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Fire Stations

What is the closest fire station to your home? Are any having an open house? The Tampagov website provides an interactive map of all 20+ fire stations throughout the City.

Traffic Accidents and Citations

The TampaGov.net site has answers to many frequently asked questions regarding traffic accidents and citations such as:

  • When are you required to notify law enforcement after a traffic accident?
  • How can you obtain a traffic crash report?
  • What can you do if you have lost your copy of a traffic citation?
  • How can you reduce your traffic citation fine by 18% and ensure it does not affect your insurance rates?
  • More...

Sant'Yago Illuminated Knight Parade

The annual Sant'Yago Illuminated Knight Parade will take place on Saturday February 6, 2010. With over 100 floats decorated to light the night, the parade will begin at 7th and Nebraska avenues at 7 p.m.  

Student Video Journalists Can Compete for $1,000

Student video journalists can win up to $1,000 for promoting the importance of protecting our drinking water resources and the Hillsborough River watershed. The 2010 "Water Stewardship" Student Video PSA Contest, sponsored by the City of Tampa Water Department, Hillsborough County Water Resource Services, and the Hillsborough River Watershed Alliance, is now open.


Census 2010 Logo

2010 United States Census


In 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau is focused on accurately counting every resident in the United States. Regardless of age, race, ethnic group or status of citizenship, everyone needs to be counted. The Census Bureau will mail or deliver census questionnaires to individual households in March. More...

Tampa Museum of Art

The New Tampa Museum of Art

The new Tampa Museum of Art in downtown Tampa's Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is slated to open Februrary 6, 2010 with a feature exhibit of the works from Henri Matisse. Designed by San Francisco architect Stanley Saitowitz, the building features a shimmering pierced aluminum exterior, and state-of-the-art gallery spaces with innovative translucent ceilings and polished stone floors. Your favorite programs like Art After Dark are starting up again. More...

Tampa Works With Residents to Prevent Foreclosure

Mayor Pam Iorio's pledge: We will make every effort as a city to assist you in trying to find a solution to your mortgage challenges. Our goal is to get the appropriate and necessary information to you -- we want to make you more knowledgeable of the assistance that is available.

The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has created a partnership with some major national lenders to form the HOPE NOW Alliance. Locally, HUD has contracted with CDC of Tampa (813-232-3552) and Consumer Credit Counseling Services (800-741-7040) to provide counseling and assistance to qualified borrowers facing foreclosure action. More...
Foreclosure Tape House



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