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MuniNet Guide & Review Selects Tampa As “Top Pick”

January 2003
MuniNet Guide & Review

In its sixth year of recognizing outstanding web sites, MuniNet Guide & Review has selected Tampa as one of its “Top Picks” among government web sites in the country.

In its most recent edition, MuniNet lauded the style and substance of www.tampagov.net.

“Gazing at the cityscape atop the main page makes the visit immediately worthwhile,” MuniNet stated. “The site is more than just a pretty face: you can request police reports, make business tax inquiries, and easily navigate a directory of personnel and departments.”

Mardee Alvaro, editor of MuniNet Guide & Review, said that over the past few years, municipal governments have come a long way in improving the way they interact with the people they have been entrusted to serve.

“While the overall sophistication of web sites continues to increase, the main trend we witnessed over the past year is the heightened focus on customer service,” said Alvaro. “More than ever before, citizens are being treated like valued customers, and the shift toward this focus is evident online.”

Today’s outstanding web sites increasingly exhibit “I” qualities: “The cities that get it – and are getting glowing reviews from users – are providing information, spurring interaction, and soliciting input from residents …when they need it,” she said.

This year’s Top Picks for county or local government web sites offer several basic elements, including budget and financial information, opportunities for two-way communication, economic development materials, and online service delivery. They also possess ‘something extra’ in terms of style and pizzazz.

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