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TampaGov Payment Services

Save time and money by using the city's free online payment services. Services include:

For more convenient and interactive online services, please visit the City's "Programs and Services section on Tampagov.net.

Help Tampa Police
Keep Crime Rate Down

You can play an important role in keeping crime low by using the City of Tampa's Web site to report criminal activity while remaining anonymous. When reporting criminal activity please be as specific as you can about the activity you are reporting.

Tampa Parks Locator

Looking for something fun to do this summer for the whole family? Tampa has 146 Parks with various amenities. You can search for a park based on name, zip code, or even a certain amenity.

If you are having a party and need a shelter, simply sort by shelter then click on the park name. For pricing, photos and shelter features, choose the tan shelter icon. A convenient map is also provided for each park.

City Career Opportunity:

City of Tampa Police Officer

Salary Range: (P01)
$22.30 - $36.23 an hour    
$46,384.00 - $75,358.40 a year

Benefits: 40-hour work week; annual and sick leave; paid holidays; medical and life insurance.

Minimum Age: 21 years.

Citizenship: Applicant must be a United States Citizen. More...


Foreclosure Home Graphic


Tampa Works With
Residents to Help Find
Solutions to Foreclosure

We are all feeling the impact of our national economy and the City of Tampa is facing tight economic times along with other cities throughout Florida. Many of our neighbors have lost their jobs and making monthly mortgage payments has become increasingly difficult. The Federal Government recently unveiled programs that are aimed directly at homeowners who may be assisted by either a mortgage modification or refinancing. More...

Tampa Police announce Focus on Four
Crime Reduction Plan

During the six years of Mayor Pam Iorio's administration, the men and women of the Tampa Police Department have reduced crime by an astonishing 46%. It was a long road to success because in 2003, Tampa had one of the highest crime rates for a city its size. This was accomplished through the launch of a new policing philosophy called, the Focus on Four Plan. It's comprised of four guiding components that target four pattern crimes. We started with a dramatic change in police culture from the traditional, reactive mode to a new, proactive approach.

Focus on Four

Water Use Restrictions

Although the rainy season has begun, Emergency Ordinance 2009-81 is still in effect as of June 1, 2009. Keep in mind that water restrictions depend on your property location and water source. Please visit the Water Department's Water Use Restrictions page for full details. Explore some of the many educational resources and creative ways to conserve on TampaGov:

Green Summer Activities

Green Summer Tips

Summer is here and the kids need something to do. Here are some special 'Green Tips' that can help you save your green by going green.

  • Support your local farmers and economy by shopping at your local farmers market or, better, yet - take the kids out to pick some fruits and veggies
  • For trips that are 2 miles or less, go for a walk or a bike ride. The kids will love it, you will get some exercise, save gas money and the environment.
  • Make a rain barrel - the perfect summertime project. Learn how. You can save water and money and decorate it to fit your personality.
  • Set your AC between 75º and 78º


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