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One Click Guarantee

Via our content management system and MyTampaGov facility that allows you to tailor your City web site experience, we'll assist you in getting to your TampaGov destination as quickly and efficiently as practical. In fact, we guarantee you'll reach the TampaGov static page or real-time information service you want, in one-click directly from the home page. Here's how...

First, ensure you've established a MyTampaGov account. It's free, easy to set up a membership, and you derive many benefits including:

  • automatic preloading of all TampaGov forms with your contact information;

  • automatic notification and audit trail recording of all TampaGov Customer Service Center communication you send and all City official responses;

  • automatic transaction receipts for payments made via TampaGov; and

  • identifying your favorite pages/places on TampaGov.

When you set up your account, include the "Remember who I am?" option and you'll have access to your TampaGov favorites without having to sign in each time you visit the site. (...your account will still be secured and your privacy protected)

Once you have a MyTampaGov account, you can take advantage of the last MyTampaGov benefit noted, which provides you with quick access to your frequently accessed services. When at a page you visit frequently or know you'd like to return to later, merely click on the "add to MyTampaGov favorites" link near the top of the page. And that's all there is to it. You can now access the page directly from your MyTampaGov favorites list, which is visible on every page on the site. ...one-click guaranteed!

example pageMore than 600 of the most popular pages and services on TampaGov can be added to your MyTampaGov favorites list, but in the remote instance the page you want access to does not have this feature, simply click on the "Want this page as a favorite?..." link (visible when logged on to your MyTampaGov account), or copy the URL from the page of interest, then Request a New MyTampaGov Favorite link. We'll establish the new link as part of our one-click guarantee.

Another benefit you receive is that not only will you will no longer need to remember the URL, or the path you took to reach the page; but if the page address changes at any point in the future, your favorite will still work. We'll ensure you don't have a broken link!

Finally, even if you choose not to establish a MyTampaGov membership, you are only two-clicks away from your page of interest. Merely link to our Site Index (A-Z) listing, then click on the target page you are seeking.