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Capital Improvement Projects by 

Projects as recommended to Tampa City Council.

Street Lights

Project ID: TR-13-013
Address: To Be Determined
Department: Transportation
Funding Source: Local Option Gas Tax Fund
Index: NA
City Council District: NA

Monetary Information
FY13 Budget: $450,000
FY14 Budget: $450,000
FY15 Budget: $450,000
FY16 Budget: $450,000
FY17 Budget: $450,000

This program provides new street lighting along roadway segments that have been identified as a public safety priority by the Tampa Police Department. Additionally, crash report analysis will identify roadway segments in need of lighting to reduce night-time accidents. The project will also address street lighting requests from Community Redevelopment Areas for neighborhood priority lighting. Finally, the program will deploy a quality assurance process to monitor: data base systems, street lighting outages, inadequate fixture illumination and provide necessary tree trimming services for street lighting located along roadways within the City.


Map Unavailable

A map could not be produced for this project because the project's location is undefined.