TPD's Signal 14 Newsletter for Summer 2010

Tampa Police Department Newsletter

Signal 14 - Summer 2010
Read the following articles and more in the Tampa Police Department's Summer 2010 Edition of Signal 14  (1.5 MB PDF). 
Dispatchers to the Rescue
Tampa Police dispatchers never know what’s in store for them when they arrive to the TPD communication center. What they do know is when they answer they phone, they are a lifeline between people in trouble and the police officers who protect them.
Police Unity Tour
Three days, 250 miles – that’s the journey 11 Tampa Police officers embarked on for the 2010 Police Unity Tour. As the officers put the pedal to the metal, many had one thought continually racing through their minds – Corporal Mike Roberts.
2010 Tampa Police Memorial
Law enforcement is a unique endeavor, some would call it a profession, while most involved would say it is a calling. It attracts those who truly believe they can make a difference. We remember those who have lost their lives in the line of duty at the 2010 ceremony.
New Technology Targets Bumper Huggers
Following too closely or tailgating leads to thousands of rear-end collisions a year and it also fuels road rage. To crack down on tailgating, the Tampa Police Department purchased a dozen new lasers with an aggressive driving grant. 
Black History Month – Connecting with the Community
Officers and volunteers greeted visitors as they eagerly walked inside the ornately decorated Ragan Park Community Center. For some, the Black History Celebration is a chance to network and enjoy the night’s festivities in honor of African American heritage and for others it’s a chance to express their gratitude for law enforcement.
Read these articles and more in the Tampa Police Department's Summer 2010 Edition of Signal 14  (1.5 MB PDF). 
Tampa Police Department Newsletter


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