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Capital Improvement Projects by 

Projects as recommended to Tampa City Council.

Public Art

Project ID: CA-07-002
Address: To Be Determined
Department: Neighborhood Services
Funding Source: Various Funding Sources
Index: CA5032ABA
City Council District: NA

Monetary Information
FY13 Budget: $90,000
FY14 Budget: $90,000
FY15 Budget: $90,000
FY16 Budget: $90,000
FY17 Budget: $90,000

This project provides for funding of "Public Art" per Ordinance #8860-A, Chapter 4, of the City of Tampa Code. This chapter requires the City to obligate one percent of the cost of municipal construction projects for public art. The Public Art Committee recommends to the Mayor the amount of monies to be allocated for selection, commissioning, acquisition, and installation of individual works of art to be incorporated as part of the municipal construction project for which the monies were appropriated.

Utility Tax - $90,000 Wastewater - $9,000 Water - $10,000 Total $109,000

Map Unavailable

A map could not be produced for this project because the project's location is undefined.