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November 2013
event calendar start date end date
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/1/201311/1/2013
Ybor Richard's RunSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/1/201311/1/2013
Do the Local Motion - Free Downtown Themed Walking ToursSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/1/201311/1/2013
American Heart WalkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/2/201311/2/2013
Yoga In the ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/3/201311/3/2013
Hyde Park Fresh MarketSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/3/201311/3/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/3/201311/3/2013
Picnic in the Park with Opera TampaSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/3/201311/3/2013
Conga CalienteSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/3/201311/3/2013
Architectural Review Commission - 6:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/4/201311/4/2013
East Tampa Community Advisory Committee - 9:30 a.m.Public Meetings11/5/201311/5/2013
Fit Kids PlaygroundSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/5/201311/5/2013
CANCELED & RE-SCHEDULED TO 11/12 - Downtown CRA Advisory Committee Meeting - 5:30 p.m. Public Meetings11/5/201311/5/2013
Mayors Food Truck FiestaSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/6/201311/6/2013
CANCELED - Channel District CRA Community Advisory Committee - 6:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/6/201311/6/2013
CANCELED - Architectural Review Commission - 6:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/6/201311/6/2013
Chuck Barnhill @ Lykes Park/FSMSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/7/201311/7/2013
Rock The ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/7/201311/7/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/7/201311/7/2013
Brews and BitesSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/8/201311/8/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/8/201311/8/2013
Veteran's Day CelebrationSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/8/201311/8/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/9/201311/9/2013
FARE Walk for Food AllergySpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/9/201311/9/2013
Take Steps Tampa - Cotanchobee Special Events/Parks&Rec11/9/201311/9/2013
Flavor of West TampaSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/9/201311/9/2013
Yoga In the ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/10/201311/10/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/10/201311/10/2013
PlaySmart's Brains and BrawnSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/10/201311/10/2013
logo Buccaneers vs. DolphinsSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/11/201311/11/2013
Cindy Campione @ Lykes Park/FSMSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/12/201311/12/2013
Variance Review Board - 6:30 p.m.Public Meetings11/12/201311/12/2013
East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership - 10:00 a.m.Public Meetings11/12/201311/12/2013
Dave Eichenberger @ Curtis HixonSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/12/201311/12/2013
CANCELED - YCDC Planning & Infrastructure Committee - 3:30 p.m.Public Meetings11/12/201311/12/2013
Tampa Historic Preservation Commission Meeting - 9:00 a.m.Public Meetings11/12/201311/12/2013
Downtown CRA Advisory Committee Meeting - 5:30 p.m. Public Meetings11/12/201311/12/2013
Barrio Latino Commission/Design Review Commitee Meeting - 9:00 a.m.Public Meetings11/13/201311/13/2013
ETCRP Aesthetics & Beautification Subcomittee Meeting - 2:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/13/201311/13/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/14/201311/14/2013
Andrei Cheine @ Washington St. ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/14/201311/14/2013
YCDC District Marketing Committee - 12:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/14/201311/14/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/15/201311/15/2013
Do the Local Motion - Free Downtown Themed Walking ToursSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/15/201311/15/2013
Praise in the ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/15/201311/15/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/16/201311/16/2013
Smoke on the RiverSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/16/201311/16/2013
logo USF Bulls vs. TigersSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/16/201311/16/2013
Joshua 1.9 Freedom Run 5K Special Events/Parks&Rec11/16/201311/16/2013
Shot ClinicSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/16/201311/16/2013
ToT TrotSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/16/201311/16/2013
Yoga In the ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/17/201311/17/2013
logo Buccaneers vs. FalconsSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/17/201311/17/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/17/201311/17/2013
GE Pension Fund - Board of Trustees Meeting - 1:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/19/201311/19/2013
Tampa Heights Riverfront CRA Advisory Committee - 5:30 p.m.Public Meetings11/19/201311/19/2013
YCDC Retail, Arts & Special Events Committee - 3:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/19/201311/19/2013
(MEETING POSTPONEDED TO 12/3/2013) YCDC Board Meeting - 4:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/19/201311/19/2013
Tampa Heights Riverfront CRA Advisory Committee - 5:30 p.m.Public Meetings11/19/201311/19/2013
Barrio Latino Commission Public Hearing - 9:00 a.m.Public Meetings11/19/201311/19/2013
Glenn Colvin @ Lykes Park/FSMSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/21/201311/21/2013
Flicks and Food TrucksSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/21/201311/21/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/21/201311/21/2013
Idris Manden @ Washington St. ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/21/201311/21/2013
YCDC Public Safety & Parking Committee - 3:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/21/201311/21/2013
Empty BowlsSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/21/201311/21/2013
ETCRP Public Safety Subcommittee Meeting - 3:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/21/201311/21/2013
Greater Tampa Association of Realtors, Inc - 12:00 p.m.Public Meetings11/21/201311/21/2013
Tampa's Downtown On IceSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/21/20131/5/2014
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/22/201311/22/2013
"Music For Manatees" ConcertSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/22/201311/22/2013
CANCELED - Interstate Historic Preservation Trust Fund Advisory Committee - 1:30 p.m.Public Meetings11/22/201311/22/2013
Hyde Park Enchanted Tree Lighting & Holiday St. PartySpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/23/201311/23/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/23/201311/23/2013
Strides for Scholarships Tampa BaySpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/23/201311/23/2013
logo USF Bulls vs. MustangsSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/23/201311/23/2013
Rock AIDS!Special Events/Parks&Rec11/23/201311/23/2013
ST. Jude Give Thanks WalkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/23/201311/23/2013
Tampa Cigar FestivalSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/23/201311/23/2013
Yoga In the ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/24/201311/24/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/24/201311/24/2013
Amanda Gerttula @ Lykes Park/FSMSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/26/201311/26/2013
ETCRP Land Use/Economic Development Subcommittee Meeting - 9:30 a.m.Public Meetings11/26/201311/26/2013
Janet Harris @ Curtis Hixon Waterfront ParkSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/26/201311/26/2013
ETCRP Health, Education & Social Services (HESS) Subcommittee Meeting - 3:30 p.m.Public Meetings11/26/201311/26/2013
ETCRP Land Use/Economic Development Subcommittee Meeting - 9:30 a.m.Public Meetings11/26/201311/26/2013
YMCA Turkey GobbleSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/28/201311/28/2013
Do the Local Motion - Free Downtown Themed Walking ToursSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/29/201311/29/2013
Realm Park CartSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/30/201311/30/2013
Made By HandSpecial Events/Parks&Rec11/30/201311/30/2013