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Modified Water Use Restrictions Allow Limited Car Washing, Pressure Washing and Fountain Operation in Tampa

Irrigation restrictions remain unchanged

TBPAC Reclaimed Water FountainTampa residents can again wash cars, pressure wash and operate their fountains, with some limits. The Southwest Florida Water Management District Governing Board voted on Tuesday to modify water use restrictions for those uses, and lift the requirement for water-cooled air conditioning systems to be set no lower than 78-degrees.

Residents and businesses are allowed to
wash vehicles and mobile equipment once per week. At a residential property, vehicle washing may occur on Tuesday or Saturday at addresses ending in even numbers, and Wednesday or Sunday at addresses ending in odd numbers. Low-volume methods must be used, such as fitting your hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle. Fund-raising car washes held on behalf of non-profit organizations are allowed, as long as water is used efficiently and hoses are fitted with an automatic shut-off nozzle at all times.

Pressure washing is allowed for cleaning prior to painting or sealing, maintaining a paint or material warranty, addressing a health or safety hazard and complying with local, state or federal health laws.

Fountains, waterfalls and other outdoor artistic water features are limited to operating a maximum of either four or eight hours a day, depending on size and water source, with posted operating hours.

Irrigation restrictions remain unchanged. Complete information on water use restrictions being enforced in Tampa are available online at www.TampaGov.net/WaterRestrictions or by calling the Tampa Water Department during normal weekday business hours at (813) 274-8121.

The modified restrictions are scheduled to remain in effect through at least August 31, and will be reviewed again at the next District Governing Board meeting at the end of August.

This information is only a summary of Tampa's Emergency Water Use Ordinance 2009-81 and Water Shortage Orders SWF 08-044 and 09-012. For complete details, please refer to the source documents available online at 


Reclaimed water is exempt from water use restrictions. Customers located in South Tampa can call (813) 282-7827 to inquire about service availability.

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