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Sign up for a My TampaGov account -- it's free and allows you to create your own personalized access to the TampaGov website. You can track your online transactions with the City, utilize online bill pay, send a customer service center inquiry, access applications and forms, and more. Start using My TampaGov today.

Historic Tampa Police Photos

View photos going as far back as 1886 online at Tampa Police History Photo Archive.


Tampa Police Memorial

Since 1895 there have been 31 Tampa Police Officers killed in the line of duty. These honorable names shall never be forgotten. They are our history. They have made the ultimate sacrifice for the citizens of Tampa. More... 

Order Riverwalk Pavers Online

Become a permanent part of the Tampa Riverwalk by personalizing a commemorative granite paver. The 12-inch-square pavers, which band the riverwalk, are available to memorialize yourself or loved ones, commemorate a special occasion or to show your corporate support of the Walk. Give the gift that is a legacy! Order

Environment & Water Quality

Prior to the urbanization of the Tampa area, a natural balance occurred in the amount of water and nutrients which were delivered to the Bay through stormwater runoff.  As the City has grown, this balance has been shifted with an increase in runoff from impervious surfaces such as rooftops and streets and a greater concentration of human-derived pollutants.  Pollutants picked up in the stormwater that drains through an urban area can have significant impacts on the water quality of surface waters such as the Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay.  More...

Job Opening: Applications Systems Analyst: Web Developer

Working knowledge of: ASP.NET (Visual Studio 2003/2005), C#, classic ASP, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (T-SQL and stored procedures), sound knowledge of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script, and appropriate use of web graphics. More...




Tampa Police Badge with Mourning Band

City Mourns Loss of Patrol Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab

Receive Vital Hurricane & Emergency Updates

The Alert Tampa service is free to subscribe to and will provide time-critical notifications directly to your home phone, cell phone or email address. More...

Two Vacant City Council Seats

The Tampa City Council is a legislative branch of City Government and operates in accordance with the provisions of the 1974 Revised Charter of the City of Tampa. The City Council is responsible for enacting ordinances and resolutions that the Mayor of Tampa administers as chief executive officer. There are currently two vacant seats which may be applied for with the PDF below. Applications are also available by contacting the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274-8397.


City of Tampa Services Guide

Browsing and searching the TampaGov web site is a great way to get information. However, even in 2010 not everyone has access to the Internet. Additionally, those who have access to the Internet may find that they cannot connect during an emergency event such as a hurricane.

The City of Tampa Services Guide is a 59-page document in Adobe PDF format that can be downloaded and printed to be used as a handy resource. In the guide you will find:

  • A listing of all departments and offices
  • A summary of the services provided by each department
  • Contact information for each department
  • 24-Hour emergency numbers

The guide can be found at: http://www.tampagov.net/files/city_services_guide.pdf

City of Tampa Employment Openings

The City of Tampa is currently operating with hiring restrictions whereby only mission critical jobs will be filled.

  • In the event a job is identified for external recruitment, it will be posted online.
  • Job openings will also be updated on our Job Line, (813)274-8115.
  • At this time, there is no determined date that the hiring restriction will be lifted.
  • Updated information will be posted at this location as it becomes available.

Applications must be received or postmarked by the designated closing date. Applications received or postmarked after the closing date will not be processed. Drug Testing is included in all pre-employment medical examinations. More...




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