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Monday November 28, 2011
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Mayor Bob Buckhorn
Mayor Buckhorn at the mountain-top fortress of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea in Israel. The Weekly View
News Review
  11/23/11 Top Story: Israel trip builds relationships for Bay area

Mayor Buckhorn sat down with Bay News 9 to discuss his trip to Israel. The mayor recounted meeting with the high tech company that provides equipment to USF’s new CAMLS facility in downtown and stressed the importance of actively pursuing jobs for Tampa:

"Buckhorn said the trip was proactive and necessary to build relationships for Tampa and the Bay area. 'These opportunities don't come to you if you're sitting in this office and don't reach out," Buckhorn said. "These opportunities come because you go get them.'"

  11/26/11 St Petersburg Times: Tampa right to look to use historic buildings
  “For years, practicality and cost in designing public buildings has largely trumped architectural style. But now cash-strapped cities, including Tampa, are rediscovering a terrific asset — historic properties built in healthier times that add character to entire neighborhoods. Mayor Bob Buckhorn is looking for proposals to redevelop Tampa's old federal courthouse and Water Works Park, among the historic properties shown here. Putting these properties to better use will ultimately make the city a better place to live.” Read more
  11/26/11 Tampa Tribune: Keep on food-truckin'

The Mayor’s next Food Truck Fiesta at Joe Chillura Park on Wednesday, December 7 is just over a week away. The Tampa Tribune’s Sunday editorial highlighted the positive impact events like the Fiesta have on downtown Tampa: 

“The excitement, aroma and crowds are great for downtown Tampa — and for bricks-and-mortar restaurants. When thousands of people are walking about searching for food, it's the best possible advertising available — the free kind.”

“The rallies are part of the further development of downtown Tampa as a place that people should want to come to for food and entertainment.”

  11/25/11 The Next Web: Tampa Mayor uses foursquare to help you tour his city

Once again, Mayor Buckhorn is utilizing new technology to tell the story of Tampa. He launched a page on Foursquare, a location-based social media platform, to serve as a Tampa guide for visitors and locals alike.

“Tampa Mayor Buckhorn has taken social sharing to a new level though, becoming our virtual tour guide for the city of Tampa. On top of hand-picking places to go while you visit his fair city in the state of Florida, the Mayor has left tips at specific venues, suggesting you try different things at restaurants for example. This turns touring around Tampa into a bit of a scavenger hunt. Nobody knows a city better than its Mayor, right?” 

Read more and connect with Mayor Buckhorn on Foursquare

Today's Schedule
  Mon Nov 28, 2 p.m. US Central Command Headquarters Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  Tue Nov 29, 10:30 a.m. Steinbrenner Family & New York Yankees Christmas Concert
  Tue Nov 29, 12:10 p.m. Children's Cancer Center Holiday Cards Unveiling
  Tue Nov 29, 3:30 p.m. TPD Promotions Ceremony
  Nov 30 - Dec 2 Harvard University Institute of Politics and Leadership for Mayors Seminar
  Sat Dec 3, 11 a.m. Santa Fest Parade
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