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2000 Chronological Log

12/15/2000 new December craft projects from the Recreation Department
12/14/2000 new consolidated Tampa events calendar
12/12/2000 revised Planning and Management's Circle of Development presentation
12/08/2000 revised business tax receipt records search & inquiry facility
12/02/2000 revised search facility
12/01/2000 new Internal Audit report: Police Department Screening Process, Audit 00-03
11/17/2000 new Internal Audit report: Fire Department Vehicle Maintenance, Audit 00-07
10/23/2000 new Internal Audit report Citywide Vehicle Utilization, Audit 00-30
10/05/2000 new Listing of Fiscal Year 2001 Internal Audits
10/03/2000 new FY2001 Tampa Reports to the People - an overview of the City budget
09/26/2000 new Internal Audit reports: TPD Operations, Audit 00-02,   Sidewalk Program, Audit 00-09, Mail Services, Audit 00-29
09/08/2000 new BCS/Tampa Bay Economic Development Corporation, Audit Report 99-25
09/05/2000 new Fiscal Year 1999 Annual Financial Report
- new Internal Audit reports00-08 - Facilities Management, 00-11 - Employee Relations, 00-24 - Fleet Maintenance
- new Fiscal Year 2001 Budget
07/18/2000 new Internal Audit report 00-01 -  Police Department Extra Duty Program
07/17/2000 new Police Calls for Service and Traffic Advisory applications
07/06/2000 new community discussion forum: provide your opinion on term limits
06/30/2000 new Internal Audit report Revenue & Finance - Wire Transfers, Audit 99-17 and TPD - Fiscal Bureau, Audit 99-02
06/26/2000 revised Construction Services Center now includes zoning information
06/22/2000 revised Tampa Public Art (formerly Art in Public Places)
06/16/2000 new Neighborhood Environmental Action Team (N.E.A.T.)
06/15/2000 new Internal Audit report 00-17 - Purchase Card Program.
06/09/2000 new reportwater usage violations
06/01/2000 new W/MBE Company Certification Lists
05/11/2000 new learn about the South Tampa Area Reclaimed Water Project
05/10/2000 new email anonymous (arson) tips to the Fire Marshal
- revised Purchasing Department weekly bid list now includes bid/RFP packages
04/27/2000 revised city wide organization chart
04/18/2000 new presentation of Tampa's Internet Strategy delivered to Council on 04/13/2000
03/13/2000 revised Ybor City Development Corp projects, plans, news & more
02/24/2000 new special event traffic advisory calendar
02/15/2000 new Firefighter's Museum
01/24/2000 revised Tampa Bay Economic Development Corp loan program details & more
01/10/2000 new Tampa's Downtown Cultural District Master Planning Effort 2000 & related RFQ
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