August 2005 TampaGov News

In keeping with our philosophy of continuous improvement for the web site, we recently implemented the 7th generation of the home page.  The new design streamlines citizen access while packaging many links via an innovative set of dynamic generated tabs.  The tabs include news and notices, online services, today's calendar, and popular requests.

The City translated and published selected content from the website. The Spanish pages can be accessed from any TampaGov page by clicking the en Español link on the navigation bar located at the top of the page.  

Establishing a MyTampaGov membership will provide numerous benefits to you.  We recently introduced another feature called “My Favorites”.  My Favorites allows you to build your own customized list of the TampaGov resources that are important to you. You can instantly access these TampaGov resources from anywhere on the site by using the "My Favorites" dropdown list in the header at the top of each page. You can add and remove links to your favorites list by visiting the "update favorites" page or by clicking on the "add to favorites" or "remove from favorites" links at the top of eligible pages.

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