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City of Tampa Moves to Monthly Water Meter Readings  

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The City of Tampa Water Department is continuing customer service improvements by transitioning to monthly water meter reading. By October 2012, all customers are expected to be on a monthly meter reading schedule.
A schedule for the transitioning cycles is available online at www.TampaGov.net/MyBillingCycle.
Each month, two additional meter reading cycles will be converted, until all 21 billing cycles are modified to a monthly meter reading schedule. Customers will receive an insert in their City of Tampa Utilities bill explaining the change when they are started on monthly readings.  The first conversion will occur this month, and those customers affected are scheduled to be billed on January 20, 2012.
Some of the advantages to reading water meters monthly are:
      Customers will receive bills that reflect actual usage each month. The practice of estimating water consumption every other month will no longer be used;
      A timelier accounting of water use will allow customers to make usage adjustments to avoid higher water bills;
      The ability to discover and promptly repair service line, plumbing or irrigation system leaks sooner, to reduce the impact of high water bills caused by leaks; and
      Improved consumer confidence.
In 2011, a multi-departmental Water Task Force concluded that implementing monthly meter reading will mitigate several of the factors contributing to high bills. In November, Tampa City Council approved a contract to provide services to enable a system-wide implementation of monthly readings.
More information on how water services are charged and billed by the City of Tampa is available online at the City of Tampa Utilities.  The Water Task Force Report is also available online.

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Free and Low Cost  Workshops Available to Tampa Water Customers

The Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension Service, Florida Yards and Neighborhoods (FY&N) program can help you create a Florida Yard. Call the Extension Service at (813) 744-5519, ext. 144 or visit their website to learn more about Florida-friendly Landscaping and for information about upcoming workshops. Tampa Water Department customers can attend many of the workshops for free through a partnership with the Extension Service.
Upcoming workshop on February 4:
8:30 AM - Attend a Compost Happens Workshop and learn to turn trash to treasure. You'll receive a free compost bin and thermometer too (1 per household and the representative of the household must be an adult )*!

9:30 AM - The Water-Wise workshop will teach you how you can have a healthy and attractive lawn and landscape while conserving water. Tips on installing and using micro-irrigation are also presented. This irrigation method not only conserves water, but is not as restricted by current water restrictions as traditional in-ground irrigation systems! Hillsborough County residents may receive 1 free micro-irrigation kit* (per household and the representative of the household must be an adult) when they attend a workshop.

10:30 AM - Learn how Rain Barrels are useful for collecting rainwater for irrigation while reducing erosion and stormwater runoff and how to make your own barrel using a 55-gallon plastic food-grade drum. Hillsborough County residents may receive 1 free rain barrel* (per household and the representative of the household must be an adult) when they attend a workshop.
Seating limited. Register online at http://hc-triple-feb042012.eventbrite.com/ or call (813) 774-5519.
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