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Capital Improvement Projects by 

Projects as recommended to Tampa City Council.

New Customer Main Extensions

Project ID: WT-06-012
Address: To Be Determined
Department: Water
Funding Source: Water Fund
Index: WT0443CBM
City Council District: NA

Monetary Information
FY13 Budget: $181,000
FY14 Budget: $181,000
FY15 Budget: $181,000
FY16 Budget: $181,000
FY17 Budget: $181,000

This project provides for the construction of new water mains throughout the Water Department service area. These mains provide service to new customers and expand the City water system. New customers apply for water service, applications are reviewed and a service commitment is made by the Water Department. Payment of the appropriate fees is provided by the customer, and the water main project is then designed and constructed. Customers often request service in new growth areas such as New Tampa and within the City and the County service area. Some prospective customers are currently being serviced by the Tampa Water department.

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A map could not be produced for this project because the project's location is undefined.