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1999 Chronological Log

12/23/1999 new Water Conservation Arts Project & Poetry Project activities as part of Drinking Water Week 2000
12/15/1999 new HART line & ground transportation assistance links
12/07/1999 revised Planning & Management enhancements
11/24/1999 revised Art in Public Places
11/15/1999 new Recreation craft ideas for November 1999
11/10/1999 revised Museum of Art
10/26/1999 new FY2000 Tampa Reports to the People
10/25/1999 new Mayor's Alliance for Persons with Disabilities newsletter & organization info
10/18/1999 revised Art in Public Places - projects
10/14/1999 revised Internal Audit reports (new additions)
09/18/1999 revised home page redesigned
09/13/1999 revised changed the format of the City Council calendar
08/31/1999 revised Recreation Department revised & re-organized (lots of NEW content!)
08/27/1999 new FY2000 Annual Budget
08/18/1999 new Planning & Management newsletter Vol 5 Nbr 7
08/06/1999 revised Planning & Management
08/05/1999 new area locator maps
08/04/1999 new old Tampa Police site community redevelopment plan
07/26/1999 new CTTV closed captioning
07/14/1999 new City Council meeting schedule
07/13/1999 new June 1999 cooperative agreements with MacDill Air Force Base
07/08/1999 revised City Council
07/07/1999 revised Tampa Police Department revised & re-organized
07/02/1999 new Art in Public Places - RPFs, photos & more!
07/01/1999 new CRA waterfront redevelopment for old TPD site - plan details & announcement
06/23/1999 revised Office of Cable Communications pages
06/22/1999 revised reorganized & expanded links for other gov't & health service agencies
06/21/1999 new emergency preparation
- new Planning & Management newsletter Vol 5 Nbr 5
06/19/1999 new weather related info
06/09/1999 new Police Explorer Post
- revised more info on employment openings is available; details now include salary range, benefits, qualifications & more...
06/09/1999 new photo galleries
05/20/1999 new Tampa hospitals & related agencies
05/19/1999 new Recreation craft ideas for June 1999 (February & March too!)
05/04/1999 revised Convention Center pages (lots of NEW content!)
05/03/1999 new City of Tampa Y2K readiness report
- new Franklin Street Mall guidelines & application forms for Street Vendors and for Special Events
05/01/1999 revised CTTV monthly programming schedule
04/27/1999 revised Franklin Street Mall events calendar
04/23/1999 revised Museum of Art pages
- new graphical event calendars for Convention Center, Museum of Art, Recreation
- new Recreation craft ideas for May 1999
04/21/1999 revised Internal Audit pages
04/20/1999 revised organization chart (graphical view) of City Departments
04/15/1999 revised site map
- revised Directory of City Departments
04/14/1999 revised Recreation pages
03/09/1999 new employment application forms and instructions
03/05/1999 new consolidated link pages for - feature events, local sports, other attractions, travel to/from Tampa, misc. information resources, other gov't agencies, education resources
- new about Union Station
02/24/1999 new flood protection guide
02/18/1999 new Mayor Greco's accomplishments & priorities
- new Mayor's Strategic Initiatives
02/09/1999 revised general facts and statistics about Tampa
- new site map
- revised guides for business, citizens, visitors
- new map of the new 727 area code
- new Downtown Partnership/Transportation Management Organization news bulletin
- revised email interface changed to enable messages to key employees