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Time is Running Out to Get Your Micro-Irrigation Conversion Rebate  
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A limited number of rebates for conversion of conventional irrigation zones to micro-irrigation remain available for qualified Tampa water utility customers. Requests for program participation are being accepted through July 13.

The Tampa Water Department is offering up to $250 for single-family residential account holders and up to $1,000 to multi-family and commercial customers currently using city water for irrigation at locations where high-volume irrigation is converted to low-volume technology.

In addition to offering rebates for conversions to micro-irrigation, the Water Department also is offering commercial locations up to $1,000 per location to assist with the installation of soil moisture sensors or evapo-transpiration technology to increase the efficiency of large-scale irrigation system operation.

Rebates are available only for City of Tampa Water Department customers with operational in-ground irrigation systems using City-provided potable water.
Pre-registration, confirmation of program enrollment and a site visit is required prior to beginning work on the irrigation system.

Participation criteria, micro-irrigation rebate program guidelines and
application information are available on-line at www.tampagov.net/savewater or by calling (813) 274-8121.
Community Water-Wise Awards Celebrate Responsible Landscapes
2011 CWWA winning landscapeYou could be the next Community Water-Wise Award winner. For more than a decade, the Tampa Water Department has partnered with Tampa Bay Water and the Hillsborough County Extension Offices’ Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program to recognize those who use the best water-efficient landscape design and maintenance. Past Community Water-Wise Award landscapes have demonstrated the beauty and resiliency of water-wise, Florida-friendly landscapes. Can your yard take the prize this year?

The Community Water-Wise Awards Program has categories for residential and commercial properties, along with schools and government sites. We encourage Tampa homeowners and businesses to participate in this competition and show off their landscapes that exhibit Florida-friendly plants, prevent stormwater runoff and have efficient irrigation.

Have you retained or restored natural areas in your yard? Are your plants appropriate for your site? Do you retain rainfall on-site? Is your irrigation system properly designed and maintained? Fill out an
application before June 30 and tell the judges about your potential award-winning landscape.

See pictures of winning landscapes and more information on entering the 2012 Community Water-Wise Awards, including a link to the online application, at
www.TampaGov.net/SaveWater. To receive an application by mail, contact the City of Tampa Water Conservation and Efficiency Section at (813) 274-8121.
Free and Low Cost  Workshops Available to Tampa Water Customers
The Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension Service, Florida Yards and Neighborhoods (FY&N) program can help you create a Florida Yard. Call the Extension Service at (813) 744-5519, ext. 144 or visit their website to learn more about Florida-friendly Landscaping and for information about upcoming workshops. Tampa Water Department customers can attend many of the workshops for free through a partnership with the Extension Service.
Upcoming workshop on June 23:
9:00 AM - The Retrofitting a Traditional Irrigation System to Low-Volume Micro-irrigation Workshop will teach you how to convert your existing high-volume irrigation system into a more efficient, low-volume micro-irrigation system for your landscape plants. Micro-irrigation enables you to control the exact amount of water each plant receives. You and your landscape will benefit from this FREE program!
Seating limited. Register online at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2680436257 or call (813) 774-5519
Upcoming workshop on August 11:
8:30 AM - Attend a Compost Happens Workshop and learn to turn trash to treasure. You'll receive a free compost bin and thermometer too (1 per household and the representative of the household must be an adult )*!

9:30 AM - The Water-Wise workshop will teach you how you can have a healthy and attractive lawn and landscape while conserving water. Tips on installing and using micro-irrigation are also presented. This irrigation method not only conserves water, but is not as restricted by current water restrictions as traditional in-ground irrigation systems! Hillsborough County residents may receive 1 free micro-irrigation kit* (per household and the representative of the household must be an adult) when they attend a workshop.

10:30 AM - Learn how Rain Barrels are useful for collecting rainwater for irrigation while reducing erosion and stormwater runoff and how to make your own barrel using a 55-gallon plastic food-grade drum. Hillsborough County residents may receive 1 free rain barrel* (per household and the representative of the household must be an adult) when they attend a workshop.
Seating limited. Register online at http://hc-triple-august42012.eventbrite.com/ or call (813) 774-5519
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