Hurricane Kit (Also good in other types of disasters)

One of the most important tools for emergency preparedness is your Disaster Supplies Kit. You'll need provisions to carry you through a week or more after the storm.   Remember, there may be no electricity or clean water for days. Downed trees and other hurricane related debris blocking the roads will keep you from traveling far. Below are the most important items for your Disaster Supply Kit. Stock up today; store them in a water-resistant container; and replenish as necessary, especially at the beginning of the hurricane season June1.

If you evacuate you also should take:

  •  Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags or air mattresses
  •  Extra clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, raingear, etc.
  •  Folding chairs, lawn chairs or cots
  •  Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
  •  Quiet games, books, playing cards and favorite toys for children
  •  Important papers (drivers license, special medical information, insurance policies and property inventories)
  • Precious commodities before and after a storm:

  • Gas
  • Cash (With no power, banks may be closed, checks and credit cards unaccepted, and ATMs may not be operational).
  • Charcoal, wooden matches and grill
  • Ice