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Visit the Tampa City Pulse page for City of Tampa Wellness updates: Found on the city's intranet; bottom right side of page under employee links.

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Wellness Training Session

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The City of Tampa and UnitedHealthcare (UHC) invite you to attend an informational session regarding your health insurance benefits and the no-cost services that are available to you through your City of Tampa health plan administered by UnitedHealthcare.
 A UHC representative will be presenting 1-hour sessions on specific topics related to your group health plan followed by an open question and answer period. Please see more...
If requested, a UHC representative is available to attend and present at Department/Division team meetings.

To REGISTER: Log-in to the City's Intranet training site.

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         For more information, please contact:
        Karla Kipi in HR/Risk Management via email ( or call 274-5706.

The city is committed to the health and well-being of our employees and will continue to provide wellness initiatives to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

"Begin with a Single Day - Eat Right and Exercise
       Do Well for yourself and get healthy now!"


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