September 2005 TampaGov News

Mayor Pam Iorio presented the recommended fiscal year 2006 budget to City Council on August 11th .  The budget, video and PowerPoint presentations are available online.

The Tampa Address Characteristics and the My Tampa Address facilities give you quick access to a list of (and links to) nearby places including Parks, Public Schools, Police and Fire Stations, Hospitals, and other points of interest; along with a map and regional characteristics such as Neighborhood, Census Tract, Council District and more.

This page will help you determine your evacuation zone and it contains other useful information including shelter locations, sandbag availability, emergency phone numbers, and much more. In addition to the city website, links are provided to the National Hurricane Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) websites, along with local newspaper and television websites for radar images and hurricane guides.

Using the TampaGov Customer Service Center, you can request a wide variety of services; the actions of "reporting a problem", "requesting a service", "asking a question", and "expressing an opinion" are all delivered from this centralized facility.  You can track your communication to city officials and provide follow-up information/feedback at your convenience.

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