TPD Signal 14 Newsletter for Fall 2008

Tampa Police Department Newsletter

Signal 14 - Fall 2008
Read the following articles and more in the Tampa Police Department's Fall 2008 Edition Signal 14 (PDF, 3.1 Mb).
Citizens and cops join hands for the 25th annual National Night Out
Tampa residents didn’t let bad weather rain on their parade. They turned out in numbers to support the police department and celebrate National Night Out. From small community pot luck dinners to large district-wide festivals, cops and citizens got to know each other better. While they talked about keeping the neighborhoods safe, children learned what the police use to catch criminals.

Catching Criminals with My Space
The Tampa Police Department has a new tool to help solve crime. Our new My Space account will reach out to the younger generation who might not see a suspect’s picture on the news. Since today’s youth is obsessed with MySpace, it’s the perfect outlet for our unsolved crimes.

Sniffing Out Thugs and Drugs
Officer Jay Tkach says it was just another day at the office for him and his K-9 partner Bosco, but I think you’ll agree that’s an understatement. After a career criminal beat up his girlfriend so badly that her teeth were still in his fist, Bosco sunk his teeth into the violent criminal.

Trailblazers Legacy Lives On
Pat Pierce Coleman (1932-2008)
She never boasted about being the first African-American woman to walk the Tampa Police beat or the department’s first African-American female detective. Instead she used her accomplishments to encourage others to excel in life.

Working Like a Dog - The Most Loyal Partners

Even though this rookie just graduated from school, the Tampa Police Department's newest officer is already on the streets. But this young officer isn't your typical street cop; he has a “nose” for finding drugs and his paws are pounding Tampa's pavement. His name is Bo and he’s a Springer Spaniel. 
The Purple Shield Award
The Tampa Police Department retroactively honored several courageous officers who put their dedication to serve and protect before their own safety. Mayor Pam Iorio and Chief Steve Hogue presented the Purple Shield award to 13 current and former officers at the Department’s Annual Awards Ceremony in March. The distinguished medal is presented to any sworn employee who suffers a life changing injury from a weapon used against them while taking police action.
Turf Wars
Operation Payday targeted the lunchtime crowd on payday Friday. When D3 SAC Officer Lisa Parashis was working undercover as a prostitute trying to pick up johns, she never thought one prostitute would make her job so easy. The prostitute approached the officer at Hillsborough Ave. and 47th St. and informed Officer Parashis that she was on “her turf.” Read more about this working girl's arrest.
TPD Celebrates Dispatcher's Week
During the second full week of April, we honor those who answer the 911 calls, those who ensure officer safety, those faceless voices always on the other end of the radio or phone who are there when they are needed. In 1991, Congress passed a proclamation recognizing the second full week of April as “National Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week.” It has become more commonly referred to as “Dispatcher’s Week.” During Dispatcher’s Week, the Tampa Police Department Communications Bureau also recognizes the best of the best as the “Dispatcher of the Year.”
Hurricane Preparations The anxiety of hurricane season can be significantly reduced if we all look at our personal and professional responsibilities and spend a reasonable amount of time dedicated to preparing for a storm. Take time to arrange for an evacuation from flooding, ensure family members know how to make contact with you, and know your professional role. These steps will help you; your family and our citizens stay safe if a storm hits Tampa.
Read these articles and more in the Tampa Police Department's Fall 2008 Edition of Signal 14  (PDF, 3.1 Mb). 
Tampa Police Department Newsletter

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