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Buckhorn Announces Major Reorganization to Tampa City Government
Tampa, FL February 23, 2012 - Over $425,000 per year in savings for the City from salaries and benefits

Mayor Bob Buckhorn announced a reorganization of city government, with the goal of growing existing businesses and attracting new jobs to Tampa, as well as empowering our neighborhoods. The City of Tampa estimates a total savings of over $425,000 per year, which comes from consolidating positions as well as salaries reflective of the City's budget challenges.

"Tampa will not be able to create jobs or strengthen our communities with outdated policies or an organization anchored in the past. Tampa’s government must be a pro-business, pro-growth oriented organization," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. "We are changing our culture, improving our technology, and streamlining our codes to make us more competitive. However, none of this is possible without the right people."

Buckhorn announced the reorganization after his Economic Competitiveness Committee made its final recommendations last week.

Bob McDonaugh has been named the Administrator for Economic Opportunity. The new Administrator for Economic Opportunity will focus on attracting new businesses to Tampa, help grow entrepreneurship, and grow and retain our existing businesses. To do this more effectively, the new Administrator will oversee all programs and divisions related to economic development and business regulation. The specific responsibilities will include oversight of the Planning and Development Department, the Community Redevelopment Areas, and the Riverwalk. McDonaugh will earn $135,000, and report directly to Mayor Buckhorn. His nomination will go before Tampa City Council for confirmation.

Michael Hatchett, who currently serves as the Development Manager of the Heights and Central Park Community Redevelopment Areas, will also assume the responsibility for the Channel District, and Downtown CRAs. Hatchett will report the Administrator for Economic Opportunity.

Thom Snelling has been named the Director of the Planning and Development Department. He will oversee the consolidated Construction Services Center, which will include Planning and Land Development Coordination, as well as the divisions of Housing, Real Estate, and Historic Preservation and Urban Design. Snelling will earn $118,781 and will report to the Administrator for Economic Opportunity. Snelling will serve in an interim capacity until he establishes residency within the City of Tampa at which time his nomination will go before Tampa City Council for confirmation.

Cathy Coyle has been named Planning Manager. In addition to her responsibilities as Zoning Supervisor, she will oversee strategic planning, specifically working with the Urban Land Institute's recommendations. She will report to the Director of Planning and Development.

Dennis Rogero has been named Budget and Neighborhood Empowerment Director. In addition to his duties as Budget Officer, he will now oversee Neighborhood Services. He will earn $115,000, and his nomination will also go before Council for confirmation. He will continue to report to Chief Financial Officer Sonya Little.

Jake Slater has been named the Neighborhood Services Director. In addition to his duties as Director of Code Enforcement, Business Tax, and Community Affairs, he will also now oversee Neighborhood and Community Relations and Clean City. Slater will earn $105,000, and will also go before Council for confirmation. He will report to the Director of Budget and Neighborhood Empowerment.


  • The Economic Opportunity Administrator position will utilize the vacant Economic Development Administrator position.
  • The Planning and Development Director position will utilize the vacant Growth Management Director position.
  • The Development Manager for the Heights, Central Park, Channel District, and Downtown CRA will consolidate two positions into one.
  • The Planning Manager will combine the Zoning Supervisor position with the Growth Management Administration manager and Green Officer position.
  • The Program and Organizational Development Services Area Manager position with Parks and Recreation will not be filled.
  • The Budget and Neighborhood Empowerment Director will utilize the current Budget Officer position.
  • The Neighborhood Services Director will utilize the current Code Enforcement, Business Tax and Community Affairs Director position.

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