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Cable Communication / CTTV

The Mayor’s Hour - Parks and Rec Summer Camps

The Mayor’s Hour

This month on The Mayor’s Hour, Mayor Buckhorn visits the Jackson Heights NFL YET Center and the Taylor Art Studio to learn about all the camps, classes and activities that the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department has to offer our children this summer. During the program, Mayor Buckhorn and co-host Jack Harris get hands-on with several exciting art projects, and as part of a major stress-relieving bucket drum circle.

Behind the Red Curtain at Tampa Theatre: 2015 Summer Classics Movie Series 

Summer at Tampa Theatre is really special. It’s the time of year when some of the greatest movies ever made return to the big screen. This year’s Summer Classics Movie Series features films that span seven timeless decades, with actors that are still familiar to us - like Humphrey Bogart, Julie Andrews and Bill Murray. So join us for this CTTV special, as host Jill Witecki discusses all of the films that make up this year’s Summer Classics Movie Series. Welcome to the show.  Debuts June 1 at 9pm.  Replays Sundays at 5pm, Mondays at 9pm, Fridays at 11am, and Saturdays at 8am. 

 CTTV is Now Channel 640 on Bright House Networks

City of Tampa Television (CTTV) viewers should be aware that a channel realignment on the Bright House Networks cable system has moved the station from its former 615 designation to a new home at 640.  The move is necessary so that Bright House Networks can create a new access channel block, including all area Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access channels. 


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