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Capital Improvement Projects by 

Projects as recommended to Tampa City Council.

Street Resurfacing

Project ID: PW-10-009
Address: Various - See Below
Department: Public Works
Funding Source: Local Option Gas Tax Fund
Index: PW0536KHC
City Council District: NA

Monetary Information
FY13 Budget: $5,177,097
FY14 Budget: $5,000,000
FY15 Budget: $15,000,000

This project provides for contracted street resurfacing to supplement the resurfacing done by City forces. The contracted services include micro-surfacing, in-place recycling, and cold milling with overlay. Locations and types of maintenance are determined by using the City's pavement management system that applies a pavement condition index to individual block segments. The City's street maintenance section evaluates the conditions of the City-owned street network. These evaluations are indexed and streets with a low pavement condition are selected from neighborhood feedback, repair requests, utility clearances, development areas, and other scheduled capital projects. Locations for FY13 will be prioritized in late FY12.

LOGT in FY13 & FY14 $5M each year FY13 CDBG $177,097... Index GPW1YJAA $15m in FY13 from future debt

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A map could not be produced for this project because the project's location is undefined.