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TampaGov Savings

108,391 hours
for citizens

118,879 hours
for city staff

8/26/2014 11:59 PM

TampaGov Savings Estimate

TampaGov, the City of Tampa Internet site, is provided as a customer service to the citizens of Tampa, Florida and to the general public.  In providing access to information and services via the Internet, tangible benefits to citizens and government offices are delivered.  The TampaGov Savings Estimate was created to provide a cumulative year to date measure.  The estimates reflect numerous factors based on citizen use of:

  • self-service payment facilities (131,166 payments YTD),
  • self-service research facilities (1,657,710 research sessions YTD),
  • online messaging services (40,207 requests YTD), and
  • TampaGov to locate other government related services (702,578 referrals YTD).

Transacting business online, especially making payments, may save you money.  Try out our Personal Savings Calculator to learn more.

By using TampaGov services, citizens save in a variety of ways.

Efficiencies result by reducing and in many instances eliminating telephone connect and hold time, or travel time to City offices then possibly waiting in line, until a City employee is available to assist with the request.  (Example: Mr. Jackson wants to start water service at a recently purchased residence.  Rather than look up the City phone number or address, call or travel to the City office, wait for a customer service clerk to take the required information, then ensure the information is recorded accurately; Mr. Jackson can merely fill out the request form via TampaGov; and at his convenience, track the City response to his request.)

Efficiencies result by reducing and in many instances eliminating waiting time that occurs when a business analyst researches an information request by providing direct access to government records.  (Example: Ms. Garcia is trying to locate the cemetery and final resting-place of her great grandmother.  Rather than look up the City phone number, contact the City offices, wait for a business analyst to research her inquiry, then communicate the various possible records of interest; Ms. Garcia can use the online cemetery records search facilities to quickly locate and review the information she seeks.)

Efficiencies result by providing easier, faster access to accurate information that directs the citizen to the correct service of interest.  (Example: Ms. Roberts needs to renew her driverís license.  Rather than contact City offices to determine how to renew her license; she can use TampaGov to quickly get directed to the State of Florida online driverís license renewal service.)

By providing services online, Tampa government saves in a variety of ways.

Efficiencies result by providing self-service functions that completely eliminate City employee involvement in business transactions.

Efficiencies result by reducing and in many instances eliminating direct service requests as citizens are empowered to locate the specific information they want with minimal or no City employee assistance.

Efficiencies result by reducing and in many instances eliminating researching and redirecting citizens to the appropriate authorities when citizens have a service need that is not addressed by the office contacted.