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For more information contact:
Laura McElroy, Tampa Police Spokesperson
(813) 276-3779
Tampa Police Arrest 18 Sexual Offenders and 21 Suspect on Felony Warrants as part of 2 Day Round-Up US Marshals Fugitive Task Force took part in the "Take Back the Night Operation"
Tampa, FL April 2, 2013 -


The Tampa Police Department kicked off Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a two-day operation that targeted sexual offenders and suspects with felony warrants. So far 39 suspects are in custody. The operation focused on sexual offenders and predators who were in violation of their statute registration requirements. Sixty sexual offender and predator checks were completed. A round-up of outstanding felony warrants was also conducted.

Jaime Burgos Jr, DOB: 11/12/1954
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Career Offender)

Jose Carteagna-Felix, DOB: 8/29/1978
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Sexual Offender)

Fred Davis, DOB: 11/6/1980
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Sexual Offender)

Brian Fifer, DOB: 2/7/1963
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Sexual Offender)

Oscar James, DOB: 2/28/1971
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Sexual Predator)

Carlos Walden DOB: 1/15/1976
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Sexual Offender)

Kenneth Wheeler, DOB: 2/13/1962
Failure to report email address (Sexual Offender)

Najam Wilcox, DOB: 12/25/1994
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Sexual Offender)

Comelius Gay, DOB: 9/18/1978
FTA Trespass on Property, Trespass after warning

Jessica Hancock, DOB: 7/16/1990
DWLS with knowledge

Montray Page, DOB: 11/8/1992
VOP Burglary, VOP Dealing in Stolen Property, VOP Grand Theft

David Redmon, DOB: 9/26/1968
Failure to register bi-annually (Sexual offender)

Nathaniel House, DOB: 9/16/1979
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Sexual Offender)

Lamar Bryant, DOB: 2/21/1979
FTA Aggravated Battery- Deadly Weapon

Timmy King, DOB: 9/16/1966
Failure to register DHSMV (Sexual Offender)

Arturo Colon, DOB: 8/10/1970
Failure to register DHSMV (Sexual Offender)

Richard Parker, DOB: 9/19/19
VOP Grand Theft 3rd Degree

Christopher Morales, DOB: 10/14/1991
PCSO warrant (1101795CFAWS) - VOP Dangerous Drugs

Alfred Vilfranc, DOB: 02/09/1980
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Career Offender)

Kengi Jones, DOB: 3/21/1993
FTA Trespass

Luis Molina-Molina, DOB: 8/11/1982
FTA Armed Burglary, FTA Criminal Mischief

McGill Gibson, DOB: 7/2/1967
FTA - Career Offender

Dan Everhart, DOB: 11/10/1948
Failure to register w/ DHSMV (Sexual Predator)

Tanzania Smith, DOB: 11/9/1976
Aggravated Battery w/ Deadly Weapon

Amaris Lightburn, DOB: 1/14/1986
VOP Possession of Cocaine, VOP (x3) DWLS w/ Knowledge

Jimmy Washington, DOB: 2/16/1961
Battery Domestic Violence 2nd or Subsequent

Lee Tolliver, DOB: 6/1/1979
Sale of Crack Cocaine and Possession of Crack Cocaine

Theonzie White, DOB: 7/25/1957
Failure to register w/ HCSO, Failure to register w/ DHSMV, VOP

12 additional suspects with felony warrants from other Tampa Bay law enforcement agencies were also arrested today.

Laura McElroy

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