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“Fall Back” into Utility Savings by Checking Irrigation Efficiency This Weekend

performing an irrigation visual inspectionPerforming a simple Do-It-Yourself Sprinkler Check Up this weekend can help you improve irrigation efficiency - possibly saving water and reducing utility bills. Take the opportunity to check your sprinkler system operation when resetting the controller clock for the end of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012. Irrigation can account for an estimated 50 percent of household water use.

The Do-It Yourself Sprinkler Check Up materials can be found online at A video version of the sprinkler check can be seen on the City’s YouTube channel at

A visual inspection can help ensure that the sprinkler system functions properly:

  • Run a test cycle for each zone of the system.
  • Look for broken, missing or worn parts.
  • Check for leaks and obstructed sprinkler heads.
  • Verify the controller is set to the proper irrigation days.
  • Be sure to properly fix any problems.  

Tampa’s water use restrictions permit a 10-minute per zone irrigation maintenance allowance during restricted days and hours, provided an attendant is visible at all times while the system is in operation.

More water efficiency tips, tools and materials are available online at


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