TPD's Signal 14 Newsletter for Summer 2009

Tampa Police Department Newsletter

Signal 14 - Summer 2009
Read the following articles and more in the Tampa Police Department's Summer 2009  Edition of Signal 14  (1.5 MB PDF). 
TPD's Focus on Four Crime Reduction Plan
Over the past six-years of Mayor Iorio's administration, the men and women of the Tampa Police Department have been dedicated to our mission of reducing crime and improving the quality of life.  Learn how the department reduced crime by 46% in the last six years and how officers will continue to improve your neighborhood!
Super Bowl Wrap Up
After two years of planning and preparations, Super Bowl XLIII is in the history books as one of the largest and most successful events ever to take place in Tampa.  A record number of eyes were on Tampa as 150 million viewers tuned in for the game.  They saw more than a great game; they also got a taste of our city and all that it has to offer.
Making the Connection
The Communication’s Bureau is “putting a face” on dispatchers by getting to know the people in the community. While supervisors have always attended regular neighborhood watch meetings, I was surprised to hear that many residents had no idea who answered their 911 calls, why the telecommunicator asked so many types of questions, why we called them back when a call was dropped or how a police officer knew to contact them when an open line existed without conversation. It was time to put the face on the telecommunicator and get to know the people who call Tampa home better and take customer service to the next level.
Read these articles and more in the Tampa Police Department's Summer 2009 Edition of Signal 14  (1.5 MB PDF). 
Tampa Police Department Newsletter

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