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The Weekly View - Mayor Bob Buckhorn

Monday, July 29, 2013

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Mayor Buckhorn

Mayor Buckhorn presented his recommended Fiscal Year 2014 budget to Tampa City Council last week.

"From the Desk of Mayor Buckhorn" is designed to give citizens greater insight into the Mayor's Office. Every week, Mayor Buckhorn will offer a snippet of what he's currently working on.

"Once again, we balanced the budget without raising taxes, firing any employees, or cutting city services. This year's budget reflects our effort to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, support continued economic growth, and move our city forward. Our best days are ahead of us."

07/22/13 The Tampa Bay Times: PolitiFact Florida's Buck-O-Meter rates Tampa's Neighborhood University as Promise Kept
    When Mayor Buckhorn ran for office, he promised to create a Neighborhood University and he delivered.

07/24/13 The Tampa Bay Times: Hagan, Buckhorn ready to talk if St. Petersburg and Rays agree to allow broader stadium site search
    Mayor Buckhorn and Hillsborough County Commision chairman Ken Hagan believe a partnership with the Rays is the best way to explore possible stadium sites outside of Pinellas County.

07/24/13 The Tampa Tribune: Buckhorn still hopeful on demolitions
    Mayor Buckhorn is re-booting the Nehemiah Project in hopes of eliminating blight in Sulphur Springs.

07/25/13 The Tampa Bay Times: Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn proposes $831 million budget for 2014
    Due to an increase in property tax revenue, Mayor Buckhorn presented a budget with an increase in funding for the city's neighborhoods, additional code enforcement staff, and giving staff negotiated pay increases they have went without years.

07/25/13 The Tampa Bay Times Editorial: Buckhorn budget finds the sweet spot
    The Times says that Buckhorn's budget is a "balanced, forward looking approach."

07/26/13 The Tampa Tribune Editorial: Buckhorn's solid budget plan
    Vamping up code enforcement, neighborhood improvements, and pay raises for city employees were all encompassed in Mayor Buckhorn's 2014 budget presentation, and the Tribune says the mayor's "fiscal stewardship serves the city well."

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