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2001 Chronological Log

11/16/2001 new Internal Audit report: Administration/Personnel Division, Civil Service, Audit 01-06 (pdf)
11/13/2001 new Internal Audit report: Tampa Fire Rescue, Rescue Division, Audit 01-03 (pdf)
11/1/2001 new MyTampaGov personalization service
11/1/2001 new view and pay your utility bill online
10/15/2001 new apply & pay for express construction permits
10/10/2001 revised 2002 Neighborhood Environmental Action Team (NEAT)
10/05/2001 new Internal Audit report: Administration/Safety Division, Audit 01-07 (pdf)
09/24/2001 new 2002 Tampa Reports to the People, an overview of the FY'2002 budget
09/21/2001 new Internal Audit report: Construction Services/Construction Services Impact Fees, Audit 01-20, 21 (pdf)
09/07/2001 new Fiscal Year 2002 Budget Documents
09/06/2001 revised General Employee Pension Plan
08/30/2001 new eGovernment savings calculator/estimator
08/27/2001 revised site search facility
08/24/2001 new site index (a to z)
- revised site map
08/21/2001 new Police Department Community Relations Bureau
08/20/2001 new department home pages directory
- new archived web documents & reports directory
08/01/2001 new pay annual Business Tax renewal fees
07/26/2001 new Business Tax Division of the Revenue and Finance Department
07/19/2001 new Internal Audit report: General Employees Pension Fund/DROP, Audit 01-13 (pdf)
07/13/2001 new Internal Audit report: Business Tax Division, Audit 01-14 (pdf)
06/26/2001 new find out what City abbreviations (acronyms) mean
06/22/2001 new apply for a monthly parking permit and pay monthly Parking garage/lot fees online
06/14/2001 new Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (FY2000)
- new Public Works StreetCar website
06/13/2001 new inquire and pay Parking tickets online
06/06/2001 revised Business and Community Services
06/04/2001 new Internal Audit reports: Audit 01-22 (pdf), Stormwater Division Operations, Audit 01-24 (pdf), Parking Garages
06/01/2001 new consolidated news & public notices
05/29/2001 new Utility Billing: Report a high bill, start and stop service on-line
05/22/2001 new Internal Audit report: Tampa Fire Rescue's Off-Duty Program, Audit 00-06 (pdf)
05/18/2001 new Real Estate Division of the Growth Management and Development Services Department
04/12/2001 new Tampa Gym and Dance from the Recreation Department
04/10/2001 new Neighborhood Associations
- new April craft projects from the Recreation Department
04/05/2001 new Architectural Review and Historic Preservation
- new search the Tampa Police index of incident & traffic accident reports, then request a copy of the Police report(s) to be sent to your home or business
03/30/2001 new TampaGov branding with redesigned home page, dynamic menus implemented, site frames eliminated, new site header, enhanced use of cascading style sheets, etc.
...previous home page format
03/27/2001 new Internal Audit reports: Utility Accounting Division, Audit 01-15 (pdf)
03/19/2001 new Internal Audit reports: Audit 01-02 (pdf), Tampa Police Department's Property Room,  Audit 01-28 (pdf), Employee Utilization For Special Events
03/15/2001 new CTTV Channel 15 Live webcast
02/19/2001 new Tampa INDEX Demonstration Project
02/14/2001 new Internal Audit report: Dealership Maintenance Program, Audit 00-23 (pdf)
01/31/2001 new boards and commissions government appointees; organized groups and members
01/30/2001 new Internal Audit, Solid Waste - Roll-Off Container Service, Audit 00-22 (pdf)
- new February craft projects from the Recreation Department
01/16/2001 new Police high crash locations report
01/15/2001 new Museum of Art online store
01/04/2001 new Water Department conservation education
- new 24 hour eGovernment online facilities links
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