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Signal 14 - Special RNC Edition 2012
Read the following articles and more in the Tampa Police Department's Special RNC Edition of Signal 14  (12.4 MB PDF). 
TPD reinvents policing the RNC. Chief Castor and her top commanders set the tone for this event almost two years ago and it played out on the world stage better than expected.
Acts of kindness and compassion made national news as the international spotlight was on us. The world saw images of our caring officers offering to water the overheated visitors, helping a woman fell out of her wheelchair and pumping air into a mother's baby stroller.
Bike patrol exemplified unified presence.  They traveled in formation throughout the Downtown area, helping visitors find their way while patrolling our city streets.  When demonstrators veered off the parade route, bike officers rolled ahead to block off traffic.
Our 911 communication center monitored continual stream of information during the RNC.  They were one of the busiest places in the city and all of the RNC activities were on top of the typical daily 911 activity.
Read these articles and more in the Tampa Police Department's  Special RNC Edition of Signal 14  (12.4 MB PDF). 
Tampa Police Department Newsletter


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