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...the most frequently requested services on TampaGov

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1 Utility Bill Questions
2 Code Enforcement General Inquiries
3 Utility Service Start Request
4 Picnic Shelter Requests
5 Utility Service High Utility Bill Inquiry
6 Foreclosed Property Registration Application
7 Utility Service Stop Request
8 Solid Waste
9 Tampa Gym and Dance Waiting List Sign Up Form
10 Mayor Bob Buckhorn's Office
11 Recycling Blue Box - New/Replacement
12 Police
13 Accumulated Junk, Trash or Debris on Private Property
14 Water Customer Conservation Devices
15 Business Tax New Business Application
16 Missed Garbage Pickup
17 Pothole or Sinking Area Repair
18 Water
19 Police Personnel Bureau
20 Banquet Hall Rentals
21 Parking
22 Overgrown Lot or Yard Complaint
23 Parks and Recreation
24 Community Tree Planting Program
25 Building / Structural Violation Complaint