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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Photo of the Day Mayor Bob Buckhorn
Mayor Buckhorn stopped by the CSX law enforcement meal tent to thank the officers from Tampa and all over the state for their hard work during the Republican National Convention.

News Review

  8/31/12 RNC by the numbers
  The Republican National Convention has been lauded as a success for Tampa. We think the figures speak for themselves. Here’s how the event unfolded by the numbers:

* Total Number of RNC Related Arrests: 2

* Total Number of Law Enforcement/Safety Officials on the Street: 3,500-4,000 from 60 local, state and federal agencies

* Total Number of Heat Related Incidents: 5

* Total Number of Gallons of Water Handed Out by Salvation Army: 26,628

* Total Number of Minutes the Mayor Bob Buckhorn Spoke at the Convention: 3

* Total Number of Staff in the Emergency Operations Center

   o Operations: 140

   o Joint Information Center: 59

   o Call Center: 96

* Total Number of Hours the EOC was activated: 168

* Total Number of Calls to the Call Center: 1,556

* Total Impact on the Tampa Bay Area: PRICELESS


Here’s the media roundup: 

9/1/12 Tampa Tribune: Plan works; we have Tampa back

8/31/12 Associated Press: Tampa leaders ecstatic with results of Republican Party convention

8/31/12 Tampa Bay Times: Tampa police leaders draw praise for peaceful RNC week

8/30/12 Tampa Tribune: Buckhorn after RNC: A magnificent show for Tampa

8/30/12 Tampa Bay Times: Mayor Buckhorn a “Winner” of the 2012 RNC

8/29/12 Tampa Bay Times: Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn welcomes GOP convention

8/29/12 Tampa Tribune: Tampa mayor plays national role

8/28/12 Tampa Bay Times: Facing PR challenges, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn just smiles

8/28/12 Fox 13: As RNC gets underway, Tampa gets solid reviews

8/28/12 Charlotte Observer: Convention chaos tests Tampa mayor

8/27/12 ABC: Tampa’s Mayor Tells Reporters ‘Everything Going Smoothly’



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