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Capital Improvement Projects by 

Projects as recommended to Tampa City Council.

Treatment Improvements

Project ID: WT-08-028
Address: 7125 North 30th Street
Department: Water
Funding Source: Water Fund
Index: WT0443BAR
City Council District: 5

Monetary Information
FY13 Budget: $2,490,000
FY14 Budget: $504,000
FY15 Budget: $407,000
FY16 Budget: $407,000
FY17 Budget: $407,000

This project provides for various minor capital projects for the David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility. The treatment plant is over 85 years old and provides approximately 80 million gallons of water per day. As a result, the plant has processes that are in need of upgrading or rehabilitation. Anticipated projects in FY2013 include the following: New Anhydrous Ammonia Line for Bromate Control Elevated Storage Tank Coating Rehabilitation Backwash Pipe Structural Supports Maintenance Building Window Replacement

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