Wild on Walking Challenge

Wild on Walking

Happy Wild on Walking...

CONGRATULATIONS we have reached the end of Challenge II in this wellness initiative...Oh Yeah! Only four more weeks to go!

We want to thank everyone who is participating in our first "Wild on Walking" event. We have over 900 employees walking and logging their steps...WOW! Great turn out for a first time city-wide program.

Even though this is a competition, the Real "Challenge" is team and co-worker support to get up and move more than what you have been, and in doing so, you have started the process of developing a healthier you.

Everyone is encouraged to continue walking and increasing their daily steps. Please do not get discouraged if you do not meet the suggested steps for each 4 week challenge. Consider every day a success if you are walking more and paying attention to the number of steps you are taking. This is the first step in becoming healthier...awareness, planning and engagement. You know how much you would like to step...you are planning when you will get your steps in and then you make it happen.

Some teams are adding additional incentives within their team: team member who walked the most weekly, most improved walker, most enthusiastic walker -- you decide. Keep motivated. Whataver it takes...and...



For any questions please contact Karla Kipi, Wellness Specialist at 274-5706 or via email at Karla.Kipi@tampagov.net.

Remember to check out the City's Training site for upcoming Wellness Seminars.



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