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The following is a chronology of events pertaining to the City of Tampa's eGovernment project.

January 10 - Luncheon meeting with Mayor Greco, Rick Smith and John McGrath receive direction to develop a strategy/plan that would allow the City to transact business over the Internet, eGovernment Portal development and maintenance to occur at no cost to the City. Instructed to utilize staff from appropriate departments, Rick and John were to report back to the Mayor on the developed strategy in 90 days (March).
Meeting Participants: Mayor Greco, Rick Smith, Henry Ennis, and John McGrath.

March 23 - Strategy of advertising a Request for Programming (RFP) to seek a private sector venture partner to assess, design, build, operate and manage the City's Internet Portals presented to Mayor Greco. The Mayor directs Rick & John to finalize the RFP.
Meeting Participants: Mayor Greco, Rick Smith, Henry Ennis, and John McGrath.

April 13 - Per request of City Council, Rick Smith and Dave Kennedy present the City's Internet and eCommerce Strategy, including how the City can take advantage of available technology in order to bring the government to the public via the Internet to City Council.

April 14 - Rick Smith presents overview of the City Internet Strategy at the Mayor's Staff Meeting with Department Heads.

April 18 - May 10 Rick Smith, John McGrath and Steve Cantler made a series of presentations to brief Department Heads and personnel on the City Internet Strategy including:

  • Sam Halter's Staff. Meeting Participants: Deputy CAO, Water, Sewer, Solid Waste, DPW, Parks, Recreation, plus intergovernmental relations' attendees Mike Salmon, Dave Tippin, Braid Baird, Wayne Brookins, Jack Morriss, Joe Abrahams, Ross Ferlita, and Debbie Stevenson.
  • Growth Management and Development Services. Meeting Participants: Steve LaBrake, Sandi Cedola, Nick D'Andrea, Teresa Meyer, John Barrios, and Bill Doherty).
  • Administration. Meeting Participants: Director Sarah Lang.
  • Neighborhood Liaison. Meeting Participants: Julie Harris and Annette Spina. Curtis Lane unable to attend received briefing from Annette.
  • City Clerk. Meeting Participants: Janette Martin.
  • Tampa Convention Center. Meeting Participants: Director John Moors and his staff.
  • TPD Command Staff.
  • Tampa Fire Rescue Command Staff.
  • Tampa Museum of Art. Meeting Participants: Director Emily Kass and her staff.
  • Accounting and Business License Divisions. Meeting Participants: Ron Ibarra and Butch Hill.
  • Purchasing. Meeting Participants: Director Joan McConnell and her staff.
  • Revenue & Finance/Budget Department. Meeting Participants: Henry Ennis, Jim Stefan and Martha McCurdy.
  • Legal Department. Meeting Participants: City Attorney Jim Palermo and Assistant City Attorneys Gina Grimes, and Sam Hamilton).
May 18 - Issued Egovernment Request For Proposals (RFP)

June 1 - Published Egovernment RFP Addendum 1 - Pre-Proposal Vendor Meeting Attendance Record

June 6 - Published Egovernment RFP Addendum 2 - Overview of Major Application Systems

June 14 - Published Egovernment RFP Addendum 3 - Clarification & Responses to Proposers Questions

June 23 - City receives proposal from Gartner Group to aid in assessing Egovernment RFP proposals.

July 6 - Egovernment RFP closed - 8 proposals received.

July 7 - Evaluation of eGovernment RFP proposals begins.

July 25 - RFP evaluation team completes initial assessment of proposals and narrows selection process to two submissions -- American Management Systems (AMS) & National Information Consortium (NIC).

August 21 - Gartner Group presents research on AMS & NIC proposals.

August 23 - NIC onsite presentation of proposed services.

August 28 - AMS onsite presentation of proposed services.

August 31 - Evaluation Committee selects NIC proposal as first choice and to begin contract negotiations.  Mayor authorizes the City of Tampa to begin contract negotiations with NIC.

September 13 - Initial draft of NIC contract received.

October 31 - Completed contract negotiations with NIC.

November 16 - City Council approved Egovernment contract.

January 16, 2001 -- Press release from NIC issued announcing the new Tampa eCommerce site has been launched.  Citizens are able to make purchases online from the Tampa Museum of Art.