multiple properties designation

02:44:52 to include property located at 414 South Westshore Boulevard

02:44:56 and 4521 west Dale Avenue, Tampa, Florida, as more

02:45:00 particularly described in section 2, as local landmarks,

02:45:03 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

02:45:07 providing for severability, providing an effective date.

02:45:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

02:45:11 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

02:45:13 Further discussion by council members?

02:45:14 All in favor of the motion?

02:45:16 Opposed?

02:45:16 Motion passed unanimously.

02:45:17 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the second reading will be on July

02:45:23 17th at 9:30 a.m., and the motion was unanimous with

02:45:29 Capin and Mulhern absent.

02:45:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

02:45:32 Item number 19.

02:45:34 These are all scrivener's errors.

02:45:36 19, 220 and 21 are scrivener's roars.

02:45:40 You have to read them.

02:45:42 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance set for first reading

02:45:47 consideration, an ordinance amending ordinance number

02:45:50 2013-75, passed and ordained by the City Council of the City

02:45:54 of Tampa on June 6, 2013, which approved a special use

02:46:00 permit for a restaurant with consumption on premises only,

02:46:04 located at 912-918 West Kennedy Boulevard, correcting a

02:46:09 scrivener's error by correcting the language in section 4 of

02:46:14 the ordinance, providing for severability, providing an

02:46:16 effective date.

02:46:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

02:46:18 Further discussion by council members?

02:46:20 All in favor of the motion?

02:46:22 Opposed?

02:46:23 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:46:24 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, second reading will be on July

02:46:28 17th at 9 30 a.m.

02:46:31 The motion passed unanimously with Capin absent and Mulhern

02:46:35 absent.

02:46:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take number

02:46:38 20, please?

02:46:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented for

02:46:44 first reading consideration, an ordinance number 2013-100

02:46:51 passed and ordained by the City Council of Tampa, City of

02:46:54 Tampa on July 18, 2013, which approved a special use permit

02:46:59 for a bar/lounge with consumption on premises and off

02:47:04 premises package sales located at 3225 South MacDill Avenue,

02:47:08 correcting a scrivener's error by correcting the language in

02:47:11 section 3 of the ordinance providing for severability,

02:47:15 providing an effective date.

02:47:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, a second

02:47:17 by Mr. Suarez.

02:47:18 Discussion by council members?

02:47:21 Mrs. Montelione.

02:47:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: (off microphone)

02:47:28 Section 2 or section 3?

02:47:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Section 3.

02:47:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded.

02:47:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

02:47:37 Motion passed unanimously.

02:47:38 >>THE CLERK: The motion passed unanimously with Capin and

02:47:41 Mulhern absent and second reading will be on July 17th

02:47:44 at 9 30 a.m.

02:47:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 21.

02:47:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

02:47:52 consideration, an ordinance amending ordinance number

02:47:54 2013-127 passed and ordained by the City Council of the City

02:47:59 of Tampa on September 12, 2013, which approved a special use

02:48:03 permit for a restaurant with consumption on premises only,

02:48:06 located at 1719 and 1723 West Kennedy Boulevard, correcting

02:48:11 a scrivener's error by correcting the language in section 3

02:48:15 of the ordinance, providing for severability, providing an

02:48:17 effective date.

02:48:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, a second by Mrs.

02:48:21 Montelione on item number 21.

02:48:27 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

02:48:30 Opposed nay.

02:48:31 Motion passed unanimously.

02:48:32 >>THE CLERK: Motion passed unanimously with Capin and

02:48:35 Mulhern absent.

02:48:37 The second reading will be July 17th at 9:30 a.m.

02:48:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 22, Mrs. Montelione, a

02:48:46 substitute ordinance.

02:48:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

02:48:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'll do it if you want, Mr. Chair.

02:49:00 I present an ordinance for first reading consideration,

02:49:02 ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida amending ordinance

02:49:04 number 2014-48 which vacated, discontinued, abandoned an

02:49:10 alleyway lying east of Tampa Street, west of Florida Avenue,

02:49:13 south of Amelia Avenue, and north of Frances Avenue, in plan

02:49:18 of Munro and McIntosh's addition, a subdivision in the

02:49:24 City of Tampa, Hillsborough County Florida amending the

02:49:27 title, and exhibits of said ordinance to reflect the

02:49:30 substitute ordinance approved by City Council upon first

02:49:33 reading but inadvertently omitted from the clerk's file upon

02:49:37 second reading and adoption providing an effective date.

02:49:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mr. Cohen.

02:49:42 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:49:43 >>THE CLERK: With Capin and Mulhern absent, the second

02:49:47 reading will be on July 17th at 9:30 a.m.

02:49:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go to committee report.

02:49:52 Public Safety Committee chair, Mr. Frank Reddick.

02:49:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move 23 through -- 23, 24, 26, 27, 28.

02:50:02 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

02:50:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick.

02:50:05 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

02:50:06 Further discussion by council members?

02:50:07 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

02:50:10 Opposed nay.

02:50:11 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:50:16 Parks, Recreation, Culture Committee, Lisa Montelione.

02:50:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move 29 through 37.

02:50:21 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

02:50:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of the motion please

02:50:26 indicate by saying aye.

02:50:27 Opposed nay.

02:50:27 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:50:34 Public Works Committee chair, Mr. Mike.

02:50:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Suarez I move items 38 through 50 without

02:50:42 item number 39.

02:50:47 >> Second.

02:50:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez.

02:50:49 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

02:50:52 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

02:50:55 Opposed nay.

02:50:57 Passed unanimously.

02:50:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Move item number 39 with an agreement that

02:51:05 has been attached to the resolution to be substituted for

02:51:07 that particular --

02:51:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr.

02:51:12 Reddick on 39.

02:51:13 All in favor?

02:51:14 Opposed?

02:51:15 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:51:17 Finance Committee chair Mr. Harry Cohen.

02:51:19 >>HARRY COHEN: I move items number 51 through 57.

02:51:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second;

02:51:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr.

02:51:31 Suarez.

02:51:32 Ayes have it unanimously.

02:51:33 Building, zoning committee, preservation committee

02:51:35 Chiaramonte month before I move the items, I have a question

02:51:41 for the clerk.

02:51:44 Because on the addendum to the agenda, we had special notes

02:51:46 to the meeting on agenda item number 0 was being pulled

02:51:50 and placed understood staff reports and unfinished business

02:51:53 with a Power Point presentation being received.

02:51:55 I don't recall hearing number 80 this morning under staff

02:51:58 reports.

02:51:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That was an error.

02:52:04 There is no Power Point.

02:52:05 Just move number 80 as it was.

02:52:07 >>HARRY COHEN: You need to read number 87.

02:52:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay, thank you for the clarification,

02:52:17 because I read the title of the Power Point, as 5:01.

02:52:24 It was a little confusing.

02:52:26 I will move item 58 through 76.

02:52:31 79 through 86.

02:52:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

02:52:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione, I

02:52:38 have a second by Mr. Suarez.

02:52:41 All in favor of the motion?

02:52:43 Opposed?

02:52:45 Ayes have it unanimously.

02:52:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I will move item number 87 by reading

02:52:49 the following announcement for a public meeting.

02:52:53 A public meeting will be held regarding a proposed

02:52:55 brownfield area designation for property owned by TM Tampa

02:52:59 LLC located between Madison and Twiggs Street immediately

02:53:04 east of Meridian Avenue in the Channelside community

02:53:07 redevelopment area in Tampa, Florida and comprised of

02:53:10 approximately 1.87 acres in size.

02:53:13 This public meeting will be held in the courtyard at the

02:53:17 Grand Central at Kennedy located at 1120 East Kennedy

02:53:20 Boulevard, Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday, jewel 8, 2014 at 6:30

02:53:26 p.m.

02:53:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

02:53:30 A second by Mr. Suarez on 87.

02:53:32 All in favor of the motion?

02:53:34 Opposed?

02:53:35 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:53:44 Be transportation committee.

02:53:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move 88 through 94.

02:53:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Second.

02:53:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of the motion?

02:53:54 Opposed?

02:53:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:54:00 Items set for public --

02:54:02 >>THE CLERK: We skipped item number 25.

02:54:05 Staff is requesting a continuance of that and you all have

02:54:08 to vote on that item.

02:54:13 Number 25.

02:54:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go back to 25.

02:54:40 >>HARRY COHEN: November continue item 25 to July 17th.

02:54:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Second.

02:54:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of the motion?

02:54:46 Opposed?

02:54:46 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:54:50 Transportation committee vice chair Mr. Frank Reddick.

02:55:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: I thought I just did that.

02:55:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry.

02:55:03 We need a motion from 95 to 99.

02:55:08 Motion made by Mrs. Montelione on 95 through 99.

02:55:11 Second by Mr. Cohen.

02:55:12 All in favor of the motion for those items, please signify

02:55:14 by saying aye. Opposed nay.

02:55:16 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:55:18 Need a motion to open public hearing 100 to 113.

02:55:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So moved.

02:55:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Month, second by

02:55:27 Mr. Suarez.

02:55:27 All in favor?

02:55:28 Opposed?

02:55:28 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:55:30 Anyone that's going to testify on these items that which

02:55:34 would be really 100 through 113, all quasi-judicial, need to

02:55:39 stand up, be sworn in.

02:55:40 Clerk, do the swearing in now.

02:55:42 >>THE CLERK: Yes, sir.

02:55:43 (Oath administered by Clerk).

02:55:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 100.

02:55:59 >>BARBARA LYNCH: Land Development Coordination.

02:56:03 VAC-14-09 was approved by City Council but stormwater

02:56:07 department is now asking that this be withdrawn.

02:56:09 There were some glitches with closing on the property on

02:56:12 that street, and they are actually going to expand the scope

02:56:15 of the property.

02:56:15 So we will be bringing this back in the future for vacating.

02:56:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on

02:56:24 100 being withdrawn at this time?

02:56:26 >>HARRY COHEN: Move to withdraw it from the agenda.

02:56:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, we need to -- well, it's going to

02:56:33 be removed so it makes no difference.

02:56:36 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

02:56:37 All in favor?

02:56:38 The ayes have it unanimously.

02:56:40 100 is withdrawn.

02:56:41 101.

02:56:51 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

02:56:54 Item number 101 through 107 are rezoning special use items.

02:57:02 Number 103, 104, 105, 106, and 107 requires certification.

02:57:09 Those have been certified.

02:57:10 I do have copies and I have provided them to the clerk.

02:57:12 But I also have them in my file if you would like to review.

02:57:15 Thank you.

02:57:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 101.

02:57:24 Is Petitioner here?

02:57:25 >> My name is Deanna Dungan, design and development, 207

02:57:38 Bates Avenue in Indian rocks beach 33785.

02:57:42 Thank you.

02:57:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on

02:57:49 item 101?

02:57:50 >> Move to close.

02:57:53 >> Motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

02:57:54 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

02:57:56 All in favor of the motion to close?

02:57:58 Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

02:57:59 Mr. Suarez, would you take 101, please?

02:58:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for second reading

02:58:04 and adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

02:58:07 vicinity of 810 west country club drive in the city of

02:58:10 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1

02:58:13 from zoning district classification RS-60 residential

02:58:16 single-family to RS-50 residential single-family providing

02:58:20 an effective date.

02:58:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for approval for second

02:58:24 reading by Mr. Suarez.

02:58:25 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

02:58:27 This is a roll call vote.

02:58:41 >>THE CLERK: On 101 --

02:58:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Voice vote on 101.

02:58:50 It's fine.

02:58:51 You say from 102 down.

02:58:54 Roll call vote Mr. Suarez.

02:58:56 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

02:58:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

02:58:59 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

02:59:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

02:59:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Myself, Miranda, yes.

02:59:04 You can now announce that it's five yes and two absent.

02:59:08 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the motion was adopted by a vote of

02:59:14 5, and with two absent, Capin and Mulhern.

02:59:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

02:59:24 Item number 102.

02:59:36 >> Stephen Liverpool, 101 East Kennedy Boulevard, Hill,

02:59:41 Ward, Henderson, here again today instead of John Grandoff.

02:59:47 Second reading as I understand it passed 7-0.

02:59:50 No objections from staff on first reading.

02:59:52 I'm available to answer any questions you may have.

02:59:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions, council members?

02:59:55 Anyone in the audience care to speak on 10 the 2nd?

02:59:59 Need a motion to close.

03:00:00 I have a motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

03:00:02 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

03:00:04 All in favor of the motion to close please signify by saying

03:00:07 aye. Opposed nay.

03:00:08 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:00:09 Mr. Reddick, would you kindly take number 102, please?

03:00:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: I move an ordinance being presented for

03:00:15 second reading and adoption, an ordinance rezoning the

03:00:17 property in the general vicinity of 4816 west Flamingo Road

03:00:22 in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly

03:00:24 described in section 1 from zoning district classification

03:00:27 RS-60 residential single-family to RM-18 residential

03:00:32 multifamily providing an effective date.

03:00:33 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

03:00:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, a second

03:00:37 by Mr. Cohen.

03:00:38 Roll call vote.

03:00:40 Vote and record.

03:00:57 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the motion passed unanimously with

03:00:59 Capin and Mulhern absent.

03:01:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

03:01:10 It didn't show up.

03:01:14 Revote on number 2.

03:01:27 Roll call vote.

03:01:28 Vote and record.

03:01:30 It's not going to come up again.

03:01:38 Voice vote.

03:01:42 Mr. Suarez.

03:01:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

03:01:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

03:01:46 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

03:01:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

03:01:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miranda, yes.

03:01:50 5.

03:01:54 Two are not here.

03:01:55 Passed unanimously.

03:01:55 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the measure passed unanimously with

03:02:01 Capin and Mulhern absent.

03:02:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 103.

03:02:05 >> Randy Coen, 414 South Westshore Boulevard here on behalf

03:02:18 of the applicant, here to answer any questions you may have.

03:02:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

03:02:24 Anyone in the care to speak on 103?

03:02:27 I see no one.

03:02:28 Need a motion to close.

03:02:29 Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mrs. Montelione.

03:02:32 Further discussion by council members?

03:02:34 Opposed?

03:02:36 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:02:37 The hearing is now closed.

03:02:39 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 103, please?

03:02:43 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

03:02:45 Move an ordinance being presented for second reading and

03:02:47 adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

03:02:50 vicinity of 5332 Avian park drive in the city of Tampa,

03:02:55 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

03:02:58 zoning district classification PD, planned development,

03:03:01 office, business, professional and medical, hotel, airport

03:03:05 shuttle service, principal parking, general retail,

03:03:08 restaurant, vehicle leasing, to PD, planned development,

03:03:11 office, business professional and medical, college and/or

03:03:16 pharmacy, providing an effective date.

03:03:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for approval by Mr.

03:03:19 Cohen.

03:03:19 I have a second by Mr. Suarez on 1073.

03:03:22 This is a roll call vote.

03:03:26 Vote and record.

03:03:29 Oh, not set up.

03:03:30 Roll call vote.

03:03:42 Mr. Suarez.

03:03:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

03:03:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

03:03:49 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

03:03:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

03:03:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: On 103, yes.

03:03:56 >> Mr. Chair, the measure passed unanimously with Capin and

03:04:07 Mulhern absent at vote.

03:04:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

03:04:13 We go to 104.

03:04:15 >> Joseph, here on behalf of the applicant.

03:04:32 Any questions you may have.

03:04:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: On number 104.

03:04:46 All in favor?

03:04:47 Opposed?

03:04:48 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:04:51 (off microphone).

03:04:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I present an ordinance rezoning property

03:04:58 in the general vicinity of 2506 west Azeele street, 42½

03:05:04 south Tampan yeah Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida more

03:05:07 described through zoning district classification PD,

03:05:12 business to PD, office, and medical providing an effective

03:05:16 date.

03:05:16 >> Motion for approval by Mrs. Montelione.

03:05:21 Second by Mr. Suarez.

03:05:22 All in favor of that motion?

03:05:26 Roll call vote.

03:05:27 Is it working again?

03:05:29 Roll call vote.

03:05:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

03:05:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

03:05:36 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

03:05:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

03:05:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miranda yes on 104.

03:05:42 Please announce the vote 5-oh 0 with two being absent.

03:05:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Announce the vote.

03:05:54 >>THE CLERK: (off he microphone).

03:06:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 5-07 with two absent I said.

03:06:14 105.

03:06:15 Yes, sir.

03:06:15 >>STEVE MICHELINI: I'm here to answer any questions you

03:06:22 might have for second reading.

03:06:24 I appreciate your vote.

03:06:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members on 105?

03:06:29 In the audience care to speak on 1505.

03:06:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

03:06:35 Second by Mr. Suarez.

03:06:36 105.

03:06:37 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.

03:06:40 Opposed nay.

03:06:41 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:06:43 Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take 105, please?

03:06:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: An ordinance rezoning property in the

03:06:50 general vicinity of 5811 South MacDill Avenue in the city of

03:06:55 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1

03:06:58 from zoning district classification RS-60 residential

03:07:01 single-family and CG commercial general to PD planned

03:07:04 development, residential single-family, detached, providing

03:07:08 an effective date.

03:07:08 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

03:07:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

03:07:14 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

03:07:16 Is it working?

03:07:17 Okay.

03:07:19 We will have to go to voice vote.

03:07:21 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

03:07:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

03:07:24 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

03:07:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

03:07:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Myself, Charlie Miranda, says yes.

03:07:31 Motion passes 5-0.

03:07:33 Announce the vote.

03:07:34 >>THE CLERK: (off microphone)

03:07:43 Item 106.

03:07:46 Is petitioner here on 106?

03:07:48 >> Mark Bentley representing the petitioner.

03:08:23 Do you have any questions?

03:08:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members on 106?

03:08:28 I see none.

03:08:29 Anyone in the audience care to speak on 106?

03:08:31 I see no one.

03:08:34 Motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

03:08:36 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

03:08:37 Further discussion by council members?

03:08:39 All in favor of the motion?

03:08:40 Opposed?

03:08:41 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:08:46 We haven't done anything yet.

03:09:01 [ Laughter ]

03:09:02 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take 106?

03:09:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Move an ordinance presented for second

03:09:07 reading and adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the

03:09:09 general vicinity of 1344 west Cass Street and 1319 west

03:09:14 Carmen street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more

03:09:17 particularly described in section 1 from zoning district

03:09:19 classification CG commercial general and CI commercial

03:09:23 intensive to CI commercial intensive, providing an effective

03:09:26 date.

03:09:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, a second by

03:09:31 Mr. Suarez.

03:09:32 Discussion on number 106?

03:09:35 All in favor?

03:09:37 Roll call vote.

03:09:38 Is it working?

03:09:39 Okay, we'll try.

03:09:40 Motion made by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez.

03:09:46 Vote and record.

03:09:47 Item 106.

03:09:57 >>THE CLERK: It's not showing up, Mr. Chair.

03:10:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call vote.

03:10:00 Mr. Suarez.

03:10:01 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

03:10:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: No.

03:10:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

03:10:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

03:10:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: How about that?

03:10:11 I get to decide whether this goes or not go.

03:10:14 Mr. Miranda, Charlie, says yes.

03:10:16 >>THE CLERK: The measure passed with four voting yes and

03:10:21 Mr. Reddick voting no and Capin and Mulhern absent.

03:10:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

03:10:30 Item 107.

03:10:32 Is petitioner here?

03:10:42 >> Daniel Peters, AV engineering, 204 Holland Avenue, Temple

03:10:47 Terrace, Florida 33617.

03:10:49 I'm the engineer of record here to answer any questions that

03:10:54 you may have.

03:10:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

03:10:56 time?

03:10:58 I see no one.

03:11:00 Need a motion to close.

03:11:02 Motion to close by Mrs. Montelione.

03:11:04 Second by Mr. Reddick.

03:11:05 All in favor of the motion?

03:11:07 Opposed?

03:11:08 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:11:13 All right, Mrs. Montelione.

03:11:16 Thank you for volunteering.

03:11:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move an ordinance for second reading

03:11:21 and adoption, an ordinance approving a special using permit

03:11:23 S-2 approving a public service utility TECO transmission

03:11:27 station in an RS-50 residential single-family and RO-1

03:11:30 residential office zoning district in the general vicinity

03:11:33 of 4104 north Glen Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida more

03:11:38 particularly described in section 1 hereof providing an

03:11:40 effective date.

03:11:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Montelione, a real

03:11:43 close second between Mr. Cohen and Mr. Suarez.

03:11:46 I give to the Mr. Cohen this time.

03:11:48 Roll call vote.

03:11:49 Mr. Suarez.

03:11:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

03:11:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: On 107.

03:11:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

03:11:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

03:11:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

03:11:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Myself Charlie Miranda, yes.

03:12:00 Motion passes 5-0 with two absent.

03:12:03 >>THE CLERK: The motion passed unanimously with Capin and

03:12:06 Mulhern absent.

03:12:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: One thing about this exercise, I remember

03:12:12 your names.

03:12:13 108.

03:12:15 >>BARBARA LYNCH: Land Development Coordination.

03:12:17 I'm here to answer any questions you may have on VAC 14-11.

03:12:22 >> 1029 west Bradstreet.

03:12:28 Hoping you approve my orthopedics.

03:12:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

03:12:31 Anyone in the audience care to speak on number 108?

03:12:34 Number 108.

03:12:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close.

03:12:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mrs. Montelione on 108.

03:12:41 All in in favor? The ayes have it unanimously Mr. Reddick,

03:12:44 would you kindly take number 108, please?

03:12:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented for

03:12:49 second reading and adoption, an ordinance vein indicating

03:12:51 closing discontinuing abandoning an alleyway lying north of

03:12:55 Braddock street, south of ADALEE street, east of Decatur

03:13:05 Avenue and west of Harding Avenue, in plan of river Heights,

03:13:08 a subdivision in the City of Tampa Hillsborough County

03:13:10 Florida the same being more fully described in section 1

03:13:13 hereof subject to certain easement, reservation, covenants

03:13:16 and conditions and restrictions more particularly set forth

03:13:19 herein providing.

03:13:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mr. Suarez.

03:13:22 Roll call vote.

03:13:25 By voice.

03:13:26 It's not working.

03:13:27 Mr. Suarez.

03:13:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

03:13:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

03:13:31 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

03:13:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

03:13:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I Charlie Miranda says yes also.

03:13:37 Motion passes 5 be to nothing, two being absent.

03:13:40 >>THE CLERK: Mr. Chair, the motion carried unanimously with

03:13:43 Capin and Mulhern absent.

03:13:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 109 cannot be heard.

03:13:59 Something about misnoticed.

03:14:03 109.

03:14:03 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

03:14:10 Actually here on behalf of Gloria Moreda this afternoon so

03:14:14 she didn't have to wait all day.

03:14:16 This case was misnoticed.

03:14:18 It was an error of staff.

03:14:20 So I would like to request, if you would so kindly, to reset

03:14:24 it for the next morning hearing which I believe is the July

03:14:28 31st which will allow us to do notice.

03:14:31 The city is going to do notice on behalf of the petitioner.

03:14:34 And also if you would please motion for the waiver of the

03:14:36 amendment as it was an error on behalf of staff.

03:14:41 I would greatly appreciate it.

03:14:43 >>HARRY COHEN: Move to reset on July 31st and waive the

03:14:51 amended fee.

03:14:51 >>ABBYE FEELEY: 10:30?

03:14:55 >>HARRY COHEN: 10:30.

03:14:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen on 109.

03:14:59 Second by Mr. Reddick as stated.

03:15:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Wait, wait.

03:15:04 I'm sorry.

03:15:05 When you said the next regular session of council, and you

03:15:08 believe it's the 31st, the next regular session of

03:15:11 council --

03:15:16 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thank you so much for that question.

03:15:18 I appreciate it.

03:15:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Oh, confused me.

03:15:22 >> Thank you, council.

03:15:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of the motion to move to

03:15:30 July 31st, at what time?

03:15:34 10:30.

03:15:34 All in favor?

03:15:36 Opposed?

03:15:36 The ayes have it unanimously with two absent.

03:15:38 >>BARBARA LYNCH: Land Development Coordination.

03:15:49 VAC 14-12 is a request by K-bar to vacate a portion of

03:15:55 Mistflower lane and paddock view drive, lying south of K-Bar

03:16:00 Ranch parkway and east of wild TAMARIND drive.

03:16:09 Mine is a little older than the one that I was supplied, but

03:16:13 this property is roadway unimproved at this time and the

03:16:19 reason they are being vacated is to be replat -- they are

03:16:23 going to do a replat of this portion of the roadway, and to

03:16:26 accommodate the city park.

03:16:28 Mr. Marrow can explain that a little more.

03:16:30 To give -- this is actually what it looks like today so

03:16:34 those roadways would be on this portion and this portion

03:16:39 would be the yellow.

03:16:40 So there is some housing out here now.

03:16:43 Mine does not show that.

03:16:44 This is out in the north New Tampa area.

03:16:48 And I have a picture of Mistflower lane.

03:16:54 And this is the developed portion.

03:16:58 It had been finished.

03:16:59 And looking out in the undeveloped area where this roadway

03:17:02 currently is platted.

03:17:05 And then this be is just looking back at the home.

03:17:08 And this is going to be replatted to extend the road again.

03:17:15 There is no objection this request.

03:17:17 There's no utilities out there currently.

03:17:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 110.

03:17:23 Anyone in the public?

03:17:25 Yes, sir.

03:17:25 >> Everett Morrow, Mark Engineering, for the petitioner.

03:17:33 As Mrs. Lynch explained part of the K bar development, one

03:17:38 of the zoning conditions is there has to be a park

03:17:40 dedication out there.

03:17:41 And so when they got the master plan worked out, we found

03:17:45 the ideal locates location, you can't have the driveways

03:17:49 accessing or backing onto the park roadway.

03:17:52 So what we are doing is we are vacating this plat.

03:17:55 You will actually see in July we replatted these same lots.

03:17:59 But it's to accommodate the future park for the community.

03:18:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else in the audience care to speak

03:18:04 on this item, item number 110?

03:18:08 I have a motion to close by Mrs. Montelione.

03:18:10 Second by Mr. Suarez.

03:18:11 All in favor of the motion to close?

03:18:13 Opposed?

03:18:13 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:18:15 Mr. Suarez, would you kindly take 110, please?

03:18:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

03:18:21 consideration, an ordinance vacating, closing,

03:18:22 discontinuing, abandoning portions of Mistflower Lane and

03:18:27 Paddock View Drive lying within Bassett Creek Estates phases

03:18:32 2 can C and 2 D a subdivision in the City of Tampa,

03:18:36 Hillsborough County the same being more fully described in

03:18:39 section hereof providing an effective date.

03:18:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Reddick on 110 ^.

03:18:46 Roll call vote.

03:18:48 By voice.

03:18:49 Mr. Suarez.

03:18:50 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

03:18:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Not working.

03:19:00 Oh, this is first reading, I'm sorry.

03:19:02 All in favor of the motion please identify by saying aye.

03:19:05 Opposed nay.

03:19:06 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:19:08 Okay.

03:19:10 111.

03:19:10 >>THE CLERK: The second reading for this item will be July

03:19:14 17th at 9:30 a.m.

03:19:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 111 I understand Sab quarterback to have

03:19:20 it withdrawn.

03:19:20 Am I correct?

03:19:21 I need a motion to that affect.

03:19:23 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

03:19:25 Second by Mrs. Montelione to allow that to happen.

03:19:30 All in favor?

03:19:31 Opposed?

03:19:32 Tampa ayes have it unanimously.

03:19:35 Item number 112.

03:19:38 An appeal hearing.

03:19:44 Also withdrawn.

03:19:45 I have a motion -- anyone in the audience care to speak on

03:19:48 112?

03:19:49 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen to withdraw.

03:19:51 Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

03:19:55 On a close vote with Mr. Suarez.

03:19:58 All in favor of the motion to withdraw?

03:20:00 Opposed?

03:20:00 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:20:02 Item number 113.

03:20:05 Let me say this.

03:20:07 This has been on here now from February, to April, to May,

03:20:14 to now.

03:20:14 This is the last time that this should be allowed to

03:20:17 continue.

03:20:18 I don't think it's anyone's fault.

03:20:19 I don't know what they are doing there.

03:20:21 I feel sorry for the individuals.

03:20:22 But I don't know what to do.

03:20:25 Comes up every couple of months.

03:20:27 We keep extending it.

03:20:29 So I don't mind rescheduling to August 28th.

03:20:33 But after that, if they don't come in, that ship is gone.

03:20:38 Okay.

03:20:39 I need a motion to reschedule by Mr. Reddick.

03:20:42 Seconded by Mr. Cohen to August 28th at 10:30 in the

03:20:47 morning.

03:20:47 All in favor?

03:20:48 Opposed?

03:20:49 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:20:50 Information reports, from council members, left to right.

03:20:53 Mrs. Montelione.

03:20:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Just one item, sir.

03:21:00 I saw in today's paper that the daughter of one of our

03:21:05 fallen officers, Randy Bell, he was one of the three law

03:21:09 enforcement officers that was killed on May 19th, 1998.

03:21:14 His daughter was in need of a liver transplant, and I had

03:21:20 gotten a request from someone I know to participate in the

03:21:26 fund drive to assist in supplementing the fund.

03:21:34 That effort brought in over $100,000.

03:21:37 And today, I read in the paper that she did receive that

03:21:41 liver transplant.

03:21:42 So I was very happy to see that that finally had happened

03:21:47 for her.

03:21:50 Anything else?

03:21:50 Mr. Cohen.

03:21:51 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

03:21:54 I have three items.

03:21:55 The first is I would like to ask for a commendation for the

03:22:00 Tampa Police Benevolent Association on the occasion it of

03:22:03 the opening of their new building.

03:22:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

03:22:07 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

03:22:08 All in favor of that motion?

03:22:10 Opposed?

03:22:11 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:22:12 >>HARRY COHEN: Second, I would like to schedule a five

03:22:15 minute presentation along with the commendation for August

03:22:18 7th for reach up to come in, Wilberry and Dr. Davis, to

03:22:26 come in and give us a report on the work that they are doing

03:22:29 to combat infant mortality.

03:22:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

03:22:33 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

03:22:35 All in favor of the motion?

03:22:37 Opposed?

03:22:37 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:22:38 >>HARRY COHEN: First, I would like to ask for a staff

03:22:41 report at our August 7th meeting to discuss the

03:22:46 following item.

03:22:48 As many of you are aware, I have been spending some time

03:22:52 working on some of the issues related to Howard Avenue, and

03:22:56 some of the parking and traffic issues be that are being

03:23:00 faced by both our residents and our businesses in that area.

03:23:05 And an idea has bubbled to the surface to look at whether or

03:23:11 not we can create be on-street parking on Platt Street.

03:23:16 Platt Street is three ways in one direction starting at

03:23:20 Armenia, and what feeds into it is a two-way at Azeele.

03:23:26 And the idea that I am proposing -- and by the way, I have

03:23:29 already spoken to Mr. Mike herr and Jean Duncan from

03:23:36 transportation, that when Platt Street is resurfaced which

03:23:40 is scheduled for sometime in the next couple of months, that

03:23:43 in our restriping of plat, we look at whether or not we can

03:23:47 narrow the roadway, which is actually in keeping with some

03:23:52 of the traffic calming proposals that have been made in the

03:23:57 area and create either parallel parking or angle parking on

03:24:02 the side of Platt Street.

03:24:05 And it would not be out of the realm of possibility to meter

03:24:08 those spaces and actually have the city make money by

03:24:13 actually selling the parking there, given the parking

03:24:17 technology that we are using now we could actually change

03:24:19 the rates based on whether or not it was evening or daytime.

03:24:23 So I would like to ask them to come back with a report on

03:24:26 the feasibility of doing that, and also whether or not there

03:24:30 is additional parking opportunity that can be created in the

03:24:34 right-of-way fund on Platt, perhaps west of Howard.

03:24:42 So I would like to ask them to come in and do that

03:24:44 understood staff reports on August 7th.

03:24:47 And one last thing I want to point out about that.

03:24:49 You will remember that we started be a program earlier this

03:24:53 year, where we started replacing our lights in the city with

03:24:58 LED lights.

03:24:59 And one of the things that would make Platt a very

03:25:01 attractive place for people to park, particularly that are

03:25:04 leaving the bars at night, is that Platt is one of the first

03:25:06 streets to get LED lighting so the street is now all lit up

03:25:10 and people could actually see their way down the sidewalks

03:25:13 to wherever their car is parked.

03:25:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Second.

03:25:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

03:25:21 I don't know who got the second.

03:25:22 It's real close.

03:25:23 Mrs. Montelione.

03:25:25 Sorry, Mr. Suarez.

03:25:31 All in favor of the motion for that signify by saying aye.

03:25:35 Passed unanimously.

03:25:37 Thank you, sir.

03:25:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: None, Mr. Chair.

03:25:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Earlier today the U.S. lost to Germany.

03:25:47 That doesn't mean that we are not going to move onto the

03:25:50 round of 16 teams in the world cup.

03:25:52 It's important for us to remember that with Fourth of July

03:25:55 coming up, July 1st we are going to have another match.

03:25:58 I think we are playing Belgium in the next match.

03:26:01 Please watch it and hopefully you will enjoy the game as

03:26:04 much as I will.

03:26:04 Thank you, chair.

03:26:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Did you join this one?

03:26:09 >> I did not.

03:26:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

03:26:13 I need a motion to receive and file all documents.

03:26:16 Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

03:26:17 Second by Mr. Reddick.

03:26:19 All in favor of the motion?

03:26:20 Opposed?

03:26:21 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:26:22 Also under new business, there was two letters given to the

03:26:25 clerk's office, a memorandum from Mrs. Capin and Mrs.

03:26:28 Mulhern that they would be absent from the June 26th day

03:26:33 and evening sessions.

03:26:34 Need a motion to receive and file those.

03:26:36 >>HARRY COHEN: So moved.

03:26:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

03:26:40 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

03:26:41 All in favor of that motion?

03:26:43 Opposed?

03:26:43 The ayes have it unanimously.

03:26:45 Anyone in the audience care to come to this audience all 512

03:26:50 of you?

03:26:52 Don't speak all at once.

03:26:53 I see no one.

03:26:55 Anything else to come before this council?

03:26:57 We stand adjourned.



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