Nick Chillura Nuccio - 47th And 49th Mayor Of Tampa

Nick Chillura Nuccio - 47th And 49th Mayor Of Tampa

Nick Nuccio

Born: October 24, 1901

Died: August 26, 1989

First Term: October 1, 1956 - October 1, 1959

Second Term: October 1, 1963 - October 1, 1967

Born in the Ybor City section of Tampa, Florida, Nick Nuccio was the son ofVincent and Rosalie Nuccio. He attended Hillsborough High School but quit in the10th grade and went to work as a ship fitter in Tampa's wartime shipbuildingindustry of 1918. He later operated a real estate and insurance business and, in1926, he began working as a clerk in the post office. On July 6, 1924, Nucciomarried Concetta Licata and had 3 children: Vincent, Lillie and Marietta.

In 1929, the year of the stock market crash, Nuccio plungedinto politics as a member of City Council from Ybor City. He served as a TampaCity Council member from 1929-1936. In 1937, he became a Hillsborough CountyCommissioner and served in this position until 1956. In September 1956, Nucciocampaigned against incumbent acting mayor, J.L. Young and won the election.Nuccio ran again for mayor but lost to Julian Lane. Undaunted, Nuccio challengedLane in the October 1963 election and was re-elected mayor. In 1967, Nuccioagain campaigned for mayor but lost the election to Dick Greco, Jr.

During his term as mayor, Nuccio initiated the constructionof more bridges, parks, fire stations and roads than any previousadministration. The Fairyland amusement park and Lowry Zoo were built underNuccio's guidance. He placed a high priority on the construction of recreationalfacilities such as swimming pools and parks. Nuccio's 1957-58 budget totaled$23,000,000, the largest in the city's history and reflected both an increaseof $400,000 for parks and recreation and a decrease of $500,000 for streets andsewers. Nuccio also had a new incinerator built for the city, a new library, andlater extensive improvements to the streets to accommodate the increasingtraffic from the Interstate 4. Further, Tampa's Police Department wastransformed into a modern metropolitan police force.

Nuccio served the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County for40 years before retiring. In 1966 he received an honorary Doctorate ofHumanities from the University of Tampa.

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