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City of Tampa Subscription Service Now Offers Tampa News

A new electronic publication, "Tampa News," has been added to the City of Tampa subscriptions service. "Tampa News" contains announcements and information about City of Tampa departments, projects, initiatives and events. The newsletter is emailed monthly and when appropriate, announcements for important information, services or events may be sent as part of the subscription. Sign up today to start receiving "Tampa News" or the other City e-news subscriptions. more...

City Advisory Groups

Advisory groups play an essential role in city government. Advisory group members consist of Mayoral and City Council appointees, elected officials, or Governor appointees. Each group is established to secure the participation of City of Tampa residents to promote good government and the effective and efficient delivery of services. You can view expiring memberships or apply for a board position in the Active Boards and Commissions page.

Water Department's "The Pipeline"

Watch out for the Water Department's first issue of "The Pipeline." This periodic publication will be emailed to those who signed up for the subscription and it will feature water conservation topics, available programs and services, and other major announcements.

For the first issue, "The Pipeline" will feature advice on water leaks and water meters. The publication will soon be
added to the City of Tampa subscriptions service.

Water Department's The Pipeline

Weather Information

Information about Tampa's weather is available from the Weather-Related Information page on TampaGov. Weather conditions for the day, weather forecast, local TV radar images, as well as seasonal averages in temperatures and rainfall are available. The page also features links to emergency preparedness resources.

Junk or Trash on Private Property

Junk or Trash on Private Property

TampaGov has a service where a City resident can report accumulated junk, trash or debris on private property. Things such as lawn mowers, concrete blocks, lumber, and buckets should be stored away in a storage building or garage. At the very least, they may not be visible from the street and should be behind a fence or wall. File a report.



A Clock Workshop in Collage and Sculpture

The City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department is offering a new workshop: Thinking outside the Cigar Box: A Clock Workshop in Collage and Sculpture. The workshop will be offered from 9 a.m. to  5 p.m. on Saturday, August 23, 2008 at the Hyde Park Art Studio, located at 702 S. Albany Avenue. more...

Memoir Writing Workshop
The City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department is also offering a Memoir Writing Workshop on Monday, August 25, from 1 p.m. to  3 p.m. at the Barksdale Senior Citizen Center, located at 1801 N. Lincoln Street. more...

This Month's Calendar
This Month's CalendarWhether you are interested in a Parks and Recreation special event, an exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art or a public meeting, check out this month's calendar.



The Customer Service Center (CSC) allows you to report non-emergency concerns, ask a question or request city services. City staff will receive and respond to your request via the Internet. This service also allows you to track your request as it progresses through city government.


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