Congratulations "Wild on Walkers"

Wild on WalkingCongratulations, "Wild on Walkers",

The Wild on Walking Challenge is officially over! Twelve weeks went by so quickly. We know that by the third 4-week challenge, the steps got a little more difficult to maintain daily, but you kept trying. Great Job!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the City's first walking challenge. It is inspiring to know that so many employees are focused on developing a healthier lifestyle. We hope this challenge has motivated each of you to continue to be "Wild" on walking or any type of activity that will keep you moving. Remember...Eating right AND exercising is a great way to stay healthy.

Even though this was a competitive challenge, it really is not about who wins...but rather how many of you came together as a team and pushed yourselves to move more daily.

Please make sure all of your steps are recorded on the on-line steps tracker by Friday, May 3rd, 5:00 p.m. The winning team of the 1st Annual "Wild on Walking Challenge" will be announced next Wednesday, May 8th.

Employee input in reference to this walking challenge or ideas for other types of wellness initiatives are always welcomed. The Workforce Wellness Team will be meeting to make recommendations on how we can improve this walking initiative for next year. Please send your feedback to:

THANK YOU for being "WILD on WALKING".

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