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EGovernment Trend Report

Spencer Tracy
National Policy Research Council

(excerpt from report)

In 2006 the National Policy Research Council examined the web presence of the 50 states and all 38,987 counties, municipalities, and townships in the United States.

EGovernment Trend Report is the product of that effort. It provides a detailed picture and analysis of the current nature and extent of e-government at the state and local level.

Our goal with EGovernment Trend Report was to provide an assessment of how state and local government websites perform across a broad spectrum of activities. To do this we individually explored 11,227 websites, investigating each for the presence or absence or some 24 features, which we grouped into 7 categories or indexes of services.

We then graded each website according to its performance within and across the seven indexes. The indexes were:

  • site usability
  • citizen responsiveness
  • disability
  • information and information tools
  • procurement
  • payment services and e-permits
  • human resources

Large Cities

The best of the 73 large cities are those of Fresno, Tampa, and New Orleans. All three web sites feature content and/or interactive services across the seven indexes and came very close to a perfect score.

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