Wild on Walking Challenge

Wild on Walking

Wild on Walking Challenge Update

It has been an exciting beginning to a great wellness initiative! Congratulations to everyone who has taken “STEPS” towards being healthy in this walking challenge.

We have a total of 128 teams registered with 925 employees participating…It was a fantastic turn-out!

CONGRATULATIONS we have completed our first 4 weeks of the Walking on Wild Challenge. We encourage everyone to keep up the great work and stay motivated to continue making the extra effort in taking the stairs, walking at every break time, stepping in place while waiting for documents to be printed or while having a meeting…“Go the Distance”…Keep on Walking!

With every new program there are bound to be a few glitches. We appreciate everyone’s patience while the “bugs” are being fixed and updated. We really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and fantastic spirit in wanting to stay connected, track their steps and support their team members.

Although there will only be one overall winner...and competitiveness helps motivate some...Please remember that this is a "Challenge" for everyone to get up and move. What matters most is the desire to make a positive change in the way we do things and to show support for everyone who is participating.


If you are still having difficulty logging in to the steps tracker, please take a moment to contact the T&I Help Desk at 813-274-8067. They can help you get connected.

Remember to check the City’s Training site and look for upcoming Wellness Seminars. There is a great Nutrition class beginning on March 6, 2013.

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