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WARNING: Please do not use this facility to report issues of an emergency nature or for conditions requiring an immediate response. If your issue is an emergency, please use the telephone and dial 911.

Code Violations: Single Property, Multiple Violations

Use this service to report more than one code violation related to a single property within the City of Tampa limits. The Department of Code Enforcement is the City of Tampa entity responsible for enforcing Chapters 19, 20.5 and 27 of the City of Tampa Code.

To report specific infractions select the link that most closely describes the situation:
Abandoned or Inoperative Vehicle
Accumulated Junk, Trash or Debris on Private Property
Building/Structural Violation
Graffiti Removal
Illegal Sign Complaint
Overgrown Lot or Yard Complaint
Commercial Vehicle Violation in a Residential Zone
All Other Inquiries/Concerns

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Select ALL of the applicable violations related to an Individual Address/Location as noted below. 

If there is only ONE concern for the given address, do NOT use this form.  Select the most appropriate link from the list above.

Junk, Trash, or Debris
Chickens and/or Roosters
Barking Dogs
Inoperative Vehicles
Reversed Fencing
Recreational Vehicles Do Not Meet Setbacks
Unsecured Pool
Running a Business in a Residential Zone
Illegal Apartments
Illegal Signs
Commercial Vehicles / Residential Zone
     Needs Painting
     Broken Windows
     Vacant Open Structure
     No Heat
     Faulty Plumbing
     Faulty Electric

*Street Address of Incident (e.g. 200 W Tyler St):

If at an intersection, street location of violation (e.g. Tampa and Jackson, on Jackson)
and  on

* Description of violations - include as much information as possible including details and condition.

If you send us a message, you'll receive a Tracking Number and Access Key allowing you to follow-up with your request, at your convenience. All messages also include linking to MyTampaGov memberships, thus eliminating any requirement to remember Tracking Numbers or Access Keys. You can upload attachments after submitting this message.

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